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December 10, 2023

VanDutch New Web Site

VanDutch presents its new web site.  VanDutch was founded in 2008 by a partnership between Ruud Koekkoek and Henk Erenstein in Heerenveen, Netherlands, with the company debuting its first Frank Mulder designed 40 model the following year.  The VanDutch 40 is still in production and is its best seller as at today.  In 2012 Van Dutch introduced its second 30 model, which is followed by the larger 55 flagship the following year.  In 2013 VanDutch enters and starts to market its sport cruisers and yachts in the North American market.  Van Dutch has also distinct itself for brand and personalities collaborations from Dior, McLaren, Red Bull, Hublot, and Luna Rossa Prada Team brands, and famous people like Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Dwyane Wade, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Cuban, Ryan Phillippe, Simon Cowell, Samantha Hoopes, and Samuel Hübinette all spotted and marketed onboard a VanDutch sport cruiser and yacht.  This led along with the Frank Mulder distinctive retro-modern line for VanDutch to becoming recognizable by the trained and untrained eye.  VanDutch were in the first years and up till 2012 build in Heerevenveen, Netherlands to an undisclosed third party builder. In late 2012 VanDutch moves production the USA, first to S2 Tiara in Michigan and then to Marquis Carver Yachts at end of 2013.  In June 2020 VanDutch is bought by Cantieri del Pardo, who move production to Forli in Italy in 2021.  Today VanDutch offers a five model line up which start from 32 and go up to the still project upcoming 75 flagship.  VanDutch new web site takes you around with the following buttons; Models, VanDutch Centers, Shows and Events, News, Company, Collaborations, Contacts, Press Room, and Work with Us.  VanDutch is also present on socual with right bottom page buttons taking you to its Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram pages. 
Production History;
40 2009-
30 2012-20
55 2013-19
48 2019-
32 2021-
56 2022-

December 3, 2023

MJM Yachts New Web Site

MJM Yachts presents its new web site.  MJM which means Mary Johnstone Motorboat was founded in 2002 by Bob Johnstone, Mary's husband and a co-founder with his brother Rod of J/Boats in 1977, one of the World's leading brand of performance sailboats which is still under the Johnstone family ownership.  MJM will presents its first model the 34z in 2004, a traditional down-East lobster inspired looking day cruiser designed by Doug Zurn, and build by Boston Boatworks.  The 34z is followed by the 29z and 40z in 2007 expanding the line further, with a 50z debuting in 2014.  Doug Zurn has till today designed all MJM's while Boston Boatworks will build all the vessels till 2021, when the company will move to its North Carolina facility, although the collaboration between the two is still continued today. In 2019 Bob Johnstone will sell MJM to his son Peter, who will resell to Saothair Capital affiliate Seolta Holdings in September 2023.  Today MJM offers four models, which start from the eleven meter 3 model which debuted in 2021, and go up to the still in project 42 model.  MJM new web-site takes you around with the following buttons; Models, Construction, Build A Boat, About, Shop Gear, Locate A Dealer, Request Pricing, The Build, News, Classic MJMs, Contact, and Careers.  MJM is also on social media with links at the bottom of the page taking you to its Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages.
Production History;
34z 2004-10
29z 2007-15
40z 2007-19 (100+)
36z 2011-15
50z 2014-19
35z 2017-
53z/zi 2020-22
43z/zi 2020-22
3 2021-
4 2023-

November 26, 2023

Posillipo New Web Site

Posillipo presents its new web site.  Posillipo was founded in 1942, although before these years it was called first Posillipo of Gallotti, of Marcello Pane, and then of Turrini, these names representing the names of the master builder who were managing the boat yard located near the caves of Posillipo to the West of Naples, where in reality boat repair and building have existed since decades if not centuries before.  In 1950 the shipyard of Posillipo was acquired by Doctor. Casa and Count Giovanni of Campello who will start serial model production in 1951, launching its first production model the Positano runabout speed boat in 1952.  In 1960 Posillipo will move to a larger dedicated production facility and boat yard in Sabaudia, in province of Latina, some seventy nautical miles from the place which gave the name and the brand, and what will be its home till 2012.  In 1969 Posillipo will launch the Aruba 25 model, its first fiberglass construction. Posillipo will make the seventies a mixed decade building both in wood and fiberglass, and moving slowly to full production in the new material method by around 1979.  In 1972 following financial difficulties Posillipo is taken over by GEPI; Gestioni e Partecipazioni Industriali, a Public Finance founded by the Italian government that helps valid industries restructure. This restructuring is followed by the launch of the Costaguta designed Tobago 47 and Martinica 42 models in the fall of 1973, a high moment for Posillipo with the flagship of the time 47 Tobago model being its best selling to date fibreglass model.  Posillipo will hire Giovanni Zuccon in 1978, who will design the forward thinking Technema range onwards from 1978, starting with the futuristic 65 model which debuted in that year, and ending with the second generation 65 which launched in 2002. The Zuccon designed Technema line will launch some innovative models, but probably it's most important is the 52, which was a sixteen meter flybridge yacht destined to shape the future of things to come in motor yacht design.  In 1990 the USA Nouri Group, lead by Dennis Michael Nouri falls in love and buys Posillipo, only to re-enter financial difficulties towards the end of 1991 due to the luxury boat tax by both the Italian and USA governments, with Gianfranco Rizzardi taking over the brand in the start of 1993.  Posillipo will close in 2012, when the Inrizzardi Group enters financial difficulties, and reopens again in 2016.  Today Posillipo is offering two models; the 90 which was updated from the 2009 presented unit in 2022, and the upcoming 78.  Posillipo new website takes you around with the following buttons; Company Info, Privacy Policy, and Cookies Policy.
Production History;
Positano 5.70m 1951-67  wood production
Airone 1954-
Nettuno Super 9 m 1958-70
Capri Super 1958-
Vulcano 1958-
Bermuda 6.52m 1959-70
Bermuda Twin 7.10m 1960-70
Jamaica 16.05m 1963-64
Costasmeralda 7.82m 1965-70
Martinica 42 Sedan 1966-72
Antigua 34 1969-76
Aruba 25 Sport 1969-73  fiberglass production
Aruba 25 Express 1970-73
Aruba 25 Fisherman 1971-73
Antigua 38 1972-78
Tobago 47/47 Special/47 TS 1973/76/79-82 (87(15/65/7) *45 project
Martinica 42/42 Special/42 TS 1973/76/79-83 (67)
Technema 65 1978-82  Giovanni Zuccon design
Technema 38 fb 1983-90
Technema 68 1983-87
Technema 38 Day 1984-90
Technema 33 1985-87
Technema 58 1984-92
Technema 83 1986-87 (2)
Technema 52/16.90 1986/91-92 (23/4)
Technema 64 1987-92 *Technema 65 project
Technema 51 1989-96 *Technema 48 project
Technema 16.20m Fast 1989-92
Technema 82 1990-2000 (6) *Technema 25m project
Technema 47 1992-96 *Technema 45 project
Technema 87 1994-99 (3)
Technema 60 1994-98
Technema 67 1994-99 (6) 
Technema 55 1996-98
Tehcnema 70 1999-2012 (27) *Rizzardi 70 project
Technema 80 1996-2008 (38)
Technema 105 2002 (1)
Technema 65 2002-2012 *Technema 63 project
Technema 95 2004-2008 (16)  Carlo Galeazzi design
Technema 85 2006-2009 (9)
Technema 118 Guilty 2008 (1)
Technema 120 2008-11 (4)
Techenma 75 2009-12
Technema 90 2009- (3

November 19, 2023

Ferretti Custom Line New Web Site

Ferretti Custom Line presents its new web site.  Custom Line was founded in 1996 by Carlo Moschini, Ottavio Caschino, with Norberto and Alessandro Ferretti joining some months later.  With the joining of Ferretti, Custom Line becomes the big 25 meters plus super yacht brand of Ferretti, and sets the first stage of the Ferretti Group creation.  In the beginning Ferretti Custom Line will build its first units at the Moschini shipyard in Fano, who at time was also building yachts and super yachts under its own Siar Moschini brand from 21 to 43 meters, but this ends prematurely in 1999 when Azimut-Benetti Group buys the shipyard.  In around 2000 Ferretti Custom Line will make a short production move at the Ferretti yard in Forli, and then sets up home at the Ancona Ferretti Group super yacht yard in 2002, where today it has five dedicated sheds in the 80,000 square-meters facility.  Ferretti Custom Line shows its first three projects, the 94, 106, and 112 in the end of 1996, with the smaller 94 launching in 1998, followed by the 112 in 2001, and the 106 remaining as a concept.  From 1998 up till today Ferretti Custom Line has build over three hundred super yachts from 26 to 42 meters, which makes it one of the most successful super yacht builders in this size segment.  From 1996 till 2018 all Custom Line have been designed by Giovanni Zuccon, Ferretti's main designer from 1990, with Francesco Paszkowski taking over the planning line with the 120 in 2017, and Filippo Salvetti the Navetta series from the second generation 30 in 2020. Today Custom Line offers eight models, three in the Planning and five from the Navetta line which start from the Navetta 30 and go up to the alloy build Navetta 50 project. The Custom Line latest model is the 140 which debuted in 2022, with the Navetta 38 project set to launch in 2024. Custom Line new website is available in English, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and German language and takes you around with the following buttons; The Fleet, The Custom Line Philosophy and Yard, News and Events, Services, Pre-Owned, Contacts, and Notice for Customers and Prospects.  Custom Line is also on social media with bottom links taking you to its Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Linkedin pages.
Production History;
94 1998-2005 (22)  Zuccon design
Navetta 27 2000-01 (2)
Navetta 30 2001-07 (37)
112 2001-07 (15)
97 2006-16 (22)
Navetta 26 2007-10 (11)
Navetta 33 2008-10 (6)
112 Next 2008-13 (12)
Navetta 26 Crescendo 2010-13 (8)
Navetta 33 Crescendo 2010-16 (8)
124 2010-14 (5)
100 2011-14 (12)
Navetta 28 2014-20 (15)
108 2015-18 (9)
Navetta 37 2016-23 (15)
Navetta 33 2017- (29
120 2017- (10  Francesco Paszkowski design
Navetta 42 2018- (10
106 2019- (19
Navetta 30 2020- (18  Filippo Salvetti design
140 2022- (3
Navetta 38 2024-

November 12, 2023

Rossinavi New Web Site

Rossinavi a super yacht builder from Italy presents its new World wide web showroom. Founded in 1970 by Claudio and Paride Rossi as Cantieri Rossi, it starts as a metal carpentry sub-contractor continuing in this business up until the eighties.  In the nineties Rossi enters ship building, constructing inland, ocean-going and passenger ships. In 2002 Fratelli Rossi enter super yachting with a 28 meter semi displacement two deck and half build in steel hull and alloy super structure, and designed in collaboration with Quartostile.  Following this Cantieri Fratelli Rossi is rebranded to Rossinavi in 2007, and launch the second super yacht in 2008, with the 53.20 meters designed by Alessandro Cusumano.  Since then Rossinavi has launched twenty other super yachts with various designers, with its largest build to date being the 2021 70.20 meters hull FR037 designed by Enrico Gobbi and naval architecture from Arrabito.  Rossinavi latest 2023 launch is the 59.4 m FR046. Currently Rossinavi is reported to have four builds in progress including of which is the 43m project Sea Cat designed by Fulvio de Simoni.  Rossinavi is spread in three facilities in Tuscany Italy; Pisa Navicelli since 1996, and two in Viareggio; Polo Nautico which opened in 2006 and DR12 in 2010 used for the fitting out of the yachts.  Rossinavi new website takes you around with the following buttons; About, The Fleet, Projects, Innovation, BluE, News and Events, Press, and Contact Us.  Rossinavi is also on social media with button links taking you to its Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Linkedin pages.

November 5, 2023

Pardo Yachts New Web Site

Celebrating half a century in pleasure boat and yacht building Pardo presents its new web site.  Cantieri del Pardo was founded in 1973 by Giuseppe Guiliani, in Forli concentrating in its beginnings for building quality racing sail yachts under the Grand Soleil brand.  This strategy proofs successful for Pardo, with its first model the Grand Soleil 34 designed by Finot becoming Mediterrean champion in 1974. This success is followed by the Grand Soleil 40 designed by Massimo Paperini who will win World and Europen IMS class C2 championship, and the 37 who wins the World, European, Italian, and Spanish titles twice in four years. In fifty years Cantieri dell Pardo has also characterized itself for the use of top designers; Alain Jezequel who will update all the line from 1983 till the end of that decade, German Frers who will do the same in the nineties, Bruce Farr designing the 1992 launched 64 Maxi One flagship, Doug Petterson, Jacep Jacopin, Massimo Paperini, Botin and Carkeek, Claudio Maletto, Marco Lostuzzi, and Matteo Polli.  Cantieri del Pardo will have a few ownership changes in 2006, 2008, and 2010 when it will sell to the Bavaria Group, with this selling again in 2012 to the family Trevisan.  In 2018 the two Pardo managers Fabio Planamente and Gigi Servidati will take a majority stake in Pardo, with Wise Equity taking a sixty percent share in December 2020.  In the fall of 2023 Calzedonia Group buys Cantieri Navali dell Pardo.  Pardo has also in 2020 bought motor boat builder VanDutch yachts.  Cantieri del Pardo entered motor boating production twice in its story.  The first was with the Hudson and Ricci brand from 1989 to 96, and the two 40 and 54 models designed by Wynn and Walters for hull and Fred Hudson for super structure. The second motor boating production entry came with the Pardo Yachts in 2017 debuting with the Zuccheri designed 43 model, which sold over one hundred units in its first year of production.  Currently Pardo Yachts offers eight models in three ranges, which start from the P38 of the walk around line, and go up to the GT75 which is still in project stages and set to debut in 2024. Pardo Yachts new web site is available in Italian and English language and takes you around with the following buttons; Models, Brokerage, Shows and Events, News, Company, Contacts, and Find a Dealer.  Pardo Yachts is also on social with bottom right links taking you to its Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram pages. 
Production History; (motor boats only)
Hudson & Ricci 40 1989-90 (34) *includes both generations
Hudson & Ricci 40 (ii) 1991-92 (34) *includes both generations
Hudson & Ricci 54 1993-96 (4)
43 2017-  (300  Zuccheri design, Pardo line debut
50 2018-
38 2019-
Endurance 60 2021-
GT 52 2022-

October 29, 2023

Cayman Yachts New Web Site

Cayman Yachts presents its new World wide web virtual showroom.  Founded in 1990 by Luigi Prosperi, at the time a Mochi manager and then chairman in 1991, Cayman Yachts starts with a 30 foot model, delivered in seventy examples in ten years of production.  In the beginning and up till 1995 the Cayman models are produced at Mochi Craft, although the brand has always remained a separate entity.  In 1996 Cayman opens its production facility in La Spezia, the Cantieri Navali del Tirreno and launching the 38 Walk Around model designed by Nuvolari Lenard which was the start of good things to come. Nuvolari Lenard will design all the Cayman models till the 50 Fly launched in 2007, with two other models coming in between the entrance of Carlo Trezzi which debuts with the design of the 75 HT in 2008. In 2011 following the Great 2009 Recession Cayman goes under bankruptcy protection, closing its doors in 2012.  In 2016 Cayman is bought by Flag Marine, restarting production in 2017 with the new S450, which is followed a year later by the F920, Cayman largest build to date.  During nearly its first two decades Cayman design philosophy was that of a sport cruiser and yacht with sportfish design solutions for an all free space aft deck, with practical and safe deep walk around side decks as added on the 38 WA which launched in 1996.  Cayman Yachts will use this design up until the 54 WA HT it launched in 2008.  Following this model and the launch of the 75 HT project Cayman starts following a sportier design language.  Cayman currently offers eleven models divided into four ranges; Sport, Flybridge, Navetta, and Walk Around. Cayman range starts from the 2017 presented S450, and goes up to the 2018 launched F920 flagship, while its new 2023 models are the S600 and 540WA, with the N580 still being a project.  Cayman Yachts new website takes you around with the following buttons; Home. About, Fleet, Pre Owned, News and Events, Dealer, and Contacts.  Cayman Yachts is also on social media with bottom button links taking you to its; Facebook Twitter, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin pages. 
Production History:
30 Fly 1991-2003 (70) includes 30 Sport
30 WA 1995-2002 (70) includes 30 Fly
38 WA 1996-98 (50) includes 40 WA  Nuvolari Lenard design
40 WA 1999-04 (50) includes 38 WA
42 Fly 1999-12 (100+-)
43 WA  HT 2000-11 (100+-)
55 WA 2000-02
38 Fly 2001-11 *36 Fly project
38 WA HT 2001-11 *36 WA project
58 WA HT 2003-08
48 WA HT 2003-07
52 WA HT 2004-07
62 Fly/Bridge 2004/10-12
54 WA HT 2008
50 Fly 2007-12
75 HT 2008- (5  Carlo Trezzi design
50 WA HT 2009-11
62 HT/S640 2009/18-  *60HT project
70 Fly 2009-12
57 HT 2012 *55 HT project
S450 2017-  Flag Marine ownership
F920 2018- (1  Ferragni design
F520 2019-
S520 2020-
400WA 2021-
F580 2022-
S600 2023-  *S580 project
540WA 2023- 

October 22, 2023

Coronet New Web Site

Coronet presents its new web site.  Founded in 1951 by Botveld in Denmark, Coronet first model was the 18 Hardtop Sedan debuting in 1956 to a design of Richard C.Cole, produced in two other versions this five meter cabin cruiser will sell 483 units in a nine year production run.  Coronet became a global boating name in the sixties and seventies for a few reasons with the most important being that the Danish production boat builder models where used to test, and then the first to commercialize the Volvo Aquamatic stern drive on its boats, with the 20 Explorer debuting the new inboard-outboard propulsion system.  The other is Coronet's 21 Day Cruiser designed by the famous Jim Wynn and Walt Walters combo, this model debuting in 1965 became an instant classic and sold 1406 plus another 505 hulls in the other Playmate, Sunrunner, and Explorer II variants.  Coronet had other models selling one thousand plus units with the 20/21/22 Explorer from 1959 to 65 selling 1480, and the 24 De Luxe/Cabin produced in 875 hulls plus another 1217 in the five other variants.  Unknown to many is that Coronet also tried its luck in sail boats building two models, the nine meter LA Cruiser produced from 1958 to 67 and the 38 Elvstrom from 1974 to 86.  With a fame for seaworthiness Coronet got also to build patrol boats for the army, customs, navy, police authorities all over the World, delivering over five hundred units from 1964 to 79 of the 21, 24, 27, and 30 Wynn-Walters designed deep-Vee hull models.  Coronet will expand till the seventies with a decline starting in the end of that decade, and an ownership change happening in the eighties.  Coronet will close in 1992 when it was producing four models from 24 to the 45 feet 450 Fly flagship, which is the Danish largest build to date. From 1993 to 2005 Coronet disappeared returning again for the three year 2006 to 2009 Tuco ownership who reoffered the 240 Day Cruiser and two new 290 models debuting in 2008, with a project for a 35 footer which never materialized.  In 2020 Coronet returned with a new ownership headed by Pal Thore Krosby, who debuted the new 35 Suncruiser model in the fall of 2022, as designed by chief designer Andreas Lind.  Coronet new website is available in Danish, Norwegian, and English language and takes you around with the following buttons; Home, About the Boat, Equipment, About Us, and Contact Us.  Coronet is also on social media with buttons on the bottom of the page taking you to its Facebook and Instagram pages.
Production History;
18 Hardtop Sedan 1956-59 (483 all three versions)
16 Hardtop Convertible 1957-58 (111 both versions)
20 Explorer 1959-60 (1480 includes 21/22 Explorer) *first in the World to debut Volvo Aquamatic stern drive
18 Sedan 1959-65 (483 all three versions)
16 Convertible 1959-61 (111 both versions)
21 Explorer 1959-60 (1480 includes 20/22 Explorer)
18 Runabout 1961-65 (483 all three versions)
18 Viking 1961-65 (312)
22 Explorer 1961-65 (1480 includes 20/21 Explorer)
22 Runabout 1962 (4)
26 Seafarer 1962
Wynn-Mill 5,50m 1962-65
27 Seafarer 1963-67
24 De Luxe / Cabin 1964-68/73 (455/420)
21 Day Cruiser 1965-77 (1406)
21 Explorer II 1965-68 (362)
30 Oceanfarer 1966-68 (112)
24 Weekender 1967-69 (221)
27 Seafarer.ii 1968-75 (426)
24 Flybridge 1968-71 (59)
21 Playmate 1969-73 (120)
32 Oceanfarer 1969-79 (483)
24 Family 1970-75 (445)
33 Houseboat 1970-74 (33)
24 Midi 1971-78 (449)
17 Runabout 1971-74 (631)
24 Family Flybridge 1972-75 (43)
32 Deep Sea 1972-78 (138)
31 Aft Cabin 1973-86 (148)
44 Yacht 1973-77 (15)
31 Seafarer 1974-78 (100+-)
26 Family 1975-78 (264)
26 Family Flybridge 1975-76 (8)
22 Sport 1976-80 (155)
22 Day Cruiser 1978-85 (179)
26 Family Sport 1978-80 (151)
38 Commander 1978-87 (18)
32 Sedan Flybridge 1979-87 (38)
32 Oceanfarer Wing 1980-88 (27)
21 Sunrunner 1981-86 (23)
26 Family De Luxe 1981-85 (30)
38 Mediterranean 1981-86 
26 Silver Spur 1985-87
22/230 Silver Sun 1985-89 (14)
33 Silver Star 1985-90
42 Silver Squire 1985-90
270 Family 1987-91 
280 Fly 1988-92
240 Day Cruiser 1990-92,2006-08
350 Day Cruiser 1991-92
450 Fly 1991-92
290 Sport 2008
290 Weekend 2008
35 Suncruiser 2022-
Coronet 21 Daycruiser 1965-77 / 1406 units made

October 15, 2023

Princess New Web Site

Princess updates it's new World wide web showroom to a new version. Princess which is today one of the most World famous production yacht builders was founded in 1965, at the time named Marine Projects and launching a 31 feet motor cruiser. From the early seventies and for thirty years Marine Projects also owned sailing yacht builder Moody, in this period developing forty models and selling over four thousand units.  In 1981 Princess will make an important move hiring Bernard Olesinski to design the 30DS model, who since then has designed all Princess models hull shape.  Interesting to note that the 30DS will be one of Princesses best selling models, with over five hundred units sold in a ten year production which also includes the flybridge version released in 1986. In 1983 Princess enters the open sport cruiser market with the Riviera line, first is the 286 model, followed by a 36, with the larger being the 46, and smallest the 266, with seven Riviera models being made till 1994.  Following from the Riviera in 1995 Princess present the V series line of open sport cruisers and yachts.  The V series is distinctive and modern with its Italian design inspired integrated windshield radar arch and straight lines, and starts with the V39 and V52 models. The V series expands into integrated hard-top design first with the V65 launched in 2000, and its largest model to date is the not still produced 2010 launched V85-S.  Currently the V-series offers five models from the V40 to the V65.  In 1996 Princess launched the Metre line of flagship motor yachts, first with the 20 Metre, then 22 Metre.  In 2001 Princess enters the 24 meters plus super yacht size with the 25 Metre, flagship model and largest build of the time. Another important Metre model will be the good selling 23 model. In 2011 Princess pushes more into super yacht launching the M class line, first with 32M, which is followed in 2012 by the largest Princess to date and composite boat ever build in the UK the 40M. The M series which had a total of four models including the 35M and 30M, this smaller M being the newer and last model in the line, was dropped in 2020.  Princess is since Winter 2023 owned by American private equity firm KPS Capital Partners. who takes over from French investing company Mot Hennessy Louis Vuitton and Group Arnault the owners from 2008. Previous to this and from 1981 Princess was owned by Renwick Group from South Africa. The Princess current line up offers nineteen models in five different lines; X Class, Y Class, F Class, S Class, and V Class. The current Princess entry level model is the V40 while the flagship models are Y95 and the X95. Princess latest 2023 models are S72 and Y80, with upcoming new projects for an S80, S65, and a V65. Princess new web site is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese language and takes you around with the following buttons: Our Craft, Our Brand, Careers, and Find a Distributor.  Princess is also on social media with link buttons on the bottom of the page taking you to its; Facebook, Twitter. LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube pages.
Production History:
Project 31 1965-68
Project 20 1966-67
Project 26 1966-68
Pilgrim 30 1967-70
32 1969-80
Pilgrim 25 1970-74
37 Y-Hull 1973-81
25 1974-81
37 V-Hull 1974-81  John Benett design
33 1975-80
41 1977-82
412 1979-82
30 DS 1980-89 (500+-) *includes Flybridge version  Bernard Olesinski design
38 1980-85
30 S 1981-83
33 Mk.II 1981-87
414 1981-87
45 1982-91 (400+)
412-2 1982-85
286 Riviera 1983-91
35 1984-92
385 1985-88
415 1985-92
55 1985-93
30 DS Flybridge 1986-90 (500+-) *includes standard version
36 Riviera 1986-91
330 1987-91
435 1987-92
266 Riviera 1987-91
46 Riviera 1988-93
388 1989-91
315 1989-93
65 1990-93
48 1990-94
398 / 410 1991-92 / 92-94
455 / 470 1991-92 / 93-94
346 Riviera / 366 Riviera 1991-92 / 93-96
406 Riviera 1991-94
368 1991-94
500 1992-94
32 Riviera 1992-94
560 1992-93
58 1993-95
440 1993-97
360 1993-98
66 1993-96
V39 1994-96 (500+-) includes V39/V40/V42/V42Mk.II
V52 1994-97
380 1994-97
53 1994-95
420 1994-97
60 1995-97
34 1995-97
56 1995-2002
V40 1996-99 (500+-) includes V39/V40/V42/V42Mk.II
22M 1996-2001
20M 1996-2002
430 1997-99
460 1997-99
V55 1997-2001
52 / 52 Mk.II 1997-1998 / 98-2001
40 1997-2003
65 1998-2004
V50 1998-2005
38 1999-2003
45 1999-2003
V42 1999-2006 (500+-) includes V39/V40/V42/V42Mk.II
V65 2000-04
50 2000-05
25M 2001-07 (8)
61 2001-06
V58 2002-08
V46 2002-04
23M 2002-09 (32)
57 2003-06
42 2003-10
V48 2004-10
21M 2004-10
67 2004-10
V70 2004-10
V53 2005-09
50 Mk.II 2005-07
V65 Mk.II 2006-08
54 2006-12 (140)
58 2006-10
V42 Mk.II 2006-08 (500+-) includes V39/V40/V42/V42Mk.II
V45 2007-10 (124) *first hull with IPS
62 2007-10
95 2008-11 (13)
50 Mk.III 2008-12
V62 2008-12
V85 2008-10 (6)
85 2008-12 (19)
V42 Mk.III 2009-12
V56 2009-11
V78 2009-12
78 2009-13
V85-S 2010-12
72 MY 2010-14
64 2010-14
42 Mk.II 2010-13
V52 Mk.II 2010-14
32M 2011-15 (8)
V72 2011-15
98 MY 2011-15 (9)
60 Mk.II 2011-16
V39 2012-17
V57 2012-14
40M 2012-19 (8)
56 2012-17
V62-S 2012-15
V48 2013-19
82 MY 2013-18 (15)
88 MY / Y88 2013-18 / 19 (28)
43 2013-18
S72 2014-18
68 2014-18
35M 2015-20 (7)
V58-Open  / V58-DS 2015-18 / 16-18
S65 2015-18
75 /Y75 2016-18 /18-20
30M 2016-19 (15)
49 2016-18
S60 2017-2020
V40 2017-
62 / F62 2017-18 / 18-21
55 / F55 2017-18 / 18- (170
S78 2017-2022 (21)
V65 2018-2021
V50 Open / Deck 2018-20
V60 2018-
F70 2018-20
R35 2018-22  Pininfarina design
V78 2019-22 (13)
Y85 2019- (40
F45 2019-
V55 2019-
Y78 2019-22
S66 2019-23
F50 2019-21
X95 2020- (21
S62 2020-
Y72 2021-
X80 2021- (10
V50 Open / Deck 2022-
Y95 2022- (3
F50 second version 2022-
F65 2022-
S72 2023-
Y80 2023-
S80 2024-
S65 2024-
V65 2024-

September 10, 2023

Wally New Web Site

One of the most innovative boat builders and brands Wally presents its new website. Wally was officially founded in 1994, but the roots of the company started to take shape in 1991 when the founder and owner Luca Bassani was looking for a particular sailing yacht which he could single handle, and this ended up in creating an innovative custom project for himself. In 2003 Wally challenged itself again by launching the first Power model, the much talked about 118, designed by Lazzarini and Pickering and able to reach sixty knots. The revolutionary Power118 was launched in only one hull, and was soon followed by smaller Power models upwards of 45 feet. Since January 2019 Wally became part of the Ferretti Group, with the brand still managed by the creative mind of Luca Bassani.  Wally currently offers eleven fuel engine models, including of which are two fifty meters concepts.  The current range starts from the Tender43 and go up to Why200 which debuted in 2021, with the latest model being the Why150 launched in Spring 2023. As for the sailing yachts which is where Wally made its name onward from 1994, the Monte Carlo residing Italian brand has so launched over 45 custom builds from 37 feet up to 50 meters, with the current range offering four models from the eleven meters of the Nano37 to the Wind150 project. Wally new web site is available in English, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, French, and German languages and takes you around with the following buttons; Menu, Fleet, Being Wally, Wally Brokerage, News and Events, and Contacts.  Wally is also on social media with page bottom links, taking you to its Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo pages.  
Production History: (Power models only)
Power118 2003 (1)
Tender 45 2003-18 (20+)
Power70 2005-07 (3)
Power47 2006-14
Power73 2007- *project Power70.4
Power64 2008- *project Power60
Power55 2009-14
Ace 26m 2012-16 (5) *project WallyShadow 24m
Power50 2015-18
Power52 2019-21
Tender48 2019-  FerrettiGroup ownership
Tender48 X 2020-
Tender43 2020-
Tender43 X 2021-
Why200 2021- (5
Power58 2022-
Power58 X 2023-
Why150 2023- (3
Power50 2024-
Why100 2024-

August 27, 2023

Cruisers New Web Site

Cruisers Yachts located in Wisconsin, USA presents its new World wide web showroom. Cruisers was officially founded in 1956 as the cruiser brand of the Thompson brothers label. Thompson entered the boating business in 1904, and sold Cruisers in 1971 to Mirro Aluminium Company in Wisconsin, with Roy Thompson still managing Cruisers as till the year of his retirement in 1979. In 1980 Mirro sell Cruisers to T.J.Bogart its former president and T.A.Lisle. K.C.Stock starts negotiating Cruisers in 1990, which will take him three years to complete the purchase. In April 2022 famed USA boat dealer and brokerage firm MarineMax buys Cruisers from K.C.S. Corporation. Today the legacy that Thompson brothers started building wood lapstrake boats is continued in four plants employing 450 persons, and building thirteen sport cruisers and yachts from the 34 GLS, to the 60 Cantius. Cruisers Yachts new website takes you around with the following buttons; Cantius, GLS, Careers, Events, Resources, and Find a Dealer. At the bottom of the new website is also a link to Cruisers social media pages; Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, Linkedin, and YouTube.
Production History:
288 Villa Vee 1978-83
336 Ultra Vee/3360 Esprit 1983-87/88
298 Villa Vee 1984-87
291 Sea Devil 1984-85
296 Avanti Vee 1984-87
338 Chateau 1985-87
297 Elegante 1986-88
3370 Esprit 1986-94 *337 Esprit project
2860/3000 Rogue 1987-88/89 *286 Rogue project
2980 Esprit 1988-90
3260 Esprit 1988-90
3380 Esprit 1988-94
4280 Express Bridge 1988-94
2970 Espirt 1989-91
3270 Esprit 1989-94
3670 Esprit 1989-91
3070 Rogue 1990-94
2870/2970 Rogue 1990-94/95 *2870 Holiday project
4285 Express Bridge 1990-96
3850 Aft Cabin 1991-94
3675 Esprit 1991-95
3775 Esprit 1994-96
3950 Aft Cabin 1995-97
3570 Esprit 1995-97
3175 Rogue 1995-98
3650 Motor Yacht 1995-99
3580 Flybridge 1996-98
3375 Esprit 1996-2000
3575 Esprit/3572 Express 1996/2001-2002
3075 Express 1997-2003
4270 Express 1997-2003
3585 Flybridge 1998-99
4270 Esprit 1998-2003
3870 Express 1998-2003 *3870 Esprit project
5000 Sedan Sport 1998-2003
2870 Express 1998-2004
3750 Motor Yacht 1999-2003
3672 Express 2000-02
4450 Express Motor Yacht 2000-03
3470 Express 2001-03
5470 Express 2002-03 *5370 Express project
320 Express 2002-06 *3275 Express project
400 Express 2003-05 *3970 Express project
405 Express Motor Yacht 2003-05
440 Express 2003-05 *4370 Express project
370 Express 2003-07 *3772 Express project
540/560 Express 2004/07-11
375 Motor Yacht 2004-05
340 Express 2004-07
445 Express Motor Yacht 2004-12
280 CXi 2005-07
300/310 Express 2005-06/07
520 Express 2005-09
497 Sport Sedan 2006-07 *477 Sport Sedan project
395 Motor Yacht 2006-08 *385 Motor Yacht project
420 Express 2006-10
415 Express Motor Yacht 2006-14
300 CXi 2007-08
390 Sports Coupe 2007-11
447 Sport Sedan 2007-12
330 Express 2008-10
420 Sports Coupe 2008-10
360 Express 2008-11
520 Sports Coupe 2008-11
300 Express 2009-11
420 Sports Coupe 2009-11
480 Cantius 2010-16 *460 Sport Coupe project
350 Express 2011-19
41 Cantius 2011-17
310 Express 2012-13
430 Sports Coupe 2012-14
540 Sports Coupe 2012-14
380 Express 2012-19
45 Cantius 2013-18
315 Express 2014-17
390 Express Coupe 2014-
60 Cantius 2015- *59 Cantius project
338 Bow Rider 2016-20
54 Cantius 2016-22
60 Fly 2016-
54 Fly 2017-22
50 Cantius 2017-
42 Cantius 2018-
46 Cantius 2019-
38 GLS 2020-
34 GLS 2021-
42 GLS 2021-
50 GLS 2023-

August 20, 2023

Van der Valk New Web Site

Van der Valk presents its new web site.  Van der Valk was founded in 1967 by Wim Van der Valk, with the initial success coming from building cabin and aft cabin cruisers from seven to ten meters in length of steel and aluminium.  In the 1970s Van der Valk continued its rise, introducing popular models as the Valkkruiser, Comfort, Royal, Falcon, and Super Falcon.  This success was continued when in the mid eighties Van der Valk launched the Vitesse series, and again in the nineties with the introduction of the Continental series.  In the 2000s Van der Valk started a collaboration with Guido de Groot, today added with further collaborations with Vripack, Cor D. Rover and Ginton.  In 2013 Van der Valk launched its largest build to date with the Trawler 36.80m hull no. WV0106, designed by Guido de Groot with naval architecture by Ginton.  Still managed by Wim its founder, Van der Valk operates from its production complex in Waalwijk which includes a sixty meter long aluminium construction hall, three assembly halls, painting hall, warehouse, production office, and a paved open dock which has 7000 sqm of land area and 120 meters of mooring space.  Van der Valk has in the last ten to fifteen years transformed itself to a semi-custom and custom boutique builder offering four ranges; Raised Pilothouse, Flybridge, Beachclub, Explorer, and Custom build to order line.  Currenly Van der Valk has four units under construction; starting from a Flybridge 21.27m, and going to the 35m Project Samba.  For 2023 Van der Valk has just launched the custom Pilot 34m.  Van der Valk website is available in English, German, and Dutch language and takes you around with the following buttons; Yachts, Fleet, Global, and Menu.  Van der Valk is also on social media with link buttons appearing at the bottom of the menu page taking you to its Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, and Instagram pages. 

July 16, 2023

Overmarine Mangusta New Web Site

Overmarine Mangusta from Viareggio, Italy the super yacht city of the World presents its new web site. Overmarine Mangusta is famous for its range of big open sport and super sport yachts and has from the nineties became the builder which builds the most and address to go for, if you want this type of yacht. Overmarine Mangusta was founded in 1985 by Giuseppe Balducci a previous electrical installer at Pichiotti. Overmarine was Balducci second shipyard, as two years before in 1983 he founded Effebi, a military and rescue boat builder specialist which today operates from Massa Carrara, building boats and ships from eight to 44 meters in length.  All the Overmarine Mangusta models up to 2015 have been designed by Stefano Righini, with his last designed model being the currently in construction 132E.  Today Overmarine Mangusta are designed by Alberto Mancini responsible for the Oceano and GranSport lines, with the traditional open line handed over to Lobanov since 2019. Overmarine Mangusta currently offers eleven models divided in three lines; Maxi Open, GranSport, and Oceano. The current Overmarine Mangusta entry model is the 104 Rev from the Maxi Open line, while the flagship is the still in project Oceano 60.  The latest Overmarine Mangusta model is the Oceano 39, launched in Spring 2023.  The new Overmarine Mangusta web showroom is available in Italian and English languages, and takes you around with the following buttons; Yachts, Innovation, and About.  Overmarine Mangusta is also on social media with links located in the bottom right of the page taking you to its; Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, and Vimeo pages. 
Production History:
42 1986-89
65 Open 1986-92
65 Fly 1987-92
48 Fly 1989-94
80 Fly 1992
80 1992-2004 (60) *two versions
90 1993-95 (2)
86 Fly 1994-98 
100 1996 (2)
105 1997-2018 (20)
107 1999-2005 (6)
72 1999-2013 (49) *two versions
108 2000-13 (28)
92 2003-20 (25)
130 2004-14 (12)
80 HT 2005-18 (13) *two versions
130 S 2007- (5)
165 2007-14 (8)
94 2013-18 (5)
110 2013-20 (5)
165 E 2014-21 (5)
132 2015-17 (4)
Oceano 42 2016-17 (2)
Oceano 46 2017- (2
GranSport 54 2018- (3
Oceano 43 2019-21 (4)
GranSport 45 2019-
GranSport 33 2020- (9
104 Rev 2021- (7
Oceano 50 2021-
165 Rev 2022- (3
Oceano 44 2022- (5
Oceano 39 2023- (3

July 9, 2023

Colombo New Web Site

Colombo presents its new website.  Founded by Giacomo Colombo in 1956, he signs the yard as custom in Italy in those times with his surname.  Born 1931 and passionate about boats Giacomo starts to work in ship building as an apprentice, moving to work with Abbate and then with Cranchi, up until 1956 when he decides to go on his own.  He starts with a boat service centre Colombo Menaggio which in 1962 becomes the Riva Boat Service of Mennagio, assisting and servicing the famous runabouts from Sarnico. In 1969 along with long time friend Antonio Ornelli, Giacomo starts series production first in wood, then offering models in both wood and fibreglass, to switch totally to the new material of the time by the end seventies. Colombo was acquired by the Sarnico Group in Summer 2007. The current Colombo range offers eleven models and starts from the 25 Super Indios and goes up to the 40 Bellagio. Colombo was also a pioneer for fitting out its sports cruisers with mahogany finish outside but with a shell build of GRP. The models offered in this finish are the 32 Romance, the first built in this technique introduced in the mid nineties and the 25 Super Indios. Colombo new website takes you around with the following buttons: Philosophy, Models, Dealers, and Store. Colombo is also on social media with links at the bottom of the page taking you to its Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages.   
Production History:
Super Rocket 6,15 m 1963 (4)
18 Super Indios 1971-
22 Super Indios 1972-
Super Indios 19 1979-86
29 Racing 1979-
27 Antibes 1981-93
31 Super Indios 1982-
Blue Shore 41 Sport 1982-
Blue Shore 41 Yacht 1983-
36 1984-
33 1986-96
25 Vantage
21 Super Indios
32 Aliante 1989-
41 Blue Shore Special 1989-
38 1991-
48 Miami 1992-96
26 Vantage 1994-
34 Virage 1997-
Verve 43 1998-
37 Alldays 2009-11 Sarnico ownership starts/Brunello Acampora Victory design
26 Bellagio 2010-
36 Bellagio 2011-
39 Alldays 2012-
32 Tender 2012-
40 Bellagio 2022-

June 25, 2023

AB Yachts New Web Site

AB Yachts a super sport yacht builder which todays builds yachts from 24 up to 36 meters presents its new web site.  AB Yachts was founded in 1992 by Angelo Arnaboldi and his son Marco, both naval architect and engineer expert in jet propulsion hulls. Jet hulls has since AB Yachts debut characterized all its builds in thirty years plus in building sport yachts, from the smaller units to its largest build to date, the one off 44 meter 145.  AB Yachts first model was the 55 Montecarlo, which was followed by a smaller 50, the smallest model ever made by the Viareggio builder and then by the Montecarlo 72.  In 2001 AB Yachts will become part of the FIPA Group and in 2004 it launches its first above 24 meter super sport yacht with the AB Yachts 88.  AB Yachts will change its ownership in 2017 with the entrance of new share holding in Fipa and becoming the GP Group, and then again in 2021 to Next Yacht Group.  AB Yachts largest model to date is the 145 launched in 2015, with the second largest being the 140 build in five units from 2007 to 2013.  Currently AB Yachts offers four models; 787, AB 80 Sportfly, AB 100 Sportfly, and AB 120 Sportfly its largest offer launched in 2023.  AB Yachts new website is available in English and Italian language takes you around with the following buttons; Homepage, Philosophy, Range, Fleet, Services, Careers, and Contacts.  AB Yachts is also on social media pages with a bottom button links taking you to its; Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin pages.
Production History;
AB 55 Montecarlo / 55 Follia, 1992-2002
AB 50 Follia, 1994-2000
AB 72 Montecarlo 1996-99
AB 75 Follia 99-2004
AB 68 2000-2012
AB 88 2004 (1)
AB 58 2005-10
AB 78 2005-2015
AB 92 2006-2015 (5)
AB 140 2007-2013 (5)
AB 116 2009-2013 (5)
AB 100 2014-2020 (5)
AB 145 2015 (1)
AB 787 2020- (1
AB 142 2021 (1)
AB 100 Sportfly 2021- (5
AB 80 Sportfly 2022- (5
AB 120 Sportfly 2023- (2

May 28, 2023

CRN New Web Site

CRN presents its new virtual global World wide web showroom. Founded by Sanzio Nicolini in Ancona Italy in 1963, CRN is the acronym for Costruzioni e Riparazioni Navali and since 1999 has been owned by the Ferretti Group. Up until Ferretti Group ownership CRN build both commercial and yacht vessels, with the yachts becoming a bigger part of its builds more into time.  In 1964 CRN delivers its first build with the 9.6 meter Galatea, made of steel and aluminium and still to date the smallest boat made.  Galatea was followed by a larger 12.5m Delfino II in the same year, with the sixties being marked by a total of 27 builds with the 34,4 meter Begheera launched in 1969 being the largest.  CRN starts the seventies with the launch of the 23 metre Super Conero, and eight commissioned builds for Riva; six 21,61 Marco Polo and two 30m Vespucci one of which will be Carlo Riva's personal yacht. In 1978 CRN goes again a step bigger and above forty meters in size with the 47,2m Fath Al Kahr, followed by the slightly bigger 48m Santa Maria a year later. The eighties start with a larger build with the 54m TR Brennero, followed by the 32,80m F100 build for Gianni Agnelli to a design of Gerhard Gilgenast.  In total seven builds above fifty meters are made in the eighties including of which will be the 61m m/y Il Vagabundo.  The nineties continue to lead CRN to bigger and larger builds, and in 1991 celebrates its construction no.100 to another new largest build to date with Awal II a 65,30 meters super yacht, its largest build till 2010.  This is followed with more custom super yachts two of which over fifty meters, and in 1999 concedes with the change of ownership and CRN becoming part of the Ferretti Group. The new millennium starts with the delivery of the 61m m/y Nvmptia, the last craft directed by Nicolini, designed by Scanu and featuring a rounded canoe stern. With CRN the Ferretti Group strategies to re-enter into semi-custom builds with the 43 and 46 meter super yacht series, and also enters composite building first because of the Ferretti Custom Line 128 which was build in Ancona and gets rebranded as CRN of which six units will be build from 2004 to 2011, and again followed by the Navetta 43 produced from 2007 to 13 in eight units.  Under Ferretti Group, CRN continues its push into bigger sizes, with three custom 60 meters launched from 2006 to 2009, and builds its largest build to date in 2013 hull #129 m.y Chopi Chopi designed by Giovanni Zuccon. Five more builds above seventy meters are made in between 2010 and 2023, including the 2019 launched 79m Zuccon designed hull #135. CRN new website is available in English, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Japanese, and German language and takes you around with the following buttons; Our Philosophy, CRN Heritage, CRN Megayachts, New Builds and Design, Services and Refit, and Our News and Events.  CRN is also on social media with lower page buttons taking you to its; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tweeter, Linkedin, and YouTube pages.  
Production History; (semi-production only)
Super Conero 23m (8)
Marco Polo 21.61 m (6)
Vespucci 30 m (2) 
Magnifica 46 2003-05 (2)
128 2004-11 (6) *Custom Line 128 project
54.2 m 2006-07 (2)
60m 2006-09 (3)
Navetta 43 2007-13 (8)
60m 2011 (2)

May 7, 2023

Cantieri di Pisa New Web Site

Cantieri di Pisa presents its new World wide web showroom.  Founded by Gino Bini and Antonio Sostegni unofficially in 1945, and officially in 1956 Cantieri di Pisa started life in the commercial harbour of Pisa, and will move in 1959 on the limits of the Arno river, a place which as at today is still home.  The first yachts are wooden sailing yachts the 20mt Tyrsa in 1945 and the 30mt Kerilos follow in 1950.  In 1955 the first motor boat the 10 mt Polaris is launched.  Polaris starts the motor series named to the Eridanus constellation and other popular planets; Saturno, Jupiter, Pegasus, Kitalpha, Akhir, and last the Kaitos models of sport yachts launched in 2002.  Cantieri di Pisa had various owners onwards from 2001 when German fund investor Dresdner Kleiwort Capital takes 51% of ownership, with Bini and Sostegni keeping the remaining.  In 2004 Camuzzi Group takes 91% of ownership and follows a year later with a total buyout.  Onward from 2010 Cantieri di Pisa enters in crisis with various owners being rumoured of buying out the company every season, eventually Alessandro Falcai buys the yard in 2015 and sells to Sea Finance in 2018.  Since 2021 Cantieri di Pisa is owned by current owner Enrico Gennasio.  Cantieri di Pisa has build a total of over 600 yachts, all in semi-custom or custom made to order builds, at first its construction was strictly in wood, but in the nineties the yacht builder made a switch to fiberglass, first as a choice and then totally switching all the series in this material.  The Akhir series which launched with the wooden 16 motor yacht in 1972 proved a successful line which expanded over the years in always bigger sizes and updating styling with the S update to 22 model in 1986 proving a popular a successful one.  Another timeless looking classic Cantieri di Pisa is the seventies introduced Kitaplha 15 which still gets admiring views whenever one gets to see a well conditioned unit.  Cantieri di Pisa largest ever build is the Carlo Galeazzi designed Akhir 153 which launched in 2012 so far built in only one unit.  Currently Cantieri di Pisa offers five models in three lines, starting with the Tender 50 of the Chase Boat line, going to the 80 GT and 80 Veloce of the Fast Commuter, and the Akhir 110, 122, and 140 of the Flybridge series.  Cantieri di Pisa new web site takes you around with the following buttons; Home, The Fleet, Custom Division, Services, History, and Contact.  Cantieri di Pisa is also on social media with bottom page links taking you to its Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin pages.         

April 16, 2023

Sirena New Web Site

Sirena Yachts present its new World wide web virtual showroom.  Founded in 2017 Sirena Yachts is the motor boat brand of Sirena Marine.  Sirena Marine was founded in 2006 by Kiraca Holdings, and over the years led to various expansions, and has over the years build over 250 motor boats and 100 sailing boats over the years, along with being commissioned by Azimut-Benetti Group to build the Magellano 43 model.  In 2017 Sirena founded its Yachts segment with a range of explorer yachts designed by Cor D. Rover, with its first presented model being the 64.  Today the Sirena range features nine models including the upcoming entry 48 model, and the three 35M, 42M, and 50M models.  Sirena latest model is the 78 which launched and was presented in the fall of 2022.  Sirena new web site takes you around with the following buttons; Home, Our Philosophy, News and Events, Dealers, Press, Contact Us, and Our Yachts.  Sirena is also on social media with a link to its Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages located at the bottom of the page. 
Production History:
64 2016-21 (37) German Frers design
56 / 58 2017-
88 2019- (13  *project 85
58 Coupe 2020-
68 2021-
78 2022- (5
48 2023- (20

April 9, 2023

Beneteau New Web Site

Beneteau headlining brand of Groupe Beneteau and one of the most popular production boat builders updates its global web showroom. Beneteau was founded 1884 in Vendee by fully qualified ship builder Benjamin Beneteau, who sets up a boat yard with the family name building trawlers for fisherman. 24 years pass and as any builder who beats the age of time Benjamin sets provocation in motion when in 1910 he builds the first engine boat called "Vainqueur des Jaloux", Conqueror of the Jealous in English which sets a lot of drama and also gets accused this is scaring the fish away. In 1928 Andre Beneteau son of Benjamin takes over yard management duties, and two years later he shows the way forward building "Le Jeannot" a faster design trawler which he christens Poursuivante, translated in English to Pursuer. It is 1945 the ending of World War II, which prompts Vendee and the fishing fleet of the area needing a total rebuild, and Andre pursues his creativity by presenting the first trawler boats with bridges. This is followed in 1955 with more tuna fisherman thinking creating the first live bait storage. In 1964 the third generation Beneteau boat builders Annette Beneteau Roux, brother Andre, and husband Louis-Claude Roux take the helm pursuing the road into recreational boats and the use of fiberglass as a building material. A year later passes and Beneteau exhibits for the first time at the Paris boat show presenting the Peches Promenade concept of fishing pleasure boats. 1967 Beneteau follows more its production instincts launching the Forban and Galion models which achieve great success and are followed by another break through of Baroudeur a pleasure cruiser with living aboard comfort. 1973 sees Andre Beneteau responsible for design present the 32 Evasion first two masted yacht from the brand, and two years later this is followed by what the critics call one of his best projects the Astroblade. Between this in 1974 Beneteau launches a still today model range, its first planning motor boat the Antares, and in 1976 the 30 First designed by Andre Mauric is presented. This also marking a line which is still as at today existent. 1981 sees designer German Frers present the 42 First, recognized at the time as one of the most stable sailboats. In 1982 Beneteau is recognized as the largest production boat builder of the time. A century has passed since its founding in 1984 and Beneteau goes public on the Paris stock exchange. This is followed by more production facilities two years later when Beneteau opens a new building plant in Marion, South Carolina USA. 1987 sees the launch of another line with the Oceanis designed by Philippe Briand, and another innovative 35.5 First with project by Philippe Starck and Jean Berret is launched. In 1992 Groupe Beneteau is founded today featuring twelve boat building brands: Beneteau, Jeanneau, Lagoon, Prestige, CNB, Monte Carlo Yachts, 2014 acquired Four Winns, Glastron, Wellcraft, Scarab all USA brands, and in 2018 Delphia from Poland and Seascape from Slovenia. Beneteau current line up features a total eight different ranges of sailing, motor cruisers, and motor yachts; which start with the First 14 and go up to the Grand Trawler 62. The motorboat lines are the following; Flyer, Antares Gran Turismo, and Swift Trawler. The smallest motor boat is the Flyer 6, going up to the 2022 launched Grand Trawler 62. Beneteau new web site takes you around with the following buttons; Sailing Yachts, Motorboats, Services, Beneteau, Events, News, and Dealers. Beneteau is also present in Social Media with links at the bottom of the page taking you to its Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter pages.
Production History (motorboats only); 
Flyer 54 
Flyer 56 
Flyer 64 
Sunday 4.00 
Sunday 4.40 
Sunday 5.50
Sunday 6.60
Flyer 5.60 Open
Flyer 5.70 Open
Flyer 5.70 Cabin
Flyer 6.60 Cabin
Flyer 6.60 Open
Antares 6.50 1970-82
Antares 7.50 1978-
Flyer 47 1980-
Californie 5.20 1980-92
Antares 6.40 1983-90
Antares 8.60 1986-
Antares 5.60 1987-
Flyer Serie 5 1987-
Antares 11.20 1987-
Antares 8.00 1986-
Antares 7.30 1987-
Antares 10.20 1989-
Antares 6.80 1990-
Flyer F1 11.41m 1990-
Flyer Serie 6 1990-
Flyer Serie 7 1990-
Flyer Serie 10 Grand Prix 1990-92
Flyer Serie 8 1991-
Antares 8.05 1991-
Antares 6.05 1992-
Flyer 8 Grand Prix 1992-
Flyer 11 Grand Prix 1992-
Antares 6.55 1994-
Californie 5.80 1994-
Flyer 5 Grand Prix 1994-98
Antares 550 Calanque 1995-
Antares Serie 8 1995-
Californie 4.40 1995-
Flyer 9 Grand Prix 1995-
Antares 9.05 1996-
Flyer Viva 7.80 1996-
Ombrine 500 WA 1996-
Antares 500 Calanque 1997-
Antares Serie 6 1997-
Antares Serie 7 1997
Ombrine 700 1997-2000
Antares 6.20 1997-2007
Flyer Viva 5.80 1998-
Ombrine 550 WA 1998-2002
Antares 4.50 HB 1999-
Antares 9.20 1999-
Flyer Viva 6.80 1999-
Ombrine 630 1999-
Ombrine 900 1999-
Ombrine 960 2000-03
Antares 7.60 2000-07
Antares 10.80 2000-08
Flyer Viva 9.20 2002-
Ombrine 800 2002-
Flyer 650 wa 2002-06
Antares Serie 9 2003-
Flyer 550 Cabin 2003-
Ombrine 801 2003-
Ombrine 1001 2003-
Antares 13.80 2003-08
Antares 9.80 2003-09
Antares 650 HB 2004-06
Antares 12 2004-10
Swift Trawler 42 2004-10
Flyer 12 Cabin 2005-09
Antares 620 HB 2006-
Flyer 701 2006-
Antares 8.8 2006-
Flyer 750 WA 2006-
Monte Carlo 37 2006-09
Antares 6 2007-
Antares 6 Fishing 2007-
Flyer 750 Open 2007-
Monte Carlo 32 2007-10
Swift Trawler 52 2007-12
Flyer 750 Sundeck 2007-13
Flyer 550 Open 2007-14
Antares 7 2008-
Antares 700 Fishing 2008-
Monte Carlo 27 2008-
Antares 11 2008-12
Antares 750 HB 2009-11
Monte Carlo 47 2009-11
Flyer 850 Sundeck 2009-15
Swift Trawler 34 2009-16 (411) includes 34 S
Monte Carlo 47 Fly 2009-11
Antares 30 2009-18
Monte Carlo 42 2010-11
Flyer 750 Cabrio 2010-12
Flyer Gran Turismo 38 2010-14
Flyer 500 Open 2010-14
Flyer 550 Cabrio 2010-14
Flyer 650 Cabin 2010-14
Flyer 650 Cabrio 2010-14
Swift Trawler 34 S 2010-16 (411) *includes standard Swift Trawler 34
Antares 42 2010-17
Antares 8.80 2011-15
Flyer Gran Turismo 34 2011-18
Antares 8S 2011-19
Swift Trawler 44 2011-19
Antares 32 2011-17
Flyer 500 Sun Deck 2011-
Flyer Gran Turismo 44 2011-15
Flyer Gran Turismo 49 Fly 2011-16
Flyer 550 Sun Deck 2012-15
Barracuda 7 2012
Swift Trawler 50 2012-
Flyer 650 Open 2013-14
Flyer 650 Sundeck 2013-14
Barracuda 9 2013-16
Gran Turismo 49 2013-16
Antares 5.80 2013-17
Antares 6.80 2013-17
Antares 7.80 2013-17
Antares 30 S 2013-18
Antares 36 2013-19
Barracuda 7 2013-20
Flyer 6.6 Sportdeck 2014-
Flyer 6.6 Spacedeck 2015-
Gran Turismo 40 2015-20
Flyer 5.50 Spacedeck 2016-
Swift Trawler 30 2016-
Flyer 5.5 Sundeck 2016-19
Flyer 8.8 Spacedeck 2016-19
Flyer 8.8 Sundeck 2016-19
Barracuda 8 2016-20
Gran Turismo 46 2016-21
Flyer 7.7 Spacedeck 2016-
Flyer 7.7 Sportdeck 2016-
Flyer 7.7 Sundeck 2016-
Flyer 6.6 Sundeck 2017-
Gran Turismo 50 2017-
Barracuda 6 2017-20
Barracuda 9 2017-20
Antares 7 2017-
Swift Trawler 35 2017-
Flyer 8 Spacedeck 2018-
Flyer 8 Sundeck 2018-
Gran Turismo 50 Sportfly 2018-
Swift Trawler 47 2019-
Swift Trawler 41 2019-
Swift Trawler 41 Sedan 2019-
Gran Turismo 36 2020-
Gran Turismo 32 2020-
Antares 8 2021-
Gran Turismo 41 2021-
Gran Turismo 45 2022-
Grand Trawler 62 2022-

March 19, 2023

Formula New Web Site

Formula Boats presents its new website virtual World wide showroom. The story of this famous builder starts with the founding of Thunderbird by Woodie Woodson in 1956, Duo. Inc in 1958 by Victor Porter in Indiana, and the original Don Aronow Formula in 1962 and the launch of the 233 in the same year.  The Aronow Formula 233 is still as at today regarded as a history making model for Offshore racing, and the Deep Vee hull. These three protagonist of the time; Thunderbird, Porter and Formula finally become one in 1973. and the current Formula set up continues as at today thanks to the Porter legacy who take full hold of the company in 1976.  Other important steps in the history of Formula are the appointment of John Adams as designer in 1971, who as at today is still leading design of all models.  Competitions have also been a trademark of Formula and the brand, excluding the milestone that was the 233 in the sixties, has the following recent heritage; 1986 a 302 SR-1 wins B-Class Southeast Divisional Championship and sets a new UIM record, 2001 and 2002 winners of Mercury constructors cup, 2003 World and National Offshore Champions, and in 2006 U-7 Formula Unlimited Hydroplane takes first in ABRA National High Points. Formula also took the following awards for its products; 2004 370 Super Sport wins Powerboat Sport Cruiser of the Year followed a year later with the 400 Super Sport, and in 2006 240 Bowrider earns Powerboat Magazine Boat of the Year.  Located in Decatur, Indiana in an 85 thousand square foot facility updated in 2006, today Formula builds fourteen models in six lines; Bowrider, Crossover Bowrider, Super Sport Crossover, All Sport Crossover, Center Console, and Sun Sport.   The entry level Formula is the 240 Bowrider and 240 Sun Sport, and the current flagship is the 500 Super Sport Crossover. Formula new website takes you around with the following buttons; Models, Dealers, Build, Preowned, Virtual Boat Show, Owners Resources, About, Blog, Build A Boat, Find A Dealer, and Contact Us. The new web site also features links to Formula's social media pages; Instagram, Tweeter, Facebook and Youtube at the bottom.