November 25, 2022

Vanquish Sinks in Miami River

A sixteen meter Vanquish sport yacht titled m/y Falcon with a captain and crew onboard sank in the Miami river just before 1400 hours of 25 November.  The causes of the incident are not reported.  Being on the Miami river which is one the most Vlogged areas in the World for boating we have Boat Zone giving a bit of previous history before the sinking, as Falcon is seen dropping six passengers near a construction locality in the area.  At this stage it is not understood if Falcon's captain is aware of some problems as this is just twenty minutes before the yacht sinks.  The incident is later reported and assisted by Miami Police Department and Miami Fire Rescue, possibly also because in the filmed videos the Vanquish yacht is still a semi-floating-sank wreck hazard moving around with the current in the Miami River.
The Vanquish in this accident is a VQ54.  Debuting in 2017 the Vanquish VQ54 is build in aluminium and comes from a Guido de Groot design, offered in one, two, or three cabin interiors, powered with Volvo 610 or 725hp with IPS pod drives, and or Man 800hp with surface drives.  The Vanquish VQ54 was replaced by the VQ58 in 2021.


  1. Full report video here;

  2. I work in the boat yard next to the vanquish delivery facility and I know exactly what happened as I was able to speak directly with the crew member who was on board?:
    One of the crew members had a bad stomach and had to use the head but the head had not been prepared for you use or tested and was actually marked. Do not use but because he had multiple instances of diarrhea he removed the lockout and tag out and use the head and then try to use the sea water flush. And when he opened the valve, what he didn't realize was that it wasn't connected to the back of the head and I'm not sure the mechanics of it. But there's another hose that started causing a siphoning effect and even when he closed the head valve that he'd opened, water kept pouring in and I'm not sure if it was from the head itself or from a hose behind it. But it had to do with the fact that the head had been marked and tagged not to use and this guy with a bad stomach who knows had a bad burrito or something. Anyway, he still works there but he sank a boat.

  3. One of life's great mysteries, solved. You sir are doing God's work. Next time, hold the extra habanero