October 17, 2010

Web: Silver Craft New Web Site

Silver Craft the entry level brand of Gulf Craft producing Sport Cruiser and Fishing series presents its new Internet showroom. Part of Gulf Craft twenty five years history the Silver Craft brand was created in the last years when this Dubai based group starting re-branding its type of yachts away from Gulf Craft name. Silver Craft boats are based on the local tradition, and the powerboat success which has happened in recent years in the Gulf sea region. The current Silver Craft portfolio offers eleven models in the Sport Cruiser six boats, and Sport Fisher series having five. Its entry level model is the outboard powered 20 SC, and goes up to the 47 SF. Silver Craft new web site takes you around with the following buttons; About Silver Craft, The Fleet, News, Insurance & Finance, Distributors, and Get In Touch.

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