October 18, 2010

Project: Pershing 58

After no new models launched in 2009, Pershing wants to make the 2010 year one full of them, presenting three novelties in this years fall, and after taking the 50.1 in Cannes, at Genoa it presented the 58. As it is easy to see with this rendering this new 58 comes from the updating of the successful 56 model launched in 2005. With the Pershing 58 Fulvio De Simoni updates the super structure, and adds the hull with six large view windows, three per side situated in all of the three large cabins below. As those who follow Pershing can see the hard top now takes the New Idea looks as presented with the 72 in 2007, and there after followed by all new models launched since then. In particular De Simoni 58 new hard top lines take a lot of inspiration from the 72, 64, 80, and the new 92.

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