September 30, 2010

Monthly News - September 2010

-pic of the month- Carnevali Premises Expansion

Atlantis Yachts New CEO

Luca Sburlati has been named CEO of Atlantis, a builder of open cruisers from 39ft-55ft, and a division of the Azimut Benetti Groupt. Sburlati holds a degree in International Relations from the University of Turin and an Executive MBA from the SDA Bocconi School of Management. He has worked in the Hi Tech, automotive and fashion sectors at International Rectifier, Telecom Labs, ArvinMeritor and Fila, holding various managerial and executive positions. Since 2009 he has been managing the growth of the company as Information Technologies Director. He replaces Alessandro Furfaro who had been at the Atlantis helm for two years.

Azimut Wins Best Layout Trophy in Cannes

Cannes puts on a grand show for the yachting world. In the spotlight this year, Azimut Yachts. The Italian yacht builder was a centre of attention this year at the Vieux Port with its eleven dazzling models, as well as on the beach of Hotel Carlton on the Croisette, where the Azimut 72S was among the winners of the World Yachts Trophies 2010, sponsored by the LuxMedia Group, publisher of leading international yachting titles throughout the world, with special editions produced for Italy, France, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Russia.

Azimut Grande New Stand In Monaco

Azimut presented itself with a new “Grande” Collection Stand at the Monaco Yacht Show. The Azimut Grande Stand has been totally renovated and built according to an innovative concept that welcomes and accompanies customers as they walk into their dream, even before leaving the dock. Attention devoted to customers, that propensity to surround boat owners with all the comforts while they are still ashore, is one of the strong points of Azimut Yachts.

Azimut New Sales Manager for Grande Collection

Fabrizio Scerch, 37, is without a doubt one of the key figures that listens, develops and then makes the dreams of megayacht customers come true. Just a few weeks ago Scerch was assigned the position of Sales Manager of the Grande Collection. The position of sales manager of a collection of customizable yachts is a terribly strategic one, where customer contacts must be uninterrupted and answers have to always be quick and precise. His professional experience in the field of high end durable goods, marketing and the luxury boating sector make Scerch the ideal contact person for any boat owner. Technical expertise, good coordination skills and a personal aptitude for conversation and making all personal relationships pleasing right away are what customers look for so that the production of a Grande yacht becomes the realization of a Grande dream.

Azimut to Cannes with Yachts Collection

Eleven models exhibited at the Cannes Boat Show. Eleven vessels with the unmistakable Azimut Yachts signature which, like all the most important names in fashion and art, is the symbol of a unique personality and character. Recognising an Azimut yacht is simple: there is nothing uncertain about its style, it conveys the strength of a leader, in terms of both numbers and philosophy. Azimut Yachts is the world leader in the production and marketing of pleasure boats from 38 to 120 feet and it is also a pioneering company in the areas of stylistic and engineering research. The lines and performance of an Azimut vessel represent the best of all things Italian: a love of beauty and a passion for the sea. Like precious works of art, Azimut has decided to group its fleet into Collections. Four art galleries containing true masterpieces. This decision brings the Shipyard even closer to the Owners: whether sports enthusiasts or connoisseurs of absolute comfort, every Owner can find a Collection with which to identify, with which he can establish a more direct, instinctive and natural relationship.

Baglietto New Owners

Italian company Group Effebi-Overmarine has won the bid to become the new owner of Baglietto, the troubled Italian super yacht builder that went into voluntary liquidation in March this year. The Group Effebi-Overmarine, controlled by the Balducci family, is responsible for the Mangusta line of open motoryachts and one of Europe's biggest fibreglass facilities. The group acquired Baglietto, including Cantieri di Pisa, for €33m. President of Effebi-Overmarine Giuseppe Balducci told Italy's La Stampa that every brand and yard acquired has a future, with a natural synergy between the three brands who will continue with their distinctive products.

Beneteau Groupe Reports Higher to Forecast Growth

The Bénéteau Group recorded €779.4 million in sales over FY 2009-10, ended August 31st, 2010, up 18.2%. This performance, coming in higher than initially forecast, is enabling the Group to grow more quickly than its markets and further strengthen its positions in its two business segments. In the Boat business, the Group's strategy has paid off, with 16.1% growth, which is particularly significant since it has been achieved in a global pleasure cruising market that is stable on the whole. To a great extent, this success reflects the innovation drive, the number and quality of new models, and the dynamic development of its brands and networks. The sourcing delays experienced with certain suppliers in spring 2010 had raised fears that orders might be cancelled. In the end, their repercussions have been less marked than forecast, as shown by the significant growth in sales over the fourth quarter. This positive trend illustrates the strong ties between customers and the Group's brands. As usual at the end of October, following the main autumn shows, the Bénéteau Group will be presenting the first information on the trends for the 2010-2011 boat seasons. The Group's brands - Bénéteau, Jeanneau, Prestige, Lagoon, CNB and Monte Carlo Yachts are expanding their ranges and once again offering a large number of new models this year, including: The first 76-foot unit from the Monte Carlo Yachts brand confirming the Group's arrival in the large power yacht sector, Sense 50 the first yacht from a new cruising range for Bénéteau, New Concept 11 the first unit from a new Jeanneau powerboat range, creation of a new interior design for Prestige brand boats, 56-foot catamaran cruiser adding to the range of six models offered by Lagoon, and Bénéteau Jeanneau are also unveiling a world premiere with a major and exclusive technological innovation thanks to a joystick-based assistance system for in-port maneuvering for the large yachts in their ranges. All of these strengths are underpinning the Group's ambition for its growth to outpace the markets once again in 2011.

Carnevali Total Service

Carnevali Yachts apart producing boats from thirteen to 23 meters and its dedicated after sales is offering a new service to its clients, that of the winterizing and refitting of the yachts. Carnevali can so consult and advise the client for ordinary or extra works to be carried out on his boat, thanks to its team of classified experts in order to do important operations of recapturing, refitting and restyling on the boats. In agreement with the owner Carnevali is also offering a full refit program which during the winter season the yard will be able to complete in a one time basis, instead of prolonged long years program. This refit and updates can be carried out on mechanical improvements, electrical upgrading, and cosmetics lift up and repair. In order to cater for this new service Carnevali has dedicated a special area in the Marina di Ravenna facility with 2000 squared meters of a total covered shed area, and 7000 in an open yard. The yard is also equipped with a seafront with a 100 tons travel lift, 65 tons of movement crane, and another small jobs crane of 8 tons. If this was not enough Carnevali is also preparing to build another close of 2000 squared meters this area fully dedicated to refit jobs.

Carnevali Increase Premises Space

The increase in the range of products and services have become essential for Carnevali to expand is structures in order to cater for its clients demands. The expansion of the impending implementation will be over 2,000 square meters, which added to the existing, will form a complex of 7,000 square meters of floor area shipbuilding and offices in an area of about 12,000 sqm. The type of building adopted for the extension will adapt to that of adjacent historic buildings of the Marchesato and the Fabrica Vecchia. The designer, architect Pier Vittorio Morri, has proposed a constructive solution in compliance with the requirements of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage, for which the new building revokes the context of the historic complex to fit as an element of continuity of environmental features and planning. The new element detaches itself from the original building, moving and connecting with the historic buildings from which it recovers the meaning, both in setting formal, or use of materials. By applying advanced technology, the new exterior will consist of a panel coated with exposed brick, built at the foot of work, pre-oxidized using copper. In addition, for the rehabilitation of the offices and areas of representation, there will be a broadening their side facing the road, by a body split over two levels designed as a steel structure and glass, wood and steel intermediate floor and covered with soundproofing material Copper pre-oxidation.The expansion project proposed by the structural Carnevali yards, goes beyond the mere growth in construction, also including the upgrading of the green perimeter and inside, the building of new parking lots and the creation of an installation of photovoltaic panels, to be located partly on the cover of the existing buildings. So the end result will be a modern appearance, but the traditional taste and above all environmentally friendly, thanks to construction materials and the use of photovoltaic energy. Finally, what is about to become reality for years was a dream of Angelo Carnevali, local development.

Ferretti Group Preliminary Results

On August, 31st, 2010, the Ferretti Group registered a turnover of over 500 million euro. On August 31st, 2010, the EBITDA was around 30 million euro, in line with the budget, and an increase compared with the approximately 26 million euro registered during the previous nautical year. The improvement of this result, in a market still characterized by price pressure, was primarily due to the key initiatives taken by the Ferretti Group during the course of the 2009-2010 nautical year, which resulted in a cost reduction of around 50 million euro, and clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of the Group reorganization. As of August, 31st, 2010, the Group’s Net Financial Debt improved compared with the previous year and was reduced to around 590 million euro, basically in line with the Plan. Another important result was the volume of yachts delivered during the 2009-2010 year. The Group achieved an impressive 215 units, allowing it to close the nautical year without any unsold stock. The results achieved by the Ferretti Group are in line with the forecasts and demonstrate a robust market share, with clear increases in certain segments. In fact, the nautical year closes with an order portfolio of around 270 million euro for the Group, which is a notable increase compared with the 175 million registered during the previous year. The volume of new orders received in 2009-2010 was around 460 million euro, which is also a considerable improvement compared with the approximately 330 million of the 2008-2009 nautical year. The results show the Ferretti Group’s tremendous ability to respond and adapt to the demands of a continuously evolving nautical market, and optimize the synergies between some of the most important nautical brands in the world. This is further reinforced through the in-depth expertise in design, engineering, manufacturing and marketing honed through over 42 years of continuous operation. Indeed, with the aim of enhancing the flexibility of the Group, optimizing efficiencies through the organization and strengthening internal synergies, the Group undertook a major reorganization process during the 2009-2010 nautical year. This resulted in the centralization of all key functions and the integration of each of the Group’s companies into a single entity under Ferretti S.p.A. An important part of this process involved the creation of two new operating directions: namely the Industrial Direction, led by Mauro Frattesi, whose aim is to improve synergies and best practices across the company; and the Sales and Marketing Direction, led by Lamberto Tacoli, whose aim is to maximize the value of each of the Group’s unique brands whilst maintaining their individual identities, distinctive heritage and unparalleled brand attributes. These new operating divisions are complemented by three Staff Directions: the Organization and HR Direction, led by Giovanni Pallucca; the Financial Direction, led by Giancarlo Marangon, and the Strategic Planning Direction, led by Ferruccio Rossi. Together with Chairman and Founder Norberto Ferretti and CEO Salvatore Basile, this team has been dedicated to the design, implementation and launch of the new organization throughout the last few months, which is now producing visible and successful results. Moreover, during the course of the 2009-2010 nautical year, the Group sold a number of assets which were considered non-strategic. In particular, in November 2009, the Group sold its entire share of Pinmar S.L., which comprised 60% of the capital. In addition, with the aim of concentrating on medium and large yachts and to better respond to client’s demands, the Group also sold 100% of Apreamare S.p.A. and the Torre Annunziata manufacturing facility in March of 2009. In line with the commitment to continuous improvement, the Group maintained and upgraded the production of moulds and plugs, further strengthened the Advanced Yacht Technology operation, the internal naval research and design centre, and led to the creation of the new Centro Stile, one of the most advanced naval design and décor centers in the world. As part of the Industrial Direction, together with Advanced Yacht Technology, these centers will further strengthen the new product development capabilities of the group, thus guaranteeing the constant technical-aesthetic innovation and excellent quality for which Ferretti Group yachts have always stood out. From the commercial perspective, the Ferretti Group will introduce an impressive 33 new models by 2013, of which 14 will be launched between next spring and the 2011 Genoa Boat Show. This will bring the group’s portfolio to around 60 models. Once again with the aim of bringing new innovative ideas and opportunities to its customers, the Group has established a strategic collaboration, through the Riva brand, with internationally-famous designer, Marc Newson. The goal was to introduce a ground breaking initiative combining the world of art and boating, which has resulted in the Aquariva by Marc Newson. This limited edition of only 22 yachts launched at a world preview on September 14th at the Marc Newson Transport Exhibition in New York. Sold worldwide through the Gagosian Gallery in New York, she will also be displayed in Montecarlo during the Monaco Yacht Show. Again for Riva, the Ferretti Group has finalized an agreement with Gucci for the creation of the Aquariva Gucci, a limited edition of the legendary Aquariva, of which the décor has been customized by Frida Giannini, Creative Director of Gucci. Both partnerships were developed in association with Riva designer Officina Italiana Design, which designed Aquariva in the year 2000. Demonstrating the commitment, dynamism and passion for which the Ferretti Group has always stood out, in 2009-2010 the Group further extended the range of excellent services offered to Clients, by launching: Easea>show, an exclusive permanent display of some the most important yachts for each of the Group’s brands, set up at the Marina Nuova in Cattolica. This is a completely new and unprecedented project for the world nautical sector. Ferretti Group Days, this extremely important event underscored the importance of the seamless integration between the Group, its Dealers and Owners. Easea>tour, an exciting journey which involved Clients, Prospective Clients and Dealers on board three of the Ferretti Group fleet’s jewels, which proved to be an excellent communications and promotional tool for both brands and products. To further enhance the After Sales and Customer Service programs, as of September, the Ferretti Group has launched a single technical assistance number for all its brands which is accessible to Clients all year round. Beyond the consistent focus of the core markets in Europe and North America, the Group is expanding its concentration on Eastern Europe, the Far East, the Middle East and Latin America. An example of this expansion took place in April 2010, where the Ferretti Group established Ferretti Group Brasil, a partnership with Spirit, a Brazilian company based in Sao Paolo, which produces and sells new and pre-owned yachts.

Ferretti Group and Samsung

After the prestigious Festival International de la Plaisance in Cannes, Samsung Electronics, leader of consumer electronics and digital media, will be present with the exclusive, ultra-slim TV 3D LED series 9000 in the stands of Gruppo Ferretti, one of the world leaders in design, building and marketing of motor yachts, with a unique portfolio of renowned brands, among the most exclusive of the yachting world, at the coming boatshows in Montecarlo and Genoa. This is still another example of Samsung’s participation to the most important events of the world of luxury. Following the partnership with Seven Stars Galleria, the Milan 7 stars hotel located in the heart of the renowned Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, and participation to Pitti Immagine Uomo and Convivio, the event that joins charity with fashion, the TV 3D LED Series 9000 naturally has found its way “on board” Gruppo Ferretti during some of the most important event of the yachting world: after the Festival International de la Plaisance de Cannes – from September 8th to 13th, this model will be on display also at the 20th edition of the Monaco Yacht Show – from September 22nd to 25th – and the 50th International Boat Show in Genoa – from October 2nd to 10th. During the Festival International de la Plaisance de Cannes Gruppo Ferretti has displayed 26 boats, 6 of which are world premieres, and it hosted inside its stand the TV 3D LED 9000 Series, an authentic engineering and design masterpiece encased in a brushed titanium chassis, 8 millimetres thick. The same hi-tech, hi-luxury installation will be available in the Gruppo Ferretti in the Monaco and Genoa Boatshows. Samsung, with the new TV 3D LED Series 9000 voices the needs of the most demanding modern consumer who searches for a product that matches top quality, excellence design and the need to communicate its own uniqueness and emotions. The beauty and sophistication of Series 9000 leave room to a high-tech beating heart: LED 3D technology, opportunity of directly using contents directly from the Internet via the Internet@TV platform, High Definition, 200 Hz processor to guarantee maximum fluidity of images and an innovative remote control with a 3” touch screen. The collaboration between Samsung and Gruppo Ferretti expresses the natural meeting between two worlds, each constantly focused on their customers and that have made quality their strongest point.

Ferretti Group Second Edition of Easea Trial Event

From 1st to 11th October, the Ferretti Group, a world leader in the design, construction and sale of motoryachts with a unique portfolio of some of the most exclusive, prestigious brands in the nautical world, will line up a fleet of yachts at the wharf of its manufacturing facility in La Spezia. This display will represent the second easea>trial, an event entirely devoted to the Group‘s Clients and prospective clients who, for over 10 days, will have the opportunity to visit the yachts and carry out sea trials. This period coincides with the Genoa Boat Show and was chosen by the Ferretti Group with a clear objective in mind. After viewing the Ferretti Group’s yachts in Genoa, Clients and prospective Clients will have the opportunity to transfer directly to La Spezia, via an exclusive private transfer service, and experience the excellent, quality and performance of the yachts first hand at the easea>trial event. In this way, all Ferretti Group brands will offer the opportunity not only to visit the yachts in an exclusive, tranquil and comfortable environment, but also to carry out sea trials for the entire duration of the event. Easea>trial underscores the Ferretti Group’s continuous aim to offer its Clients an exclusive and privileged way to experience the Group’s models at sea in their natural environment. The easea trial program complements and enhances the success of easea>show, the permanent display of Ferretti Group brands at the Marina in Cattolica. It also reinforces the easea>tour program in its aim to create new opportunities to interact with yacht lovers, offering them the opportunity to experience the emotion and passion of yachting firsthand.

Ferretti Yachts Change Model Names

Ferretti Yachts, brand of the Ferretti Group, one of the leaders in the production of fibreglass flybridge yachts measuring 50 to 88 feet (15-27 metres), built with an uncovered upper deck and double pilot seat, both inside and out, is launching a new system for naming yachts measuring under 80 feet. The change in the names of these yachts shall be applied officially as of 1st September 2010 to correspond with the beginning of the 2010 – 2011 nautical year. The change consists in adapting to the most widely used system in the nautical industry, already applied by Ferretti Yachts for yachts with a hull length of over 24 metres Lh, which refers to the length of the yacht (LOA – Length over all) and EN ISO 8666 (Lmax.), instead of the previous datum referring to construction length EN ISO 8666 (Lh – Length of the hull). Therefore, the change does not involve the Ferretti Yachts range measuring over 80 feet, for which the trade name already referred to the LOA. As of 1st September 2010, the new names of the Ferretti Yachts range will be: 510 changes to 530, 560 changes to 570, 631 changes 660, 740 changes to 750.

Ferretti Yachts Wins World Yacht Trophies

Ferretti Yachts’ 750 was awarded at the World Yachts Trophies, an event involving shipyards, the media and owners from all over the world, during the Festival de la Plaisance in Cannes, the appointment which opens the new nautical year. In more detail, Ferretti 750 won the Best Layout award in the Flying Bridge Under 24 metres category. Organised by editorial group LuxmediaGroup, which boasts a portfolio of nautical publications sold worldwide (Yachts Italia, Yachts France, Yachts Croatia, Yachts Russia, Yachts Emirates), the World Yachts Trophies are considered to be amongst the most prestigious awards in the sector. Indeed, yachts are chosen and assessed by a highly competent, highly specialised panel of judges, formed by the network’s board of directors. The prize-giving took place on occasion of the gala evening during which a line up of the most exclusive yachts currently available on the market sailed past on the stretch of water just in front of the Hotel Carlton, which included a few of the models displayed by the Ferretti Group at the Cannes boat show. This enchanting elegant parade was admired by the guests at the gala evening, consisting in members of the international nautical industry, shipyards, architect studios, owners, dealers and the media.

Ferretti Custom Line Wins World Yacht Trophies

Ferretti Custom Line 124’ was awarded at the World Yachts Trophies, an event involving shipyards, the media and owners from all over the world, during the Festival de la Plaisance in Cannes, the appointment which opens the new nautical year. Ferretti Custom Line 124 received the award for Best Design in the Flying Bridge Over 24 metres category. Organised by editorial group LuxmediaGroup, which boasts a portfolio of nautical publications sold worldwide (Yachts Italia, Yachts France, Yachts Croatia, Yachts Russia, Yachts Emirates), the World Yachts Trophies are considered to be amongst the most prestigious awards in the sector. Indeed, yachts are chosen and assessed by a highly competent, highly specialised panel of judges, formed by the network’s board of directors. The prize-giving took place on occasion of the gala evening during which a line up of the most exclusive yachts currently available on the market sailed past on the stretch of water just in front of the Hotel Carlton, which included a few of the models displayed by the Ferretti Group at the Cannes boat show.

Formula Earns Customer Satisfaction

Formula is pleased to announce it has once again been recognized for excellence in customer satisfaction in NMMA’s 2010 Customer Satisfaction Index program earning three awards - the Inboard Express Cruiser Boats, Sterndrive Bowrider Boats, and Sterndrive Cuddy and Express Boats award! The Marine Industry CSI Awards program honors participating manufacturers that actively measure customer satisfaction and pursue continuous improvement to better serve the customer. Award recipients have achieved and maintained an independently-measured standard of excellence of 90 percent or higher in customer satisfaction over the past year, based on information provided by customers purchasing a new boat or engine during the period between April 1, 2009, and March 31, 2010.

Four Winns Sets up Demo Center

Four Winns said that it has signed an agreement with Legendary Marine to be a Premiere Destination Dealer. Legendary is based in Destin, Florida, with three other locations on the Florida panhandle and Alabama. The dealer will offer product demonstrations for any cruiser dealer in the Four Winns network. It will allow dealers to bring potential customers to Florida to test-drive products. Fred Pace, managing partner at Legendary Marine, said that it has the facilities to sell boats year-round. The dealership will be the hosting dealer for the 2011 launch of the Four Winns product line.

Marlow Yachts Finalist in Showboats Design Awards

Marlow Yachts is pleased to announce that the Marlow Gypsy is a finalist for the ShowBoats Design Awards. The winners will be announced during the Superyacht Design Symposium in Palm Beach, Florida on the 26th of October. The Marlow Gypsy sports tender, weighing just 200 pounds, is ring framed as an airplane fuselage without bulkheads anywhere other than to provide dry storage and insulated drink coolers. Her classic lines are kept clean without cleats and other items as all hardware is custom made in our own shop. In lieu of plywood construction, the Gypsy is high pressure laminated and epoxy coated with closed cell foam as core. Versatility abounds in that she an be used as a rowboat, sailing craft or as a power performer. With just 20 hp, she can acheive 25 miles per hour and consume less than 2 gallons per hour. Subjected to the rigorous testing of American Boat and Yacht council certification, the Marlow Gypsy was certified as unsinkable and able to float upright with her full complement of guests and gear when filled with water.

Marquis Celebrates Yacht Center Opening in Monaco Yacht Club

The Monaco yachting community was treated to a special evening on September 4th during the grand opening of the new Marquis Yacht Center - Monaco. During this invitation only event guests witnessed the unveiling of Marquis' newest yacht, the Marquis 500 Sport Bridge. Gathered to help Marquis celebrate the grand opening of their new Yacht Center were more than 200 guests which included select members of Europe and the Middle East's yachting community along with Marquis yacht owners from the region. While Marquis has been a leader in the 42' - 72' yacht segment in the European market for the past years, this was the inaugural event for the yacht builder's newest Yacht Center which is located in the heart of an international yachting center - the prestigious Monaco Yacht Club. This is one of only four exclusive Marquis Yacht Centers in the world and each center provides Marquis Customers, with a direct audio/visual communications link to the company’s designers in Venice, Italy and the yacht builders at the American Marquis yacht yard. Guests were treated in grand style while they casually strolled among an array of Marquis yachts on display. An atmosphere of like minded people surrounded by fine music, carefully prepared food complemented by a selection of fine wines and other spirits was well suited for a brand that has earned a place among the most respected icons in the world. The Marquis Yacht Center - Monaco will be a highly anticipated destination for yachting enthusiasts who are engaged in a search for their next new yacht.

Marquis New Dealer in Malta

Richard Bonnici Kind, Principal of Ventures Limited, and Erik Nelson, Vice President of Marquis Yachts, LLC recently finalized an agreement establishing Ventures Limited as an authorized Marquis Yachts representative servicing the ultra premium yacht market in the central regions of the Mediterranean Sea. Ventures Limited is strategically situated in Malta, ideally regarded as the crossroads of the Mediterranean. The Maltese archipelago, consisting of the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino is the cultural, financial and geographic heart of the Mediterranean. Tunisia, located on the southern shore of the Straits of Sicily and Libya, its neighbor to the west, are popular yachting destinations in the central regions of the Med. Ventures Limited received its first Marquis yacht, a 420 Sport Coupe, in time to feature it yacht during the just past Malta's upcoming Valletta Boat Show.

Moonen Flash Lights in Monaco

Moonen Yachts caused a considerable stir on the Friday of the Monaco show by staging a unique crowd event. At a carefully arranged time and strategically chosen location, up to 25 flash mobbers sprung into action - or to be more accurate inaction. The actors and actresses froze in place with a glossy Moonen brochure in front of their face, causing considerable astonishment and curiosity among all those who were present. After completing their ‘performance', the members of the flash mob split off into groups to spread thought the show location with fashionable Moonen bags.

Moonen Broker Breakfast

Moonen hosted an exclusive Broker's Breakfast during the past Cannes boat show for industry colleagues on Thursday 9th September which also included an exclusive tour of the new Moonen 97 Livia. This occasion was also a unique a chance to see why Livia's owners are so delighted with the yacht's unique ‘American Beach House' interior. In this occasion Moonen also shared details of a fourth 97, due for launch early next year. Another goal of this meeting was to enable the team at Moonen Shipyards and Moonen Brokerage to build closer relationships with our fellow professionals in a pleasant informal atmosphere. It's also a great chance to make new acquaintances and enhance your network within the brokerage community.

Riviera Chief Executive Officer John Anderson Letter

As we prepare for a series of major boat shows both domestically and internationally over the coming months, I wanted to write to you personally to provide a further update on the positive steps we have taken in the ongoing restructure of Riviera. The past eight months have been an exciting time for Riviera with our sales achievements, launching a new flybridge model design, the announcement of yet another new model for release in early 2011 and the introduction of a new production line at our Coomera facility. Our firm focus domestically has been on the restructuring of our Coomera plant, our new model development program and our dealer network. In parallel with this work, the fine efforts of our international team have been rewarded with considerable owner and dealer loyalty and significant sales of our exciting new models. We are now seeking to have our Deed of Company Arrangement (DOCA) recognised in the US under their laws in the same way it is recognised under Australian law. We are undertaking this process to ensure that US creditors' rights are recognised in the same way as they would be under Australian law. US creditors have had the opportunity to participate in the DOCA and Creditors Trust Deed in the same way as Australian creditors. The process by which to have the DOCA recognised is to make an application to US courts under Chapter 15 of the US Bankruptcy Code. Please understand that this is not a "new" proceeding, it is merely a request that the US Courts recognise the DOCA process which was officially completed by Riviera in June 2010 and that allows us to complete our restructure of both our Australian and US operations. You may hear of this action via the media or other sources in the near future as we are entering fresh legal ground under the relatively new Australian/United States cross-border insolvency laws. These new laws have been introduced to promote cooperation and communication between the US and Australian courts and since their introduction in both countries a number of years ago. We want to reassure you that this application in the US will have no impact on our manufacturing and dealer operations in Australia or our international dealer operations. This is just another step in the restructuring of Riviera.

Riviera Expands USA Dealer Network

Located in the ‘Sailfish capital of the world’ in Stuart, Florida, Treasure Coast Boating Center has been servicing its clients from the same on-water location for the past 18 years and brings to its customers more than 225 years combined marine industry experience. Riviera Yachts USA Inc Director Chris McCafferty said Treasure Coast Boating Center would represent Riviera from Broward County north to the Florida Georgia state line. Treasure Coast Boating Center have extensive large power boat experience. Dealer Principal D Thomas Grane began his career in the marine business in Atlanta, Georgia in 1984. He has spent the past 26 years operating sales and service facilities in both Florida and Georgia. Mr Grane said Treasure Coast Boating Center enjoyed a reputation as one of the most successful boat dealerships on the ‘Treasure Coast’ of Florida.

Riviera Continue US Expansion

Riviera welcomes the appointment of Sarasota Yacht and Ship Services to its growing US dealer network. This is the second Florida dealer to be appointed in the past month for the iconic boat builder, who is expanding its US dealer network to meet growing international demand for its exciting new models. Sarasota Yacht and Ship is one of the longest established full service yacht brokerages on the West Coast of Florida having operated from its Main Street location for the past 25 years. Dealer Principals Gary Smith and Jason Mashke both have an extensive marine industry background. Gary joined Sarasota Yacht and Ship in 1999 and has dedicated his life to boating. He enjoys scuba diving and spent 12 months cruising the Bahamas, Eastern Caribbean and South America. Jason comes from a career boating family and has grown up around boats and water, he is an avid scuba diver and holds certificates in divemaster, rescue diver, Nitrox diver and underwater naturalist. A professional and dedicated team of 16 staff including 13 sales professionals and two service personnel who are all are committed to the highest level of service and customer satisfaction. Riviera Yachts USA Inc Director Chris McCafferty said Sarasota Yacht and Ship is a premier brokerage for yacht and larger power boat sales. Mr. Mashke Sarasota Yacht and Ship will represent Riviera from its two locations.

Riviera Adams Pedals Off to World Championship

Two years ago, Riviera boat builder Adam Davidson couldn’t even swim 100 metres, now he is on his way to fulfilling a long-held ambition to compete in the 2010 International Triathlon Union (ITU) World Olympic Distance Triathlon Championships in Budapest, Hungary. The 27-year-old will compete in the multi-sport endurance event held this month, which involves a 1.5 kilometre swim, 40 kilometre cycle and 10 kilometre run. Adam will feel a great sense of pride and achievement when he dons his green and gold racing uniform and lines up at the start line. This is a bittersweet moment for Adam who attributes most of his success in this sport to his late training partner, Renee Nicholls. Renee passed away earlier this year, following a training accident in northern NSW but her encouragement and motivational words have remained with Adam during his gruelling training sessions. Adam has a tattoo of a star with a teardrop on his arm which he has dedicated to Renee. Riviera supported Adam by allowing three hours a day off for training. Adam will return the level of support by displaying the Riviera logo on his uniform and bike. Adam’s uniform features the Southern Cross on his left leg and as a tribute to Renee, Adam has had his star tattoo printed on his right leg. As a youngster Adam played Aussie Rules and then went on to try his hand at body building. It was only after a friend suggested he try Triathlon that he took the plunge and joined the Southport Triathlon Club. Adam trains on average about 20 to 25 hours every week and this usually involves three swim sessions including one open water, three bike sessions usually three to seven hours per session, three run sessions from 45 minutes to two hours per session and one mechanical pilates session per week. He said the support he received from Riviera made a huge difference to his training schedule and has helped him reach his goal of competing in the 2010 ITU World Olympic Distance Triathlon Championships. Adam joined Riviera in 2004 and works as a Boat Builder in Fit Out Two. He works a 40 hour week from 6am until 4.30pm which makes it difficult to fit in a morning training session. However, working in the lifestyle industry, Adam is fortunate to work a four day week so every Friday, Saturday and Sunday he trains, as well as every night after work. Adam and Jenny met when they were in high school at Sale College in Victoria. They moved to the Gold Coast five years ago to make a life of their own and they have been married for three years. Adam says he has always been self-motivated but the support from his wife and family has helped him through some tough times including the recent passing of his training partner Renee Nicholls. Sadly, Renee passed away following an accident during a training session in northern NSW in February. Renee was not only Adam’s training partner, she was his best mate. And while Adam won’t be able to share his success with his late training partner, Renee, he said her advice, encouragement and dedication to the sport has inspired him to achieve his goals. He also said he wouldn’t have been able to achieve this goal without the support of his wife, Jenny, who will be cheering him on when he competes in Hungary. Adam attributes his success to the support of his wife, family and work colleagues.

Riviera Latest At Mandurah Boat Show

Riviera, Australia’s most awarded pleasure boat builder will excite Western Australian boating enthusiasts as the company powers ahead with the latest innovative designs which will be on display at the Mandurah Boat Show from October 8-10. Following on from Riviera’s success at the Sydney International Boat Show and the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, the stunning new 43 Open Flybridge has dazzled crowds and achieved record sales with 16 new boats sold in the nine weeks since the 43’s world release in May. Of the 16 sold, four are destined for Western Australian owners, indicating that this is the ideal boat for WA boaters. Along with the new 43 flybridge, R Marine Perth will also have three other new models never seen on display in WA, the stunning Euro styled 5800 Sport Yacht and the 5000 and 3600 Sport Yachts, all with the latest pod drive technology, plus Riviera Syndication’s 38 flybridge. This is the largest display of new Riviera models ever seen in WA, with the five boats having a value of more than $5 million. A real head turner, the new 43 Open Flybridge combines great function and style and is the perfect Rottnest boat with an open plan and oversized cockpit, barbecue centre and connectivity between the saloon and cockpit as well as greater fuel economy and manoeuvrability with Volvo Penta IPS. This latest addition to Riviera’s award winning range has progressed flybridge boat design into a new generation of boating enjoyment. Riviera’s latest Sport Yacht designs, the 5000 and 5800 Sport Yachts have impressed boat owners across the globe with their striking European design, single level living and alfresco lifestyle concept. No stone has been left unturned with luxuriously appointed cabins, functional galley and plush lounges in the saloon, making Riviera’s new Sport Yacht models a home away from home.

Rose Island Tender to Regates Royales Trophy Panerai 2010

Cannes Yacht Club has chosen the Rose Island Lobster 65, exposed to the latest edition of the Festival de la Plaisance in Cannes as a tender-yacht for VIP guests and journalists during the "Régates Royales Panerai Trophy 2010". The prestigious prize, now in its 32nd edition, was held September 20 to 25 in the waters off the French town and saw the participation of the most beautiful classic yachts sailing in the Mediterranean for a week of great attraction. The Rose Island management has willingly accepted the invitation of the Yacht Club de Cannes by providing the flagship of the yard, also from the classic lines and glamorous, for a combination of excellence in harmony with the magical atmosphere created by these "Lord of the Sea."

Sunseeker Extend VMI Consumables Contract

Following several months of negotiations Wayne Moore - Operations Director and Andrew Macdonald finalised an extension for Sunseeker International Ltd's consumables contract with Key Industrial Ltd. The contract will be extended through until December 2012. The agreement was reached during a meeting held on board Sunseeker International Ltd's new 40 metre trideck yacht at the PSP Southampton Boat show on Tuesday 14th September 2010. Both companies were delighted to finalise the agreement valued in excess of £4m per annum. The reason for extending the agreement was not just based on price, but equally important was the excellent service and support the business receives from the whole of the Key Industrial team.

Sunseeker and Bond

Sunseeker, Aston Martin and Bollinger have been affiliates of James Bond for many years. Which is why, high speed and elegance with James Bond style was also the motto for the exclusive client event held in Switzerland in August 2010. Together with Aston Martin and Bollinger, Sunseeker Switzerland hosted an exclusive event in Zurich, Morges and Ascona in order to offer guests the Bond experience. Each of the three Sunseeker yachts provided for this event mirrored the characteristics of the guests present: On board the both classy and powerful Superhawk 48, (which was transported from the Côte d'Azur to the Lake Zurich shortly before the event , guests enjoyed cruising over the lake and feeling like a super agent on a super yacht. In Ascona, on the agile and fast Superhawk 40, guests were invited for a journey on the charming Lake Maggiore. And finally a cruise onboard the modern and spacious Portofino 48, which had been delivered to the new owner only five days before the event, turned out to be a highlight. With the sun fully shining, guests had the opportunity to test the 80 km/h Williams tender, refresh their feet on the hydraulic bathing platform and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere on board a Sunseeker. The successful event was completed with a test drive of an Aston Martin to the Verzasca dam, the setting of the spectacular bungee jumps of the James Bond movie "Golden eye". Sunseeker Motoryachts have been featured in 4 James Bond movies to date: Quantum of Solace (2008), Casino Royale (2006), Die Another Day (2002), and The World is Not Enough (1999).

Sunseeker Supplier of the Year Awards

Robert Braithwaite CBE - President and Andrew Macdonald - Head of Procurement presented the awards in this years ceremony on the Sunseeker stand on Tuesday 14th September at the PSP Southampton Boat Show. The awards were presented at a reception for the award winners, who were being recognised for their outstanding performance in meeting the Sunseeker International Ltd's most demanding requirements.This years award winners were: MTU UK Ltd for Warranty Support, Aqualuma Under Water Lighting and Tides Marine a joint award for Customer Service, Dometic UK Ltd for Production Support, MAN Engines and Component Division for Value ImprovementCJR Propulsion Ltd - for Quality, Central Electical Department - Best Internal Supplier, Volvo Penta - Technical Innovation, Robert Clark of Unipart Marine - Outstanding Individual Service, Paul Hoskins Ltd - Outstanding Service, and GRPMS Ltd - Overall Supplier of the year Award

Sunseeker Visit from Cinzano 1983 Raceboat

The 1983 race boat Cinzano, four times winner of the Cowes Torquay race visited the Southampton Boat Show on Tuesday 14th. This boat formally Ego Rothmans is a Don Shead designed hull and this hull design was used in exactly the same form for our XPS 34 and 39 Cobra. The boat tied up alongside our new 40 Metre. She has Twin 750 hp V10 petrol engines with no silencers and made quite an entrance when she arrived.Brief history of Cinzano: Designed by Don Shead, Built in 1980-81 by CUV in Viareggio Italy for Renato Della Valle originally called Ego Rothmans. Won the Cowes- Torquay- Cowes race four times: 1983-1984-1985 and 2009. Now owned and Driven by Markus Hendricks, a Sunseeker owner, from Neuss in Germany. Co Driver: Simon Wood Power, (nephew of Don Shead). Navigator: Eric Smillie. Length 38ft, Engines: Two Ilmore V10 petrol, 8.4 litres and 725HP each. Top Speed: over 100MPH. Raced over the August Bank holiday 2010 in Cowes, came second overall in the Marathon World Cup and Harmsworth Trophy.

Improve-it = Menorquin MY120

Menorquin presents an improved MY120 in a new 2011 version. Just as the recently improved MY160 presented in Cannes, Menorquin has made attractive renovations to the interior design, incorporating a new line of furnishings but maintaining the classic aesthetics which distinguishes the Menorcan Traditional Cruiser, emblem of the Slow Yachting philosophy. The exterior of the MY 120, 2011 edition, presents a new hardtop design too with very clean lines which provide a more stylized and harmonious overall shape. Another new feature is the single piece lateral windows with improved closing mechanisms which was presented first for the 2011 model year MY160 presented a couple weeks ago. These improved details in the MY120 will be shown in the Genoa show, and aim to increase the already successful sales of this full keel semi planning hull two cabin traditional cruiser.

September 29, 2010

Class 1 - Italy Preview

Eight boats will line up on Lake Maggiore this weekend when Class 1 teams resume rivalries in the Italian Grand Prix, round 4 of the UIM Class 1 World Powerboat Championship, where the first major title of the season, the European Championship, will be decided and Class 1 celebrates its 150th Grand Prix of the modern era. World Champions Arif Al Zafeen and Nadir Bin Hendi lead the race for the world title and will be aiming to continue their imperious form in Fazza, taking wins in Brazil and Norway, but will have to come from behind if they are to successfully defend the team's European title, which was won last year in Stresa by Mohammad Al Mehairi and Jean-Marc Sanchez. Standing between Fazza and the title is Italian Giovanni Carpitella who leads the European standings by 12 points over his Middle East rivals. Carpitella, bidding to be the first Italian to win a major Class 1 title since Matteo Nicolini lifted the European crown in Trondheim in 2005, switches team in Stresa, but carries his points from two podium finishes in Norway and maximum points in Sweden to race alongside Chris Parsonage in Negotiator, returning to Class 1 after a year out of the sport. Abdullah Al Mehairbi and Talib Al Sayed, in Skydive Dubai, have an outside shot at the European title and start their second Grand Prix together looking to continue the impressive form they showed in Sweden, finishing on the podium twice. Local interest will be fixed on the battle between the all-Italian pairings headed by Nicola Giorgi and Guido Cappellini, who were teammates in Norway and Sweden, but have since gone their separate ways and line up in Stresa as rivals. Tomaso Polli returns to Class 1 after a two-year absence to renew his partnership with Giorgi in Giorgioffshore, whilst Cappellini brings in Class 1 debutant, Marcello Menegatto, to throttle Primatist. After taking a battering last time out in Sweden, both Norwegian outfits return to the fray, fully repaired and ready to race. Welmax will be looking to get their title challenge back on track and are chasing a hat-trick of wins in the Edox Pole Position, whilst Relekta will hope to reproduce the pace they have shown in previous outings as they target a season-best finish above fifth spot. Following Carpitella's exit, Team Abu Dhabi has confirmed a new driver line up, bringing in American powerboat ace, John Tomlinson, who raced in Class in 1997, winning the World and European titles with Laith Pharaon, to race alongside Rashed Al Tayer who took his maiden Grand Prix in Sweden. Adding spice to the European title race will be the outcome of Victory Team's appeal against the post-race time penalty imposed on Fazza in Sweden to deny them the win in race 2. A successful outcome for Victory Team will see Carpitella's 12 point advantage shrink to a mere two points.
UIM CLASS 1 WORLD POWERBOAT CHAMPIONSHIP - after round 3, race 6 of 12
1. Fazza - 103pts
2. Skydive Dubai - 86pts
3. Negotiator - 71pts
4. Primatist - 42pts
5. Welmax - 27pts
6. Giorgioffshore - 16pts
7. Foresti and Suardi - SCAM - 11pts
8. Welmax Alianza - 10pts
9. Relekta - 7pts
EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP - after round 2, race 4 of 6
1. Negotiator - 67pts
2. Fazza - 55pts
3. Skydive Dubai - 48pts
4. Primatist - 21pts
5. Welmax - 15pts
6. Relekta - 7pts
1. Welmax - 55pts
2. Fazza - 50pts
3. Skydive Dubai - 30pts
4. Negotiator - 24pts
5. Relekta - 14pts
6. Primatist - 10pts
7. Giorgioffshore - 9
8. Welmax Alianza - 7pts
9. Foresti and Suardi SCAM - 5pts

Project: Cranchi Sixty6 Flybridge

After making its larger size debut just a year ago with the 64 Hardtop, Cranchi presents its second project for its ambitious fifty feet plus yacht program with the 66 Flybridge. Scheduled to debut in a couple days in Genoa the Sixty6 Flybridge will be Cranchi's biggest build and continues the styling we have seen with the 64. Huge glass surfaces abound on the 66, and the flybridge space seems also very large, although seating spaces seems to be limited, with the aft area left free. An optional hard top is also available for the fly. The main deck saloon seems an extension of what we have seen on the 64, with similar spaces and larger windows, left free of the galley which is located below. Accommodation is a total of four cabins, all located below. A full beam owners stateroom to mid ship, VIP suite to fore, third two single guest cabin to port side, and a fourth crew cabin with private shower heads located to aft. The layout of the aft deck is sport yacht inspired, although the semi glass, and fibre roof on top will remind you this is a flybridge yacht. Here is a nice wet bar, and a C-shaped settee with part sunbed. Power is from twin MAN 1400hp engines which should deliver a 33 knots max speed, and a 29 knots cruise.

September 28, 2010

New Model: Fairline 42 Squadron

A waited debut that of the Fairline 42 Squadron, which was presented as a 41 project a year ago, and replaces the six years produced 40 Phantom. This Fairline new model represents two important notes from this global renowned British boat builder. The first is that the 42 Squadron is the smallest model of this range ever made, taking this title away from the 43 produced from 1994 to 98. The second is that Squadron now represents the flybridge range of Fairline, which means no more Phantom's. It will be interesting to see if this will be just a re-badge or we will see more Squadron details in the smaller sub fifty feet models. The exterior surely looks the Squadron buisness going on! The Fairline 42 Squadron is a two cabin flybridge motor cruiser which wants to challenge the best in a competitive global market, with large glassed surfaces abounding on the main deck, and being standard in the below cabin area. Particularly spacious areas are the flybridge, this a Fairline standard in the last decade, and the owners master stateroom to fore. On some forums reviews there is some notes that the saloon looks a bit small for a 42 footer. Fairline lead designer for a couple decades today Bernard Olesinski who takes care of lines and hull shapes also thinks out of the box by presenting his most ever moderate Vee having a 12.5 degrees dead rise aft. While the standard is that deeper is better, one of his flatter vees was the end eighties Fairline 50 with 15 degrees aft, which in my experience was one of his best hulls too. Other notes are on the small side fuel tanks of 996 litres which surely would have made better of an extra one hundred capacity, and good water capacity of 471 litres. Power is from standard Volvo 370hp which give a not so fast 28 knots top speed. If you want more you can have a pair of bigger Volvo's 435hp, and Cats 460hp. This last option being the high performing choice giving 31 knots wide open throttle speeds.
Technical Data:
LOA - 12.94 m (42.5ft) inc gunwale
Hull Length - 12.62 m
Beam - 4.22 m
Draft - 1.07 m
Displacement - 12.79 t dry
Fuel Capacity - 996 l
Water Capacity - 471 l
Accommodation - 4 + 2 berths
Engines - 2 x Volvo D6 EVC 370hp, 435hp, Cats C7-Acert 460hp
Propulsion - line shaft in semi tunnels
Performance - 28 knots with 370hp, 30 knots w/ 435hp, 31 knots w/ Cats 460hp
Hull Shape - Vee with deep forward, full length spray rails and 12.5 degrees deadrise aft
Construction - Isophtalic gel coat, resin. Unidirectional, biaxials, woven rovings glass fiber
Project - Bernard Olesinski, Fairline Design Team

September 27, 2010

Project: Garlington 48 XPS

Custom Sportfish builder Garlington from Florida USA presents the project of the 48 XPS. This new project will be Garlington second in small size model, and just as the smaller 44 is an Express Sports Fisherman. The 48 XPS is designed by Ullberg who presents exterior lines with a soft reverse shear line shouting a bit of a Carolina style. The exterior aft deck is the usual fisherman's paradise with an aft central fighting chair. Two steps lead to the raised area which is reserved for entertaining and will have two L-shaped benches to the sides, and a central pompano style helm station. The accommodation standard arrangement is an owners separate cabin to fore, a dinette, a bench sofa, C-shaped galley, and shower head. Construction follows Garlington unusual for a custom builder high tech approach of a fully sandwiched hull with top quality materials of glass, kevlar, carbon fiber, and Corecell materials. Imron paint is used for the painting and finishing of the Garlington 48XPS.

New Model: Riva 33ft Aquariva by Marc Newson

After the Cento celebrating the first one hundred builds, the just launched Gucci version, Riva adds another exclusive Aquariva jewel with the new version by Marc Newson. The Aquariva by Marc Newson which will be limited built to only twenty two units is the most extravagant of the unique versions of this model and apart finishing details, also offers differences in the exterior design. Newson's Aquariva is unique in its conception, as well as the materials chosen changing the wood and stainless steel finishes with unheard materials. A wood-like, textile-based laminate Phenolic composite is used for the deck area and instrument panel. This material was developed in the first half of the twentieth century, and was a precursor to fibreglass. To give the exterior a more high tech look, anodized aluminium a light weight material not generally associated with boats; is used in lieu of stainless steel and chrome brass, yet remains contextual among Riva’s glamour and classical design. Aquariva by Marc Newson changes outside are truly innovative: the re-imagining of the transom, the wrap-around, laminated glass windscreen, split cabin door entry, functionality of the lounge and dining area, and the re-introduction of separate driver and passenger seats. Power for this third unique Aquariva by Marc Newson follows the other models with a twin Yanmar 380hp giving a top speed of 41 knots. Aquariva by Marc Newson which was announced as a project earlier on this year was recently launched as a limited edition of 22 units, and is available worldwide through Gagosian Gallery.
Technical Data:
LOA - 10.07 m (33ft)
Beam - 2.80 m
Draft - 0.96 m
Displacement - 6.69 t loaded, 5.35 t unloaded
Fuel Capacity - 480 l
Water Capacity - 130 l
Accommodation - 2 berths
Max Persons - 8
Engines - 2 x Yanmar 6LY3/UPT 380hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 41 knots max, 36 knots cruise
Range - 150 nm at 36 knots cruise
Hull Shape - Vee monohedron with 16.5 degrees deadrise aft
Project - Marc Newson, Mauro Micheli Officina Italiana Design
Certification - CE B

Project: Cheoy Lee 59 Serenity

In 2008 Cheoy Lee launched the first yacht in the Serenity Series, a 68 footer based on the efficiencies of a true displacement hull with long range explorer yacht features. The line’s flagship will be the new Serenity 83, currently under construction. The Serenity 59, shown in the picture above, is the third model in the series, and should launch before the end of the year and the first two hulls will be delivered to Australia and Florida. Mike Burvenich designed the three stateroom yacht with a large walk in lazarette aft of the engine room. New Zealand’s High Modulus designed the composite structure, subsequently granted Germanischer Lloyd class certification. A solid, hand laid hull with double bottom tanks, resin infused decks, bulkheads and superstructure provides a tough configuration, combined with a low center of gravity and hence stability. Single and twin engine configurations will be available, both with full propeller protection. Estimated range on the standard 7500 litres fuel tanks is 2000nm at nine knots, and over 4000nm at seven knots with a single engine set up. The standard single engine package is a John Deere 330hp. Twin John Deere 236hp engines are the factory option, although other configuration powers are available.

September 26, 2010

New Model: Codecasa construction C.118

Codecasa challenges itself by presenting its second largest ever built yacht with the launching of construction number C118. She shares size and hull underwater lines with an other Codecasa, the recently launched and much publicized stylist owned construction F.71 but has a complete different super structure. Named Lady Lou and designed in house by Codecasa C118 differs from C71 for having a more classic profile, which also looks a bit dutch if it was not for the usual high bow. This last a trademark to all Codecasa's. Her interior are designed by Della Role who presents this four deck Super Yacht with an owners stateroom, and eight double guest cabins. Crew accommodation is for a total of eighteen in nine double twin bed cabins, a chief engineer and a captain's cabin. Power is from twin Cats of 2448hp which deliver a medium load top speed of 17 knots, and a cruise of 12 knots which give a 5000 nautical miles range.
Technical Data:
LOA - 65.0 m (213.2ft)
Waterline Length - 56.50 m
Beam - 11.20 m
Draft - 3.70 m
Displacement - 825 t medium load
Fuel Capacity - 120000 l
Water Capacity - 30000 l
Accommodation - 1 Owners, 8 guest cabins, 22 crew berths
Engines - 2 x Cats 3516B 2448hp
Propulsion - line shaft with Schaffran 6 fix blade S class props
Speed - 17 knots max, 12 knots cruise
Range - 5000 nm at cruise
Construction - high tensile steel AH36 for hull, aluminum 5083H111/H321 super structure
Project - Codecasa, Della Role interior
Certification - Lloyd's Maltese Cross 100 A1 SSC "Yacht" Mono 66, LMC+UMS - MCA Compliant

September 25, 2010

Projects: Benetti Class 93 Delfino, Benetti Class 105 Tradition, Benetti Class 121 Classic, Benetti Class 140 Crystal, Benetti Class 145 Vision

For 2010 legendary super yacht builder Benetti decides to overhaul its semi custom fiberglass line into the new Class Range. A change which is in some models is deeper to others, one being totally new, and the remaining being a more make up modification effecting windows and light design touches. A model which is semi new, is surely the 93 Delfino pictured above, which is based on the 85 introduced in 2007. The 93 Delfino keeps the two and a half deck layout, and adds more classic Benetti styling. The interior of the 93 Delfino is very spacious in standard plan being a full five cabins layout, with owners stateroom on the main deck. The project of the Class 105 Tradition replaces the 100 Tradition and is a make up change over for this five cabins, two and a half deck medium sized Super Yacht. As the above rendering shows most of the change represent greater window surface areas and more cleaner and leaner lines. The Classic has been the Benetti which started the fiberglass built line in 2000 for this legendary yachting name. The first Classic was a 35 metre, and later on a slightly larger 120 model based on the same hull was introduced. Today, ten years after its first launch the Classic has been delivered in about fifty units, a super success in a semi custom super yacht. The 121 Classic will be the third series for this hull which has proved to be Super not just in size, but most importantly in sales number for the yachting industry in general. The 140 Crystal is a totally new project for Benetti, and will be a three deck super yacht. A five cabin interior which seems to be a characteristic of all Benetti's is the standard plan for this second largest of the semi custom Class range. Design for this model is entrusted as all the line to Stefano Righini, with interior by Francois Zuretti.
The Benetti Class 145 Vision represents a further evolution of the 140 Vision with light changes to the lines, and a complete new set of windows. So far the 145 Vision is the biggest fiberglass built by the Azimut Benetti Group. Design is again trusted to Righini, with interior for owners and guests by Francois Zuretti. Again the Vision series has proved to be another winner for what is considered the biggest Super Yacht builder in the world with the 140 selling over ten units in a just a couple years time.

September 24, 2010

Project: Sessa C48

Sessa presents its fourth new model of the 2010 year with the C48, showing the huge effort from this Italian builder who in recent years is challenging the top crown of Med looking cruisers and yachts for its innovative and high quality products. Launching in a month time at the Genoa show the C48 is a project developed on Sessa's first IPS boat introduced in 2007 the C46. Today Sessa has a total of four IPS models. Many characteristics are the same but Sessa and Christian Grande fine tuned the lines of the hard top and super structure now looking similar to the C38 introduced last year. The C48 will also add an extended bathing platform with high and low movement which apart easy tender stowage increases length by a couple of feet, hence the designation change. Thanks to this the C48 can also handle two water toys up to 2.85 metres in the garage, and another on the bathing platform. This extension also increases space in the aft deck by 36 cm, therefore also adding more space outside. Other changes are also a bigger hard top opening section, and a redesigned helm station. Interior wise the two cabin layout with the full beam owners suite to mid ship stays, but a change in furniture woods and colors is found. This to be finished in dense walnut, and leather surfaces in brown, cream and cocoa, which will match the cream colored galley. Power for what have been very appreciated underwater lines of the C46 will be from twin Volvo IPS600 435hp units. Construction method also changes for the C48 now to be done in the cleaner and lighter infused resin.

September 23, 2010

Improve-it = Princess V56

May be Princess listened to my plea as I wrote in my article presenting the new V56, which is an expanded V53 with high low bathing platform, that the Plymouth boat builder lost an occasion for adding new elements as presented in other fresher models in the last four years. So here comes the V56 with a two large cabins choice, which now features a full beam owners stateroom to mid ship. The full beam cabin will have an astern looking queen size double berth, en suite shower head to port, and a beauty desk to starboard. The fore cabin which in this option becomes the VIP also receives changes, having its forward double which becomes two single berths thanks to a scissor movement. The exterior lines also receive a recognizable change for this version thanks to three large vertical windows featured to both sides and located to mid ship for the owners stateroom.

Project: Hunt 44

Following the introduction of the 52 flagship in early 2009, Hunt Yachts follows it with a similar slightly smaller 44 project also aimed at filling the void left between the old large 36 Harrier model. If it ain't broken don't fix it or so they say, and the 44 follows similar exterior line looks, wanting to capture Hunt owners and fans who taught the 52 was too big to own and handle. The 44 has a plan of a two cabin, two head lower deck. To note here is the very spacious owners en-suite head, with separate shower stall. The guest cabin is a two berths in a bunk cabin configuration. The main deck will be fully dedicated to relaxing and entertaining of the guests and owners, and will be of the patio door easy to close type. Here is a longitudinal saloon, with two moving sofas, which if desired can be moved to the outside deck. A galley is located below. Tender stowage also follows the 52 style with a garage able to handle a well sized private water craft. Power starts from the smaller optional Volvo 435hp IPS propulsion unit, to the standard twin Cats 455hp on shaft drives. Other optional units are Cats 567hp, to the most powerful 593hp Cummins. This last should give 30 knots top speed as does the smaller engine but more efficient Volvo IPS optional.

September 22, 2010

New Model: Oryx 46 Fly

Presented as a project in 2008 Oryx presents its latest model, the 46 Fly what is a very economic to run three cabin flybridge motor cruiser. The exterior styling of the 46 Fly can also be deemed to be the best looking of the orange Oryx brand, which makes part of the Gulf Craft Group of boat builders. Accommodation of the 46 Fly is a three cabin lower deck, with two shower heads, and owners suite to fore. The main deck is a split level with saloon looking astern, and galley, dining table, and helm station on the raised area. Power for the 46 Fly is for standard Volvo stern drive 370hp, or optional IPS units with the same horse power or more powerful 435hp units.
Technical Data:
LOA - 14.02 m (46ft)
Waterline Length - 11.56 m
Beam - 4.04 m
Draft - 0.86 m
Displacement - 13.6 t
Fuel Capacity - 1514 l
Water Capacity - 378 l
Accommodation - 6 berths in 3 cabins
Engines - 2 x Volvo D6 370hp, D6 435hp
Propulsion - Volvo DPS dual prop stern drive, IPS forward facing dual prop

Project: Doride 72

While the market is still in very challenging waters it is still my surprise to see today new brands with a very ambitious project of a line of sport yachts from 72 to 112 feet. Doride Yacht from Milan is such a builder and presents its first project of a sport yacht with an invisible flybridge of 72 feet. The Doride 72 is a interesting design although on the exterior architect Coppo from Messina, Sicily responsible for the project has been inspired a little too much by another Italian brand from the Adriatic sea. But the difference is in the details to see and while the Doride may be a bit similar to something else, the new company offers some unique touches like the four cabin lower deck plus a two person crew cabin aft, a two level main deck layout which looks coming from a motor yacht, and the still not so easy to find on a 21 metres sport yacht invisible flying bridge. The fly offers a central helm station for two persons, a bench seat, and a central wide sun pad. Power for the Doride 72 is twin MAN 1550hp in a Vee drive shaft configuration which should give an estimated top speed of 36 knots. Construction will be with environment friendly infusion resin method.

September 21, 2010

New Model: Bayliner 285 Cruiser

A brand which lately is bringing newer better looking models is Bayliner, which presents its new 285 Cruiser. Measuring just a couple of inches in overall length above its designation the 285 Cruiser represents the new challenge for the 2011 model year for a brand which from a certain point of view pioneered mass boat production. The 285 Cruiser has sweet lines, and as usual to Bayliner offers spacious comfortable areas both inside and out, this coupled with a competitive price. Interior accommodation is for three double beds which sleeps six, a galley, and a shower head. The largest of the beds seems to be the one located to mid ship. You can also so to say extend the length of your Bayliner, by ordering it with the extended bathing platform, this adding more space to stern and a safe place to stow a tender while underway. Power is a standard single petrol gas engine of a Mercruiser 300hp with stern drive giving a not bad top speed of 32 knots. If you want more to this you can get the optional 375hp unit.
Technical Data:
LOA - 8.71 m (28.7ft)
LOA with optional extended platform - 9.5 m
Beam - 3.02 m
Draft - 1.04 m
Displacement - 3654 kg
Fuel Capacity - 336 l
Water Capacity - 106 l
Accommodation - 6 berths
Max Persons - 10
Engine - 1 x Mercruiser 350Mag MPI 300hp, 496 Mag 375hp
Propulsion - Mercruiser Bravo III dual propeller stern drive
Speed - 32 knots max with 300hp
Hull Shape - Vee with 17 degrees dead rise
Certification - CE B

Project: Vicem 78 Cruiser

Vicem Yachts from Turkey heads into the fall of the 2010 European show season with a world debut on the horizon of the 78 Cruiser project, which I imagine is a further refinement of the 75. The new 78 Cruiser epitomizes the three hallmarks of every Vicem yacht: exuding a classic look of timeless elegance, exemplifying the ideals for craftsmanship, and a commitment to customization. But with this classic 25 metres Vicem has undergone a subtle yet sophisticated makeover with a number of new refinements, thanks to the fourteen person in house design team, the 78 Cruiser is a classic with a contemporary twist. Many of the changes made aboard the 78 Cruiser appeal to more European tastes. The trademark interior high-gloss surfaces have given way to the understated beauty of satin-finish mahogany, accentuated by neutral-colored fabrics and the discerning use of leather appointments. Guests will also appreciate having more natural light stream in social areas through markedly larger windows. A bigger swim platform and sunpad area adorn the aft deck and flybridge, respectively. A hard top covering the flybridge helm station area is also standard. These contemporary twists are complemented by an updated exterior, which projects cleaner lines. Power arrangements are twin MAN 900hp Common Rail, which allow the 78 Cruiser to reach cruising and maximum speeds of 16 and 21 knots, respectively, and a range of 1200nm at 10 knots. The 78 Cruiser can welcome aboard twelve guests and three crew. Sleeping accommodations include a full-beam master amidships, a VIP stateroom at bow, and two guest staterooms all with en suite bathrooms.

September 20, 2010

New Model: Four Winns V475

Not a real new model but Four Winns recently updated its V458 flagship, now designated the V475. Being at it, as Four Winns recently updated all its line model names, the V475 got increased a few lengths with a large extended bathing platform with high low movement. This surely makes the hard top sport cruiser V475 with the longest platform in this size, which can be interesting for those wanting a second entertainment area to fill with deck chairs, or handling a large water toy over it. The V475 is full of gizmo's, you can also have two pop up flat television in the outside cockpit. One of these staying behind the two person helmsman settee is a thirty inch affair and is optional. Interior accommodation is for four plus two berths in two double cabins and the convertible sofa. The owners suite is to fore, and a twin at mid ship. The interior galley as any US boat is large and is of L-shape. Power is from twin Volvo 435hp IPS600 propulsion.
Technical Data:
LOA - 15.03 m (49.4ft)
Length - 13.56 m
Beam - 4.27 m
Draft - 1.09 m
Displacement - 13600 kg
Fuel Capacity - 1438 l
Water Capacity - 382 l
Accommodation - 4 + 2 berths
Max Persons - 18
Engines - 2 x Volvo IPS600 D6 435hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking dual propeller IPS pods
Hull Shape - vee with 19 degrees dead rise

Powerboat GPS - Siracusa Endurance Race

The 2010 season comes to an end again in the picturesque Siracusa. Considering that in early Spring we where without races this was a huge success for the World Powerboats Association the UIM, and all the teams involved. The Grand Prix of the Sea Series touched important parts of the Globe too: starting with the first ever race in Yalta Ukraine, followed by the classic in Malta, a recent missing fixture returning that of Poltu Quatu in the beautiful Sardinia, Bacoli in Naples which also missed for three years, and closed what is becoming also a unique setting in Siracusa in Sicily the biggest Island in the Med. The last round showed incredible power by those who came second in both class, which sends a message to the title winners for things to come next year. Today's race also offered calmer waters with the boat hitting incredible times but with the positions actually staying the same from the rough seas of yesterday.
22 Big Sergio show power taking both of the last rounds with the team doing incredible lap times some of which under the four minutes mark and the best being a 3:57,17. As Alfredo Amato said when the Outerlimits SV40 is running well, the others just have to follow, which means we are getting used to the package and to winning. With these results 22 Big Sergio end the 2010 season on second, a huge improvement from the fourth of two races ago, with a distance of just one from the third place, and two points from fourth. Another second for the Naples Fountain of 81 Karelpiu which showed good composure resulting in the best season ever for a rookie team taking a total of three wins. Incredible laps also from this team which was only fifteen seconds behind Big Sergio, and had the best of the weekend time at 3:57,05. Third place for 34 Seagull Chaudron, a rookie team with the 2009 championship winner boat which showed improved performance and also managed to win a race in Bacoli. A fourth for the new 2010 Supersport World Championship winners 38 Baia Attolini, which I admit after they took Powerpole on Friday I did accept better results to this. A fifth for the Yanmar diesel powered 06 Jolly Drive which in this last four races showed good results, better lap times, and the always important reliability. With this they also overtake the sunken in Poltu Quatu Spirit of Belgium, finishing the season in fifth. Sixth place for Kenon Cafe the Racing Project hull winner of 2007, and 08 titles. A last place and again two laps late for what is the good looking and interesting wider to the usual Zeta hull powered by FPT diesels 18 F.Di Cersare Riscaldamenti. Sadly again no participation for this last round from the fast Donzi of 26 Team 26, and the new Pantera 08 Asia 2011-15.
Evolution Results:
1. 33 Furnibo
2. 88 SNAV-Kiton
3. 60 Metamarine Foresti& Sguardi
Super Sport Results:
1. 22 Big Sergio = 15 laps 59:13,11
2. 81 Karelpiu = 59:28,42
3. 43 Seagull Chaudron = 1:00:15,90
4. 38 Baia Attolini = 1:00:38,22
5. 06 Jolly Drive = 1:01:38,90
6. 44 Kenon Cafe = 1:01:39,75
7. 18 F. Di Cesare Riscaldamenti = 1:01:43,05 -2laps
Pos. Boat Name - Team Name ~ Round 9 + Round 10 = TOTAL (incl engine bonus 5 pts)
1. 60 Metamarine Foresti&Suardi - Metamarine Corse ~ + = 151
2. 88 SNAV-Kiton - OSG Racing Team ~ + = 86
3. 33 Furnibo - 2B1 Racing Team ~ + = 79
4. 77 Lucas Oil - Scandiavian Offshore Challenge ~ + = 57
5. 66 Cranefields Wine - Searex Racing Team ~ + = 56
6. 55 Ukrainian Spirit - Ukrainian Spirit ~ + = 48
7. 47 Silverline Racing - Silverline ~ + = 6
8. 01 Carconnex - Carconnex ~ + = 0
Pos. Boat Name - Team Name ~ Round 9 + Round 10 = TOTAL
1. 38 Baia Attolini - Baia Attolini ~ 6 + 7 = 164 (1 bonus)
2. 22 Big Sergio - Al & Al Racing Team ~ 20 + 20 = 120
3. 43 Seagull Chaudron - Ukrainian Spirit ~ 12 + 12 = 119
4. 91 Karelpiu - RG87 Racing Team ~ 16 + 16 = 118 (1 bonus)
5. 06 Jolly Drive - Jolly Drive Racing Team ~ 7 + 6 = 66 (1 bonus)
6. 17 Spirit of Belgium - Spirit of Belgium ~ 0 + 0 = 49
7. 26 Team 26 - Team 26 ~ 0 + 0 = 21
8. 08 Asia 2011-15 - Ocean Dragon Racing Team ~ 0 + 0 = 5

September 19, 2010

New Model: Sunseeker 40 Metre Yacht

Thanks to one of the forum members at YBW we can show you exclusive pictures of Sunseeker new flagship, the 40 Metre Yacht. The Poole boat builder effort in always presenting bigger sizes has to be appreciated, considering the fact that the last months at Sunseeker where very difficult indeed. But that's not to say the builders order book is empty, as in the bigger super sizes of 24 metres plus its if filled as ever with a total of 58 in build boats averaging 28 metres in length in as of this year. The 40 Metre Yacht is a three deck super yacht based on the 37 adding length to the hull, and a much more cleaner profile. Personally I always think the 37 free board looked a bit low with the three deck super structure above appearing bulky. The 40 Metre Yacht follows the last year presented 130 Predator with the balconies concept. The 40 Metre having two; in the master suite on the main deck, and another on the saloon. With the standard plan accommodation is for a total of 10 guests in five staterooms all with private heads. Master suite is located on the main deck, and two identical VIP are located to mid ship. Crew berths is for eight members below, plus a double captains cabin behind the helm on the upper deck. Power is for two engines with a total of 6362hp which should give a maximum of 24 knots. Range is for 1500 nautical miles at 10 knots.
Technical Data:
LOA - 40 m (131.3ft)
Waterline Length - 31.19 m
Beam - 8.00 m
Draft - 2.25 m
Displacement - 176800 kg light, 200600 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 23080 l + 5630 l optional tank
Water Capacity - 4950 l
Accommodation - 12 guest berths in 6 cabins, 9 crew berths
Engines - twins totalling 6362hp
Propulsion - line shaft with twin fixed pitch propellers in semi recessed tunnels
Speed - 24 knots max
Range - 1500 nm at 10 knots
Project - Don Shead, Sunseeker Design

September 18, 2010

Powerboat GPS - Siracusa Sprint Race

Siracusa presented itself with similar conditions to the previous Powerpole day for Round nine of the World Championship race of the Grand Prix of the Sea series. The weather was tight in a moderate to rough sea state with waves of an average one metre in height making this unique course actually more challenging to what normally is. Today's race was also characterized by a dominion from start to finish in both the classes.
Team Al&Al and 22 Big Sergio continue to build results and after the first win in Poltu Quatu continue to show incredible power taking a second race of the season, here dominating from start to finish. The lap times of the Big Sergio Outerlimits SV40 where also incredible with a best of 4:01,80, three with four minutes two seconds mark, and all accept for the final lap under four minutes ten seconds mark. Rookie team 81 Karelpiu show their growing confidence too taking another podium with the Fountain having less to a minute distance from the Outerlimits powerboat. The best lap of the Fountain was a 4:03,41 which comes as the fifth better lap of the circuit, all better results being done by 22 Big Sergio. Third place for the 2010 season rookie drivers but 2009 World Championship boat Seagull Chaudron. Another good fourth place with less to two minutes distance from the first for the Yanmar diesel powered 06 Jolly Drive. Fifth for the 2007, and 08 champion 41 feet Chaudron hull of Kenon Cafe here making part of the Italian Championship teams. A sixth worst place, which comes to fifth in World Championship challengers for this season for 38 Baia Attolini. Was it too much celebrations for the Italian team who took World title two races in advance? A last place with a two laps delay for the FPT diesel powered Zeta build 18 F. Di Cesare Riscaldamenti.
1. 33 Furnibo =
2. 88 SNAV-Kiton
3. 60 Metamarine Foresti&Sguardi
4. 55 Ukrainian Spirit
5. 77 Lucas Oil Scandinavian Offshore Challenge
6. 66 Cranfields Wine - Carconnex
7. 47 Silverline
1. 22 Big Sergio = 9 laps 35:57,43
2. 81 Karelpiu = 36:40,95
3. 43 Seagull Chaudron = 37:26,04
4. 06 Jolly Drive = 37:36,54
5. 44 Kenon Cafe = 37:40,50
6. 38 Baia Attolini = 37:53,13
7. 18 F. Di Cesare Riscaldamenti = 37:07,72 -2laps