December 31, 2020

Monthly News - December 2020

-pic of the month- Back Cove 200th 37

Amer and Volvo Collaborate Towards Sustainability

As part of the Nobel Week events at Nobel House in Sanremo, Italian boatbuilder, Amer Yachts, presented Volvo Penta with the results of an independent study on underwater noise. Reducing underwater noise is a key sustainability focus for Volvo Penta and the results of this study will help inform future work. Volvo Penta recently announced that it was accelerating its sustainability aims in line with the Volvo Group’s new ambitions – to be a net-zero emissions company by 2050, at the latest. The Volvo Group has now also committed to the Science-Based Target Initiative (SBTI). To support these objectives Volvo Penta is accelerating its efforts to reach zero emissions and be a leader in sustainable power solutions. One of the focus areas in the Volvo Penta sustainability plan is underwater noise – which has adverse effects on marine life, particularly marine mammals. Amer Yachts and Volvo Penta have been close partners for many years. Both companies have shared sustainability values and they have worked together to realize them. Recently, Cetena, an Italian research company in the maritime sector, conducted a study on noise pollution on behalf of Amer Yachts. The study analyzed the underwater noise generated by Amer 94 and Amer 100 while navigating – both equipped with Volvo Penta Inboard Performace System (IPS). Barbara Amerio, owner of Amer Yachts, presented the results as a “gift for the future” to Andrea Piccione, Volvo Penta Sales Manager for Italy. The ceremony highlighted the combined effort of both companies’ journey into sustainable yachting. “Sustainability is important to our philosophy and we have been working hard to bring a change in the yachting industry for several years as we know that yacht-builders are important players in changing customers’ attitudes,” says Barbara.

Azimut Benetti World Leading Superyacht Builder Again

The Global Order Book 2021, the ranking published each year by highly reputed UK magazine Boat International to report on industry trends for yachts over 24 metres in length, based on actual order data, has recognised Azimut|Benetti Group as the world’s top superyacht builder, with 100 projects over 80 feet totalling 3,521 metres in length.  The report by Boat International took account of work at 179 shipyards worldwide where yachts over 24 metres in length are built, revealing that top ranking Azimut Benetti has a 12% share of the market in this segment based on the 821 projects analysed, with a lead over the second ranking player of 16% in terms of number of projects and 432 metres by length.  This recognition takes on a special meaning this year when we remember the difficulties faced over the last 12 months by the yachting industry, like the economy as a whole, as a result of the crisis caused by the pandemic.  On this subject, it is important to remember not only how quickly and effectively the Group responded to a complex situation, but most importantly its determination to continue to invest steadily in the development of new products. This decision has been repaid by the arrival on the market of models that have been admired and bought “on paper” before even touching the water, like Benetti’s Oasis 40M, with 12 units sold just two months after the yacht’s debut, and the Azimut Yachts Trideck, which has already sold five units before the official presentation. Great success also for Benetti’s steel and aluminium production, with a special focus on the B.Now, B.YOND and Custom categories. Other than the recent sales of 2 B.Yond 37M and 3 B.Now 50M, 6 custom yachts, 60-meter and over in length and with steel hull, are currently under construction at the Benetti shipyard in Livorno.  Azimut|Benetti’s leadership is therefore the result of the Group’s historical assets – ongoing research into innovative approaches, the drive to introduce cutting-edge technology, financial solidity and, last but not least, a close-knit global distribution and assistance network – as well as the ability to anticipate owners’ expectations, which include a growing concern for sustainability issues.  A final crucial factor from a geographical perspective is Azimut|Benetti’s high profile in the most important regions for super yacht sales, like the United States, where the Group has been market leader for years, as well as in particularly promising ones, as South East Asian countries are proving to be.  “We dedicate this win to everyone in our company and to our customers, whose confidence in us fills us with gratitude and honour,” said Giovanna Vitelli, Group Executive Vice President, continuing: “A challenging season awaits us, but we have got off to the best of starts, with an already sizeable order book (80% Benetti and 60% Azimut Yachts) and a total of 9 products in the pipeline with launches planned over the next 10 months.”

Azimut Wins Boat Builder for Business Achievement

This special edition of the Boat Builder Awards for Business Achievement, organised for the first time as a digital event, saw the creation of new categories to focus attention on the yachting industry’s response to the complexities caused by the pandemic.  Against this unusual backdrop, Azimut Yachts was singled out for its remarkable ability to innovate and adapt, demonstrating that it knows how to rise to and win a challenge by developing new communication and business development tools. And in fact, the company received an award for its Azimut Yachts Virtual Lounge in the category Exceptional Commercial Achievement in an Unprecedented Year, dedicated to businesses that have developed strategies and initiatives to protect their activities and the people involved in them, successfully emerging from this period of difficulty in a position of strength. The Virtual Lounge is a one-of-a-kind digital container, implemented on an ongoing basis and in record time with videos, technical data sheets and in-depth analysis, aiming to keep the relationship with customers alive even in times of lockdown and social distancing. The judges were struck in particular by the versatility of the Virtual Lounge tool, which Azimut Yachts used to organise its first e-Boat Show (from May 27 to 30, 2020), at which product presentations were supported and enhanced by a live chat service that led to the online sale of an Azimut S6.  Moreover, Azimut Yachts was awarded with an honourable mention in the Community Support Initiative category dedicated to everyone who has shown their commitment to social responsibility by investing resources, expertise and production capacity to help the wider community in a time of difficulty. The company struck a chord with the judges for its deep ties with local communities and for having successfully and speedily launched an initiative to distribute kits of personal protective equipment to hospitals, municipalities, voluntary associations and other local entities, as well as in neighbourhood supermarkets operating in the geographical areas where the company works, i.e. Piemonte, Liguria, Tuscany and Marche. In this way, Azimut Yachts again confirms its focus on local communities and its commitment to people in these areas, for whom it represents not only a storied point of reference, but also a source of pride.  The award for Exceptional Commercial Achievement in an Unprecedented Year was virtually collected by Federico Lantero, Azimut|Benetti Group Product Marketing and Communication Director. Francesco Boromei, Azimut|Benetti Group Chief Marketing Officer, received the honourable mention and thanked not only the extraordinary team who helped the brand win this important award but also the organisers from Metrade, who with the support of IBI successfully gave the event a highly topical and original twist.

Azimut New Dealer in Vietnam

Azimut Yachts has named Tam Son Yachting as its authorised dealer in Vietnam, a South East Asia market where interest in luxury yachting is on the rise.  As part of the Openasia Group, a multi-industry investment group founded in Vietnam in 1994, Tam Son Yachting has gained a wealth of experience through its management of a number of tourist marinas and a technical servicing centre, working with prestigious international companies from the marine world. It offers boat owners a fully integrated range of services from consultation for those considering purchasing a yacht through to boat management, technical and other service support, together with concierge solutions.  The appointment of Tam Son Yachting further consolidates the Italian group’s creation of an extensive distribution network in South East Asia that began some years ago. Following on from excellent results in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, Azimut Yachts was quick to recognise the opportunity to open up a new market with enormous growth potential. With a first-rate distribution and service network across the region, the brand is now more equipped than ever to deliver boat owners a 360-degree luxury experience.  Filippo Tomasoni, Azimut Yachts Sales Manager for East Asia, Oceania & Africa, and instrumental in creating this new dealership, confirms the importance of the move: “We are delighted to enter into this partnership with Tam Son Yachting. Their experience in the area will be invaluable in developing a market that we see as extremely promising”.

Back Cove 200th 37

In the summer of 2008, plans were announced for the Back Cove 37, which would become the company’s flagship model and herald a new generation of Back Cove design. Before the Back Cove 37, the lineup consisted of Back Cove’s foundational model, the Back Cove 29, as well as the Back Cove 26 and Back Cove 33. Since its founding five years before, these models had established the company’s sterling reputation for quality, low-maintenance cruising yachts. Now, customers were asking for a little more, and the Back Cove Design Team was ready to answer the call.  True to Back Cove’s founding principles, the new Back Cove 37 would feature a plaining hull powered by a single inboard diesel, with operator-friendly features and simple but robust systems. She would also offer two dedicated staterooms and a fully enclosed “sedan style” helm deck that could be fully opened to the cockpit via a revolutionary door system. If this doesn’t sound familiar, it should these distinct features can be found, albeit in updated form, aboard the new Back Cove 39O outboard. In this way, you could call the Back Cove 37 “ahead of her time,” and with that forward-thinking aesthetic, she made a triumphant entrance into an otherwise troubled market.  The Back Cove 37 made her debut at the 2009 Miami International Boat Show, at the start of a profound recession, and the Back Cove Team was more than a little concerned about launching a new model at a time when many boatbuilders were struggling to “stay afloat.” Over the next ten months, Back Cove delivered nine more 37s into dealer inventory as the economy fought to correct itself.  Despite the many challenges that the boating industry faced during this troubled period, the Back Cove 37 seemed to rise above it all. She quickly made her way onto magazine covers and earned glowing reviews and ecstatic customers in every corner of the globe, literally. Hull #004 would make her way to Sydney, Australia, hull #005 to Monaco, and hull #006 found a home in San Diego, California. By the next Miami International Boat Show in February of 2010, all the stock boats were sold, the recession was beginning to lift, and the Back Cove 37 began year-two of a run that has gone uninterrupted for the last ten years.  Bentley Collins, Back Cove’s VP of Sales and Marketing, offered this funny sidebar about the original launch of the Back Cove 37:  “Our Head of Design, Kevin Burns, and I, picked up hull one to deliver her from the boatyard on the Miami River to the boat show at Sea Isle Marina. After getting underway for about a quarter of a mile, the engine stalled, and we couldn’t restart it. So, being enterprising “Mainahs,” we used the bow and stern thrusters to maneuver the boat back to the marina, moving sideways with bursts of power from the bow and then the stern thruster. After avoiding the commercial traffic on the river for a while, we realized that the main fuel valve had been closed off for shipping from Maine to Miami! It was certainly an interesting first run, for what would become our most enduring design.” Bentley Collins  Eleven years later, late in the fall of 2020, the 200th Back Cove 37 was shipped into dealer inventory at Bay Marine’s Chicago Yachting Center. Back Cove’s Production Team acknowledged the achievement by signing the underside of a salon drawer as a memento to her future owners. Back Cove has also begun planning festivities in Waukegan, Illinois, to celebrate this milestone achievement. The event will be scheduled, and details released when weather and social health guidelines allow.  The Back Cove 37 shepherded a new generation of Back Cove yachts and has earned the love and respect of boaters the world over. Her legacy extends even into Back Cove’s new outboard models, and her practical and elegant design principles will continue to guide Back Cove Yachts in the years to come. This astounding success would not have been possible without the support of an extended family of associates, owners, dealerships, and friends, for which they have Back Cove’s deepest thanks.

Ferretti Custom Line Record Year

In a very unusual year, Custom Line reports a significant rise in its order book and continues to win over more and more owners and enthusiasts. This trend is confirmed by recent sales of a remarkable seven yachts in the period from September to November, joining the previous five orders booked during the summer.  Over 200 metres of yachts sold in three months is a result that shows just how appealing the masterpieces created by Custom Line are to owners all over the world. The brand owes this success to its ability to build innovative yachts that are trend setters on the international yachting scene for their style, functional design, space and attention to detail, with guarantees of comfort at sea, safety and customisation. All this in conjunction with ongoing research to ensure that owners and their families have an enjoyable experience at sea and an on-board lifestyle characterised by total privacy.  These latest sales underscore the outstanding commercial success of Custom Line yachts in the 30 to 42-metre range and their excellence in terms of comfort, technology and design.  In 2020, in fact, a total of 15 Custom Line yachts were launched, including the eagerly awaited Navetta 30, a product of the brand’s new collaboration with architect Filippo Salvetti for the exteriors and design firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel for the interiors.  All this has been made possible by the ongoing work and constant dedication of the entire Custom Line team, keeping the focus on the customer throughout all stages of production, launch and delivery, and then subsequently with after sales services.  These seven new jewels of the sea will be built at the Ferretti Group Superyacht Yard in Ancona, where the Custom Line shipyard is located.

Ferretti Group Wins Boat Builder of Year Awards

Ferretti Group scores another success, this time for maintaining its focus even during the health emergency on the local areas where it operates and for making an important contribution to local communities. The “A Wave of Caring” project has generated significant resources and donations to support the healthcare system, which has been under huge pressure during the pandemic.  Yesterday afternoon, December 10, during the online event organised by Metstrade and the magazine IBI (International Boating Industry), the jury assigned the award in the new “Community Support Initiative” category to the project, recognising the value of the campaign promoted by Ferretti Group to support all the hospitals in the Italian regions where its shipyards are located.  Awarded for the first time this year, the prize is assigned to the shipyard and the employees who have shown outstanding social awareness by directing resources, expertise and production capacity to help a local community during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Ferretti Group, as well as making important donations to all the hospitals in the cities where the group’s shipyards are located, also launched the “A Wave of Caring” project on its websites and social channels. The campaign, produced by creative agency Arachno, featured an image of the wake of a boat drawing a heart, a symbol of solidarity, accompanied by an invitation to donate to hospitals and intensive care units in the Milan, Cattolica, Forlì, Mondolfo, La Spezia, Bergamo and Ancona areas.  The project pooled the resources of a sizeable group of stakeholders (from shipyards to dealers and the general public) and involved a broad range of people whose donations to local hospitals were used to buy new intensive care equipment and bolster the healthcare system.  This award is a cause for great satisfaction at Ferretti Group, because it further highlights the yacht maker’s social commitment and is dedicated to the community and everyone who has made a donation to support the campaign.

Formula New Virtual Boat Show Page

Now you can virtually explore a dozen luxury Formula models on the new Virtual Boat Show page!  This exciting new feature will include a virtual tour page, photo gallery, video gallery and systems operation videos! With just a click away all your Formula dreams can come true!

Greenline Supplies First Electric Charter Fleet

Greenline Yachts, the worldwide leader in alternative propulsion motorboats, has teamed up with Canal Boats Telemark AS in Norway, W-Yachts and Torqeedo to create the first 100% electric charter fleet in the world.  Canal Boats Telemark will operate six new Greenlines - two 33s and four 39s - all fitted with the shipyard’s revolutionary EDrive system, which was launched at Boot Düsseldorf in 2019. Since then, full electric Greenlines have been sold all over the world including to the USA, Germany and Russia.  Thanks to their bank of lithium batteries and electric motors, the Greenline 33 and 39 can cruise silently and without any emissions at a speed of 7 knots and to a top speed of 11 knots. With their battery capacity of 80kWh, they have a range of up to 40nm on a single charge.  Located in the picturesque surroundings of southern Norway, Porsgrunn is close to an international airport and ferry connection with Denmark and just three minutes’ walk from the local train station. This popular vacation destination boasts a stunning coastline and the exceptionally beautiful Telemark Canal with its impressive locks, imposing mountains and dense forest to the west.  Crucially, thanks to a grant from Enova SF, a subsidiary of the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment, Canal Boats Telemarks believes that the Telemark Canal and surrounding coastline will become the first cruising grounds in the world to have a network of charging points specifically designed for boats. Like Tesla has done with its supercharger network, this will revolutionise electric boating in the area and hopefully serve as a blueprint for marine electrification in other parts of the world.  Luca Raumland, Head of Sales and Marketing at Greenline Yachts, says: “We are so excited to see the growing demand of alternative propulsion systems that our boats can provide. Since the beginning of 2020 we have built more than 60% of our production with either electric or hybrid propulsion and the forecast for 2021 is even higher, which is a positive sign that consumers are opening their minds to more efficient and sustainable ways of powering their boats.”  Greenline Yachts launched its first hybrid H Drive model in 2008 and has since become the market leader in hybrid motorboats.  Nora Sjögren Johre, CEO of Canal Boats Telemark says: “With the establishment of Canal Boats Telemark and a charging infrastructure we’re hoping that more people will be able to buy a boat that receives energy from renewable energy.”  We also believe that the Telemark Canal and the Telemark coastline will become one of the main green destinations in Norway.”  Vladimir Zinchenko, CEO and owner of Greenline Yachts, says: “We see a very exciting future in sustainable energy on boats and big steps such as this partnership with Canal Boats Telemark bring us a bit closer to emission free boating.”  The Canal Boats Telemark website will be open for booking from December 2020 and the rental season will begin in May 2021.

Jarrett Bay Sponsors Carteret Public School

Katherine "Kelly" Huffman was named the 2020-2021 Carteret County Public School System Beginning Teacher of the Year. Ms. Huffman is an agriculture education teacher at Croatan High School and serves as a co-advisor for the school’s FFA Chapter. Ms. Huffman also received a check from Jarrett Bay Boatworks Vice President of Administration and Development Ed Stack. Jarrett Bay is the county sponsor of the Beginning Teacher of the Year award which is hosted by the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching.

Jarrett Bay in North Carolina Governors Cup

Congratulations to several Jarrett Bay teams who took top honours in this year's North Carolina Governor's Cup!  Heaviest Blue Marlin (535.4 lbs) - Hull 22, Inspiration. 2nd Heaviest Blue Marlin (495 lbs) - Hull 23, Sea Striker, 2nd Place Dolphin (33.5 lbs) - Hull 11, Bill Collector, and Top Girl Junior Angler - Hull 11, Bill Collector.

Pardo Choose Wise Equity as Majority Share Holder

Wise Equity, the management company for the Wisequity V Fund, announces the acquisition of 60% of Cantiere del Pardo, an Italian group operating in the production and commercialization of sailing and motor boats and owner of the brands Grand Soleil Yachts, Pardo Yachts and VanDutch.  This is the third deal of the Wisequity V Fund, that last year raised €260 million in less than two months since its launch.  Cantiere del Pardo is an historical Italian shipyard. Founded in 1973, it has established itself as one of the main players of modern yachting, always offering its loyal customers boats with elegant and innovative designs combined with high racing performance and superior quality. The shipyard achieved about € 58 million in 2019/2020 and the order book for 2020/2021 projects a growth above 25%.  With this deal, Gigi Servidati and Fabio Planamente wanted to open the capital structure to an historical Italian private equity player, aiming at continuing the path they started in 2014, when they took over the shipyard’s management. In these 6 years the shipyard has launched 8 new sailing boat models, introducing the Grand Soleil Long Cruise line, and has entered the motorboat segment presenting 4 new models and recently acquiring the VanDutch brand. In the coming years, with the current management at helm of the shipyard, the objective will be to continue to invest both in the offer of sailing boats and in the development of the powerboat segment. The goal, in line with the history of Cantiere del Pardo, is on one hand to strengthen the leadership in the 30-80 feet segment and, on the other hand, to evaluate opportunities for expansion in other segments. In addition, management will pursue opportunities to acquire brands complementary and synergic with the current offer of Cantiere del Pardo, replicating the recent VanDutch brand acquisition.  The deal was overseen by Wise Equity partner Michele Semenzato together with Bruno Barago as investment manager.

Pearl Rewarding Rewards

Luxury motoryacht builder Pearl Yachts, which has grown slowly but surely over the past 20-plus years, is presently enjoying worldwide acclaim on several fronts. The brand and its striking models, all of which are designed by Bill Dixon and have interiors by celebrity stylist Kelly Hoppen, have won multiple awards in recent months and are on nominee shortlists for several more.  Most recently, both the Pearl 62 and Pearl 95 were category winners at the virtual Oceanway China Yacht Show in Hong Kong. Plus, the Pearl 95 earned a special credit as ‘Most Popular Superyacht from 24-40m’.  Moreover, the Pearl 62 has just been announced as a finalist in the ‘Flybridges Over 50ft’ category at the upcoming 2021 Motor Boat Awards. These widely respected awards are judged annually by the editorial team at the UK monthly magazine Motor Boat & Yachting and are usually declared in early January.  Plus the 62 is one of five brand new yachts nominated for a 2021 European Powerboat of the Year Award in the ‘Up to 20m’ category. With the results announced in late January, normally at a gala held on the first evening of the annual Boot Dusseldorf show, but this year virtually, these prestigious annual awards are presented by eight of the continent’s most prominent boating media titles – namely Boote (Germany), Boatmag. it (Italy), Batmagasinet (Norway), Marina. ch (Switzerland, Motorboat (The Netherlands), Nautica y Yates (Spain), Neptune (France) and Yachtrevue (Austria) – each of which contributes senior members of its editorial teams for the rigorous judging sessions.  Last but by no means least, back in September, the Pearl 62 won ‘Best Layout’ in the ‘45-65ft’ category of the 2020 World Yachts Trophies.  “We are honoured at the recognition from the international yachting media,” says Pearl Yachts’ managing director Iain Smallridge. “We know we compete well with the biggest production motoryacht builders in the world on a day-to-day basis, but it is very gratifying to know that, beyond our own small, dedicated Pearl team and our loyal customer base, others also appreciate all our hard work.”

Riviera Rewards Talented Apprentices

Australia’s largest luxury motor yacht builder Riviera has announced five winners in its Apprentice of the Year awards for 2020, showcasing the depth of talent within the company’s workforce.  The Riviera honours bestowed on these younger members of the team complement the recently announced TAFE Apprentice of the Year and the AIMEX Apprentice of the Year awards for a further three Riviera apprentices recognised for excellence in their respective boatbuilding crafts.  All of the award-winning apprentices have a shared drive and determination found across Riviera’s 600-strong team, namely a passion for creating the best luxurious blue-water motor yachts.  The Riviera Apprentice of the Year winners are: Joel Neucom (fourth-year apprentice); Miguel Drescher-Paler (third-year apprentice); Zack Tagget (second-year apprentice); and Joe Moxey and Jake Smith (joint winners of the first-year apprentice category).  In the separate TAFE Apprentice of the Year awards announced recently, Albert Michell was named first-year apprentice winner for marine craft construction. Kial Lundin-Bingham, a third-year marine craft construction apprentice, was a finalist in these awards.  Another Riviera apprentice, Lauren Abbott, won an Australian Industry Trade College (AITC) award for her skills as a school-based cabinet-making apprentice.  Riviera boatbuilding apprentice Bailey Sivyer was also honoured as a finalist in this year’s inaugural AIMEX Apprentice of the Year category.  Fourth-year apprentice winner Joel Neucom is a previous Riviera Apprentice of the Year winner after taking the honours in his first year of training in timber and composites machining. Now fully qualified in his trade, Joel’s passion for creating motor yachts of distinction has grown over the years.  “Starting with raw timber and creating something beautiful from it gives me a lot of satisfaction,” said Joel. “It’s very hands on and I especially enjoy seeing that perfect finish when the boat is launched.”  Joel’s role at Riviera showcases the specialist approach the company takes at each stage of the building process. The finely crafted timber Joel produces is progressed to the cabinetmakers who then create the superbly detailed furniture found in Riviera’s luxury motor yachts.  “We are all proud to be working at Riviera, and our focus on quality and accountability of each tradesperson directly reflects the quality of what we do,” said Joel.  “I reckon there isn’t a better place to start your career in the marine industry than as an apprentice at Riviera.”  Third-year engineering apprentice winner Miguel Drescher-Paler is another dual award winner after taking second-year apprentice honours in 2019.  “There’s a great team atmosphere at Riviera and that shows in the workmanship and effort everyone puts into their trade,” said Miguel.  During his apprenticeship, Miguel also undertook a leadership course presented by Riviera for select apprentices which has enhanced his personal and professional development.  “I have learned so much more than I could have ever imagined through my apprenticeship and it has given me the confidence to accept a team-leader role in my area of work,” he said.  All apprentices are required to participate in Riviera’s unique Propel program which provides combined education in work and life skills such as leadership, accountability, communication, personal relationships and money management.  Second-year marine craft construction apprentice Zack Tagget appreciates the new-found confidence he has gained through both the Propel program and his job at Riviera. His role involves the building and fit-out of the superstructure of Riviera motor yachts and he is looking forward to a long-term career with the company.  “The job we do is quite unique because there aren’t too many places where you can build awesome motor yachts of 60 feet or more. The work I do is really interesting and so rewarding,” said Zack.  “Questions are always encouraged at Riviera, and that’s an important part of the team culture. We work collaboratively and that makes it a great place to work.  “I put a lot of energy into everything that I do, and Riviera has excellent quality systems in place to make sure every element of each motor yacht is completed perfectly.”  Electrotechnology apprentices Joe Moxey and Jake Smith appreciate the shared honours in the first-year category of this year’s awards. After one year into their respective apprenticeships, they have developed a new-found enthusiasm for learning.  “I have this habit of trying to get things perfect every time,” said Joe. “We see it in the work of every member of our team and in the motor yachts we build. The people who know Riviera know what we do and that gives us a sense of pride every time a finished boat is lowered into the water for the first time.”  Jake Smith is motivated to learn more after being honoured in the Riviera awards this year.  “Riviera is a great place for learning because we are always expected to complete tasks well above a standard quality,” said Jake. “Working as a team makes that even easier because everyone is there to support one another to create motor yachts that people really appreciate.”  Riviera is currently expanding the apprenticeships on offer for 2021 with the inclusion of fitter/welder and varnish apprenticeships.  “We continue to look for new apprentices to join our team as boatbuilders and composite technicians,” said Riviera’s safety and training manager Adam Houlahan.   Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst paid tribute to all apprentices who received awards and recognition this year.  “These young members of our team are the genesis of the next generation of master boat builders for our industry,” said Mr Longhurst.  “It is with great pride that we acknowledge the support of the exceptional team at Riviera who provide high quality training, mentoring and support that encourages each of our apprentices to excel in their careers and in life generally.  “This is the foundation of our philosophy that to build world-class luxury motor yachts, we must train and create world-class craftsmen and women.”

Riviera Australasian Rewards Excellence

Riviera’s New Zealand representative R Marine Flagship has finished the year on a positive note after being name the Australasian Dealer of the Year for 2020. The Auckland-based dealership won multiple awards announced this week by Riviera, Australia’s largest luxury motor yacht builder. These include Service Excellence by a Dealership, Sales Excellence by a Dealership and Sales Excellence by an Individual, presented to Sam Fenwick. Service Excellence by an Individual was awarded to Travis Edney, of R Marine Crawley on the Gold Coast. It is the second consecutive year Mr Edney has been honoured in this category. With travel restrictions still in place, R Marine Flagship representatives were present via video link when the awards were announced at Riviera’s Gold Coast headquarters. Riviera motor yacht owner and New Zealand boating identity Lance Fink surprised the R Marine Flagship team by personally presenting the awards on behalf of Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst to the team gathered at the dealership’s Auckland service office as they were announced.

Sunreef Wins the Oceanway China Yachts Award

Sunreef Yachts' luxury power catamaran the 80 Sunreef Power triumphed at the prestigious 2020 Oceanway China Yachts Awards, winning in the Best Catamaran Layout category.  The award was received by Sunreef Yachts representatives and exclusive broker for China Speedo Marine on Friday December 11th during an online gala organized by the Oceanway Magazine.  The 80 Sunreef Power is a universal multihull yacht for long cruises in ultimate comfort. Taking luxury and seaworthiness to a new dimension, this dynamic and elegant craft redefines the authentic power catamaran design. Her smart fully-customizable layout welcomes guests on board in supreme comfort.

Viking at Dust'em Off Sailing Warmup

Congratulations to Reel Captivating on a 2nd Place Overall finish at the Dust’em Off Sailfish Warmup. The team, fishing Wayne Jenkins’ Viking 62, released eight sails for the honours. Angler Ben Davis, with captain Travis Ralph at the wheel, released four sails to claim 2nd Place Angler. The crew fishing Todd Willard’s Viking 48 Fish On released six sails for 3rd Place Overall. Captain Mike Hunter put angler Dawn Samuels on a pair of sails to take the Top Lady Angler award. Dawn was fishing on her family’s Viking 66 Princess Lily. 

Wajer Expansion

The large number of Wajers with home berths in the Mediterranean Sea region led us to look for a local winter storage. We have now found a property in Le Muy (South of France) where we can offer our Winter Care services and store over 50 Wajers while our technical team prepares them for the next sailing season.  Our facilities have been expanded in the Netherlands, too, with the opening of a 4,000-square-metre production hall. This is related to our new and larger Wajer, more information on which will be shared soon. 

December 30, 2020

Project: Azimut 53 Fly

Azimut announced the 53, a sixteen meter motor yacht which will be the second smallest offer in its popular top selling Flybridge Collection.  The 53 Fly was presented during Azimut's annual press conference at what is usually the start of the fall boat show season.  The Azimut 53 Flybridge sees Alberto Mancini enter into the smaller sizes of Azimut range, after designing the 78 Flybridge, S8, and Grande S10.  For the Azimut 53 the Italian designer will follow somewhat similar lines to that of the 78 model, in a racy sporty profile which the builder says hide the real volumes of this sixteen meter flybridge motor yacht.  Azimut has in the past presented racy looking flybridge motor yachts from the popular 98/100 Leonardo, to the 62/64 models. The details of the 53 are still mostly under wraps, but thanks to the series of videos which launched with part one on November 27 we do know that it will have an astern galley layout.  Power and propulsion details are still unknown, though considering that the 78 is with IPS pod drives I would not be surprised to see the switch in this model and then a revamp in all the flybridge series up to the 78.   

December 29, 2020

Explorer Yacht Gets Caught Into Electrical Cables

A new Sundeck 700 explorer yacht gets caught in an electrical cables while on road delivery on Tuesday 29 December in Fano at around 1130 hours.  The accident short circuited some of the electrical systems of the Sundeck explorer yacht resulting in a principle for a fire hazard, immediately controlled by the fire fighting squad.  No one was injured, but parts of the neighbourhood surrounding the area of the accident had no electricity for some hours.  
The Sundeck 700 is a new model by the Italian yacht builder, designed as all the line by Zuccheri.  Currently the 700 is the largest model build to date by Sundeck, though the shipyard has a project for an 850 in the works.  The Sundeck 700 is a semi custom build and is offered in four or five guest cabins layouts, with two crew cabins. Standard power for the Sundeck 700 is by twin Man or Cats 850hp engines, with optional 1000hp units being available.   

December 28, 2020

New Model: Fountaine Pajot Power 67

Fountaine Pajot elevates luxury and makes sailing at sea a  refined experience, with its new Power flagship model the 67.  Designed for long-distance getaways, beautiful cruises or simply for the pleasure of welcoming guests, the Power 67 comes powered by standard twin 300hp engines, delivering a range of 1700 nautical miles, thanks to its hull design and 4000 litres of fuel on board.  The Power 67 with its elegant and innovative design, offers a state-of-the-art living environment. With its rounded, asymmetrical lines, this luxury power catamaran catches the eye and conveys a sense of intrepid power. Its volumes impress by the ingenuity of the layout and the volume.  Centre stage is the cosy atmosphere of its cockpit adjoining the lounge and its various sunbathing areas, its kitchen equipped with a griddle and its huge reception area. Other notable areas are the flybridge and the optional jacuzzi in the front lounge.  The Power 67 is available in two galley versions: in the passageway or built into the saloon.  Below is also two versions with the owner’s version, offering a private apartment style layout, equipped with a large dressing room and an Italian-style bathroom with two finely designed washbasins.  
Technical Data:
LOA - 19.69 m (64.6ft)
Beam - 9.84 m
Draft - 1.15 m
Displacement - 31.5 t unloaded, 47.3 t loaded
Fuel Capacity - 4000 l
Water Capacity - 1050 l
Accommodation - eight guests in four cabins, or ten guests in five cabins
Engines - 2 x Volvo 300hp, optional 480hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Range - 1700 nm at economic cruise
Project - Berret-Racoupeau

December 24, 2020

Improve-It = Maritimo M64

Released in 2016 Australian manufacturer Maritimo’s mighty second in size flybridge motor yacht model the M64 receives important updates and improvements in 2020. A milestone model for Maritimo in 2020 it sold over thirty yachts together with the hull sharing M70 flagship model.  The latest 2020 edition M64 comes with a range of design refinements including integrated hull side panoramic windows with ports and an optional targa design. The performance and efficiency Maritimo is able to achieve its models can be attributed to an evolutionary approach to hull design with traditional reliable and easy to service straight shaft drive propulsion.  The four years plus produced Maritimo M64 offers a three cabins three heads interior, and is standard powered by twin Volvo 900hp engines.

December 23, 2020

Riviera Yacht Ends Aground Near Tamaki River

A fifteen meter Riviera sport fish yacht with two persons onboard ended aground and on the rocks near the Tāmaki River entrance, off St Heliers Beach in Auckland on 23rd December. The two people onboard where rescued with no injuries, while the yacht did not cause any environmental or pollution damage.  According to unconfirmed news the Riviera yacht was a day later pillaged to some of its equipment even though it was reported as locked.  The Riviera Yacht was salvaged on the 29 December.
The Riviera in this grounding is a 51 Enclosed Bridge produced from 2008 to 2015.  The Riviera 51 Enclosed Bridge was powered by twin 715hp with triple Volvo 435hp with IPS options coming with the series II in 2008.  Offering a three double cabins layout, Riviera build a total of 181 51's replacing it with the more yacht 53 Enclosed Flybridge in 2011.

December 22, 2020

Project: Sunreef Power 60

The 60 Sunreef Power is a versatile and modern yacht offering extreme comfort, seaworthiness and complete freedom for customization. With her contemporary and sporty look, she follows the design guidelines of Sunreef Yachts new Power range.  A smart and easily manoeuvred luxury power catamaran, the Power 60 is a perfect choice for navigating both with and without crew.  With her impressive ten meters beam, the 60 Sunreef Power boasts a vast, semi-open saloon. Blending seamlessly with the aft cockpit, the interior main deck lounging and dining space is entirely customizable and filled with sunlight from both the skylight and panoramic glazing. The generous volumes within the hulls of the 60 Sunreef Power can be easily customized to match any navigation plan and lifestyle.  The alfresco relaxation areas of the yacht include a large bow terrace and an aft cockpit with plenty of space for dining and lounging. The aft hydraulic platform provides a fantastic spot for sunning and enjoying water sports. With an unmatched level of comfort, the flybridge of the 60 Sunreef Power can house a spa pool, a bar, a dining area and oversized sunpads. Thanks to an innovative aft garage and aft platform, the 60 Sunreef Power takes her tender, jet ski and toys anywhere she goes.  The Sunreef Power 60 can be powered with various choices ftom twin 350hp up to 850hp, and is also to be available in the solar panel filled energy saving Eco version.

December 20, 2020

New Launch: Rossinavi 48.80m FR041

Italian shipyard Rossinavi is proud to announce the delivery of FR041 titled m/y EIV, a full-custom 48.80m superyacht previously called as Project Vector commissioned by a U.S. client introduced by superyacht broker Dean Anthony of Allied Marine's Superyacht Division. Previously known as Project Vector 50, FR041 is a fusion of Rossinavi’s expertise, Italian interior and exterior design by Venice-based studio Team for Design of Enrico Gobbi plus technological and mechanical components from the United States. Key components and mechanical features as well as the electrical system are made in the USA and US-standard, since the vessel will be based in US and Caribbean waters. The attention to US standards is also applied to its ergonomic function and elegant interiors, a response to the clients desire and the growing interest in Rossinavi from the American market. A sport design project with the ergonomic space of a full-displacement yacht, FR041 incorporates technical advancements including a shallow draft of just over two meters and perfect stability that allows it to easily cruise in the Bahamas and South Florida waters. The unique elements that make this Rossinavi 48 meter one of a kind are its neat lines and balanced proportions that naturally connect to the elements bearing stylish details. Inspired by elements of the automotive industry such as the air vent grills of a sport coupé, FR041 boasts a well-proportioned and slender silhouette enriched by continuous glass surfaces. Despite its sleek volume, FR041 embodies an impressively spacious interior layout that can accommodate up to an owner’s party of eight in four generous double cabins, situated on the lower deck and each one with en-suite facilities. The full beam master suite is located at the front of the main deck and includes an intimate private terrace on the starboard side. EIV’s design ensures an ongoing dialogue between exterior and interior thanks to its floor-to-ceiling glass windows along the main deck. Portions of the glass slide open for a flood of natural light and for better enjoying the surroundings. The interior design is a thoughtful mix of contemporary and modern: bright and natural nuances of wood and fabrics cleverly combined with prestigious coating materials, such as onyx and leathers, and sophisticated details in bronzed brass metal. Custom carpentry details by Enrico Gobbi are combined with contemporary European furniture, decorative lighting art pieces and exclusive Italian-made fabrics; the impression is of a relaxed, welcoming, elegant interior with plenty of light. Most of the furniture has been personally designed by Enrico Gobbi and upholstered with high end fabrics of leading international brands such as Hermès, Rubelli and Armani Casa. Class and energy, style and dynamism have been perfectly combined in this grand project that is ground-breaking.
Technical Data:
LOA - 48.80 m (160.1ft)
Beam - 8.90 m
Draft - 2.29 m
Displacement - 498 t
Accommodation - ten guests in five cabins, nine crew in five cabins
Engines - 2 x MTU 16V2000 M96L 2600hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 19 knots max 17 knot cruse
Range - 3600 nm at efficient cruise
Hull Shape - fast displacement
Construction - aluminium
Project - Enrico Gobbi Team for Design exterior and interior, Arrabito naval architecture
Certification - Lloyds Classs

December 19, 2020

Project: Fleming 85

Fleming present the project for a new 85 flagship.  With naval architecture by Norman R Wright and Sons the Fleming 85 will be available in two exterior versions; Open or Enclosed.  The interior will also come in two layouts for three or four cabins, and crew quarters is also available in single or twin cabins layout.  Other options for the Fleming 85 will be for an up and down hydraulic bathing platform.  The Fleming 85 is to be powered by twin Man 1550hp with line shaft propulsion.  Certification comes from DNV.

December 18, 2020

New Model: Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 30

Launched in October, Ferretti Custom Line Navetta 30 marks a new chapter in the brand’s evolution. A pocket super yacht which actually measures just over 28 meters over all, the three deck Navetta 30 is also build to fit load line minus 24 meters, meaning she can be piloted by a standard yacht master licence.  The Navetta 30 also marks the entry level in Custom Line series of super yacht which spans up to 42 meters.  Designed by Filippo Salvetti the Italian designer who has since 2018 taken over design duties in Ferretti line, he presented this three deck with a clean horizontal profile.  The interior duties come from Antionio Citterio and Patricia Viel who decorated all in a Summer style and sixties rounded surfaces influences all in light colours and ambiance.  The interior layout of the Navetta 30 offers five double cabins including a master stateroom on the main deck.  Crew space is for six in three cabins.  Navetta 30 is powered by standard twin Man 800hp engines, with optional 1000hp as is with hull number one, and or 1200hp units being available.  Hybrid power is also available as an option.
Technical Data:
LOA - 28.43 m (93.3ft)
Hull Length - 23.98 m
Waterline Length - 23.85 m
Beam - 7.31 m
Draft - 2.2 m
Displacement - 115000 kg unloaded, 135000 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 14500 l
Water Capacity - 2500 l
Max Persons - 20
Accommodation - ten berths in five cabins, six crew in three cabins
Engines - 2 x Man I6 800hp. V8 1000hp, V8 1200hp . Cats C12 1150hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 14 knots max 12 knots cruise with Man 800hp
Range - 900 nm at 12 knots cruise, 2000 nm at 10 knots
Project - Filippo Salvetti exterior, Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel interior
Certification - CE A

December 17, 2020

Project: Steeler Bronson 70

After the positive reviews and success of the 2020 launched Bronson 50, Steeler quickly follow the model with the project of the Bronson 70.  To be build like the smaller sister of aluminium the Steeler Bronson 70 will offer a versatile latest generation accommodation layout, with a living area on the lower deck looking to the aft deck.  The interior will offer a two double accommodation layout with an owners room forward, while to bow is a separate single berth cabin.  The pilot house which seems to be in a raised area is another cool modern feature.  The Steeler Bronson 70 will be powered by triple Volvo 800hp engines with IPS pod propulsion. 

December 16, 2020

Improve-It = Fairline F//Line 33

Despite an uncertain 2020 year and testing times across the industry, Fairline is looking forward to the future, by improving and adding details to models to suit the different landscape of important boating markets. For 2020, just a year after its debut the British boat builder presents a new F//Line 33 with twin Mercruiser V8 430hp power, this made to suit better the large North American market. The sporty F//Line 33 is a category-defining dayboat, renowned for its sleek and stylish appearance, its performance and handling, and interesting overnight accommodation for four persons. Debuting for the first time in the US at the Fort Lauderdale 2020 boat show, Fairline showcased this first Mercruiser V8 430hp version of its F//Line 33.  This twin Mercruiser 430hp with stern drive propulsion reaches top speed up to 43 knots.  

December 15, 2020

New Model: Evo Yachts R6 Open

During Summer 2020 Evo Yachts launched the R6 Open.  Designed as all Evo Yacht by Valerio Rivellini, this new R6 model distincts itself for being Open, with a streel roll bar replacing the T-hard-top of the standard version.  The result is when viewed from the side the R6 Open looks a sportier craft.  Like the standard R6 the Open features all what is great of the current Evo Yachts flagship including the X-tension system which expands aft deck space by 40%.  The Evo R6 is available in two or three cabins version, with a crew cabin.  Power comes from standard Volvo 625hp or optional 725hp with IPS pod propulsion. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 17.71 m (58.9ft)
Hull Length - 17.6 m
Waterline Length - 15.5 m
Beam - 5.31 m
Draft - 1.20 m
Displacement - 25 t loaded, 21 t dry
Fuel Capacity - 2100 l
Water Capacity - 510 l
Max Persons - 16
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins, or six berths in three cabins, one crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Volvo D11 625hp, D11 725hp
Propulsion - Volvo IPS forward looking dual propeller pod drives
Speed - 36 knots max, 28 knots cruise with Volvo 725hp
Range - 280 nm at cruise
Hull Shape - modified Vee with 16 degrees deadrise aft
Project - Studio Rivellini
Certification - CE A12, B16

December 14, 2020

Sarzana Flybridge Motor Cruiser Fire

In the late afternoon of December 14 at around 1700  hours a fire was seen going up in Amelia on the right side of the Magra river.  The fire involved a flybridge motor cruiser of about fourteen meters in length.  Fire extinguishing crews first from Spezia and then from Sarzana went immediately to extinguish the fire, which could also be seen from a afar.  No injuries and further damages have been reported.  
The boat in the fire is a Ferretti 44 Altura S produced from 1989 up to 92.  The Ferretti 44 Altura S in its time became a best seller for its timeless and modern lines, and three double cabins comfortable accommodation.  The model came as a redevelopment of the 44 Altura model launched in 1986 with a redesign of the super structure, and updated interior.  The 44 Altura S was designed by Antioco Pusceddu who designed all the Ferretti models up until 1990.  The Ferretti 44 Altura S sold in around forty units and was at the time only second in sales to the fifty plus sales of the 52 Altura S produced in more or less the same period with a similar design.  The 44 Altura S was replaced by the Giovanni Zuccon designed 45 Altura-145 model in 92.

Project: Cayman F450

Cayman are presenting a project for the F450 a fourteen meter flybridge motor cruiser.  Designed by Modo design the Cayman F450 looks to be very much based on the S450 which re-started the brand in 2017.  Cayman F450 will feature a two double cabins interior, with a full beam owners cabin, and forward VIP cabin.  In between the cabins is also a lower deck saloon, and a galley.  Standard power for the Cayman F450 will come from twin Volvo 380hp and IPS pod propulsion.  Optional 480hp engines will be available.

December 13, 2020

Web: Burger New Web Site

Burger presents its new World wide web virtual showroom. The current Burger company was founded in 1892, with the company founder Henry Branburger starting originally in 1863 building twenty to thirty feet Mackinaw fishing boats on Lake Michigan in Milwaukee following his boat building apprentice which started with Wolf and Davidson shipyard six years earlier. The company flourished in its past, building a lot of wooden vessel during the first World War for the US navy, and in 1938 building the first all welded steel 81 feet schooner. On records and up till today Burger built eighty four navy and military vessels. Burger entered the pleasure market in 1920, but a hit vessel was the still sailing 1940 build 65 Cruiser named Pilgrim, the first flush deck yacht. In 1952 Burger brought another innovation building the first aluminium boat what was a 36 feet cruiser named Virgina. Following this in 1977 will see the launch of Arara at 125 feet who at the day and for a long period was Americas largest alloy built yacht.  Burger largest build to date is the Vripack designed 2008 build 153 Tri-Deck Motor Yacht.  Burger has build yachts designed by; Sparkman and Stephens, J.B. Hargrave, C.Raymond Hunt, Don O'Keefe, Donald L Blount, Cor D. Rover and Luiz de Basto. Currently Burger offers nine projects that go up to the 214 Tri-Deck Motor Yacht.  Burger new web site takes you around with the following buttons; Custom Yacht Building, Our Fleet, Services, Commercial, About, and Contact Us.  Burger is also on social media on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, and Vimeo with link at the bottom of the page. 

December 12, 2020

Project: Benetti Motopanfilo 37M

During a virtual press conference Benetti presented the Motopanfilo 37M, a yacht permeated by immense charm that tips its hat to the 1960s Motopanfilo style epitomised by Benetti, but without any sense of nostalgia or vintage intentions. This model’s evocative and timeless style was described by Francesco Struglia, the designer of the yacht’s exteriors, and Claudio Lazzarini and Carl Pickering from Lazzarini Pickering the firm of architects engaged to design the interiors. Motopanfilo 37M will be a three deck super yacht with accommodation for ten guests in five cabins.  Crew space is for seven in three cabins.  

December 11, 2020

New Launch: Alia 27m Atlantico

It is well established that a chase boat must complement the mothership, but Turkey’s Alia Yachts has gone one step further. In delivering the 27m Atlantico, Alia has managed to extend the larger boat by providing a platform that fully matches it in terms of look, quality and function. The complex project fused naval architecture from Lateral with Alia’s shipbuilding know-how, which extended to every element of the interior furnishing.  Build captain and skipper Tolga Han refers candidly to the challenges involved in such an interesting and unique design. First up, the hull needed to be capable of high speeds, so it was designed with a broad beam of 8.35m and three of Volvo’s most powerful 1000hp engines. This makes it possible for Atlantico to plane despite her size. It also gives her responsive handling and a very sea-kindly motion, even in heavy seas. Besides the stability the broad hull imparts under way, two Seakeeper 26 gyro stabilizers keep her steady at rest.  Naturally, the exterior look of the boat reflects that of the 55m mothership, Atlante. She is an aggressive explorer-type yacht, and her distinguished owner therefore required an equally capable looking chase boat. The aluminium hull shares a lighter shade of Atlante’s grey DuPont metallic topcoat system, and features similar circular windows. The angular deckhouse surmounted by a military-looking mast also echoes the mothership. With a light-caulked teak deck, pale-coloured sofas and sun pads and dark, glossy columns in the deckhouse, Atlantico subtly reinterprets the feel of the mothership. But there is no mistaking the serious intent of this 27m yacht. The blend of cool and comfort continues below, where there are two impressive double cabins with large freestanding beds. Gloss white walls contrast firmly with the dark, lavish wood of furniture and bulkhead panelling, all cleverly lit by indirect light. Small details strike you, such as the multiplicity of storage, hidden behind tessellating wooden panels with flush opening mechanisms.  There are all the amenities required of a large yacht, with two sophisticated shower rooms and a very capable crew galley aft, together with accommodation for up to four crew. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 27.32 m (89.4ft)
Hull Length - 23.9 m
Beam - 8.35 m
Draft - 1.20 m
Displacement - 66.6 t light
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins
Engines - 3 x Volvo D13 1000hp
Propulsion - Volvo IPS1350 forward looking pod drives
Speed - thirty knots max 24 knots cruise
Construction - light aluminium 5083 H321
Project - Pastrovich exterior, Lateral naval architecture
Certification - RINA CE B

December 10, 2020

Project: Beneteau Gran Turismo 41

Beneteau present the project for a new Gran Turismo 41, a renewal in the express sport cruiser line which includes six models from ten to fifteen meters. The goal of the 41 sport cruiser was to build on the legacy of the Gran Turismo 40, well-known for its seaworthiness and beautiful design, while taking the practical features GT line a step further.  The Gran Tursimo 41 stylishly follows in the tradition of her predecessor and focusses on the comfort of guests on board. With her sporty hull and slender unpretentious lines, the Gran Turismo 41 immediately conjures up speed and elegance. This elegance is highlighted by premium trims and know-how, such as metallic grey paint plates reminiscent of luxury cars. The Gran Turismo 41 is designed to win you over, but she is also designed for guests. The purpose of everything on board is to make life easier. A substantial leap forward has been made with regards to practicality and style, in relation to the GT40. This can be seen from the new aft sun bathing area placed at bench height for easier access and creating a real lounge space. The forward sun pad as also undergone specific developments and now offers optional easily reclining backs and a retractable canopy, as well as courtesy lights. Another hallmark of the Gran Turismo 41 is that she is good for entertaining, as can be seen from the large U-shaped cockpit where guests can comfortably converse. In addition, the outdoor galley location makes it easier for everyone to enjoy a good time together. A key feature of the Gran Turismo 41 is the hard top and it is clearly one of Beneteau’s landmark innovations now copied by many. It combines the largest opening possible to enjoy the sun and sea with protection for all onboard. In comparison with the GT 40, the Gran Turismo 41 has extra windows so that the interior is bathed in a greater amount of light. The very large sliding roof, which comes as standard, gives further access to the open air, while offering protection if the need should be felt. The lower deck is ideal for comfortable cruising . Apart from the galley and the head, there are two private cabins, each with beds parallel to the boat’s centreline, offering optimum quality of life on board. The full-beam design combined with opening portholes make these spaces particularly comfortable and pleasant. The interior atmosphere is both modern and relaxing, using grey walnut for its elegance and light. The Gran Turismo 41 benefits from Beneteau Air Step hull launched by the French boat building giant in 2007 with the Monte Carlo 37, to gain efficiency and stability even at sustained speeds. Power for the Gran Turismo 41 comes ftom standard twin Volvo 300hp and optional 380hp with stern-drive propulsion, offering respective peak speeds of 33 and 38 knots, and 23 and 27 cruising. 

December 9, 2020

Improve-It = Bayliss Gameboat 62

This latest custom Bayliss 62, was launched this fall November 2020. Titled Seven she began construction in April 2019, and this sportfish yacht comes from the semi-custom platform Bayliss announced in 2017 called Gameboat, which has favoured a success, with a total of five units being sold; one 60 and four 62.  This fifth hull Gameboat featured a Cool Blue Imron hull color, and as all Bayliss is constructed in cold moulding method; resin, fiberglass, and wood subframe. Her interior offers a three cabins two heads layout. Power for Gameboat number five is from twin MTU 1920hp, which at full load testing reached 46 knots top speed and a 41 cruise.

December 8, 2020

Project: Canados Gladiator 631

Canados Gladiator 631 project was initiated late 2019 with the idea to create the most reliable performance yacht ever with the lowest consumption to Nautical Mile ratio. Canados partnered with Naval Architect Simone Cesati, an expert in high-tech composite construction, and race boat builder. The concept of this sport yacht was focused on creating a model that would reach fifty knots, and offer day boat space with a two or three cabins interior.  The numbers so far put forward by Canados are impressive with a consumption of only 5.5 liters per nautical at 35 knots cruise, coming from twin Volvo 1000hp engines with JDM surface drives.  Canados headlines do not stop here as the Italian marquee is currently building a 431 Gladiator with triple Nanni 1150hp and a top speed of seventy knots.  Canados has thrown the gauntlet, and it feels like the eighties when Italcraft and Alfamarine used to make spades in breaking boating records in performance. 

December 7, 2020

New Model: Paul Mann 63 Hull 140

Paul Mann launch a 63 feet nineteen meters hull number 140, a sportfish yacht with a three cabin interior and two heads.  Taking just over two years to complete the construction of Paul Mann 140 was started in February 2018.  Build in cold moulding with the jig method of wood sub frame and resin glass exterior, 140 offers an interior mixed with two guest cabins, and a forward cabin for the fishing buddies with four berths.  Owners cabins is to starboard with double berth, and private head with enclosed shower enclosure.  Main deck is the usual sportfish layout of galley, dinette and a large welcoming saloon.  As most is not all custom sportfish Paul Mann 140 is a fast performance, reaching top speeds up to 44 knots from Cat 1800hp engines.  
Technical Data:
LOA - 19.20 (63ft)
Beam - 5.61 m
Draft -  1.52 m
Displacement - 41276 kg
Fuel Capacity - 7154 l
Water Capacity - 1336 l
Accommodation - eight berths in four cabins
Engines - 2 x Cat C32 1800hp
Propulsion - line shaft with Twin Disc Gear box and five blade Veem propellers
Speed - 44 knots max 37 knots cruise
Construction - cold moulded in Jig method with Awl Grip exterior 

December 6, 2020

Project: Heesen 60m Project Skyfall

Heesen is delighted to share that the construction of Project SkyFall officially began on October 1 at the shipyard in Oss.  The owner’s representative laid a 450 BC Greek coin on the keel to commemorate the start of the build of this unique yacht, which will be tailored in every detail to suit the owner’s lifestyle.  As a discerning yachtsman with a passion for speed, Skyfall’s owner has long been aware of Heesen’s high-performance heritage, with pioneering fast-yacht projects such as Octopussy making the Dutch shipyard the natural port of call for this ambitious project. It will be the shipyard’s most powerful yacht to date. Using waterjet propulsion on a sportsfishing-oriented superyacht truly resonates with the company DNA.  Dutch designer Frank Laupman of Omega Architects penned the striking profile of this 60-metre motor yacht. An aggressive paint scheme exudes power and speed.  SkyFall will harness 22,000 hp from four MTU engines, driving four Kongsberg waterjets. The outer engines, compliant with the latest Tier III environmental regulations, drive steerable jets, while the centre engines operate fixed units. With less back pressure and a slightly higher power output, the centre engines will be used solely for high speeds. Waterjet drives lower the yacht’s draught to less than three metres and reduce vibration by 40 per cent compared with traditional shafts and propellers.  Thanks to its lightweight aluminium Fast Displacement Hull Form, complete with course fins and interceptor trim plates, SkyFall will reach an extraordinary top speed of 37 knots in light load conditions. Her efficient FDHF hull will also deliver a much smoother, flatter ride compared to a conventional semi-displacement shape, while its extra volume offers plenty of space for equipment and amenities. Three gyro-stabilisers will keep the yacht comfortable at low speeds.  Four suites on the lower deck will accommodate up to ten guests, while the owner has reserved the entire aft section of the bridge deck, with a large aft-facing suite opening onto a private terrace, complete with whirlpool spa and a relaxing seating area.  The main deck features a conversation area and alfresco dining on the aft terrace. Large sliding doors connect the outside with the indoor seating area and a large bar amidships. An elegant formal dining table seats up to twelve guests. Further forward, a media room features a cinema and a games table.  With tenders and a wide range of water toys conveniently stowed in the tender garage, the lazarette in the stern is fitted out as a luxurious beach club, with a wellness area, a ‘fishing cave’ with stowage for 40 rods, and a multi-tiered swim deck.  YN 19959, Project SkyFall, is due for delivery in 2023.

December 5, 2020

New Model: Majesty 175

Gulf Craft is proud to announce the launch of the much-anticipated Majesty 175, the largest composite yacht in production today. The splashing ceremony was held at the Shipyard in the United Arab Emirates and celebrated along with the yacht’s owner, a prominent Emirati businessman. The project has been underway for four years and has garnered much anticipation since the announcement at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2016. Her status as an industry game-changer has piqued the curiosity of yachting professionals and enthusiasts who have been actively awaiting the project’s completion. At a length of 54 meters and a beam of 9.6 meters, the Majesty 175 is Gulf Craft’s largest yacht to date and cements the shipyard’s position as a leader on the global superyacht stage. The yacht’s interior and exterior lines were penned by Cristiano Gatto of Italy, while the naval architecture was provided by Massimo Gregori of the Yankee Delta Studio, who was also responsible for the hull of the shipyard’s Majesty 155. With a gross tonnage of 780, the Majesty 175 offers accommodations for fourteen guests in seven spacious staterooms. The owner’s suite is situated forward of the upper deck allowing dual side access to a 5-meter-long pool with a unique swim-stream feature. There are six large crew cabins as well as a private captain accommodation. Being built to MCA regulations and using advanced composite materials such as carbon fibre and vinyilester, this yacht sets new standards for innovation and technology in the yachting industry. This material advancement allows her to cruise through low draft areas, such as the Caribbean sea, drawing only 2.25 meters of water. She is propelled by two fixed pitch six-blade propellers and is powered by twin heavy duty MTU engines 12V 4000 M63 developing 2011hp each. Her onboard electrical supply comes from a pair of 175 kW Kohler generators and is equipped with two pairs of TRAC fin stabilizers. On completion, the yacht will have a full speed of 16.5 knots. At a cruising speed of 10 knots, she has a range of 4,000 nm, making her a transoceanic vessel. All safety equipment required for a yacht over 500GT has been installed. This includes a SOLAS rescue boat and an emergency generator. The yacht is fitted with an advanced navigation system on a stylish glass bridge console which is integrated with multiple onboard control stations, sensors, and monitors. Majesty 175 is also equipped with ethernet and a Wi-Fi network that integrates into the automation system for controlling audio/video devices, lights, curtains, and blinds. Two satellite antennas of 1m diameter are installed for tracking TV satellites and VSAT satellites for internet connection.
Technical Data:
LOA - 56.4 m (178.4ft)
Beam - 9.62 m
Draft - 2.11 m
Displacement - 503.8 t dry 
Fuel Capacity - 61503 l
Water Capacity - 16719 l
Accommodation - fourteen guests in seven cabins, 
Engines - 2 x MTU 12V4000M83 2011hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 16 knots max 10 knots cruise
Range - 4000 nm at ten knots cruise
Construction - fiberglass with carbon fiber and Vinilester resin
Project - Christian Gatto exterior and interior, Massimo Gregori Yankee Delta hull design 
Certification - MCA LY3 

December 4, 2020

Project: Sanlorenzo SD118

Despite all circumstances 2020 was very active for Sanlorenzo with three new models launched, and now the famous yacht builder is looking forward, presenting the project of the SD118.  A 35 meter three deck super yacht, the Sanlorenzo SD118 comes from the design of Bernardo and Martina Zuccon, while interiors will be styled by Patricia Urquiola.  For the SD118 Zuccon came with a balanced project, of classic lines in a semi wide body asymmetric design, with modern elements which expand designated entertaining areas.  After presenting the asymmetric feature with the SL line in 2019, the SD118 is the first Semi-Displacement model with this feature for this line which launched in 2007.  The SD118 asymmetries involve the starboard side of the top deck, with the port side of this area having a pathway deck which takes you from stern to bow.  The SD118 will also have transforming features from the stern area which opens to become a beach club, a balcony which opens a terrace to starboard of the main deck, and another balcony opening to port side of the main deck.  The Sanlorenzo SD118 will offer a five double cabins interior, with an owners stateroom located on the forward part of the main deck.  Sanlorenzo SD118 is standard powered by twin MTU 1380hp, with an option for twin Cats 1622hp.  Estimated speeds are for a maximum of nineteen knots and a cruise of eleven knots with the optional larger Cat engines.  Hull one is set to launch in mid 2021 with four Sanlorenzo SD118 reported to have already been sold on plan.        

December 3, 2020

New Model: Mimi Libeccio 11 WA

Mimi present the Libeccio 11 WA, a traditional Gozzo cruiser with an over all length of eleven meters.  The Mimi Libeccio 11 WA surprises for the use of space in a couple of areas; the fore deck opposite lounges, and the garage aft.  This last is also a first for a traditional Gozzo inspired cruiser.  The Mimi Libeccio 11 WA sleeps four inside in an open space; four double berths, midships double berth, shower head to starboard, and a galley to port side.  The exterior is full of transformable spaces usable from fore to aft thanks to the comfortable fully walk-around deck.  A galley is also located at midships under the top.  Power by twin shaft line Yanmar engines of 250hp the Mimi Libeccio 11 WA reaches speeds up to thirty knots. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 11 m (36ft)
Hull Length - 9.94 m
Beam - 3.5 m  
Displacement - 7000 kg
Max Persons - 12
Accommodation - four berths
Engines - 2 x Yanmar 250hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 30 knots
Certification - CE B

December 2, 2020

Project: Maritimo S55

Maritimo present the project for the new S55, an advanced evolution of technology and design with the iconic features of the S-Series range. Australian built, the S55 sharpened exterior design, extensive entertainment areas and high performance reset the standard for long-range cruising sedan sportr yachts. Maritimo S55 will be a three double motor yacht with a full beam owners room at midships.  Living is all located on the main deck with an astern galley layout, while the aft deck offers a central C-shaped dinette and an L-shaped settee looking backwards.  There will also be a secondary exterior entertainment galley on the bathing platform.  The Maritimo S55 will be standard powered by twin Volvo 670hp engines with line shaft propulsion.  Debut is scheduled for the first half of 2021.

December 1, 2020

Healthy Competition is Finally Here

MTU took the Yachting and Super Yachting World by storm when in 2006 it launched its series 2000 16V M96 2400hp light weight high performance diesel engine, which was later on in 2009 upgraded to 2600hp. This engine has since then dominated the planning motor yacht market from 24 up to 35 meters in length. 

A 35.7 litre engine the MTU 16V became a benchmark for those seeking a light weight and high performance diesel unit.  Since introduced the stakes in the top tier high performance powerful but light marine diesel engine has been dominated by MTU.  Someone thought that the single maker dominion of GM Detroit in the seventies and eighties era, was never to be repeated.  While the MTU dominion is segmented in the bigger sizes, it is still an impressive one, and also it was also a bit disappointing to see none of the other two big diesel engines makers; Caterpillar and Man enter into the fold.

Now after fifteen years of MTU dominion in this segment we are seeing a competitor, with Caterpillar entering this segment with the new Cat C32B, a 32 litre high performance diesel engine which in its first variant is offering 2025hp, with 2200hp and 2400hp variants being in advanced stages to start production.  This will bring some healthy competition to the two thousand plus horse power segment.  

While we are at it another diesel engine manufacturer Man is also reported of being in advanced development to prepare something in the segment.  Man was rumoured to being in an advanced of development to enter into a competition to the MTU 2600hp in 2010/12 but apparently the project which was rumoured to be a 2300/2400hp engine was slowed down, due to the economic crises of the period.