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May 26, 2024

Whitehaven New Web Site

Down-under company Whitehaven presents its new virtual web show room.  Whitehaven is a new company founded in 2014 by Keith Hanson and son Ryan, who are partnered by entrepreneur Bruce Scott.  Whitehaven are built in Taiwan, at the New Ocean Yachts shipyard, with the design of the product dedicated to the down under market.  The company debuted in 2014 with the release of the 6000 Flybridge, followed soon after by the 6000 Coupe in early 2015.  The current Whitehaven range offers a total of seventeen models, divided into the six series; Sports Yacht, Flybridge, Sports Flybridge, Coupe, Sunbridge, and Harbour Classic.  Whitehaven entry level model is the Harbour Classic 40 and goes up to the 8300 Sports Yacht.  At some point Whitehaven also offered a 950 Super Yacht project but this was never build.  Whitehaven new website takes you around with the following buttons; About Whitehaven, Our Range, Our Family, News and Events, and Contact Us.  Whitehaven is also on social media with bottom page buttons taking you to its Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram pages.
Production History;
6000 Flybridge 2014-
6000 Coupe 2015-18
6000 Sunbridge 2015-
7000 Flybridge 2016-
7500 Sports Yacht 2017-
6100 Coupe 2019-
Harbour Classic 40 2020- (10
7000 Sport Yacht 2022- *6800 Sport Yacht project

May 19, 2024

Seanfinity New Web Site

Seanfinity presents its new web site. Seanfinity is rather young having been founded in 2019 by brothers Vincenzo and Alessio Tuccio both of which are mechanical engineers, and naval architect Gianluca Caputi.  Although young its founders though have decades experience in the sector. The Tuccio brothers founded the Top System in 2005 and in the last decade has been the leader in the selling of surface drives propulsion type systems.  Gianluca Caputi family has on the other hand founded Cantieri Navali dell Golfo in 1982, and in 1996 bought the legendary Italcraft which they will sell in 2006, although Gianluca will remain as the naval architect and technical director till 2010.  Seanfinity debuted with the T4 model in 2019, which was followed by the slightly larger T5 in 2021, and also debuted a Rib range in 2020 which launched with the R4 model in 2020.  Currently Seanfinity offers two ranges of Ribs and Yachts for a total of nine models which start at nine meters with the RS3 and R2 ribs and goes up to the still in project twenty meters T7 model.  In 2021 Seanfinity also showed project for a new Y9 Fastexplorer project, though this model has never been announced officially.  Seanfinity new web site takes you around with the following buttons; Homepage, Models, Dealers, Gallery, and Contact.  Seanfinity is also on social media with top left buttons taking you to its Facebook and Instagram pages.
Production History;
T4 2019- *TS48 project
R4 2021-
T5 2021-
R3 2022-
R2 2023-
RS3 2024-

May 12, 2024

Canados New Web Site

Cantieri Navali di Ostia, or as it is known as the Rome yacht builder Canados presents its new web site.  Founded in the 1946, Canados started as a cooperative building commercial vessels for government departments like the coast guard and military.  Canados first yacht was commissioned in 1953 by a royal Gulf Emirate family after a representative was impressed when attending the launch of eight interceptor boats.  In the early 1960's Canados had a new owner Aldo Guerritore who will lead the company till 1994 and then again from 1998 till 2000. After that Canados had three owners, and is since the end of 2015 owned by Michel Karsenti. In its early days Canados was a wood only custom builder, entering fiberglass in the 1980 first with the sailing boats as produced till 1985 and in 1987 entering its motor yacht production and moving completely to this material in the nineties, first witht the 58 model and then the 70 S.  Canados also build four production sailing boats from 31 to 44, two designed by Vallicelli and two by Violati.  The current Canados line up offers twenty models divided in three series; Gladiator sport cruiser and yachts, Oceanic explorer yachts and super yachts, and Canados flybridge super yachts  line.  Canados entry level model is the outboard powered Gladiator 411 Carbon Series and go up to the Oceanic 143 Tri-Deck launched in Summer 2022.  Canados has build over eight hundred yachts so far and its latest new model is the Gladiator 961 Speed it launched in 2023.  The new Canados website takes you around with following buttons; Home, Shipyard, History, Heritage, Technologies, Models, In The News, Racing, and Contact.  Canados is also on social media with bottom page links taking you to its; Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram pages.
Production History;
58 1987-91 *16.50 motor yacht project, fiberglass production starts
70 S 1988-93
60 1992-94
23 1994-97
19 1995-97
80 2000-04
86 2003-
110 2004-08 (6)
90 Sport 2005- (6)
116 2007-
76 2009-14
120 Enhanced 2012-
108 2013-  *106 project 
Oceanic 90 STS 2014-
Oceanic 76 GT 2016-
Gladiator 428 2017-
808 Maximus 2018- *777 project
88 Evolution 2018-
122 Caesar 2019-
Gladiator 631 Next 2022-
Gladiator 493 Grand 2022-
Oceanic 143 Tri-Deck 2022-
Gladiator 961 Speed 2023- 
Canados 90, 1974 wood construction

April 28, 2024

Fjord New Web Site

Fjord presents its new web site.  Fjord was founded in the early sixties by Alf Richard Bjerke in Arendal, who decided to enter boat building after a visit to the Hannover boat show.  Originally founded as Fjord Plast, Bjorke gets the help of Finn B. Roer as business partner, and Jan Hermann Linge as designer, setting up a small shop which could build boats up to 24 feet in Arendal, debuting with the Fjordling 17 as designed by Linge in 1962 which is followed by the fifteen foot Gressvig dinghy on the same year. The Fjordling will be build in hundreds of units till 1970.  By 1964 Fjord will move to a new location in Fevik, and in the end of the sixties it will buy Herwa, Selco, Trifoil, and Norcem's plastic boat businesses.  After ten years in business Fjord is offering 72 models from four shipyards, and is the largest boat producer in Northern Europe.  The business at Fjord is so good that Bjerke is planning for a 75 footer on the drawing board, abruptly cancelled with the 1973 oil crisis which will put the at the time largest Scandinavian boat producer in great difficulty.  The 1973 oil crisis hits Fjord so hard that it is sold to Norcem, a Norwegian cement producer, which by the end seventies will close the three Arendal, Tromøy, Grimstad factories with only the one in Rjukan remaining open.  In 1981, Fjord is sold to Bjørn Minde, Tor Egil Baardsen and Odd Simonsen. Minde eventually takes over as sole owner and merges Fjord Plast with Wiking Boats, giving the Fjord Boats name.  In 1991 Fjord is sold again to Eivind Astrup, who will sell again to Inger Sande Brøvig in 1996. In March 2006, Hanse Yachts will buy 51% of the shares in Fjord, with the Norwegian boat builder becoming a total part of the Hanse Yachts Group in 2007, and moving production to Germany.  The Fjord Hanse era will debut with a total different minimal design of the 40 Cruiser as designed by Patrick Banfield, although it will be the 40 Open a twelve meter walk around sports cruiser which starts the new successful of the new German owned Fjord. Today's Fjord line up features offers nine models, which start with the 38 Open and go up to the 53 XL flagship, with its latest model being the 41 XP and XL models with a 480 currently being in project stages.  The new Fjord website takes you around with the following buttons: Motorboats, Fjord Legend, Magazine, Events, Dealers, Services, Contact Us, and Configure Now.  Fjord is also on social media with links at the right bottom of the page taking you to its Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Linkedin pages.
Production History;
Fjordling 17 1962-75
Fjord Diplomat 30 1967-78
32 Cabin 1969-75
24 Weekender 1969-82
27 Cruiser 1970-78
34/38 Flybridge 1971-72/73
21 DC/650 SE 1981-85
725 SE 1982-86
815 SSE 1983-89
880 AC 1984-87
880 CC 1984-87
870 AC 1985-
1001 AC 1985-
1001 CC 1985
1001 CB 1985-
39/1200 Solcio 1985-89
Dolphin 900 1987-97
Terne 28 1989-13
Terne 21 1995-12
Terne 24 1995-13
40 Cruiser 2007-13  Patrick Banfield design, Hanse Group ownership
40 Open 2008-19
36 Open 2010-19
36 MY Tender 2013-18
48 Open 2014-17
42 Open 2016-17
38 Xpress 2017-23 *36 Xpress project
52 Open 2018-20
44 Coupe 2018-
44 Open 2018-
38 Open 2019-23
41 XL/XP 2020-
53 XL 2021-
39 XL/XP 2023-
480 2024-
Fjordling 17 1962-70, Fjord's first model

April 21, 2024

Tankoa New Web Site

Italian super yacht builder Tankoa presents its new web site.  Tankoa which means Scorpio in Genoese dialect was founded in 2007 by Giuseppe Orsi and his best friend, with the presidency of the company moving to Orsi sons, from Guido who was the President at founding to his sister Eva who took over Presidency since 2018.  Tankoa's main founder Giuseppe Orsi started his career as an engineer, becoming a businessman, and corporate executive taking over the helm of Finmeccanica in 2011.  But Orsi is also a passionate yacht owner, having entered yachting with the ownership of various super yachts, who from 1996 up to 2004 was also the owner of Baglietto shipyard.  The construction of the first Tankoa hull number C101, a super yacht as designed by Francesco Paszkowski started life in 2008 as a 65 meter project then delayed with the Global Financial Crisis which hit the world economies at the end of that year.  Eventually Tankoa C101 will be updated to a 69 meter in 2013 and launched in June 2015.  Tankoa is located from its founding in 2008 in Sestri Ponente in the center of Genoa's seven nautical miles break water protected harbor, next to Genoa's Christopher Columbus airport.  In December 2023 Tankoa took a lease agreement for the former Privilege super yacht yard in Civitavecchia which went bankrupt in 2015, increasing both production capacity and the possibility to build larger super yachts. Tankoa's aim has always been to be a boutique super yacht builder, with a business core in both custom and semi-custom builds, although the success seems more coming from the later, with six of the yacht delivered coming from the semi-custom series yachts.  Tankoa has so far build eight super yachts from 45 up to 72 meters, with eight further yachts currently under construction, and it's most successful series being the fifty meter S501 platform which has been delivered in five units and currently featuring a sixth hull under construction.  Tankoa new website takes you around with the following buttons; Company, Excellence, Models, Fleet, Refit, Press, News, and Contact.
Production History; (semi-production only)
S501 2017- (6
T450 2023- (2
Tankoa 70M C101 during launch on June 25, 2015

April 7, 2024

XL Marine New Web Site

XL Marine presents its new web-site. Founded in January 2006 by Alessandro Giambalvo, Salvatore Oliviero, and Antonio di Mennato as naval architect, with all the three managers coming from a previous experience with Itama.  For this XL Marine inspired itself to the traditional fast open cruiser and yacht and to the professional roots of its founders, with clean uncluttered lines and wrap around windscreen, but with comfortable exterior and interior decks, and customization to both main cockpit living and the lower cabin deck.  XL Marine debuted with its first 43 model on 29 May 2006, what is still it's most successful model to date with fourteen units produced till 2012.  The 43 was followed by the 51 model in 2008, and the 45 in 2012.  For the time between 2015 and 2021 XL Marine has not produced any models, but was more concentrating on maintaining and refitting boats and yachts.  From 2022 guided by Salvatore Oliviero and Antonio de Mennato as naval architect, XL Marine has restarted production.  Today XL Marine offers three models 45 2024 updated model, 55 Walk Around, and 60 project.  The new XL Marine website takes you with the following buttons; Home, Chi Siamo (who we are), Gallery, Fiere ed Eventi (shows and events), e Contatti (contacts).  XL Marine is also present on social media with bottom left links taking you to its Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin pages.
Production History: 
43 2006-12 (14) 
45 2012-14 (2)
51 2008-12 (7 *includes 51 HT S)
51 HT S 2012 (1)
45 (ii) 2024- (1
55 WA 2025- (1
XL Marine 43 #1 launching on 29 May 2006

March 24, 2024

Nordic Tugs New Web Site

Nordic Tugs presents its new website. Nordic Tugs was founded by Jerry Husted in 1979, during the midst of the oil crises, debuting with the 26 model as designed by Lynn Senour with early twenty century tug boat looks and a semi displacement hull balancing speeds and fuel consumption. Presented at the Seattle boat show in 1980, the Nordic Tugs 26 sold thirty seven units in its first appearance, and a further seventeen for that whole month. After this success Nordic Tugs went on to expand the line with a 32 launched in 1985, the 37 in the mid nineties, 42 late nineties, and the 52 in 2002. The classic 26 was stopped in production in 1997, but Nordic Tugs returned it in production in 2009. Due to expansion Nordic Tugs also changed its establishment three times in its history but was always located in the home that is the Washington area, starting at Woodinville, moving in 1990 to Burlington, and in 1998 again in Burlington down the street from its previous facility. Nordic Tugs expanded the current facility in 2007, today having an area of 40,000 squared meters where it builds it current line offering six Explorer Cruiser and Yacht type models starting from the 26, up to the 54, with a new 50 model in project stages. Nordic Tugs new web site takes you around with the following buttons; Home, About, Models, Events and Adventures, Dealers, Social, Swag Shop, Careers, Contact, Links and Featured. Nordic Tugs is also on social media with top left buttons taking you to its Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok pages.
Production History;
26 1980-97
32 1985-2001
42/44 1996/2016-
37/39 1998/2013-2015
32+ 2002-07
52/54 2002/09-
34 2008-
49/50 2009/2024-
26 (ii) 2009-
40 2017-
Nordic Tugs 26 (first version) 1980-97

March 10, 2024

Hunt Yachts New Web Site

Hunt Yachts presents its new web site.  Hunt Yachts was founded in 1998, as the boat building subsidiary of C. Raymond Hunt Associates which started in 1966, following the exploits of its founder Ray Hunt who invented the deep-V hull in 1957 with the launch of his designed 23-foot launch as build by Bill Dyer in Rhode Island.  This hull shape then evolved into Richard Bertram's 30 Moppie which convincingly won the 1960 Miami-Nassau race, and changed and entered motor boating into its modern today era.  Prior to his motor boating exploit Ray Hunt had already made a name for himself in sail yacht design debuting with the Concordia 25 and 40 yawls in 1938, the International 110 in 1939, and then by designing the Americas Cup 12 meter Easterner US-18 in 1958, which was beaten to defend the cup by Columbia as designed by Olin Stephens.  Ray Hunt sail boat and yacht design will continue till 1996, a portfolio which includes; Concordia, International, O'Day, Paceship, Ranger, Tanzer, Cal, and Nautor Swan, and is joined by designing motor boats for Bertram, Boston Whaler, Burger, Camper and Nicholsons, Cruisers, Chris-Craft, Emocean, Four Winns, Grand Banks, Grady White, Grand Banks, Hinckley, Lyman-Morse, Palmer Johnson, Regal, Robalo, Royal Huisman, Sea Ark, Southport, Wellcraft, and probably some more.  The deep-V and Bertram, of which he was designer from before the companies debut in 1960 up to 1970, played an important role in the success Ray Hunt will have in motor boating design.  Hunt Yachts first model was a 33 foot single engine motor boat, the 33 Express which debuted in 1999 and was followed by the Surfhunter variant a year later.  In 2013 Hunt Yachts was acquired by the Hinckley Group.  Today Hunt Yachts offers four models of traditional down-East inspired looking yachts which start from 56 and go up to the 76, while its largest build to date was the Hunt 80 as produced in two units in 2015 and 19.  Hunt Yachts new website takes you around with the following buttons; Yachts, Experience, Yachtcare, and Contact, while bottom page buttons take you to the; FaceBook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin social media pages.
Production History;
33 Express 1999-2004
33 Surfhunter 2000-13
36 Harrier 2003-14
29 Surfhunter 2004-13
52 2009-17
29 Harrier 2009-
44 Express Cruiser 2012-
68 2014- *68 Express
25 Harrier Sport 2014-
32 Center Console 2015-19
80 2015-19 (2)
Ocean 72 2017-19
Ocean 55 Mk.II 2019-23 *54 Ocean project
76 2020- *Ocean 76 project
63 2020- *Ocean 63 project
56 2023-

February 18, 2024

Italyure Yachts New Web Site

Italyure Yachts presents its new World wide web showroom.  Founded in 2018, Italyure original story starts in 2008 when Maurizio Marzocca is the chief designer of the Canelli brand. In 2018 a fortunate meeting between Marzocca, and business partners Raffaele Vitiello and Raffaele Donnarumma who run a boat refit and servicing business founded in 1995 near Salerno, lays the basis for Italyure.  In the first years and up till the fall of 2022, Italyure was actually called Allure Yachts.  The first project between the three Italian partners is a ten meter sub-contracted sport cruiser for a South Italian customer.  After that the basis for the first 38 model are made, with the first unit launching in April 2021, and available in three versions; Classic with line shafts, Comfort with stern drives, and Sport with outboards.   The Italyure 38 is immediately a success, with the company following 45 and 35 projects, with the 35 launched in Summer 2023, and the 45 evolving to a 50 model and scheduled to arrive in 2024.  The new Italyure web site takes you around with the following buttons; Home, About, Yacht, and Press.  Italyure is also on social media with right bottom links taking you to its Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube pages.     
Production History;
38 2021- (20
35 2023- (5
50 2024- (2 *45 project

February 11, 2024

Bayliner New Web Site

Bayliner presents its new World wide web showroom.  Bayliner was founded in 1957 by J.Orin Edson, who came from a boat racing hobby experience and two years of running his Advanced Marine Outboard shop.  The first Bayliners where plywood boats, but in 1966 the fiberglass move is made. In 1968 Bayliner has one hundred dealers in the US and Canada and moves its production locality to a previous World War Two hangar outside Washington.  In 1974 feeling the rising gas prices Bayliner debuts a sailing boat line with three models named Bucaneer. 1982 Bayliner presents it first Capri model the 1600 which also comes with the Total Value Package including an 85hp outboard and a road trailer in the retail price.  1986 proves to be a super year for Bayliner first by selling a record 43,000 boats, and second for joining the Brunswick Corporation which features more then fifty dealers outside of the USA. Bayliner largest build to date was the seventeen meter 5788 Motor Yacht, as produced from 1997 up to 2002. Today Bayliner features six series; M, DX, Trophy, VR, Cuddy, and Ciera for a total of 21 models which start from M15 and go up to the Ciera 8.  Bayliner new website takes you around with the following buttons; Cruising Boats, Fishing Boats, Watersports Boats,  All Boats, Resources, Buyers Guide, Customer Service, and Dealer Locator.  Bayliner is also on social media with side buttons taking you to its Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages.
Production History;
2550 Saratoga Offshore 1973-
2550 Saratoga Offshore Command Bridge 1974-
4050 Bodega 1977-82
3550 Bristol 1977-
3150 Conquest 1978-80
3270/3288 Explorer/Motor Yacht 1981/85/89-95 (3000+-)
3250 Conquest 1981-87
1950 Capri Bowrider 1982-
2070 Explorer 1982-
2850 Contessa Sunbridge/2855 Ciera Sunbridge 1983/88-89
2850 Contessa Command Bridge/2858 Ciera Command Bridge 1983-88/89
3870/3888 Motor Yacht 1983/90-94 (1000+-)
4550/4588 Pilothouse 1984/89-93
3485 Avanti Sunbridge 1987-89 *3450 project
3255 Avanti Sunbridge 1988-89 *3250 project
2955 Avanti Sunbridge 1988-90
2958 Command Bridge 1988-90 *2950 project
3785 Avanti Sunbridge 1990
4387 Aft Cabin MY 1990-93
3555 Avanti Sunbridge/Sunbridge 1990/93-94
2855 Ciera Sunbridge 1991-93
3055 Ciera Sunbridge 1991-94 *Avanti Sunbridge project
4388 Motor Yacht 1991-94
3688 Motor Yacht 1992-94
2859 Super Classic/Ciera Express 1993/96-2002
4587 Cockpit Motor Yacht 1994-95
2855 Ciera Sunbridge (ii) 1994-99
4788 Pilothouse 1994-2002
3255 Avanti Sunbridge 1995-99
3587 Motor Yacht 1995-99
3258 Command Bridge 1995-2000
3988 Motor Yacht 1995-2002
3488 Avanti Command Bridge 1996-99
3788 Motor Yacht 1996-99
3388 Motor Yacht 1996-2001
4087 Cockpit Motor Yacht 1996-2002
2858 Ciera Command Bridge/288 Classic Cruiser 1996/2003-05
4085 Avanti Sunbridge 1997-99
5788 Motor Yacht 1997-2002
3685 Avanti Sunbridge 1998-99
5288 Pilothouse 1999-2002
3055 Ciera Sunbridge/305 SB Cruiser 1999/2003-07
3788 Motor Yacht (ii) 2000-02
2855 Ciera Sunbridge/285 SB Cruiser 2000/03-12
3488 Command Bridge 2001-02
275 SB Cruiser 2005-09
325/340 SB Cruiser 2005/08-09
315 SB Cruiser 2008-12 *300 SB Cruiser project
320/335 SB Cruiser 2008/10-12

February 4, 2024

American Tug New Web Site

American Tug presents its new World wide web showroom.  American Tug was the brand of Tomco Marine Group, as founded by Tom Nelson in 1999.  American Tug debuted with the 34 model in 2001, as designed by renowned West coast designer Lynn Senour, who will go and design all American Tug models.  Since then and up to 2023 American Tug has delivered just over 250 explorer cruisers.  In May 2023 Kadey-Krogen Group purchased American Tug, with production to stay in La Conner, and current CEO and cofounder Kurt Dilworth remaining to manage the company.  Located since its founding in La Conner, Washington on the North West of the Pacific coast currently American Tugs range offers four models from the 362, to the 435. American Tugs new web site takes you around with the following buttons; Models, About, Dealers, Pre-Owned, Blog, Upcoming Events, Contact, and Ship's Store.  American Tugs is also on social media with button links taking you to its Instagram and Facebook pages.
Production History;
34/365 2001/10- (140/19
41/435 2005/11- (/19
49 Limited Edition/525 2008-14 (1/1)
485 2014-21  
395 2010- (23
362 2020- (11

January 21, 2024

Fratelli Aprea New Web Site

Fratelli Aprea presents its new website. Fratelli Aprea was founded in 1890 by master ship wright Cataldo, in the gulf of Sorrento.  Fratelli Aprea focus for a century has been that of building custom to order and repairing wooden traditional Gozzo small and medium size fishing boats.  An important turn around for Fratelli Aprea comes during World War II, when Franco Aprea decides to put used Jeep gasoline engines in a Gozzo, following the commissioning of boats by the US Army for a special mission. Fratelli Aprea enters fiberglass boat production in the nineties, with a key difference to the competition who build similar boats for using a semi-planning hull with a deep V-section forward, rather then a planning shape.  Today Frattelli Aprea offers eleven models of the Sorrento line which start from the pure gozzo looking 7,80 Tradizionale / Open and go up to the Sorrento 50 Cabinato.  In 2023 Fratelli Aprea also debuted its new Brunello Acampora designed Lancia centre console with traditional line series, which debuted with the 52 model, and is planned to feature four other models from ten to 22 meters in size.  Fratelli Aprea new web site is available in Italian and English language and takes you around with the following buttons; Home, Company, Gozzo Sorrentino, Design, Models, Charter, Service, Usato, and Contacts. Fratelli Aprea is also on social media with a button at the right bottom of the page taking you to its Facebook, and Instagram pages.
Production History;
Sorrento 7,80 Tradizionale / Open 1987- 
Faraglione 7,80 Semi Cabinato 1989-94
Sorrento 7,50 Open Cruise 1993-
Sorrento 7,50 Semi Cabinato 1995-
Sorrento 7,50 Cabinato 1997-
Sorrento 36 Semi Cabinato 2000-
Sorrento 36 Open Cruise 2001-
Sorrento 32 Semi Cabinato 2002-
Sorrento 32 Hard Top 2003-
Sorrento 32 Open Cruise 2004-
Sorrento 36 Hard Top 2005-
Sorrento 50 Cabinato 2007-
Lancia 52 2023-

January 14, 2024

Solaris Power New Web Site

Solaris Power presents its new web site.  Solaris Power arrived in 2019 as the motor boat and yachting arm of Solaris sailing yachts.  Solaris started out as the sailing yacht brand of Se.Ri.Gi which was founded in 1974 by Puntin and De Cesco in Aquileia by the River Natissa, on the Northern East part of Italy and the Adriatic sea, what is still the home for sail yachts production.  In the first two years Serigi is a sub-contractor to other builders fitting out sailing boats mostly those for Benello from Livorno, debuting the Solaris name and its first sailing yacht, the 37 designed by Frans Maas three years later in 1977. The first Solaris is followed by a second 47 model designed by Sparkman and Stephens two years later, which was based on the Illiria 46 from Benello who ceases operation in 1977 following the dead of Giacomo Benello the owner.  Solaris will keep expanding its sailing yacht line with a Frans Maas designed 39 in 1981, and the Zero line as designed by Doug Peterson which debuts with the 65 model in 1987 and is followed by a raised saloon Zero 76 in 1995.  In 2001 Solaris presents a fully dedicated racing sail machine with the IMS 52 Mascalzone Latino as designed by Bruce Farr.  In 2006 Solaris debuts its modern looking Bill Tripp designed 48 model, showing the North East Italian builder new design language.  The current Solaris sail yachts designer Javier Soto starts in 2013 with the 72 Classic, evolving Tripp's design language and since then has designed all the sailing yachts by the North East Italy yacht builder from fifteen to 33 meters.  Giuseppe Giuliani takes over Solaris in the end of 2010, and since then has expanded it to ever new heights, not only by expanding the sailing yacht line buy by also debuting the motor boat Power line in 2019, and purchasing semi-custom sail yacht specialist CNB which was founded in 1987 and since 1992 has been owned by Beneteau Group.  Giuliani enters boat building in 1973, when he funds Cantieri del Pardo Grand Soleil, and in 1998 will also buy Dufour from France, to then sell all to a US investment firm in 2006.  Solaris first motor boat comes in 1997 when it gets a one off commission for a traditional down-east lobster boat looking 47 Express Cruiser as designed by Bruce King and build in cold moulding.  After this one off motor boat it will take 22 years for Solaris Power to arrive with Giuliani first updating his high-end Performance Boats establishment in Forli he created in 2008 to accommodate motor boat construction, and team up with Norberto Ferretti and yacht designer and naval architect Brunello Acampora.  Norberto will leave the project in 2020, while Brunello Acampora has since then designed all the eleven models of the Power line.  Solaris Power line debuts with the 55 Lobster in early 2019 which is followed by the 48 Open on the fall of that same year, 48 Flybridge in 2020, and the 48 Lobster in early 2021.  Solaris Power currently offers eleven models divided into the three; Open, Coupe and Lobster, and Flybridge lines, which start from the 40 Open and go up to the still in project 60 Open, with its latest model being the 52 Open which was presented in 2023. In 2019 Solaris Power also showed a project for a 78 Lobster, although its current largest build to date is the 57 Lobster which debuted the Power line in 2019, then named as the 55 Lobster model. Solaris Power new web site takes you around with the following buttons; Yachts, Why Solaris, Yard, Press and Video, News, and Contacts.  Solaris Power is also on social media with bottom page buttons taking you to its Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube pages.
Production History; (motor boats only)
47 Express Cruiser 1997 (1)
57 Lobster 2019- *55 Lobster project *Brunello Acampora design 
48 Open 2019-
48 Flybridge 2020-
48 Lobster 2021-
44 Open 2021-
40 Open 2022-
52 Open 2023-
52 Coupe 2024- 
1997 Solaris 47 Express Cruiser (one off)

December 17, 2023

Sea Ray New Web Site

One of the Worlds biggest motor boat producers, Sea Ray presents its new website. Sea Ray was founded in 1959 when Cornelius Nathaniel Ray III and his long time friend architect John Mehaffey purchase Carr Craft, who at time produced golf cart bodies, coffins, and fiberglass boats. The first boats are designed by Jerry Michalak and Harley Earl and Associates, who present a line of speed boats from fourteen to eighteen feet, which will extend up to 25 feet by 1969.  One of Sea Ray's most important moves comes in 1981 when it launches its first 310 Sundancer, a nine meters sport cruiser devoted to entertainment cruising.  The Sundancer line, which is still produced today will expand and dominate the sport cruiser North American market from the eighties till the noughties.  In 1986 Sea Ray is purchased by the Brunswick Corporation, what was and still is today one of the biggest pleasure boat holdings, and owner of the top selling Mercury motors. With Brunswick Sea Ray expands to become the Worlds biggest motor boat and sport cruiser producer in the eighties, nineties, and noughties.  Sea Ray enters the yacht fifty foot market in 1989 with the 500 Sedan Bridge, followed by a larger 630 Super Sun Sport two years later.  Sea Ray largest build to date is the 680 Sun Sport produced from 2001 to 06, with the second largest yacht being the 2014 L650 Fly which debuts the five years produced European inspired looking L-line that lasts till 2019, and will feature four other models from 55 feet.  Another famous Sea Ray model series beyond the Sundancer is that of the high performance Pachanga series, which debuts with the eighteen foot Pachanga in 1969 produced for two years in over five hundred units, returning again in 1986 with the 22 Pachanga II and 32 models, and lastly as a limited edition one hundred units only Pachanga III 22 in 2009.  The current Sea Ray line up offers thirty two different models from nineteen to forty feet in length, and is divided into five ranges: Sun Sport, Sundancer, SLX, SDX, and SPX. The new Sea Ray website guides you with the following buttons; Why Sea Ray, Our Boats, Build, Dealer Locator, Owners, Events, and Contact A Dealer.  Sea Ray is also present on social media, with bottom page links taking you to its Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, YouTube, and Linkedin pages. 
Production History;
200 1960-61
400 1960-61
500 1960-65
600 1960-62
700 1960-66
800 1960-66
808 1962-64
900 1962-65
990 1964-65
SRV 230 1964-67
SRV 170 1966-
SRV 180 1966-68
SRV 190 1966-
SRV 160 1967-
SRV 190 Sportsman 1967-
SRV 240 Sportsman 1968-
SRV 370 1968
SRV 380 1968-
SRX Pachanga 18'11 1969-71 (500+-)
SRV 185 1969-
SRV 210 1969-
360 Sedan 1980-82
SRV 310 Vanguard Express 1980-83
SRV 310 Sundancer 1981-83
SRV 270 Sundancer 1982-85
SRV-310 Vanguard Sportbridge 1982-83
390 Sedan Sportfish 1983-86
360 Aft Cabin 1983-87
340 Sedan Bridge 1983-87
340 Sport Fisherman 1984-87
340 Express Cruiser 1984-89
340 Sundancer 1984-89
390 Express Cruiser 1984-91
300 Sundancer 1985-89
300 Weekender 1985-89
460 Express Cruiser 1985-89
410 Aft Cabin 1986-87
268 Sundancer 1986-89
Pachanga II 22 1986-91
460 Convertible 1987-88
32 Pachanga 1987-91
340 Sedan Bridge 1988-89 *345 Sedan Bridge project
300 Sedan Bridge 1988-89 *305 Sedan Bridge project
415/440 Aft Cabin 1988/89-91
440 Convertible 1988-91 *430 Convertible project
380 Aft Cabin 1989-91
280 Sundancer 1989-91
250 Sundancer 1989-92
500 Sedan Bridge 1989-94
350 Sundancer 1990-91
420 Sundancer 1990-91
480 Sundancer 1990-91
350 Express Cruiser 1990-92
270/290 Sundancer 1990/92-93
310/330 Sundancer 1990/92-94
310/330 Express Cruiser 1990/92-95
300 Weekender 1991-95 *280 Weekender project
310 Sun Sport 1991-95
370 Sedan Bridge 1991-97
630 Super Sun Sport 1991-2000
300 Sundancer 1992-93
310 Sport Bridge 1992-93
310 Amberjack 1992-94
350 Express Bridge 1992-94
370 Sundancer 1992-94
440 Sundancer 1992-95
550 Sedan Bridge 1992-98
400 Express Cruiser 1992-99
500 Sundancer 1992-99
230 Sundancer 1993-95
370 Express Cruiser 1993-95
440 Express Bridge 1993-98
290 Sundancer 1994-97
300 Sundancer 1994-97
330 Sundancer 1995-99
370 Sundancer 1995-99
450 Sundancer 1995-99
270 Sundancer 1996-98
240 Sundancer 1996-99
630 Sundancer 1996-2000
280 Bowrider 1996-2001
420 Aft Cabin 1996-2002
400 Sedan Bridge 1996-2003
400 Sundancer 1997-99
330 Express Cruiser 1997-2000
370 Express Cruiser 1997-2000
370/380 Aft Cabin 1997/2000-01
580 Super Sun Sport 1997-2002
270 Sundancer 1998-2000
290 Sundancer 1998-2001
540 Sundancer 1998-2001
310 Sundancer 1998-2002
450 Express Bridge 1998-2004
480 Sedan Bridge 1998-2004
560 Sedan Bridge 1998-2004
340 Sundancer 1999-2002
380 Sundancer 1999-2003
260 Sundancer 1999-2004
460 Sundancer 1999-2005
290 Amberjack 2000-09
410 Express Cruiser 2000-03
410 Sundancer 2000-03
510 Sundancer 2000-03
240 Sundancer  2000-04
540 Cockpit MY 2001-02
340 Amberjack 2001-03
290 Bowrider 2001-05
680 Sun Sport 2001-06
280 Sundancer 2001-09
550 Sundancer 2002-04
480 Motor Yacht 2002-05
360 Sundancer 2002-06
300 Sundancer 2002-07
290 Sun Sport 2002-09
390/40 Motor Yacht 2003/06-07
420 Sundancer 2003-05
500 Sundancer 2003-06
320 Sundancer 2003-07
340 Sundancer 2003-08
420 Sedan Bridge 2004-05
390 Sundancer 2004-06
290 Select Ex 2005-08
260 Sundancer 2005-08
48 Sundancer 2005-09
580 Sedan Bridge 2005-09 *550 Sedan Bridge project
500/52/520 Sedan Bridge 2005/06/10-13
44 Sundancer 2006-08
290 Sundancer 2006-08
44 Sedan Bridge 2006-09
36 Sedan Bridge 2006-09
60 Sundancer 2006-09
38/390 Sundancer 2006/10-12
310/330 Sundancer 2007/10-16
40 Sundancer 2007-09
52 Sundancer 2007-09
47 Sedan Bridge 2008-09
55 Sundancer 2008-09
350 Sundancer 2008-09
330/350 Sundancer 2008/10-12
300 SLX 2008-15
230 Sundancer 2009-11
22 Pachanga III 2009-12 (100)
280 Sundeck 2009-14
470 Sundancer 2009-14 *43 Sundancer project
540 Sundancer 2009-15
450 Sundancer 2009-15
310 Sundancer 2009-17
610 Sundancer 2010-12
580 Sundancer 2010-14
370 Sundancer 2010-16
280 Sundancer 2010-17
450 Sedan Bridge 2011-14
410 Sundancer 2012-16
510 Sundancer 2012-16
355 Sundancer 2012-20
510 Fly 2013-19
350 Sundancer 2013-19 *360 Sundancer project
L650 Fly 2014-19
470 Sundancer 2014-17
L650 2015-19
L590 Fly 2015-19
L590 2015-19
400 Sundancer 2015-19
350 SLX 2015-
400 Fly 2016-19
355 Sundancer Coupe 2016-21
460 Sundancer 2016-19
460 Fly 2016-19
280 SLX 2016-
310 SLX 2016-
L550 Fly 2017-19
Sundancer 510 Signature 2017-19
SLX400 2017-
320 Sundancer 2018-
Sundancer 520 2018-19
Sundancer 370 2022-

December 10, 2023

VanDutch New Web Site

VanDutch presents its new web site.  VanDutch was founded in 2008 by a partnership between Ruud Koekkoek and Henk Erenstein in Heerenveen, Netherlands, with the company debuting its first Frank Mulder designed 40 model the following year.  The VanDutch 40 is still in production and is its best seller as at today.  In 2012 Van Dutch introduced its second 30 model, which is followed by the larger 55 flagship the following year.  In 2013 VanDutch enters and starts to market its sport cruisers and yachts in the North American market.  Van Dutch has also distinct itself for other brands and famous personalities collaborations from Dior, McLaren, Red Bull, Hublot, and Luna Rossa Prada Team brands, and famous people like Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Dwyane Wade, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Cuban, Ryan Phillippe, Simon Cowell, Samantha Hoopes, and Samuel Hübinette all spotted and marketed onboard a VanDutch sport cruiser and yacht.  This led along with the Frank Mulder distinctive retro-modern line for VanDutch to becoming recognizable by the trained and untrained eye.  VanDutch were in the first years and up till 2012 build in Heerevenveen, Netherlands to an undisclosed third party builder. In late 2012 VanDutch moves production the USA, first to S2 Tiara in Michigan and then to Marquis Carver Yachts at end of 2013.  In June 2020 VanDutch is bought by Cantieri del Pardo, who move production to Forli in Italy in 2021.  Today VanDutch offers a five model line up which start from 32 and go up to the still project upcoming 75 flagship.  VanDutch new web site takes you around with the following buttons; Models, VanDutch Centers, Shows and Events, News, Company, Collaborations, Contacts, Press Room, and Work with Us.  VanDutch is also present on socual with right bottom page buttons taking you to its Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram pages. 
Production History;
40 2009-
30 2012-20
55 2013-19
48 2019-
32 2021-
56 2022-

December 3, 2023

MJM Yachts New Web Site

MJM Yachts presents its new web site.  MJM which means Mary Johnstone Motorboat was founded in 2002 by Bob Johnstone, Mary's husband and a co-founder with his brother Rod of J/Boats in 1977, one of the World's leading brand of performance sailboats which is still under the Johnstone family ownership.  MJM will presents its first model the 34z in 2004, a traditional down-East lobster inspired looking day cruiser designed by Doug Zurn, and build by Boston Boatworks.  The 34z is followed by the 29z and 40z in 2007 expanding the line further, with a 50z debuting in 2014.  Doug Zurn has till today designed all MJM's while Boston Boatworks will build all the vessels till 2021, when the company will move to its North Carolina facility, although the collaboration between the two is still continued today. In 2019 Bob Johnstone will sell MJM to his son Peter, who will resell to Saothair Capital affiliate Seolta Holdings in September 2023.  Today MJM offers four models, which start from the eleven meter 3 model which debuted in 2021, and go up to the still in project 42 model.  MJM new web-site takes you around with the following buttons; Models, Construction, Build A Boat, About, Shop Gear, Locate A Dealer, Request Pricing, The Build, News, Classic MJMs, Contact, and Careers.  MJM is also on social media with links at the bottom of the page taking you to its Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages.
Production History;
34z 2004-10
29z 2007-15
40z 2007-19 (100+)
36z 2011-15
50z 2014-19
35z 2017-
53z/zi 2020-22
43z/zi 2020-22
3 2021-
4 2023-

November 26, 2023

Posillipo New Web Site

Posillipo presents its new web site.  Posillipo was founded in 1942, although before these years it was called first Posillipo of Gallotti, of Marcello Pane, and then of Turrini, these names representing the names of the master builder who were managing the boat yard located near the caves of Posillipo to the West of Naples, where in reality boat repair and building have existed since decades if not centuries before.  In 1950 the shipyard of Posillipo was acquired by Doctor. Casa and Count Giovanni of Campello who will start serial model production in 1951, launching its first production model the Positano runabout speed boat in 1952.  In 1960 Posillipo will move to a larger dedicated production facility and boat yard in Sabaudia, in province of Latina, some seventy nautical miles from the place which gave the name and the brand, and what will be its home till 2012.  In 1969 Posillipo will launch the Aruba 25 model, its first fiberglass construction. Posillipo will make the seventies a mixed decade building both in wood and fiberglass, and moving slowly to full production in the new plastic material method by around 1979.  In 1972 following financial difficulties Posillipo is taken over by GEPI; Gestioni e Partecipazioni Industriali, a Public Finance founded by the Italian government that helps valid industries restructure. This restructuring is followed by the launch of the Costaguta designed Tobago 47 and Martinica 42 models in the fall of 1973, a high moment for Posillipo with the flagship of the time 47 Tobago model being its best selling to date fibreglass model.  Posillipo will hire Giovanni Zuccon in 1978, who will design the forward thinking Technema range onwards from 1978, starting with the futuristic 65 model which debuted in that year, and ending with the second generation 65 which launched in 2002. The Zuccon designed Technema line will launch some innovative models, but probably it's most important is the 52, which was a sixteen meter flybridge yacht destined to shape the future of things to come in motor yacht design.  In 1990 the USA Nouri Group, lead by Dennis Michael Nouri falls in love and buys Posillipo, only to re-enter financial difficulties towards the end of 1991 due to the luxury boat tax by both the Italian and USA governments, with Gianfranco Rizzardi taking over the brand in the start of 1993.  Posillipo will close in 2012, when the Inrizzardi Group enters financial difficulties, and reopens again in 2016.  Today Posillipo is offering two models; the 90 which was updated from the 2009 presented unit in 2022, and the upcoming 78.  Posillipo new website takes you around with the following buttons; Company Info, Privacy Policy, and Cookies Policy.
Production History;
Positano 5.70m 1951-67  wood production
Airone 1954-
Nettuno Super 9 m 1958-70
Capri Super 1958-
Vulcano 1958-
Bermuda 6.52m 1959-70
Bermuda Twin 7.10m 1960-70
Jamaica 16.05m 1963-64
Costasmeralda 7.82m 1965-70
Martinica 42 Sedan 1966-72
Antigua 34 1969-76
Aruba 25 Sport 1969-73  fiberglass production
Aruba 25 Express 1970-73
Aruba 25 Fisherman 1971-73
Antigua 38 1972-78
Tobago 47/47 Special/47 TS 1973/76/79-82 (87(15/65/7) *45 project
Martinica 42/42 Special/42 TS 1973/76/79-83 (67)
Technema 65 1978-82  Giovanni Zuccon design
Technema 38 fb 1983-90
Technema 68 1983-87
Technema 38 Day 1984-90
Technema 33 1985-87
Technema 58 1984-92
Technema 83 1986-87 (2)
Technema 52/16.90 1986/91-92 (23/4)
Technema 64 1987-92 *Technema 65 project
Technema 51 1989-96 *Technema 48 project
Technema 16.20m Fast 1989-92
Technema 82 1990-2000 (6) *Technema 25m project
Technema 47 1992-96 *Technema 45 project
Technema 87 1994-99 (3)
Technema 60 1994-98
Technema 67 1994-99 (6) 
Technema 55 1996-98
Tehcnema 70 1999-2012 (27) *Rizzardi 70 project
Technema 80 1996-2008 (38)
Technema 105 2002 (1)
Technema 65 2002-2012 *Technema 63 project
Technema 95 2004-2008 (16)  Carlo Galeazzi design
Technema 85 2006-2009 (9)
Technema 118 Guilty 2008 (1)
Technema 120 2008-11 (4)
Techenma 75 2009-12
Technema 90 2009- (3

November 19, 2023

Ferretti Custom Line New Web Site

Ferretti Custom Line presents its new web site.  Custom Line was founded in 1996 by Carlo Moschini, Ottavio Caschino, with Norberto and Alessandro Ferretti joining some months later.  With the joining of Ferretti, Custom Line becomes the big 25 meters plus super yacht brand of Ferretti, and sets the first stage of the Ferretti Group creation.  In the beginning Ferretti Custom Line will build its first units at the Moschini shipyard in Fano, who at time was also building yachts and super yachts under its own Siar Moschini brand from 21 to 43 meters, but this ends prematurely in 1999 when Azimut-Benetti Group buys the shipyard.  In around 2000 Ferretti Custom Line will make a short production move at the Ferretti yard in Forli, and then sets up home at the Ancona Ferretti Group super yacht yard in 2002, where today it has five dedicated sheds in the 80,000 square-meters facility.  Ferretti Custom Line shows its first three projects, the 94, 106, and 112 in the end of 1996, with the smaller 94 launching in 1998, followed by the 112 in 2001, and the 106 remaining as a concept.  From 1998 up till today Ferretti Custom Line has build over three hundred super yachts from 26 to 42 meters, which makes it one of the most successful super yacht builders in this size segment.  From 1996 till 2018 all Custom Line have been designed by Giovanni Zuccon, Ferretti's main designer from 1990, with Francesco Paszkowski taking over the planning line with the 120 in 2017, and Filippo Salvetti the Navetta series from the second generation 30 in 2020. Today Custom Line offers eight models, three in the Planning and five from the Navetta line which start from the Navetta 30 and go up to the alloy build Navetta 50 project. The Custom Line latest model is the 140 which debuted in 2022, with the Navetta 38 project set to launch in 2024. Custom Line new website is available in English, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and German language and takes you around with the following buttons; The Fleet, The Custom Line Philosophy and Yard, News and Events, Services, Pre-Owned, Contacts, and Notice for Customers and Prospects.  Custom Line is also on social media with bottom links taking you to its Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Linkedin pages.
Production History;
94 1998-2005 (22)  Zuccon design
Navetta 27 2000-01 (2)
Navetta 30 2001-07 (37)
112 2001-07 (15)
97 2006-16 (22)
Navetta 26 2007-10 (11)
Navetta 33 2008-10 (6)
112 Next 2008-13 (12)
Navetta 26 Crescendo 2010-13 (8)
Navetta 33 Crescendo 2010-16 (8)
124 2010-14 (5)
100 2011-14 (12)
Navetta 28 2014-20 (15)
108 2015-18 (9)
Navetta 37 2016-23 (15)
Navetta 33 2017- (30
120 2017- (10  Francesco Paszkowski design
Navetta 42 2018- (11
106 2019- (20
Navetta 30 2020- (18  Filippo Salvetti design
140 2022- (4
Navetta 38 2024-

November 5, 2023

Pardo Yachts New Web Site

Celebrating half a century in pleasure boat and yacht building Pardo presents its new web site.  Cantieri del Pardo was founded in 1973 by Giuseppe Guiliani, in Forli concentrating in its beginnings for building quality racing sail yachts under the Grand Soleil brand.  This strategy proofs successful for Pardo, with its first model the Grand Soleil 34 designed by Finot becoming Mediterrean champion in 1974. This success is followed by the Grand Soleil 40 designed by Massimo Paperini who will win World and Europen IMS class C2 championship, and the 37 who wins the World, European, Italian, and Spanish titles twice in four years. In fifty years Cantieri dell Pardo has also characterized itself for the use of top designers; Alain Jezequel who will update all the line from 1983 till the end of that decade, German Frers who will do the same in the nineties, Bruce Farr designing the 1992 launched 64 Maxi One flagship, Doug Petterson, Jacep Jacopin, Massimo Paperini, Botin and Carkeek, Claudio Maletto, Marco Lostuzzi, and Matteo Polli.  Cantieri del Pardo will have a few ownership changes in 2006, 2008, and 2010 when it will sell to the Bavaria Group, with this selling again in 2012 to the family Trevisan.  In 2018 the two Pardo managers Fabio Planamente and Gigi Servidati will take a majority stake in Pardo, with Wise Equity taking a sixty percent share in December 2020.  In the fall of 2023 Calzedonia Group buys Cantieri Navali dell Pardo.  Pardo has also in 2020 bought motor boat builder VanDutch yachts.  Cantieri del Pardo entered motor boating production twice in its story.  The first was with the Hudson and Ricci brand from 1989 to 96, and the two 40 and 54 models designed by Wynn and Walters for hull and Fred Hudson for super structure. The second motor boating production entry came with the Pardo Yachts in 2017 debuting with the Zuccheri designed 43 model, which sold over one hundred units in its first year of production.  Currently Pardo Yachts offers eight models in three ranges, which start from the P38 of the walk around line, and go up to the GT75 which is still in project stages and set to debut in 2024. Pardo Yachts new web site is available in Italian and English language and takes you around with the following buttons; Models, Brokerage, Shows and Events, News, Company, Contacts, and Find a Dealer.  Pardo Yachts is also on social with bottom right links taking you to its Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram pages. 
Production History; (motor boats only)
Hudson & Ricci 40 1989-90 (34) *includes both generations
Hudson & Ricci 40 (ii) 1991-92 (34) *includes both generations
Hudson & Ricci 54 1993-96 (4)
43 2017-  (300  Zuccheri design, Pardo line debut
50 2018-
38 2019-
Endurance 60 2021-
GT 52 2022-

October 29, 2023

Cayman Yachts New Web Site

Cayman Yachts presents its new World wide web virtual showroom.  Founded in 1990 by Luigi Prosperi, at the time a Mochi manager and then chairman in 1991, Cayman Yachts starts with a 30 foot model, delivered in seventy examples in ten years of production.  In the beginning and up till 1995 the Cayman models are produced at Mochi Craft, although the brand has always remained a separate entity.  In 1996 Cayman opens its production facility in La Spezia, the Cantieri Navali del Tirreno and launching the 38 Walk Around model designed by Nuvolari Lenard which was the start of good things to come. Nuvolari Lenard will design all the Cayman models till the 50 Fly launched in 2007, with two other models coming in between the entrance of Carlo Trezzi which debuts with the design of the 75 HT in 2008. In 2011 following the Great 2009 Recession Cayman goes under bankruptcy protection, closing its doors in 2012.  In 2016 Cayman is bought by Flag Marine, restarting production in 2017 with the new S450, which is followed a year later by the F920, Cayman largest build to date.  During nearly its first two decades Cayman design philosophy was that of a sport cruiser and yacht with sportfish design solutions for an all free space aft deck, with practical and safe deep walk around side decks as added on the 38 WA which launched in 1996.  Cayman Yachts will use this design up until the 54 WA HT it launched in 2008.  Following this model and the launch of the 75 HT project Cayman starts following a sportier design language.  Cayman currently offers eleven models divided into four ranges; Sport, Flybridge, Navetta, and Walk Around. Cayman range starts from the 2017 presented S450, and goes up to the 2018 launched F920 flagship, while its new 2023 models are the S600 and 540WA, with the N580 still being a project.  Cayman Yachts new website takes you around with the following buttons; Home. About, Fleet, Pre Owned, News and Events, Dealer, and Contacts.  Cayman Yachts is also on social media with bottom button links taking you to its; Facebook Twitter, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin pages. 
Production History:
30 Fly 1991-2003 (70) includes 30 Sport
30 WA 1995-2002 (70) includes 30 Fly
38 WA 1996-98 (50) includes 40 WA  Nuvolari Lenard design
40 WA 1999-04 (50) includes 38 WA
42 Fly 1999-12 (100+-)
43 WA  HT 2000-11 (100+-)
55 WA 2000-02
38 Fly 2001-11 *36 Fly project
38 WA HT 2001-11 *36 WA project
58 WA HT 2003-08
48 WA HT 2003-07
52 WA HT 2004-07
62 Fly/Bridge 2004/10-12
54 WA HT 2008
50 Fly 2007-12
75 HT 2008- (5  Carlo Trezzi design
50 WA HT 2009-11
62 HT/S640 2009/18-  *60HT project
70 Fly 2009-12
57 HT 2012 *55 HT project
S450 2017-  Flag Marine ownership
F920 2018- (1  Ferragni design
F520 2019-
S520 2020-
400WA 2021-
F580 2022-
S600 2023-  *S580 project
540WA 2023-