June 30, 2023

Monthly News - June 2023

-pic of the month- Maritimo Celebrates Twenty Years

Aicon Deliver Boat to University of Messina

Aicon Yachts is delighted to announce the successful delivery of a boat commissioned by the University of Messina's engineering department.  This collaboration has enabled the Messina Energy Boat MEB group to prepare for the prestigious "Monaco Energy Boat" international competition, scheduled to take place in Monaco in July.  Aicon is thrilled to have played a part in this remarkable project, which showcases our commitment to supporting innovation and sustainable marine technologies. The MEB group's dedication and hard work have been commendable, and we extend our heartfelt wishes for their success in the upcoming competition.  Aicon look forward to witnessing the MEB group's achievements at the "Monaco Energy Boat" competition, and we are confident that their hard work will be rewarded.  Congratulations on this significant milestone, and may the results truly reflect the dedication and excellence of the MEB team. 

Azimut-Benetti Group Decarbonizing the Industry

Azimut|Benetti Group and Eni Sustainable Mobility have signed an agreement for the supply and use of HVOlution, the biofuel produced from 100% renewable raw materials*. This is the first yachting industry agreement that targets decarbonisation.   HVOlution, a biofuel made of 100% HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil), is produced in Eni Sustainable Mobility’s Venice and Gela biorefineries from waste raw materials and vegetable residues, or from oils generated from crops that do not compete with the food chain, in a circular economy model applied to mobility. Factoring in the entire logistics and production chain, HVOlution can deliver emissions reductions of up to 90% compared to the benchmark fossil blend, depending on the raw materials used for its production**.  Starting in summer 2023, Azimut|Benetti Group will introduce HVOlution to replace the fossil-based fuel currently used by the Azimut and Benetti brands for the technical testing of new yachts, sea trials and prototype model handling. Owners will also be able to take delivery of new Azimut models with HVOlution biofuel in the tank. The collaboration between Azimut|Benetti Group and Eni Sustainable Mobility will be kicked off in early June by the first voyage of Azimut’s new Magellano 60, which will travel from Savona to Taormina for her international premiere at the “Yachting Gala” event organised by Azimut for over 600 owners from around the world.  “This first supply of biofuel to the recreational boating industry confirms that Eni Sustainable Mobility can support maritime operators on the path to decarbonisation. The agreement with Azimut|Benetti Group is a first step that will be followed in the coming months with increased sales of HVOlution to the maritime industry as well,” said Stefano Ballista, CEO of Eni Sustainable Mobility.  “For Azimut|Benetti Group, this agreement is a tangible step forward on the course we have charted out to reduce CO2 emissions. It is a result that enables us to extend our area of action in emissions reduction by involving the supply chain, with a focus on energy decarbonisation. At the present time, over half of Azimut’s fleet is made up of Low Emission Yachts, while Benetti has built the world's largest hybrid yacht as well as winning the ‘Green yacht of the year 2022’ award with the 37-metre Byond,” said Azimut|Benetti Group President Giovanna Vitelli.  Future projects to develop the distribution network are on the horizon for the partnership between Azimut|Benetti Group and Eni Sustainable Mobility, so providing better access to biofuel and offering owners the possibility of refuelling with HVO. In the initial phase involving bunkering operations, the plan will target Azimut|Benetti Group marinas as the first points of supply for private individuals in Italy.

Azimut-Benetti Group Trains Tomorrows Protagonists

Azimut|Benetti Group announces the creation of the Azimut|Benetti Group Corporate Academy, a business school designed to train top yacht industry professionals, with the dual aim of supporting the professional growth of its employees and of creating the roles most in demand in order to generate new jobs.  An initiative aimed at enhancing the merit and professionalism of current and future employees, which has always engaged the company's founder, Paolo Vitelli, and was strongly desired by Giovanna Vitelli in her first months as President of the Group.  The Azimut|Benetti Group Corporate Academy is the first in the yachting world to look at the industry as a whole, bringing a holistic approach to training and a teaching model that embraces technical know-how and handcrafting expertise, managerial development in addition to education and guidance projects set up in partnership with vocational training agencies, secondary education institutes and universities. It is an ambitious programme, based on sharing the values and skills that have put the Group at the top of the world ranking of superyacht producers for the last 23 years.  The training is structured in four action areas: the Shipyard Academy and the Executive Academy, which provide upskilling, reskilling and executive education for Group employees, the Development & Career Path, split into multiple internal growth paths, and lastly Education and Guidance Projects for students. Underlying all this is an awareness of the opportunities offered today by the yacht industry and of the role the company plays in this strategic segment for Italy: “We are at the forefront of a growing industry in which Italy leads the world rankings and that is always looking for specialists to recruit. Our Group employs some of the world’s top professionals and our network of partners and suppliers is second to none, making it both a responsibility and a privilege to share this heritage in order to create new opportunities for people inside and outside the Yard,” commented Azimut|Benetti Group CEO Marco Valle.  According to La Nautica in Cifre (Yachting Facts and Figures), the study published by Italian yacht industry trade body Confindustria Nautica in September 2022, the sector contributed over €5 billion to Italian GDP in 2021, up 31.4% on 2020. Total employees rose 9.7%, with a peak of 14.7% in new builds.  The shipyard area is also the focus of the Shipyard Academy, which has been set up in partnership with Turin-based training organisation Fondazione Casa di Carità Arti e Mestieri di Torino as part of the Innovative and Sustainable Integrated Mobility Academy promoted by Regione Piemonte and launched officially on June 5, 2023. The courses – over 18,000 hours of training – will promote a culture of continuous improvement, valuing and strengthening the skills required by the company in order to train highly specialised professionals in the techniques of bodywork production, carpentry, outfitting, and mechanical and hydraulic assembly.  “The Shipyard Academy has been created to focus on ‘homo faber’ and the ability to create and build, celebrating both the craftsmanship that is an integral part of the production process and the great professionalism of our workforce, which has always been one of the company’s distinctive features,” explained Santi Carlino, Azimut|Benetti Group Chief People & ICT Officer.  Also beginning this summer are the courses offered by the Executive Academy, designed to ensure the supervision, spread and development of the Group’s business culture by promoting the values of talent and professionalism. Receiving a total of more than 28,000 hours of training, Azimut|Benetti Group managers will take part in leadership development programmes designed to strengthen their skills in the areas of communication and listening, people management and decision making. The training path will also include classes that focus on specific requirements, such as the customer experience in the luxury industry.  Santi Carlino added: “The Executive Academy offers our managers specific training activities identified by needs analysis processes as essential to achieve our strategic change management and organisational development objectives. The programme aims to boost the skills needed to excel in business”.  The two Academies are the natural continuation of the process of learning corporate values and skills that begins with onboarding and induction into the Group and takes the form of the professional growth plan for employees, which is structured in corporate career steps.  The Azimut|Benetti Group Corporate Academy extends the vocational education project launched by the company to attract young people to the yacht industry and facilitate their transition to the world of work. For a number of years, in fact, the Group has been working with professional schools to train specialists in the areas of carpentry, outfitting and bodywork, with secondary education institutes to implement skill adaptation strategies aimed at developing mechanical and naval study plans for training naval operators, with the maritime technical college to train young captains and crew, and with higher education institutes on activities ranging from the development of new technologies to induction and co-teaching.

Bayliss Tarheel Takes Second in Bahamas

Congratulations to the team on Tarheel, a Bayliss 62, for placing second in the Baker’s Bay Invitational!  With thirty minutes left on the clock, they were able to release both a white and blue marlin to snag second place.  Across two consistent days of fishing, the team, including the owner and crew from Mama Seata a Bayliss 64', who released three blue marlin and five white marlin.  After spending more than a year in Costa Rica, Tarheel has since made the journey back to the Bayliss Boatyard to gear-up for summer and fishing in the Atlantic.

Benetti Celebrates 150 Anniversary

One hundred and fifty years of values, handed down from father to son, with a passion for excellence, design and technological innovation.  A shipyard that over the years has been able to create real works of art, the only one that can boast an example kept at the same home with Leonardo da Vinci's drawings, at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan: the 'Brigantino San Giorgio', launched in 1921. In the 1960s, with Lorenzo Benetti, the shipyard revolutionized the yachting world by switching construction from wood to steel: thus the modern megayacht concept was born, with the Delfino, Gabbiano and Mediterraneo series which became iconic boats. They recalled legendary tales of the aristocracy and international jet set in the years of 'la dolce vita'. From Rainier of Monaco to David Bowie, who used to spend his holidays on his 'El Caran' with Mick Jagger, Robin Williams, and Michael Caine.  The Beatles were often guests of their manager, the owner of a Delfino Benetti.  As Benetti's reputation kept growing Adnan Kashoggi commissioned the most famous yacht of all time: the 'Nabila' later renamed the 'Trump Princess' by Donald Trump. Its extraordinary lines and luxurious fittings on board caused curiosity and a stir. The Nabila became such an icon that it was immortalized in James Bond’s film 'Never Say Never'. The band Queen also immortalized the Nabila with the song “Kashoggi’s Boat”. Despite its huge success, it was this very project that imposed the change of ownership.  In 1985, F.lli Benetti was acquired by Paolo Vitelli, the young owner of the Azimut yard, who held great admiration for the Livorno shipyard’s excellence in the luxury yacht industry.  Under the new name, Cantiere Benetti, Vitelli implemented a financial restructuring plan to restore the brand to its former splendor. His intuition to use composite in the new Classic 115' line of 1988, led to the sale of a hundred examples in just 10 years, still an absolute record in the nautical world. With a pioneering approach and anticipating what would later become a component of conscious industrial development, more than two decades ago, Paolo Vitelli built the world's first diesel-electric yacht, the Ambrosia, in 2006. He also established an in-house R&D center, focusing on reducing consumption and increasing the use of sustainable materials. One of the company's latest creations embodies Benetti's technology and know-how:  "Luminosity" launched in 2020, with its 107 meters, is the largest Giga yacht with a hybrid propulsion engine. In 2022, the B.Yond 37-meter was awarded the greenest yacht in its class, for its innovative hybrid propulsion system. In the same year, the yard revolutionized the concept of on-board lifestyle with the Oasis Deck™ series. Its side-wing sterns that open flush to the water, created a new trend in the industry.  To celebrate this extraordinary milestone, on June the 16th in Viareggio, where the shipyard's history began, an emotional Paolo Vitelli, founder of the Azimut|Benetti Group, his daughter Giovanna Vitelli, Chair, and CEO Marco Valle, together with company employees welcomed the local authorities to witness the deep bond with the territory. It was a moment to recall the history of two families who, at different times, have been able to share values and passion, but it was also an opportunity to embrace, thank and pay homage to their long-standing collaborators.  Then, on June the 17th, the protagonists of the event were the ship-owners, who were invited to attend a spectacular evening at the Livorno Shipyard, which, thanks to its majestic 250,000 square meters area, today represents the largest shipyard in the Mediterranean. Inside one of the warehouses, next to a yacht under construction, Belgian architect and set designer Charles Kaisin recalled the history of Benetti in an extraordinarily creative way and, with more than 50 waiters/actors, entertained the guests with touches of brilliance: dishes served under cloches in the shape of ancient vessels, 'sound' shells from which to hear sounds and voices  of a yacht under construction, a 'flying' pianist and soprano, and hundreds of swaying lights. Outside, the marina hosted some of Benetti’s most iconic yachts, creating a luminous landscape setting: the "Odissey III", a 33-metre yacht from the Mediterraneo series, dated 1967; "Stella Fiera", the first unit of the Classic 115' series; El Caran that once belonged to David Bowie, and the very latest of the B.Now and Oasis Deck™ series.  Finally, on Sunday June the18th, the Livorno shipyard welcomed employees, their families, and suppliers, offering fun activities, such as visits to the lighthouse and the fleet of boats, sporting activities, such as sailing trials organized by the Antignano Sailing Club, and cultural activities, such as visits to the shipyard museum and the 'Scenari di Cantiere' (Shipyard Scenarios), a show held by the city's Goldoni Theatre. The company's long-standing employees received a valuable award, while some selected among the youngest were offered a special training course for their professional growth, confirming their central role for the shipyard.

Boston Boatworks New Director of Sales

Renowned yachting industry corporate manager and marketing professional Ed Roberts is the new director of sales at Boston Boatworks. Central to Roberts’s role is oversight of the company’s new branded series, the 52 Offshore Express Cruiser (BB52) designed in collaboration with award-winning naval architect Doug Zurn and London-based Winch Design. The BB52 line was launched in April 2023.  “It is a rare pleasure to work with a team of people that are as genuine, authentic and as capable as CEO Scott Smith and the team he has assembled,” Roberts says. “It is the way boat building should be, but so often is not.”  Boston Boatworks was founded in 1996 to apply advanced composite construction techniques beyond custom race boats. Today, the company is known for integrating composite engineering, high-strength construction, and artisanal workmanship at limited-production scale for a line of distinctive, ocean-worthy yachts. Performance, functionality, safety, longevity, and uncompromising quality are its trademark.  “We are very excited Ed has chosen to join us and are thrilled to add his sales and marketing expertise to our team. Ed is as serious about boatbuilding as he is about stakeholder and client relationships,” says Scott Smith, Boston Boatworks CEO. “While Ed is responsible for sales, he possesses a thorough understanding of all aspects of boat design, construction, maintenance, ownership and management strategies. He also is widely known as an excellent collaborator among members of a vast yacht brokerage network.”  In this new role, Roberts will rely on his deep background in international luxury marine brand management to develop a company-wide sales strategy and oversee dealer networks for new products. “We look forward to engaging a small but select group of dealer organizations that share a similar level of passion for building excellence,” Roberts says.  Within that role, Roberts’s current focus is establishment of a dealer network and oversight of sales around the launch of the BB52 and subsequent models in the series. “Because this is basically a new venture—bringing out a boat under the BB brand—I’m part of the team defining what the new product is,” he says. “It’s the most fun part of the boat business, coming up with a new product, and one of the things I’ve enjoyed most in my career. I’m particularly thrilled to be involved in the Offshore Express Cruiser development program.” The program furthers the ongoing, longstanding successful collaboration between Boston Boatworks and Zurn Yacht Design.  Roberts has devoted the last 25 years to developing business in the luxury yachting market. Among previous positions, he served as vice president of Grand Banks Yachts in New England; North American sales director for Oceanco, one of the top superyacht builders in the world; and global sales director for Hodgdon Yachts.  Those positions allowed Roberts to fine-tune expertise in corporate management, business development, marketing, and sales. Roberts has also worked directly with clients as well as industry stakeholders and is particularly adept at facilitating the communication and interface among the owner’s team, project managers, designers, engineers, and the shop floor. “Working with owners from the start of a clean piece of paper to the launch of their dreams is one of the most meaningful experiences in this business,” he says.  Roberts, who stepped into the new post in spring, is looking forward to its growth. “I think my stamp will be in helping foster a partnership between the sales organization—the dealer network—and the company at a professional level,” he says. “To be able to work with the manufacturing side—the people who have a great deal of integrity—and sales partners aligned with those values, if I can foster that, I will feel like I’ve left my mark on the business.”  Roberts has been the event chairman of the Shipyard Cup, one of 11 superyacht sailing regattas in the world, and is also on the board of directors of the International Superyacht Society. A Maine resident, he is on the board of directors of the nonprofit Boothbay Sea and Science Center. He has also served as a member of the board of the Newport County Chamber of Commerce in Rhode Island. 

Cranchi Down Under Test

The throttle is lowered and the yacht slices quickly through the water with a perfect line, while in the background first the iconic Sydney Eye Tower, and then the unmistakeable Opera House, come into view. A safe turn, leaving Harbour Bridge astern, and the pilot heads decisively towards Fort Denison, passing it before quickly reaching Bradley's Head, the promontory from which we return to admire the Sydney skyline.  It might look like a sequence from a film, but these are just some of the scenes shot for the Real-World Test which boating expert Dan Jones dedicated to the A46 Luxury Tender.  Non-fiction, then: Dan Jones presents his tests imagining and describing real usage situations and contexts. No spoiler, just a warning before leaving you to the video: watching it may increase your desire to organise a cruise on board a Cranchi! 

Cruisers Employee Retires After 51 Years

Ken Hayes started working at Cruisers Yachts on September 27, 1971, right out of high school, as a boat assembler. He quickly progressed up the ladder to become a boat inspector, CPG Manager, and Production Supervisor in just five years. For the next decade, he wore every managerial hat imaginable between production, CS & Parts, Quality & CSM, Sales, and Customer Service Manager Quality Control. But this is where he thrived – assuring every yacht that left the line had his seal of approval. In 2005, he became the Director of Customer Service and continued for the next 17 years, using his expansive knowledge to improve the company and provide excellent yachts to customers.  Hayes travelled the world meeting with customers and dealers along with assisting in the repair and set up of yachts. He was heavily involved with the Cruisers Yachts' Rampage line for both generations of products in the '90s and 2000s. He also participated in several major boat shows, dealership Rendezvous, and company dealer meetings. He led the service department for the last 32 years of his career.  Ken Hayes comments, "It was an honor to watch the company's growth unfold right before my eyes during my time here and seeing all the success that followed. But the thing I loved the most about working at Cruisers for so long was the people. Getting to work with all the thousands of amazing individuals within Cruisers was a blessing that I will cherish forever."  Mark Pendersen, Cruisers Yachts President, comments, “Ken impacted Cruisers Yachts in so many ways during his time here, especially by implementing an inspection program in the mid-'70s that helped provide us with the high-quality boats we have today. He will be greatly missed, but we are so thankful for all the time and effort Ken has given to making Cruisers what it is today. His positivity and passion for the product and customers were infectious. He always made sure to do what was right for them. I think this is a true testament to our values here at Cruisers. Showing how family oriented we are and want to make sure that our team members are passionate and proud of the work they are doing and can see themselves growing with us.”  Many of the people Ken got to work with during his five decades with the company only had kind things to say about him, his dedication to improving processes, and his strong presence around the facility.  During his retirement, Ken has been fixing up his 1966 Chevy Chevelle, enjoying time around the house with his loved ones, spending more time with his 97-year-old mother and continuing to enjoy his time out on the water. 

Grand Banks Marine Group New Operations Manager

Captain Simon Davidson, whose high-profile, successful marine career spans countless coastal and ocean miles, as well as management of elite racing and bluewater cruising programs, has joined GB Marine Group as New England Operations Manager. In this role, Davidson is tasked with providing sales and customer support for the company’s breakthrough Grand Banks, Eastbay, and Palm Beach Motor Yacht lines in New England. He’ll be based at the GB Marine Group’s Newport, Rhode Island, office at Spring Wharf.  Whether enhancing external relationships to executing hands-on collaboration with internal stakeholders, Davidson’s focus is on supporting current clientele, and ensuring potential customers have a chance to experience the next generation of Grand Banks, Palm Beach, and Eastbay vessels. This attention in delivering unparalleled customer service is at the core of GB Marine Group’s business strategy. “Three decades as a professional captain and project manager teaches you a lot of things,” Davidson says. “How to manage people, how to push when needed and coast when the time is right, but most importantly, to always keep the owners’ best interests at the core of what you do.”  Davidson’s role will include guidance and support of the existing New England operational staff, as well as integrating with the GB Marine Group service facility in Stuart, Florida. “We have knowledgeable techs in New England who really know our product, and an incredible service team and facility in Stuart,” Davidson says.  Davidson’s credits friend and colleague Mark Richards, GB Marine Group chief executive officer and ocean-racing champion, with rallying internal stakeholders behind the customer journey.  “This business truly is about the people and teamwork,” says Richards. “We continue to build a very knowledgeable group who are passionate about boats and passionate about being on the water. This is a key element to absolutely ensure our customers have an experience of a lifetime. Simon epitomizes this spirit and I’m really excited he is now part of the GB Marine Group.”  Richards and Davidson met in Newport, Rhode Island, in 2015 and worked together on the new build of a Palm Beach 55 for Davidson’s previous longtime family employer, Whitehawk, LLC. In 2020, the pair collaborated again to build a Grand Banks 54 for the same client. “These projects cemented a great goal-oriented relationship,” Davidson says. “Mark and I share a passion for yacht racing and for producing the best possible boats for our clients.”  Born in Auckland, New Zealand, Davidson, a U.S. citizen for 25 years, lives with his wife, Hillary, and three children in Newport, Rhode Island. He is a U.S. Coast Guard-licensed captain and holds an MCA 200-ton yachtmaster OOW designation.  His background includes more than three decades of experience in private fleet management, marine systems design, new yacht construction, refit and repair management, crew management, and owner representative services.  “My plan is to represent the GB Marine Group with integrity and enthusiasm, and show just how great these boats are,” Davidson says, adding, “and hopefully, we’ll have a little fun along the way.”

Fairline New Dealer for Greece and Cyprus

British luxury motor yacht manufacturer Fairline has announced Fairyachts Ltd as its new Greece and Cyprus dealer.  Headed up by Aris Sophocleous, who boasts a 15-year relationship with Fairline, Aris is a long-term supporter of the brand, owning a Targa 65 himself, and has turned his yachting hobby into a new business venture.  Aris said of the yacht markets in both countries: “Greece is undoubtedly the most desirable destination for yacht owners in the Mediterranean. It offers the biggest coastline in the Mediterranean Sea Basin of more than 16,000km, more than 1,200 islands and 4,800 islets/rock islands in Greek seas, and Greek ports and marinas facilitate around 170,000 pleasure yachts with 85,000 of them motor yachts. I’m confident Fairline can have a considerable share of new pleasure yachts in the market and especially the length categories which Fairline offers. Cyprus on the other hand, is a true follower. It has considerable infrastructure in place, new luxury marinas and a significant increase in sales of new pleasure yachts during recent years, which has all the makings of success for us.”  The Fairyachts team brings together sales and marketing experts, technicians and legal advisors, with each a passionate yachting enthusiast and recognised for their in-depth collective knowledge and skills on all related issues.  “The team has visited many yacht factories and yards, boat shows and thoroughly investigated the yacht industry for many years, and we feel Fairline is ahead of the competition which is why we wanted to focus exclusively on Fairline as a brand.”  James Powell, Sales Director at Fairline, said: “We began the year announcing Fairline Austria and Bulgaria as new additions to our network and we’re delighted to bolster this with Fairyachts taking our total number of dealers worldwide to 46. Aris’s commitment to the Fairline brand is admirable and as a Fairline owner himself can provide buyers with first-hand experience of being a Fairline owner. We’re looking forward to a long relationship with the team and reaching new customers in the Eastern Mediterranean.”  The Fairline Greece and Cyprus dealers will showcase the unrivalled products in the Fairline family which fall under four distinct ranges: the F//LINE, Targa, Phantom and Squadron. The F//Line range offers the F//Line 33 and F//Line 33 Outboard, the Targa range includes six models from 45-65ft, the Phantom 65 and the three Squadron models from 50-68ft.

Feadship Heritage Tenth Rendezvous

t’s not every day you catch a glimpse of a Feadship, and even rarer to spot a classic one. But between June 16th and 18th those lucky enough to be quayside in Haarlem or Amsterdam, The Netherlands, found themselves glimpsing an entire fleet of classic Feadships cruising as a confident collective. The occasion was the 10th Feadship Heritage Fleet Rendezvous, an annual event that brings together the owners of registered Feadships over thirty years old. The 10th Rendezvous also used the occasion to honour legendary naval architect and long-time Haarlem resident Frits de Voogt, who had a hand in designing many of the Feadships at the event.  All Feadships older than thirty years are eligible to become member of the Feadship Heritage Fleet (FHF), whose task is to promote Feadship’s yachting heritage while uniting the owners through services and events. These Rendezvous are an opportunity to not only put Feadship’s unequalled standards of construction in the spotlight, but to also celebrate the owners themselves who so scrupulously maintain their yachts.

Ferretti Group Lands on Milan Stock Exchange

Ferretti Group brings luxury yachting into the heart of Piazza Affari. Today the Group led by Alberto Galassi celebrated its debut on Euronext Milan, the Milan-based stock exchange operated by Borsa Italiana, by berthing a magnificent Riva Anniversario in the middle of the Piazza. On show alongside this amazing boat, a limited series that pays tribute to the 60th anniversary of the iconic Riva Aquarama, is an exhibition of photographs about legendary yacht brand Riva.  The debut on Euronext Milan follows the listing a year ago on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which means that Ferretti Group joins the exclusive club of dual-listed companies and is the first in the world on these two exchanges.  Alberto Galassi, Ferretti Group CEO, commented: “Today we’re twice as happy: a year ago we were in Sarnico to celebrate our listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and now we’re at Euronext Milan, the
first and only Group in the world – and not just in the luxury yacht industry – to achieve this double listing in Asia and Europe. We come to this historic Tuesday in our best shape ever, riding the wave of outstanding results we continue to deliver as the market rewards us for making the most beautiful boats in the world. As always, Ferretti Group points the way and broadens the horizon.”

Ferretti Group Completes School of Trades

The yachting industry is experiencing a period of rapid expansion and there is growing demand for professional resources who have the necessary technical training and know-how. The Scuola dei Mestieri, Ferretti Group's project for 18- to 25-year-olds that ended on Tuesday June 6th, works to satisfy this demand by training a new generation of skilled workers. Much more than an extra-curricular internship for career guidance, the Scuola dei Mestieri bridges the gap between the worlds of school and work, aiming to rediscover and promote the value of increasingly forgotten yet noble professions such as those based on know-how and expertise.  The goal of this project is to lay the groundwork for a professional training course that combines theory and experience in the shipyard – in a programme ranging from sessions in the classroom and workshop to on-the-job training in production departments – with the aim of creating real career opportunities.  From theory to action: as of June 12, deserving students will be hired with contracts of employment.  The first edition of the course launched to train carpenters involved a total of 500 hours from March to June 2023, initially at the “Don Bosco” Professional Training Centre in Forlì, an important institution in the heart of the city, and concluding with on-the-job training within the Company.  In Ferretti Group’s vision, in fact, the Scuola dei Mestieri is an incubator of young resources ready to develop advanced skills in the framework of the Group's shipyards, which represent a paradigm of excellence. After this first stage in Forlì, Ferretti Group’s Scuola dei Mestieri will move to Sarnico and Mondolfo, where it will involve more young people in the new project.  The closing ceremony was attended by students on the course and their teachers, as well as by Ferretti Group representatives Matteo Cecada, Chief Technical & Operations Officer, and Andrea Brasini, Chief HR & Organization Officer, together with Francesco Crispino, Forlì Plant Director Stefano Amici and yard manager Alberto Vanicelli. Also attending the event were former yard manager Guiliano Guidi and former line foreman Loris Zanchini, plus Luca Carugati and Luca Baroni representing Cnos Fap Salesiani – Aeca, Giuseppe Tartaglia and carpentry teacher Massimo Boschi.  In the words of one of the students on the course: “It was an extremely positive experience that put me to the test, giving me the opportunity to learn skills in a very stimulating environment and to gain confidence in myself”.  All the students received certificates from both the company and the Emilia-Romagna regional administration, as well as a prized Scuola dei Mestieri miniature bollard.

Lyman-Morse New Waterfront Jewel

Maine has another jewel in her coastal crown now that Lyman-Morse’s renovated waterfront facilities on Camden harbor are open for business. Purchased in 2015, the buildings all underwent a significant (in some cases, near total) renovation following a fire in 2020. The facilities opened last summer just in time for the Camden Classics Cup, presented by Lyman-Morse. Since 2022, new tenants have joined the waterfront space and construction was finalized. Today there is a mix of restaurants and retail, in addition to Lyman-Morse’s Camden-based operations that include carpentry, electronics, and mechanical work, and their brand-new rigging shop, the facilities represent the culmination a long-held goal of Lyman-Morse CEO Drew Lyman.  Visiting yachtsmen can reserve a mooring or slip and take advantage of the 33,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility that features luxurious amenities such as a comfortable lounge area, high-speed Wi-Fi, well-appointed private showers, restrooms, laundry, and a ship’s store.  “The whole project represents a goal of mine—it’s a working waterfront,” Drew said. “It’s not all revolving around industrial warehouse sheds. We’ve modernized the facilities, added in a couple of restaurants and some retail space, and now you’ve got this great mix. It’s a real community kind of area.”  But for Drew, and for Camden, these facilities are more than just a fancy new rigging shop or another restaurant. Lyman-Morse’s Camden yard is all about bringing life back to the waterfront. “We’re adding to the working waterfront by combining different industries,” Drew said. “If we put condos there it would have been awful for the harbor. That’s the key—the working waterfront should be a term that’s not just fishing boats and yachts, it’s all things that feed off the beauty of a harbor.”  In addition to Lyman-Morse’s full boat service operations and marina, the new facilities are home to the Salt Wharf restaurant, Barren’s Distillery plus Restaurant, the Whistling Whale Coffee Bar, and Paper Plane Cocktail Lounge on the food and beverage side, Motifs, a specialty store featuring men’s and women’s clothing and home décor, and the Crew Quarter’s boutique lodging accommodations offering short or long-term stays. 

Lynx Yachts Appoints New Sales Representative

Lynx Yachts has appointed Christie Yachts as its sales representative for new construction projects. The appointment will drive commercial growth at the shipyard and provide support to brokers, clients and their representatives alike for new build projects at the shipyard. “The team at Christie Yachts are very experienced on the sales side and has a genuine belief in the quality of our yachts. It did not take us long to formalise a partnership – our vision and values are very much aligned and we see great potential for a successful collaboration. I have no doubt that we will get a significant boost on the commercial side from working with them,” explains Slim Bouricha, President of Lynx Yachts.  Will Christie, Founder and CEO of Christie Yachts, comments, “We are very excited to be teaming up with Lynx Yachts. They have that inherent Dutch quality that many clients are looking for and are struggling to find. They have all the right components to be a serious player in the 24-35m steel-hulled displacement yacht segment of the market. We are looking forward to working closely with them over the next few months to refine their strategic plan.”  “It is a great opportunity for us to really drive things forward at Lynx Yachts,” explains Sowerbutts. “As brokers, we always find that we are noticeably short of options when it comes to high-quality steel displacement yachts under 35m. There is always healthy demand, but the supply is very limited, especially if you are looking for a top-quality Northern European build standard.  We feel that Lynx Yachts is perfectly poised to really exploit the opportunities in this area of the market. Slim and his team are very knowledgeable and we are therefore naturally excited about this collaboration.”  Lynx Yachts presently has a 24m steel full displacement yacht under construction from its Adventure 24 series. The yacht is presently for sale and is due for delivery in time for Summer 2024. 

Maritimo Celebrates Twenty Years

This year, 2023, marks the twentieth year of Maritimo, the luxury long range motor yacht manufacturer that has firmly etched itself within the very fabric of Australian business success stories. Twenty years is indeed a milestone and will be widely celebrated, but it will be done so without shifting the balance from always looking forward with vision for the future. Over the coming months to commemorate this 20th year anniversary Maritimo will share with you stories, interviews and anecdotes of the last 20 years of its evolution on its website. Maritimo, now with Tom Barry-Cotter at the helm of a team some 300 strong in this their 20th year will see the global launch of the most grand and spectacular yachts produced by the company to date – the glorious M75 Flybridge Motor Yacht and S75 Sedan Motor Yacht. These magnificent vessels are the culmination of three years of design and development and many hundreds of thousands of hours, committing a considerable investment by the company and its people in these vessels’ creation. Twenty-year anniversaries are signified with the colours of emerald or white, quite fitting when one can imagine these vessels’ imposing, yet sublime white forms, at rest on a glittering ocean of green. Founded by Tom's father, Bill Barry-Cotter, who previous to founding Maritimo in 2003 also founded Marine Cruisers in 1966 which he will sell in 1978 and then buy back, and then Riviera in 1980 which he will sell in 2002.

Mimi New Dealer for Turkey

Pluvinda, which has its headquarters in Istanbul, has entered an agreement with the Campania-based shipyard to distribute the most popular gozzi yachts in this area, confirming the growing reputation of the brand founded in 1975.  Mimì’s list of distributors operating in over 20 countries grows even longer, as the brand continues to expand worldwide, not least thanks to the constant renewal of its models.

Nimbus Acquires Edgewater

Nimbus Group has acquired EdgeWater Power Boats and formed a strategic partnership to expand the Swedish builder’s reach and investment in the U.S. powerboat market.  “Nimbus Group has a clear growth strategy where expansion in the important North American market comprises one of the cornerstones,” president and CEO Jan-Erik Lindström said in a statement. “The market for powerboats in the U.S. is the single largest in the world, and to support Nimbus Group’s expansion in the U.S. and increase our presence in the North American market, EdgeWater Power Boats adds an important experienced local organization and production capacity in the U.S.”  Nimbus Group consists of seven brands that build approximately 70 models at nine manufacturing locations in Sweden, Poland and Finland.  “With this collaborative partnership, we will set a strong standard for boatbuilding,” EdgeWater president and CEO Jennifer Butera said in the statement. “Our companies share the same sensibilities geared toward providing a sincere commitment to our customers and their families.”

Pardo Renews Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Partnership 

Cantiere del Pardo, historic brand in luxury sailing and motor yacht industry, is renewing its partnership with Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, confirming itself as the team's official supplier for the 37th America's Cup in Barcelona.  After the collaboration signed for the 36th edition of the America’s Cup, the Italian shipyard, which is celebrating 50 years of activity in 2023, will once again be alongside the AC75 Luna Rossa. This time there will be two of its renowned motor brand models, the VanDutch 48 and the Pardo Endurance 72.  To accompany an iconic vessel like Luna Rossa in the oldest sporting challenge in the world, two boats were chosen according to very specific criteria in terms of performance, reliability, comfort and design, which make each one the best for its particular mission.

Pearl Celebrates 25 Years

Pearl has thrived in these 25 years with the company being thrilled about every single yacht it launched, every event it attended, every dealer it appointed, and every award it won. This Pearl story is ongoing and experience has brought with it wisdom.  Every person involved with Pearl cares about the company, about the business, about the style, elegance, quality and innovations it continues to realise, yacht after yacht, year after year.  With all this with Pearl has just set one goal in mind: to offer clients a yachting experience as unique and prized as the rarest of pearls.

Pershing at Monaco Grand Prix

The Pershing GTX116#1 and her owner arrive in Monte Carlo for the Monaco GP, an exciting encounter between the racing spirit embodied by the Pershing GTX Series and adrenaline-pumping high speed.  The first photographs have been published of this first unit of the new Pershing model, Caffeine is the name chosen by the owner which features a sleek, streamlined profile that encapsulates the brand’s sporty character. The yacht is painted a new shade of grey, with a special shade of blue for the deckhouse, while the generous glazed surfaces flood the interiors with natural light.

Princess Continue Support for Marine Conservation Society

Princess Yachts, the UK’s leading luxury yacht manufacturer, is delighted to continue its’ long-standing relationship with the Marine Conservation Society which started back in 2015.  Previously, Princess Yachts have supported the Marine Conservation Society’s work to monitor the protection and recovery of the Eddystone Reef Marine Protected Area. The Marine Conservation Society used funds from Princess to enable the local fisheries regulator in Cornwall to monitor the 25km square of undersea mountain habitat, rising from 50m deep to the Eddystone lighthouse using deepwater cameras.

Riva Private Deck on Lake Como

When you enter a Riva Destination you savour the timeless appeal of this legendary brand, immersed in the decor and surrounded by the wood featured for over 180 years on the world’s most famous boats.  This is the unique experience offered by these amazing locations designed to reflect the signature style of Riva yachts. All situated in dream destinations such as Venice, Monte Carlo, Paris, Mykonos, Opatija and Palm Beach, they are joined today by an exclusive new Riva Private Deck on Lake Como, renowned destination of the international jet set.  Officially opened with a spectacular display of water skiing and acrobatic wakeboarding, followed by an elegant parade of the most beautiful Riva boats of all eras, the new Private Deck is located in Lèzzeno, just a few kilometres from Bellagio, inside the historic Yacht Club Eriolario. Set against the magnificent backdrop of the eastern bank of the lake’s Como branch, this is the first Private Deck launched by Riva in Italy and the second in the world, joining the gorgeous Private Deck at Nammos Beach on the island of Mykonos.  Like all Riva Destinations, the exclusive new Private Deck on Lake Como has a supremely elegant design. From its refined style to instantly recognisable detailing, such as the chrome-plating and mahogany, every feature immediately conjures up the iconic yachts of an unforgettable golden age. All the furniture and furnishings – including the Aquarama tables and chairs, the famous cushions with aquamarine detailing, and the iconic Aquariva lamp – form part of the high-end Riva Brand Experience collection, featuring pieces that are the ultimate expression of the expert craftsmanship and timeless appeal embodied by the Riva brand.  The new Riva Private Deck on Lake Como will be an elite hub for owners, offering exclusive services and a place where they can relax and soak up the Riva atmosphere. Several Riva yachts will also be available for hire to explore Lake Como.  Enthusiasts of the Riva legend and the brand’s storied and eye-catching design will also find a corner dedicated to the Riva Brand Experience – a feature of all Riva Lounges, Privées and Decks – showcasing various products from the collection

Riviera Celebrates Teamwork

The 900-strong team at Riviera, Australia's acclaimed luxury motor yacht builder, has celebrated outstanding teamwork at the recent Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show with a special luncheon at the company's Gold Coast facility.  Company owner Rodney Longhurst praised the entire team for their drive to create the ultimate boating experience for Riviera yacht owners and showcase visitors.  He said it required extraordinary teamwork to prepare the largest showcase of new motor yachts at the show, to create an inspiring atmosphere for visitors from across Australia and around the world and to bring to life the boating education on-water workshops, seminars and glittering social events for Riviera's exclusive owners Festival of Boating during the show.  The appreciation for the Riviera teams efforts was also expressed by Riviera owners during and following the show.  

Silent Announces Second Silent-Resort

Following the success of its inaugural 100% solar powered marina and residence resort in Exuma, the Bahamas, Silent-Resorts is finalizing the location of its second luxury resort in the picture-perfect island nation of Fiji.  Silent-Resorsts is the exclusive partner of Silent-Yachts, the Austrian company which produces innovative solar electric catamarans. With its construction now well underway and slated for completion in early 2024, the Bahamas was selected as the location for the first tropical resort, with the Silent 55 chosen to be the inaugural promotional yacht.  This second brand new Silent-Resort will be situated on a stunning private-island sanctuary in the Fijian archipelago and offers a zero-carbon, radically sustainable private escape nestled in the jungle hillsides and white sand beaches lined with a stunning coral reef.

Sirena Dual Owner

US-based Sirena Yachts owner Willie Urbieta will soon have the accolade of being the first ever owner of two 21.4-metre Sirena 68 vessels. After previously purchasing a Sirena 58 for use in the US, the semi-retired oil executive ordered a Sirena 68 for cruising around the Mediterranean, before deciding to upgrade his Sirena 58 to a second Sirena 68 which is due for delivery in the upcoming months.  This makes Urbieta unique amongst Sirena Yachts owners, as he will soon be able to reap the benefits of his two voluminous explorers in two highly different environments. Here, Urbieta explains his rationale for choosing the Sirena 68 model, why he always docks his vessels himself, and the benefits he enjoys from his highly unusual ownership position. 

Sunreef Wins International Yacht and Aviation Award 2023

Sunreef Yachts is delighted to announce that the Sunreef 80 Eco has won The International Yacht and Aviation Award 2023 in the Sail Yacht category. Hosted by Design et al, a leading yacht and aviation magazine with a strong focus on aesthetics, the awards celebrate the best designs in the yachting and aviation industry.  With her ultralight composite-integrated solar panels built into the hull sides, mast, superstructure and bimini roof, the Sunreef 80 Eco is a pioneer in green yachting. Equipped with advanced electric engines and a hydro-generation system, the Sunreef 80 Eco provides the smoothest e-motoring experience and is able to generate energy while under sail.  The catamaran’s smart energy management system along with custom-engineered batteries and innovative air conditioning provides top energy efficiency for a sustainable zero-emission yachting experience.

Sunreef GP Epic Driving with Fernando Alonso

Taking a short break from dominating the Formula 1 tracks, racing legend Fernando Alonso recently visited Sunreef Yachts to assess the progress of his 60 Sunreef Power Eco yacht. Between engaging in discussion with our design team and a tour of the manufacturing halls, the two-time world champion decided to seek a new podium to conquer … at the Sunreef GP.

Viking Wins Best of the Best

Kudos and accolades continue to pour in for the Viking 90, with the new flagship winning Robb Report magazine “Best of the Best” award in the marine category. The editors were impressed that “Viking’s design team was able to fit the 90’s spacious and multifaceted interior into the footprint of the previous 92 flagship,” says Editor-in-Chief Paul Croughton. They also cited its overall aesthetic appeal and fishability. The Robb Report is the leading voice in the global luxury market with a circulation of 710,000.

Viking Defends Gulf Access

The boating and fishing community is pulling together once again to fight an effort to establish speed limits for our waterways. Extreme environmental groups submitted a petition requesting that NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) implement a 10-knot restriction in the Gulf of Mexico to protect the Rice’s whale.  The petition’s measures are significantly more severe than those under NOAA’s proposed rule for a 10-knot go-slow zone along the Eastern Seaboard, which would span seven months of the year for boats 35 feet and larger. This request is for a Year-Round speed limit for All Boats (regardless of size), covering 26,000 square miles (depths from 100 to 400 meters) from Mississippi to Fort Myers, FL., plus an additional 10 kilometers around that area. And yet there is Not one documented case of a recreational boat colliding with a Rice’s whale, and the data shows that recreational boats do not cause mortality to Rice’s whales. As was the case with NOAA’s Eastern Seaboard proposal, NOAA Fisheries failed to engage with the recreational fishing and boating industry prior to acting on the Rice’s whale petition.  “Galati, Viking and the entire boating and fishing community are dedicated to the conservation of the Rice’s whale and all marine wildlife, but a 10-knot speed restriction is not the answer,” explains Carmine Galati, Sr. of the Viking dealership Galati Yachts Sales, which has locations all along the Gulf Coast. “This is an ineffective broad-brush approach that would have serious impacts on boaters, anglers, dozens of tournaments and all marine-related and tourism business in the Gulf.”  The deadline to comment on the Rice’s whale petition is July 6, so act now. Click on the button below to submit a pre-written letter to NOAA demanding the rejection of this petition. NOAA will then decide whether to issue a rule for policymaking.  As we rally against the Rice’s Whale petition, the marine industry’s campaign marches on to oppose NOAA’s changes to the North Atlantic Right Whale Vessel Strike Reduction Rule. The sweeping proposed changes would broaden the current 10-knot limit to include boats 35 feet and larger (down from 65 feet); expand the zones from discrete right whale calving areas to virtually the entire Eastern Seaboard as far out as 100 miles; and extend the go-slow mandate for up to seven months a year.  “United as an industry, we’ve made significant strides in our campaign through communicating in Washington, D.C., with lawmakers and gaining bipartisan support; drawing national media attention; and raising awareness,” says John DePersenaire, Viking’s Director of Government Affairs and Sustainability. “Our efforts have resulted in NOAA delaying its decision on the right whale rule by more than one year. It’s now expected in December.”

Viking Progress Against Ten-Knots Restriction

The boating and fishing community continues to gain momentum to halt the federal government’s proposed 10-knot restriction along the Eastern Seaboard. At a House National Resources subcommittee oversight hearing last week, three key witnesses from the affected industries made strong arguments against the dangerous and misguided speed limit, which would extend from Massachusetts to Florida for seven months annually and up to 100 miles offshore for boats 35 feet and larger.  Viking was instrumental in facilitating the testimony of long-time New Jersey charterboat captain Fred Gamboa. “Boats over 35 feet would essentially be unusable for approximately seven months of the year,” Fred told the subcommittee. “I simply can’t cover the ground to access the targeted fisheries when limited to 10 knots. This would amount to the loss of no less than 70 trips with an estimated economic cost of $140,000.” Fred, who operates out of Point Pleasant, has been a longtime friend of Viking and active participant in fisheries management issues, also emphasized the devastating safety, privacy and public access impacts of the rule, which “demand thoughtful evaluation and exploration of alternative approaches.”

Viking at Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic

Fleur De Lis, a Viking 68 with captain Scooter Porto on the bridge, was the 2nd Place Release Team with three blue marlin releases at the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic. Cameron Joyce released a pair of blues, while Jim Painter had a single. Fleur De Lis also claimed 2nd Place Crew. Jason Bense set a new dolphin tournament record after weighing a 59.8-pound bull. The previous mark of 53.1 pounds was set in 2006. Jason was fishing on Chris Hatcher’s Salt Shaker, a Viking 58. Squid Row, a Viking 50, boated the 2nd Place Dolphin with Allen Buchanan’s 42.8-pound fish. In the Tuna Division, Clark Adams won the category with a 191.8-pound fish. Clark was fishing on the Viking 72 Gunnslinger. Top Junior Angler was Charlie Murdica who fished on the Viking 74 Never Settle.

Viking at Carolina Billfish Classic

Sporty weather forced the Carolina Billfish Classic fleet to lay two days at the docks – turning the event into a one-day tournament. The Viking 64 Demo took advantage of their brief fishing window and released one blue marlin and seven sailfish to claim 2nd Place Billfish Point Boat. “The conditions weren’t optimal,” said Viking angler Joe Coyle. “But we made the most of it, and Captain Sean Dooley put us on some fish.” 

Viking at Mongo Offshore Challenge

The 4th annual Mongo Offshore Challenge has started strong. The Gulf Division is dominated by Vikings in the top four blue marlin spots. Currently, Chris Hatcher’s Viking 58 Salt Shaker is in the top spot coming off their winning 723.7-pound blue marlin at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic– more on that next week!  In 2nd Place is the Viking 64 Reel Blues with a 657-pound blue marlin. In 3rd Place is the Viking 76 Reel Fire with a 580-pounder – Reel Fire also has the 1st Place Tuna with a 203.9-pound fish. In 4th, is the Viking 80 It Just Takes Time with a 540.5-pound blue.  The Mongo is a unique tournament that covers three regions – East Coast, Gulf Coast and Hawaii. Teams compete as often as desired for five months with weights collected from a network of official weigh stations and approved big game tournaments. This event is challenging because the minimum size limits are set high. For example, a blue marlin must be a minimum of 118”. This makes the weighed fish humongous.

Viking at Cajuns Canyons Billfish Classic

Viking claimed the top three spots in the Release Team, Billfish Boat and Crew divisions at the Cajun Canyons Billfish Classic. Leading the fleet was the Viking 76 Team Supreme with seven blue marlin releases, which earned them 1st Place Release Team, 1st Place Billfish Boat and 1st Place Captain and Mate with Chase Lake and Sethland Gam, respectively. The seven releases were hooked by Allen Krake, Allen Krake Jr., Alex Krake, Lisa Krake, Stephanie Mulle, Tyler Hanford and Lenny Stevens.  Next up was the Viking 80 Wynsong. Angler Reese Johnson released five blues for 2nd Place Release Team and 2nd Place Billfish Team. Wynsong also claimed 2nd Place Captain and Mate.  Rounding out the Billfish Boats was the Viking 70 Quick Time, which also brought the only blue to the scales. Robert Burroughs hung a fish that weighed 559.5 pounds and measured 115.5 inches. Jacob Holley weighed the 2nd Place Tuna at 79.5 pounds. Quick Time also collected the 3rd Place Captain and Mate award. The 3rd Place Release Team was the Viking 72 Shar-E. Sherry Polk released three blues for the honors. The Viking 70 Done Deal caught the 1st Place Wahoo with Brayden Calvin’s 20.8-pound fish.

Viking at Mississippi Gulf Coast Classic

Chris Hatcher landed the Heaviest Blue Marlin at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic while fishing on his Viking 58 Salt Shaker. Captain Dennis Bennett put Chris on the 120-inch fish that weighed 723.7 pounds.  The Viking 76 Reel Fire claimed 3rd Place Blue Marlin with Nate Neams' 580-pound blue. Teammate William Duke won the Tuna Division with 203.9-pound fish.  Top Release Boat was the Viking 62 All In. Gregg Trenor released four blues for the honor. Team Supreme, a Viking 76, claimed 3rd Place Release Boat with Allen Krake’s pair of blues and Allen Krake Jr.’s single.  Bimini Babe, a Viking 74, weighed the heaviest wahoo with Lee Weidner’s 64.3-pound ‘hoo. James Weed III, fishing on the Viking 92 Nikki Bella, caught the 2nd Place Dolphin at 34.3 pounds. Third Place Dolphin was angled by Toby Berthelot on the Viking 58 Rising Sons. “We had 80+ boats and paid out over $1.5 million,” said Tournament Director Bobbie Carter. “You couldn’t have asked for a better event.”

Viking at Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

The excitement at The Big Rock never disappoints. And this year there were 271 boats vying for millions of dollars. C- Student, a Viking 72, dropped lines in on Day 1 and hooked up with a blue marlin on the first bite. Hunter Megarity was in the chair and fought the fish for 45 minutes. The crew boated the blue and headed to Big Rock Landing. It weighed 470.1 pounds and stayed on the board – all six fishing days – to claim 3rd Place Heaviest Blue Marlin. Safari, a Viking 72, was the 2nd Place Release Boat with five blue marlin. Vikings swept the Tuna Division. Travis Cantrell, fishing on the Viking 47 Reel Priority, won the category with a 52.8-pound tuna. Second and 3rd Place Tuna were hooked by Matt Baxter, fishing on the Viking 68 Odyssey. They weighed 52.5 and 48.8 pounds.

Viking at Orange Bay Billfish

Miss Mary, a Viking 68, weighed the 2nd Heaviest Blue Marlin at the Orange Beach Billfish Classic. Joey DiFatta hooked the 548.6-pound fish while teammate Daniel Cater won the dolphin division with a 25.2-pounder. The 3rd Place Blue Marlin registered 528.4 pounds and was caught by Travis Dorland, fishing on the Viking 76 Reel Fire.  Briar Patch, a Viking 68, was the only team in the 42-boat fleet to release three blue marlin – winning the Release category. Tanner Yancey, fishing on the Viking 70 Miss Ma’am, claimed 2nd Place Tuna with a 143.2-pound fish. The Top Junior Angler was Clark Adams on the Viking 72 Gunnslinger. 

Viking at Louisiana Gulf Coast Classic

Miss Maysen, a Viking 56, won the Louisiana Gulf Coast Classic with a 642-pound blue marlin. The boat was captained by Danny Watts, and Brandon Babin wound the fish in. Second Place went to the Viking 72 Team Supreme with a 535-pound blue. The Viking 70 Quick Time claimed 3rd Place with a 471.5-pound blue marlin.  Top Release Boat was the Viking 72 Breathe Easy. Teammates Jamie Hunter and Doug Fletcher each released a pair of blue marlin. Rising Son’s, a Viking 58, claimed 2nd Place with Jaselyn Berthelot’s two blue marlin and a sailfish. The Viking 72 Share-E was the 3rd Place Release Boat thanks to Sherry Polk’s two blue marlin.  The heaviest tuna was captured by Rising Son’s Jason Leblanc with a 147.5-pound fish. But the big tuna news came from a non-competitor. David Machado, fishing on his Viking 60 Blueprint, landed an 810-pound bluefin during the week, which was the talk of the dock for days.

Viking at HMY Lowcountry Club

Thunderstruck, Scott Dorris’ Viking 61, took top honors in the Heaviest Mahi category during the inaugural HMY Lowcountry Cup. Captain Charlie Aimair put Joe Schofield on a 43.7-pound fish to win the category.  Third Heaviest Mahi went to Emily Alex with a 16.4-pound fish. Emily was fishing on the Viking 46 Can Do. The Top Wahoo, at 41.9 pounds, was caught by Jeff Feuerman fishing on the Viking 55 No Mercy.

Viking Hooray Hunt

A few spots are still available for the exclusive Viking and Valhalla Hooray Hunt this fall. Experience a hunt of a lifetime at the exclusive Hooray Ranch in Kingman, Kansas. Pat Healey invites you to join him at the nation’s premier hunting lodge for a three-day adventure featuring 20,000 acres of intensively managed prime wildlife habitat, five-star meals, lavish accommodations and camaraderie. As the leading upland preserve pheasant hunting experience in Kansas, a Hooray hunt with world-class bird dogs is like no other. Reserve your spot now as there is limited availability, and this hunt sells out. “This is an event I look forward to every year,” says Pat. “It’s wonderful to spend time with our customers and friends in this world-class location.”

June 29, 2023

Project: Holterman Xtreme-60

Dutch shipyard Holterman is adding the project for a new Xtreme-60 to its Xtreme range of flexible, multipurpose explorer yachts. Construction on the Xtreme-60 is well under way with both hull and super structure complete, and merging of the two structures currently ongoing and then moving to the Meppel shipyard to start fitting out. Design by Bernd Weel’s the Xtreme-60 features the complex shapes and hull openings to bring natural light inside associated with the Xtreme series, with the sixty being particularly influenced by the 78 which launched in earlier this year.  That is offering generous exterior spaces with a long aft deck designed to offer lounging in both shade and sun, and plenty of room for entertaining, along with wide side decks tucked behind deep safe bulwarks running forward to a stylish foredeck lounge, where a table and two banks of seating make the perfect spot for watching the sun-setting or rising, this area also joined by a large forward-facing sun-pad.  The Holterman Xtreme-60 will have an interior designed by Kitty van der Kamp who for this owner operated yacht opted for a two large suite cabins below deck, with a lounging area in between the cabins, and a living with aft galley on the main deck.  The Holterman X-treme 60 is to be powered by twin Volvo 300hp with line shaft propulsion for a top speed of up to twelve knots, and a cruise of eight knots which will deliver a range up to eleven hundred nautical miles. The Holterman Xtreme-60 is scheduled to go in the water in early 2024.

June 28, 2023

Lurssen Shipyard Fire in Lemwerder Premises

A fire broke out in Lurssen Lemwerder premises at around 18:47 hours of Wednesday 28 June.  The police report has indicated that the fire broke out in one of the new construction sheds, with plastic ventilation pipes burning up and catching fire during welding works. 95 fire fighters rushed to the scene, with all the workers being quickly evacuated and one of them being treated for smoke inhalation. The new constructed vessel according to reports has not been affected by the fire, though about 70,000 euros of damage to machinery is estimated to have happened.  
Lurssen shipyard had a terrible fire in fourteen September 2018, with 150 workers evacuated and Project Sassi in its final construction stages being heavily damaged.  Project Sassi a 146 meter super yacht, tenth largest in the World will be rebuilt by Lurssen owned Blohm and Voss and launched in March this year.  
Founded in 1875 the German super yacht specialist is currently in its fourth generation headed by Friedrich II and Peter Lurssen, and is one of the most highly rated for the larger sized super yachts, hundred meters or more.  Lurssen has in its portfolio the largest yacht build in the World for volume with the 2016 launched 156 meter m/y Dilbar, designed by Espen Oino.

Propulsion: Volvo IPS 40

Volvo Penta IPS range introduces a new, larger marine drive, the IPS 40. The new Volvo Penta IPS 40 drive is designed with a pioneering dual power input concept, which manages the power to the water in the most efficient way, but also acts an important enabler to utilize different combinations of energy sources. Starting series production in 2025, the new Volvo Penta IPS 40 drive will be powered by two Volvo Penta D13 1000hp engines, paired with a compact after treatment system to comply with the latest IMO Tier III standards. But, the platform is already prepared for a mix of power sources; from combustion engines running on renewable fuels to fully electric or hybrid solutions. The dual power input design offers flexibility and modularity on the journey towards increased sustainability. The new Volvo Penta IPS 40, as usual to the IPS platform can be installed as twin, triple or quad, meaning each vessel will have from 4 to 8 power sources. The complete package from helm to propeller is designed, verified and serviced by one integrator Volvo Penta. Volvo IPS 40 can be fitted on vessel from from 25 to 55 meters, dual up to twin 1000hp engines per driveline, twin, triple or quad drivelines and up to 8000hp per vessel, new counter-rotating propeller series in bronze, possibility to install to displacement, semi-planning and planning vessels and speeds from twelve to forty knots, steering angle up to forty degrees with dual electrical steering motors, Gear ratio 2.91, and integrated package with compact SCR system

June 27, 2023

Ten Boats Burned in Marseille Marina Fire

A fire in Estaque Marina in Marseille on Tuesday 27 June at about 1430 hours burned ten small boats from five to about eight meters in length.  Fifty fire fighters, sixteen fire engines, and two fire fighting boats from Marseille rushed to the scene to control the flames which they managed to extinguish at 18:00 hours.  Of the ten boats, six are totally burned, with the other four having fire damage.  Three boons where deployed around the fire area and damaged boats in order to contain pollution.
Estaque Marina is located to North West of Marseille, about four nautical miles by sea and ten kilometres of road distance from the sea side city.

Project: Rio 45 Daytona

Rio presents the Daytona 45 project, set to debut in the fall of 2023. This new 45 follows on the footsteps on the ten meter S model which debuted the Daytona range in 2020, and fourteen meter L model from 2021.  Again a project of Marino Alfani the Rio 45 Daytona is a sport cruiser with walk around features.  Two large side bulkheads one to each side which are about 25% of the boat length and will flip downward and extend the aft deck floor space and create a massive beach club.  These bulkheads are among the largest per length of boat, and when down and open the floor space in the area is increased by about 50% compared to when it is closed.  The Rio Daytona 45 will offer a lower deck interior sleeping four and a galley.  The standard accommodation area presents itself with a forward island double, and a midships cabin with twin berths.  A tender garage is also located aft, but probably if one would take the outboard options, this is lost, as the Daytona 45 has the feature of having the outboard engines hidden under the aft sun-pad. The Rio Daytona 45 is to be powered by twin Yanmar 370hp diesel engines with stern drive propulsion, which will give speed up to 38 knots.  Petrol gas outboard option is also available from twin Mercury 400hp with top speeds up to 44 knots. 

June 26, 2023

New Model: Absolute 56 Fly

Launched in the second half of 2022 and replacing the 58 Fly after a five year production run Absolute second generation 56 Fly brings the latest ultra modern lines of the Italian brand, where everything revolves around huge windows.  It is probably one, if not the most modern flybridge motor yacht in its size, but it is a modernity with benefits being the only one in seventeen meters offering three heads as standard, largest forward VIP suite, and two flat berths in the crew cabin aft.  The Absolute 56 Fly also offers green technology benefits with solar panels integrated in the hard-top being able to sustain basic energy needs when at anchor without the use of a generator.  The 56 Fly is powered by twin Volvo 600hp and is, please don't say again another Absolute IPS powered boat.  Speed is for 28 knots max with a cruise of 22 allowing for a range of about 250 nautical miles.  
Technical Data:
LOA - 17.64 m (57.9ft)
Beam - 4.79 m
Draft - 1.40 m
Fuel Capacity - 2600 l
Water Capacity - 650 l
Max Persons - fourteen
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, two berth crew cabin
Engines - 2 x Volvo D8 600hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking dual propeller IPS pod drives
Speed - 28 knots max 22 knots cruise
Range - 250 nm at 22 knots
Project - Absolute Research Lab
Certification - CE B

June 25, 2023

AB Yachts New Web Site

AB Yachts a super sport yacht builder which todays builds yachts from 24 up to 36 meters presents its new web site.  AB Yachts was founded in 1992 by Angelo Arnaboldi and his son Marco, both naval architect and engineer expert in jet propulsion hulls. Jet hulls has since AB Yachts debut characterized all its builds in thirty years plus in building sport yachts, from the smaller units to its largest build to date, the one off 44 meter 145.  AB Yachts first model was the 55 Montecarlo, which was followed by a smaller 50, the smallest model ever made by the Viareggio builder and then by the Montecarlo 72.  In 2001 AB Yachts will become part of the FIPA Group and in 2004 it launches its first above 24 meter super sport yacht with the AB Yachts 88.  AB Yachts will change its ownership in 2017 with the entrance of new share holding in Fipa and becoming the GP Group, and then again in 2021 to Next Yacht Group.  AB Yachts largest model to date is the 145 launched in 2015, with the second largest being the 140 build in five units from 2007 to 2013.  Currently AB Yachts offers four models; 787, AB 80 Sportfly, AB 100 Sportfly, and AB 120 Sportfly its largest offer launched in 2023.  AB Yachts new website is available in English and Italian language takes you around with the following buttons; Homepage, Philosophy, Range, Fleet, Services, Careers, and Contacts.  AB Yachts is also on social media pages with a bottom button links taking you to its; Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin pages.
Production History;
AB 55 Montecarlo / 55 Follia, 1992-2002
AB 50 Follia, 1994-2000
AB 72 Montecarlo 1996-99
AB 75 Follia 99-2004
AB 68 2000-2012
AB 88 2004 (1)
AB 58 2005-10
AB 78 2005-2015
AB 92 2006-2015 (5)
AB 140 2007-2013 (5)
AB 116 2009-2013 (5)
AB 100 2014-2020 (5)
AB 145 2015 (1)
AB 787 2020- (1
AB 142 2021 (1)
AB 100 Sportfly 2021- (5
AB 80 Sportfly 2022- (5
AB 120 Sportfly 2023- (2

June 24, 2023

Motor Yacht Burns and Sinks in Korcula Channel

A 21 meter motor yacht titled La Belle with Croatian flag and four persons onboard, went on fire and then sank in the Korcula channel, North Dalmatia islands in Croatia on Saturday 24 June at around 13:00 hours.  The motor yacht was cruising in the Korcula channel between the islands of Korcula, Hvar, and Vis when it developed a fire.  Immediate the response of the Croatia safety agencies with a rescue boat departing the port of Lostovo first on the scene and saving the four crew members, and a fire brigade from Smokvica arriving a bit later to extinguish the yacht fire, with no success as it eventually burned down and sank in a depth of about seventy meters.  No injuries where sustained by the four crew, and the yacht left no pollution in the aftermath of the fire.  According to the crew testimony the yacht fire was developed from one of the engines.
M/y La Belle is a Yaretti 2110 from 1994, refitted in 2015, and was powered by twin Man 680hp engines with accommodation for eight guests in four cabins, and two crew forward.  Yaretti was founded in 1987 by Austrian Walter Sigl with boats sub contracted and build by Horizon in Taiwan.  For example the Yaretti 2110 was based around the Horizon 58 Pantera launched in 1990, extended in length for the extra cabin and some styling differences.  Yaretti stopped production in around the end nineties to restart in 2003 and then stop again in around the 2008 financial crisis.  In its second life Yaretti also sold two 2520, 25 meters super yachts.

Azimut Ends Aground off Dorset Coast

A thirteen meter Azimut flybridge cruiser ended aground in Ringstead Bay off the Dorset Coast on the late morning of Saturday 24 June.  Previous to ending aground the Azimut flybridge cruiser caught a lobster pot on its portside propeller, and with the tide outgoing at the time of the incident ended on top of a reef.  Visibility was also reported poor that morning going down to less to one hundred meters.  The tide was up back afternoon and the Azimut cruiser was reported free from the area.
The Azimut in this grounding is the popular AZ42 presented in the fall 1997 Genoa boat, and as produced till 2008 in a hot selling five hundred plus units.  Designed by Righini and interior by Galeazzi the Azimut 42 was offered in a three cabin version from 2000 and received the Evolution upgrade in the fall of 2004.  The 42 was replaced by the Azimut 43 in 2006.

New Model: ISA Yachts GranTurismo 45

ISA Yachts, a Palumbo Superyachts brand, announces that the next model to be christened at the Ancona shipyard is the Granturismo 45 titled M/Y UV II. A superyacht with marked characteristics and stylistic features proper to the ISA DNA such as the side arches connecting the three decks, the round dining room on the upper deck and the great sophistication of the external lines. Palumbo Superyachts handled the naval engineering; Enrico Gobbi Team for Design designed the exterior lines, and Luca Dini the interior. Large windows that can be opened on all decks and a harmonious colour palette in shades of gold, sand and turquoise are the elements that characterize all the interior spaces. Below deck ISA GranTurismo 45 features four VIP suites, two with twin beds that can be joined together and two cabins with double beds, all with private bathrooms. The full-beam owner stateroom is located on the main deck forward and includes entrance hall with sofa and TV, bathroom with double sink, walk-in wardrobe and an exclusive balcony. A unique property of this area is the direct access to the forward outdoor lounge via a private staircase. Steel hull and aluminum superstructure, ISA GranTurismo 45 is powered by twin Cat 1318hp engines which give a top speed up to sixteen knots, a cruising of fourteen, and a long 3800 nautical miles at twelve knots.  ISA GranTurismo 45 also features a five meter tender garage with side-opening to starboard. ISA GranTurismo 45 will debut to the public in September  2023, first at the Cannes boat show and then later on in the month at the Monaco Yacht Show.
Technical Data:
LOA - 44.30 m (145.3ft)
Beam - 8.60 m
Draft - 2.05 m
Displacement - 425 gt *volume
Fuel Capacity - 53500 l
Water Capacity - 6000 l
Accommodation - ten guests in five cabins, nine crew in five cabins
Engines - 2 x Cats C32 Acert 1318hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - sixteen knots max, fourteen cruise, twelve knots long range
Range - 3800 nautical miles at twelve knots
Construction - high tensile steel hull aluminium super structure
Project - Enrico Gobbi Team for Design exterior, Luca Dini interior, Palumbo engineering
Certification - Lloyds 100A1 SSC Yacht Cross of Malta standard MCA LY3

June 23, 2023

Sea Ray Boat in Towing Knocks Down Three Utility Poles

A Sea Ray sport cruiser of about eleven meters length pulled down three utility poles while under towing in First Avenue, Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey on the late morning of Friday 23 June.  The accident brought the street to a closure with JPCandL and Verizon crew responding overnight to repair the downed poles and wires.  The wires have been reported to being for telephone services.  This was a lucky accident with the Sea Ray sport cruiser receiving minimal damage and no pole hitting or falling on it .
The Sea Ray in this accident is a 390 Sundancer produced from 2004 to 2009, and renamed as 40 Sundancer in its last three years of production.  The Sea Ray 390 Sundancer offered an interior with two cabins and two heads, and powered by twin Cummins diesels or Mercruiser gas engines on shafts with tunnel drives reached speeds up to thirty knows.  The 390/40 was replaced by the 38/390 in 2007.

Super Yacht Goes Aground in Aegina Greece

A 28 meter classic super yacht titled m/y Raider ran aground on the island of Aegina, to the South of Aegina marina on the morning of 23rd June. The event was fully filmed by renowned vlogger Sailing Doodles, who showed the events of the grounding, dropping the anchors and chain to reduce weight up to the pull out by the tug boat.  Raider was seen navigating in Poros ten miles South a day later so the speculation at this stage is that the damage minor and superficial.
M/y Raider is a Schichau-Unterweser 28.99 meter build in 1966 and designed by Willem de Vries Lentsch Jr.  Schichau-Unterweser was founded in April 1945 with the company merging in 1972 and 88 and then becoming the Schichau-Seebeck and closing its doors in July 2009. Raider has an older 1964 build sister-ship.

Boat Ends Aground in Unije

An eight meter traditional cruiser ended aground on the islet of Skojlic, just before Unije harbour in the night and morning of 23th June.  The dynamics of the accident are not reported, but this is a well marked area, with a high green marker, showing the island  before touching low water itself.  Removal and salvage operations of the traditional cruiser where being organized on Saturday morning.  This is the second accident in the area in less to a year when a classic twenty meter Baglietto motor yacht sank on the tenth August 2023 after hitting bottom.
The traditional cruiser in this accident is a Piculjan Rab 830 model.  Inspired to traditional Italian fishing boats with modern design elements the Rab 830 offers accommodation in a three plus two layout, and is powered by twin diesels from 165 up 265hp in line shaft propulsion reaching speeds up to thirty knots.  Piculjan is located on the island of Rab in Croatia and has been building boats since 1936.