October 1, 2010

Project: Horizon 80 AquaCat

Taiwan boat builder Horizon continues to present new range and style of boats which go out of the usual thinking like that of its successful Mediterranean looking Elegance series. This time is turn for a Power Catamaran with the 80 AquaCat which knocks a mini Super Yacht size, thanks to its overall length of eighty one feet. As expected the 80 AquaCat benefits of the usual catamaran advantages of better stability, and less water resistance especially at medium speeds. This last equals to better fuel economy. Horizon also says minimum draft but there data state 1.50 metres which seems a standard and similar to a planning mono hull of this size. Accommodation for this two deck and a half will be for three guest cabins with owners stateroom on the main deck, and two identical VIP suites on the lower deck. Two other twin bunk cabins what look to be for the crew or kids on plan are located to fore peak of the hulls. The two deck and a half 80 AquaCat was designed by Australian architect Mark Ellis who has quite a resume of power catamarans to his name and here presents a twin bulbous hull shape.

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