January 31, 2020

Monthly News - January 2020

-pic of the month- Bavaria Entering Day Cruiser Market

Arcadia Ten Years of Success

Ten years have passed since the first A85 was presented to the public at BOOT Düsseldorf 2010, marking the introduction of a new concept of yacht. During these ten years, Arcadia has gained a starring role on the stage of international yachting, delivering approximately 30 yachts and always placing Owners and their needs at the heart of every project.  While the number 10 was apparently important on the debut day of Arcadia Yachts, there are many figures that explain the decade of success experienced by the Italian shipyard:  6 models launched; 2 ranges, the A range (A85, A85S, A105, A115) and the Sherpa range (Sherpa and Sherpa XL); thirty Arcadia yachts currently sailing around the world; 7 models currently under construction; 746.94 linear metres is the total length of all the Arcadia hulls launched in these ten years; 23 are the nationalities of the owners of the yachts; 150 craftsmen and professional workers every year are involved in the creation of the yachts; 47,000 square metres is the total area taken up by the Italian shipyard; 11 prizes awarded to Arcadia yachts, the most recent being the World Yachts Trophies, awarded to the Sherpa XL; 38 is by how much, in percentage, the efficiency of the yachts’ solar panels has increased over the past ten years.  Arcadia has therefore celebrated its first ten years of activity by taking its newest born, the Sherpa XL, to Germany. With characteristics typically found in the 85-90 feet segment, this yacht confirms the Italian shipyard truly is an innovator.

Bavaria Entering Day Cruiser Market

Bavaria Yachts is entering the growing motorboat market for day cruisers with outboards. The first model will go into production in the Giebelstadt yard as early as September. The basis for the first motorboat with outboards from Bavaria Yachts is the Neo from Greenline Yachts. In the middle of during boot Dusseldorf, Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH and SVP Yachts from Slovenia agreed the takeover of all rights to the Neo concept. 

Beneteau BoatingOS

A game-changing experience for everyone on board, built on the world’s best marine guidance platform. That’s the promise of ‘BoatingOS’, a major new initiative by Irish marine technology company, Raceix, in association with  Beneteau, their global development partner.  BoatingOS is an entirely new operating system which will power the next generation of chart-plotters - much like how Android works for smartphones. It’s an always-connected platform, delivering data to the helm in a usable, understandable and contextually-aware way, while also unlocking millions of completely new data points which will enrich the boating experience on board. Those behind the initiative believe that current solutions can be difficult to understand, may contain information that is often out of date, and do little to encourage and support fresh marine adventures.  “The current fundamentals are at the heart of the problem” according to Stuart Walker, COO of Raceix. “All of the mapping being used in pleasure boats is based entirely on a system designed for commercial shipping which has evolved very slowly over 200 years. What we do, where we go, what we know, and how we operate in the marine-leisure sector is entirely different to large ships. In addition, it’s usually presented in a way that’s entirely counter-intuitive. Our sector has incredibly talented companies delivering amazing innovation in on-board hardware, but it all still rests on the same flawed system. BoatingOS is designed to inform and enhance boating adventures in ways never previously imagined.”  Vicki O’Donnell, head of marine data, explains further “Current marine-mapping is often based on very old data, in fact only 15% of the Earth’s oceans are mapped and some of this data is over 50 years old. Mapping the ocean is expensive and the data that we all use on our chart-plotters can actually represent less than 20% of the actual global data collected. during surveys from governmental bodies right across the world. The additional data, which we can now unlock through BoatingOS, will be a game changer for pleasure boaters. For example, crowd-sourced bathymetry has been the ‘Holy Grail’ in hydrographic offices across the world for over a decade. Those that have looked at what we’re doing believe that we will finally unlock the enormous potential of leisure craft fleets around the world by delivering the most up-to-data mapping, to ensure safety at sea.”  While the levels of complexity within BoatingOS may be significant, how it’s presented and used in our boats will not be.  Raceix’s Chief Technology Officer, Sam Santi, tells us more. “The platform uses AI and Machine-Learning to improve data from multiple sources, including user-generated data. All of this is displayed in one intuitive interface built on key features such as next-generation charts, routing, dynamic POI’s, weather, etc. The dynamic system is designed to continuously evolve and improve, and this is done without any input needed from the boater. Our over-the-air updates keep users constantly up to date, much like how Tesla keeps improving its in-car systems. The value in the system continues to increase over time.”  For Beneteau, the opportunity to support BoatingOS was an ideal partnership for both sides as Luca Brancaleon, their Director General, explains: “Since 1884 Beneteau has placed real innovation at the heart of everything we do. For us it’s not just about getting people into boats, it’s also about how we then support and encourage what they do on the water. This platform will deliver better experiences for boaters - sail and motor - which, in turn, will naturally encourage them to go boating more often. We see this as a game-changer, something which has been needed for some time, but is only possible now with modern, smart technology.” Beneteau have been central to the rapid progress of this platform, providing Raceix with their Barracuda 8 test boat, and unlocking key insights into the sector.  The promise of connected-boating, through this new platform, has broader positive consequences for the entire industry, with boating data and usage patterns being available for the first time (all totally anonymised). The potential this delivers isn’t lost on the leading international industry bodies, such as Jean-Pierre Goudant, President of the European Boating Industry explains: “One of the main priorities to maintain and increase the attractiveness of recreational boating as a high-class leisure activity is safety, responsibility and innovation. We are delighted that our sustaining member Raceix and Beneteau are announcing the BoatingOS platform that addresses this in a highly accessible manner for current and future consumers.”  BoatingOS will also use its live updates to ensure that sensitive areas and marine wildlife can be identified and managed, plus allowing carbon footprints to be measured and offset. Within BoatingOS, a ‘citizen-science’ system will allow boaters to collect environmental data, which will be delivered to research agencies and national or regional organisations (e.g. European Marine Observation and Data Network) as part of research campaigns, as well as back to other users of BoatingOS. BoatingOS will also provide data into key global initiatives such as Gebco’s Seabed 2030 project and the UN Decade
of the Ocean (2020-2030) program, which focuses on delivering a new maritime knowledge base for data-driven decision making. In addition, BoatingOS will run research/crowdsourced data experiments for a variety of scientists at various times of the year. This unique opportunity will not only engage users, but add to the knowledge of marine and coastal ecosystems.  Major regional and global bodies, authorities and institutions are now working together with Raceix to see BoatingOS adopted as an Industry-Standard in order to deliver better, safer, more responsible and, ultimately, more enjoyable boating.  The announcement at Boot Dusseldorf, marks the end of the first stage of research and development, prototyping and testing, and the start of the next stage where the platform will be fully built-out and released. It also marks the unveiling of the BoatingOS brand. 

Greenline Success in 2019

2019 was a big year for Greenline, which saw the launch of two brand new models and, in the NEO, an entirely new range that successfully catapulted the Slovenian shipyard into a sector of the market it had not competed in before. The 48 Coupe was also launched, as was the all-new 45 Fly, a star of the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival.  This influx of new models and significant expansion in North America, which now demands 30% of total production, saw overall growth over 25% compared to 2018 from €18.2 million to €23.1 million. In early December, Keith Miller was employed as Vice President Sales North America. Formerly of Sea Ray, Keith brings a wealth of experience and will be looking to capitalize on Greenline’s success in North America, using his extensive knowledge of the market as he takes responsibility for sales in this region.  North America’s appetite for Greenline´s industry-leading hybrid technology established a trend that was mirrored globally for the brand in 2019. In the US, 90% of boats sold to the region were equipped with H-Drive hybrid technology and, worldwide, an increase of hybrid adoption from 43%-49% from between 2018 and 2019 demonstrates a clear path towards a more sustainable style of cruising.  Another trend emerged with an increase in the number of large boats in the range sold, many with a very high specification. Though Greenline is focused on sustainability, its ability to produce eco-friendly boats with cutting edge styling, luxury and the creature comforts expected of a modern cruising yacht is what sets the brand apart.  To this end, 2019 saw the opening of an all-new production line at company headquarters in Begunje specifically for the 45 and 48 to help meet demand for bigger boats in the range.  Greenline’s relentless focus on sustainable boating saw the roll out of its all-electric E-Drive system across the entire range with electric-only boats being sold to countries across the network including Monaco, Hungary and the United States.

Gulfcraft Advances in Comprehensive Management Restructuring

Emirates superyacht builder Gulf Craft progresses on management restructure that sets the company on a course towards continued growth as outlined by chairman Mohammed H. Alshaali.  In a significant move for the Emirates-based business, Abeer Alshaali takes the helm as Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  Other appointments in the executive management see Nizar Tagi appointed as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) and Paul Gray as Chief Operating Officer (COO).  As part of the restructuring, which comes in the wake of Gregory Yeakle’s role as CEO being absorbed by the chairman mid-2019, Notis Menelaou has also stepped down as Vice President of Sales. Menelaou has been working with Gulf Craft for almost two decades.  Chairman Mohammed Alshaali has been leading these structural changes and more as part of future planning and preparing the shipyard for further expansion into other markets. “The shipyard has to grow efficiently” he stated. “Following our debut in the US market late 2019 and our aggressive development plan, we are empowering the shipyard through a team of experts who are able to solidify the new wave of yachting.”

Heesen 2020 a Glorious Year

Heesen is set to begin the New Year with an exciting program With no less than 13 yachts under construction at a total of 731 linear metres and more impressively at a total gross tonnage of 10,114 GT, with deliveries that span through to 2023, the shipyard will be busy with the launch and delivery of four new yachts in the 50-55-metre range.  The first yacht to be launched is the 5000 hybrid, YN 19150 Project Electra, sister ship to Home, the winner of several international accolades for her innovative propulsion system. The prestigious golden Neptune at the BOAT International design and innovation awards for Best technological innovation and the RINA green award by HSH Prince Albert of Monaco are just two of the very many.  Heesen’s current order book includes both ‘fast deliveries’ in the 50 to 55-metre size range – the core business of this Dutch shipyard – as well as full-custom one-off projects that reflect the personality and specific lifestyle of their owners and give Heesen the opportunity to take on new challenges… like those presented by the bold and daring Project Cosmos!  In June 2020, the hull and superstructure of 80-metre Cosmos will be joined together in Oss. This milestone in the construction of the largest and fastest aluminium yacht will present the first opportunity to fully appreciate in full splendour the exterior lines penned by Winch Design. Project Cosmos will then be moved to shed number 2 for the outfitting of her interiors created by Dutch design studio Sinot and crafted by the ingenious artisans of Heesen in Oss and Winterswijk.  Furthermore, Harrison Eidsgaard and Omega Architects are working closely with Heesen engineers developing Project Akira, the 5700 aluminium presented at the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show.  2020 and the years to come will see Heesen busier than ever with new and exclusive projects, such as Project Sparta, Project Falcon, challenging propulsion systems as seen in the four waterjets of Project SkyFall, and ventures in the exploration world with Xventure in collaboration with Winch Design.  The New Year brings new challenges and in turn, these will present fresh opportunities for Heesen to innovate, push boundaries, collaborate and showcase the workmanship and skillset that resides in-house.

Monte Carlo Yachts Receive Three Good News

The second generation just launched MCY 76 was the Best of the Best 2019 in the “Yachts under 100 feet” category according to the influential Robb Report China, while the MCY 66 won the Polish Yacht of the Year in the “Yachts over 9 meters” category. Organized by Zagle Magazine, the awards ceremony will take place during the 32nd edition of the Wind and Water show to be held in Warsaw on March 12.  The MCY 66 also received praise during Boot Düsseldorf’s 2020 Motor Boat Awards in the “Flybridge over 60 feet” category where it was highly commended for being “an elegant cruiser that cuts a dash among the competition and proves to be a refined and accomplished cruising machine.”

Solaris Powerboat of the Year 2020

Solaris Power 48 Open, created by the winning team who also developed the previous model: the 55 Lobster composed by Giuseppe Giuliani, Norberto Ferretti and Brunello Acampora, was awarded with the coveted European Powerboat of the Year 2020 prize at Flagship Night, the traditional annual prize-giving ceremony for the year’s best boats, organized on Saturday January 18th: the opening day of the German boat show. The panel of expert judges from the boat industry’s seven top European trade publications voted unanimously to award the prize to the 48 Open, for the powerboat’s uniquely beautiful design, “best of breed” build quality and undisputed seagoing prowess, ensuring safe and comfortable navigation in any sea conditions.  With this award, the Forlì-based shipyard that is already a celebrated name in the world of sailing yachts, becomes a benchmark brand in the motor yacht segment too.  In little more than a year since the launch of the first model, Solaris Power has successfully achieved its objective of establishing the excellence of the brand’s products in the motor yacht market.  Looking at the future, Solaris Power already has plans to continue expanding the range with a major investment in Open models, of which the 48 is the forerunner, including the introduction of a 58 Open and other smaller models.

Steeler Wins Tender for Supertender

After months of designing preparations, Steeler has won the contract to build the tender for a groundbreaking megayacht that is currently under construction. The tender will feature several unique solutions for multipurpose functionality. Quite a challenging but spectacular feature is that the entire superstructure of side windows, front screen and bimini top fold in, when the tender is stored in the mothership’s garage.  Responsible for the design of the tender is Azure Yacht Design and Studio Delta is the naval architect for this project.

Sunreef Wins China Oceanway Award

The Sunreef 80 Gaya received the Oceanway China Yachts Award, being recognized as one of the industry’s most innovative crafts. The award was received on stage by Sunreef Yachts representatives on Friday January 3rd in Shenzhen, China during an evening gala organized by the Oceanway Magazine.  The Sunreef 80 Gaya is a luxury catamaran combining bold exterior styling with refined interior design. This exclusive multihull craft stands out with navy blue hulls and a silver superstructure. Her smart 4-cabin layout welcomes 8 guests on board in supreme comfort.

Sunreef Partnered 2020 Africa Eco Race a Success

Proudly partnered by Sunreef Yachts, the 2020 edition of the Africa Eco Race has come to an end. This exciting rally took its participants from Monaco to the deserts of Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal for an epic off-road adventure.  The Africa Eco Race combines the thrill of racing with sustainability. The organizers set up the 6000km route in collaboration with local authorities to respect the natural sites.  To support the regional economy, the Africa Eco Race relies mostly on local service providers. The organizers also participate in reforestation actions in Mauritania.  An avid motorsports enthusiast, Francis Lapp, founder and president of Sunreef Yachts, participated in the race alongside the off-road racer Jacky Lechleiter from Equip’ Raid onboard a custom-built rally car, reaching the finishing line on the shores of the Lac Rose in Senegal on January 19th.

Sunreef Warming Up for Race of Hope

On Friday January 24th, Sunreef Yachts partnered the kickoff party for the Hope for Depression Research Foundation's second annual Palm Beach 5K Race of HOPE which is set for February 15th. The event was held at Royal Poinciana Plaza and hosted by HDRF Founder and Chair Audrey Gruss and Scott Snyder, who are Co-Grand Marshals of the Race of HOPE, which raises awareness and funds for urgent depression research. Audrey Gruss founded HDRF in April 2006 in memory of her mother Hope, who struggled with clinical depression. Today, HDRF is the leading nonprofit organization focused solely on depression research.

Sunseeker Appoint New Director of Superyachts and Dealer Network

Sunseeker International has today announced that Francesco Frediani has joined the business as its Director of Superyachts and Dealer Network. Having worked in the leisure marine industry for 30 years, Francesco brings a wealth of experience to Sunseeker.  Sunseeker has an ambitious new product development plan which will see the entire range doubling in size to 22 models during the next three years. Off the back of this exciting plan, Sunseeker recently announced that it was creating a new Superyacht Division to allow owners more flexibility and a wider choice from 101’ to 161’. Francesco joins Sunseeker at an exciting time and in his new role he will focus on growing and developing the global dealer network to support even higher standards of customer care whilst expanding the new Superyacht Division to oversee multiple launches in short succession.  The new role will allow Francesco to work in parallel with Sean Robertson, the Sales and Marketing Director. For seven years, Francesco was responsible for the growth of Riva Yachts where he had a pivotal role in achieving highly successful sales results, appointing dealers worldwide and opening new markets in the Middle East and Far East. His most recent role was as Commercial Director at Overmarine Group where he was Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Mangusta Yachts. Commenting on the appointment, Andrea Frabetti, CEO at Sunseeker International, said: “We are delighted to welcome Francesco to Sunseeker; he has an unparalleled level of experience. Having industry veterans Francesco and Sean working together in complementary roles is a remarkable prospect for our business.”  Commenting on his appointment, Francesco said: “I am delighted to be joining Sunseeker where I look forward to working with the renowned brand as it continues to develop and grow its dealer network and first-class superyacht offering. I’m really excited about the company’s new product plan and in particular the innovative design across the all-new 133 Yacht and 161 Yacht models. I can’t wait to be fully immersed in this great opportunity.”

Viking Helping Hands

After the devastating series of earthquakes in Puerto Rico affecting many of Viking's family and friends, Billeny Padula jumped into action. Fortunately Billeny's family fared well, but she knew she could help. Using her resources working in Viking's medical department, Billeny, with the help and support of her colleagues Steve Marks and Carol Langdon, reached out to her medical suppliers. Bell Medical and McKesson Medical-Surgical stepped up to the plate, and Billeny is sending out their first shipment of supplies directly to a medical team that is donating their time helping victims. The boxes are jam packed with antibiotics, ointments, over-the-counter medications and drugs for asthma, diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol control. Clothing and other supplies will also be sent. Pictured above, left to right, are Steve, Billeny and Carol. 

Viking at Pelican Yacht Club Sailfish Tournament

InTents, Alan Sadler's Viking 62, claimed second Place Overall in the recent Pelican Yacht Club Sailfish Tournament. Conditions were challenging as crews reported 12-foot waves cresting bows. But Captain Rhett Bailey pushed on and led his team to 19 sailfish releases. Congratulations to Michelle Keeney for winning the Top Overall Angler, the first woman to take the title in the Pelican's 40-year history.  Kateric, a Viking 55, took top honors in the wahoo category with a 46-pound fish. A Viking 50, Southern Eagle, weighed the heaviest dolphin of the tournament.

Viking Factory Visit on the Line

Fifteen Bluewater Yacht Sales team members visited the Viking facilities this week. The gang spent time at the New Gretna campus taking in classroom-style learning as well as hands-on experience on the production line. Then it was a quick trip to our Mullica facility where General Manager John Leek, IV and Customer Service Representative Tom Crumley took them behind the scenes of the Valhalla Boatworks build process. Bluewater's Sales Manager Baxter Lusink said, "Every year we bring the Bluewater sales team to Viking to sharpen our skills and stay at the top of our game. This year we took the opportunity to learn more about Valhalla Boatworks. We are speechless and can't wait to share the enthusiasm!"  The day ended with the group checking out Bluewater founder Chris Hall, Sr.'s V-33 at the end of the production line. When Viking's Patrick Healey announced the V Series project to the dealer network at the 2019 Viking VIP Boat Show, Chris shot his hand up in the air immediately and was the first person to ink a deal on the high-performance center consoles.

Viking at Gold Cup

Krazy Salt's released seven sailfish for the win at the Sailfish Club's invitation only Gold Cup. The Anderson family's Viking 72 worked sloppy conditions out of Palm Beach, Florida, but Captain Keith Greenberg put his anglers on fish. Dave Anderson Jr. and Winston Wren each released three sails while Erik Waldin let one go. Not only did Krazy Salt's take top honors at the event, Keith received the coveted Bobby Haines Memorial Award for Top Captain.

Viking at Operation Sailfish

Battling a fleet of 45 elite teams (and some serious weather), Miss Annie claimed 2nd Place Overall Boat in last week's Operation Sailfish, the 1st in the three-part Quest for the Crest series. Captain Randy Yates, behind the wheel of the Viking 52, led his team to 17 releases to achieve the highest paid-out team, winning six categories.  Top Lady Angler was Jill Yates with five releases on her Viking 72 Eight Eights. Tyler Walsh's eight sails gave him the Top Male Angler title. He fished the Viking 76 Osh-it.

Wally Wins MDO Montecarlo Prize

At the debut awards ceremony of the MDO.Montecarlo Prize held at the Yacht Club de Monaco on January 23rd, Wally was honoured with first place in the competition, which celebrates international excellence in innovation, technology, design and sustainability. The company is particularly pleased to have received the award as it recognises the brand’s outstanding work in design and innovation on a global scale, beyond the yachting sector. During the ceremony, Stefano de Vivo, Wally Managing Director, thanked the jury for bestowing its first honoured prize on the company, adding: “We are thrilled that Wally has received this highly respected award. As an integral part of the Ferretti Group, Wally represents the very best in innovation and leadership within the world of design, and is a true pioneer in yachting. Since founding the company, Luca Bassani’s unfaltering high standards and vision for Wally have elevated the brand to the highest echelons of the global design community.”  MDO aims this prize to become an important international award highlighting companies focused on creating innovative products of outstanding quality. An expert committee of renowned architects and designers selected the 52 design luminaries featuring a diverse line-up of international brands from different sectors, each with outstanding reputations for their design work. The nominees were judged by a panel of prominent authorities on design - including renowned architects Mario Botta, Richard England and Jean-Michel Wilmotte, Director of L’Arca International magazine Cesare Casati, and leading Monegasque real estate entrepreneur Patrice Pastor - based on their stylistic, dimensional, functional and economic traits and features.  The Wallycento cruiser-racer Tango had a crucial influence in the Monegasque brand winning the overall prize, said the judges.  “Since Wally’s inception, we have made every effort to produce the best and most coherent products with uncompromising values and harmonised design. It is very gratifying to be recognised for the standards which we have always endeavoured to uphold at the company,” said Wally founder Luca Bassani.  It is not the first time that Wally has been recognised by experts from beyond the horizons of the yachting world. It has previously received two ADI Compasso d’Oro Awards – widely regarded as one of the oldest and most influential international design awards in the world – for sailing yachts Tiketitoo and Ryokan 2. Wally is the only yachting brand to have thus far been twice bestowed with the coveted prize. The company has also received two Honourable Mentions – for sailing yachts Black Sails and Tango – from the ADI Compasso d’Oro design competition.
Furthermore, in 2010 Ryokan 2 was awarded with the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany which honors innovative products and designers in the German and International design sector.  These exceptional accolades prove Wally’s strong and unique reputation which has expanded its standing beyond the nautical sector. Furthermore, the great industrial, organisational and commercial capabilities of Ferretti Group will boost Wally’s unique potential even further.

Zeelander Launched North American Development

Zeelander Yachts is excited to announce the launch of Zeelander North America. Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – yachting capital of the USA – Zeelander North America will expand the brand’s ability to understand and fulfill the unique needs of discerning American yachtsmen and women.

January 30, 2020

Improve-it = Viking 58 Convertible

Considered a production yacht builder Viking takes a semi custom approach to each clients requests in all of the models it produces today from 38 to 93 feet.  So here is a story of a client who upgraded from his Viking 48 to a 58.  In a factory visit this client saw a molded stair case and inquired whether this is possible to fit in a Viking 58.  Viking responded immediately to this customer moving his build from hull number 11 to number 14.  This is not the first time Viking does something similar as they did same to a client request on a Viking 50 back in 2012.

January 29, 2020

Project: Vanquish VQ68

With its current biggest model being the VQ58 launched in 2019, Vanquish has been presenting project of larger models for quite some years now.  Here is another new design that has just been released for the VQ68, a 21 meter plus hard top sport yacht. The Vanquish VQ68 will offer a three double cabins interior with a traditional forward owners cabin layout.  There is what looks on plan a well size L-shaped galley in between the forward owners suite, and the two midships guest cabins.  The living lounging area is all located under the hard-top.  The VQ68 will also offer two tender garages one aft under the central sun-pad, and one at midships in behind the cabin area which will have an opening to starboard side.  The Vanquish VQ68 will be standard powered by Volvo 800hp and IPS pod propulsion.  Other engine options will be bigger triple Volvo 1000hp and with IPS pod propulsion, and or Man 1600hp with surface drives.  Top speed range is 35 knots with the standard option, and 46 knots with the Man surface drives option. 

January 28, 2020

Engine: Yanmar 6LF 550hp

At the Dusseldorf boat show 2020 Yanamr introduced two new engine lines one of which is the new 6LF series.  The launch of these two line advances Yanmar with six new model offer, extending Yanmar's portfolio of trusted common rail marine diesel engines to encompass an output range from 40 to 640hp. These new additions enable Yanmar to supply compact, high performance solutions for new markets and a wider customer base, the 6LF is offered in 485hp up to 550hp and is ideal for leisure boats as well as light duty commercial applications.  The Yanmar 6LF 550hp will offer a maximum output of 3000rpm and features next generation VC20 vessel control system for enhanced on-board comfort and an easier overall boating experience. Global emission-certified the 6LF diesel engine also offer leading fuel economy.

January 27, 2020

Eight Dead in Alabama Covered Dock Fire

Eight people where killed in Monday 27 January morning's boat dock fire in northeastern Alabama, four of which were children ranging in age from 7 to 16, a coroner said Tuesday.  The other four who died at Jackson County Park Marina at Guntersville Lake are presumed to be adults, county Coroner John Jordan said. The victims names have not been released, and dental records are being used to identify the remains, he said.  The preliminary investigation is focused on "one boat in particular," Scottsboro Fire Chief Gene Necklaus told reporters Tuesday. The boat was being examined off site by state and federal investigators.  Identification of remains will depend on the forensic work required, including the use of dental records and possibly even DNA, according to Necklaus.  The fire, starting not long after midnight, tore through numerous boats that were docked at the lake. Some of the boats were occupied, and the flames forced several people to jump into the water to escape.  Some of the roughly 35 destroyed vessels were houseboats where people lived full-time. Seven people swam to safety or were rescued, and were taken to a hospital for treatment, officials said.  Investigators are trying to determine what caused the fire. Paul Smith, director of the Jackson County Emergency Management, said work crews on Tuesday were recovering debris and containing and collecting fuel that spilled. Water samples were being taken.  Four boats that drifted away and sank about 250 feet from the dock have to be removed, Smith said.  There are simultaneous investigations being conducted by the US Coast Guard and National Transportation Safety Board as well as the State Fire Marshal and federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.  Thought officials were "cautiously confident" about the number of fatalities, dive teams remained on site in case other remains were found. Firefighters arrived around 12:40 a.m. local time Monday to a chaotic scene.  The fire's location on a covered dock that extended well out into the lake  made it difficult for firefighters to access.  Authorities said late Monday afternoon that it appears everyone is accounted for, although that will not be finalized until all the boats have been removed from the water and inspected. 

Project: Fairline Targa 58 GTB

Fairline present an exciting new sport yacht project with the new Targa 58 GTB. With its extended ‘Beach Club’ platform, this Fairline brings a fresh approach to hard top sport yachts of similar size.  GTB for Gran Turismo Beach, as the bathing platform extends, and the folding wings lower on either side to create a spacious, teak covered floating aft deck bathing platform. The Targa 58 GTB though it is not about exterior, with its crafted interior a truly stunning place to be. Contemporary herringbone flooring adds a subtle yet elegant touch, while large expanses of glass provide plenty of natural light to enhance the interior ambiance. The interior of the Fairline Targa 58 GTB will offer a three double cabins layout, with three heads, and full beam midships owners cabin.  The Fairline 58 Targa GTB is powered by standard twin Volvo 900hp which allow for a top speed up to 29 knots, with four other engine options up to Man 1300hp will deliver speeds up to 36 knots.

January 25, 2020

Project: Sunseeker 100 Yacht

Sunseeker present the project for a new 100 Yacht.  With elegant, powerful lines flowing around sublime architecture, the 100 Yacht presents itself with some special features from the secluded private terrace, sunbathing hideaways, seamless flybridge to foredeck access, beautifully proportioned open-plan interior and generous Beach Club aft.  Launching in autumn 2021, the new 100 Yacht is set to surprise and delight at every turn with entertainment space at the fore. Every single element has been carefully considered in meticulous detail, exuding a sophistication and detail only found in custom superyachts.  The volume of this new model has been fully maximized to be below the 24 meter load line ruling, keeping this as a CE Category A yacht. The aft tender garage converts into a large and luxurious Beach Club, great for family and friends to socialize close to the water, perhaps utilizing the large built-in BBQ. The Bezenzoni ‘Ladder Gangway’ allows guests to effortlessly access the water sports on offer, after which they will be keen to use the over sized ‘rain shower’ before relaxing on the new transformation chaise lounge sunbeds. Importantly, these innovative X-Tend sunbeds allow for a multiplicity of arrangements in what is likely to be one of the key entertainment spaces on board.  The X-Tend sunbeds have been skillfully integrated within the design. The sunbeds can be operated electrically to either raise upwards to face the covered cockpit seating area or alternatively, they can be lowered to face aft at Beach Club level. Perfect for relaxing with family and friends, whatever the time of day.  The vast flybridge transitions seamlessly into the fore-deck with uninterrupted walk-around access on both sides. The flybridge, with optional bridge helm station is a fantastic space for entertainment with generous seating, fully-equipped wet bar and space for a spa bath or additional loungers and a new hardtop design, available with optional glazing or sliding panels. Ingeniously, the Raised Pilot House incorporates a glazed rear bulkhead allowing uninterrupted views forward from the flybridge. The foredeck provides yet another social space with two separate seating groups plus an over sized sunpad.  Its unique main deck, penthouse style saloon and luxurious staterooms offer a new-found design direction and material selection providing elegant interiors to enchant any owner. The layering of textural elements and the mix of furnishings and fabrics feels timeless with a modern twist that oozes sleek simplicity and sophistication. Floor-to-ceiling glazing floods the considerable saloon with natural daylight, complemented by optional sliding doors to starboard for additional access. A dedicated dining area for eight aides the apartment-style ambience. The large galley forward is concealed behind a glass bulkhead and offers plentiful space and direct side deck access for crew. The forward crew quarters can be accessed through the galley with accommodation for five crew in a three cabin, three en-suite configuration.  The stunning feature wall forward of the dining room showcases exposed and seemingly floating stair treads leading to the pilothouse above on the port side and lower deck access to starboard.  The unique main deck layout includes a luxurious master stateroom for even greater flexibility and freedom on board. The full-beam stateroom offers same level en-suite access, walk-in wardrobe, office and large lobby entrance. Bathed in natural light courtesy of over-sized glazing, owners can also access a first-in-class foredeck terrace for ultimate privacy and entertainment through a cleverly sculptured, fully-glazed sliding door forward.  Her elegant interior has been carefully designed to exude expansive space and light throughout. Below deck, four generous guest cabins each with an en-suite flow from a central landing.  The fresh design direction for this new model goes beyond her dramatic new exterior lines. There is flexibility in how the ‘Beach Club’ and tender arrangements can be configured. The tender garage, which can be flooded at the touch of a button, can be furnished with a Williams 460 Sportjet and Seabobs or alternatively, there is ample stowage for a Williams 395 Sportjet with a GTX255 jet ski.  The Sunseeker 100 Yacht is to be powered by twin 2640hp MTU which allow for top speeds up to 28 knots.

January 24, 2020

New Model: Horizon RP100

Horizon present a brand new RP yacht launched from its shipyard in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. One of Horizon’s most popular series, forty Raised Pilothouse yachts have been built and sold to date. This latest build, an RP100, springs from the RP97 hull platform and has been specified for the Australian market. Sleek in her styling, with an open flybridge and elegantly stepped decks cascading to the bow, the two deck and a half RP100 features a spacious four-stateroom layout. Customized for the Australian market and conforming to down electric standards, the RP100 offers a traditional superyacht configuration, with a spacious main salon opening from the aft deck and leading into the formal dining area with a grand country-kitchen-style galley forward. The raised pilothouse is accompanied by a large built-in settee, while the open flybridge offers U-shaped seating and a dinette, a wet bar and grill, and davit for launching the tender. The four staterooms are positioned on the lower deck, with the full-beam master amidships, a VIP in the bow and two twin cabins to port and starboard. Quarters for up to three crew are situated aft. A rich Wenge wood in a satin finish highlights the interior of the RP100, which is further highlighted by a built-in bar and entertainment cabinet extending along the starboard side in the main salon. A low-slung sofa and comfortable furnishings add to the atmosphere of casual elegance, where the large windows enjoy prominence, and a fold-down television is concealed in the overhead when not in use. Powered by twin Cat engines of 1600hp each, the RP100 achieves a maximum speed of 21 knots at half load and offers a cruising range of 1300 nautical miles at a 10 knot cruise.  The new RP100 will make her global debut at the 2020 Sanctuary Cove Boat Show in May. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 30.48 m (99.9ft)
Beam - 6.55 m
Draft - 1.79 m
Displacement - 91.8 t
Fuel Capacity - 11300 l
Water Capacity - 1800 l
Accommodation - eight berths in four cabins, three crew in two cabins
Max Persons - 18
Engines - 2 x Cats C32 Acert 1600hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 21 knots max 10 knots long range cruise
Range - 1300 nautical miles at ten knots

January 23, 2020

Project: Tecnorib Pirelli 42

The 2020 Düsseldorf Boat Show will provide the setting for the world debut of the new Tecnorib Pirelli 42, which was presented as a scale model a few months ago against the exclusive backdrop offered by Portofino. A  thirteen meter walkaround rib cruiser designed in partnership with celebrated Swedish firm Mannerfelt Design Team, the Pirelli 42 is a versatile craft created for use as both an everyday chase boat or a mid-range cruiser.  Featuring forward and aft sunpads, a day area with an outdoor table, and an under deck with transforming dinette and bathroom, this rib cruiser combines performance, comfort and design. With this new model featuring aggressive lines and fine detailing, TecnoRib signs up not only for a boating season that promises to be packed with success, but also for a range renewal underscored by big spaces and a special focus on design.  The Tecnorib Pirelli 42 will be offered with seven engine choices, four petrol gas starting from twin Mercruiser 350hp to Volvo or Mercruiser 430hp, and diesel units starting from twin 320hp up to 400hp.  Propulsion in all engines choices will be stern drive.

January 22, 2020

New Model: Comitti Breva 29

During the 2019 year Comitti from the Lake of Como in Italy presented the new Breva 29, a model which offers a homage to legendary runabout boats of the past, yet jumps into the future.  The Comitti Breva 29 is runabout day boat with a spacious cockpit deck and a V-shaped double berth cuddy cabin forward.  The Comitti is standard powered by a single 240hp petrol gas option, with three other power options available, from a single 170hp diesel engine, up to a 350hp high performance petrol gas.
Technical Data:
LOA - 9.15 m (30ft)
Beam - 2.49 m
Draft - 0.49 m exl drive
Displacement - 2750 kg dry
Fuel Capacity - 280 l
Max Persons - nine
Accommodation - two berths
Engine - 1 x 240hp, optional 260hp, Volvo V8 350hp petrol gas, 1 x Volvo D3 170hp diesel unit
Speed - 49 knots max 32 knots cruise

January 21, 2020

Project: Raffaelli 21,30 mt HT

Raffaelli present the project for a seventy feet plus hard top sport yacht.  This sport yacht is based on the Ontera 70 hull, and presents a completely redesigned upper structure.  The lower deck of the Raffaelli hard top offers four double cabins including a separate entry master cabin at midship.  Another particular difference in the guest accommodation for a yacht this size is the VIP cabin also located at midship, but further forward to the owners cabin.  Crew accommodation is for two in a forward cabin.  All the living and dining is located on the main deck, with a traditional Italian separate galley in standard layout located behind the helm station to starboard.  Power for the Raffaelli is by twin 1150hp MTU with line shaft propulsion.  No performance numbers are communicated but I would expect similar thirty knots performance of the Ontera flybridge model.

January 20, 2020

New Model: Scanner Envy 1400

Scanner presents the new Envy 1400, flagship for its Touring Line of cruiser ribs.  The Scanner Envy 1400 is a rib cruiser offering interesting day cruiser accommodation with a usable deck space from bow to stern.  The interior accommodation offers an open plan cabin accommodation layout with double berth forward, a relaxing lounger to port side, a unit to starboard, a shower head to starboard upon entry into the cabin, and another double berth at midships.  The Scanner Envy 1400 is available in both inboard or triple outboard configuration.
Technical Data:
LOA - 13.70 m (44.9ft)
Beam - 4.00 m
Displacement - 8500 kg dry
Fuel Capacity - 1050 l
Accommodation - four berths
Max Persons - 18
Engines - 2 x Volvo D6 440hp
Propulsion - Volvo DPI duoprop stern drive
Speed - 41 knots top speed 34 knots cruise
Project - D. Montemitro Design
Certification - CE B

January 19, 2020

Project: Sanlorenzo 38Espace

Sanlorenzo seem to propose a new range with this project called 38Espace.  At 38 meters and with three and a half decks, the 38Espace was announced during the Monaco yacht show 2019.  So far everything is under wraps for exception of the above picture.  We do not know the designers of this project, and not any technical details.  The 38Espace seem also to feature a tug work boat look, and indicates that will feature a bulbous shaped hull.  Sanlorenzo already proposes a work boat inspired line, with the Explorer line which offers two 460Exp and 500Exp models.

January 18, 2020

New Model: ISA Yachts Extra 130 Alloy

ISA Yachts presents the new Extra 130 Alloy.  Named motor yacht L.A.U.L., this new Extra 130 Alloy was launched in end of Summer 2019 at the Palumbo Superyachts shipyard in Savona.  Measuring forty metres in length and built in just fiifteen months from signing the contract with a European ship owner, 130 Alloy is the flagship of the Extra Yachts line and is the third to take to the water in 2019 after the Extra 86 Fast and 93.  The Extra line was developed in 2018 with its first 76-foot model immediately meeting great success at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2018 where it was unveiled. Today, the Extra range comprises the following models: 76, 86, 86 Fast, 93, 120 Alloy and 130 Alloy.  Isa Extra owners are always looking for strong emotions to live in full contact with the sea, both during navigation and at anchor. Obviously, the maximum comfort is guaranteed by the very large internal and external volumes stemming from the creative talent of Francesco Guida.  The eye-catching design of the profile expresses its marked personality, immediately recognizable by its uniqueness. A refined play of contrasts between the clear and soft white surfaces of fiberglass or aluminium and the elegant dark windows.  The naval architecture of Extra 130 Alloy is by Studio Rogantin in collaboration with the technical department of Palumbo Superyachts.
Technical Data:
LOA - 39.7 m (130.3ft)
Beam - 8.6 m
Displacement - 220 t full load
Fuel Capacity - 48000 l
Accommodation - ten guests in five guest cabins, seven crew in four cabins
Engines - 2 x Man 1380hp 
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 17 knots max 15 knots cruise 12 knots long range
Range - 2500 nautical miles at 12 knots
Hull Shape - displacement
Construction - aluminium
Project - Francesco Guida exterior and interior lines, Studio Rogantin for naval architecture
Certification - RINA

January 17, 2020

Three People Saved from Yacht Fire in Burj al Arab Dubai

Three persons where saved from a fire which broke on a sixteen meter motor yacht near Burj al Arab in Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai on 1400 hours of Friday seventeen January.  The Dubai Civil Defense assisted the yacht passengers first and later extinguished the fire, although the yacht was practically totaled with all its upper structure burned out. None of the three passengers had any injuries.  According to an initial report the fire started from an engine failure and a fuel leakage, although an investigation is ongoing on the case. 
The yacht in this fire is an Astondoa 52 GLX as designed by Christian Gatto and produced from 2007 to 10.  The Astondoa 52 GLX came out as a replacement to the 54 GLX, with the model evolving into the 55 Fly model in 2010 with the addition of a larger extended bathing platform.

Project: Tankoa S702

In the wake of the success of the 69.3m Suerte and the 72m Solo, Tankoa has developed together with Francesco Paszkowski a new S702 seventy meter project with bold and captivating lines characterized by a vertical bow stem.  In addition to the vertical bow, the exterior design of the Next 70 S702 is defined by the arcs that connect and unite all the deck left in the stern to provide a sense of balance and continuity.  Three different superstructure profiles can be integrated into the exterior styling to offer owners a wide choice of design.  A series of design details from the stern fairleads and half-moon shapes to the black chine in the bow and the black V-pattern on the hard top, reflect Tankoa’s design philosophy.  The vertical bow also recalls the 50-metre projects launched by the yard and will be carried forward into future designs. The vertical forward glazing contrasts powerfully with the gentle S-shaped bend of the arcs in the stern.  One of the salient features of this project is the interior layout, especially the forward area that is arranged on two connected levels between the main and upper decks.  The master suite is spread over the main deck and upper deck for a total area of about 150 sqm with side terraces and a private gym. It is directly connected to the fore-deck and helipad via ​​the upper deck and an internal private staircase. A skylight brings light into this passage that opens up into a large space comprising a panoramic lounge and dining area/meeting room.  Like residential seaside homes, the side bulwarks on the upper deck are glazed to provide transparency and uninterrupted sea views. In fact, all the external areas are designed as terraces overlooking the sea with plentiful use of frameless glass to increase visual contact with the marine environment.  On the foredeck of the upper deck in front of the owner’s area is large alfresco zone with a pool. The stern a dining and relaxation area with softly rounded sofas and seating.  There is another larger swimming pool on the main aft deck, above the transom beach club on the lower deck with spa area that includes a sauna and hammam.  In line with the unconventional layout configuration, there is no classic sky lounge on the upper deck. In its place are two VIP suites aft of the central lobby.  Other guest accommodation includes two additional VIP suites on the main deck aft and two ensuite cabins on the lower deck, where there is also a gym for guest use. This arrangement provides maximum flexibility, especially for charter use.  The second lounge area on board, instead of being on the upper deck, has been transposed to the bridge deck that opens onto a convivial area on the aft deck with circular sofas.  The sun deck hosts a large area with sun beds and a shower integrated into the mast structure that can be reached by the main staircase that connects all the decks.  A nine meter limousine tender and a 5.5m guest tender are stored in the stern garage. A crew tender, rescue tender and Jet Skis are housed under the helipad in the bow.  Last but not least, the lighting system has been carefully integrated into the overall design concept, a solution evident in the play of overhead LED lights in the outdoor conversation and dining area on the main and upper decks.   The Tankoa S702 is to be powered by twin 2447hp engines which will allow her to reach top speeds up to seventeen knots, cruise at sixteen, and have an economic long speed of twelve knots.

January 16, 2020

New Model: Evo Yachts R6

Evo Yachts has been one of the brands to watch since this new Italian company made its presence with the 43 model back in 2014/15.  Part of the Blu Emme Yachts group, the company has expanded over the years with an extra version of the R4, and in 2019 it presented a new flagship R6 model. A project by Valerio Rivellini as the 43 / R4 model, the R6 as all Evo Yachts takes a minimal look approach, and adds to it that of transformation.  This is sport yachting in the future and thanks to opening bulk heads for example the stern area can increase in beam from five to over seven meters.  Inside the Evo R6 can feature a two or three cabins layout with a crew cabin.  The owners cabin is lcoated full beam at midships, while the forward cabin is a VIP double for guests.  The Evo R6 is standard powered with Volvo 625hp, with larger 725hp options.  The large engine choice allows for speeds up to 36/38 knots with a 28 knots cruise.   
Technical Data:
LOA - 17.71 m (58.9ft)
Hull Length - 17.6 m
Waterline Length - 15.5 m
Beam - 5.31 m
Draft - 1.20 m
Displacement - 25 t loaded, 21 t dry
Fuel Capacity - 2100 l
Water Capacity - 510 l
Max Persons - 16
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins, or six berths in three cabins, one crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Volvo D11 625hp, D11 725hp
Propulsion - Volvo IPS forward looking dual propeller pod drives
Speed - 36 knots max, 28 knots cruise with Volvo 725hp
Range - 280 nm at cruise
Hull Shape - modified Vee with 16 degrees deadrise aft
Project - Studio Rivellini
Certification - CE A12, B16

January 15, 2020

Project: Sirena 58 Coupe

Sirena Yachts is proud to announce an all-new addition to the fleet, the 58 Coupé. The Coupé version augments the existing 58 lineup by providing a vessel with distinct characteristics, such as a lower air-draft, a unified interior space on the main deck, and a light and airy interior.  The 58 Coupé is the direct result of Sirena’s response to U.S. customers who have expressed a preference for an “express” style yacht. Sirena’s existing 58 is already the most successful yacht in the builder’s portfolio.  The hull and superstructure design is from Germán Frers and features a contemporary plumb-bow design, modest free board, and a fast-displacement hull that provides for substantial vessel range, exceeding 850 nautical miles at ten knots speeds, while still capable of top speeds in excess of 26 knots.  With the 58 Coupé, Sirena wanted to unify the natural division between the aft deck and the salon and pilothouse bulkhead.  The galley itself benefits from the extra square footage in the form of additional counter top prep space and additional under-cabinet refrigerator and freezer.  With a clever four-panel door that opens almost entirely, the space from the main deck helm through to the transom is open and at a single level. A shaded aft deck, by virtue of an overhang as well as an optional electrically-controlled sunshade, makes inside-out living the true benefit in this new design. 

January 14, 2020

Engine: Cat C7.1 500hp

Cat present the new C7.1 500hp marine propulsion engine ideal for recreational boating applications, specifically medium sized vessels and motor yachts ranging from seven to eighteen meters in size. The engine features a common rail fuel system enabling optimum combustion and low emissions. The engines provide noticeably quiet operation due to reduced combustion noise through advanced electronic control. Additionally, no visible smoke is emitted from the C7.1 engines during operation.  The Cat C7.1 weighs 750 kilograms dry.

January 13, 2020

Project: Cayman S520

Cayman continues its new course and for a 2020 novelty the company presents the project for the S520.  Currently under construction the S520 comes again from the design of Ferragni project, who also designed the well received 2019 new F520, and 2018 F850 flagship models.  The Cayman S520 takes a lot from the design of the flybridge sister and will offer a lower deck with three double cabins including a full beam master stateroom at midships.  The living part of the S520 is located on the main and features an astern galley layout, and a C-shaped dinette forward.  Helm station like Italian yachts of the past is located to port side.  The Cayman S520 is to be standard powered by relatively small for over 18 tons of weight twin Volvo 435hp engines, with IPS forward looking dual propeller pods propulsion.  Speeds are not yet communicated but the flybridge F520 reached top speeds in the high twenties, so expect something similar from the S520.

January 12, 2020

New Model: Cantiere Delle Marche Nauta Air 110

Since unveiling its Nauta Air range to wide acclaim, Cantiere delle Marche had launched and delivered four award winning yachts in the same series. Today Cantiere delle Marche is proud to announce the launching of the fifth Nauta Air, Mimì la Sardine, a 110 footer bringing the signature of Mario Pedol and Massimo Gino of Nauta Yachts for both her exterior and interior design. The super yacht, is an explorer inspired vessel, combining Nauta Yachts design elegance to Cantiere delle Marche's undisputed technical expertise.  From the interiors to the outdoor living spaces, the end result is a comfortable environment with natural light and open air. Spread across three decks plus a large Sun deck, with beautifully designed interiors, she is able to accommodate up to twelve guests. The main saloon is devoted to lounging while the Upper saloon hosts a formal dining area with a remarkable table taking center-stage. A huge galley is located on the Main deck to port side. Four spacious guest cabins that can accommodate up to ten guests are on the lower deck amidship, while a superb owners apartment is located on the main deck forward. A crew of six will make sure every guests need is met whilst on board. The tender is stored on the Upper deck aft. Once the tender is launched, the area turns into a large lounging open air area  partially shaded by the Sun deck's overhang.  The owners of the first Nauta Air 110 were glad to work with the yard's team and the designers to tailor their yacht to their own taste and lifestyle.  The interior style is cohesive to the exterior lines and has been conceived to provide the owners, their family and invitees with a warm and relaxing ambiance in both social and private areas. Space and relaxation are indeed keywords throughout this family friendly yacht. Oakwood, both natural and weathered, is generously used on all decks creating warm and welcoming environments. Huge windows and openings onto stern terraces create visual and functional continuity between exterior and interior spaces. Tasteful details and refined furniture ooze luxury throughout, from the Flexform sofas in the main saloon and timber dining table in the Upper deck saloon by Riva1920, to the Bianco Galizia granite of all bathrooms. Loose furniture, sofas, coffee tables and lamps are by renowned Italian manufacturer such as Baxter, Flexform, BandB, Flos, Gervasoni while most upholsterers have been chosen among Loro Piana's finest fabrics.  Mimì la Sardine, at just over 33 meters, is a beautiful addition to the successful Nauta Air series. Despite her clean and serene look, she is a robust go-anywhere explorer vessel without compromises as she has been designed and built to travel great distances to any part of the world in full safety and comfort. Thanks to 48,000 liters fuel tanks and twin 714hp Cat engines, she has an impressing range of 5500 nautical miles at the economic speed of 9 knots. Nauta Air 110 is indeed a quintessential explorer vessel with a sea-kindly and sea-worthy hull purposely designed by Sergio Cutolo and his team Hydro Tec for moving effortlessly and safely in all sea conditions, redundant technical equipment, well laid-out technical spaces to simplify upkeep and extremely large and comfortable interior and exterior areas to provide guests with all comforts and amenities during long passages. The Nauta Air 110 matches top level quality as for construction standards and technical equipment. As all yachts built by CdM, her robust steel/aluminium body encompasses cupro-nickel piping, remote controlled valves, electrically driven stabilizers, all pumps on board are doubled and there is also a bilge oil separator. Machinery and equipment are installed in large and properly laid out technical spaces to make access and maintenance as easy as possible. The yacht's engine room for its size and layout is indeed to be considered a particular highlight, a bold statement of design and technical skills.
Technical Data:
LOA -  33.50 m (109.9ft)
Length Waterline - 30 m
Beam - 7.50 m
Draft - 2.35 m
Displacement - 290 t full load
Fuel Capacity - 48000 l
Water Capacity - 6000 l
Accommodation - ten guests in fiva cabins, six crew in three cabins
Engines - 2 x Cat C18 Acert 714hp
Propulions - line shaft
Speed - 13 knots max, 12 knots cruise, 9 knots long range
Range - 5500 nm at 9 knots
Project - Mario Pedol and Massimo Gino Nauta Air exterior, Sergio Cutolo Hydro Tec naval architecture

January 11, 2020

Project: Princess Y95

Princess present the project for a new flagship for its Y class range, the all-new Y95.  This new Princess sees the well known British name finally challenge into the 28/29 meter size with less to 24 meter load line, this allowing for an owner or skipper to helm it with standard yacht master licence. Princess is eight years late to this party with some Italian builders having models entering in this bracket since 2012, but now in 2020 it will challenge with two models this new Y95 and the much publicized X95, with these two models sharing hull shape but very different upper structures. As all new Princesses the Y95 has been crafted with an emphasis on performance and inspired styling, with the latest hull form and an efficient wave-piercing bow, she provides effort less sea-keeping, reaching speeds up to 25 knots from twin Man 2000hp engines. The aft bathing area features a spacious garage and transformer bathing platform and the option of a beach club.  The Y95 evolved exterior styling features the longest and most expansive hull windows ever installed on a Princess yacht, whilst her spacious indoor and outdoor living spaces are comparable to those of larger craft.  The Princess Y95 will feature configurable layout options throughout and a new interior design language await, with the guidance of an own Princess Design Consultant to assist with defining an owners vision. With an interior volume comparable to a Princess M Class, her main deck features a full beam master stateroom with skylights and is complemented by a further four well appointed lower deck en suite guest cabins. The Princess Y95 also offers generous crew accommodation for three or four persons located at midships and includes an en suite Captain’s cabin with double bed.

January 10, 2020

New Model: Fairline Squadron 68

Fairline present its new flagship with the elegant Alberto Mancini designed Squadron 68. But the new Squadron 68 as the new Fairline models is so much more, thanks to two different layouts for the flybridge deck, and other three choices for the lower deck.  The lower deck choices go from a standard three cabin layout with a fourth day head, to an extended forward VIP room, and a four cabins version with bunk twin berth cabin to starboard.  The choice in the flybridge revert around the forward port side area for a C-shaped cocktail table dinette, or a sunpad with a forward looking settee.  The Fairline Squadron 68 shares hull with Targa 65 hull, albeit a bit longer and is powered by the same standard Cats 1150hp, or optional Man 1200hp engines.  Speed numbers are not yet communicated but expect high twenty top speeds and cruising in just under the mid twenties.  
Technical Data:
LOA - 21.12 m (69.3ft)
Beam - 5.23 m
Draft - 1.57 m unloaded
Displacement - 39.3 t dry
Fuel Capacity - 4680 l
Water Capacity - 1080 l
Max Persons - 16
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, or eight berths in four cabins, two crew in one cabin
Engines - 2 x Cats C18 1150hp, Man V8 1200hp
Propulsion - direct line shaft
Construction - hand laid infused cored hull and super structure, Isphotalic resin and gel coat 
Project - Alberto Mancini design, Vripack hull shape naval architecture
Certification - CE B

January 9, 2020

Project: Silent 60

Silent present the new fully designed 60 model which is the replacement of the SILENT 64. This new Silent 60 will be built at the shipyard Bakri Cono in Rayong, Thailand. The 60 is a step forward comparing to the best-selling Silent 55 which is now arrived at hull number six in the water. The new model is longer, wider and more voluminous, but she also has a new high performance hull form that is optimized with CFD study, with a longer waterline and reverse bow. The exterior design resembles the flagship Silent 80 style. Its signature details are a long window stripe at the sidewall of the hull and more window surface overall.  The Silent 60 will have 17kwp of solar power, e-motors from twin 30 kw up to 250 kw, and generator power from 22 to 100 kw.  Top speed will be up to twenty knows, and fuel capacity can be increased from 600 to 1600 liters, and as well subject to generator and engine choices.

January 8, 2020

New Model: Marex 360 Cabriolet Cruiser

Marex present the new 360 Cabriolet Cruiser, a full planning open cabin sport cruiser, with one of the largest convertible cockpits in its class. No boat under twelve meters features a larger cockpit area than the new Marex 360 CC. The popular solutions from the previous model, the 350 Cabriolet Cruiser can be recognized and has been developed and implemented in this new, magnificent model. By removing a saloon below deck and devoting the space saving to a larger cockpit area, this boat is designed for those who spend little time below decks. The new Marex 360 Cabriolet Cruiser focuses on making the space in the cockpit perfect, with space for ten people able to be accommodated around the dinette, makes this seating area a perfect place to entertain.  Modern storage innovations encompass expanded waterproof containers under the seats.  A handy door in the windscreen affords quick, safe and easy access to the fore-deck, although the generous 28 cm side decks also allow easy movement around the boat. A well-designed helm position, excellent dashboard ergonomics and clear instrumentation provide a comfortable drive, while the spacious triple co-pilot seat assures an exciting experience for the whole family. The Marex 360 Cabriolet Cruiser is standard powered by a single Volvo 400hp stern drive propulsion set up which allows for max speed up 31 knots.  Optional engines includes twin Mercury Diesel 260hp, and Volvo 300hp, this last allowing or max speeds up to 40 knots.
Technical Data:
LOA - 11.49 m (37.6ft)
Hull Length - 10.99 m
Beam - 3.49 m
Draft - 1.10 m incl drives
Displacement - 7700 kg dry
Fuel Capacity - 750 l
Water Capacity - 350 l
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins
Engines - 1 x Volvo D6 400hp, 2 x Volvo D4 260hp, D4 300hp.  Mercury Diesel TDI 3.0l 260hp
Propulsion - Volvo DPH dual propeller stern drive, Mercury Bravo Three dual propeller stern drives
Speed -31 knots max with standard Volvo 400hp, 40 knots max with twin Volvo 300hp
Project - Niki Design and Marex
Certification - CE B

January 7, 2020

Project: Azimut S6 Sportfly

For the Dusseldorf boat show 2020 Azimut will present the new S6 Sportfly, an innovative version of the successful S6 which featured in the famous New York Times Square installation last spring 2019. The main novelty in this version is the addition of a flydeck to offer a spacious and comfortable extra lounge area on the pilot house roof. Access to the fly-deck is provided by folding, hideaway stairs. A specially designed cabinet in the cockpit is integrated with the stairway to enhance the perception of space on the flydeck still further.  The Azimut S6 offers a three double cabins layout with a full beam owners cabins, with a crew cabin berth located forward.  Living, galley and dining area are all on the main deck and integrate seamlessly with the aft deck.  The Azimut S6 is powered by triple Volvo 550hp engines with IPS forward looking dual propeller pod drive propulsion allowing for top speeds up to 35 knots.

January 6, 2020

Improve-it = Maritimo M59

In 2019 Maritimo presented design improvement to the M59 a popular enclosed pilot house motor yacht centered in its M-series range.  In particular the Maritimo M59 received important design refinements, elegantly integrating into the hull topsides are new panoramic hull side windows amid some other purposeful styling elements which enhance both interior and exterior form.  In addition to the new features integrated into exterior, the Maritimo M59 also featured the latest design enhancements of interior spaces with updated material palettes, cabinetry design and lighting packages all on show.  The Maritimo M59 also included a new sport dashboard design veiling the extent of the helm.  The Maritimo M59 is a three double cabins motor yacht with full beam midships cabin, and is standard powered by twin Volvo 800hp with line shaft propulsion.

January 5, 2020

Rio New Web Site

Rio presents its new website World wide virtual showroom.  Rio was founded in 1961 by Dr. Luigi Scarani first as Avionautica Rio building wooden runabouts powered by Rolls Royce and Chris Craft engines. The success continues and in the seventies Rio in collaboration with Italian company Eni launches its first plastic ABS material boat, the 310 sold in 50,000 examples. In the eighties Rio opens further production establishments in Spain and France, and also launches its working boats line selling 200 units to the Italian police departments. In the second decade of the 2000's Rio started a project of qualitry re-branding itself and thanks to collaborations with designer Marino Alfani presents new important models.  Among the first models but not only of this upgrade is the 54 Colorado launched in 2010.  Currently Rio offers seven models from the 34 Espera to the still in project Sport Bridge 62.  In 2019 Rio launched two new models the Sport Coupe 44 and 56 models. Available in English, French, and Italian languages Rio new website takes you around with the following buttons; An Italian Story, Tales from Rio's Friends, Research and Development, Rio Yachts and Art, Press Review, News and Meeting, Where we are, Contacts and Dealer, Reserved Area, and Models.  Rio is also on social media with links at the bottom of the page taking you to its Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook pages.
Production History:
Espera 690 1961-
Bonito 5.75 m 1962-64
Colorado 8.45 m 1963-
Parana 590 1964-
Rolls Rio 6.75m 1965-
310 1970- *fiberglass production starts
410 1971-
410 Jet 1972-
300 1972-
500 Open 1977-
380 1977-
380 Jet 1977-
480 1978-
480 Cabin 1978-
480Fisherman 1978-
480 Sport 1978-
11.50 1978
640 1978-
14.20 1979-86
580 Cabin 1979-96
720 1979-88
11 Metri 1979-85
680 Cabin 1980-
500 Onda 1981-
830 Cabin 1982-91
400 Goal 1982-
450 Cross 1982-
450 Top 1982-
1000 1983-87
400 Ole 1984-
500 Road 1984-
500 Fish 1985-
590 1986-
12.90 1986-
1000 Fly 1987-
550 Suerte 1987-
630 Cabin Fish 1987-
900 Fish 1987-
540 Open 1987-
600 Open 1988-
16.90 1988-
750 Cabin 1989-
600 Cabin 1989-
550 Fish 1990-
650 Cabin 1990-
550 Onda 1990-
500 Midi 1991-
800 Fish 1991-
750 Open 1991-
500 Class 1991-
900 Cabin 1992-
600 Fish 1992-
550 Spring 1993-
1100 Cabin 1993-
750 Day 1994-
600 Sol 1995-
1300 Cruiser 1996-2000
550 Cruiser 1996-
850 Cruiser 1996-
600 Cabin Fish 1997-
1000 Cabin Fish 1997-
750 Cruiser 1997-
950 Cruiser 1997-
650 Fish 1997-
600 Cruiser 1998-
600 Day 1998-
450 Sol 1998-
800 Cabin Fish 1998-
700 Cruiser 1999-
700 Cabin Fish 1999-
550 Cabin Fish 1999-
550 Sol 1999-
47 Cruiser 2001-06
35 Cruiser 2002-08
44 Art 2003-08
44 Air 2004-08
32 Art 2004-
40 Art 2005-07
32 Blu 2005-
40 Blu 2005-
42 Art 2007-09
36 Art 2009-14
36 Air 2009-14
46 Art 2009-15
46 Air 2009-15
42 Art 2010-15
42 Air 2010-15
54 Colorado 2010-15  *54 Air project
34 Espera 2011-
38 Parana 2015-
56 Colorado 2016-19
44 Colorado 2016-18
60 Granturismo 2017-
40 Spyder 2017-
Sport Coupe 44 2019-
Sport Coupe 58 2019- *Sport Coupe 56 project
Daytona 34 2020-
Daytona 50 2022-  *Daytona L 46 project 
Daytona 35 2023-
Daytona 45 2023-
Le Mans 50 2024-