October 21, 2010

Projects: Calafuria 30 Swim Version, Calafura 30 Fly

Calafuria is a known boat builder in Italy who built his fame for building sea worthy boats, and was also among the first to introduce modern hull solutions to the traditional local Italian fishing boat the Gozzo. Here Calafuria presents two new projects, both based on the same 30 platform. Showing the rendering above is the 30 Swim Version which is a closed pilot type traditional cruiser which features modern touches which add better on board living solutions. Options are also at heart in this project offering a total of three variations to the interior. Choices vary from separate owners room, to a Vee twin berth, and galley up or down. The 30 Fly is in fact a reediting of the same previous model which is shorter in overall length by 59 centimeters, and wider by two. The most visible difference for this new version is the flybridge which has more modern looks. Options are again a part of this project which has choices for three variations, here concerning always the lower deck. A different option in this size is surely the lower deck fully dedicated fully to a single cabin having a settee, separate shower room, head, and central island berth. You also have a four berth open plan choice. In all the choices the galley remains on the main deck. Power for both these new Calafuria 30 model which in fact over 34 feet is for a max twin 320hp diesel engines choice.

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