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January 24, 2024

New Model: Sacs Rebel 50G

In the fall of 2023 Sacs debuted its new Rebel 50G model.  Designed by Christian Grande the Rebel 50G is one of the most complete maxi-ribs ever made, which escapes the narrative of a day boat with over-night accommodation, not because it cannot do that part of use, but also because can also be used as a yacht.  A fully enclosed fifteen meter hard-top the Rebel 50G offers a main enclosed living area with dinette and galley with its lower deck offering two double cabins; master cabin forward, and a twin berth cabin at midships.  An option exists to have the forward cabin replaced by an open entertainment area with J-shaped lounge to port side.  The options on the Sacs Rebel 50G do not stop here, with four options also available for the aft cockpit deck; garage/sun-pad, stern lounge, forward lounge, and free standing.  The Sacs Rebel 50G is powered by twin Volvo 725hp engines with IPS pod drives for top speeds up to 36 knots and a cruise of 28.
Technical Data:
LOA - 15.30 m (50.2ft)
Beam - 5.05 m
Draft - 0.83 m, 1.30 m with propellers
Displacement - 23 t
Fuel Capacity - 2 x 940 l
Water Capacity - 450 l
Max Persons - eighteen
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins, one cabin with convertible open lounge
Engines - 2 x Volvo D11 725hp
Propulsion - Volvo IPS forward looking dual propeller pod drives
Speed - 36 knots max 28 cruise
Range - 260 nautical miles at cruise
Hull Shape - V-shape
Construction - fiberglass with D-shape foam filled tubes
Project - Christian Grande
Certification - CE B

January 10, 2024

New Model: Magazzu M16

In December 2023, Magazzu launched its awaited modern and different first M16 unit.  Designed by Claudio Magazzu the M16 distinct's itself from previous Magazzu, offering a different and radical look, and is also build with semi-rigid tubes, and a full deep walk around design.  This  new Magazzu flagship feels less a rib, and more a yacht then previous models.  The Magazzu will also feature, thanks to its deep walk around design a full fore to aft deck use, with a centre console layout and exterior galley and dinette behind and covered by the T-top.  The cabin layout of the Magazzu M16 welcomes you below deck with an L-shaped settee, and features a master cabin forward, and a guest double berth at midships with  two heads. The Magazzu M-16 hull one is powered by twin Volvo 600hp with IPS pod drives, with an option for triple 600hp Mercury outboards and speeds up to fifty knots being available. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 16 m (52.4ft)
Beam - 4.80 m
Fuel Capacity - 2 x 1000 l
Water Capacity - 400 l
Max Persons - twenty
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins
Engines - 2 x Volvo D8 600hp, or triple Mercury 600hp petrol-gas outboard
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking IPS pod drives, or Mercury outboards
Speeds -  fifty knots max from triple 600hp Mercury
Project - Claudio Magazzu
Certification - CE B 

September 27, 2023

Project: Sacs Rebel 50G

For the fall 2023 boat shows Sacs presents the Rebel 50G an innovative hard-top rib yacht designed by Christian Grande.  The 50G is to be the second in size Rebel line model which debuted in 2016 with the 47 and today offers four models from twelve to seventeen meters.  The Rebel 50G is different to the previous Sacs, bringing a fully enclosed rib yacht with walk-around bulwarks like never seen before were Christian Grande design shines through as sophisticated and modern.  The Rebel 50G comes also with important choices for the buyer, with two options for the lower deck, and four options to its aft deck.  The standard lower deck offers a two cabins layout with forward double berth and twin berths at midships with the optional layout replacing the forward cabin with an open living deck offering a sofa and entertainment unit opposite.  For the aft deck, the choices are four distinctive layouts; standard garage/sun-pad layout, stern lounge with two aft looking L-shaped loungers, forward lounge with a forward looking U-shaped dinette, and last the free standing option.  The Sacs Rebel 50G is to be powered by twin Volvo 725hp with IPS pod drives for top speeds up to 36 knots and a cruise of 28. 

May 3, 2023

Project: Magazzu M16

Magazzu have leaked information of a new M16 currently in build.  Designed by Claudio Magazzu the M16 is to be the second largest Magazzu build to date, following the MX-18 Coupe which apparently has been so far delivered in only one unit.  The new M16 seems also to be a new M-range, which is a departure from the long standing MX range.  The M16 is a walk around design with a central console, and a hard-top which covers a third of the deck. A construction detail will be the rigid tubes and the cut-out in the bulk heads which give side views and an environmental contact.  A central helm station will feature a wet-bar behind, with a dinette aft, and a central sun-pad.  To foredeck is another sun-pad with two opposite settees further forward.  The interior is reported to offer a two cabins layout, both with en-suite shower head, and a saloon in between the cabins.  The Magazzu M16 will also offer a novelty in its power solution and is to be powered by twin Volvo 600hp with IPS pod drives.  

July 26, 2022

New Model: Anvera 58

Anvera continues its ride of success and has in the Spring launched its new 58 flagship model.  Replacing the 55, the 58 is a natural evolution of the first Anvera model launched in 2016 and flagship for six years .  The 58 has different lines to the super structure, while another new details is the second row three companion way seats, behind the helm station.  As all Anvera the 58 features the opening bulkheads which extend beam by 68 centimeters aft and bring the space up to 24 square meters in the exterior deck.  Inside the Anvera 58 offers a similar layout to that of the 55 sleeping four in an open layout with a forward double berth, twin berths at midships, sofas, and a separate shower head to port side.  The Anvera 58 is powered by twin Cats 650hp, and while speed numbers have not been announced, I would expect similar forty knots plus performance and efficiency of under five liters per nautical miles at thirty knots plus cruise.
Technical Data:
LOA - 17.50 m (57.4ft)
Waterline Length - 15.5 m
Beam - 5.12 m
Draft - 1.1 m loaded
Displacement - 14.2 t loaded, 11.5 t loaded
Fuel Capacity - 1600 l
Water Capacity - 400 l
Max Persons - sixteen
Accommodation - four berths
Engines - 2 x Cats C8.7 650hp
Propulsion - Top System TS50 surface drives
Project - Aldo Drudi, Brunello Acampora Victory design hull
Certification - CE B

August 24, 2021

New Model: Sacs Rebel 55

In Summer 2021 Sacs launched its new Rebel 55, a seventeen meter rib yacht designed by Christian Grande.  Flagship of the three model Rebel range, and second in size to the Strider 19, the Sacs Rebel 55 presents itself as a centre console rib with interesting exterior and interior comforts.  As many large rib yacht over fifteen meters in size, the Rebel 55 has a lot of design and technical content, starting from the D-shape foam filled tubes, to its particular safe walkaround design.  The accommodation of the Rebel 55 will offer an interior with two large cabins; owners room at midship, guest forward, and an L-shape dinette.  Exterior spaces are seventeen meters from bow to aft, offering a central dinette. aft and fore sun-pads, and a galley behind the central console at midship.  The Sacs Rebel 55 is powered by twin Volvo 725hp with IPS pod drives, and reaches speeds up to 37 knots.  A high performance outboard version with quadruple Mercury 600hp is the other engine option, this reaching speeds up to 47 knots.
Technical Data:
LOA - 17 m (55.7ft)
Beam - 5.38 m
Draft - 0.83 m exl drives
Displacement - 22 t
Fuel Capacity - 2 x 1000 l
Water Capacity - 400 l
Max Persons - 22
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins, optional one berth crew cabin
Engines - 2 x Volvo D11 725hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking IPS950 pod drives
Speed - 37 knots max 32 knots fast cruise 27 knots economic fast cruise
Range - 270 nm at 27 knots
Hull Shape - modified Vee with 18.7 degrees deadrise aft
Construction - fiberglass hull with D-shape foam filled tubes
Project - Christian Grande
Certification - CE A

August 17, 2021

Project: Anvera 58

Anvera re-imagines its flagship 55 model, and presents the project for a new 58.  Extended in length to the 55 the Anvera 58 offers a central sun-pad, which together with the extendable bulwarks will make this space a special to be on the water.  The Anvera 58 will also have a second row of three forward facing passaenger settee's behind the helm station to make those trips feel more in safety and more enjoyable.  Lower deck accommodation in the Anvera 58 is for four in an open plan layout; with a double berth forward, and a settee sleeping two other persons.  The Anvera 58 is powered by twin FPT 650hp with surface drives.  No top speed is yet communicated.

November 27, 2017

New Model: Scanner SuperOcean 58

Here is a new Rib Yacht which raised a few looks during its presentation for the European fall boat show season of 2017, the SuperOcean 58.  A new brand with important stable names behind it, that of Scanner ribs from Italy who are also responsible for the construction of this new different looking machine.  Designed by Donato Montemitro and Benoit Marcilhacy this new seventeen meter rib yacht surprises for its utilitarian do it all looks the designers provided.  For a seventeen meter Rib Yacht the SuperOcean 58 also surprises for its super spacious interior and exterior, a balance which makes it compete with Sport Yachts of similar size also thanks to an important plus five meter of beam.  Still the SuperOcean 58 offers a choice of two interior lower deck layouts with two or three cabins and three heads.  What is interesting in all this is that the three cabin layout does not steal space from the dinette or the galley but takes space from the second VIP room and its en-suite head, this becoming smaller in the three cabin layout.  In both layout choices there is a guest day head to port side on the arrival of the cabin lower deck.  A single berth crew cabin located to starboard at midships is provided in both layouts. The SuperOcean 58 is powered by standard twin Man 800hp, and or optional 1000hp or 1200hp units with Jolly drive surface drive propulsion set up.  Speed numbers are not yet announced.
Technical Data:
LOA - 17.60 m (58ft)
Beam - 5.20 m
Draft - 1.10 m
Displacement - 26 t
Fuel Capacity - 2 x 1200 l
Water Capacity - 500 l
Max Persons - 30
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, or four berths in two cabins, one crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Man 800hp, 1000hp, V8 1000hp
Propulsion - Jolly Drive surface drives
Construction - inflatable rib with solid fiberglass hull
Project - Donato Montemitro and Benoit Marcilhacy exterior, Alfroid and Weiss studio interior
Certification - CE B

November 3, 2017

New Model: Tecnorib Pirelli 1900

Launched at the 2017 Cannes Yachting Festival, Tecnorib extend the Pirelli partnership and present the new 1900 flagship model. Designed by Mannerfelt, the new Tecnorib Pirelli 1900 is built to the highest standards of quality, starting with the resin infused hull and the 100% carbon hardtop, designed to lower the center of gravity and improve performance. The new Pirelli 1900 reprises the lines of the previous 1400, but reinterprets them from a new, innovative, perspective, with an even greater focus on the development of communal areas. The outstanding feature is the design of the carbon hardtop, which extends aft to protect the cockpit. At the bow is a huge sun lounging area, while in the stern, the entire cockpit area can be customized. The hull has been designed to offer high performance without compromising on comfort: it isn’t particularly narrow, which translates into hospitable interiors with a height of up to two meters. In the engine room, two Man 800hp engines are coupled with Top System surface dives with a top design speed of 45 knots, while remaining easy to handle at all times thanks to the joystick and automatic trim system. Below deck the interiors are elegant and essential. The basic layout features two cabins and the central living area, containing the galley, a dinette that can be transformed into an additional berth, and a dining table. The owner’s cabin is in the bow, in the stern, the guest cabin, a head and a big and extremely practical technical storage compartment that, in a second solution available can be a third crew cabin. As always, the distinctive Pirelli tire tread design appears on the inflatable tubes, like all the boats in the range, with the pattern of the Blue Wet tread used in top track races paying tribute to the expertise gained by Italian firm designing tires for extremely wet conditions.
Technical Data:
LOA - 18.5 m (60.6ft)
Beam - 5 m
Displacement - 16.5 t unloaded
Fuel Capacity - 2000 l
Water Capacity - 600 l
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins, optional crew cabin with one berth
Engines - 2 x Man I6 800hp
Propulsion - Top System TS45 surface drives
Speed - 45 knots max 30 knots cruise
Project - Mannerfelt design exterior and hull, AM architects interior
Certification - CE B 

June 6, 2017

Project: Tecnorib Pirelli 1900

Tecnorib has unveiled project details for a new Pirelli 1900, the flagship that completes the range of rigid inflatable boats.  Guests attending the most prestigious Formula One Grand Prix event in Montecarlo on Sunday May 28th, had the opportunity to view for the very first time a scale model in the exclusive Pirelli Suite at the Monaco Yacht Club. The audience of high-profile visitors attending were able to admire a scale model of the Tecnorib Pirelli 1900 for the first time showing the design features of much bigger yacht to the characteristic sportiness expressed by the range.  Tecnorib one of the leading companies in this sector and the licensee for Pirelli branded Ribs which was signed in 2005 has recently renewed the agreement, and will present the 1900 flagship at the next Cannes boat show. This new rib yacht draws on the legacy of previous models and benefits from the expertise, know-how and technology developed, but for the first time adds the live ability of a big yacht to their exquisitely sporty DNA.  The new Pirelli 1900 flagship completes Tecnorib’s now consolidated range of the branded ribs, which starting this year will have a unique and immediately recognizable design feature, with the tread pattern of the Pirelli wet tyre used by the brand in top track races appearing on the inflatable tubes, in a celebration of Pirelli’s expertise in the production of extremely wet conditions.  So far Tecnorib is being very quiet on technical and accommodation details for the Pirelli 1900 project, but expect fast performances coupled with a minimal accommodation layout.

August 29, 2014

New Model: Novamarine 220 Black Shiver Jet

It's always great to see a brand like Novamarine back at work. This Sardinia located company back in the eighties re-invented the rib and put a lot of innovation into this style of craft. Novamarine was also the first company to produce a jet tender back in the nineties with the RH350 jet, and was also an innovator to what regards rib sizes going above the fifteen meter size in the same period. The Novamarine 220 Black Shiver Jet is the biggest model ever built by the company, and is a rib yacht concentrated on a performance attitude of both looks and sea qualities. Innovation plays also a big part to all the Black Shiver line and the semi circle tubes who are produced in foam of closed expansion cell who do not puncture or deflate. As a craft the 220 Black Shiver has a capacity of thirty max persons on-board, with an over night accommodation space dedicated to one large owners cabins. A crew cabin with head is also featured. Power is twin 1850hp engines with jet propulsion, which deliver a max speed of fifty knots.   
Technical Data:
LOA - 22 m (72.1ft)
Beam - 5.6 m
Draft - 1.05 m
Displacement - 
Fuel Capacity - 3200 l
Water Capacity - 500 l
Max Persons - 30
Accommodation - 2 berths in 1 cabins, 1 crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x MTU 1850hp
Propulsion - Rolls Royce KaMeWa water ket
Speed - 50 knots max, 42 knots cruise
Range - 400 nm at cruise
Construction - fiberglass hull with Vinilester resin and Kevlar mats, tubes in foam expansion close cells
Certification - CE B

February 12, 2014

Project: Sacs 22 Strider

Christian Grande, an award-winning yacht designer enriches his colloboration with Sacs Marine to launch the Strider 22 the mega-rib concept. The design of a new maxi-rib of distinctive features shows how much trends and tastes are constantly changing. Sacs Marine relied on Christian Grande’s drawing table for years, thus ending up with producing a new-generation rib, endowed with all the peculiarities of this type of vessel, such as un-sinkability, easiness of handling and mooring. The choices made by the designer for the new Strider 22 were, therefore, the desire to create a yacht with all these qualities and with a clear off limits vocation, evoked by the discovery look combined with tubular style. Its aesthetic features do not stop here: the size, remarkable for this type of boat, is further exploited through smart arrangements and distribution of space, embellished by selected materials and colors. The variable cross-section of the tubular and the reverse bow offer even more space, customization at will in accordance with the requirements of the owner. The bow area is well equipped, spacious and comfortable, with generous cushions that follow the outline, a central area with retractable sofas and table that can be covered with a retractable quadrangular awning. The accuracy of the design can be also deduced from two stern details such as the swimming platform and the stairs. The first can be sunk, while the latter can be lifted in order to give access to the hangar, in which the tender can be hauled by a specially designed servo platform. The total transparency of the upper deck is sought and obtained, below, through a clever structural design that made it possible to place a long window along the hull, a chisel-mark that characterizes and defines the hull itself, a molding which at the same time relieves and visually reinforces the whole. The design approach taken by Christian Grande gives the exterior strong aesthetic connotations, which are consistent and sinuous, but do not “betray” the typical style always evolving of the Parma-based designer; the whole is enriched by elusive lines, aggressive and zoomorphic shapes, just like the structural stringers that cut in half the glass top, making it visually more slender, or the side volumes that allocate the side air-intakes, a clear reference to feral muscles waiting to pounce on a prey, a further demonstration of the-closeness to nature of Christian Grande’s work, and to rather merge with it rather than stand out with shape and colors.

May 16, 2013

Project: Magazzu MX-16 Coupe

Magazzu seems set to continue to upgrade its range of Rib Cruiser and Yachts and presents the project of its second in size model the MX-16 Coupe, two meters shorter to its current flagship the MX-18.  This new project from Magazzu follows the core concept of the R.I.B. line from the Sicilian island builder of performance with a three steps deep Vee hull being used.  Accommodation wise the MX-16 Coupe is offered in two plans. A two cabins, single head, L-shaped saloon, and galley is standard. An alternative layout is a single master cabin this being larger and added with two L-shaped bunks by the side of the bed, two heads, L-shape saloon, and a dining area.  In this second option the galley moves on the main deck with the helm station being a two seater instead of the standard three seats center console, and is located to starboard.  Power options are varied and go up to 1600hp with surface props or stern drive propulsion choice.  Top speeds of 55 knots are estimated with the larger engine choice. 

September 14, 2012

New Model: Sacs 15 Strider

Sacs presents the new 15 Strider, evolution of a series that includes seven models from 8 to 15 meters, which have the same design, but different length and roominess. This new model is a gain a project of designer and long time Sacs collaborator Christian Grande and sits at the top of the range or Rib Cruisers and Yachts. Despite the walk around deck, the 15 Strider features a nice cabin with maximum height reaching two meters in the galley and in the shower head. A king size berth is located forward, while to aft there is a twin berth. The size of the cockpit is very large making use of nearly all the lenght and beam minus the inflatable exterior; there are sofas, easy chairs and kitchenette. Even at the bow, there is a living with two settees which offers the possibility of sunbathing. The whole deck can be protected by awnings easilty. At the stern, an electic system allows preparing the parasol without any effort, while at the bow, the bimini can be mounted using lightweight carbon supports to slip into their seats. The aft sun pad and the bathing platform are enormous and their sizes define the daily vocation of the 15 Strider. A center console with a very light T-top, realized as the entire construction with the resin vacuum infusion technology, protects the helm, along with a wide windshield. The center console is also server by four pilot seats whichare enveloped and well padded. The Sacs 15 Strider has been conceived to carry out long distances very quickly, at cruise speeds of 40 knots, with a max of 44 available at wide open throotle with twin Cummins 600 hp.
Technical Data:
LOA - 15.3 m (50.1ft)
Beam - 4.50 m
Draft - 0.80 m ex props
Displacment - 11.6 t dry
Fuel Capacity - 960 l
Water Capacity - 150 l
Accommodation - 4 berths
Max Persons - 10
Engines - 2 x Cummins QSC 8.3 600hp
Propulsion - Arneson Surface Drives
Speed - 44 knots max, 40 knots cruise
Construction - resin vacuum infusion
Project - Christian Grande, Sacs Marine
Certification - CE B

May 11, 2012

New Model: Kardis 50 Akuma

Italian builders Kardis have recently launched their new Rib Yacht 50 Akuma.  Design of the new Kardis flagship comes from Andrea Cardinetti and his team of Molina and Cavagna. The design team presents the 50 Akuma with sleek looks, and aerodynamic lines emphasized in the aggressiveness of its deck shapes, which are followed by aesthetics of design and the functionality of the inflatable structure. As any rib more so in one of over fifteen meters 50 Akuma’s deck is conceived to host guests in large numbers and is certified for fourteen persons. The ample aft sun pad features a central walkway path to the cockpit. Here space is well arranged with two generous L-shaped sofas and tables, while a central console, complete with economical pilot and copilot seats, is adequately protected behind a curved windscreen.  To the forward part of the deck is a generous living space defined by fiberglass bulwarks on both sides to protect tubes internally. Interiors live up to expectations: the design concept is aligned to a philosophy of luxury and exclusiveness and an open plan feel adding feeling, thanks to the absence of partitions, except for private facilities and shower.  Owners can also choose between two layouts, with a two cabin plan sleeping five, or an additional galley down layout sleeping four.  Power comes from twin 750hp Yanmar engines and Jolly surface drives which push the Kardis 50 Akuma at a max of 44 knots.
Technical Data:
LOA - 15.78 m (51.7ft)
Beam - 4.60 m
Displacement - 12,800 kg dry
Fuel Capacity - 1080 l
Water Capacity - 350 l
Accommodation - 2 + 2 berths, 3 + 2 berths 
Max Persons - 14
Engines - 2 x Yanmar TD 530hp, 6SY 750hp
Propulsion - Jolly Surface Drives
Speed - 44 knots max
Project - Andrea Cardinetti, A. Molina and A Cavagna.
Construction - Infusion construction with Neopentilic Gel Coat and Isoftalic resins. Rubber tubes in Pennel and Flipo 1620 DTX fabric, having 66 mm diameter, fender fabric on sides.
Certification - CE B

February 23, 2011

Project: Sacs 17.11m Strider Zeta R

The project of the new Sacs 17.11 m Strider Zeta R is an evolution of the Strider Z PowerYacht presented back in the past Summer 2010. As is to many Sacs designs this project comes from the hands of architect Christian Grande who presents a modern looking Rib Yacht with its striking feature being the two long windows in the hull sides, an optional hard top, and a hull design with a low centre of gravity, wide beam, and big tubes which will deliver excellent stability, and good sea keeping qualities. The new Sacs Strider Zeta R will surprise for large spaces and being the flagship of the range it has to be so. Welcoming you aboard will be ten meters square of sun pad, a large beach at stern, and two dining tables. The standard interior plan for the seventeen meter plus Strider Zeta R offers a dining room with sofa and table, and two double cabins with en-suite bathrooms sleeping four people in comfort. Standard interior fittings will be trendy modern materials as travertine in the baths and leather on the floor, but owners are allowed to choose and change in materials of there preference. Performance is synonymous with Sacs, and the seventeen meter Strider Zeta R will deliver as much from Man engines from 800 up to 1200hp combined with Arneson surface drives. With the most powerful choice the Sacs Strider Zeta R will reach a top speed of 52 knots.

October 7, 2010

Project: SACS 17.00 m Strider Z

SACS presents a most important project with the presentation of its new flagship the seventeen metre Strider Z which according to the builder features a good balance of concepts coming from the auto industry, and an interior style of a villa. You can define it a Rib for the tubes, but this soon to come SACS flagship is an evolved concept, developed on the criteria of substance. Its size at seventeen meters are dimensions of an important yacht, but its dynamic qualities are unique. Apart the essential known qualities of stability a Rib offers this project also comes with an innovative raised fully protected helm station which is separated from the lounging area and can seat four people. SACS also offers an optional hardtop version offering even better protection. Strider Z comes again from the hands of architect Christian Grande, responsible for all the latest SACS models who presented a sports and comfort mix Rib Yacht. An aft sun pad exceeding ten meters square of size welcomes you aft, and the living area is furnished with a long C-shaped sofa and two tables. The profile is characterized by the seamless integration of the tubes in the hull and a long window offers a panoramic view from the cabins. The interior is decorated with very fashionable materials, such as Travertine for the bathrooms and leather on the decks. The lower deck accommodation plan offers an owner suite, guest cabin with en-suite head, dining area with sofas, dining table and a big screen TV. Power for hull one which is presented this week in Genoa is of twin MAN 1200 hp with Arneson surface drives propulsion, which give this not so light nineteen tons Rib Yacht a 50 knots top speed.

May 19, 2010

Projects: Albatro 60 Tender, Albatro 70

North Italian builder Albatro after launching its 50 Tender Open model back in 2006, and updating it last year as the 50 Tender aims to upgrade its Rib Yacht and Cruiser range with a full line up from 45 to 70 feet. Pictured above is the project for the 60 Tender model which will be available in two different styles. For example you can have the 60 in the HT glass hard top or a Fly version as pictured above. Other options are for the aft deck which is available with a large central sun pad, or two C-shaped settees on the sides. Interior layout have not been communicated, but do accept a performing hull with 40 knots plus of top speeds as Albatro usually delivers this in all its models.
The Albatro 70 will be huge step for this builder which builds its current biggest boat at 50 feet. This 70 aims to put a shorter difference as seen by other boats between what is a rib and a yacht. As all rib over a certain size this term is usually the tubes in the sides and this is usually a full glass fibre boat. Although the tubes do in fact deliver a safety feature not found on a standard solid construction. But apart the nearly full glass fibre construction the above rendering does in fact show many yacht like features with deep side bulwarks, a possibility of C-shaped dinette on the fore deck, and the sports flybridge up top. As for the 60, Albatro has so far not confirmed nothing below but they do show some rendering images which suggest a two large cabins layout. Engine choices are for triple 720hp or quadruple 480hp set up propelled to Italian Jolly surface drives.

April 13, 2010

New Model: Albatro 50 Tender

Albatro is an Italian builder renowned for fast performing hulls. The company located in the Northern tip of Italy has been known since the eighties for its fast competitive hulls, which also gave it a second place in the 2006 P1 championship. The 50 Tender presented in 2009 is the second of a rib line, following the launch of the 50 Tender Open in 2005. In the future the Rib Tender line will include three more models from 45 to 70 feet. The 50 Tender is also Albatro current flagship in a line of ten models which starts at six metres. This new model gets a redesigned exterior and interior which now offers two cabins versus the single of the 50 Open version. The accommodation layout of the 50 Tender offers four berths in two cabins, and a single shower head. Power option are various with the smallest being a twin FPT 440hp up to an optional triple 560hp high speed format. Propulsion is the Italian made Jolly surface drives. The Albatro 50 Tender being testimony to its high performance heritage can reach speeds up to 57 knots.
Technical Data:
LOA - 15.30 m (50.1ft)
Beam - 4.71 m includes tubes
Displacement - 13300 kg
Fuel Capacity - 1200 l
Water Capacity - 200 l
Max Persons - 14
Accommodation - 4 berths
Engines - Diesel 2 x FPT 450hp, 560hp, Yanmar 530hp, 3 x Yanmar 440hp, FPT 560hp
Gas Petrol 2 x Mercuriser 662hp
Propulsion - Jolly surface drives
Speed - 57 knots max, 45 knots cruise
Range - 300 nm
Certification - CE B

September 23, 2009

Project: Sea Water 500 Convertible

Sea Water presents the project of its new flagship the 500 Convertible. With production and sales of its ten and thirteen metre models well on its way with outstanding results, the Italian Sardinia rib builder has decided to turn its attention to larger boats capable of satisfying the needs of more demanding customers, prompted also by the active interest and encouragement of several clients. Comforted by the good work carried out until now but well aware of the care and effort necessary to design and build such a craft, Sea Water has commenced work on a boat that represents its future, leaving nothing to chance for the construction of what will become as a flagship, the most distinctive boat of its entire range. The new big Sea Water will bring some novelties like numerically controlled modelling, vacuum infusion lamination, and follows its tradition of using state of the art materials, composites, best in components, and accessories. The 500 Convertible will also feature a modular and highly customizable deck layout capable of providing a sporty, high performance, comfortable pleasure boat or in alternative a functional and reliable maxi-tender, chase boat for maxi-yachts. Engine configurations will start at 1600hp and go all the way up to 2200hp, with surface piercing propellers, bow and stern thrusters. A spacious bathroom, a galley and a practical cabin, in the pleasure boat version or a bathroom, a staff cabin plus ample seating and storage room in the maxi-tender setup. Other on board amenities will include refrigerators, ice maker, boiler and a generator. Further optional accessories, custom fittings, and finishes can be provided to tailor a truly made to measure Rib Yacht, in accordance with Sea Water philosophy which has given it so much success. The new Sea Water flagship the 500 Convertible is scheduled to be presented the coming Spring.