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May 17, 2023

Project: Garlington 48 Flybridge

Garlington is currently building this new 48 Flybridge model.  A new entry level flybridge model, the 48 is based on the lines of the current smallest flybridge offer the 61, and possibly share hull lines with the 49 Express.  The Garlington 48 Flybridge will offer an interior with two guest cabins; a master cabin forward, and guest room with two bunk berths to port side, with a shower head located to starboard.  The living and dining is located as all and or most sport-fisherman on the main deck, with dinette to port side on entrance, with an L-shaped galley behind.  Unlike its bigger sister the Garlington 48 Flybridge will have a central entrance passage way with two mezzanines looking to the action on the aft deck.  No power or performance data is yet mentioned though as most Garlington's expect a forty knots plus performance.  Garlington has been on a roll in recent months, having received a few orders of its current 71 flagship which it splashed in 2021, with a new flagship also reported on the works.  Watch this spot for information on the new flagship.   

October 9, 2022

Sportfish Explodes After Refuelling in Bermuda

A flybridge cruiser of about nine meters in length titled m/y Woodstock with one passenger onboard, exploded and then went ablaze just after refuelling at Dowling Marina, St. Georges, Bermuda around 1330 hours of Sunday nine October.  Videos on social media show the scene of the Woodstock exploding split second just after the captain turns on the engine. With the fuel station of Dowling Marina located near The Wharf Restaurant and Bar in a packed Sunday afternoon the drama was not ended, and an evacuation of sorts could not be made, as the wind kept on pushing the on fire Woodstock to the dock.  At this stage a sportfish of eleven meters titled m/y Tenacious with two brothers onboard towed Woodstock out of the dock, to Marginal Wharf, before the flybridge cruiser burned down and eventually sank at around 1440 hours.  Ten fire fighters and officers assisted and went to extinguish Woodstock from the flames, while the lone captain owner had minor injuries to his ankle as he jumped off the boat from the flybridge.
Woodstock the sportfish cruiser in this fire is a Trojan F-32, a model the famed US builder produced from 1973 up to 1992 in 2700 units. Still popular the Trojan F-32 sleeps four in a forward double Vee-berth with a convertible saloon, and is powered by twin Chryslers 225hp or optional 260hp gas engines on shafts.
The heroic sportfish m/y Tenacious which saved further damage to happen at Dowling Marina is a Luhrs 40 Convertible, produced from 2000 up to 2003.  The Luhrs 40 Convertible is an evolution of  the 380 which was born in 1991, main recognizable difference being the side windows being more curved.  The Luhrs 40 Convertible offers an interior with two cabins sleeping four, and is powered by Cat 420hp engines.  The 40 Convertible was replaced by the Luhrs 41 Convertible in 2004.

August 15, 2022

Flybridge Cruiser Beached After Hitting Fish Rock Creek

An eleven meter Riviera Sportfish cruiser hit Fish Rock creek and was beached to avoid sinking on the morning of fifteen August.  The Riviera cruiser was on a delivery trip by a professional skipper departing from Port Macquarie to the Gold Coast on the West side of Australia, where from there the new owners had to helm her to North Queensland. Unfortunately that was not the case. Salvaging operations where ongoing the day after on the sixteen August.
The Riviera in this accident is a 36 Single Cabin model produced from 1998 up to 2004, selling in 108 units.  Called that way for its single cabin layout, the 36 SC was based on the 34 Open Flybridge platform released a year earlier. The 36 Single Cabin was standard powered by twin Cummins 315hp engines good for about thirty knots, with optional 370hp being available.

August 14, 2022

Unconscious Man Saved from Florida Boat Fire

An unconscious man was saved by two police officers in Manatee Pocket waterway near Pirates Cove in Stuart, Florida when his sportfish boat went ablaze and later exploded on the afternoon on Sunday fourteen August.  The boat allegedly caught fire and while the two officers where trying to take a man out exploded.  The police officers escaped injury while the man onboard was taken to hospital for observation. The officers Rib also had some damage in this operation with some of it melting with the heat caused by the Sportfish cruiser on fire.
The sportfish cruiser in this fire is a Wellcraft 3200 Coastal produced from 1984 to 1986.  The 3200 Coastal has an accommodation sleeping four persons in a two plus two layout.  A a modified Vee hull with a fine entry and medium fourteen degrees deadrise aft coupled to twin petrol gas Mercruiser 270hp engines and shaft line propulsion gave her a speed up to thirty knots.  The 3200 Coastal was also available in a flybridge enclosed main deck version called the Sport Bridge. 

August 4, 2022

Sportfish Runs Aground in Norwich, New London

An eleven meter Pursuit sportfish cruiser with one person onboard ran aground on the breakwater of the Thames River, Norwich PI, New London, USA on 0600 hours of fourth August.  The captain and lone occupant was not injured and received immediate help by two Firefighting boats who assisted the sportfish cruiser from the land pumping out the water which was coming from the damaged hull.  Later a TowBoatUS boat was finalizing a tow procedure to be made in high tide, which also meant to seal the hull bottom damage from the collision.
The sportfish cruiser in this grounding is a Pursuit 3800 Offshore produced from 2001 up to 2004.  The Pursuit 3800 Offshore offered sleeping accommodation for four in an open plan layout, and is powered by twin Cats 420hp, Cummins 420 or 480hp, and or Volvo 480hp.  The 3800 Offshore also called the Express evolved in the Open version in 2005 with a sloop stern.  In 2008 Pursuit who decided to focus exclusively on outboard powered boats replaced the 3800 with the similar looking upper structure but completely new OS 375 Offshore.

July 18, 2022

Sportfish Cuiser With Six Persons Sinks in Cabo San Lucas

A sportfish cruiser of about ten meters in size called Protocol with six persons onboard sank while sportfishing off Cabo San Lucas in the Pacific Ocean, on 1500 hours of eighteen July.  The sportfish cruiser had some technical problem, according to the Captain report coming after a 45 minutes Blue Marlin battle, and the boat taking too much water.  After all this Captain Alex Rogers and the five crew had to abandon the sinking boat and jump in the life-raft.  After this a storm arrived in the area with Cabo San Lucas closing its harbor and making person recovery more difficult. Hearing this Cabo San Lucas Sporfishing Community started a rescue operation, and Captain Pancho Bojorquez with a 24 meter super sportfish yacht eventually saved the six persons in the life raft.  
Protocol is a Rampage 33 Express, a model produced from 2005 till 2008 by the US builder.  The Rampage 33 Express had a huge following due to its four meters plus of beam in a length just over ten meters, and offered accommodation for four or six persons thanks to its convertible sofas and bunk berths coming into play.  Powered by twin Cats 460hp the 33 Express reached speeds up to 33 knots.
The super sportfish yacht which saved the crew is reported to be m/y Hooray a Viking 80 Enclosed Bridge with Open Skybridge from 2020.

July 17, 2022

Viking Sportfish Hits Reef and Partly Sinks

A Viking sportfish cruiser of about fourteen meters in length hit a reef and then ended up beached in Baja of Mexico on the morning of seventeen July.  In order to prevent it from total sinking the sportfish cruiser was beached.  Operation to lift off the sportfish cruiser where underway on the same morning.  News on this accident are few, apart four photo shots which appeared on Facebook.
The sportfish cruiser in this accident is a Viking 46 Convertible, which was introduced in 2010 and produced till 2019.  The Viking 46 offered a twin stateroom layout, and replaced the 45, and was replaced by the 48 in 2020. The 46 Convertible featured Viking's signature warp-V shape hull closing at a medium twelve degrees deadrise, and powered by twin Man 1100hp reaches speeds up to 34 knots.

April 11, 2022

Improve-it = Viking 46 Billfish

Viking has launched the first 46 Billfish finished with a tower. Colored in snow white this 46 Billfish was called by its owner Irish Beaut.  Fully outfitted by a Palm Beach Towers tuna tower to support the boat’s West Coast Florida fishing program. The team at PBT constructed the custom anodized aluminum structure to not only be efficient and functional but to also turn heads at the dock.  The Viking 46 Billfish offers a four berth accommodation in a double berth forward and two bunks berths to port side on the lower deck.  The 46 Billfish is standard powered by twin Cummins 700hp and optional Man 800 or 850hp.

February 3, 2022

Project: Gamefisherman 43 Dayboat

Gamefisherman present the project for a 43 Dayboat.  A thirteen meter sportfish cruiser for the boat owner who views protection from the elements as an important feature of a custom sportfish. The 43 is the entry level of what Gamefisherman calls its Flybridge line and will provide a classic seaworthy hull which will also deliver a clean wake for chasing fish offshore.  The Gamefisherman 43 Dayboat will also offer a spacious accommodations below, as  a highly fishable cockpit.  The Gamefisherman 43 is offered in five power options, which start from twin Cummins 550hp and go up to Volvo 725hp units. 

January 15, 2022

Hunga Tonga Tsunami 2022

On 14 January the volcano on the Hunga Tonga uninhabited island, part of the Tongan archipelago in the Southern Pacific ocean erupted.  The eruption created a big Tsunami with waves reaching a height up to fifteen meters, and in this process is reported to have killed three persons, injured a lot of people, and many remain missing.  Hunga Tonga is located about 35 nautical miles North of Tongatapu, but the Tsunami also travelled afar in the Pacific Ocean, and doing damage from New Zealand, to Japan, and as far as South and North America. 
The above picture is taken in a Marina in New Zealand which seemed to be one of the most where boats and yacht sustained damages. In this particular marina some small and medium sized boats also sank, with boaters complaining that no alarm or advise was made.  

August 2, 2021

Sportfish Cruiser Sinks in White Marlin Open 2021

A ten meter Sportfish Cruiser with six men onboard sank during day one of the White Marlin Open 2021 on second August.  The sportfish cruiser sank while fighting a blue marlin, and in backing down had an exhaust fail which resulted in the boat taking water and sinking.  Lucky for them motor yacht Fishbone a sportfish yacht of nineteen meters in length heard the MayDay and went immediately for the rescue with all the 3100hp available, rescuing the six fisherman who at this stage where already to safety on the life-raft, and the Pursuit sportfish nearly all sank behind them.  
The 2021 48th edition of the White Marlin Open is located in Ocean City, Maryland being held from second to the sixth August, and is considered one of the largest Billfish Tournaments.  The 2021 edition had 444 boats entered and a prize money of just over nine million US$.
The sank sportfish cruiser is a Pursuit 3400 Express produced from 1997 till 2002.  The 3400 Express was one of the few Pursuit's powered by inboards and was usually powered by twin Cummins or Volvo 370hp diesels with shafts.  The Pursuit 3400 Express offered an interior sleeping four with a double berth forward and a convertible dinette.
The sportfish yacht which performed the rescue is m/y Fishbone an Island Boat Works 65ft Custom powered by twin 1600hp Cat engines giving a thirty knots cruise.  This North Carolina custom sportfish yacht was build in cold moulding and offers accommodation for six in three double cabins.

May 29, 2021

Man Killed in Boat Collision Near Portisco, Sardinia

On Saturday 29th May late morning time at 1130 hours a Tiara sportfish cruiser of twelve meters in length collided on a sailing yacht, killing the 69 year old skipper and owner of the sail craft, and leaving in shock his wife.  In the impact the 69 year old Alberto was hit and later thrown in the water and cut by the propellers.  The accident happened in a location between Portisco and Porto Cervo, half a mile away from the coast, in the famous and busy in this time of the year Esmerald coast.  Nothing happened to the four crew members of the sportfish cruiser, who where later interrogated by the Olbia police.
The sportfish cruiser in the accident is a Tiara 3600 Open produced between 2004 and 09, and powered by twin Cummins 380hp with line shaft propulsion topping out a 32 knots top speed.  The Tiara 3600 Open offered an open plan cabin layout with a forward double queen berth, C-shaped dinette to starboard, and opposite galley.  A shower head was located on entry to the cabin deck to port side.  From 2010 onwards the 3600 while using the same hull was hugely modified on the upper structure with a sleeker design, and also came available with Volvo 370hp and IPS pod propulsion offer.

April 28, 2021

Riviera Beached at Lakes Entrance

A Rivera fourteen meter sportfish cruiser was beached on a sand bank following an engine failure, at the entrance of Lakes Entrance in the South East of Australia on the evening of 27th April.  The Riviera was a day later on the 28th towed away and brought to safety by the local Coast Guard and Water Police. The boat suffered minimal damage.  This particular Riviera 48 Enclosed is doing a rather long trip of half Australia from Newcastle to Perth.  This accident will slow the journey a couple of weeks for repairs.
The Riviera 48 Open Flybridge and Enclosed model was launched in 1993 and was produced till 2004, produced in 169 units in that eleven year production run.  The Riviera 48 was the first model from the World known down under boat builder to offer open or enclosed flybridge option up top, and offered two lower deck layouts but all with three cabins and two heads.  The Rivera 48 was called a true and capable blue water cruiser, and  was initially powered by Cats 435hp, with optional GM Detroit's 600 and 625hp units. Late nineties units where powered by twin Cats 660hp which gave her a top speed up to thirty knots.  Like most Riviera's from that time the 48 was a fishing capable flybridge motor cruiser.

November 17, 2020

New Model: Viking 54 Convertible

Following Viking's mantra to build a better boat every day, the New Jersey company has consistently brought exciting yachts for 56 years, with multiple generations in various size ranges, and level of expertise shine through with every new model. That proficiency is particularly strong in the 50-to-60-foot sportfish boat genre, where Viking has introduced 10 models in the past two decades. This legacy fleet consists of more than 600 Vikings and includes ground-breaking models such as the 60 and 55, two renditions of the 52 Convertible and the first-generation 54. Now, the New Jersey boatbuilder reaffirms its domination of the mid-size convertible with the new Viking 54. The three-stateroom, two-head open bridge yacht pushes the owner/operator convertible to the highest levels of engineering, performance, accommodations and sportfishing capabilities. The 54 presents an eye-pleasing profile that’s unmistakably Viking, with signature design traits such as a gently sloping unbroken S-shaped sheer, aggressively raked stem, double chines, hull-side vents and deftly placed exterior feature lines. Using Computational Fluid Dynamics software, the Viking Design and Engineering Department has optimized the 54’s running surface for maximum performance. The hull is built with an engineered composite of fiberglass fabrics and coring that’s vacuum-infused with vinylester resin.  The 54’s business end offers more space than any other boat in its class. The unobstructed cockpit comes to the fishing wars with the ammunition to put you in the winner’s circle, starting with moulded non-skid on the cockpit sole for grippy footing and large scuppers to drain water quickly.  A walk-through transom door with a lift gate takes the work out of boating a trophy catch, and when you’re release-fishing, a three-foot reach to the waterline means you can quickly turn a billfish loose. Anglers will appreciate Viking’s signature rounded cockpit coamings and toe-kick for those lengthy stand-up battles. Flush rod holders, recessed stainless-steel hawse pipes and cleats keep the cockpit clear. Multiple insulated fish-boxes of various capacities increase flexibility. The raised transom box can be used as a live well, fish-box or general storage. A full-length in-deck fishbox spans the starboard side, while the port side holds two storage compartments with the forward serving as an optional live well. A mounting plate laminated into the sole will anchor the mightiest of fighting chairs, and you can also opt for a rocket launcher or table. A single centerline lazarette hatch opens nearly 90 degrees for full viewability and access to the available Seakeeper as well as the steering, trim tabs and drain pumps.  Guests will be enamored with the raised observation mezzanine as pioneered by Viking, as they watch the action in comfort, shaded by the flybridge overhang. Smart storage solutions abound, with freezer and cooler space under the mezzanine for baits and drinks and a tackle cabinet on the starboard side. The inboard portion of the mezzanine provides access to the engine-room. An anodized aluminium ladder with nonslip treads and a handrail at the top provides secure egress to the flybridge.  A streamlined walk-around center console provides 360-degree sightlines. Touchscreen electronics displays and a row of Bocatech switches with power status LED rings are flush mounted in the helm dash. Their installation and positioning heighten viewability and ease of access. A stainless steel steering wheel and single-lever electronic controls are mounted on a raised teak helm pod. Optimus Electronic Power Steering delivers precise manoeuvrability and finger-tip control. The console itself is designed with toe-kick all around for better balance and increased walking area. The helm and companion chair supply ample comfort for those long rides to the canyons, and guests can take it easy in the port or starboard lounges or forward console seat.  The 54 can be outfitted with a custom designed and fabricated Palm Beach Towers tuna tower and equipped with navigation, communication and entertainment systems from Atlantic Marine Electronics. These two Viking subsidiaries play critical roles in making Viking yachts turnkey ready. Making full use of the five meter plus beam, the 54’s layout accentuates the impressive size of her interior. The key to the configuration is the uninterrupted companionway that stretches from the starboard-side salon door all the way to the forepeak. The lounge area and galley are to port, while the dinette is to starboard. High-gloss teak or walnut is offered for the 54’s interior, and a satin finish is optional. Premium wall-to-wall carpeting and furnishings can be found throughout the climate-controlled living area. Air conditioning flows quietly from valances for comfortable cooling and thorough distribution. A hi-lo mappa burl cocktail table joins the L-shaped lounge with storage below. A TV is nested on the forward starboard bulkhead above the dinette, which is appointed with a high-gloss mappa burl table and wraparound seating for four. The galley’s peninsula countertop features engineered stone with an overhang and two convenient bar stools. The galley is feature-packed with a pair of under-counter Sub-Zero refrigerator/freezer units and storage under the peninsula counter. The opposite counter is home to a stainless steel sink with garbage disposal and an electric cooktop. The three-stateroom two-head layout includes a master suite to port with a walk-around queen berth sided by night stands and a credenza to port. There’s a large maple-lined storage area beneath the mattress, accessed via a gas piston-assisted lift-up top, and two drawers are integrated into the foot of the bed. A TV is mounted above a second credenza. A generously proportioned maple-lined hanging locker accommodates a sizeable wardrobe.  The forward stateroom comes standard with a queen berth, but also is available with a crossover berth arrangement. The starboard stateroom has upper and lower berths along with a hanging locker and storage under the lower berth. Each stateroom is fully carpeted, with dedicated temperature and stereo controls, speakers and overhead LED lighting.  The heads feature custom Amtico flooring, a lower vanity, a medicine cabinet with mirrored doors, exhaust fans, air conditioning and electric heads with holding tank and overboard discharge capabilities. Both also boast very large walk-in one-piece fiberglass showers with an expansive glass enclosure and door. Below the detachable shower head, you’ll find a convenient storage cabinet as well as an integrated fiberglass seat. The optional Man 1550hp  power hull No. 1. With this propulsion package, the Viking 54 Convertible will have an estimated cruise speed in the mid-30-knot range with a top end of 40-plus knots depending upon load, sea state and boat condition. A pair of Man 1400hp diesels are standard. All mechanicals and equipment are installed with great attention to detail in an immaculate engine-room painted with Snow White Awlgrip for visibility and ease of maintenance.
Technical Data:
LOA - 16.61 m (54.6ft)
Length - 14.4 m
Beam - 5.38 m
Draft - 1.50 m
Displacement - 34032 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 5311 l standard, 5811 l optional
Water Capacity - 750 l
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins
Engines - 2 x Man CRM V12 1400hp, V12 1550hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 35 knots cruise 40 knots max with Man 1550hp
Hull Shape - modified Vee with 12 degrees deadrise aft
Construction - vacuum infused Cored with Vinilester resins

September 18, 2020

Hurricane Sally

Hurricane Sally is the seventh hurricane of 2020, and the eighteenth named storm.  Sally formed as a Tropical storm on the Bahamas on September 10, and on September 14 it was classified as a Category One hurricane and in the evening reached Category Two, only to be declassified back to C1 a few hours later.  On September 16 and upon reaching Alabama state Sally surprisingly reached again Category Two.  Sally destructive power was centred between the areas of Mobile, Alabama and Pensacola, Florida. With Orange County just in the middle of this area being one of the worst hit, damaging hundred of all types of boats and yachts.  Hurricane Sally killed two persons with one missing, and the damages caused are estimated to be of at least five billion US$.  Sally is the first hurricane to have arrived in Alabama, since Ivan in 2004.  Sally landing coincided exactly sixteen years later on the same day.  Hurricane Sally ended on 18 September.

August 17, 2020

Bertram Boat Fire in Newport, Australia

A Bertram 35 Convertible named M/Y Assasin was totalled to fire on the morning of 17th August, off the coast of Newport, in Brisbane, Australia.  Assasin was on anchor with two persons onboard at the time of the accident, and was fast assisted by the Redcliffe Coast Guard.  No injuries are reported to the persons onboard.  The fire is being reported as starting from an electrical fault.
The Bertram 35 Convertible of the fire was a 1988 powered by two diesels.  The 35 Convertible started production from 1974 till 89, the second more modern generation of Bertram's designed by Dave Napier which started to show in the early seventies by the legendary name which pioneered the Deep-V hull shape to the World in 1960 with the 31 model.  The Bertram 35 Convertible cruised at about twenty knots with the standard gas petrol engines on shaft drives, while optional diesels of twin 320hp Cummins added that by couple of knots.

August 5, 2020

Hurricane Isaias Damage in Southport, North Carolina

Isaias is the second hurricane of the 2020 Atlantic season and caused damage to the North East Coast of the USA, most of which in the Carolina's.  Reaching a Category One rating occasionally of winds around eighty knots, Isaias first appeared in July 28 and on August three it reached the East Coast of the USA.  While for a Hurricane Category one is the weaker rating, Isaias side affects as accompanying tornado's and the storm surge caused more damaged then expected in some areas. Isaias has killed five people, and caused the above damage to the Southport marina, in North Carolina on fourth August.  More similar damage was also caused to the East, at the nearby located Southarbour marina.  The damage is huge in both the marinas with a lots of boats being squeezed to each other, while a nineteen meter motor yacht is reported sinking.  No persons where injured in both of the boats mash up.  Isaias is now weakened to a Tropical storm and on the morning of fifth August was in the South East coast of Canada.  Hurricanes tend to lose power and transform to a tropical storm the more they go up North as the sea gets colder, with warm seas being a a huge catalyst to increase its power.    

March 5, 2020

New Model: Mag Bay 42

Mag Bay presents its new 42 model.  This the second model in the Mag Bay line following a 33 outboard center console which by end 2019 had arrived at hull number 35.  Designed by Micheal Peters the Mag Bay 42 is a fine looking express sportfish cruiser, in a market which contrary to a decade ago or before, and due to the success of the outboard center consoles is really flat at the moment.  The Mag Bay 42 is powered by twin 1000hp Volvo with line shaft propulsion.  No speed data has so far been announced.  The first hull from design to tooling took just over six hundred days to complete, showing the amount of technical detailing that Mag Bay has went before it launched its new big second model.  Founded in 2016 Mag Bay comes from the same family which founded Cabo in 1991,  who are renowned for getting production and details close to perfection.  With this model the Mag Bay founders return to a style of an inboard powered sportfish cruiser, which with the previous brand they dominated in the sub forty feet size, especially in between late nineties and up until 2007.  History might repeat itself again, I guess time will tell, the product does seem to have all the credentials to do it. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 12.87 m (42.3ft)
Beam - 4.80 m
Displacement - 19050 kg
Fuel Capacity - 2649 l
Accommodation - two plus two berths
Engines - 2 x Volvo D13 1000hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Hull Shape - modified Vee with 18 degrees deadrise aft
Project - Michael Peters

December 11, 2019

New Model: Viking 44 ST

Creating a model within a model has been a successful path for Viking as demonstrated by the 44 Convertible, Open, and Sport Cruiser variants, which share the same hull with uniquely different deck and interior arrangements. The popularity of these new models has encouraged Viking to expand more this theme with the new 44 Sport Tower.  Using Viking five-axis profiler, the new Jersey boat builder designed and built a plug and a female mold to create a rakish fiberglass deckhouse module, fully open to the cockpit while incorporating stylish convertible window lines and a roof overhang. Built into finely tool hardtop is a pair of easily accessed rod stowage compartments. Thanks to this the Viking 44 Sport Tower offers a sharp looking rig with its fitted Palm Beach Towers tuna tower. Add a pair of outriggers and this boat is an ideal ride for the sailfish circuit, cobia hunting and cruising throughout the Bahamas.  In the eleven square meter cockpit, 44 ST sports the must have starboard mezzanine seating arrangement of the Open version. Engine room access is provided with a convenient center-line hatch that’s integral with the mezzanine seating. The ST is also engineered for the installation of a Seakeeper gyro stabilizer, which brings great stability to the vessel to increase overall comfort.  The command deck includes Viking signature and tournament-proven center-line forward helm station on a raised platform for enhanced visibility. The console holds a bank of electronics displays, and has space for engine instrumentation and other accessories. Recessed compartments accommodate radios and additional equipment, plus accessory switches and controls. A sliding off center companionway door and a large set of stairs with a starboard-side vertical handrail lead to the climate-controlled salon. With its just short of five meters beam, the widest of any boat in this class, the salon is a spacious social area for relaxing and entertaining. The starboard-side galley, which sits opposite an L-shaped lounge with a dinette table, includes teak cabinetry with meticulous joinery and fit and finish, expansive Corian counter tops, an electric range, separate under-counter refrigerator and freezer units and a microwave/convection oven. Other notable amenities include a stereo system with a 24-inch flat screen HD TV.  In the forward master stateroom, the island queen bed with mattress has a lift-up top with gas pistons and maple-lined storage underneath. There's also a maple-lined hanging locker. Air conditioning, a 19-inch flat screen television and access to the head and shower round out the standard amenities.  The head has custom Amtico flooring, a one-piece molded Corian countertop with rounded edges and a sink with a satin nickel faucet. With its two-person berth, the aft guest stateroom can accommodate another couple and makes for a nice hideaway for the kids.  Twin Man 800hp engines standard power the 44ST. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 13.74 m (45.1ft)
Beam - 4.98 m
Draft - 1.35 m
Displacement - 22679 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 3093 l
Water Capacity - 454 l
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins
Engines - 2 x Man I6 800hp
Speed - 34 knots max 30 knots cruise
Propulsion - line shaft

November 6, 2019

New Model: Viking 46 Billfish

Just after the Billfish appeared in the scene in around 2007, a few years later everyone was asking the same question, to make a bigger one.  A turn of events from a global recession to the sale of the Ocean Yachts brand led to Viking taking the molds from Ocean Yachts and a new Billfish was born in 2017.  Fast forward to 2019, and finally a bigger Viking 46 Billfish has arrived in flesh and fiberglass.  The Viking 46 Billfish will excel as either an owner/operator or captained sportfish cruiser. Offering simplicity and ease of maintenance, she’s a ready-to-go fishing machine equipped for inshore and offshore missions as well as a versatile cruising boat with reliable inboard diesel power.  The thirteen square meters cockpit has room for the entire crew or family. The cockpit sole is built with a laminated in-deck mounting plate for fighting chair, rocket launcher or table installations. Standard equipment and features include a cockpit bait freezer with upper tray, in-deck insulated fish boxes port and starboard with overboard drainage, a walk-through transom door and lift gate, a transom fish box and live well, rod holders, tackle storage and fresh and sea-water wash downs. Two-person, mezzanine-style seats flank the center-line walk through, and there’s refrigerated drink storage in the starboard mezzanine step, as well as ample general stowage throughout.  The 46 Billfish command deck can be completely enclosed and is climate-controlled. The command deck features a salon-like living area with a roomy U-shaped lounge and hi-lo table and a lounge that extends along the starboard side. Both seating areas hold rod storage underneath.  Like our legendary Viking convertibles, the 46 Billfish flybridge is designed with a tournament-style center console walk-around helm. The 46 Billfish has Palm Beach-style controls and power-assist hydraulic steering. Seating includes a single Release Marine teak chair, with a second helm chair available as optional, and lounges to port and starboard and a forward console seat. Rest up and recharge in the 46 Billfish’s air-conditioned cabin. Featuring high-gloss teak cabinetry and custom Amtico flooring, the fully appointed starboard-side galley has an L-shaped Corian counter-top, a two-burner electric stove, a microwave/convection oven, cabinet storage and under-counter drawer-style refrigeration with a built-in ice maker. The private head, which is conveniently located immediately to port of the companionway stairs, has a large walk-in shower with satin nickel fixtures, an attractive Corian-topped vanity with sink and storage and a medicine cabinet with mirrored doors. Easily accessible upper and lower bunks on the port side await weary anglers, and there’s a hanging locker only a few steps away. The first-class accommodations continue in the private forward stateroom, with its island queen bed, a hanging locker, upper storage cabinetry and a flat-screen TV with stereo, speakers and DVD player.  The engineroom, lazarette and forward bilges are painted with Snow White Awlgrip for increased visibility and ease of maintenance. A large center-line hatch gives you quick access to the engines.  The Viking 46 Billfish is standard powered bt twin Cummins 715hp, while twin Man 800hp are available as optional.
Technical Data:
LOA - 13.97 m (45.6ft)
Beam - 4.67 m
Draft - 1.24 m incl propellers
Displacement - 19433 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 2392 l
Water Capacity - 375 l
Accommodation - four berths
Engines - 2 x Cummins QSM11 715hp, Man I6 800hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Construction - Resin infused Vinilester, end grain balsa and closed cell core used in selected area
Project - Viking Design Team headed by David Wilson