October 20, 2010

Improve-it = Linssen 25.9 Grand Sturdy

Linssen Yachts takes a course of innovation introducing a 25.9 Grand Sturdy with a hybrid propulsion system. For this improved unique 25.9 Grand Sturdy Linssen adopted the new Mastervolt E Power which uses the DriveMaster 7.5 Ultra electric motor, combined with a 48 V Mass Combi, and four LI-ION batteries what becomes a particularly efficient drive system. The DriveMaster arrangement is backed up by one of Mastervolt’s proven 3kW Whisper Generators to cope with the power demands of serious cruising and longer voyages. When travelling slowly, the main arrangement will provide up to eight hours of relaxed, fully electric cruising facilitated by the lack of vibration, engine noise or exhaust fumes. At cruising speed, the range is around 3 hours without generator backup. At the end of the day on the water, manoeuvring into a berth becomes a pleasure, helped by the high torque provided at lower engine revs. Another integral part of the electric propulsion system being installed on the 25.9 Grand Sturdy hybrid version is Mastervolt’s 48 V Mass Combi combined battery charger and inverter. This intelligent power management system combines a sophisticated battery charger with a pure sine wave inverter. On the Linssen 25.9 Grand Sturdy, it will ensure smooth battery charging and drive power when the boat is using the Mastervolt Whisper Generator for extra motoring range.

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