October 27, 2010

Monte Carlo Yachts New Web Site

Monte Carlo Yachts is the new brand of Group Beneteau specialized in large motor yachts, and further to the first MCY 76 model launch it presents its online virtual showroom. Founded in 2008 Monte Carlo Yachts is the next step from the 1884 born Beneteau Group, and indeed it is a bold one considering the investment being done to ensure this is a top of the line product. Facilities for the construction of Monte Carlo are in fact new and based in Italy East part in Monfalcone, and design as is specialized stuff are Italian too. So far Monte Carlo Yachts has only launched one model, the future classic fused Nuvolari Lenard designed MCY76 presented in the middle of this Summer in Venice. But rest assured more is to come as good sales news are coming in, following the important shows in Europe. This first model wants also to be testimony of high standard from Monte Carlo thanks to a CE A class certification, construction process of lamination in infusion, and the use of Kevlar, Carbon materials for added strength. Monte Carlo Yachts new website takes you around with the following buttons; Company, Groupe Beneteau, Yachts, Events, Press, and Contacts.
Production History;
76 2010-18
65 2011-18
70 2012-18
MC5 2013-18
86 2013- (12
MC5S 2014-19
MC6 2015-19
MC4 2015-20
105 2015- (10
80 2016- (5
96 2017- (7
70 2012-18
52 2019-22
70 2019-
66 2019-
76 2019-
70 Skylounge 2020-
76 Skylounge 2021-
105 Skylounge 2022- (1

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