September 30, 2015

Monthly News - September 2015

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Absolute and Volvo

Ten years ago, Absolute took a leap of faith and, along with a small group of other boat builders, dared to believe that Volvo Penta IPS could completely change the face of modern leisure boating. It was a bold move but one that Absolute was certain would usher in a new age for the marine industry. After launching at the London Boat Show in 2005, Volvo Penta IPS became an overnight success. Offering customers unparalleled value, the Inboard Performance System boasted an impressive list of advantages for boat builders and end users. During testing, the high-efficiency system proved to be 20% faster than conventional shaft drives, with 30% lower fuel consumption, 15% greater acceleration, 50% lower noise levels and fewer vibrations. But there was one more important benefit that made Absolute sure this was the system that would set them apart from their competitors, more space. Thanks to increased fuel efficiency, the engines could be downsized with no impact on performance. Smaller engines and a more compact engine room, coupled with engine relocation in the hull, instantly created extra space on board something that couldn’t be achieved in a shaft line system using a conventional engine layout. Volvo Penta IPS not only changed the way Absolute designed its yachts; the revolutionary system also changed the way end users interacted with the boat. By maximizing on board space, Volvo Penta IPS completely transformed the interior look and feel of the yacht. Offering more space; added comfort, due to fewer vibrations; and more precise handling, Absolute’s first launch with Volvo Penta IPS the Absolute 56 STC was an instant success. Unveiled at the Cannes Boat Show in 2006 and containing a triple Volvo Penta 1PS600 system, it was a revolutionary launch as it represented the first boat to ever to be fitted with a multiple installation. At last year’s Cannes Boat Show, Absolute launched a completely new class of yacht, known as Navetta. A series designed to show off Absolute’s unity of tradition and technological innovation and intended for boaters who want to live on the water the first boat to debut in this class was the Absolute Navetta 58. At this year’s Cannes Boat Show, Absolute launched its second yacht in the Navetta range the 52. With their virtually vertical bows, towering topsides and upright screens, the Navetta 52 and Navetta 58 are an excellent mix of tradition and modernity. Both contain twin Volvo Penta IPS600 installations, although the Navetta 58 is also available with the slightly larger IPS800. After winning the ‘Best Boat Design’ award at the London Boat Show in January 2015, the Navetta 58 is setting a high standard for its slightly smaller sister.

Acico Yachts Acquires Jongert

Dutch superyacht builder Acico Yachts proudly announced the acquisition of Jongert shipyard in Wieringerwerf. This acquisition guarantees a sustainable future for Jongert, a brand founded in 1953, which has since been renowned for its world-class sailing yachts. The acquisition also strengthens Acico Yachts so it can continue to expand its activities related to building and refitting of large superyachts. Both brands will soon be located and fully operational at the shipyard in Wieringerwerf. These facilities cover a site that spans 44,000 m2, with direct waterfront access, three large production halls and three dedicated workshops devoted to metal work, carpentry, paint work and varnishing.

Azimut Benetti in Cannes and Year in Review

For the Azimut|Benetti Group, the 2015/2016 nautical season opens with significant news aimed at strengthening growth strategies and development of all the markets of reference.  With a value of production of over 650 million euros, an increase of about 10% over last year, 265 yachts delivered and a healthy financial position, the sales forecast for the 2014-2015 season shows a positive trend which can be interpreted as sign of a partial recovery of the market. The market scenario is very complex and dynamic for the Group which, during these times of relative instability, has nonetheless worked to strengthen its dealership network all around the world while increasingly working towards having a direct presence in each territory. The aim is to protect and nurture markets, not with a multi-brand distributor, but with exclusive distribution of the Azimut Yachts brand in partnership with the best operators available in these territories. This therefore means markets that are directly and professionally nurtured by experts with local knowledge, customer services provided by Group staff and brand exclusivity. In Europe, the 2014/2015 season closed with an increase in market share which, in this area, represents a third of total volumes. There was an increase in the sales of new models from the up to 50 feet category. Central and North America were the markets of reference for the Group with significant growth in Latin America. A slight drop in the Asia Pacific area which reflects the recent economic downturn in China. This remains however a territory in which the Group has a firm hold and keeps its position of absolute leadership of the market. There has been a very interesting upturn in the Middle East which has been to the benefit of a new and highly efficient distribution network. In Brazil, sales are going well but are slightly penalised by devaluation of the local currency. All in all, an excellent season for Benetti with 18 signed contracts of which 5 were for Custom builds over 50 metres. This also demonstrates the effectiveness of the sales strategy and the superb production capacity of the Italian Megayachtshipyard. The ambitious investment plan will, in line with Group philosophy, continue to renew both products and production processes which are essential for the development of state-of-the-art boats and quality. Product will therefore be at the centre of innovation processes with significant investments aimed at improving comfort and performance. The key issue in the innovation of the Azimut brand name will be the extensive use of carbon fibre which offers a substantial reduction of weight (up to 30% for the very latest Azimut Fly 72). The second key issue will be research aimed at finding the best possible combination between hulls and propulsion units. The Azimut 55S and 77S were designed to house triple IPS drives which, in addition to reducing fuel consumption and improving performance, allow better use of space and therefore facilitate improved comfort (garage and larger cabins). The second generation of Dual mode – Double Chine hulls for the Magellano 66, provide better comfort at different speeds and decrease fuel consumption at low speed. Continuous renovation of the range which, over the past year, has seen the launch of two new models in the up to 50 foot category now followed by the Magellano 66 and Azimut 72 in the 50 to 70 foot category where the Azimut brand leads the market. The new 66 Flybridge and Grande 112 will follow this season. The Grande 112 will sit flank two models of great commercial success in the top category: Azimut 80 and AzimutGrande 95RPH. Needless to say, research leading to improved comfort and performance will also apply to Benetti models. The extensive use of carbon fibre for superstructures, hardtops and roll bars has given excellent results in terms of weight reduction. The performance characteristics of the new Benetti Vivace 125’ are the result of the combination of the new Benetti Fast Displacement hull and the Azipod propulsion system. In addition to numerous Custom models, Benetti also unveils the new Mediterraneo 116 project at Cannes. Every point of contact with enthusiasts and boat owners will speak the language of luxury and Italian style. The collaboration with the studio of Michele De Lucchi, one of the biggest architectural firms in Italy, underlines the determination of Azimut Yachts to position their company at the very highest level. De Lucchi's projects to date include the Zero Pavilion at EXPO and iconic buildings such as the Milan Triennale, the "Palazzo delleEsposizioni" in Rome, the "Neues Museum Berlin" and the "Galleried'Italia" in Piazza della Scala in Milan. Of no less importance are the furnishings and fittings which speak the language of Italian design with brand names such Artemide, Frau and Alias. The entire brand identity of Azimut Yachts and Benetti has been renewed. Publicity campaigns, web sites, catalogues and images of yacht saloons aim to transfer the true values of Made in Italy to all points of contact with clients. The pride felt on entering and taking part in a world characterised by the style and excellence of ‘Made in Italy’ will become an unforgettable experience of contact with a brand name of an exceptional level.In addition to the stands for sector exhibitions, dealer showrooms, clubhouses and other luxury locations which represent the Group all around the world, will also benefit from a complete restyling.

Azimut Awarded Most Innovative Yacht

Organized by the French publishing group LuxMediaGroup, the World Yachts Trophies are considered among the most prestigious awards in the industry. The awards’ ceremony was held on Saturday, September 12th in the elegant framework of the Carlton Hotel in Cannes. Azimut Magellano 66 has been crowned as queen of the gala night winning the 2015 Yacht Trophy in the “Most Innovative Yacht” in the 50’ - 80’ yachts range. Azimut Magellano 66 is one particularly innovative model of the Azimut Yachts range in which significant resources in terms of research and development have invested and follows the full appreciation signals the market gave.

Beneteau and Volvo IPS

An innovation like Volvo Penta IPS comes along once in a lifetime, and Beneteau didn’t waste a second in getting on board with the new propulsion system after learning about it in 2004, the year before it was unveiled at the London Boat Show. Laurent Fabre, now president of Beneteau America, was working as head of powerboat product development at Beneteau when Volvo Penta approached the company about a revolutionary new propulsion system it was developing. “Beneteau has a reputation for leading by innovation, so we were very interested in what this new system was all about,” Fabre says. At the time, Beneteau was developing its own ground-breaking hull, the Air Step®, and redesigning its Flyer 12 and Antares 12 motorboats. Volvo Penta told Beneteau that the system would be best suited to a 12- to 14-meter boat but also cautioned that the new system would require a completely redesigned hull. Beneteau was invited to visit Gothenburg to test drive a prototype installed with Volvo Penta IPS. The new propulsion concept completely turned boating on its head. With its forward-facing, counter-rotating propellers, which work in undisturbed water, thrust is parallel with the hull meaning that all power drives the boat forward, rather than having to counteract asymmetric thrust. The Duoprop system halves power input per propeller, all but eliminating cavitation. Volvo Penta and Beneteau worked closely together, designing a hull especially for Volvo Penta IPS in the Flyer 12 and its counterpart, the flybridge model Antares 12. 

Bertram Partners with Lyman-Morse

Fort Lauderdale-based Bertram Yacht today announced it has retained the services of Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding in Thomaston, Maine, to build prototypes of its initial designs. According to Bertram, tooling is underway on its first new model, which will be announced at the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show in November. The new model is expected to launch in late spring of 2016. Bertram Yacht is working with Lyman-Morse Boatbuilding to produce initial versions of the highly tooled boats with a design that is focused on an efficient Michael Peters designed ride, and has a projected speed topping 40 knots. As Bertram and Lyman-Morse build the first prototypes in Maine, Bertram will simultaneously continue work toward setting up a state-of-the-art production facility in the Southeastern U.S. to build American boats from the designs of American firm Michael Peters Yacht Design with Caterpillar propulsion.

Bertram Taps Micheal Peters Design for New Models

Fort Lauderdale-based Bertram Yacht announced it has retained Michael Peters Yacht Design of Sarasota, Florida, to create the first new models for the acclaimed boat builder. According to Bertram, the first new product will be announced at the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show in November. In conjunction with Michael Peters Yacht Design, Bertram is developing its first new models, and tooling is underway. The new model is expected to launch in late spring of 2016. Founded in 1981 specializing in high-speed boats, Michael Peters Yacht Design (MPYD) combines advanced technology and engineering with clean and efficient design. MPYD designs have garnered numerous design awards and trophies as well as world records, including more than 200 UIM Class 1 racing wins and 19 Offshore World Championships. Twenty years ago, emphasis shifted towards the design of pleasure boats and custom yachts, resulting in more than 30,000 boats built to 450 MPYD designs. Stay tuned for more details from Bertram Yacht as they emerge.

CRN Awarded Invictus Yacht Trophy

CRN, the shipbuilder specialising in the construction of steel and aluminium pleasure vessels between 50 and 90 metres in length, is starting the nautical season celebrating the international award won by the 73-metre M/Y Yalla at the Invictus Yachts Trophies. This contest, organized every year by Luxmedia Group, selects and awards the best yachts built by shipyards from all over the world. The prize-giving ceremony was held on Saturday night, at the end of the Cannes Yachting Festival. The iconic 73-metre yacht built by CRN won in the ‘Best Exterior Design’ category among megayachts between 50 and 75 metres in length. This award goes to the yacht that has stood out for the design of her exteriors and hull lines. The Yalla impressed the highly-qualified jury for her slender and stylish lines that make her profile very rakish, similar to that of a predatory bird. This yacht, developing over 4 decks, is a CRN megayacht entirely designed and built at the Ancona shipyard in cooperation with Omega Architects, who designed her exterior lines, and with Droulers Architecture, who took care of interior design and décor. This vessel – the first ever built by CRN on a 13-metre long naval platform, is a real jewel of the sea, characterized by extremely sleek and sporty lines. All CRN onboard advanced solutions are aimed at enhancing conviviality and social life on board.

Ferretti Group Announcing Strong Growth

At the press conference opening at the Cannes boat show, Ferretti Group’s CEO, Alberto Galassi, presented an initial review of the positive key figures achieved this year, which are fully in line with the ambitious targets announced at the presentation of the Group’s development and growth strategic plans for the three years 2015-2017, focusing on the further development of the Group’s core brands - all largely thanks to Product Research & Development investments totaling € 50 million, which are supporting the launch of as many as 27 new models. More specifically, Ferretti Group’s consolidated orders intake as at 31 August 2015 totals € 253 million, showing a 105% increase over the first eight months of the year 2014. Geographically, in the first eight months of 2015, the Group has continued its sales growth on an international level. In particular, in Europe - Middle East - Africa, the Group’s orders intake as at 31 August 2015 shows a remarkable 187% increase as against the first eight months of 2014, providing further evidence of Ferretti Group’s effective and widespread presence on its ‘historic’ markets. In Asia Pacific too, in the first eight months of the year the Group has seen a considerable increase equal to 96% in the consolidated orders intake as against 31 August 2014, reaffirming the strategic importance of this area in Ferretti Group’s future development prospects. Finally, in the Americas the orders intake as at 31 August 2015 shows a 20% increase as against 31 August 2014, confirming the Group’s growth on all markets. As to the percentage breakdown of the total consolidated orders intake by geographical area as at 31 August 2015, Europe - Middle East - Africa accounts for 59%, Americas for 22% and Asia Pacific for 19%. Ferretti Group’s cash flow and EBIT figures as at 31 August 2015 also show positive performances as against the first eight months of the year 2014, further validating the effectiveness of the strategy implemented by the Group during the last year.

Hatteras Caribbean Cruising

Each year, the Hatteras Antilles Rendezvous, organized by Antilles Yachts Brokerage & Sales of Puerto Rico, brings Hatteras owners together in the Caribbean for a long weekend of cruising, camaraderie, and fun in the sun. The 14th Annual edition of the Rendezvous, held July 9-12, drew Hatteras yachts ranging from 60 to 77 feet to Peter Island Resort and Spa, a scenic, upscale private island resort and marina in the popular British Virgin Islands. The event kicked off on Thursday evening with a welcome cocktail party that included a Martini Challenge. On Friday, the Hatteras owners and their guests gathered by the pool at Peter Island Resort for a delicious outdoor barbecue, then explored the tiny, jewel-like island and lounged on its soft, white-sand beaches. The next morning, John Ward, president and CEO of Hatteras/CABO Yachts, and his team, who attended the Rendezvous, gave the owners an update on new Hatteras Yachts products. On Saturday afternoon, the Hatteras Rendezvous fleet “invaded” nearby Norman Island, which inspired Robert Louis Stevenson’s pirate novel Treasure Island, and anchored out in the appropriately named Deadman’s Bay. That evening, the group returned to Peter Island Resort for the Rendezvous’ traditional costume party and awards ceremony. 

Jarrett Bay Launches Green Energy Plan

The Jarrett Bay Boatworks management team, with support from GreenTech Solutions, worked with state & federal programs to achieve nearly 60% annual reduction in the emission of harmful gases. In September 2014, Jarrett Bay’s VP of Administration & Development, Ed Stack and Dan Carraway, Director of HR & Safety began the energy consumption overhaul at Jarrett Bay with an assessment by NC State University’s Dr. Stephen Terry and his team of graduate students. Dr. Terry, NCSU’s Industrial Assessment Center Director, leads a program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Manufacturing providing energy conservation and cost-reduction assessments for small to medium-sized manufacturers, while also educating the next generation of energy managers. The NCSU initial assessment expressed a need to change out the existing metal halide fixtures with T5 and T8 fluorescent lights. With this proposal in hand, Stack and Carraway consulted with GreenTech Solutions – specialists in applying cutting-edge technologies that reduce energy expenses while improving work environments. Following a thorough walk-through of the Jarrett Bay facilities in Fall 2014, discussions continued with GreenTech and by February 2015 an energy savings report depicted a potential reduction in energy use of 59%. This remarkable number would become attainable by taking NCSU’s recommendation one step further and replacing 375 metal halide fixtures with LED lighting. A project of this scope is commonly cost-prohibitive, but thanks to a partnership with the Carteret-Craven Electrical Cooperative in the form of a rebate, in conjunction with a grant from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), plus the realized annual energy savings, the payback for the complete project is roughly three years. Once the grant was approved from the USDA in May 2015, GreenTech moved to finalize all of the details for the project in June with commencement in August. With this project now complete, the Jarrett Bay facilities can proudly boast they have an annual reduction of nearly 58% of harmful gases including carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane. Not only do the new LED lights provide a generous energy savings, they also produce greater levels of lighting throughout the facility as compared to the former metal halide fixtures – providing a brighter and safer place for nearly 200 Jarrett Bay employees.

Jarrett Bay Coming Soon

It may not look like much now, but an empty space in North Hills will be transformed into a little piece of the Carolina coast right in Raleigh's midtown. Stay tuned for more details and progress updates as our latest storefront for Jarrett Bay apparel nears its grand opening in November!

Jarrett Bay Contango Wins Billfish Triple Header

A big congratulation to the Contango, Jarrett Bay Hull 52 on taking a second place finish in the Cap Cana Classic! An even greater achievement is that Contango was crowned the title holder of the first ever Dominican Billfish Triple Header, racking up an astonishing 4,100 points accumulated throughout the three legs of the series.

Numarine New Brokerage Coperation with Burgess

Numarine and Burgess are proud to announce the signing of a Central Agency agreement for the promotion and marketing of a selected range of yachts in the Numarine range with the following build numbers: 102 Raised Pilot House (hull no. 7); 105 Hard Top (hull no.14) and from the new Explorer range the 30XP (hull no.1) and the 40XP (hull no.1). In addition to this new collaboration Numarine are delighted to announce the successful sale of two of their current flagships to date – the 105 HT – officially marking the entry of this Turkish shipyard into the international super yacht sector.

Riva Winner of Invictus Trophies

Riva triumphed at the “Invictus Yachts Trophies” 2015, the event organized by the French LuxMedia group (publisher of some of the most important magazines in the nautical sector) which rewards the best new developments in yachting world. The Ferretti Group brand was awarded during the evening Gala on the plage at the Carlton Intercontinental Hotel in Cannes, followed by a spectacular parade of the new yachts off the Croisette. The two new jewels in Riva's sporty fleet, the 76’ Perseo coupé and the 88’ Florida open convertible, won two prizes each in the categories they were nominated for. The 76’ Perseo, few days after its launch and its world début at the “Cannes Yachting Festival 2015”, routed the competition in the 50-80 foot (15-24 meters) class, winning the “Best Exterior Design Trophy” and “Most Achieved Trophy”. Equally ruthless was the 88’ Florida, which shut out the competition winning both awards it was up for. Like the 76’ Perseo, the new coupé open convertible won the “Best Exterior Design Trophy” and “Most Achieved Trophy” in the 80-120 foot (24-36 metre) class. The Riva 76’ Perseo and Riva 88’ Florida are the result of the close partnership between Officina Italiana Design and Ferretti Group's Engineering Department, and are built at the Group's shipyard in La Spezia. The dual victory at the “Invictus Yachts Trophies” is also doubly pleasing because it was awarded by an international jury which brought the top experts in the sector together with the management of important shipyards and professional brokers, all leading experts in the world nautical industry.

Riviera Launches Recruitment Drive

Growing international and domestic demand for Riviera’s world-class luxury motor yachts has stimulated a new recruitment drive at Australia’s 2015 Marine Industry Exporter of the Year based at Coomera in Queensland. With a growing forward order bank for many of the marque’s impressive new models, Australia’s largest and most-awarded motoryacht-builder has announced the introduction of a fifth manufacturing line to facilitate increased production. Initially, Riviera is seeking to fill 30 new positions to add to the talented 450-strong team of designers, engineers and master craftspeople at its state-of-the-art facility on the Gold Coast. Chief executive officer Wes Moxey said Riviera is actively seeking skilled tradespeople in the disciplines of boat-building, composite marine electrical engineering fit-out, cabinet-making, spray-painting, refinishing, plug and pattern-making. Riviera chairman and owner Rodney Longhurst – who returned the company to private ownership in 2012 said greater refinement, increased luxury, impressive new models and class-leading innovation and dependability were key drivers of increased global demand across the five distinct Riviera model collections. Riviera has recently and in the near future will be showcasing its luxury designs domestically and internationally at: Cannes, Newport, Auckland, Norwalk, Annapolis, Mandurah, Barcelona, and Fort Lauderdale boat shows. General manager Scott Cumming said the name Riviera is synonymous worldwide with hallmark quality, luxury, blue-water sea-keeping ability and unrivalled owner support.

Riviera Whitsundays Experience

There’s nothing quite like the sheer exhilaration of blue-water cruising in company to idyllic destinations to remind Riviera owners why they are so passionate about the rich and rewarding boating lifestyle. For these are the types of passages that build the confidence and skills for people to use their yachts to their full potential, that create the very special memories that last a lifetime, and, importantly, are often the catalyst for long-lasting friendships. Indeed, the camaraderie cultivated on the regular Experience events hosted by Runaway Bay-based Riviera and Belize dealer R Marine Crawley is clearly valued by members of the growing Riviera family of owners who, each winter, travel in convoy north from Queensland’s Gold Coast to the wonderful Whitsundays. The first leg of this exciting annual adventure is the Lady Musgrave Experience, and this year a flotilla comprising 10 luxury Riviera yachts made its way out through the Gold Coast Seaway before being joined by a further four boats en route firstly to Mooloolaba, then Bundaberg Marina and then on to the pristine turquoise waters of the second southern-most island on the iconic Great Barrier Reef, Lady Musgrave Island. Dealer principal Ben Crawley says Lady Musgrave’s large lagoon and 1192 hectares (2950 acres) of surrounding reef provides an incredibly inspiring anchorage from which Experience participants can enjoy everything from snorkelling and swimming in the warm waters of Capricorn Cays National Park to discovering a vast array of marine life including turtles and marine mammals and all within easy reach of prime and productive fishing destinations on the Outer Reef. And, of course, the social events staged at beautiful locations throughout the voyage are always a highlight. These sentiments were echoed by five-time Riviera owner Don Stalker, who currently owns a 5000 Sport Yacht Del-Lago and continued on to Hamilton Island in company of 10 yachts from the Lady Musgrave Experience. John Goody, who with wife Shirley owns the Riviera 48 Enclosed Flybridge, Nasty III, said this year’s Experience events marked their third Whitsunday passage with the R Marine Crawley team.

Riviera Wonderful Winter Experience

Fresh clean air blew over the transoms as a fleet of Rivieras cruised north from the Gold Coast for the annual R Marine Jones Winter Weekend. Like the fabled Pied Piper, the Riviera 51 Enclosed Flybridge Riv1 led the R Marine Jones fleet and was joined by a flotilla of 15 motor yachts which passed Calypso Bay, Horizon Shores and Brisbane en-route to a safe anchorage in Moreton Bay. Admirably, and undeterred by her husband Peter’s prior commitments, Melissa Woods and her daughter Lilly set off down the Coomera River in their Riviera M400 Sports Cruiser to make the most of a guided and supported trip into magnificent Moreton Bay, with Peter joining them the next day by personal water craft. The decision to head to ‘Club Mud’, an uninhabited mangrove island in the centre of Moreton Bay, was rewarded with a secure anchorage and excellent protection from prevailing winds. Anchors settled in and the wind abated, providing a stunning afternoon for the extended Riviera family of over 42 adults and 12 kids to congregate on the back of three rafted-up Rivieras. A smooth transition from anchor to catch-up was provided by the R Marine Jones tender valet, bringing any fleet members to the impromptu social headquarters where dealer principal Randall Jones and his wife Melinda provided wine and beautiful food prepared by the Riviera Motor Yacht Club Restaurant & Bar located at the Riviera factory. For those who love a little adventure, a small flotilla of tenders headed off to explore the relatively flat Mud Island where tidal flow and a network of mangroves have created creek-like tributaries to the surrounding Moreton Bay. The crystal-clear waters and the sweeping beach of Horseshoe Bay provided the idyllic backdrop for the fleet of Rivieras to drop their picks. Mid afternoon was spent stretching the legs, followed by refreshing sundowners and snacks. As the sun passed over the yard arm, the flotilla pointed their bows towards home. Randall reports that all Rivieras performed very well and the trip has inspired bookings for the next R Marine Jones trip: The Great Sandy Strait Experience from 24-27 September 2015.

Sunseeker Reveal Strong Sale Figures

Sunseeker International is celebrating following a very successful show at the 2015 Cannes Yachting Festival which saw the brand display eight models from its exquisite range and mark a very important milestone for the brand – the delivery of its 100th luxury performance yacht in the 100ft+ “superyacht” category. Sunseeker held a special VIP champagne breakfast event at the showto celebrate the delivery of the brand’s 100th luxury performance yacht in the 100ft+ “superyacht” category. Special guests were invited to attend the event to celebrate this achievement which signals a true coming of age for this iconic British brand. In addition, the highly popular Predator 57 caused a stir when it made its show debut and visitors were able to explore this and other models from across the range, including the versatile and elegant Manhattan 55, the powerful 115 Sport Yacht and the sublimely stylish 86 Yacht. Visitors also learnt more about three exciting new models set for launch in early 2016 - the 131 Yacht, 116 Yacht and 95 Yacht. Sunseeker also revealed the following strong key sales figures for 2015 to date: As at end of August, the order book for 2016 is up 70% year on year (by turnover); the order book for large models (90’ and above) is up 143% year on year (by turnover) reflecting demand for the new 131 Yacht, 116 Yacht and 95 Yacht models due for launch in early 2016; Asia Pacific region orders currently 161% up year on year with additional orders being taken weekly; and North America orders currently up 53% year on year with again, increasing levels of new orders and enquiries.

Sunseeker Celebrates Major Milestone

Sunseeker International held an exclusive celebration at Cannes Yachting Festival to recognise a huge landmark for the business, the delivery of its 100th luxury performance yacht in the 100ft+ “superyacht” category. Sunseeker hosted a VIP champagne breakfast event this morning to celebrate this achievement which signals a true coming of age for this iconic British brand. Sunseeker’s exclusive event was well attended by global press, partner companies, colleagues and owners who all helped Sunseeker celebrate this major milestone. The audience were treated to an insight into the history of Sunseeker from CEO, Phil Popham and John Braithwaite, Co-founder. The launch of Sunseeker’s first 100ft+ model, the 105 Yacht in the summer of 2000, was the initial step in the brand’s progress towards becoming a major player in the superyacht sector. Since then it has taken the company less than fifteen years to reach this impressive milestone, producing on average around seven 100ft+ yachts every year at its manufacturing facilities in Dorset, UK. Sunseeker’s 100ft+ offering has rapidly evolved and now extends from the sleek and powerful 101 Sport Yacht to the majestic flagship 155 Yacht, with a diverse range of options in between. The company also has several exciting new models set for launch in 2016, including the new 131 Yacht and 116 Yacht which have both attracted multiple forward orders from customers until 2017. The company currently builds more boats 80ft and above per year than any other brand. To build on this dominance, it places a clear focus on innovation through an extensive new product development programme aligned to world class manufacturing and support services across the business.

Sunseeker Expands Dealer Network in US

Sunseeker USA announces the appointment of a new authorized dealer, Strong’s Marine, serving clients across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The announcement is part of Sunseeker USA’s continuing focus on strengthening its dealer network in the North American market. Strong's Marine, a fourth generation family business celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, operates three sales and service locations across Long Island: on the Harbor in Port Washington, on the Sound in Mattituck and on Peconic Bay in Southampton. Jeff and Re Strong, along with their son Ryan, oversee a 50+ person staff dedicated to delivering exceptional service. The new partnership will be in evidence at the upcoming Progressive Insurance Norwalk International Boat Show from September 24th–27th. Strong’s will be exhibiting two brand new Sunseekers at the show; a Manhattan 55 and a 68 Sport Yacht – and welcoming clients on board to experience these stunning luxury performance yachts first hand.

Viking Dealer Meeting and Seatrial Event

Taking boat building to the next level was the theme of the Viking Yacht Dealer Meeting last week at the Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Speaking before an audience of nearly 100 of Viking's domestic and international dealer network principals, Patrick Healey said: "Product starts with us and this allows the distribution so our Viking brand grows globally. As our fiscal year ended on July 31st Viking had delivered 65 yachts from 42 to 92 feet." The new model year begins with the launch of Viking's latest, the 80 Convertible, which was shown and sea trialed by the dealers. Over 90 customers took part in sea trials aboard nine boats on display. The Viking 80 Convertible will have its world premiere at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in November. This will be followed by the launch of the 80 Enclosed Bridge Convertible at the company's VIP Preview at the Viking Yacht Service Center in Riviera Beach, Florida, in January 2016, followed by the Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show in February.

Project: Kuster A-38

Consonant yachts having just be purchased by North-Line will get a full rebranding to Kuster. The most popular model, the  A-38 will be the first to be build of a new updated line. The new Kuster A-38 has a fresh look, an extended wheelhouse roof and a transom door in the cockpit to the swimming platform. The stern will be the most visible difference of the new A-38 from the old, with this featuring an integrated extended bathing platform.  New A-38 will also have more space for the galley and modern materials and fabrics will be used. Naturally, the seaworthy performance, high-quality materials and the exclusive nature of the boats will stay.  All new Kusters will be built at the yard in Harlingen, except for the steel work everything will be manufactured in house. Additionally Kuster owners will also welcome at the yard for their maintenance, moorings and winter storage. The full details for the new Kuster line will be presented at the Amsterdam In-Water Boat Show 2015.

September 29, 2015

New Model: Fiart 4T Genius

Fiart presents the new 4T Genius, a further development of the 2004 launched 38 with the main difference being the addition of a hard top covering half of the aft cockpit.  The new 4T Genius sees usual Fiart, embrace its core concept of a very Mediterranean sport cruiser.  It is not for nothing that Fiart sport cruisers have been best sellers in Italy for the segment of ten to twelve meters for quite a few decades.  Some other builders have in recent years been producing models with flush cockpit decks and trying to put three cabins in a stern drive powered cruiser of eleven or twelve meters, yet few manage to produce the balance Fiart delivers.  The 4T Genius will be powered by three engines choices; standard Volvo 260hp, and optional 300 and 330hp units. Performance wise the 4T Genuis reaches a max speed of 37 knots and a cruise of 30 knots with the Volvo 300hp units.    
Technical Data:
LOA - 11.87 m (38.9ft)
Hull Length - 9.93 m
Beam - 3.88 m
Draft - 0.97 m with drives
Displacement - 8500 kg
Fuel Capacity - 740 l
Water Capacity - 400 l
Accommodation - 6 berths in 2 cabins, or 7 berths in 3 cabins
Max Persons - 10
Engines - 2 x Volvo D4 260hp, D4 300hp, D6 330hp
Propulsion - Volvo Duoprop stern drive
Speed - 37 knots max, 30 knots cruise with 300hp units
Certification - CE B

September 28, 2015

Project: Arcadia 16.80 m Sherpa

Some projects go beyond what the normal market trends expect, and while Arcadia from Italy has always been such a builder since its inception this new Sherpa project goes over the imagination what a 55 footer explorer yacht looks like.  According to Arcadia the Sherpa will stand for three important elements; spaces which compare to a yacht ten feet larger also thanks to a beam which is one meter more to a similar sized motor yacht, flexibility of interior layout with two or three cabin versions, and economic consumption of about 3.6 liter per mile at 12 knots thanks to the further tweak of the NPL hull.  The Sherpa project is surely among the most interesting yacht of displacement type I have seen in this size.  What will be the next question from Sherpa if it will be a niche seller, something which the Arcadia product has always been, or if the builder is aiming to become more popular.  The single reality in Sherpa at the moment though is this, when you think you have seen it all here comes Arcadia with a project going beyond, and for this all they deserve a big well done.  Launching of hull one is planned for the start of 2016. 

September 27, 2015

New Model: Heesen 47m YN 16947

Heesen is proud to announce that project YN 16947, 47 metre displacement, was launched at the facility in Oss. The owners, during a private ceremony, christened her M/Y Asya.  Asya’s exterior design combines beautiful traditional lines with a contemporary flair emphasized by the continuous glued glass windows and matching black paintwork on the main deck and upper decks all from the board of the highly talented Frank Laupman of Omega Architects. Her sophisticated interior from the London-based and multi-award winning studio Bannenberg & Rowell has a distinctly Far Eastern, restful feel, inspired by the designs of Dieter Rams, Frank Lloyd-Wright and Tadao Ando. Simplicity as the ultimate form of sophistication is the guiding principle of Asya’s interior design. It combines silver-grey oiled oak, mid-gloss lacquer, silk and bronze with contrasting dark Makassar ebony and polished stainless steel detailing and accents.  Thanks to her well-engineered steel hull with bulbous bow, Asya will ensure a smooth path through water, and will be the perfect home away from home in all sea conditions. Two MTU diesel engines 1359hp, will allow her to reach a maximum speed of 15 knots, and at 12 knots will allow her to have a range of 4,000 nautical miles. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 46.7 m (153.2ft)
Beam - 8.83 m
Draft - 3.07 m
Displacement - 400 tons half load
Fuel Capacity - 60000 l
Water Capacity - 20000 l
Accommodation - 12 guests in 6 cabins, 10 crew in 5 cabins
Engines - 2 x MTU 8V 4000 M63 1359hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 15 knots max, 12 knots cruise
Range - 4000 nm at cruise
Construction - steel hull, aluminium super structure
Project - Omega architects exterior, Bannenberg and Rowell interior, Heesen naval architecture
Certification - Lloyds 100A1 SSC Yacht LMC UMS LY2 MCA 

September 26, 2015

Improve-it = Numarine 102

Numarine announces that the current flagship 102 RPH with 2015 restyling has been delivered. This is the sixth unit produced that follow up an order dated June 2014. This latest delivery incorporates a wealth of evolutionary changes from her predecessors along with a number of custom requirements at the request of her owner.  Numarine launched the first 102 to astounding industry recognition in 2007 and subsequently completed five further orders.  This sixth delivery features fully re-worked glazing to the hull sides which has dramatically enhanced her exterior appearance whilst allowing an extra abundance of daylight into her interior.  In addition, a major modification has been made to the crew accommodation and engine room by switching the configuration around. The crew accommodation is now larger and more centrally located and the engine room is much further aft resulting in a very quiet ride.  Exterior design was performed by Studio Spadolini with Naval Architecture by Umberto Tagliavini. Numarine’s long term design partner Can Yalman created the interior design.

September 25, 2015

Project: Beneteau 40 Gran Turismo

Following the success of both the big and medium size Montecarlo range, Italians from Venice designers Nuvolari Lenard continue to make head winds in designing boats for the Beneteau Group.  This time around the French company which currently is the largest boat building firm in the World, has given to the Italian duo instructions to design a Gran Turismo model, the 40.  The 40 is a replacement of the 38 and once you see the plans you will notice there is not much difference on the layout inside of the replacing model, which I remind to my readers was also a further tweak of the 37 Monte Carlo.  None the less having worked with the outside the new 40 Gran Turismo looks from the exterior a very different model, much more aggressive and sporty then the 38.  At this point what will be interesting is if the Nuvolari Lenard is a one off for the Gran Turismo range or a full line up tweak.  I am sure a couple of years from now we will have that reply. 

September 23, 2015

New Model: Raffaelli 42 Typhoon Sportage

Raffaelli is back, and after making recent years showing future plans the known Italian name headed to the 2015 Cannes boat show with an important new model, that of the 42 Typhoon Sportage.  The new Raffaelli is in many ways representative of the firms look see light curved shear-line and style of bow, but the super structure looks and propulsion put the Italian boat builder into new ground.  It is fair to say that while with the 42 Typhoon Sportage Raffaelli brings a fresh novelty to design and boating in general, the new model does not over do it in its lines.  The 42 Typhoon Sportage is a very original design, covering a new niche in today's market.  To be fair to press it is not something totally new, Italcraft had a similar model in the late seventies named 43 Espada, and it was in that time a good seller for the famous Rome marquee. But apart presenting an original design the 42 Typhoon Sportage also has a lot of substance, offering three large cabins below deck, a living entertainment orientated main deck area, and an original raised helm.  
Technical Data:
LOA - 13.98 m (42.5ft)
Waterline Length - 11.6 m
Beam - 4.24 m
Displacement - 
Fuel Capacity - 1100 l
Water Capacity - 
Accommodation - 6 berths in 3 cabins
Max Persons - 14
Engines - 2 x Volvo D6 350hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking dual propeller IPS pod drives

September 22, 2015

Project: Cranchi 50 Fly

2015 is the year of change at Cranchi, and the 50 Fly is another model representative of this important round of events for the well known Italian builder.  The 50 Fly will be a model which replaces the 50 Atlantique what was a long produced best seller for Cranchi.  Designed in-house and in-family by Aldo Cranchi the 50 Fly features modern and sporty exterior looks.  A low profile flybridge, and the fore deck are two important design elements outside for the 50 Fly.  Most interesting is the fore deck which appears flush when seen horizontally from the outside, but has the must have forward settee and sun-pad.  Inside the main deck of the 50 Fly offers an astern galley layout, with a dinette to port and helm and sofa to starboard.  Power for the Cranchi 50 Fly will come from the Volvo 550hp engine with IPS pod propulsion.     

September 21, 2015

New Model: Sundeck 550

The first Sundeck 550 has been finally launched in August.  Designed by Zuccheri the new 550 is crafted by expert hands and built to high quality materials.  Maurizio for the first Sundeck went for a sober elegance and  rich stylish details.  Sundeck 550 is a fast and economical trawler thanks to the high efficiency hull. At full load, and 7 knots sets new records of economy consuming only one liter per mile, while at 9 knots the pointer stops at 1.7 liters per mile.  Fully loaded, the top speed is 25 knots and cruising speed range goes from 14 to 20 knots.  The Sundeck 550 is a semi-custom "100% Made in Italy" yacht and it is the first of a series of three trawlers from 16 to 24 meters by Sundeck.  It sets new benchmarks in terms of roominess, functionality and navigation qualities, as well as offering the owner the possibility of configuring and set up his boat as he wishes.  Sundeck offers three main deck, and four lower deck plan choices for this. The volumes of this yacht, are considerably higher than the average of her category, remaining inside of the standard dimensions as to what regards maximum beam, leads her to excel in terms of interior and exterior spaciousness.  This characteristic has allowed, for example, to realize an airy living room maintaining very large external passages. To understand the true dimensions of this yacht, just think that other boats of the same length may be easily contained within her shape.  The standard main deck layout offers an astern galley to port side in a C-shape design, serving both the aft deck and fore part of the saloon. But other options for the galley include a smaller cook top galley to starboard, or a lower deck position. Below deck there are multiple configurations, standard plan is a three cabins each with its own bathroom and separate shower. Other options are four cabins, like in the first hull, or a two cabins plus office choice. In the four cabins option choice the owners room move to fore from midships.  Sundeck 550 is offered with three engine options by FPT which start from 450hp and go up to 570hp units,
Technical Data:
LOA - 17.35 m (56.9ft)
Hull Length - 15.85 m
Waterline Length - 15 m
Beam - 5 m
Draft - 1.3 m
Displacement - 19.5 t dry, 24.7 t loaded
Fuel Capacity - 2500 l
Water Capacity - 1000 l
Accommodation - 6 berths in 3 cabins, 2 crew berths 1 cabin aft, optional 8 berths in 4 cabins or 4 berths in 2 cabins
Max Persons - 16
Engines - 2 x FPT N67 460hp, N67 500hp, N67 570hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 27 knots max, 18 knots fast cruise, 9 knots economic cruise with FPT 570hp
Range - 2500 nm at 7 knots, 420 nm at 16 knots
Project - Maurizio Zuccheri
Certification - CE A

September 20, 2015

Project: Cantiere Delle Marche 108 Nauta Air

With an order book already far into 2018, Cantiere delle Marche continues to raise its stake and after launching its biggest build with the 107 Darwin this 2015 Summer, heads in the last part of the season with the announced sale of a new 108 Nauta Air which just started construction.  A new flagship by one foot! Designed by Mario Pedol, the Nauta Air is a more Europe Mediterranean version for Cantiere delle Marche of an explorer type super yacht with modern minimal lines.  It is in short terms an opposing design to the rugged tug boat looking Darwin line, yet the Nauta Air has immediately struck big, two units already delivered of 86 and 90 models so far, and now this 108 is under construction.  Twenty two months to complete the 108 Nauta Air is available with two bow styles, standard or plumb and has a full displacement hull shape. She is a three deck yacht with a standard five cabin interior sleeping ten.  Crew quarters offer accommodation for six persons.  Power will come from twin 714hp Cat engines which will give a top speed of 13 knots, a fast cruise of 12, and a long range economic cruise of 9 knots. This giving a range of 5500 nautical miles.

September 18, 2015

New Model: Sanlorenzo SL86

It is always a hard decision to replace a best selling model, but earlier this 2015 year Sanlorenzo announced the revered 82 model was being replaced by the new 86. A huge model for Sanlorenzo, the 82 was in the mid nineties an important novelty for the brand. Just imagine how many other brands did change there 24 meter pocket sized super yacht since then, yet that Sanlorenzo stayed there with a little bit of a make up boost in 2006 and most important it kept on selling. Now after twenty years Sanlorenzo launches the new SL86 in Cannes its new pocket super yacht representing important changes, starting from the design who now is in the hands of Mauro Mucheli and Sergio Beretta Officina Italiana, in charge of Riva since the nineties and a trend setter in recent years. The SL86 has the modern Sanlorenzo DNA see feeling lower on the water, plus some new differences as the curved shear line in the first third part of the hull, and as mentioned by the PR of the shipyard the use of larger windows especially those serving the main deck.  As any Sanlorenzo the SL86 does not try to change the World but it is all about a traditional Italian motor yacht which never gets old however you see it.  The SL86 has sold already five units on plan, and after its Cannes baptism above I am sure the order book for this model will get fuller over time. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 26.45 m (86.7ft)
Beam - 6.35 m
Draft - 1.95 m
Displacement - 76 t half load, 82 t full load
Fuel Capacity - 8100 l
Water Capacity - 1700 l
Accommodation - 8 berths in 4 cabins, 3/4 crew in 2 cabins
Engines - 2 x MTU 10V2000 M94 1622hp, 12V2000 M93 1822hp,  12V2000 M94 1947hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 31 knots max 26 knots cruise with MTU 1947hp, 30 knots max with 1822hp, 28 knots max with 1622hp
Project - Officina Italiana Design

September 17, 2015

Project: Riviera 575 SUV

Following 87 sales of SUV models, Riviera announces a new project for its versatile crossover of sporty and adventurous luxury collection, one that further enhances the marque’s international appeal. The new Riviera 575 SUV will be available with either pod or shaft drives to suit specific owner requirements.  However, the unique and innovative features of this stunning new example of Riviera’s continual pursuit of excellence extend even further, with a clever alfresco cockpit and mezzanine design creating an entirely new indoor/outdoor living experience that is ideal for longer-range, live-aboard blue-water cruising.  The 575 SUV will offer a three double cabin lower deck layout with a midships located full beam owners stateroom, a VIP forward, and a third cabin with bunk berths.  The main deck saloon will have two layout choices here the standard plan offers an astern galley, C-shaped dinette, L-shape sofa to starboard, and dual seat helm station to port. Alternative layout offers a smaller sofa, with two forward looking companion seat added to starboard.  Power for the new Riviera 575 SUV will be twin Volvo 725hp or optional 900hp units, both available with IPS forward looking pod drives, or a shaft choice for the large engine option.

September 16, 2015

New Model: Sabre 66 Dirigo

The largest and most luxurious Sabre motor yacht to date the 66 Dirigo has finally launched in the water. The Sabre 66 Dirigo is the first American built, Down-East style motor yacht of this size to be introduced to the market. She is a design of Kevin Burns.  The 66 Dirigo features a functional fore-deck which joins to a spacious and comfortable cockpit. The best deck hardware, on-deck walking surfaces that are safe and secure, hand holds wherever they are needed, all speak to Sabre’s 45 year history of building boats for people, and how they should be equipped.  Sabre 66 Dirigo will feature a three double cabin interior with a large full beam midships located owners stateroom, and two similar size VIP suites forward and to port side.  66 Dirigo is to be powered by twin Volvo 900hp units, with the large IPSIII forward looking pod drives units.
Technical Data:
LOA - 22.3 m (73ft)
Hull Length - 20.7 m
Waterline Length - 18.4 m
Beam - 5.51 m
Draft - 0.97 m ex props and drives
Displacement - 37.4 t
Fuel Capacity - 3785 l
Water Capacity - 1135 l
Accommodation - 6 berths in 3 cabins
Engines - 2 x Volvo D13 900hp
Propulsion - Volvo IPSIII forward looking dual propeller pod drives
Speed - 25 knots cruise
Hull Shape - modified Vee with downward turning chine, spray rails and 16 degrees deadrise aft
Construction - resin infused with Core-cell core
Project - Kevin Burns

September 14, 2015

Project: Zurn 38

Massachusetts based Zurn Yachts announces construction of the Doug Zurn designed 38 foot twin water-jet boat. Boat production is already underway at New England Boatworks, a top tier builder with a history of successful collaborations with Doug Zurn and his team. This 38-foot pleasure yacht is the ultimate adaptation of the iconic New England lobster boat design, with sleek lines, low-profile open pilot house, spacious cockpit, and inherently stable hull form. The Zurn 38 is conceived for fishing and diving, and to get you there quickly. The Ultra Jet drives are powered by twin Volvo 435hp diesel engines delivering a 40 knot top speed with a choice of wheel or joystick steering. She will comfortably cruise at 36 knots. The hull and deck are built with an epoxy resin infused, cored composite construction, for a light-weight and strong structure. Careful design of the hard-chine, moderate-Vee planning hull optimizes shape efficiency and ride stability. Assisting the smooth ride is Seakeepers new 3DC battery powered gyro-stabilizer, which delivers unprecedented stability while at anchor diving or trolling for trophy fish.  For maximum vantage point in tight maneuvering, a removable, remote steering station can be mounted on the pilot house hard-top. The mast-like station provides a sturdy, buckle-in, ergonomically designed leaning post with yolk-arms that accommodate the water jet joystick and throttle controls. The interior of the Zurn 38 will offer accommodation for two in an island double berth forward.  A shower head, and a galley opposite to starboard complete the lower deck layout.  

September 12, 2015

New Model: Viking 80 Open Bridge Convertible

Viking never stops to update itself with important new models, so here comes the latest one from the New Jersey builder the 80 Convertible.  This new Viking is one of the very big 24 meters plus super sportfish series, which seem to have been an instant success since the 82 Convertible launched some five years ago, and today have sold over twenty units. The new 80 Convertible might be a replacement of the 82, and stands what the company have stood in recent years, making it one of the most highly rated production boat builders in the heavily tried and tested sportfish environment and in the more complacent cruising market. The 80 Convertible impresses as usual for speed, large just short of ten thousand liters fuel capacity, and its accommodation front with three large staterooms adjacent to the two bunk berth cabins.  Engines will be twin 2635hp MTU which will give a 40 knots performance, and a cruise in the thirty knot range.  
Technical Data:
LOA - 24.54 m (80.6ft)
Beam - 6.5 m
Draft - 1.7 m
Displacement - 65980 kg
Fuel Capacity - 9842 l
Water Capacity - 1514 l
Accommodation - 10 berths in 5 cabins
Engines - MTU 2000V16 M96L 2635hp
Propulsion - line shaft with Veem S-class propellers
Top Speed - 40 knots max, 30 knots cruise
Hull Shape - modified Vee with 12.5 degrees deadrise aft
Construction - resin infused hull with Baltek end grain balsa, Aramid, E-glass fiberglass laminates

September 11, 2015

Project: Sunseeker 95 Yacht

Sunseeker has released CGI images of the anticipated new 95 Yacht project currently under production in Dorset, UK. The magnificent performance super yacht is set for launch in Spring 2016, underlining the brand’s commitment to bringing more new products in the year ahead. Its striking lines and innovative layout also showcase the fresh design direction that Sunseeker’s next generation of larger models will take.  The third new model to be announced this summer, the 95 Yacht exemplifies the latest in Sunseeker’s cutting-edge design and innovative build processes. With all the spacious elegance of its highly successful predecessor, the 28 Metre Yacht, it combines a superyacht feel with all the practical advantages of a yacht in this size category. The 95 Yacht’s standout feature is its unique main deck layout with a special master cabin triplex configuration for even greater flexibility and freedom onboard. With the luxurious master stateroom berth on the main deck, a forward staircase leads to a mid level dressing area and sumptuous en-suite.  Four or five cabins layouts are available for the 95 Yacht, with the main difference being for a large VIP cabin at midships and two identical guest cabins, or four identical rooms.  Crew quarters are located aft and will sleep four and also have a small galley and an L-shaped lounging sofa. The raised pilot house is another eye-catching feature, again offering greater flexibility and contributing to the more expansive main deck layout which is truly remarkable for this size of yacht. Above deck the spacious flybridge is well equipped with bar, optional hot tub and plenty of seating for guests to be entertained in style. As with all Sunseeker’s wave of 2016 models, the 95 yacht is based on the classic planning Vee shape hull, enabling it to cruise at 24 knots and reaching maximum speeds of 28 knots, depending on engine option.

September 10, 2015

New Model: Palm Beach PB52 Express

Palm Beach Motor Yachts is proud to announce the all new PB52 Express.  The latest chapter in the rapidly growing Palm Beach story continues the sleek, contemporary, high-performance lines matched to those of a Down-East lobster boat style yacht.  She looks similar in looks to the model it replaces the PB50, but the 52 is larger in all areas being three feet longer and three feet wider. The 52 Express sports innovative new features that allows safe and secure passage to the fore deck while maintaining all the stylish appeal which Palm Beach is known for. She will as other Palm Beach models be offered in different layouts; three for the lower deck offered with three or two cabins and owners cabin to starboard or midships starboard side, and two options for the main deck here the main difference being galley up or down formats.  Power comes from standard twin Cummins 600hp or Volvo 435hp with IPS pod drives. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 17.3 m (57ft)
Hull Length - 15.8 m
Beam - 5.24 m
Draft - 0.95 m shaft, .84 m IPS pod drives
Displacement - 17000 kg dry
Fuel Capacity - 2699 l
Water Capacity - 950 l
Accommodation - 6 berths in 3 cabins, or 4 berths in 2 cabins
Engines - 2 x Cummins QSC 600hpm Volvo D6 435hp with IPS pod drives
Propulsion - line shaft, Volvo IPS pod drives
Speed - 31 knots max, 26 knots cruise with Cummins 600hp

September 8, 2015

Project: Cranchi Z35

After the success of the 34 Zaffiro, which might just be the most sold model in its size ever made, and the not so good sales of the 36 Zaffiro, Cranchi is targeting to bounce back with the interesting project of the Z35.  The Z35 is a complete new model and does not take anything from the 36 Zaffiro and the now evolved M 38 HT.  She is in fact a slimmer boat less 38 centimeters, and the interior is a standard yet very functional offer.  The central located berth forward, a more spacious galley located to starboard, and what also looks a well laid out cockpit layout all say back to basics.  In simple words the Z35 does not try to change to wheel but embraces it and improves in those details that make a difference.  The Z35 is to be powered by twin Volvo 260hp in stern drive propulsion. If priced competitive Cranchi might have a winner in hand. 

September 7, 2015

New Model: Monte Carlo MC6

The Monte Carlo range finally completes its circle with the launch of the awaited MC6, the Beneteau Group luxury motorboat range gets close to the larger yacht size MCY line.  Just short of sixty feet in size the MC6 is again a design to the Venice studio of Nuvolari Lenard, and this can be seen with the similarity and evolution of the looks to the smaller MC models, and larger MCY's. Just as the smaller MC models the MC6 if looked from the front feels a classic in the making with cues from Down-East lobster boats, and the timeless ingenuity that the flush fore deck delivers. The MC6 is available with two interior layouts, a European version with three staterooms and heads, and a Far East layout which offer some important changes to the lower deck and minimal differences on the main deck. As all the smaller MCs the interior is very well finished with a mix of modern classic contemporary design elements. Power comes from rather small for an eighteen meter motor yacht twin Cummins 600hp engines, with ZF Zeus aft looking pod drives.  This might just be the Achilles heel of the MC6 versus major competition from the known brands with this package delivering a just okay 27 knots top speeds.   
Technical Data:
LOA - 18.2 m (59.9ft)
Hull Length - 15.9 m
Beam - 4.93 m
Displacement - 19846 kg light
Fuel Capacity - 2200 l
Water Capacirty - 800 l
Accommodation - 6 berths in 2 cabins, 4 berths in 2 cabins, 1 crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Cummins QSC 8.3 600hp
Propulsion - ZF Zeus aft looking dual propeller pod drives
Speed - 27 knots, cruise 22 knots
Project - Nuvolari Lenard

September 6, 2015

Project: CRN 50m Super Conero

After the project for a 40 meters Conero, CRN push the borders even more and now presents the project for a 50 meter Super Conero.  A historical name for CRN, Conero is a symbol of a time for the Ancona super yacht builder the sixties, which gave a period of growth. The new 50 meter Super Conero is designed by architect Zuccon and will be build in steel and feature an aluminium super structure.  She will feature a bulbous displacement hull shape, have three decks, and the forward part of the main deck hosting the owners stateroom is of full beam layout.  The Super Conero will also feature some of the latest CRN and Ferretti Group novelties like cabin balconies, terraces which open at anchor, and an aft beach club.

September 5, 2015

New Model: Princess 35M

The highly anticipated Princess 35M is finally ready to make her World debut in the Autumn boat shows. The first hull featured a steel grey hull and left her build shed at the Princess' superyacht facility, to begin her final stage of fit out. The 35M exterior is a moidern mix design while at the same time taking cues from the Princess 40M, while bringing a further evolution for the M Class series. The 35M's exterior spaces are vast and versatile offering a luxurious and sociable on-board experience. An inventively designed cockpit and transom area create an informal 'Beach Club' arrangement where a large seating area incorporates a combination of aft and forward facing seating. An optional bar can be specified to create an informal leisure space that can easily be transformed into a formal dining area. This inspired design continues in the raised pilot house, which is accessible from both the flybridge and lobby area. A port side door also provides access to the vast fore-deck which incorporates an attractive spacious seating and sun lounging area. Across the main deck, a full beam owner's stateroom is accessed via an ante-room which can be specified as an office. Large panoramic windows, two walk-in wardrobes and a generous bathroom with bath, shower and toilet facilities complete the owner's suite. On the lower deck, three or four beautifully appointed en suite staterooms accommodate six or eight guests, with the crew quarters located forward comprising of three en suite cabins. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 35.1 m (115.4ft)
Beam - 7.3 m
Draft - 1.98 m full load
Displacement - 131,600 kg
Fuel Capacity - 18000 l
Water Capacity - 1750 l
Accommodation - 8 berths in 4 cabins, or 10 guests in 5 cabins, 6 crew in 3 cabins.
Engines - 2 x Cat C32A 1925hp, MTU 16V2000M84 2217hp, 16V2000M94 2640hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 23 knots max with Cat 1925hp, 27 knots max with MTU 2640hp
Certification - ABYC, NMMA, CE

September 4, 2015

Project: Maritimo M61

Maritimo, which struck a winner with its all new M65 cruising motor yacht, has now launched a smaller version of this well received model, the M61 cruising motor yacht which has a lower price entry level while providing many of the same features and benefits of its bigger sibling. The M65, which was launched at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show, has been a popular model for the company with hull number seven being sold, but Maritimo saw a niche for a similar styled vessel that sat between the M65 and the M58.  The first M61 cruising motor yacht is in build and will be delivered to its Gold Coast owner in February 2016. The owner has had three Maritimo's previously.  Big boat enthusiasts are expected to embrace the new M61, which requires less berthing space than its larger sibling, has almost all the same features, albeit proportionally smaller.  The M61 can come as a three cabin three bathroom configuration or four cabins and two bathrooms or can even have an office by eliminating one of the bathrooms. The M61 is powered by D13 900's and could be set up to include crew quarters or accommodate a gyro. Interiors would include the popular Wenge timber finish and the soft furnishings and fit out will be the same as the M65 in terms of quality. The M61 will be propelled with efficient shaft drive and hull design that deliver even better fuel consumption figures than pod-drives.  Maritimo has estimated that with fuel capacity of 5700 liters the M61 will have a range of 750 nautical miles at a speed of 21-22 knots. Catering is a breeze with a massive galley with the option of  domestic sized refrigerators. The M65 like the new M61 could have the popular Euro style transom or it could be optioned to have Maritimo's traditional island transom or a fishing version.

September 3, 2015

New Model: Cruisers 60 Cantius

Cruisers launch its largest and most important model to date with the modern looking 60 Cantius. Designed by Belgian designer Facheris, the 60 Cantius is an ultra modern sports yachts in its size and impresses for its spaces and interior flexibility.  Standard accommodation plan offers a two large cabins layout, with a full beam midships located owners stateroom at midships.  A third cabin is available as option in replacement of the lower located L-shaped sofa to starboard.  Living is all located on the main deck under the fully enclosed hard top, this having a modern layout of astern galley looking to the cockpit, and a C-shaped settee with double use of dining and lounging.  Power is twin Volvo 725hp with forward looking IPS pod drives, with the first tests giving wide open throttle speeds of 35 knots.
Technical Data:
LOA - 18.1 m (59.4ft)
Beam - 4.9 m
Draft - 1.27 m
Displacement - 24,948 kg
Fuel Capacity - 2460 l
Water Capacity - 546 l
Accommodation - 4 berths in 2 cabins, optional 6 berths in 3 cabins
Engines - 2 x Volvo D11 725hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking IPS950 dual propeller pod drives
Speed - 35 knots max
Project - Facheris Design Works, DeBasto interior

September 2, 2015

Project: Nautitech 40 Powercat

Bavaria starts applying its first touches since it acquired the Nautitech catamaran brand in the beginning of this 2015 year.  The 40 Powercat is in fact a brand new concept from Bavaria Catamarans and its aim is to develop a motor catamaran that would provide her crew with maximum luxury and comfort and yet the greatest possible efficiency. The Nautitech 40 Powercat will offer an interior choice of four or three double cabins, plus two single beds at the fore peak in each of the two hulls.  That means a total of 8 or 10 berths depending on layout choice.  Power will come from twin 40hp Volvo diesel engines with sail drive propulsion.

September 1, 2015

blogger - The Real Passion

In June of this year there was a very interesting story coming from Sportfish custom boat builder Jarrett Bay.  For those that do not know Jarrett Bay hails from North Carolina USA a hub of many custom sport fish builders and so far it has built boats from 25 to a currently in construction 90 feet hull number 62.   
During the economic downturn one Jarrett Bay the 1999 build 54 feet hull number 25, was left without a home, and so the company decides to transport it to the facility in Beaufort North Carolina. After looking in the yard Jarrett Bay President Randy Ramsey decides its time to return on the water and so an important refit project starts, from re-powering to complete make over inside and out. The boat is fully refitted and renamed Starflite in honor of Randy's first charter boat.  
This story shows an important basic element how a custom boat builder Jarrett Bay has still passion at heart.  Being Jarrett Bay a custom boat builder I do not want it other wise, as I do think that these companies have passion at heart more then commercial known builders.  But thinking of it the boating industry nowadays lacks a lot of this.  
It is not like it never had it though.  I have heard stories of a couple builders who used to have the companies President helping out clients.  Norberto Ferretti used to do loads in his early days managing, and in the eighties and nineties his cruise with Zia Canaia was pleasure and work.  I read a couple letters on Italian magazines praising Ferretti who after a call for assistance it was Norberto himself who came up to fix the problems on-board in the height of Summer.  At some time Ferretti was very proud of saying that it build over six hundred boats and all where navigating safely. But Norberto was not alone in this, and stories are also told that the old Fairline President in the nineties did a few of these in the Balearic's, as did Amati of Itama fame.