December 31, 2023

Monthly News - December 2023

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Azimut-Benetti Group 24th Number One in Global Order Book

The company led by the Vitelli family is confirmed as the world's leading yacht manufacturer, with a 14% share of the world market, a 23% increase in production value and Ebitda up by 50%.  The Azimut|Benetti Group retains its position as the world's leading manufacturer of yachts over 24 meters, firmly securing its top spot in the Global Order Book edited by Boat International magazine. This book annually collects and analyses data from 177 shipyards worldwide. The 2024 edition awards the Group first place for both the number of units under construction and the cumulative length of projects: 167 yachts totalling 6014 meters, representing 14% of the world market examined by Boat International. These figures are corroborated by the Group's record results for the financial year ending August 31st, 2023. Production value grew by over 23% compared to the previous year, and Ebitda increased by 50%. The Group's resilience is further demonstrated by the consistent growth in production value, nearly doubling in the last five years — from 700 million to 1.3 billion euros — and the order portfolio extending until 2027. This success is a testament to the market's preference for the Group's stylistic and technological solutions, as well as its focus on fuel consumption and environmental impact.  These numbers, supported by excellent capital and financial solidity, enable the company to invest 150 million euros over the next three years. This commitment is accompanied by the Group's dedication to research and development, specifically focusing on solutions to reduce environmental impact. Today, the Group proudly announces leading results in the boating industry for lowering CO2 emissions. This includes the first-of-its-kind agreement in the sector for the use of HVO biofuel. Encouraged by these results, the Group is actively promoting the development of a public index to measure yacht efficiency, in collaboration with Lloyd's Register and the Superyacht Eco Association.  The extraordinary longevity of the Shipyard’s leading position can be traced to the status of private family company of Azimut|Benetti Group, led by the Vitelli family together with two quality minority shareholders – PIF and TIP – who hold a stimulus and control function: since its foundation, the ownership has pursued a coherent, resilient and sustainable business model, which is a long-term strategy focused on customer experience, constant product innovation and care for people. With the recent generational change - President Giovanna Vitelli taking the helm - the Group has undertaken a path of evolution that aims to further develop its managerial culture and governance, respecting the entrepreneurial DNA that continues to spur the success of the Company with rapid decision-making, a calibrated approach to growth and investments, and attention to the wellbeing of workers.  These traits translate into a strategic plan based on three pillars: the evolution of the product in terms of design and sustainability, the development of services through the Lusben and Yachtique brands, and the nourishing of talent.  The key contributor to the Group’s first place in the Global Order Book ranking is the success of the models by Azimut and Benetti: cutting-edge concepts that anticipate owners' desires and industry trends time after time. The creation of new lifestyles on board and the reduction of CO2 emissions and energy consumption are the guiding principles of the Group's product philosophy, both of which are reflected in the Azimut and Benetti yachts consistently with the values of the two brands.  Azimut explores new frontiers in architecture, positioning itself as the design hub that enriches the yachting world with the creativity of various contributors from different sectors. The most recent collaboration with Matteo Thun, for instance, introduces a new conscious design concept that respects the interconnected relationship between people, yacht, and the environment.  Furthermore, the brand is a pioneer in the development of solutions to reduce emissions integrating high-efficiency hulls, the extensive use of carbon, and innovative propulsion systems. Today, over half of Azimut's fleet is made up of Low Emission Yachts, which guarantee a reduction in emissions of up to 30%. In the spring of 2024, the Shipyard will present its first hybrid Series and the most efficient ever built: Seadeck.  Benetti reinvents the concept of iconic models through collaborations with internationally renowned architects, such as Bonetti/Kozerski Architecture, notable for their recent Pace Gallery project in New York. These collaborations aim to reinterpret classic design language, incorporating sophisticated influences from the realms of architecture, fashion design, and art. One of the most influential contemporary stylistic innovations introduced by Benetti is the Oasis Deck®, a true revolution in the concept of the beach area. For the first time, it transforms the aft deck into a sea oasis, providing an experience in close contact with nature.  Currently, the Shipyard offers almost its entire range with hybrid systems. The Benetti B.Yond has been recognized as the greenest model in its category, achieving a significant reduction in CO2 emissions (up to 24%) and NOx emissions (up to 85%). The next objective is to further optimize consumption and emissions generated by onboard systems. This issue is particularly relevant to larger boats, which spend approximately 90% of their time at anchor. Benetti has begun addressing this by developing solutions such as the “Zero-Emission Hotel Mode,” powered by fuel cells and advanced power management systems. These solutions include measures that can reduce air conditioning energy consumption by up to 50%.  The results achieved by Azimut and Benetti demonstrate a commitment to implementing green solutions on a broad scale, not just on one-off prototype models. By combining future-oriented research with the implementation of the best available and effective solutions today, the Group aims for the greatest possible impact in the short, medium, and long terms.  The Group's activities are guided by its determination to lead the sector towards a more conscious and scientific approach to the topic of environmental sustainability, while promoting greater transparency in communication. With this objective, Azimut, together with Lloyd's Register, one of the main classification bodies in the maritime sector, conducted a consumption and emissions certification plan in the summer of 2023, which led to the definition of an objective and comparable Carbon Emission Index, which the Superyacht Eco Association used to extend the SEA Index to yachts under 24m, the most widespread category of yachts in our seas and the one involving the greatest number of owners, with the ambition of starting an unprecedented movement.  In 2023, the Group signed the first agreement in the sector with Eni Live for the replacement of all fossil fuels used by the Group for sea trials, tests, and prototype transfers with HVO biodiesel. HVO biodiesel is a biofuel made from renewable raw materials*, allowing a reduction in CO2 emissions by up to 90% compared to the reference fossil mix, depending on the materials used for its production**. According to the agreement signed with Eni Live, the Group will purchase approximately 700,000 liters of HVO starting this year, thereby preventing the release of up to 1,800 tons of CO2 into the environment. This reduction is equivalent to preventing the emissions from about 1,800 flights from Frankfurt to New York.  Finally, all the Group's offices operate with the aim of reducing the environmental impact from all sources: the production sites will use renewable sources to cover approximately 50% of their energy requirements by 2026 and, with an eye to developing an increasingly circular economy, projects have been initiated to recover fiberglass, wood and other residual material.

Bavaria Yachts Returning CEO

Michael Müller is once again taking the helm at Bavaria Yachts and has been appointed new CEO by the shipyard's advisory board. Together with Managing Directors Norbert Leifeld (COO) and Thorsten Gatz (CFO), Michael Müller (CEO) will lead the successful shipyard near Würzburg and keep it on course for success with its almost 700 experienced employees. Michael Müller was already successfully active as CEO at Bavaria Yachts from 2019 to 2021 and also knows the company from the perspective of an advisory board member. In 2020, Michael Müller launched two important new highlights in the model range with the premiere of the Bavaria SR41 in the motorboat segment and the introduction of the Bavaria C42 in the sailing yacht segment. Both yachts were honoured with two of the most important awards in the yacht industry and are now among the many bestsellers at Bavaria Yachts. In 2021, he handed over the reins to Marc Diening, who as CEO steered Bavaria through the rough seas of the Covid crisis and significantly increased the profitability of Bavaria Yachts despite material shortages and price increases in the market. With the new sailing yacht Bavaria C46 and the motorboat Bavaria SR33, Diening has launched two yachts on the market this year that have been nominated for several awards. Marc Diening is now leaving his position as CEO of Bavaria Yachts at his own request.

Boston Boatworks Partners with New Dealers

Boston Boatworks, the Massachusetts-based builder of the new head-turning Boston Boatworks Offshore Express Cruiser series, announces the establishment of a carefully curated North American dealer network.  Representing the company’s Boston Boatworks models will be East Coast Yacht Sales for New England, Flagship Yachts for Long Island Sound, North Point Yacht Sales for the Mid-Atlantic, and Vermillion Yacht Sales for the Midwest.  “Durability is a Boston Boatworks core value. It's a hallmark of the boats we build and is echoed in the importance we place on the long-term relationships with owners and partners we build along the way. The relationships and friendships derived from a common passion for boats are an essential part of our building excellence approach and continuously advancing the state of the art in everything we do.” said company founder & CEO Scott Smith. “To that end, we’ve spent a tremendous amount of time speaking to potential dealers and we’re excited to announce our team of knowledgeable partners to sell and service the BB44 and BB52. They are all known as experts in their region, and for their focus on relationship building as part of the sales transaction process. We know them all to be tremendous owner advocates at every stage of dreaming, researching, specifying, building, commissioning, and operating boats. I am excited to be working with this trusted team representing our brand.”  “It is essential for us to ensure our sales partners have the same hyper-focused customer outlook that we do,” said Ed Roberts, Boston Boatworks’ Director of Sales. “They in turn expect a lot from us as a builder, and it is at this intersection of a customer centric approach where we’ve created a foundation for mutual success.”  “For the last two decades, we’ve built and delivered numerous boats with Boston Boatworks, crafting countless unforgettable moments”, said Ken Comerford, owner and president of Annapolis, Maryland-based North Point Yacht Sales. “All of us are eagerly anticipating our return to selling and collaborating with this esteemed and cherished builder. Our enthusiasm is high as we prepare to introduce and champion the new line of Boston Boatworks Offshore Express Cruisers designed by Doug Zurn, expertly crafted with the enduring expertise synonymous with their legacy. We look forward to creating many new client relationships and providing the best customer experience in the industry.”  Ben Knowles, president and owner of East Coast Yachts Sales, echoed this sentiment. “East Coast Yacht Sales is thrilled to be a part of the team that Boston Boatworks has assembled,” he said. “The marriage between Boston Boatworks, Zurn Yacht Design, and Winch Design is an exciting combination of boat building prowess, advanced hull design and sophisticated interior styling.”  Construction is currently underway on the first three BB44 models, with delivery of hull number one expected for Fall of 2024. For more information on the BB44, the BB52, and the Boston Boatworks-built Daychaser 48, click here to visit our Press Room.

Cruisers Yachts Giving Back to the Community With Toys for Tots

With gratitude, Cruisers Yachts is honoured to announce its ongoing commitment to giving back to its local community by participating in the annual Toys for Tots campaign.  Toys for Tots is a program managed by the United States Marine Corps Reserve. It aims to deliver the magic of the holiday season to underprivileged children by providing them with new, unwrapped toys. Throughout the years, Cruisers Yachts has exemplified a strong sense of community responsibility by continuing to contribute to this initiative each year to give back to the community that has given them so much.   Mark Pedersen, President, comments, "At Cruisers Yachts, we believe in the power of community, and our commitment to Toys for Tots is an extension of our dedication to giving back. It's not just about toys; it's about making a lasting, positive impact on the lives of those in our community who may need some extra support during the holiday season."  Cruisers Yachts encourages its employees and community to join in the spirit of giving by supporting local charities, volunteering their time, and finding ways to make a positive impact on those in need. The company sees its involvement in Toys for Tots as a reflection of its broader mission to be a responsible corporate citizen and a source of positive change within the community.

Ferretti Group New Operational Headquarters

Ferretti Group continues to grow, not only in terms of turnover but also of production capacity and efficiency.  In a solemn ceremony attended by representatives of institutions and authorities from the shipbuilding and maritime sector, the new Ferretti Group Superyacht Yard was inaugurated today in Ancona.  The ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Authorities and Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi officially opened this new area in the Superyacht Yard, which is now ready to become an important strategic and operating hub. The building located in Via Enrico Mattei has been extensively refurbished to create a modern, functional environment that will be the new home of the management team, the design and planning office, and the entire department dedicated to aluminium and steel boats.  “2023 is an important year for us, one packed with new developments and even more growth: the dual listing in Milan and Hong Kong, the Ravenna shipyard acquisition and today, here in Ancona, a new space that speaks to the future and to italian luxury,” said Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi. “This new area, which completes the Ferretti Group Superyacht Yard, is another step forward for our research into technology and style. It is where our employees will find the ideal environment to fully express their outstanding skills, and where our owners can come to choose the most beautiful boats in the world. Because this is where the dreams of yachting enthusiasts come true.”  The area extends across a total of 4,200 square metres, of which 3,000 sqm of office space, and will be home to the technical office, project managers, project architects, the purchasing office, planning and control, logistics, production management, the construction project engineer and the boat foremen, as well as a spacious, elegant reception area for customers.  The new spaces, the result of work to extend and redevelop an existing building and the Ancona shipbuilding district, take their inspiration from the prestigious boats built by Ferretti Group. The design of the interiors reflects the approach to customisation applied to the yachts, starting with the materials used, such as fine leather, wood and marble. Each space is personalised and loving care is lavished on every single detail, from the hand rails to the model boat display cases.  The Ancona shipyard, which covers a total surface area of over 80,000 square metres, is designed for the construction of pleasure vessels up to 90 metres in length.  This expansion is a key milestone in consolidating the Ferretti Group Superyacht Yard as a strategic multi-brand yacht construction hub. It’s where Ferretti Group builds CRN super and megayachts, the entire Custom Line range, Riva yachts over 50 metres and Pershing 140 units.  The shipyard vaunts a 670-tonne travel-lift, used to launch steel and aluminium yachts up to 50 metres in length.  Completing the production site are nine industrial sheds in which up to 24 superyachts can be built in parallel. These modern high-tech sheds all feature state-of-the-art air-extraction, compressed-air and centralised technical-gas systems, heating and power-generation systems, and two overhead cranes for handling and installing materials on board.  The stretch of water that opens out in front is a unique space and a precious resource – a gateway to the Adriatic and a private tourist marina to full effect. Extending 250 metres along the coast, it provides large berths for fitting out and finishing up to 15 superyachts at once, and for tests and inspections through to the delivery of each pleasure boat and superyacht.  On the sustainability and environmental front, a modern tri-generation plant has been producing electric, heat and cooling power for a number of years now at the Ferretti Group Superyacht Yard in Ancona.

Ferretti Group Glittering Event at La Fenice Venice

One of the greatest performers and songwriters of all time, one of the most prestigious theatres in the world, a city as unique as Venice: Ferretti Group as always puts the accent on talent, exclusivity and beauty.  On a December twenty evening, against the magnificent backdrop of the Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice, Elton John gave an exclusive performance for the guests of Ferretti Group, who were enraptured by his memorable show.  Elton John, whose incredible international touring career recently came to an end with his glorious Farewell Tour, captivated the audience of more than 900 Ferretti Group guests with his greatest hits, in an incredibly emotional experience.  “It’s a little bit funny this feeling inside: in Venice, in the Gran Teatro La Fenice, only wonderful things can happen. We wanted to offer our friends an event of the same beauty of our boats and Ferretti Group’s incredible 2023,” said Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi. “A huge thank you to Elton John, who last night gave an unforgettable performance, treating us all to a thrill every time he played the first chords of his magnificent songs. An incredible evening we’ll keep in our hearts for many years to come."  The concert was in support of Save Venice, the no-profit organisation with a mission to preserve Venice’s artistic heritage and the Teatro La Fenice Foundation, of which Ferretti Group is supporting partner since 2021.  During the evening, Ferretti Group honoured its commitment to supporting 7: the David Beckham UNICEF Fund, announcing the sale of the magnificent Riva Anniversario auctioned off to mark the 180th anniversary of Riva, with the entire proceeds donated to help children in El Salvador.  After the concert, to celebrate the extraordinary event, Ferretti Group’s guests made their way to the Teatro La Fenice’s Sale Apollinee for an haute cuisine tasting by and with the Massimo Bottura Chef patron of the three-star Michelin Osteria Francescana.  The fortunate guests at the event had the exclusive opportunity to admire the new Wallywhy100 for the first time on the water. There is a unique allure to Venice, and so is Wally that stands out as an exceptional blend of design, functionality and maritime performance, consistently leading the way. That's why Wally chose Venice to introduce its latest model.

ISA Extra Yachts New Representative in North and South America

ISA Extra Yachts is pleased to announce its partnership with Denison Yachts as its exclusive representative for North & South America, Central America and Mexico.  Extra Yachts specializes in the development of yachts with a strong personality. Its distinctive lines are combined in a variety of motor yacht models ranging from 90 to 130 feet and a 30-meter motor catamaran, all characterized by highly livable interiors and exteriors, reduced consumption, and a good range. Developed thanks to the advanced technical experience of ISA Yachts, Extra offers customers all the advantages of being part of the Palumbo Superyachts network.  Managing Director of Extra Yachts, Antonio Palumbo Jr., shared: “We are very excited to partner with Denison Yachting to help expand the Extra brand presence in the Americas. The American market is a world of opportunity for yachting. Denison’s strength and expertise will offer exceptional customer service and ample opportunity to develop our presence in the region.”  Yacht broker Alex G. Clarke is teaming up with fellow Denison broker Gary Hardcastle to promote the brand within their territories. Alex commented: “Extra Yachts is a dynamic shipyard that I feel will continue to gain market share in the America’s with their portfolio of express and tri-deck motor yachts. Personally speaking, I feel Gary Hardcastle & Antonio Palumbo are the perfect team to help grow the brand. Both are very driven and I feel focus specifically on the demographic of clientele that Extra Yachts appeals to. Francesco Carbone, general manager of Palumbo Superyachts, is a longtime friend and we have a relationship dating back for almost 15 years. Combine that with Antonio Romano of Hot Lab, who is behind the new series offered by Extra Yachts (X90 Fast and X98 RPH)–and also is a longtime friend–and we immediately have a team that has fantastic rapport, which will be invaluable when introducing the brand to the Americas. Early in my career, I had an opportunity to work with the Palumbo family, so it’s great to see this relationship come full circle and to be working with them again, years down the road. I am excited to see what Gary Hardcastle and Denison Yachting can do with Extra Yachts.”

Kadey-Krogen Owners Photo Contest 2023

Congratulations to David Philipp and Joe Concannon, owners of Krogen 48 Whaleback Arrluk, for winning the last month of Kadey-Krogen's 2023 photo contest! The beautiful photo was taken by their friend Tim Eaker in the very flat Strait of Juan DeFuca in August as David and Joe left to bring the boat south to San Francisco.  David and Joe bought Arrluk in April 2021. They took delivery in Seattle and have upgraded fairly extensively and cruised her up in the PNW, British Columbia, and Desolation Sound for the last two summers.  David and Joe are California natives so this year they moved her to Emeryville on the San Francisco Bay. They have sailed the bay for two decades and now will enjoy the trawler life.  That's a wrap for Kadey-Krogen's 2023 photo contest! 

Kadey-Krogen Stuart Open House January 2024

Kadey-Krogen starts 2024 with an Open House in Stuart, Florida, at the Harborage Marina. There you can meet the Kadey-Krogen  management, sales, and service teams, and learn more about The Kadey-Krogen Group. Delve into the design and construction of the yachts they build and talk to product experts. If you want to meet like-minded yacht owners, share cruising stories and insights, and of course, get a look at recent builds and design specs for our latest models, this is the event to do it.  Friday, January 19th: Boat tours from 10:00am - 5:00pm followed by a cocktail reception.  Saturday, January 20th: Boat tours from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. New Models Seminar 10:00am - 11:00am at the Harborage Yacht Club, Second Floor.  Parking at office location: 415 NW Flagler Ave, Stuart, FL.

Maritimo With Two Entries at Rolex Sydney Hobart 2023

Representing the Gold Coast and Queensland in the iconic 2023 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, sailing yachts Maritimo Racing has entered two of its yachts, Maritimo 52, a TP 52 and Maritimo 54, a Schumacher 54. Maritimo is the only team with two entries in the event.  On Boxing Day, December 26, both yachts, Maritimo 52 and Maritimo 54 will line up on the start line of the epic blue water race, which is celebrating its 78th edition this year with a strong fleet of 113 yachts.  The 628 nautical mile course is often described as the most gruelling ocean race in the world, attracting sailors from around the world and the cream of Australian entries.  Maritimo 52 will compete in the 52-foot grand prix racing yachts class, against 12 other contenders, including two champion internationals.  Maritimo is unique as the only luxury motor yacht builder in the world with a dedicated racing division and world championship off shore powerboat race team all in-house.  The 15.85-metre yacht is a meticulously refurbished, Reichel Pugh-designed TP52, a champion racing yacht brought to Australia from Mexico.  The TP52 was originally designed for the Transpac Race from Los Angeles to Honolulu and is a lean, light-weight yacht with few creature comforts for crew. There are around eighty of these carbon fibre yachts racing in all parts of the world, and they are extremely competitive. There are seven racing in this year’s Rolex Sydney Hobart.  The TPs have dominated Australian ocean racing including the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race in recent times and seem to enjoy a sweet spot under the IRC Handicap Rule that determines the overall winner of the Race.  Maritimo founder, Bill Barry-Cotter could see the untapped potential in the TP52 he located in Fiji which was then transported to Maritimo’s Coomera headquarters where the yacht underwent a thorough refit, including new sails and all navigation equipment to bring her up to the latest safety and racing standards. The TP52 was withdrawn from the 2022 race due to damage suffered in the delivery sail down from the Gold Coast. 2023 sees Maritimo teams raring to compete.  Maritimo is a proudly-Australian manufacturer and exporter of premium, long-range motor yachts, sending 60 percent of its vessel to dealerships in New Zealand, North America, South East Asia and Europe.  The Majority of Maritimos destined for NZ travel across the Tasman on their own hulls, which is testament to their superior offshore cruising capabilities.  In 2023, Maritimo celebrates 20 years as one of Australia’s most successful and prestigious Luxury Motor Yacht Manufacturers.  “We are extremely proud to be a Gold Coast manufacturer, with more than 330+ employees and motor yachts that are prized around the world,” states Tom.  “A testament to the skills and craftsmanship of our tradespeople, our two Maritimo sailing yachts will be flying the flag for the Gold Coast in the 2023 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.”  Michael Spies, veteran of 44 Rolex Sydney Hobart Race is at the helm of Maritimo 52 and Bill Barry-Cotter’s brother, Kendal, is at the helm of Maritimo 54. Maritimo 54’s crew will have 119 Rolex Sydney Hobart Races chalked up.  The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race has become an icon of Australia’s summer sport, ranking among such popular national spectator events as the Melbourne Cup, the Australian Open tennis and the Boxing Day cricket test. The Race start at 1pm Boxing Day on Sydney Harbour attracts thousands of pleasure craft and many thousands of spectators around the foreshores.

Nordhavn Named Yacht of the Year

Nordhavn’s Taiwanese partner factory Ta Shing has earned the 2024 Taiwan Yacht of the Year award by the Taiwan Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME), for Nordhavn 7101 Luna. Presented each year for the most creative and innovative yacht built in Taiwan, Ta Shing becomes the 15th different builder to be presented with the award since the design competition’s inception in 1952. The Taiwanese chapter of SNAME originally created the contest in an effort to promote Taiwanese based boat builders and manufacturers. Given the country’s place as the world’s fifth largest producer of yachts, there is no shortage of global brands eligible to compete for Yacht of the Year (and its sister design competition Boat of the Year).  This marks the first time Ta Shing has entered the awards, going up against Taiwan’s bigger shipyards and established brands. “It is truly an honor,” said Mingway Yu, purchasing manager at Ta Shing. “Even though this is our first participation in the competition, the design prowess of Nordhavn’s team, and building capabilities of Ta Shing seemed to have left a lasting impression on the judges.”  The judging panel is comprised of a who’s who in Taiwanese naval architecture and engineering including the professor of systems and naval mechatronic engineering of National Cheng Kung University, the president of the Taiwan Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, and the head engineer of Ship and Ocean Industries research and design center.  “We couldn’t be more proud of this award and of Ta Shing,” said Nordhavn president Dan Streech. “The collaboration between our two companies produced a true masterpiece with Luna and we are pleased the judges recognized that.”  A ceremony and awards presentation will be held in Kaohsiung next spring, where Yu, along with Ta Shing vice president BK Kuo, will receive the Yacht of the Year award on behalf of the company.

Nuvolari Lenard Yachts Exclusive Seller

The new capsule of innovative projects, Nuvolari Lenard Plus, built by the Mengi Yay shipyard and announced last spring, will see Camper & Nicholsons exclusively engaged in their worldwide sales.  "We are excited to collaborate with Camper & Nicholsons and with such an important team on a global level," says Carlo Nuvolari, Engineer and Naval Architect, co-founder of Nuvolari Lenard. "This is a fantastic opportunity for our studio to promote this innovative design. It also represents an excellent chance for a fortunate owner to secure this dynamic project, with the confidence of receiving support throughout the process from one of the most reliable names in the industry.”  The Nuvolari Lenard Plus capsule collection, which includes three large projects ranging from 50 to 65 meters, reflects Nuvolari Lenard's commitment to innovation in all areas of yacht design: the exterior design conveys a strong character and will maintain its modernity and beauty for a long time; the meticulously designed interior utilizes materials with certified sustainability; more efficient hulls for reduced consumption and a lower environmental impact.

Riviera Praises Team for 2023

Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst and CEO Wes Moxey have credited the tireless effort and dedication of their team for Riviera’s global success as a builder of premium luxury motor yachts.  Speaking to the 900-strong team at the year-end celebrations on the Gold Coast, Mr Longhurst said he was absolutely committed to the continued investment in his people, technologies and their ever-expanding facility.  “Our extraordinary success goes beyond Queensland, beyond Australia. Our owners around the world love what our team is designing and creating, but most of all they love our innovation, constant refinement and our commitment to them, allowing them to enjoy their best boating experience possible,” he said.  “That’s why we are always investing in you, our people, why we continue to invest in new technologies, and our facility, so that we can continue to be the very best.”  At the start of the year, Riviera’s highly awarded apprenticeship program welcomed 29 talented young apprentices and 10 enthusiastic mature-age apprentices. Mr Moxey, whose career with Riviera spans almost 40 years, said he was thrilled to see the program continue to flourish. “I’m proud to see our apprenticeship program go from strength to strength. In May, our apprentice Matthaus Mayer was named Queensland Apprentice of the Year at the distinguished Australian Marine Industry Awards. This achievement is testament to the great mentorship of our highly experienced team and the level of our peerless craftsmanship,” he said.  In 2023, Riviera was announced as the Large Employer of the Year for the Southeast region, in the Queensland Training Awards. The award was attributed to Riviera’s unique program for personal and career development in which master craftspeople and senior management share their knowledge, experience, and skills, ensuring high retention rates across the business.  “Riviera’s vision and exceptional craftsmanship are reflected in our fleet of superb motor yachts that today are admired on the great waterways of the world. Our extraordinary team can all be extremely proud of our achievements,” Mr Moxey said.  The first international boat show of the year for Riviera was the Miami International Boat Show in February.  “The impressive 46 Sports Motor Yacht had her Americas premiere in Miami,” said Mr Longhurst. “We followed this with the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in May when we celebrated the world premiere of the magnificent 585 SUV, and where she was admired for her innovative design, meticulous engineering, and luxurious appointments and finishes. Australia’s finest fleet was displayed in grand style for the record number of visitors to our display where we showcased 11 yachts from our 39 to 78 feet collection.”  Also in May, Riviera hosted their exclusive owners Festival of Boating where owners were inspired by an extensive boating education program and enjoyed a social events calendar including the glittering Grand Table dinners.  The prestigious Cannes Yachting Festival in France and the European Premiere of the 465 SUV and 4600 Sport Yacht Platinum Edition were held in September.  At the world’s largest in-water boat show, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in Florida in October, Riviera held their largest showcase outside of Australia with 11 yachts on display including the Americas Premiere of the brilliant 585 SUV.  During the Fort Lauderdale Show, Riviera presented the coveted International Dealer of the Year, Service, Sales and Event Excellence awards for representatives outside of Australia and New Zealand.  “Our position in the global boating industry continues to grow. After 43 years and the launching of almost 6,000 motor yachts, Riviera is regarded internationally as one of the world’s leading motor yacht builders. We exported over 60 percent of our yachts in 2023 to the Americas, New Zealand, Europe, the Middle East and Asia,” Mr Longhurst said.  “The northern summer was a time for our Riviera family in Europe and the Americas to shine and we witnessed some spectacular events including a rendezvous for 42 yachts in picturesque Roche Harbour on San Juan Island in Washington State, and a Christmas in July party of epic proportions in the British Virgin Islands.”  Riviera’s exclusive R Marine dealership network around Australia and in New Zealand also hosted a wonderful array of owner events. These ranged from boating education programs to casual cocktails on the dock, fishing tournaments, fabulous extended cruises in company and an Australian record raft up of 79 yachts in Perth earlier this month.  Finally, this month marks the world premiere of the magnificent 58 Sports Motor Yacht. We hosted an exclusive launch for invited guests who are the first in line for the future delivery of their new 58 SMYs. The 58 will have her first boat show premiere in February 2024 in Miami.  “In a year of great change around the world, I am so very proud of our global team for their commitment to excellence. I constantly admire their passion and incredible work. We are inspired by the global Riviera family of motor yacht owners and we are grateful for their trust. They excite us every day to be different and better,” Mr Longhurst said.

Sanlorenzo Signs Memorandum of Agreement with Nautor Swan

Sanlorenzo Group and Nautor Swan Group have announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding – encompassing an exclusivity period – to evaluate joint strategic opportunities between the two yacht builders, which specialise in motor and sailing yachts respectively. Earlier this month, Sanlorenzo announced the acquisition of Simpson Marine, Asia’s largest yacht dealer.  Founded in 1958, Sanlorenzo and its sister brand Bluegame produce motor yachts from 42ft to megayachts of 73m. Italian Massimo Perotti, Chairman and CEO of Sanlorenzo, which he bought in 2005, said the addition of Swan would create a high-end portfolio of brands.  “This transaction, if carried out, would allow Sanlorenzo to extend its presence into the high-end yachting industry, preserving Swan’s long-lasting expertise and experience, which provide Sanlorenzo with unique heritage,” Perotti said. “The combination of these brands within the same group would create a unique maison of motor and sail yachts at the top end of the nautical competitive landscape.”  Nautor Swan, founded in 1966, builds sailing monohulls from the Swan 48 to the Swan 128 in its Swan Maxi line, with most of its yachts built in Finland. The 43ft Swan Shadow and OverShadow motor yachts produced in Italy are among exceptions.  Italian Leonardo Ferragamo, Nautor Swan’s Chairman, bought the shipyard in 1998 and currently owns it through his company Sawa.  “Swan has a legacy of globally unmatched product excellence in the high-end sailing yachting industry,” Ferragamo said.  “A strategic partnership with Sanlorenzo Group would offer opportunities to move forward on this virtuous path with joint investments in innovative technologies, sustainability and a more extensive service network for our customers globally. A journey with one of the most qualified groups in the yachting arena would strengthen our long-term vision, preserving the Swan brand’s unique values.”  In 2021, Sanlorenzo Group indicated an interest in buying a sailing yacht brand when it announced a joint-venture with Ferretti Group to buy Perini Navi, before the latter was eventually acquired by The Italian Sea Group.

Sanlorenzo Acquires Simpson Marine

Sanlorenzo signed a binding agreement on December 7 to acquire 95 per cent of share capital of the Simpson Marine Group from Mike Simpson, with a payment of US$10 million plus an earn-out up to US$7 million calculated on the net profit for the 2023 fiscal year.  Prior to the Sanlorenzo takeover, expected to close in the first quarter of 2024, Simpson Marine will make a distribution from retained earnings in favour of Mike Simpson. Further details on financials of the target perimeter will follow upon closing and determination of the earn-out amount based on 2023 full-year results.  Simpson Marine was founded by Mike Simpson in 1984 and has represented Sanlorenzo in Asia since 2015.  Mike Simpson said: “I’m delighted to have signed this agreement with Sanlorenzo. I’ve known Massimo Perotti, the principal shareholder and Chairman of Sanlorenzo, for nearly 40 years and have the greatest respect for his success in building Sanlorenzo into the powerhouse it has become in the world of luxury yachts.  “This sale to Sanlorenzo provides an opportunity for Simpson Marine to build on their past success in the region and share in Sanlorenzo’s ambitious plans for further expansion throughout APAC and beyond after they take over control next year.  “We have been selling, servicing, chartering and managing yachts in Asia for nearly 40 years and have built up a wealth of experience and expertise in the region. My teams located in 12 offices around Asia now have the opportunity of working with Sanlorenzo to take Simpson Marine and our range of services to the next level in the Asia-Pacific and globally.”  The acquisition will enable Sanlorenzo to increase its direct presence in the strategically important APAC region, maintaining and developing Simpson Marine’s connections, expertise and experience. Massimo Perotti, Executive Chairman of Sanlorenzo, said: “We’re very pleased to have signed this agreement with Mike Simpson of Simpson Marine. This is an important step for Sanlorenzo as we continue to expand our business globally.  “Simpson Marine is a well-established and widely respected company in the APAC region with tremendous potential for further expansion, and we believe that this acquisition will enable us to further develop our business in this strategically important market.  “Under Mike Simpson’s leadership, Simpson Marine has gained a strong reputation among customers and industry peers, having developed a highly loyal team of around 140 professionals who are among the best in their respective fields, making it a sound and promising investment in line with our long-term strategic vision.”  Once the sale of Simpson Marine has been finalised in 2024, Sanlorenzo’s next steps will include deployment of the strategic alignment plan and regional expansion scheme for the Simpson Marine portfolio of brands and services.

Sealine Adventure of a Lifetime

Join Paul and Valerie on an incredible journey through picturesque landscapes and bustling cities as we follow the adventure of the couple, who embarked on the experience of a lifetime. Navigating the Great Loop, a 6,000-mile route that circumnavigates the eastern U.S. and part of Canada, they reveal a world of stunning waterways and captivating destinations. As we step aboard their Sealine C335v, we get an intimate look at a couple's unwavering spirit and their dedication to discovering the hidden gems along the way.

Sunreef Joins Mike Horn in Greenland

Mike Horn’s “What’s Left” expedition, supported by Sunreef Yachts, explores remote locations aboard the refitted Pangaea vessel. Sunreef Yachts CEO Francis Lapp has joined the ongoing expedition in Greenland. The renowned explorer spearheads the mission, evaluating global environmental changes with a primary focus on climate change. The expedition aims to raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire individuals worldwide to pursue their exploration aspirations.  "I decided to participate in this remarkable expedition with the dual purpose of being a part of the extraordinary exploration in Greenland and personally assessing the current state of the planet. This experience has served as a profound motivation for me to continue to act for a sustainable future within the yachting industry." Francis Lapp, Sunreef Yachts CEO & Founder.  “Guiding my sailing vessel Pangaea, I return to iconic and wild locations to witness changes, fulfill more desires on my adventurer's bucket list, and inspire people to act on their passions. At each destination, I prioritize Adventure and Environment, sharing stories and footage from my journey." Mike Horn, Explorer.  Recently overhauled by Sunreef Yachts to address the wear from past adventures and equipped to face upcoming challenges, Pangaea serves as the home base for "What's Left." Named after the ancient supercontinent, Pangaea is a global gathering spot and a mobile platform for research, adventure, and meaningful experiences.  Greenland is one of the last great wilderness areas on Earth and a secluded and often overlooked part of the globe. Contrary to common belief, the Arctic is closely linked to the rest of the world, with global implications for its happenings. Greenland, therefore, emerges as the perfect starting point for this new adventure.

Sunseeker Longest Serving Employee Celebrates 45 Years

Sunseeker International proudly marks a significant milestone as Dennis ‘Digger’ Barnes, Sunseeker's first apprentice and longest-serving employee, celebrates an extraordinary 45 years of commitment and contribution to the iconic boatbuilding brand.  On his inaugural day at Sunseeker in 1978, Dennis received clock card number 16, signalling the beginning of a remarkable journey. Joining as a Trainee Engineer under the guidance of the then-28-year-old John Braithwaite, Dennis's early impact was evident as he quickly impressed the Braithwaite family with his engineering acumen. This was at a time when marine apprenticeships only existed for larger commercial ships in East Yorkshire, England. Therefore, Dennis was encouraged to pursue a 'Heavy Vehicle Engineering' course. Dennis's journey reflects a unique era when marine apprenticeships were a rarity.  With a current workforce of 2,200 people, Dennis now serves as a Lifecycle Manager, overseeing quality assurance. Over the course of his 45-year tenure, he has generously shared his wealth of boat building knowledge with hundreds of apprentices and colleagues.  Dennis's journey began when Sunseeker produced just one boat per week at the West Quay Road workshop. Today, the original shipyard has expanded sixfold since the late 1960s, evolving into a critical site for testing and finishing yachts before they embark on a global journey to owners.  Dennis's career trajectory, from a Trainee Engineer to a Foreman in 1988 and subsequently a Manager at Willis Way, is a testament to his dedication and leadership. In 1987, the site produced up to 28 boats per month. By 1999, Dennis was appointed Site Manager. Today, Willis Way is a dedicated 55-foot build facility for Superhawk, Predator, and Sport Yacht models.  One of the standout moments in Dennis's career occurred at Willis Way when he and his team successfully delivered one 60-foot yacht every five days to meet unprecedented demand for the Manhattan 60. This ambitious project resulted in the construction of 69 boats in just 18 months, a feat Dennis considers the pinnacle of his career.  "The Manhattan 60 project is my proudest achievement in my 45-year career," says Dennis.  In early 2000, Dennis established the first formal marine apprenticeship scheme alongside two former Sunseeker employees and a local college. The award-winning Sunseeker apprenticeship programme known today is the result of Dennis' blueprint in training, ensuring a legacy of skilled boat builders.  Commenting on the programme, Dennis said: “Teaching people and passing the knowledge that I’ve learned over the years to other people so that they can carry on what we’ve got at Sunseeker, has inspired me to stay at Sunseeker for 45 years.”  In 2021, Dennis's role evolved to Lifecycle Manager, reflecting his expertise in planning, people management, production engineering, and build processes. Throughout his journey, Dennis has been instrumental in establishing production practices and departments focused on product quality.  Dennis recalls that Robert had a dream to build a boat business that is known worldwide and brings wealth to Poole. In the 45 years that Dennis has worked at Sunseeker, the business has grown exponentially. Dennis acknowledges the visionary dream of founder Robert Braithwaite, stating, "I wouldn't be where I am today and with the knowledge I have without the two Braithwaite brothers."  As Dennis Barnes reaches this significant 45-year milestone, Sunseeker celebrates not just an individual career but a legacy of excellence and commitment that has shaped the success of the renowned boatbuilding brand.

Tankoa Obtains Concession of Ex-Privilege Civitavecchia Yard

The Genoa-based boutique shipyard, Tankoa Yachts, is pleased to officially confirm the concession of the "Ex Privilege" area within the Port of Civitavecchia. This is part of Tankoa’s plan to establish a new and modern center for naval shipbuilding.  This project is integral to the shipyard's growth strategy, as a prominent player in the construction and sale of high-quality luxury yachts from 40 meters and above. Tankoa has experienced consistent growth in recent years, necessitating the expansion of its facilities. In 2021, the Genoa-based shipyard identified Civitavecchia as one of the potential ideal locations for the production activities of metalworking, hulls, superstructures, assembly, and pre-assembly of all yachts. The final assembly will remain the responsibility of the historic Genoa shipyard.  Upon reaching full capacity, Tankoa will produce four yachts per year, each exceeding 40 meters in size. Additionally, further activities are planned for the Civitavecchia site, including refit operations if a waterfront area for hauling and launching yachts becomes available.  This operation involves an initial investment of 3 million euros, focusing on the commencement of steel and aluminum metalworking activities, as well as pre-assembly. This initial investment segment aims to plan and execute the growth of the local business cluster that already possesses the know-how for such activities.  "Our vision for Civitavecchia is to manufacture hulls and internalize part of the welding activities. Tasks that have been outsourced until now can be brought in-house, allowing us to have direct control over the quality of the work," explained Guido Orsi, Tankoa's Marketing Manager. "In Civitavecchia, we will begin operations almost immediately on one-third of the available space in the former Privilege area.”  Among the planned infrastructural interventions, the construction of a slipway and a haulage and launching basin are notable, intended for the installation of a travel lift with a capacity of 500-600 tonnes for yachts up to 60 meters in length. For larger yachts, Tankoa will utilize the existing 92-meter floating dry dock.  Regarding employment plans, personnel growth is anticipated for various company functions and skilled labor in collaboration with Tankoa's partners, reaching a total of 250-350 employees at full capacity over the next 5 years.  Tankoa's initiative in Civitavecchia is based on the assessment of the area's potential for specific shipbuilding processes. Geographically and territorially, Civitavecchia aligns as a natural extension of the activities that have developed in the last 150 years in the region between Livorno and Genoa, which concentrates over 30% of the world's production of megayachts and hosts the largest cluster of the global yachting industry.

Tornado Takes Blue Forum Award 2023

Tornado Yachts and Daniele Parisi takes Blue Forum Award 2023 for nautical eco-sustainability  The president of Assonautica Latina, Gianni Gargano, rewarded this important recognition to Tornado president Daniele Parisi.  This award repays Tornado for the efforts that Tornado Yachts makes every day in the design and production of timeless models that always look to the future of sustainability.

Viking VIP Show 2024

The Viking Yacht Company and Valhalla Boatworks presents its 2023 special VIP Boat Show Friday, February 2, and Saturday, February 3, at the Viking Yacht Service Center in Riviera Beach, Florida. The annual RSVP two-day event will showcase the Viking and Valhalla fleets – including its fleets flagships, the Viking 90 and Valhalla 55. This is an opportunity to see the Viking and Valhalia fleet floating display in a casual, intimate setting with both the factory representatives and your authorized dealer on hand to answer all your questions.

Viking at Pirate's Cove Sailfish Classic

Alan Sadler’s Viking 62 Intents covered the leaderboard at the Pirate’s Cove Sailfish Classic. With captain Rhett Bailey at the helm, the team released six sails for 3rd Place Sailfish Overall, 1st and 2nd Heaviest Tuna at 18.01 and 17.34 pounds, 2nd Heaviest Kingfish and Michelle Keeney claimed Top Lady Angler Points. The Heaviest Kingfish was caught by the Viking 64 Irish Goodbye, and the 2nd Heaviest Dolphin went to the Viking 68 Why Knot.

Viking at Dust'em Off Sailfish Warmup

Forty-five boats unofficially kicked off the winter sailfish season with the Dust’em Off Sailfish Warmup out of Palm Beach, Florida. Todd Willard’s Viking 48 Fish On released four sailfish to claim 2nd Place Overall Boat. Captain Andrew Dotterweich put Josh Jasper and Austin Rowe each on a pair of sails for the honors. In the Pro Division, Viking went one, two and three with Fish On, the Viking 68 Odyssey and the Viking 80 Osh-It respectively.

Wider Agreement Between Marcello Maggi and Norberto Ferretti

The successful growth path of Wider continues, characterized not only by investments in new products and industrial sites but also by a significant strengthening of the shipyard's governance. Marcello Maggi, President of W-Fin Sarl, the holding company that owns 100% of Wider's capital, has reinforced the decision-making structure by renewing the Board of Directors.  This move by Maggi is the result of an important agreement reached with Norberto Ferretti, who now assumes the prestigious position of Honorary President of the shipyard. Leading the new Board of Directors is Massimo Iacono, a figure already present in the previous executive body.  The collaboration with Norberto Ferretti represents a significant enhancement in terms of capabilities and expertise, in line with the relaunch and development goals outlined by Marcello Maggi and the company's CEO, also confirmed in the new Board, Fabio Fraternale.  Co-founder in 1968 – along with his brother Alessandro – of the renowned Ferretti Yachts brand, Norberto Ferretti brings with him vast experience that will contribute decisively to the development of future yachts, supporting Marcello Maggi within the Product Development Committee, as well as in the future growth strategies of the shipyard.  "I am very happy that our paths cross again," said Marcello Maggi, "Norberto's know-how in product development is invaluable, and his authoritative presence confirms the relevance of the Wider brand, which I have firmly focused on, within the international yachting market.”  "What fascinates me most about Wider is its pioneering side. Here, tomorrow is not considered an uncertainty but a starting point," commented Norberto Ferretti. "The relaunch path taken in recent years is truly stimulating; I am ready to contribute to shaping the products and technologies of the shipyard's future.”  "I am very pleased with the presence of Norberto Ferretti, who, in my previous experience in the eponymous group, has been a solid reference point and an important guide," stated Fabio Fraternale, CEO of Wider.  2024 will be a year full of news for Wider, which is preparing for the launch of two highly anticipated new models: the WiderCat 92, a catamaran designed by the creativity of Luca Dini and powered by avant-garde serial hybrid propulsion, and the provocative WiLder 60, born from Wider Centro Stile and ready to offer exciting sailing experiences.

December 30, 2023

Project: Rosetti 40m Explorer

Rosetti presents the project of the 40m Explorer which builds on the astounding triple award winning 38m Explorer platform which has launched two units in 2021 and 23, and the first hull completing two Atlantic crossings in its first year of service. The Rosetti 40m Explorer is a  Sergio Cutolo of Hydro Tec project, based on the two meter smaller sister, recognizable by the new longer sloop stern. As is expected the Rosetti 40m Explorer follows the 38m for super yacht elegant line looks with full explorer qualities for a range of more than 5,000 nautical miles at a speed of ten knots, and considerable fuel and water tank capacities as well as galley and storage. The four decks are flooded with natural light that enters from the large windows, while the large outdoor and indoor spaces are designed to interact with each other and ensure that guests experience both a social and private life.  On the 40m Explorer Rosetti is also offering exclusive décor coming from Luxury Living Group for both loose furniture, fabrics, essences, and metals.  Luxury Living Group has for over forty years designed, produced and distribution luxury furniture for some of the most important international brands as Versace, Dolce&Gabbana, Trussardi, Bentley Motors and Bugatti, in addition to its own brand Luxence Luxury Living.

December 28, 2023

New Model: Steeler 60S Performance

Steeler presents its semi-production 60S Performance model, an eighteen meter traditional inspired looks hard-top cruiser.  Starting production in 2021, the Steeler 60S Performance is build in aluminium with a two cabins lower deck galley, and is finished in high-gloss mahogany and sumptuous fabrics. The first Steeler 60S Performance also features what the Dutch yacht builder calls a centre sleeper layout, with the master stateroom located at midships under the wheelhouse. The bow houses a second VIP cabin, also with its own bathroom. The 60S Performance features a number of seating areas, also outdoors, and is fitted with a fully equipped galley.  A unique feature is the single press of a switch to transform the co-driver bench seat into an open mini-fly bridge.  As all Steeler's the 60S Performance follows the build to owner rules with options which customises a yacht.  For example this 60S Performance features the ‘Magic Bar’ which by pressing a button opens a cabinet to access all the owners favourite whisky bottles perfectly displayed with matching glasses, with each bottle and each glass is contained in its own custom-designed holder.  The Steeler 60S Performance is powered by twin Man 850hp engines on line shafts for speed up to 28 knots and a cruise of 22.
Technical Data:
LOA - 18.80 m (61.9ft)
Beam - 4.95 m
Draft - 1.40 m with running gear
Displacement - 35 t
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins 
Engines - 2 x Man I6 850hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 28 knots max 22 knots cruise
Hull Shape - semi displacement
Construction - aluminium
Project - Studio Delta
Certification - CE A

December 26, 2023

Improve-it = Nordhavn 41

The Nordhavn 41 is the company’s first-ever fully fledged production boat and it has been received exceptionally well with 41 hulls committed, just three years since the launch of the first boat. While the N41 suffered some bumps during its roll out in 2020 thanks to the pandemic and subsequent supply chain roadblocks, the Telgeren Factory which builds the entry level Nordhavn, seems to be hitting its stride right now. The latest boat to be delivered, hull #22 which was exhibited at the 2023 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in October underwent the smoothest commissioning process of any N41 to date, which Nordhavn Vice President Jim Leishman attributes to experience and an easing of logistics issues. Leishman recently returned from a visit to Telgeren, in Tuzla, Turkey along with Chief of Design Jeff Leishman, and project managers Trever Smith and Drew Leishman, who were there to inspect and sea trial the latest hulls. In addition to the precision of work that comes with familiarity, the Nordhavn 41 is undergoing upgrades. The biggest of these comes in the form of new deck tooling. Improvements to the new deck include new hatches, gutters, complete reconfiguration of the deck drains and recessing the deck rails. The Nordhavn 41 is built as a complete boat with virtually every detail included in the spec, which has been enhanced with upgrades on later hulls including Naiad stabilizers, Spurs line cutters, upgraded Steelhead davit with 362 kilograms lift capability, a second Garmin screen, sliding window in galley, flush-mounted LED deck lights and a foredeck awning which is sturdy enough to be left up in most any conditions. The main engines have also been switched out to 115hp Nanni diesels, a move made strictly to address supply issues.

December 24, 2023

New Model: Mengi Yay 39m Virtus

Turkish shipyard Mengi Yay Yachts is pleased to announce that after successful sea trials in Istanbul, the first unit of the 39-metre Virtus series, titled motor yacht Reverie has been delivered to its owners.  Like the larger 44 and 47 meter Virtus sister models, this new Mengi Yay 39m stands out for its wide and spacious living spaces. The interior and exterior design of the 39 meters super yacht is from the Italian firm VYD Studio, and the engineering applications have been prepared by Ginton Naval Architecture. Elegant, spacious and with with perfect proportions this Mengi Yay 39 meters allows easier to the smallest Mediterranean ports. Mengi Yay 39m Virtus features an accommodation for a total of twelve guests with a master stateroom with study on the forward part of the main deck, and four suites cabin on the lower deck. Mengi Yay 39m Virtus also offers outdoor areas to enjoy exterior spaces to the fullest, which also includes a beach club and a generous sunbathing area on the upper deck terrace.  Mengi Yay 39m Virtus is powered by twin CAT engines for maximum speeds up to fifteen knots and a cruising of twelve for a range up to 2200 nautical miles. The first 39m Virtus is also equipped with a high-voltage electrical system that allows it to operate in silent mode.
Technical Data:
LOA - 39.43 m (129.3ft)
Beam - 8.80 m
Draft - 2.89 m
Displacement - 386 t, 437 gt *volume
Fuel Capacity - 
Accommodation - twelve guests in five cabins,
Engines - 2 x Cats C23 1450hp
Propulsion - line shafts
Speed - fifteen knots, twelve knots cruise
Range - up to 2200 nautical miles
Hull - full displacement
Construction - aluminium hull and super structure
Project - Paolo Dose of VYD studio exterior and interior, Ginton naval architecture engineering
Certification - RINA commercial yacht, short range

December 22, 2023

Project: Royal Huisman 52m Project 406

Royal Huisman is currently doing the finishing touches for Project 406, a super sportfish yacht of 52 meters commissioned in the fall of 2020 and set to launch in 2024.  Fully designed by Vripack; exterior, interior, and naval architecture all done by the Dutch design firm, this four deck super sportfish yacht is the thing of records, being the largest yacht in the genre ever build, exceeding the current largest fisherman by nine meters.  Project 406 is the sixth motor yacht, the fourth above 24 meters by Royal Huisman, made in Alustar Aluminium to Lloyds certification, and a volume of 499 gross tonnage.  Royal Huisman has not revealed any interior details, engine specification, and performance numbers.  Dutch Royal Huisman is a name mostly associated for delivering exquisite super sailing yachts most of which upwards of 24 and up to 90 meters in length, although in 2021 they did get the motor boating World attention, with hull. 403 titled m/y Phi which is the longest yacht at 58 meter but under 500 gross tonnage in volume.  

December 21, 2023

Frits de Voogt 1927 - 2023

Former Feadship director Frits de Voogt has left for the better World at 96 years of age in native town of Haarlem on Wednesday 20 December.  Real name Frederik, Frits was born in Haarlem on 21 August 1927.  Frits took over De Voogt naval architecture from his father Henri after he suffered a stroke in 1958, and then went on to lead the firm and Feadship for decades, and together with his team, shaping that present and the future of the renowned yacht and super yacht Dutch builder. Frits designs were unique and are still the basis of today's Feadship yachts. Even after his retirement in 1995, Frits remained involved and interested in yacht building, always astute and modest. Frits was a mentor of the current leaders of Feadship, and went on to take the Lifetime Achievement Award from Showboats International in 2016.  Frits de Voogt also competed in the four rowing disciple without a helmsman and went to represent Holland in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics.  Frits was married to Luuk de Voogt-Groot, who passed away in 2011.

Larnaca Marina Fire Totals Two Boats Damages Another

A fire which started on a flybridge cruiser of about thirteen meters in length at Larnaca Marina in Cyprus, at 13:26 hours of 21 December has totalled two boats, and damaged another.  Reports say the fire started on a thirteen meter flybridge cruiser, which then with the strong winds jumped to a sport cruiser of similar size to its starboard side, and while on fire also damaged a power catamaran on its port side.  The first two cruisers where towed outside the marina, while the power catamaran received important fire damage on its starboard side.  Larnaca Fire Station responded with two fire fighting vehicles, taking about about an hour to control the blaze, with the two cruisers being towed outside the marina already half burned, after which they sank from the flames and rough sea conditions of the day.  No one was injured in the fire, as the boats where reported unattended, with the cause of the blaze being under investigation.
The three boats in this fire are the Garroni designed Jeanneau Prestige 46 produced from 2003 to 2011, a Pershing 43 as designed by Fulvio de Simoni and produced from 2001 to 04, and a Leopard 39 Powercat as produced from 2012 to 22.  The boat ownerships are reported to be two of Cypriots and one of a Ukrainian national.

December 20, 2023

New Model: Sasga Menorquin 55 FB

In mid 2023 Sasga presented its new Menorquin 55 FB model. The new Sasga 55 is fully based on the 54, nearly unrecognizable to the untrained eye, with the difference coming in the flybridge, which now features higher bulkheads, moves forward to offer a more spacious area, and is also more extended to aft.  These updates provide the new Menorquin 55 with much more habitable space on the flybridge with a U-shaped dinette, helm station and a large sundeck area at the stern.  The Menorquin 55 has also been lightly extended in an extra 33 centimeters coming in length.
Technical Data:
LOA - 16.88 m (54.1ft)
Hull Length - 14.98 m
Beam - 5 m
Draft - 1.3 m
Displacement - 24 t unloaded
Fuel Capacity - 2800 l
Water Capacity - 970 l
Accommodation - six guest berths in three cabins, 2 additional berths in conv saloon
Engines - 2 x Yanmar 480hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 23 knots max, nineteen knots cruise, twelve knots economic
Certification - CE A

December 19, 2023

Project: Fabbrica Italiana Motoscafi 500 Regina

Fabbrica Italiana Motoscafi is showing us exclusive details for this new project and its next upcoming model, the 500 Regina, which is set to debut in mid 2024.  Details of the 500 Regina are very limited, with this rendering showing similar lines and looks to the 2023 debuting 440 model, which would suggest that this new FIM flagship is also designed by Alessandro Loittici of Design Alot firm.  Fabbrica Italiana Motoscafi says that the 500 Regina will have a large tender garage, able to put a jet rib, and the usual Regina hybrid layout of a centre console and sport cruiser lower deck, which has given it so much favours by its customers. 

December 18, 2023

Classic Chris-Craft Hits and Runs Power Cable Lines in Ponchatoula

A towed classic Chris-Craft eleven meter cabin cruiser is being searched after it hit and run and damaged power and cable lines on the evening of Sunday seventeen December in Ponchatoula, Louisiana.  The accident was reported to happen at about 21:15 hours in front of Circle K on E. Pine Street.  The classic Chris-Craft is reported to have left its top canopy ripped off, and with the collision broke and knocked down some utility poles leaving the area without electrical power.  The towed classic Chris-Craft was reported heading East on Hwy. 22 by Hwy. 445. For this hit and run the Ponchatoula Police are asking about information in order to charge for damages.
The towed Chris-Craft in this accident looks to be a classic 37 Constellation.  Build in wood planking the Chris Craft 37 Constellation was produced from 1963 to 67, as replacement to the 36 Constellation, recognizable by the straight shear line, and then replaced by the fiberglass 38 Commander Express introduced in the fall 1964.

South West Florida Hit by Strong Low Pressure

A strong low pressure hit the South West Florida on Sunday seventeen December, with various streets being flooded in the area, a storm surge of one meter, over five centimetres of rain water, and winds up to Force seven Beaufort of intensity.  Punta Gorda which has still not recovered from Hurricane Ian from September 2022, was one of the most hit areas, along with Forty Myers, and Palm Beach.  
Many weather forecast models are saying this and previous recent storms, along with a particularly unusually strong Pacific Hurricane Season are the affect of El Nino which finally has arrived.  The 2024 El Nino is forecasted to be a strong one, because of record heat in recent Summers, and also because it delayed by a year. 
A classic Hatteras 53 Motor Yacht suffered the affect of the storm surge, with crew trying to resolve this.
This is a Chaparral 28/29 Signature which ended beached after breaking free from its mooring.  
A first version Ocean Yachts 38 Super Sport also suffered the affect of the storm, and partly sank.

New Model: Moonride Yachts 58S

Moonride Yachts a connoisseurs boutique boat yacht builder of choice follows its 58F model which launched in 2022 with the 58S hard-top version. Called as project 58 Ibiza, the Moonride 58S is inspired to down-East traditional lobster boat looks with styling accents of Italian yachts from the sixties and seventies era.  The 58S unlike the 58F also features a straight shear line versus the F version, and a different cockpit layout with aft sun-pad and C-shaped dinette to starboard.  The first Moonride Yachts 58S was ordered with an open no patio door cockpit version, and a three double cabins lower deck with a master cabin forward.  Worth to note that this is a semi-custom build and if one wants the aft deck layout of the 58F and a patio door these can be easily specified on a Moonride 58S.  The Moonridge 58S is powered by twin Volvo 725hp engines with IPS pod drives for top speeds up to 37 knots.
Technical Data:
LOA - 18.15 m (59.5ft)
Beam - 4.95 m
Draft - 1.13 m
Displacement - 17.7 t unloaded
Fuel Capacity - 3000 l
Water Capacity - 700 l
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, one crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Volvo D11 725hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking dual propeller IPS950 pod drives
Speed - 31 knots cruise 37 knots max
Hull - modified medium Vee with fifty degrees entry forward and 13 degrees closing aft
Construction - resin infusion
Certification - CE B

December 17, 2023

Sea Ray New Web Site

One of the Worlds biggest motor boat producers, Sea Ray presents its new website. Sea Ray was founded in 1959 when Cornelius Nathaniel Ray III and his long time friend architect John Mehaffey purchase Carr Craft, who at time produced golf cart bodies, coffins, and fiberglass boats. The first boats are designed by Jerry Michalak and Harley Earl and Associates, who present a line of speed boats from fourteen to eighteen feet, which will extend up to 25 feet by 1969.  One of Sea Ray's most important moves comes in 1981 when it launches its first 310 Sundancer, a nine meters sport cruiser devoted to entertainment cruising.  The Sundancer line, which is still produced today will expand and dominate the sport cruiser North American market from the eighties till the noughties.  In 1986 Sea Ray is purchased by the Brunswick Corporation, what was and still is today one of the biggest pleasure boat holdings, and owner of the top selling Mercury motors. With Brunswick Sea Ray expands to become the Worlds biggest motor boat and sport cruiser producer in the eighties, nineties, and noughties.  Sea Ray enters the yacht fifty foot market in 1989 with the 500 Sedan Bridge, followed by a larger 630 Super Sun Sport two years later.  Sea Ray largest build to date is the 680 Sun Sport produced from 2001 to 06, with the second largest yacht being the 2014 L650 Fly which debuts the five years produced European inspired looking L-line that lasts till 2019, and will feature four other models from 55 feet.  Another famous Sea Ray model series beyond the Sundancer is that of the high performance Pachanga series, which debuts with the eighteen foot Pachanga in 1969 produced for two years in over five hundred units, returning again in 1986 with the 22 Pachanga II and 32 models, and lastly as a limited edition one hundred units only Pachanga III 22 in 2009.  The current Sea Ray line up offers thirty two different models from nineteen to forty feet in length, and is divided into five ranges: Sun Sport, Sundancer, SLX, SDX, and SPX. The new Sea Ray website guides you with the following buttons; Why Sea Ray, Our Boats, Build, Dealer Locator, Owners, Events, and Contact A Dealer.  Sea Ray is also present on social media, with bottom page links taking you to its Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, YouTube, and Linkedin pages. 
Production History;
200 1960-61
400 1960-61
500 1960-65
600 1960-62
700 1960-66
800 1960-66
808 1962-64
900 1962-65
990 1964-65
SRV 230 1964-67
SRV 170 1966-
SRV 180 1966-68
SRV 190 1966-
SRV 160 1967-
SRV 190 Sportsman 1967-
SRV 240 Sportsman 1968-
SRV 370 1968
SRV 380 1968-
SRX Pachanga 18'11 1969-71 (500+-)
SRV 185 1969-
SRV 210 1969-
360 Sedan 1980-82
SRV 310 Vanguard Express 1980-83
SRV 310 Sundancer 1981-83
SRV 270 Sundancer 1982-85
SRV-310 Vanguard Sportbridge 1982-83
390 Sedan Sportfish 1983-86
360 Aft Cabin 1983-87
340 Sedan Bridge 1983-87
340 Sport Fisherman 1984-87
340 Express Cruiser 1984-89
340 Sundancer 1984-89
390 Express Cruiser 1984-91
300 Sundancer 1985-89
300 Weekender 1985-89
460 Express Cruiser 1985-89
410 Aft Cabin 1986-87
268 Sundancer 1986-89
Pachanga II 22 1986-91
460 Convertible 1987-88
32 Pachanga 1987-91
340 Sedan Bridge 1988-89 *345 Sedan Bridge project
300 Sedan Bridge 1988-89 *305 Sedan Bridge project
415/440 Aft Cabin 1988/89-91
440 Convertible 1988-91 *430 Convertible project
380 Aft Cabin 1989-91
280 Sundancer 1989-91
250 Sundancer 1989-92
500 Sedan Bridge 1989-94
350 Sundancer 1990-91
420 Sundancer 1990-91
480 Sundancer 1990-91
350 Express Cruiser 1990-92
270/290 Sundancer 1990/92-93
310/330 Sundancer 1990/92-94
310/330 Express Cruiser 1990/92-95
300 Weekender 1991-95 *280 Weekender project
310 Sun Sport 1991-95
370 Sedan Bridge 1991-97
630 Super Sun Sport 1991-2000
300 Sundancer 1992-93
310 Sport Bridge 1992-93
310 Amberjack 1992-94
350 Express Bridge 1992-94
370 Sundancer 1992-94
440 Sundancer 1992-95
550 Sedan Bridge 1992-98
400 Express Cruiser 1992-99
500 Sundancer 1992-99
230 Sundancer 1993-95
370 Express Cruiser 1993-95
440 Express Bridge 1993-98
290 Sundancer 1994-97
300 Sundancer 1994-97
330 Sundancer 1995-99
370 Sundancer 1995-99
450 Sundancer 1995-99
270 Sundancer 1996-98
240 Sundancer 1996-99
630 Sundancer 1996-2000
280 Bowrider 1996-2001
420 Aft Cabin 1996-2002
400 Sedan Bridge 1996-2003
400 Sundancer 1997-99
330 Express Cruiser 1997-2000
370 Express Cruiser 1997-2000
370/380 Aft Cabin 1997/2000-01
580 Super Sun Sport 1997-2002
270 Sundancer 1998-2000
290 Sundancer 1998-2001
540 Sundancer 1998-2001
310 Sundancer 1998-2002
450 Express Bridge 1998-2004
480 Sedan Bridge 1998-2004
560 Sedan Bridge 1998-2004
340 Sundancer 1999-2002
380 Sundancer 1999-2003
260 Sundancer 1999-2004
460 Sundancer 1999-2005
290 Amberjack 2000-09
410 Express Cruiser 2000-03
410 Sundancer 2000-03
510 Sundancer 2000-03
240 Sundancer  2000-04
540 Cockpit MY 2001-02
340 Amberjack 2001-03
290 Bowrider 2001-05
680 Sun Sport 2001-06
280 Sundancer 2001-09
550 Sundancer 2002-04
480 Motor Yacht 2002-05
360 Sundancer 2002-06
300 Sundancer 2002-07
290 Sun Sport 2002-09
390/40 Motor Yacht 2003/06-07
420 Sundancer 2003-05
500 Sundancer 2003-06
320 Sundancer 2003-07
340 Sundancer 2003-08
420 Sedan Bridge 2004-05
390 Sundancer 2004-06
290 Select Ex 2005-08
260 Sundancer 2005-08
48 Sundancer 2005-09
580 Sedan Bridge 2005-09 *550 Sedan Bridge project
500/52/520 Sedan Bridge 2005/06/10-13
44 Sundancer 2006-08
290 Sundancer 2006-08
44 Sedan Bridge 2006-09
36 Sedan Bridge 2006-09
60 Sundancer 2006-09
38/390 Sundancer 2006/10-12
310/330 Sundancer 2007/10-16
40 Sundancer 2007-09
52 Sundancer 2007-09
47 Sedan Bridge 2008-09
55 Sundancer 2008-09
350 Sundancer 2008-09
330/350 Sundancer 2008/10-12
300 SLX 2008-15
230 Sundancer 2009-11
22 Pachanga III 2009-12 (100)
280 Sundeck 2009-14
470 Sundancer 2009-14 *43 Sundancer project
540 Sundancer 2009-15
450 Sundancer 2009-15
310 Sundancer 2009-17
610 Sundancer 2010-12
580 Sundancer 2010-14
370 Sundancer 2010-16
280 Sundancer 2010-17
450 Sedan Bridge 2011-14
240 Sundancer 2011-14
410 Sundancer 2012-16
510 Sundancer 2012-16
355 Sundancer 2012-20
510 Fly 2013-19
350 Sundancer 2013-19 *360 Sundancer project
L650 Fly 2014-19
470 Sundancer 2014-17
265 Sundancer 2015-
L650 2015-19
L590 Fly 2015-19
L590 2015-19
400 Sundancer 2015-19
350 SLX 2015-
400 Fly 2016-19
355 Sundancer Coupe 2016-21
460 Sundancer 2016-19
460 Fly 2016-19
280 SLX 2016-
310 SLX 2016-
L550 Fly 2017-19
Sundancer 510 Signature 2017-19
SLX400 2017-
320 Sundancer 2018-
Sundancer 520 2018-19
Sundancer 370 2022-