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July 10, 2018

INBUILD ~ Casa 38 T-Top Part 5 of 5

The Casa 38 T-Top is nearing completion and in the above photo we are seeing a very close image to what will be the final product.  An indeed great sport cruiser even with some important details not yet fitted.  But the windshield is fitted, engines installed, and passarelle also.  In the above picture the Casa 38 T-Top construction status is all about refining the details which will make it from good to a fantastic, and special for its owner considering the custom detailing that went into the build.  With most details refined and cleared the Casa 38 T-Top will go for its first sea trials, and then again it will return for the fitment of the T-Top, after which hand over to a proud owner, who had the opportunity to follow and customize the construction from start to finish will be given.  An unusual story for an eleven meter sport cruiser, with most builds in this size being a start to finish standard production build with very little to decide for the owner in design both outside and inside.

June 18, 2018

INBUILD ~ Casa 38 T-Top Part 4 of 5

The building journey of the Casa 38 T-Top continues, with the build of this fully made to order and to a customers request unit now coming into its final details.  In the above picture we are seeing the finishing touches of the Casa 38 T-Top forward master cabin with the twelve volts cabling and air ducts being completed.  Unlike most modern center console interiors who are for the most part finished in fiberglass with a little bit woods added to cabins and cabinet doors, the owner of the Casa 38 T-Top decided to go for a conservative interior fully filled with the warmth of wood and light colored white leather details. 

May 22, 2018

INBUILD ~ Casa 38 T-Top Part 3 of 5

The build of the Casa 38 T-Top continues!  After completing the forward and rear bulkheads installation it continues on the same theme, and now the team of Cantieri Casa start by adding the bulkheads which will form the interior cabin layout.  The Casa 38 is available in two different versions that for a two cabin single head, or a two shower head layouts, with this last having a smaller saloon and galley.  By the photos shown above it looks like the 38 T-Top will have a single head two cabins layout.  

April 3, 2018

INBIULD ~ Casa 38 T-Top Part 2 of 5

Casa continue the construction for this fully custom order and build 38 T-Top model, which now starts its second phase of construction that of interior layout placement.  In this part two of this series for the Casa 38 T-Top we are showing the placement of the two bulkheads categorizing two important elements. At forward we have the anchor locker front collision bulkhead placement, and the aft bulkhead represents the engine room.  In between these two bulkheads is all reserved to the interior lower deck accommodation of the 38 T-Top.  More news in the next part of this Inbuild series for the Casa 38 T-Top.

March 6, 2018

INBUILD ~ Casa 38 T-Top Part 1 of 5

In January 2018 Casa started the construction phase for another version of its popular 38 model, the T-Top variant.  Designed by Pier Luigi Mimmocchi the Casa 38 T-Top will also feature vs the Hard Top version renewed hull side lines, thanks to the addition of new extended windows.  In this new Casa 38 version the Gaeta boat builder shows its custom versatility, with the particulars of this build requested by a client.  Casa responded immediately to the request by putting its technical studio and designer Mimmocchi at work for the building of this made to measure build.  In this Inbuild part one picture story we are seeing the 38 Casa T-Top being removed from the mold and a continuation of the first construction phase, which involves the outer shell and interior structure of the build.

July 24, 2012

INBUILD ~ Galeon 430 HTC Part 5 of 5

The last phase of the Galeon 430 HTC inbuild journey comes to an end in its part number five, with nine workers preparing the final touches before this much waited sport cruiser model hits the water for full sea trials, and after this heads for the fall 2012 boat show season in the Med sea.  As for many recent hull number ones, Galeon choose again an aggressive color.  As said the 430 HTC is based on the already fully tested hull of the 420 Fly launched a year ago and designed by British Tony Castro.  So minus some weight and less air resistance thanks to the lower profile of the hard top this should make little to no difference in the 430 HTC performance.  The interior will have a living on the main deck with a split level saloon dividing the C-shaped settee from the galley and helm station. Down below is space for three cabins sleeping six in three separate cabins, with two spacious shower heads serving guests.  Obviously the most important novelty in the 430 HTC is the modular settee serving the aft deck, which transforms in various utilities for the moment.  

July 4, 2012

INBUILD ~ Galeon 430 HTC Part 4 of 5

Is it not an important date when the engines are being installed in any boat.  If the helm is the brain, the engines are definitely the all important heart.  That heart which makes the boat move over water and in cases reach all those important speeds. This is that moment for the Galeon 430 HTC, when the engines where put in there dedicated compartment located to midships.  In this picture one can also see other details of the 430 HTC taking shape, as the extended hard top which covers or opens up to make the sun worshippers of the modular aft deck make best use of the transformed sun pad.  Other details we can see is the helm located to starboard, and the raised split level which to port side will feature the galley here looking similar to the layout of the 420 Fly.   Returning to the engines the 430 HTC will be powered with a large engine list starting from twin 220 up to 435hp.  There will also be three choices of propulsion from reliable shafts, modern IPS pod, and efficient stern drives.  I can tell you that hull one of the 430 HTC will feature line shafts with semi tunnels.  What will customers prefare for this model after a couple years in production run?  Guess that only time can reply this question.   

May 28, 2012

INBUILD ~ Galeon 430 HTC Part 3 of 5

Galeon 430 HTC continues its construction journey to completion.  In the first two chapters of this journey of the 430 HTC we showed the model into its moulding phase. As you can see in this latest picture, the 430 HTC starts looking more as a completed boat, even more so in this photo, see side safety railing installed.   We can say that the outer main shell of the 430 HTC is done, now is just to finish the job to its perfection which a high standard sport cruiser has to have, and install the pieces which make the boat.  A long journey especially in hull one, when the things start coming more together in reference to the design ideas showed on plans. An interesting detail of the 430 HTC which also comes from bigger Galeon, or yachts is the indifference it shows between the connection of the lower and upper structure in the aft part.  The Galeon 430 HTC actually looks as to be made all in one piece from aft thanks to seamless moulding between the structures, which then develops to a stainless steel rub rail.  

April 20, 2012

INBUILD ~ Galeon 430 HTC Part 2 of 5

We continue the journey into the construction phase of the Galeon 420 HTC.  Again this construction showcase of hull one of the Tony Castro designed 420 HTC shows the upper structure which will be the major difference along with the aft deck of this model to the 420 Fly. While last time we showed the preparation of the tooling, today we present the release and the finalization of the first mold.  The 420 HTC will be a fully enclosed sport  cruiser or as the initials say a hard top coupe.  At aft it will have a patio door which opens or closes all as the weather permits, or the owner desires.  At top it will have an opening electric sunroof.  Its main living area will be on the main deck, with all sleeping accommodation located below. Tony Castro and the Galeon team made the 420 HTC to share look and have a quality feel as a  baby version of the much acclaimed 700 Raptor model, the ex Polish builder flagship from a couple of years ago.

February 2, 2012

INBUILD ~ Galeon 430 HTC Part 1 of 5

Thanks to Galeon we show you again a new journey in the building of hull one of the upcoming 420 HTC.  In this photo we are seeing the development of the tooling for the super structure of this enclosed hard top sport cruiser.  The 420 HTC like most of the Galeon's from 2004 onwards is designed by renowned British designer Tony Castro, and will share hull with the October Genoa presented 400, now renamed as 420 Fly.  One interesting feature of the 420 HTC will be the transformation feature of the aft deck, which can develop in various forms; single large sunpad, two chaise relaxing lounges, or in a settee for dining.  Another winning feature of this upcoming model, and also as the 420 Fly; will be the three double cabins featured in the lower deck. 

June 20, 2011

INBUILD ~ Galeon 780 Crystal Part 9 of 9

Here we are in the final part nine series of the construction pictures of the Galeon 780 Crystal.  The Strazyn Galeon new flagship, the 780 Crystal is nearly ready to launch and in the last picture of the Inbuild series we are seeing final details of finishing being completed.  Polishing, removal of protective taping on the windows and stainless steel fittings, and final installations being completed.  After this is done Galeon will start sea trialing the 780 Crystal with the captains, technical department, and engineers. After the sea trials are satisfactory all the final equipment of the first owner optional list will be fitted. The journey of the 780 Crystal was over two years in the making since the final project design by Tony Castro and the Galeon design team was agreed.  Now its up to show you the 780 Crystal in its completed status in the final New Model installment!

May 27, 2011

INBUILD ~ Galeon 780 Crystal Part 8 of 9

More time passes and with each new installment of the Inbuild section, Galeon new flagship the 780 Crystal starts more to take the shape of a luxury yacht.  This part eight before the last Inbuild article of the 780 Crystal shows again more interior construction process of the Tony Castro designed Galeon flagship.  Pictured above is in fact the main interior deck of the 780 Crystal, what will be and is in major flybridge motor yachts of this size the living area where daily activities take part. That furniture to the left will be indeed the galley of the 780 Crystal, situated in the middle of the main deck, which will be divided in three technical parts.  These being helm forward, galley and dining in the middle, and saloon entertainment upon entrance.  The 780 Crystal will also offer unique details for its size as a day head on the entrance to inside, an astern wet bar, and fully opening saloon to deck patio door.  For a motor yacht just measuring just over 24 meters the Galeon 780 Crystal is unique in these details.

May 16, 2011

INBUILD ~ Galeon 780 Crystal Part 7 of 9

The construction process of Galeon 780 Crystal hull number one continues, and for today we are showing you glimpse of the interior.  Or to be more precise those of an unfinished main deck.  As in all production boat building processes hull one always represents the study of the plans and how these can it actual fact work in reality. For example that stairs which leads to the starboard is a temporarily kit which will be replaced by a moulded staircase as is fashion in this size of yacht.  Behind the stairs inside will be a day head, which is on facts very hard to find on boats under ninety feet, and nearly impossible to those not making the eight foot mark.  On the other side to port will also be a bar with two stools.  Galeon and designer Tony Castro where very clever in making the aft part of the interior saloon practical, and serving the exterior.  If the day head on the main deck is unusual under ninety feet this is usually found in yachts of over thirty meters i.e. one hundred feet. The saloon inside will be a three part split area; lounging, galley with dining for eight, and helm station at the foremost part.  Seeing like this make you think of an empty building, but come launching day this will be one of the most exquisite areas of the yachts filled with luxury living.

April 22, 2011

INBUILD ~ Galeon 780 Crystal Part 6 of 9

Galeon 780 Crystal continues its construction journey and in each progress we see the complete motor yacht taking shape with a launch for coming Summer in plan and a World preview for the fall 2011 shows on September in the Mediterranean being very possible.  After showing you the inner and outer skin of the 780 Crystal being completed, now its time to get into some technical details.  In this part six we are in fact showing the aft, back part which will feature a hydraulic up down tender retrieving platform.  Here in fact we are showing you this being installed.  That hole which is near the transom stairs which leads from the cockpit to the platform is the access for the aft crew quarters.  Here the accommodation is for two persons with a small galley, a sofa settee for two, and a shower head.  Another interesting detail in the crew quaters is also that one of the cabins, the one to portside, can be separated with a sliding door, making it become a two cabin area. 

April 8, 2011

INBUILD ~ Galeon 780 Crystal Part 5 of 9

Galeon technical team continue with the work in progress of its future upcoming 780 Crystal  flagship model, and as an honour for PowerYacht we are able to show you bits of this wonderful journey.  From last time we are again seeing big progress and after having showing the main deck being fitted, now its next to see the super structure installed.  As in all construction works at each new part being fitted and shown here in the Inbuild section we get a better idea, and look of how the finished product will be in live appearance with the 780 Crystal looking more similar to the renderings.  The super structure along with the hull lines, shows the 780 Crystal modern design heritage as outlined by British designer Tony Castro.  Although built in North Europe Poland, the 780 Crystal is full of Mediterranean amenities such as extended bridge, large view windows in all areas from the main living deck to the cabins, jacuzzi bath on the flybridge, up and down bathing platform, and the must have fore peak deck settee.   

March 14, 2011

INBUILD ~ Galeon 780 Crystal Part 4 of 9

Galeon's new 780 Crystal flagship continues its completion journey, with a possible launch date for hull one now being calculated for the coming Summer. After showing you the internal lower deck bulkheads being prepared, now we follow this with another important step for the completion of this 24 meter long motor yacht. As you can see in the above picture the main deck which we also showed you in preparation phase, is being fitted to the hull, making for another important phase in the Galeon 780 Crystal completion. More updates to come very soon from Sraszyn in Poland for the 780 Crystal coming very soon.

February 25, 2011

INBUILD ~ Galeon 780 Crystal Part 3 of 9

We continue the process of showing the building stages of hull number one of Galeon's upcoming soon to be launched flagship, the Tony Castro designed 780 Crystal. In the last of this dedicated in build series shown in the middle of 2010, we showed the main deck mould being prepared. Now its time to show the lower deck preparation with the bulkheads here showing designated cabin areas. Where there is that temporally ladder will be the engine room where two big diesel engines from 1500 up to 1900hp will power the 780 Crystal, while the place where those Galeon workers are located is to be the owners stateroom which will be a full beam mid ship affair with large view windows. The windows has also received an extension in size since the outlining of the project in 2008. In front of the owners cabin divided so far by one partition for the port side wall will be two guest cabins, and to fore will the VIP suite.

September 6, 2010

INBUILD ~ Galeon 385 HT Part 7 of 7

We end this seven part Inbuild series by showing you the stern with the logo of the nearly completed Galeon 385 HT. On front of this is a C-shaped settee and underneath it is a tender garage. This model now completed is heading down to Cannes for its World Preview, and the premises for this being a huge success are all there. Apart the good looks, which the 385 HT has loads of, this new twelve metre Galeon follows recent trends in this size and type by offering a two cabin two head interior, a unique exterior flash single level deck with tender garage, and a hard top. But that's not the most important thing, the 385 HTS which just received a name modification prior to launching of hull one now meaning Hard Top Sports has also solid bases with Tony Castro not only designing one of his best lookers up top but also doing as is his usual for all the recent Galeon fleet the Vee shape hull, or how the Italians call it the living part of this Sport Cruiser, that which is always guiding and gliding on the water.

September 1, 2010

INBUILD ~ Galeon 385 HT Part 6 of 7

We continue the Inbuild experience of the Galeon 385, which from concept renderings early on this year is becoming a reality just in time for everyone to see in the Cannes boat show. After showing you the tooling job, then the always very interesting stringers, and later on the fitting out of the main deck we follow this with the interior inside part. Above you are seeing the galley of the 385 HT which will be situated to starboard side in a central part of the hull, to the left of the stair case leading to the lower deck. The galley will be of L-shape and continues recent seen trends to make it more luxury then to past years models. Here we can see some part wood veneered pieces, Corian work top of the galley, and wiring hydraulic piping's which are always a behind the scene experience a lot of owners hope they will never see, with some others those experienced ones making it important to see.

August 27, 2010

INBUILD ~ Galeon 385 HT Part 5 0f 7

A huge step forward has gone into the building process of the 385 HT from the last time when we showed the hull stringers being attached to the hull. The above photo which equals to part five of the series shows hull number two with the deck and hull attached, as are the side railings. Fitting out is being done on deck by three workers and this was end of July. What this photo also shows are wide side decks too. Not bad if one is in his older years. This hull two should be the one to be debuted in Cannes. I also was just fortunate enough to see unedited photos of the completed hull number one which has a bronze colored orange, and I am speechless. This has to be one of Galeon's and Tony Castro best looking boats and should be a show stopper for anyone looking for an eleven or twelve metre size sport cruiser, but also for any passionate boater. Watch this spot to see more before the Cannes show, where you should see the 385 HT in its completed glory before its debut!