June 30, 2021

Monthly News - June 2021

-pic of the month- Bavaria New CEO

Bayliss Shines in Tournaments

The best boats typically have cohesive teams, and Wave Paver the Bayliss 77 always seems to be in the running.  To better their strategies and teamwork, crews tend to spend copious amounts of time practice-fishing before lines go in on Day 1 of a tournament. Wave Paver, after what we would call a pretty good day of practice; 4 blue marlin, 3 white marlin and 1 sailfish were caught out of Boat Harbor in the Bahamas.  The practice seems to be working in their favour! Wave Paver placed 3rd in the Custom Shootout, and as Saturday placed 1st in the Walker's Cay Invitational. They also weighed the first blue marlin in Walker's Cay in over 20 years at 508 pounds. Through hard work, determination and good fishing, this crew has continued to come out on top. 

Bavaria New CEO

Marc Diening is to be the new CEO of Bavaria Yachts. On August 1st, he will move from the fire protection specialist Magirus, which boasts a rich tradition, to Giebelstadt. Before Diening, 45, took his position as CEO of Magirus over five years ago, he spent over ten years in a management position at Bombardier and worked as a consultant for well-known companies such as Knorr-Bremse and Deutsche Bahn, among other positions.  “We are thrilled to welcome Marc Diening on board at Bavaria Yachts. With his proven record of success in sustainable development of companies and his personal qualities, we are certain that Marc Diening is the right person and has the consistency required to continue the course Bavaria has mapped out and to lead us into the next chapter of new products and solid growth with his own accents. Marc Diening has been an enthusiastic sailor since he was young and knows the yachting branch extremely well,” explains Kai Brandes, Managing Partner of CMP.  Michael Müller came on board at Bavaria Yachts in November 2018 with the entrance of the new investor Capital Management Partners (CMP), initially as a Marketing and Sales Director. In February 2019, Müller, now 64, was appointed CEO. At his own request, Michael Müller is now handing over the helm to Marc Diening, in order to have more time for his family in the future.  “We would like to thank Michael Müller for his extremely successful work as the CEO of Bavaria Yachts. Thanks to his experience restructuring companies, his leadership style and his personal motivation to make Bavaria Yachts one of Europe’s leading shipyards once more, Bavaria has turned a corner and is back on a good course. We are pleased that Michael Müller will continue to support Bavaria Yachts with his experience as a member of the advisory board,” emphasises Brandes.

Bering New Monaco Office

To deal with growing enquiries from Europe Bering has also opened a new office in Monaco. The operation will be headed up by Bogdan Gusarev.  “The explorer market is booming and Bering’s rugged, steel-hulled platforms are gaining traction in Europe,” says Gusarev. “European clients are particularly demanding as they are usually experienced and technically knowledgeable yachtsmen who expect high quality. We fully expect to see more European clients building with us in the near future.” In 2021 Bering opened three offices around the world, including Bering Moscow, Bering Fort Lauderdale and Bering Monaco.

Evo Yachts Valerio Rivellini One to Watch

Now in its 33rd year, the Best of the Best Award is organized by the renowned Robb Report magazine to celebrate individuals and companies which have distinguished themselves in their fields through outstanding craftsmanship, exceptional attention to detail and the relentless pursuit of perfection.  In the yachting sector, engineer and designer Valerio Rivellini was chosen to receive the ‘One to Watch’ award, recognizing him as a talent to watch closely because “although he is already active in the industry, we believe his contribution [to yacht design] will grow even further in the future. We are fascinated by his ability to create beautiful and above all innovative designs on yachts of different sizes. His design solutions represent a revolution and have inspired others to come up with a similar style. We are looking forward to his next projects.”  Valerio Rivellini, owner of the Rivellini Engineering and Yacht Design firm, has been working for many years with various shipyards, including Blu Emme Yachts, for which he designed all the models of the Evo Yachts brand, famous worldwide for their innovative and avant-garde nature, and Gozzi Mimì, for which he has presented a modern reinterpretation of the traditional Sorrento “gozzi”. His most recent project, Evo V8, a revolutionary 24-meter, will make its world premiere at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2021. This yacht stems from the ambition to create a model which presents only the best of the sailing and motorboating worlds. Rivellini has also recently presented a concept for a 56-meter Explorer, the result of a combination of different ideas, which has fascinated the world’s media. His range of action, however, is not limited to the nautical industry; over the years, he has also come up with a number of innovative solutions for the industrial and automotive sectors.  Commenting on the news, Rivellini said: “This award cannot but make me happy and proud, because it not only recognizes what I have done so far in the nautical field, but also reflects my desire to continue to innovate in this sector, which I feel sure has big and important surprises in store for the future”.

Fairline New Dealer in South West of England

Luxury British boatbuilder, Fairline Yachts, announces the appointment of Seawood Yachts as its newest addition to the dealer network, covering the South West of England region including Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. Seawood Yachts will be known as Fairline Southwest. Seawood Yachts is owned and managed by John Wood and Gary Ruffell, who were directors of Fairline Andalucia between 2003 and 2009. Operating from Exmouth and Torquay Marinas, Seawood Yachts offers a range of marine services including new boat sales and brokerage, yacht management and maintenance, and a chandlery. John comments, “Having been a Fairline dealer previously, we know that owners of Fairlines are very discerning. They appreciate high quality customer service and tailored aftersales support, something which we are proud to offer. In most marinas across the South West there is a high percentage of Fairline boats, so we’re confident it is the right brand for us and will be a highly successful partnership. We’re particularly excited to get clients onboard the Targa 65 GTO, its style, design and sense of light really makes you feel like you are on a much larger boat and we’re sure it will be a popular choice amongst our client base.” James Powell, Fairline’s Sales Director, adds, “Both Fairline and Seawood Yachts value customer service incredibly highly, which is something that is crucial to us as a brand when working with our authorised dealer partners. The partnership enables us to move forward with our aim of increasing visibility of the Fairline brand across the key yachting regions of the UK.” Seawood Yachts will work in collaboration with the main Fairline UK dealer, Bates Wharf, as a sub-dealer covering the South West of England.

Ferretti Group New Benelux Dealer

Ferretti Group expands its presence in Europe and announces a new dealership agreement with Boothuis, which will handle marketing in the Benelux countries on an exclusive basis for the Riva, Pershing, Ferretti Yachts and Itama brands. The partnership, effective from May 1, 2021, will further consolidate the Group’s assistance network in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg, providing a comprehensive service to owners in this region, from ordering to after-sales assistance.  Boothuis is a collaboration between De Valk Yachtbrokers and Leonardo van den Berg, with offices in one of De Valk’s main sales centres in Loosdrecht. Open seven days a week, this 600 m² covered sales marina features a wide range of facilities, including a 30-tonne boat lift.  “This agreement is another important step in our ambitious programme to strengthen and expand our business. By deciding to work with a joint venture of highly experienced yacht brokers able to manage every aspect, thanks to the wide range of services offered, we continue to pursue our development plan and further strengthen our distribution channel, while maintaining the standards of quality and excellence that have always been a distinctive feature of Ferretti Group worldwide” commented Stefano de Vivo, CCO of Ferretti Group.  "For us, the future starts now. The dealership agreement with Ferretti Group means we are ready to enter a new chapter after many years of boat sales. With Ferretti Yachts, Riva, Pershing and Itama, we will be able to offer owners the experience of the true yachting dream,” said Leonardo van de Berg, CEO of Boothuis. "It is an extraordinary goal achieved thanks to the support of all our employees. We are a family in which everyone takes care of each other: this is the key to our success”.

Heesen New Marketing Director

Heesen is delighted to share and announce the appointment of Mark van Heffen as Marketing Director, effective from 1 September. Leveraging his expertise in strategic management consultancy and international marketing communications, Mark will oversee the global marketing strategy and operations for our shipyard.  A skilled marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in global marketing management, Mark brings a wealth of knowledge to the role. He has won multiple international marketing accolades throughout the duration of his career and has held senior roles in lifestyle products and automotive industries, including AkzoNobel, PON, and Volkswagen A.G.  Mark has carried out significant consultancy projects for Heesen prior to his appointment and is well-placed to support Heesen's growth. In his Marketing Director ad interim capacity, Mark has already initiated several successful projects. Amongst them, the world’s first-ever yachting chat show – YachtTalk by Heesen and the all-new brand movie recently launched on Heesen’s TV platform and social media channels.  "We are excited to have someone of Mark’s calibre join our team," said Friso Visser, our CCO. "His in-depth marketing knowledge and unconventional approach coupled with excellent team management skills will help to accelerate our plans for a robust and successful future."

Invictus New Store in Santa Margherita Ligure

Invictus Yacht style lands in Santa Margherita Ligure, one of the gems of the Tigullio Gulf and a must-see destination for Mediterranean yachting.  The new Invictus Capoforte store by Nautica Bertelli was inaugurated on 25 June. During the evening, participants were able to admire some of the shipyard's models moored at a dedicated jetty: the flagship TT460, the successful GT320 and three hulls from the Capoforte collection, the CX280, FX270 and FX190.

Nimbus Official Partner to Scandinavian Mixed Golf Tournament

Sweden is a country at the forefront of innovation and equality where golf has become a sport for everyone. Nimbus, being a Swedish boating company, shares these values and will now host an event that will break new ground. Sweden’s best players of all time Annika Sörenstam and Henrik Stenson will be the hosts when 78 men and 78 women compete against each other, on the same golf course in the same competition for the first time. Ever.  Scandinavian Mixed wants to inspire the future of golf, just like our Scandinavian-designed boats have inspired boaters for over fifty years. At Nimbus, we’re all about creating great experiences and memories for our clients. Sponsoring the Scandinavian Mixed Tournament, Nimbus gives four promising young golfers the chance to create their own unique memories and experiences on the golf course. We invite them to play the ProAm challenge which is a great opportunity to play the game and acquire knowledge from professionals. Nimbus will for sure create great experiences and memories for these youths.  

Nimbus Summer Memories and Song

Summer has arrived to Sweden and Nimbus would like to send a warm greeting, releasing a brand new Nimbus video about what Nimbus is really about; shared experiences with friends, family and the life at sea. This comes together with a very own Nimbus version of the song “I denna ljuva sommartid” or in English “In This Delightful Summer Time” and is a reminder of the wonderful times shared on the water. Nimbus make this tune the soundtrack of this season for Nimbus boat owners. 

Nordhavn Distant Pennant Reaches 500 Owners

The Nordhavn Distance Pennant Program reached a milestone earlier this week with the 500th Nordhavn owner registering their miles traveled. Created in 2008 as a way for Nordhavn owners to show off their stripes, the program has racked up an impressive 7,143,000 nm. Certainly, Nordhavns have many, many more total miles under their keels with more than 600 boats having been built and cruising the globe, but this total – incomplete though it may be – is nonetheless impressive. Owners earn pennants by registering their miles in the Distance Pennant Program (DPP) data base. Pennants are awarded after reaching 2,500 miles and 5,000 miles and then in increments of 5,000 from there. Additionally, owners who have circumnavigated or reached extreme cruising grounds (above 30 degrees N or below 30 degrees S) receive special pennants. Nordhavn 62 Bill Baker is one of six boat owners who earned a new pennant the past month. “Each day I record my ending miles in the logbook and there is a sense of accomplishment,” said Baker. He and wife, Emmy, received their 10,000 nm pennant a few weeks ago – and just in the nick of time. The 5,000 nm burgee that flew proudly on their bow as they logged miles traveling around Australia, Canada, and the U.S. west coast, was falling apart at the seams. “I leave my pennant up as I cruise so it earns the miles also,” he said.  It’s almost as though having an old shredded Distance pennant to retire is itself as significant as reaching the next milestone pennant. Nordhavn 43 owner John Cavanagh calls it an important part of the DPP. “Flying that pennant gives an authenticity to what you’ve done,” he said. “It lets people know that you have experience.” Cavanagh and wife Lynn’s experiences have come from cruising the west coast U.S., going through the Panama Canal and venturing the likes of Panama, Columbia, and the San Blas islands. Their 5,000 nm pennant was lost in a squall off Costa Rica so they replaced it with a standard Nordhavn burgee, which Cavanagh describes as having since become “embarrassingly battle hardened”.  For cruisers like Baker and Cavanaugh, the meaning behind the pennant is obvious, but for others who do not own a Nordhavn, it’s almost as though it represents a secret society which they are not a part of. When Baker explained its significance to a friend who has a 70-foot cruiser, the friend in return said: “It means you are a boater and I own a boat.”  The simple flag with such a big message says as much about the boat as it does about the owners who fly it. It’s a reminder of the places that are accessible to Nordhavn owners and few others, the rough seas confidently handled, and the motivation for adventures to be had. ”It is a symbol of durability and safety but it is also a symbol of the adventurous spirit shared by all Nordhavn owners whether they travel the world or stay in one region,” said Baker. The latter part of his sentiment is an important one, and could be part of the reason the DPP has only captured its 500th owner instead of every owner. The program is about the people who use their Nordhavn in any manner, not just those who travel to the furthest corners of the world, but both Baker and Cavanagh fear owners whose mileage or destinations don’t seem as ambitious are less inclined to post to the data base. Even Cavanagh admits to not participating in the program until he and wife, Lynn, began making more serious passages. Baker, however, is an advocate for owners to post any and all miles, regardless of the grounds. “In reality, most people cruise predominantly in their home waters,” Baker said. “This makes them experts in a local area and world cruisers will benefit from their knowledge.”  Besides that, sometimes an owner’s most aggressive cruising comes in their backyard waters. “Owning a Nordhavn gives you the confidence to go anywhere,” Baker said. “Just because you don’t cross oceans doesn’t mean you aren’t a capable or confident boater. Some of my most ambitious boating has been done in local waters. Every mile, no matter where it came from, is well earned.”  Which is the beauty of the Distance Pennant. Behind every amount, from 2,500 to 100,000, there is a story that exists, begging to be told. Cavanagh sees it as the ultimate ice breaker. Without saying a single word, the pennant gives other Nordhavn owners a glimpse into one’s cruising history. Cavanagh flies his recently earned 25,000 nm burgee and invites people to ask him about the experiences behind the miles. Additionally, he hopes new boaters see it as an opportunity to use him as a resource or a source of inspiration. “It’s what I do when I see other people’s pennants,” he said. “I look at someone who has logged in one hundred thousand miles, I want to talk to them.”  Even with about 610 Nordhavns floating around the world, the Nordhavn owner is a rare breed. Perhaps that’s why they are such kindred spirits, connected simply by the track record of their yacht brand and by their own potential. The Distance Pennant takes that connection to the next level. “You know when you see someone else’s miles, they have also been in rough water, seen beautiful sea life and stayed in some amazing places. I feel pride in knowing that I have done that also,” says Baker, then adds, “I’m already working on my next pennant!”

Nordhavn Childrens Book

Move over Dr. Seuss, there’s a new cat in town and his name is Gilligan. He doesn’t have tricks up his sleeve, but he does get into plenty of mischief. And, oh yes, he lives on a Nordhavn. He is the title subject of the new book Gilligan, The Fat Boat Cat written by Alexa Shanafelt, who, along with husband, Pat, owns the Nordhavn 50 Noeta. Shanafelt is the latest owner to throw her hat into the Nordhavn literary ring, but is the first to pen a Nordhavn children’s book based on her journeys – er, make that, her cat’s journeys. The book follows the adventures of Gilligan as he goes about his life as a feline liveaboard. Adopted by the Shanafelts four years ago, life on a boat is the only life Gilligan has known. He was first introduced to boating as a kitten on the family’s Nordhavn 46 (also called Noeta) and continued his position as Furry First Mate after they moved on to Noeta in 2019. When it came to finding inspiration for a story line for Gilligan, Shanafelt recalls with a laugh, “We had a lot to work with!” Before her life transitioned to full-time liveaboard, Shanafelt was a school teacher in Washington and Idaho so she had lots of experience working with kids. And thanks to her own brood of three she was immersed in the world of children’s literature. Despite this, she hadn’t ever considered writing a book, and in fact, the idea really was conceived as a senior project for daughter Hailey’s final year of schooling. Shanafelt has homeschooled her two younger kids, Hailey, 19, and Jack, 17, since they became full-time liveaboards four years ago (eldest daughter Mikayla, 25, had already graduated public school). When researching a project that would highlight Hailey’s talent for illustrating, she came up with the idea of creating a children’s book. Together, Shanafelt and Hailey brainstormed the concept of centering the story around Gilligan’s adventures as a boat cat, knowing fully well there was loads of material from which to pick. Poring through their vast database of Gilligan photos, taken in his various states of disarray, they started to flesh out a story line. The tales behind pictures taken of him sleeping in the sink, soaking wet from an unintentional jump overboard, and hiding in cupboards and drawers, along with the things he tends to do on a daily basis, combine to make up the narrative of Gilligan, The Fat Boat Cat. Hailey is now a freshman at Washington University in Bellingham, but while on the boat would spend her down time sketching, and also created commissioned art pieces for customers who lived in the towns surrounding their marina in Mexico. She took on the challenge of illustrating the book with earnest, drawing and re-drawing to make sure the images perfectly captured the tone and message of the words on the page. For her part as author and publisher, Shanafelt called on her cousin, a book editor, for guidance, and learned about layout, design, color and word choice. “It took a year of drawing, writing, revising and editing, but we pulled it off before [Hailey] went to college!” said Shanafelt. Hailey plans to apply for the Design program at her school as she hones in on a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and hopes the book will play a role in helping to achieve that goal. Over the duration of their collaboration, the book evolved into something more than just a school project. Since Noeta has spent so much time in Mexico, Shanafelt decided to offer the book as a learning tool for local kids. She created a bi-lingual book for Spanish speakers learning English and vice-versa. A former Spanish teacher in the U.S., it felt almost instinctive to also offer the book in Spanish, she said. Despite her background, Shanafelt enlisted the help of a book editor in Mexico to ensure the translation sounded native. In La Paz and Ensenada, the book has become popular with American cruisers who want their children to know Spanish. Meanwhile, Shanafelt teaches English to a group of Mexican students and uses the book in her classroom. “They love it when I show them real pictures and videos of Gilligan,” she said. “It makes the language real for them.” Since Gilligan hit the market last August, it’s sold around 200 copies all over the world including in England, Canada and Spain. It’s been well-received, too, earning 5 stars on Amazon and goodreads.com and a glowing review by a blogger in Spain. Shanafelt says she’d like to embark on a mini book-tour with Gilligan in her old school district to give readings to the students there. “It’s exciting,” says Shanafelt, but to date hasn’t focused on marketing the book. “We were in this for the experience.” If sales continue to rise, would Hailey and her mom team on a second Gilligan title? “[Hailey] is proud of her work, but she is a little tired of drawing – and re-drawing – cats,” says Shanafelt. “I don’t think I can get a sequel out of her!”

Riva Lounge Opens in Porto Cervo

The epitome of excellence and timeless elegance, Riva is back to set the Costa Smeralda summer on fire with the exclusive new Riva Lounge located in the unique atmosphere of the Waterfront in Porto Cervo.  After openings in internationally renowned yachting destinations, Riva Lounge now comes to Sardinia too, in keeping with the guiding philosophy of “Riva inside, inside Riva”, which extends the brand’s values beyond the yachting sector. The formula is the same as the one behind the other destinations’ success: to bring the design, attention to detail and heritage of the Riva brand to famous hotels, restaurants and clubs that are close to a landing point for yachts. The initiative is promoted by Smeralda Holding.  In the Riva Lounge officially opened on June 26 in partnership with Waterfront Costa Smeralda, the timeless Riva legend is married to the location’s design by architect Gio Pagani. All the furnishings in the Lounge, such as the Aquarama chairs and tables, have the same features typically found on the boats, giving owners a taste of the Riva legend and firsthand experience of the materials and woods used for almost 180 years to build the world’s most famous boats, chosen and loved by stars and celebrities. The 1950s Dolce Vita style and unique detailing - like the chrome, steel and lacquered mahogany or the aquamarine cushions - conjure up at first glance the iconic yachts of an unforgettable golden age.  Visitors can bask in a relaxing but sophisticated atmosphere just steps from the yachts moored in Porto Cervo Marina, one of the most glamorous in the Mediterranean. Top chefs and bartenders provide guests with an even more exclusive experience.  In this unique location, the world’s most talented mixologists show off their skills and create spectacular masterpieces of the art of the cocktail, inspired by local excellence and the history of Riva and coordinated by Edoardo Arcesi. After following his passion for mixing drinks by working in top bars in London and Rome, the cosmopolitan bar manager comes to the Costa Smeralda, where he combines outstanding creative flair with impeccable service. Riva Lounge offers an original and sophisticated drinking experience, with a choice of creative cocktails, a broad range of famous labels, and niche selections from Petit Vigneron. A tailor made sensory experience enhanced by the sophisticated, genuine flavours of cuisine created by the finest chefs on the Costa Smeralda.  Summer 2021 at the Waterfront sees the return, against the backdrop of prestigious international luxury brands and coveted yachts moored in the magnificent setting of the Porto Vecchio, of the Ferretti Group VIP Lounge, a refined space in which to relax, and the Riva temporary boutique, offering an elite shopping experience characterized by glamour and style.

Riviera Praises Team

A welcomed time-out from a busy schedule was enjoyed by Riviera’s 800-strong team as owner Rodney Longhurst hosted a special thank you lunch at the company’s state-of-the-art boatbuilding facility on the Gold Coast.  Mr Longhurst acknowledged the efforts of the entire Riviera team for the outstanding achievements by the company this year, culminating in an exceptional showcase at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show where Riviera welcomed more than 25 new motor yacht owners.  Riviera’s largest motor yacht display for the year was accompanied by the Riviera Festival of Boating, an exclusive event attended by 600 Riviera yacht owners and their families, and which comprised 40 boating seminars and on-water workshops designed to empower owners to enjoy their boating to the fullest.  The Riviera team’s significant preparations for the boat show this year also included the world premiere of the 645 SUV, in addition to the official announcement of a new Riviera flagship with the 78 Motor Yacht.  The sophisticated 78 MY design represents a distinguished new era for Riviera, delivering the perfect combination of family cruising, entertaining and blue-water passage-making capability. The 78 MY will have her world premiere in early 2022.  In his talk with the Riviera team, Mr Longhurst praised their dedication to excellence that has positioned the luxury blue-water boating reputation of Australia’s premier luxury motor yacht builder to be among the best in the world. “We’re building world-class motor yachts - that is indisputable, and this reputation has been 41 years in the making, with the last 10 years being exceptional,” said Mr Longhurst. “We’ve been building towards this long before the current market, and we will continue building on this well into the future.” In a reminder of what drives Riviera’s pursuit of excellence, the Riviera team was introduced to the new owners of the first Riviera 645 SUV, the Haddrell family, featured on the big screen as they and their extended family stepped aboard their new motor yacht for the first time.  “This is a wonderful reminder of why we all come to work each day, and that is to create memorable, magic moments for our owners,” Riviera’s Brand and Communications Director, Stephen Milne, told the team.  Ray and Jenny Haddrell have owned seven Riviera motor yachts on their journey to the Riviera 645, highlighting the regard that Riviera enjoys among its motor yacht owners.  Mr Longhurst expressed his great pride in the team for today’s Riviera motor yachts that are acknowledged by Riviera owners as the best the company has ever created.  “Building world-class yachts requires a world-class attitude and none of this is possible without you working together as a team, supporting our new apprentices and mature trainees and each other and, in so doing, passing your knowledge and skills on,” Mr Longhurst said.  “No matter where you work on site, everyone here plays an important part in our future. It is tremendous to be part of and I am extremely proud of you all.”  The Riviera team last month surpassed 800 people working on site after welcoming another 34 people to meet forward orders.  Riviera is on track to build more than 120 motor yachts in 2021, a growth of almost 30 per cent from the previous year. Over the past 41 years, the company has launched more than 5700 Riviera motor yachts that are now being enjoyed all around the world from the South Pacific and Asia to the Americas and Europe.

Riviera Attracts Record Apprenticeship

Riviera, Australia’s luxury motor yacht builder, hosted a record 330 people to an information evening and site tour of its state-of-the-art Gold Coast facility as part of the company’s apprenticeship recruitment drive for 2022.  The site tour, held annually by Riviera in collaboration with local schools and employment service providers, was attended by students, parents, teachers and industry liaison officers who were advised of the many marine industry career opportunities currently available at Riviera.  Riviera has significantly expanded its boatbuilding team over the past year by 30 per cent to more than 800 working on site.  This growth has been led by the global demand for Riviera motor yachts across the company’s 23-model range from 39 to 78 feet.  Riviera has added two new trades to its program for 2022, namely boiler making and furniture finishing (French polishing), to take the total of trades available from seven to nine. Riviera also offers apprenticeships in polymer processing, marine craft construction, diesel fitting, cabinetmaking, timber and composites machining, upholstery and electrotechnology.  “We are looking to bring on apprentices across all the trades required to create luxury Riviera motor yachts, so we’re thrilled with the response to this year’s site tour,” said Riviera’s Safety and Training Manager Adam Houlahan.  “The level of inquiry for apprenticeship positions has been the strongest ever experienced by our team, and we hope to provide as much information as they need to make such an important decision.  “Riviera offers a highly awarded and respected training program for people seeking a career in the marine industry. With the growth of our team over the past year and the new opportunities we have available, we are looking forward to welcoming another significant number of apprentices to Riviera in 2022.”  Mitchell Ney, a student at Park Ridge High School south of Brisbane, was among the many first-time visitors to Riviera’s boatbuilding facility as part of the site tour. He was accompanied by his father Mark.  “It was an incredible place; Dad and I were blown away by the size of it all,” said Mitchell. “The detail going into building a boat is what struck me. It’s amazing how it all happens.”  Mitchell began considering a career at Riviera after talking to friends at his school. A number of new Riviera apprentices have come from the company partnering with Park Ridge High School.  Mitchell plans to apply for a marine craft construction apprenticeship at Riviera.  “I’ve been very interested in working for Riviera for some time and marine craft construction really caught my eye,” he said. “I like the variety the work offers and the idea of working on so many different models.”  Riviera’s apprenticeship program includes participation in the company’s Propel program, which educates apprentices in key life skills such as money management, personal relationships, workplace communication and leadership training.  Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst and CEO Wes Moxey are active presenters in the Propel program which plays a key role in the success of the company’s award-winning apprenticeship program. Many of Riviera’s senior managers commenced as apprentices in the program and have advanced their careers with the company through the education received from Propel.  “Ensuring the personal development of our apprentices is just as important as providing the technical skills they require to create world-class motor yachts,” said Mr Longhurst.  “Over the past 30 years, we’re proud to have trained hundreds of master-craftspeople, many of whom are still working with Riviera today.  “Our apprenticeship program each year creates a new generation of boatbuilders with a dedication and passion that drives our culture of excellence, so widely respected by Riviera motor yacht owners around the world.”

Riviera Welcomes 800th Team Member

Australia’s world-class luxury motor yacht builder Riviera has welcomed a further 34 people to its Gold Coast manufacturing facility this week, taking the Australian team to more than 800 working onsite. This continued expansion is in response to demand for its yachts, the strongest in Riviera’s 41-year history and follows a successful showcase at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show where the company welcomed more than 25 luxury motor yacht owners to the Riviera family. Riviera’s 16.8-hectare world-class Gold Coast facility currently has 57 motor yachts under construction from across the 23-model range from 39 to 78 feet.  More than half of the more than 100 motor yachts the company builds annually are exported around the world and this year Riviera was named 2021 Exporter of the Year in the Australian Marine Industry Awards.  Joining the Riviera team this week is new trainee Kylie Scott, officially the 800th person working on the company’s Coomera site.  At 39, Kylie is looking forward to a career change, working alongside Riviera’s master craftspeople to develop her boatbuilding skills in Riviera’s composite team, responsible for creating the flybridges, hardtops and swim platforms for selected models of motor yachts. She is keen to learn a broad cross-section of boatbuilding skills in the future at Riviera as her career progresses.  Kylie, who has five children and three grandchildren, grew up on a farm in Goondiwindi in south-west Queensland. She has had a passion for beautiful boats and has been enjoying the water since she was a child.  Kylie and her husband moved the family to the Gold Coast five years ago for a lifestyle change. Before joining Riviera, she took on various part-time roles to work in with the available time of a growing family.  “Now that my family has grown up, it’s time for me to create a real career,” said Kylie.  “I have a great interest in the look and feel of luxury motor yachts, and Riviera is the dream job for me, the opportunity of a lifetime really.  “Riviera motor yachts are immaculate from a design and finish point of view. I love working with my hands and I am looking forward to learning from the best people in the industry at Riviera. It’s a place where I can start at the entry level and work my way up.”  Kylie joined Riviera to begin this new phase in her working life because of the company’s reputation for creating world-class luxury motor yachts and its award-winning training program.  Kylie is among 21 mature-aged trainees to join the Riviera team this week. The trainees will undertake a course in composites at the PARTEC institute in Brisbane as part of their specialist boatbuilding education. An additional 13 apprentices have also been welcomed on site, taking the number of apprentices at Riviera to over 100. Riviera’s Safety and Training Manager Adam Houlahan said Kylie had the qualities sought by Riviera.  “Kylie has a strong willingness to learn, a great attitude and she is eager to get started in the industry with us at Riviera,” said Mr Houlahan.  “This is the best start for someone looking to create a fulfilling career in the marine industry and Kylie will be well supported by our experienced team to ensure she receives our superior level of training.”  Riviera is seeking to grow its team of composite technicians and marine craft construction specialists even further over the next 12 months. Riviera owner Rodney Longhurst welcomed the latest trainees to the Riviera team this week.  “Over the past year we have experienced strong growth in demand for our luxury motor yachts leading us to recruit more experienced craftspeople and trainees to work together to meet that demand,” said Mr Longhurst.  “We’re fortunate to have the best people in the marine industry on site, sharing a passion for building world-class luxury motor yachts. They are exceptional mentors for our trainees, guiding them on a path to be the master craftspeople of the future.”  

Silent Yachts Opens Offices in Mallorca and Florida

Silent Yachts kicks off the summer season in style. The innovative Austrian shipyard opens two new offices on both sides of the Atlantic.  Balearics expansion A new European office of Silent Yachts is now open in Port Adriano - Mallorca, one of the leading yacht harbours in the West Med.  A Silent 55 and 64 are docked in front of the office, ready to take clients to the sea for a test drive. Later this summer the new Silent 60 with a kitewing will also arrive to Port Adriano.  “Our new base is like our second home”, said Michael Köhler, Founder and CEO of Silent.  “Mallorca and the Balearics in general are popular yachting destinations, sunny, warm, with clean azure seas and many amazing places that have to be visited on board a yacht. The new office helps us keeping our solar electric catamarans close to our clients and partners, we’re always open for a chat, visit or sea trial.”  Silent Yachts keeps drawing a lot of interest from clients in the US. In order to get closer to customers, the shipyard’s exclusive US distributor Edward Sacks sets up a branch in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the yachting capital of the Western Hemisphere.  “Florida is the hot spot for the US yachting enthusiasts and we’re happy to take a seat in the region”, said Michael Köhler. “The location is close to the site of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, it has a direct water access and a comfortable conference room for product demonstrations.”

Sunseeker and Meros Co-Ownership Platform

Meros is a new and exciting shared ownership platform that exclusively uses Sunseeker yachts, officially launches to offer yacht ownership to a new generation of boaters.  Conceptualised by Meros and perfected by Sunseeker, the ‘Meros Sunseeker Co-Ownership’ combines the dream of yacht ownership with the convenience of a charter, allowing up to four owners to invest in equal shares in beautiful new Sunseeker vessels, the first being the incredible ‘M/Y Blue Infinity’ 86 Yacht. This new initiative is set to revolutionise and expand the yacht ownership market, paving the way for a new generation of yacht owners to participate in and enjoy this luxurious lifestyle with one of the world’s most discerning yacht brands.  Commenting on the launch, Martin Huber, Managing Director at Meros, said: “We are so thrilled that today, together with the Sunseeker London Group, we launch Meros. Once an idea and now a reality, we believe it is the time to show people what we have been building.  “Our co-ownership/yacht sharing platform has been designed around the owners’ desires and expectations. We know that they have nothing but peace, adventure and exploration ahead of them once they join the Meros-Sunseeker family. From recruiting the first-class crew, to providing exceptional gastronomy, arranging berthing, insurance, and administrative responsibilities, we have it covered. Simply sit back and enjoy the unique luxury of life on the water that only Meros management, paired with a Sunseeker yacht, can offer.”  Ownership is managed by Meros in association with the team at the Sunseeker London Group, who bring a wealth of industry experience and knowledge to the partnership.  In just a few short years, the sharing economy has become a ubiquitous concept, with more people looking to divide resources and ownership as opposed to sole purchase. This has been seen across many industries, including the luxury travel sector, with car, plane and helicopter leasing growing in popularity. Now, with Meros, a select number of owners have the chance to own their very own Sunseeker yacht. Meros sees this as an opportunity to expand the luxury boat market with a quality driven alternative, bringing in a new generation of customers to whom the sharing economy is now part of their lifestyle.  With the easing of travel restrictions in many countries and the enthusiastic return of the tourism industry, there is certainly pent-up demand from people looking to invest in luxury leisure and recreational activities and experiences. With the global yacht charter market valued at around US$10.91 billion in 2019, Europe’s share at more than 50%, and compound annual growth forecast at 25.6% between 2020 and 2028, this further cements the need for this unique style of yacht ownership.  The first yacht available for shared ownership with Meros is the stunning ‘M/Y Blue Infinity’ 86 Yacht, a highly luxurious Sunseeker superyacht, based in the Balearics. 

Viking Making a Health Difference

Congratulations to Billeny Padula, who will soon become a registered nurse. Billeny has been a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant in the Viking Health Services Department for the past four years. Last month she earned her Associates of Applied Science in Nursing at Ocean County College. “As a nurse, I will have greater responsibility and be able to assist our Nurse Practitioner with patient care,” says Billeny. “I’ve always wanted to be in healthcare, and Viking has given me the opportunity to build a career where my education and background help facilitate healthcare accessibility for our employees. I love my job, being able to treat, educate and follow up with the boatbuillders on a daily basis.” Billeny chose Health Services Manager Steve Marks to perform her “pinning,” a ceremony celebrating the transition from student to nurse. “Steve has been my mentor and a huge positive influence.” Billeny also credits her family. “Healthcare is in my blood,” she says. “My father is a surgical technician; my mother was a social worker; and two other family members are nurses.” Billeny is pictured above with her dad, Vidal Rivera Andino, and mother, Eneida Colon Martinez, at the graduation ceremony.

Viking at Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

It was a wild week at the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament with the leaderboard seeing a flurry of activity. When the scale finally settled, Kevin Summerville’s Viking 65 Outnumbered received a six-figure check for their 3rd Place Blue Marlin. Captain James Breen helped angler Billy Thompson wind in the 512.4-pound fish. “I love being here,” said Billy. "The fishing was fantastic and James is a great captain. He put us right on the fish and all I had to do was reel it in.”  The 63rd-annual event saw the largest-ever fleet of 270 boats. The Viking 58 Following Seas got the ball rolling with the first fish of the event. Captain Charlie Vanderbeck brought the week-old boat to the scales and weighed Kirk Kellogg’s blue marlin at 448.8 pounds.

Viking at Cap Cana White Marlin Tournament

A record 41 boats and 160 anglers battled it out at the recent Cap Cana White Marlin Tournament in the Dominican Republic. Dawn Samuels, fishing on her family’s Viking 66 Enclosed Bridge Princess Lily, released six whites to claim the Top Lady Angler title as well as the 2nd Overall Angler honors. Boats came from Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Mexico and the United States to fish this prestigious event.

Viking at Mississippi Gulf Coast Blue Marlin Classic

A trio of Vikings swept the blue marlin division at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Blue Marlin Classic. It Just Takes Time took its time and was the last boat to roll up to the scales. Captain Chris Hood brought the Viking 72 and owner Nick Pratt’s fish to the weigh station and hung the winner. The 793-pound blue marlin was the only fish the team saw, but they made it count. This is Nick’s 2nd time in the Winner’s Circle as he took the title last year as well.  C-Student, a Viking 66, claimed 2nd Place Blue Marlin with a 629.7-pound fish. Captain Kenny Blackman put angler Hunter Megarity on a blue that fought for almost two hours. The Viking 80 CE was in 3rd Place with a 548.6-pound fish. Sixteen-year-old Scotty Cooper landed that blue, which also awarded him Top Junior Angler honours.  All In, a Viking 55, was the 3rd Place Release Boat. The Viking Miss Virginia claimed 3rd Place Tuna with a 179.7-pound yellowfin. Heaviest Dolphin went to the Viking 62 Blue Water with a 48.7-pound bull and Crawgator, a Viking 61, took 2nd Place.

Viking at Cajuns Canyons Billfish Classic

The Viking 72 Fleur de Lis crushed it at the Cajun Canyons Billfish Classic. The team released three blue marlin and angler Jeff Landry, fishing on Keith and Ginger Myers’ boat, landed a 547.8-pound blue as well as a tuna weighing 146.6 pounds. The bounty awarded captain Scooter Porter and crew Top Billfish Points, Heaviest Blue Marlin and 3rd Place Release Team. The weighed blue marlin also put Fleur de Lis at the top of the blue marlin division in the summer-long Mongo Offshore Challenge.  Art Favre’s Viking 92 A Work of Art took 2nd Place Release honors and 3rd Place Billfish Points with three blue marlin releases. The Viking 66 Wynsong claimed 3rd Place Tuna with a 155.8-pound fish which helped Gavin Ward claim 3rd Place Angler. Hunter Megarity, fishing on the Viking 66 C-Student, had the Top Dolphin at 44.6 pounds, and Share-e’s Buell Polk weighed the 3rd Place Dolphin off this Viking 68.

Viking at Orange Beach Billfish Classic

Tournament season in the Gulf Coast is officially in full force. The Orange Beach Billfish Classic (OBBC) is one of 10 tournaments within the prestigious Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship. This year 38 boats competed in the OBBC, which includes tuna, wahoo and dolphin but is primarily a blue marlin tournament. The Viking 76 Reel Fire was featured multiple times on the leaderboard, including 1st Place Release, 2nd Place Tuna and 1st Place Dolphin. Angler Chris Ferrara Jr. aboard Reel Fire claimed their 2nd Place Tuna with a 184.4-pound fish, and Ivan Duke caught their 1st Place Dolphin that weighed 29.2 pounds. Joey Birbeck on the Viking 66 C-Student also weighed in a 26.8-pound dolphin for 2nd place in that division.

June 29, 2021

New Model: Sunseeker 65 Sport Yacht

Suneeker present the all-new 65 Sport Yacht expanding its range of next generation yachts with  innovation. The opyional SkyHelm sport bridge helm comes complete with IPS docking joystick, can be used in an upright position for low speed manoeuvring or lowered to fall perfectly into outstretched arms when sat low in the bespoke helm seats, cossetted by carbon fibre back rests and an integrated centre console. The modular layout allows for a variety of specifications and enhancements, with space that adapts seamlessly to all kinds of socialising and adrenaline-seeking. Three cabins including a full beam master stateroom accommodate up to six guests in luxurious comfort, with a fully appointed crew cabin located forward of the garage. Take your Sport Yacht to new heights by carrying the tender on the bathing platform and reconfiguring the vacated space as a dedicated ‘Beach Club’ with direct sea access, bar, fridge, BBQ, and free-standing seating. The perfect space for those happiest close to the water. The  Sunseeker 65 Sport Yacht is powered by twin Volvo 1000hp engines with IPS pod drive propulsion allowing for top speeds up to 35 knots.
Technical Data:
LOA - 20.50 m (67.2ft)
Beam - 5.10 m
Draft - 1.6 m full load
Displacement - 35810 kg half load
Fuel Capacity - 3500 l
Water Capacity - 800 l
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, one crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Volvo D13 1000hp 
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking dual propeller IPS pod drives
Speed - 35 knots max 
Range - 750 nm at ten knots

June 27, 2021

Pershing Sport Cruiser Sinks near Capri

An eleven meter Pershing sport cruiser partially sank in the afternoon of 27 June, in the island of Capri, near the Faraglioni, the two pointed rocks used in various movie and advertising scenes symbol of the famous island.  The three guests onboard the Pershing sport cruiser called a MayDay after seeing they where taking on water.  The guests where rescued by a neighbouring boat in the area.  The local coast guard gave immediate assistance while the boat was re-floated some hours later.  
The Pershing 37 was presented in year 2000 and produced till 2006 and was for that time the entry level for the Italian brand.  Designed as all Pershing models by Fulvio de Simoni, the 37 replaced the 38/39 model with a sleeker exterior and less accommodating interior to her predecessor. The Pershing 37 offered four berths interior and was offered with two lower deck layouts; standard open layout, and optional Cabin version with enclosed forward cabin, L-shaped saloon, and a midships open double berth. The Pershing 37 was powered by twin Cats 355hp, with 2004 onward having Yanmar 370hp engines with shaft propulsion and reaching top speeds above the mid thirties.  A special one off with the same hull but no radar arch called Pershing 38 Endurance with twin Cats 420hp and Arneson surface drives was produced in 2000 and also competed in the Venezia to Monte Carlo race.  This 38 Endurance was for a time the Pershing founder and previous boss Tilli Antonelli personal boat.       

Azimut Yacht Destroyed by Fire in Biograd

A twenty meter Azimut flybridge yacht titled m/y Do This with seven persons onboard went on fire in front of the Kumanat district in Biograd, Croatia at about 09:45 hours of Sunday 27 June. Do This was reportedly cruising in the area at about twenty knots, when the yacht suddenly slowed down to eleven knots, and smoke started coming from the engine room.  At this stage the captain stopped the yacht and upon inspecting the engine room found it fuming.  Seeing this the captain tried to extinguish the fire, and after various tries with no success called a may-day, and abandoned ship helped by two nearby Slovenian and Austrian yachts. Later on at about 11:00 hours the fire was extinguished by a fire fighting boat which arrived from Zadar, although the yacht was totalled and burned to the waterline.  No one was injured or intoxicated in the yacht fire, with this making a lot of news because former Austrian Vice-Chancellor Heinz Christian Strache and his family where onboard the yacht.  The yacht or what remained of it was salvaged by Zadar company Emergensea, who then took the wreck to Lamjana shipyard on the island of Ugljan. 
M/y Do This is an Azimut 68 Plus designed by Stefano Righini, which debuted in the Genoa boat show in the fall of 1999.  This was a motor yacht which re-invented and dominated the twenty meter segment thanks to its futuristic modern looks, and well appointed four double guest cabins, and one crew cabin layout.  A commercial success from its debut, the Azimut 68 Plus evolved into the 68 Evolution in 2005, with a new stern and hull windows design and then produced up to 2008, selling a total of over 150 units.

Project: Sanlorenzo 44m X-Space

Sanlorenzo present the new X-Space project with a 44 meter model.  Designed by Zuccon responsible for the exterior and Lissoni for the interior the 44m X-Space spreads around four decks, with the wheel house located on the upper deck, and a third deck fully dedicated for entertainment.  The new X-Space looks to be a bridge range between the Explorer and the SD range.  The X-Space will have a lot of glass especially in the third and fourth decks, which are to be fully surrounded in glass while in the lower deck Sanlorenzo kept its conservative window use approach.  The 44m X-Space will feature standard guest accommodation of ten guests in five cabins, and eight crew in four cabins.  The 44m X-Space is to be powered by twin Man 1450hp engines with top speeds being up to fifteen knots, and economic cruise at ten, which allows for a range up to four thousand nautical miles, before refuelling the 50,000 litres fuel capacity. 

June 25, 2021

Deadly Collision on Lake Como

Another deadly collision this time on Lake Como, on 25 June.  A Sea Ray cuddy cabin sport cruiser and a stationary sport boat resulted in the dead of a young 22 year old Italian male.  The accident dynamics reported say the Sea Ray cuddy cabin cruiser helmed by a 21 year old Belgian girl with ten friends onboard advancing at planning speeds, collided with a stationery sport boat which had three young Italian men sunbathing on it.  In the collision a young 22 year old lost his life.  The Belgian girl is currently under arrest for the accident accused of killing the young Italian male.
The boat in this accident looks to be a Sea Ray cuddy cabin sport cruiser of about seven meters, most likely a 240 Overnighter model. Sea Ray has build over the years thousands of these six to ten meters cuddy cabins cruisers, which are popular on medium to large sized lakes, or in areas where cruising grounds are relatively at a close distance.  The Sea Ray Overnighter series was produced from late eighties till the mid 2000s. 

New Model: Azimut Grande Trideck 38m

At an online presentation reserved for the press, Azimut Yachts unveiled its new Grande Trideck 38m  flagship, the brand’s first yacht with three decks and an expression that continues to give the company its signature ability to innovate in terms of design, style and construction. Azimut Grande Trideck has three decks “plus one”. “Plus one” because Trideck has an extra deck in the stern in addition to the traditional three. The result is a cascade of four staggered terraces descending from the Sun Deck to the water’s surface. The launch of the new flagship also gave Azimut Yachts the chance to bring forward the introduction of A-Live, a cutting-edge multi-sensory immersive digital experience that makes use of 360-degree vision to allow online users to move around the yacht, and above all, to convey the sense of openness and contact with the water. Designed for a contemporary owner, looking for a context for conviviality in constant contact with the marine environment, the new Trideck has been designed in the name of flexibility. She was conceived on staggered decks to offer an unprecedented interpretation of the environments onboard, even inventing all-new spaces. The project was carried out by a tested team, consisting of the designers Alberto Mancini for the exteriors, Achille Salvagni for the interiors and Pierluigi Ausonio for the hull. From a design point of view, the greatest triumph was to create a yacht with a semi planning hull, up to six cabins, a widebody superstructure all while remaining under 300 GT in volume. Always guaranteeing light and dynamic external lines, Alberto Mancini directed the design of the Trideck. Starting from the insertion of a mezzanine staggered deck at the stern, the Sea View Terrace, new and wider spaces appear across the Trideck. This is the principle of “plus One”, a new design concept and a testament to Azimut  innovative capacity; the feature offers the owner four cascading terraces onto the sea, unique in function, size and flexibility. The layout innovation is felt right from the first step onboard. The Trideck welcomes her guests through a central royal staircase, which reaches to the quay from the half-raised Sea View Terrace.  It is thanks to this intermediate bridge that a sequence of four cascading terraces is created, which descend from the top down to sea level, each with its own specific function: the Sundeck, the Dining Terrace, the Sea View Terrace, and the Beach Area.  The Sea View Terrace is an open stage, a new cantilevered area that precedes the traditional cockpit. Raised above the surface of the water and conceived as a living room overlooking the sea, the floating platform keeps in touch with the sun and the water at once. With an open area of ​​about 30 square meters, the Sea View Terrace is fitted out with a large C-shaped sofa arrangement facing off the stern, designed to offer the owner a convivial and immersive entertaining area for guests.  The raised Sea View Terrace also has a second advantage. It gives height to the underlying Beach Area, usable in all its width also thanks to the separate garage for tenders and toys. With two meters of headroom and cut-outs in the sidewalls, this is not a space stolen from the garage but a true beach on the sea. During stops at anchor, the hinged transom opens to increase the available surface to more than thirty square meters. The Beach Area is equipped to connect guests directly with the sea, fully customizable in furnishing and served by a day head and wet bar.  In addition to the Sea View Terrace and Beach Area, Mancini’s project creates a more secluded outdoor area. On the Main Deck, a few steps below the Sea View Terrace, the cockpit becomes a Private Patio, a protected and reserved living area perfect for eating or lounging while moored stern-to. It is a hybrid area, located outdoors yet indoors, becoming the natural extension of the main salon and blurring the threshold for an even smoother transition.  The third terrace is the main outdoor dining area, aft of the Upper Deck, which develops around the square table of handcrafted natural teak with white lacquered inserts. The area is rounded off by corner sofas for aperitive and a series of furniture for the service.  Topping off the cascade of terraces is the Sun Deck, which comes with a large sunbathing area at the stern with freestanding furniture and a view overlooking the sea. There is a lounge area with opposing circular sofas, with a table for lunch in the centre and towards the bow, an American bar overlooks the horizon with a large barbecue.  On the Trideck, Mancini’s sporty touch, typical of his projects for Azimut, has evolved to approach the modern yet elegant lines of a true flagship. The clean lines dominate everything, from the large windows that create a continuous, uninterrupted surface up to the stern, to the sloping windshield that ends with a vertical bare-headed windbreak on the Sundeck.  With a modern stylistic language also seen in car design, Mancini lightens the external lines, restoring a feeling of dynamism, a difficult task considering the vast internal volumes on this 38-meter yacht. The designer sculpted the hull with a rib that starts from the stern, at the height of the exhausts and extends to the bow, moving and giving tension to the profile. The fairleads themselves are styled and incorporated to enrich the design.  As for the other models in the Grande Collection, Azimut Yachts relied on Achille Salvagni for the design of the interior spaces and furnishings. The designer fully embraces the cause of the shipyard: to offer the market a redefinition of the role of space, giving new functionality to the onboard environments.  Salvagni works on two levels: function and style. First of all, he carries out a functional rethinking of the interior spaces, for which he abandons the preconceived functions of each area. The goal is to transform the yacht into a place where the owner can live without constraints, in a more liquid and accommodating space. To this end, the interiors have been dilated and integrated with the external areas, to become extensions of one another, a harmonious continuum.  It follows naturally to move the main indoor dining area from the Main Deck to the Upper Deck: a solution that fully dedicates the main deck to a more relaxed, successful social area.  Salvagni does not limit himself to redefining the environments onboard, but also enriches them through a close attention to décor, favoring the tension between forms and the purity of the line, abandoning any ostentation at the same time.  By virtue of this principle, Salvagni has designed every single piece of furniture on board, choosing to remove the superfluous and let the pleasures of touch and shape give the living areas an ambience of wellbeing.  The perceived quality of the environment in its entirety is of the highest level, thanks to a skilful combination of materials, colours and finishes.  Access to the lounge from the Private Patio is smooth and effortless. Entering, one finds an airy, large, bright environment thanks to the floor to ceiling windows, with soft colours for the fabrics and the walls livened by glossy mahogany inserts that accentuate its elegance with contrast. Without the traditional formal dining area, the lounge is set up to encourage conviviality. The bar cabinet, featuring a top made of Carrara marble with a built-in table lamp, welcomes guests and serves both the lounge and the adjacent outdoor area. The heart of the space are some important pieces of furniture: the large enveloping sofas with soft and seductive lines; the armchairs with a unique design; and the coffee tables made in a full-mould metal bath. Every detail is designed with the attention that the flagship deserves, for example, the marble top of the storage unit integrated into the sofa that incorporates a wireless charger and the wooden floor laid in a herringbone pattern with brass inserts. Noteworthy are the circular elements embedded in the ceiling, a decoration that recalls the lunar craters and makes the white lacquered ceilings, already characterized by asymmetrical cuts, even more particular.  The first unit, at the specific request of its owner, has a high level of home automation. All the onboard utilities, lights, air conditioning, curtains, the latest generation audio and video system can be controlled from the tablets supplied, including a huge 77 “ultra-flat TV that comes out electrically from a special compartment on the Main Deck.  Forward on the Main Deck is the owner’s suite, full beam with large windows, and conceptually broken down into special regions, starting from the entrance as a lobby/dressing area. The main material is tay wood, clear and clean, contrasted against a polished mahogany. The floor is made of textured Cardoso stone. In this area too, the lights, as well as the furnishings, are special pieces designed by Salvagni. Among these stand out two large suspended dressers, illuminated from below by LED lights that accentuate the floating effect, the bedside tables embellished with brass inserts and the breakfast table suspended between two armchairs. Imagining the next expression of a growing trend, Salvagni begins to evolve the bathroom into a wellness area, cantered around the large freestanding tub which doubles as a rich design element. This new pleasurable area is accessible by a large auto-sliding door, not as an addition, but as a natural extension of the master suite. With the door wide open, the combined space becomes a temple of relaxation and comfort. And the build is a testament to Italian craftsmanship: the countertops are Cardoso stone, finished smoothly, and the seat in the shower was cut from a single block of the fine material, while the bathroom walls are embellished with mahogany elements. The large round central tub enriches the rest of the cabin, prominently located as a gravitational attention center that holds the space together.  The formal dining area is located on the Upper Deck. Formal, however, does not mean conventional, the sky lounge being conceived as a multipurpose area. Most of the time, people prefer to eat outdoors. The Sky Lounge on the Upper Deck is shaped as an intimate nook, with a huge cozy sofa and convertible table, an attractive spot to come inside after dinner, especially for movies, equipped with a 55” pop-up flat screen. When guests wish to dine indoors, the table can be raised and extended to serve as the main indoor dining, accommodating up to 12 guests.  The flexibility of the layout is further improved by the options offered to the owner. The first units ordered all request the sixth unprecedented VIP cabin positioned on the Upper Deck, therefore with a beautiful sea view thanks to the large window, while the captain’s cabin is located on the Lower Deck. More traditional layout solutions are also available, with an enclosed pantry and a captain cabin on the upper deck just behind the bridge and with a formal dining area in the fore part of the main salon.  The command area is a blend of elegance and technology, characterized by a futuristic helm that integrates all onboard systems with Simrad Command.  Further forward, there is a sprawling lounge area, with sun pads surrounding the circular whirlpool tub, a lounge area with opposing sofas and then a further sunbed area towards the bow, sheltered by a mini windscreen.  On the Lower Deck there are four en-suite guest cabins: two VIPs aft and two guest cabins forward.  The Azimut Trideck offers innovative design solutions, starting from the tonnage, which remains below 300 GT despite the generous interior volume. This is made possible thanks to the large beach area, which is kept partially opened. The extra space is therefore available for an expanded living area with a special focus on the full beam skylounge.  The first of the most significant elements of the Trideck from a technological point of view is the debut of the new second-generation D2P Displacement to Planning hull.  Designed by Pierluigi Ausonio together with the Azimut-Benetti Research and Development Department, the hull benefits from proprietary CFD software, FEM analysis and form optimizations to yield unrivalled results in terms of efficiency. The Grande 35Metri, featuring the first generation D2P hull was already best in class, and the second generation debuts on the Trideck with substantial improvements. Despite being 3 meters longer, 30 GT larger and 35 tons heavier, the Trideck consumes fuel at the same rate as her smaller sister at all speeds above 19 knots, and manages to be 15% more efficient at a cruising speed of fifteen. To put these results in context, when compared with a traditional hard chine hull, the improvement in displacement fuel efficiency reaches over 40%.  The D2P hull is based on the combination of three main elements: the double chine, which gives stability at displacement speeds while reducing drag at higher speeds; the bow wave piercer, increasing the hull length at the waterline, reducing displacement consumption and reducing pitching in rough seas, and finally the central skeg, that guarantees optimal course stability, especially in aft quartering seas.  The Trideck is the newest member of the Carbon Generation, with her entire superstructure laminated in carbon fibre for a 30% local reduction in weight and an absolute weight reduction of six tons. In this way, despite the increased volumes onboard, the Trideck’s low centre of gravity is preserved, guaranteeing excellent static and dynamic stability. The combination of the D2P hull and carbon superstructure mean a significant improvement in performance: lower fuel consumption, higher speed and longer range.  The Trideck features an advanced power management system by SeaEnergy, which allows the automatic optimization of onboard electricity consumption through a perfect balance of shore power and the generators (or only between generators when at sea) depending on the energy needs of utilities.  For even more freedom, owners can also add Hotel Mode to the Trideck. This means being able to relax, anchored in a bay with zero emissions and in total silence. With a lithium battery pack of about 130 kWh, the Trideck can operate the main onboard utilities with the generators switched off for up to 4 hours during the day and 8 hours at night.  The cruising comfort is improved by a highly integrated software called Argo, designed and supplied by CMC Marine, to automatically harmonises the movement of the electronic stabilizing fins with the autopilot, avoiding waste and ensuring smooth sailing.  Grande Trideck has a dual-motor option, standard twin MTUs 2400hp or optional 2600hp. The first model under test, with an engine of 2600 hp, recorded a maximum speed of 24 knots, a range of 700 miles at 19 knots, and at a cruising speed of 12 knots an autonomy of over 1700 miles.
Technical Data:
LOA - 38.22 m (125.5ft)
Beam - 7.98 m
Draft - 2.05 m
Displacement - 190 t full load
Fuel Capacity - 23000 l
Water Capacity - 4000 l
Accommodation - ten guests in five cabins, or twelve guests in six cabins, six crew in four cabins 
Engines - 2 x MTU 2400hp, 2600hp optional
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 24 knots max, 21 knots fast cruise, 19 knots economy fast, 12 knots economic long range with MTU 2600hp, 23 knots max 20 knots fast cruise with MTU 2400hp
Range - 700 nm at 19 knots, 1700 nm at 12 knots
Hull Shape - semi planning with wave piercer, and second generation Displacement to Planning
Construction - fiberglass with vinilester resin and carbon fibre (super structure is carbon fibre)
Project - Alberto Mancini exterior, Achille Salvagni interior, Pier Luigi Ausonio naval architect 
Certification - data UNI ISO 8666 

June 23, 2021

Project: Nordhavn N71

The Nordhavn 71 is a brand new boat that will follow in the wake of the 80, providing her owners an elegant, modern, state-of-the-art passage-making explorer yacht. The N71 is a brand new hull, created especially for those who find themselves in the upper end of the mid-size range, who desire the aesthetic of one of Nordhavn’s larger yachts, but want the ability to manage without crew.  Indeed, with the first three hulls committed by former owners of Nordhavn 68 or 60 models, the N71 seems to be filling a void. Nordhavn co-owner and Chief of Design Jeff Leishman said the N71 is a modern response to the third generation Nordhavns that were built in the early 2000s. Styling, technology and creature comforts have all evolved since then. The Nordhavn 71 is available in two layouts: a three-stateroom layout with skylounge, or another that incorporates a fourth stateroom in place of the sky lounge. While decidedly smaller than the 80, the N71 mimics her twin model configuration, sleek lines and advanced level of engineering. She was designed with Nordhavn’s in-house Computational Fluid Dynamics program. As is the case with all long-range Nordhavns, she will have ocean-crossing capability and will be built to the strictest CE Certification standard for offshore use. The N71 benefits from more intuitive space planning, a stepped-up lighting schedule, a big dining room, spacious owners cabin and larger windows. She will also keep in step with newer Nordhavns being offered with a more complete spec, thus keeping costs and build time wrangled. The specification includes a credit for furniture so buyers can choose their own chairs, dining table, pillows and the like, resulting in a highly-individualized yacht.  She’ll be constructed by the craftsmen at the Ta Shing yard in Taiwan, where the 68 and 76 are built. Tooling is currently being fabricated and the first hull is expected to begin construction in January of 2022. The lead time of hull #1 will be 18 months but Leishman anticipates production will streamline down to 15 months with subsequent models. 

June 21, 2021

New Model: Airon Marine 50 Cinquanta

In the Spring of 2021 Airon Marine of Paolo Molinari launched its new 50 Cinquanta model.  A traditional open sport yacht and currently Airon flagship, the 50 Cinquanta comes as an update to the 4800 T-Top model, with the main visible difference outside; integrated hull windows now serving the lower deck.  But other difference in hull one of the 50 Cinquanta, was for an open main deck without patio door, and a more traditional three cabins lower deck with forward owners cabin.  Considering Airon Marine of offering a tailor made build and various options to buyers, the 4100 series is for example offered in four lower and three main deck layouts, these might be other options along the previous 4800 layouts.  The Airon 50 Cinquanta is powered by twin Volvo 480hp with IPS pod propulsion, no speed data is yet provided.   
Technical Data:
LOA - 14.70 m (48.2ft)
Hull Length - 14.7 m
Beam - 4.30 m
Displacement - 16 t
Fuel Capacity - 1100 l
Water Capacity - 450 l
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins
Max Persons - 14
Engines - 2 x Volvo D6 480hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking dual propeller IPS pod drives
Certification - CE B

June 20, 2021

Two Killed in Collision Hit and Run on Garda Lake

Two Germans killed two Italians, a 37 year old male and a 25 years old female in a collision hit and run which happened in the night of nineteen June on Lake Garda in the North of Italy, in the South West Salo part of the lake.  The accident has strange circumstances as the two Germans onboard the Riva Aquarama mahogany cruiser declared in the police interrogation to not even notice to have hit the launch boat and to have killed the two Italians, continuing with there affairs on the lake, and after this also returning to there homes in Bavaria Munich in Germany.  The Germans onboard the Riva cruiser are currently detained in a prison in Brescia.
The boat in this accident is a Riva Aquarama a model produced from 1962 till 1996 in five versions.  A total of 769 Aquarama's where build in its 34 years production run; including the limited edition only one made Lamborghini, the seven produced 22 centimeters longer and 8.7 meters long Lungo, the slightly longer and more powerful Super Aquarama launched in 1963, and the Aquarama Special which was produced 1972 to 96  and is easily recognizable thanks to its sloop stern.  The  Aquarama was developed on the Tritone, and like its predecessor was twin engine powered with line shaft propulsion, and depending on engines reached speed from forty to fifty knots. The Aquarama is the most regarded motor boat of all time thanks for it being incredibly beautiful, making it the preferred of many VIPs today but also in the sixties and seventies, and Riva using this to clever market the boat.  The Riva wooden runabouts sport cruisers, which started with the Corsaro in 1946 ended with the Aquarama Special in 1996 hull #749.  Five years later to the stop in production this heritage was reignited by Riva with the fiberglass Aquariva designed by Mauro Micheli, launched in 2001 and still produced today in the Super version. 

Cigarette New Web Site

Iconic US powerboat builder Cigarette presents its new World wide web showroom.  Cigarette was one of the brands founded by at the time retired construction magnet Don Aronow. Cigarette debuted in 1969 with a racing 32 feet deep Vee hull featuring twin Mercruiser 475hp, and this hull expanded the Aronow fame of building winning boats from the start taking first at the Long Beach to Esenada Mexico race averaging 76 mph.  In three years time Cigarette with Aronow at the helm will win countless races including two World championships, three US titles, and breaking the record in the Miami Nassau race.  This success will continue with a dozen plus of other racers, winning countless races and titles all over the World.  Following this success of the Cigarette racing boat, the company presents its first production model the 28 Standard, which will be updated to the 28 Super Sleek a few years later.  In 1978 Aronow sells Cigarette to Halter Marine, with the idea of pursing horse racing and other stuff, but pass some time later on 188th street in Miami he founds Squadron XII experimenting with some 27 and 38 feet hulls.  Halter gives again opportunity to buy back into Cigarette for Aronow and with this he merges Squadron XII into the brand.  Don Aronow will buy back the remaining Cigarette shares but will sell the company in 1982 to Jerry Jacoby of Hawk engines, this featuring a clause that Aronow cannot build a deep Vee bottom till 1987.  Jacoby will sell Cigarette in 1984 to Jeffrey Friedman.  After the mid eighties Cigarette launches some important models still called as classics till today from the 35 Café Racer and the 38 Top Gun, this last selling 500 units as at year 2000 and as yet still in production.  The nineties will see Cigarette build the 42 Revolution 188 dedicated to its founding street, and 46 Rough Rider.  In 1994 CRT Inc founded by Bob Torter and Craig Barrie starts to head Cigarette.  In 1999 Cigarette introduces its first stepped hull this model will be the 38 Top Gun T/S.  In 2002 Cigarette is bought by Chicago businessman Skip Braver, who will sell in 2021 to John Ruiz and Lionheart Capital.  Today Cigarette builds a total of nine models divided into two lines; Performance Centre Console, and High Performance.  The smallest Cigarette is the long standing 38 Top Gun, with the flagship being the 59 Tirrana.  Cigarette new website takes you around with the following buttons; Boats, Our World, Store, and Contact.  Cigarette is also featured on social media on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube with link located at the bottom of the page.      
Production History;
28 Standard 1970-74
28 Super Sleak 1974-86
35 Awesome 1974-85
24 Fire Fox 1984-
35 Cafe Racer 1986-2000
38 Top Gun 1987- (600+)
31 Decathlon 1987-
31 Bullet 1987-2002
42 Revolution 188 1990-96
46 Rough Rider 1992-
38 Top Gun Evolution 1993-
20 Cacu 1995-
42 Tiger 1997-2000
36 Galdiator 2001-
42 Twin Step 2001-02
30 Mystique 2001-03
35 Mistress 2002
42 X 2003-
46 American Muscle 2003-
45 Maximus 2004 (5)
46 Strip Poker 2004-
30 Vice 2004-
39 Top Gun Unlimited 2005-
38 Top Gun GT 2006-
50 Marauder 2006-17
49 Grand Sport 2007-10
39 Top Fish 2008-
42 Huntress 2012-
49 Grand Sport II 2010-20
515 2018-
59 Tirrana 2020-
39 GTS 2021-
52 Thunder 2022-

June 18, 2021

Project: Seanfinity Y-9 Fastexplorer

Seanfinity presents the Y-9 Fastexplorer, an innovative new super yacht project which comes following the success of the T-4, T-5, and the just launched R-4.  The Seanfinity Y-9 represents a new Y for Yacht range for the Italian builder, and at 27 meter will also mean a new important flagship.  Currently the largest Seanfinity is the T-5 at just under fifteen meters in length, and was launched in the fall of 2020.  The Seanfinity Y-9 Fastexplorer promises to have an innovative under water shape which can run at fast speeds but also efficient and seaworthy in displacement mode.  The co-owners of Seanfinity; Vincenzo Tuccio the engineer behind the Top System surface drives, and naval architect Gianluca Caputi previous owner of the Golfo and Italcraft brands are both forward thinking naval architects.  So far very few details are available on the Y-9, apart the above rendering which shows a raised pilot house design, some wide body details, and I would say the choice to have a forward main deck master stateroom.

June 16, 2021

New Model: Rhea 34 Trawler Flybridge

Rhea presents the new Trawler 34 model. Coming from a design of Yann Chabaud, the new Trawler 34 follows Rhea heritage of building medium sized explorer cruiser, and presents itself as the entry level model of the Trawler range which features four models and goes up to fourteen meters in size.  At just over ten meters in length the Trawler 34 presents itself as a small ship with its symmetric design offering safe and secure walk around the main deck, thanks to its deep and wide bulwarks.  Accommodation the Trawler 34 offers two cabins sleeping four below deck, while on the main deck is a dinette which converts to a double berth, and an L-shaped galley behind the helm station to starboard.  On the technical side the Rhea Trawler 34 was designed with a reduced wake hull and draft, thanks to propeller tunnels.  The Trawler 34 is powered by twin Yanmar 250hp and a single Yanmar 370hp engine, both options being offered with line shaft propulsion.  A Sedan version with a reduced draft of just under ten meters, aimed at the inland waterways market of central Europe is currently in the works.    
Technical Data:
LOA - 10.40 m (34.1ft)
Hull Length - 9.96 m
Beam - 3.98 m
Draft - 0.70 m
Displacement - 8000 kg
Fuel Capacity - 2 x 440 l
Water Capacity - 400 l
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins, plus two in convertible saloon
Engines - 1 x Yanmar 370hp, or 2 x Yanmar 250hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 21 knots max with twin Yanmar 250hp, 19 knots with Single Yanmar 370hp
Hull Shape - semi planning with propeller tunnels
Project - Yann Chabaud
Certification - CE