June 30, 2019

Monthly News - June 2019

-pic of the month- Gulf Craft Majesty Delivers Seventh 100

Alia Yachts Expands Operations

Alia Yachts is building a new complex adjacent to its existing facilities in the Antalya Free Trade Zone on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, effectively creating a whole street block dedicated to the brand.  Due to be completed in July 2019, the total indoor area of the new facility will cover 16,000 sqm. In addition to the various storage areas and workshops, the complex includes five construction halls each measuring up to 90 meters in length, and more importantly two of which allowing 22 metres in height under the cranes (thus allowing for larger yachts to be assembled entirely under cover, including the radar masts).  The existing Alia facility covers an area of approximately 8,000 sqm and comprises three construction sheds, specialist workshops and a dedicated interiors atelier, which has expanded in recent year to supply bespoke interiors to other yacht builders across the world including Holland and Australia. The new complex will triple the size of the shipyard and, on completion, Alia Yachts will rank among the top yacht-building facilities in Turkey.  “This expansion will help us achieve three key objectives,” says Gökhan Çelik, founder and President of Alia Yachts. “Firstly, it will increase our production capacity and allow us to work simultaneously on more projects. Secondly, it will enable us to accommodate larger projects than our existing sheds currently allow. And last but not least, it will help grow our focus on the refit sector.”  In addition to 32.40m Nozomi II, sistership to the “pocket super-yacht” Virgen del Mar, Alia has two other motoryacht projects in build and a further three under final contract negotiations.  Alia Yachts was founded in 2008 by Gökhan Çelik, together with his business partner Ömer Koray. Its purpose-built facilities are equipped and renown for cutting-edge yacht construction in various mediums up to 80 meters in length.

Azimut Benetti Group Wins Best of the Best

Azimut|Benetti Group wins two highly coveted Robb Report “Best of the Best” prizes, awarded each year by one of the world’s most highly-reputed publications in the luxury segment. M/Y “Spectre” is a 69-meter mega yacht that symbolises Made in Italy excellence. The exteriors are designed by Giorgio M. Cassetta and the interiors by the Benetti Interior Style Department. M/Y “Spectre” stands out for its sporty performance, hull technology by Mulder Design, and Total Ride Control by Naiad Dynamics (1). Azimut Grande 25 M, presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival last September, was awarded the highly sought after prize for the elegant design of the interiors by Achille Salvagni and the roomy, versatile outdoor deck areas designed by Stefano Righini.

Azimut Yachts in Times Square

World-leading mega-yacht builder Azimut|Benetti Group, after celebrating its fiftieth anniversary with an exclusive gala dinner last May 11 at the Rainbow Room on the 65th floor of the Rockefeller Center, has chosen the ultimate birthday gift for itself: an exclusive installation featuring the 18-meter yacht Azimut S6 in the world famous location of New York’s Times Square. The installation brings to a close a month of initiatives linked to this extraordinary anniversary, including public and private events, cruises on the Hudson river, cocktails on Chelsea Pier, debates and talk shows, with what can only be described as an unforgettable grand finale.  In fact, this is the first time in the history of one of the world’s most famous city squares that such a big yacht (the biggest that the square was able to host) has been exhibited and transformed as part of a creative installation. The organisation and production of this incredible initiative was made possible by the partnership with Design Pavilion and NYCxDESIGN, the annual event at which New York celebrates design. The partnership between Azimut|Benetti Group and Design Pavilion confirms the company’s desire to continue to surprise and innovate the yachting sector, not least through alternative communication initiatives that illustrate the cornerstones of the company culture: refined universal design, constant evolution and ongoing technological research.  The installation (preceded last year by the Azimut S7 initiative outside the Triennale di Milano during Milan Design Week, also produced by FeelRouge Worldwide Show) is part of a cultural operation designed to shine a light on the DNA of the Azimut brand, which from the outset has hybridized yachting with unexpected elements, broken the rules of convention, and subverted the established order. In this sense, even the locations chosen to exhibit the product are not coincidental. A 60-feet boat taken out of its natural element of the sea and placed in an iconic city square densely populated with neon lights changes our perception of the usual and the possible, and this is how it symbolically represents the drive for innovation in design and technology that is a distinctive feature of the Group’s projects. For Azimut, being at the center of what New Yorkers call “The Crossroads of the World” means being at the symbolic center of the contemporary world, at the nerve center of a network, a representation of global contaminations.  This spectacular urban show is designed to create a dialogue with the city, in which the yacht reflects the hypnotic and kaleidoscopic plays of neon light, in a new form of design that is consistent with the powerful choices and new codes established by Azimut Yachts over the glorious past 50 years.  The initiatives connected with the S6’s appearance in Times Square until June 11 also include public engagement activities, the first of which is addressed to new generations in partnership with One Ocean Foundation, the organiser of projects to protect the marine environment. The second, on the other hand, promotes an international competition for design students entitled Can You See/Sea The Future, organised by Azimut Yachts in collaboration with Arts Thread.  In the days following the gala evening, Azimut|Benetti top management played a leading role at two important initiatives. At the Nasdaq Impact Summit, which provides a forum for sustainability initiatives, an entire session was devoted to the protection of the oceans, featuring some key players including Volvo Penta, Paola Lenti, Seakeeper,One Ocean Foundation and, of course, Azimut|Benetti. And on May 14, a panel discussion was organised on the role of art and design in contemporary lifestyle, moderated by New York Magazine design editor Wendy Goodman and chaired by Group Vice Chair Giovanna Vitelli.  So far as concerns this latter event, it should be remembered how the history of Azimut is run through from the outset with the creation of new archetypes based on unprecedented design and lifestyle solutions. The Group has established highly successful partnerships with the world’s finest designers in both the yachting segment and beyond, firmly convinced that important innovative input can be provided by other areas of endeavour. The famous names brought in from the luxury residential and artistic sector include Elle Decor US A-List member Achille Salvagni, who took part in the panel discussion, Vincenzo De Cotiis, whose work includes both architectural projects and art installations and who is represented in New York by the Carpenters Workshop Gallery, and the New York-based European duo Enrico Bonetti/Dominic Kozerski, currently in charge of the new Pace Gallery project in New York, who were also on the panel, along withCarpenter’s Workshop Gallery Director Ashlee Harrison, and Jennifer Olshin, Partner at the Friedman Benda collectables gallery.  The company finally confirms its pioneering and revolutionary vision, as well as involving young talents who it offers the possibility of becoming future protagonists in the industry, through Azimut Yachts’ launch of a design competition jointly with Arts Thread, the digital platform that acts as a meeting point between artists and designers. The winner will be announced before the end of the year. This is the most recent chapter in the long-standing partnership between the Group and various schools of design and universities, including IED, Polimi, Coventry University and Politecnico di Torino, with the aim of identifying the latest trends and propositions in yacht design. Azimut|Benetti Group has also entered into a partnership with One Ocean Foundation, the no profit association committed to protecting the marine environment by promoting a sustainable “Blue Economy”, a better understanding of the situation in the oceans, and programmes for the new generations.  Five international events have been planned for the Group’s 50th anniversary, each representing a decade of Azimut Yachts’ activities, starting from 1969, the year the company was founded by Paolo Vitelli. Dubai, New York, Cannes, and Hong Kong are the locations involved, with a concluding evening event held at the company’s Avigliana headquarters near Turin in December.

Back Cove Makes Great Loop

After purchasing a Back Cove 41 in October 2016, Bill and Amy decided to make a shakedown cruise during the summer of 2017 to Maine and then on to Nova Scotia. The Back Cove 41 felt right at home in the Maine waters, and also had the opportunity to visit the factory for a tour. Traveling to the more remote parts of Nova Scotia was a challenge and a thrill to see such a beautiful part of Canada. The 41 proved to be a very capable and reliable boat. Now, what will the next adventure be? It was decided during the winter of 2018 to travel the Great Loop, a 6500-mile journey crossing 13 states and the Province of Ontario. The route basically circumnavigates the eastern part of the US. So we ordered charts, cruising guides and joined the AGLCA. How do we live in a space that is less than 400 square feet? Bill and Amy had to take with us everything that a homeowner would need to run a house, but in this case, the house is our new boat. They had to be organized, and everything had its dedicated spot. On any given year there may be 300 to 400 boats making this trip. And since it is a loop, you can start anywhere, and most people travel the Loop in a counterclockwise direction to receive the benefit of the river currents. So off they go on June 15, 2018, leaving from the Albemarle Sound in North Carolina. After reaching Norfolk, the weather being good, we decided to go out to sea and run offshore to NY Harbor with one stop at Cape May.  Continued north on the Hudson River for about 155 miles. The scenery was stunning as we passed by the tall buildings of New York City. As we proceed northward, we noticed how the mountains came down steeply to the water’s edge. Further up the Hudson, we passed the US Military Academy at West Point and then on to Albany where we experienced our first big lock in Troy, NY. We decided to go west and enter the Erie Canal in Waterford, continuing on to Oswego, which is on Lake Ontario. The Erie Canal was a scenic cruise through the farmlands of New York. So far we have transited 30 locks. The Erie Canal was completed in 1825, and we were able to experience the many towns along the way and tie up at town docks. This part of the journey was very peaceful and relaxing since we did not have to worry about tides and currents.  Entering Lake Ontario, we noticed the geology change greatly as the soft bottoms of the rivers have been replaced by granite of the Canadian Shield. It was in Oswego we had to make a choice of going straight across to Kingston, Ontario or continue east down the St Lawrence River to Alexandria Bay in the Thousand Islands. And there really are 1,000 islands. If it is large enough to stick out of the water and has at least one tree, it is considered an island. This is where the famous Boldt Castle is located.  There are endless beautiful anchorages among these many islands. It was here in Gananoque, Ontario we decided to enter Canada, clear customs and hoist our Canadian courtesy flag.  From the Thousand Islands, we traveled westward for two months on our way to the Georgian Bay and Lake Huron. As we went the scenery got more spectacular with the many species of pine trees growing between the rocks down to the shoreline. In Trenton, we entered The Trent-Severn Waterway and negotiated the 41 locks and 240 miles on the waterway. Most of the locks are still hand-operated, and there are many rivers and lakes that interconnect the waterway. There are two unusual locks we encountered. One is a hydraulic lift lock where the boats are secured in a tub of water on the upper side, and an identical tub on the lower side and the boats ride up like an elevator. The other unusual lock is the Big Chute Railway that takes the boat completely out of the water on a carriage that travels overland to the other side.  After exiting the Trent-Severn Waterway, we entered the Georgian Bay. We decided to explore the Bruce Peninsula’s eastern shore. There were many remarkable anchorages we visited. In most cases, we were the only boat staying the night. Wingfield anchorage was one of our favorites. When we reached Tobermory at the north end of the Penninsula, we steered an easterly course to the Bustard Islands about 50 NM across the Georgian Bay. These are a small grouping of islands composed of mostly granite rocks and pine trees coming down to the water’s edge. The inflatable dinghy was a great way to explore the islands and also try some fishing.  Next, we traveled through Collin’s Inlet with a stop for a few nights at the Sportsman’s Inn in Killarney on our way to the North Channel. One thing that surprised me was how clear the water was. You can see at least 20 feet down. So checking the anchor for a good set was easy. The North Channel was probably the most beautiful place on the whole trip with endless anchoring possibilities and a few small towns along the way to get provisions and top off the water tanks. Baie Fine is a not to be missed destination up a 10-mile fjord to a popular anchoring spot called the Pool. The Pool is the only place on the trip that had neither cell service nor TV reception. Definitely, this is a place where you can disconnect. At the western end of the North Channel, we re-entered the US at De Tour Village in Michigan. The new Customs and Border Patrol app for the smartphone made clearing customs easy. From there, we decided to take a step back in time and spend a few nights on Mackinac Island. To this day, cars are not allowed on the island, so all transportation is accomplished by horse and wagon and bicycle. It was truly a wonderful experience. At this point, we had to decide which coastline of Lake Michigan to travel the 300 NM south towards Chicago. We decided to go down the Michigan side. There were many harbors of refuge about 50 miles apart. It took us about ten days to get to Chicago on account of 8 to 10-foot seas in the lake. It was great the Back Cove 41 has the speed to travel longer distances in a shorter time. We arrived in Chicago for Labor Day and some sightseeing. The deep-dish pizza and the architecture tour were fabulous.  Our next experience after leaving Chicago was navigating about 1,000 NM of the various rivers to Mobile Bay and back to the salt water in the Gulf of Mexico. The rivers down to Mobile are used primarily for commercial tows and barges, many of which push 40 to 50 barges at a time. We realized that the rivers belonged to them, and we are just sharing the river with them; we got along fine. AIS was most helpful at spotting the tows ahead of time so that we could make passing arrangements. From Chicago, it was 300 NM to the Mississippi River, and that is where the fun began. The river was up about 25 feet with a current of 4 to 5 knots. Buoys were being sucked under, and in some instances, on the Ohio River, we actually went over the dams, so we did not need to use the locks going upstream to Paducah, KY. We needed a few days rest in Paducah after traveling the “wild river” and fortunately did not hit any floating logs. The remaining rivers being the Cumberland, Tennessee and the Tenn-Tom canal completes the trip to the Gulf of Mexico. These rivers were much more tame and beautiful than the trip down from Chicago. We met up with many other “Loopers” on the river systems, and we tended to travel together for days at a time. Once in the Gulf of Mexico, we were rewarded with the warm weather we had been looking forward to. It was getting close to Thanksgiving, and our goal was to be in Fort Myers and find a turkey to cook. It was sad to cruise through the hurricane damage around the panhandle of Florida, which occurred just months before. Our plan was to get to Key West by mid-December, so we had plenty of time to visit the towns along the west coast of Florida. We spent a month in Key West. What a fun place with great restaurants and historical places of interest. In Marathon, there was the Turtle Hospital and the Dolphin Research Center, which are very important for the rehabilitation of these beautiful animals that get entangled in man-made plastics and fishing gear.  After spending about two months in the keys, it was time to head north since we had been gone for almost nine months. There were still many great anchorages and towns we visited on the east coast. A few of the most fun places were St Augustine, Savannah, Charleston, and St Simons Island. There were great food tours in St Augustine and also Savannah. Our pace returning home in North Carolina was somewhat leisurely since we wanted to arrive back home with the warm spring weather. We arrived back home on March 27, 2019, after an amazing 10-month journey. We had so many great experiences, and the fellow boaters doing the loop were great to travel with.  The Back Cove 41 was the ideal boat for this trip. It was a perfect size and could fit under most bridges along the way. We put close to 500 hours on the boat, and the only maintenance required was a few oil changes.

Benetti 19th Yachtmaster in Australia

7 months, 4 continents, 6 events worldwide and 550 attendees, including 250 industry professionals: these are the numbers behind the success of the 19th Benetti Yachtmaster, the classic annual event for captains, crew and yachting world professionals. During this year’s edition, with the collaboration of sponsors and partners, Benetti organised events, roadshows, meetings and workshops in Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece, the USA and Australia. Benetti Yachtmaster has scored a huge success again this year. The impressive attendance figures for captains, companies and sponsors and the variety of topics covered confirm the importance of the event. Approval across the board for this 19th annual event is also thanks to the organisers, who have successfully identified topics and an organisational approach that the industry finds very appealing. The 19th Yachtmaster ended at the Gold Coast City Marina and Shipyard in Queensland, Australia, in front of an audience of about fifty attendees. This is the first time ever that Benetti has held the event here and, with the collaboration of the Gold Coast City Marina, a consolidated local yacht services operator based in Coomera, an ad hoc debate was organised on issues relating to yacht management with industry operators from Indonesia, Thailand, Vanuatu, Tahiti, New Zealand and Australia. Host Peter Mahony, General Manager Benetti Yachts Asia, introduced Edward Woodman (captain of a 45-meter Benetti yacht), Kevin Altera (GM Operations and Business Development of GCCM), Donna Murray (Global Recruitment Manager of Hill Robinson Superyacht), Andy Shorten (Lighthouse Consultancy), Adam Frost (Founder and Managing Director of Seal Superyachts), Justin Jenkin (Seal Superyachts Vanuatu), Paco Bredin (Seal Superyachts Tahiti), Ben Osborne (Seal Superyachts New Zealand), Mark Wightma (Integrated Marine Group) and Ayla Wharton (North Australia Yacht Support, NAYS). Before this meeting, which officially closed the 19th Yachtmaster, three more events were organised in the period from March to May. The first was the March 20 Turkish roadshow held at the Yeniköy Kaşıbeyaz Bosphorus Restaurant in Istanbul and organised by Benetti in partnership with Gino Group, a leading yacht management company with forty years’ experience operating in Turkey. Flivos Marina in Athens played host on April 3 to the Greek roadshow organised by the Tuscan Shipyard in partnership with First Quality Yachts, a company specialised in yacht management services for owners, captains and crew, to whom it provides operating support and personalised assistance. Inside the Marina area, operators from Ariexpo, a company that makes engines for the marine, railway and air industries, analysed the pitfalls of yacht engine management and lawyers from law firm Markogiannis & Partners presented the latest developments in Greek yachting legislation. The American event was another high point, held from April 30 to May 2 in Key Largo, Florida, at Playa Largo Resort & Spa. Nick Bischoff, Benetti Country Manager for the Americas, opened the working sessions in front of an audience of 80 attendees, including more than 30 captains, surveyors and owners’ representatives, 65% of them attending Yachtmaster for the first time. One particularly popular session was on the subject of the “Owner’s team perspective”, during which Lucy Chabot Reed, Editorial Director of American magazine The Triton, interviewed Mark Gallaway, the captain of “Elaldrea+”, the 49-meter Benetti Custom yacht presented last February in a world preview at the Palm Beach International Boat Show. The captain highlighted Benetti’s ability to realise the ideas, modifications and suggestions put forward by owners during the design stage, placing the emphasis on dialogue and cooperation between the parties involved. “This event is an integral part of Benetti’s philosophy and it has proved to be a tool with a double benefit: it helps the Shipyard better understand and anticipate the needs of the sector, as well as providing a unique opportunity for captains and professionals to keep up-to-date, to network and to discuss the dynamics of the yachting business,” said Nick Bischoff who highlighted the fact that some of this Yachtmaster edition’s legs took place concurrently with the Benetti Giga Season: “A period of fervent activity that led Benetti into accomplished the launch of 3 +100 meters yachts in 100 days”.  Several workshops were also organised with Fraser Yachts and experts from law firm Batini Traverso Grasso and Associati, including a discussion about the commitment needed from the Project Management team to build a yacht, as well as about how to manage unexpected events, protect the owner’s interests and ensure employment stability for captains.  The Partners for this year’s event were: Awlgrip, Boero, Dockwise, Jotun, Peninsula Petroleum, Viraver, Slam, Kongsberg, Lusben and Sevenstar. CMC Marine, Fraser Yachts, Rko, and LMC were among the Gold Sponsors. The Sponsors were Rina, Cgt, SeaSat Com, Naiad Dynamics and Yachtique. The Guest Sponsors were Port Adriano, GCCM, Gino Group, Esprit Yachting and VSS, while Seabob, Williams tender, YMS (Yachting Marine Service) and IK Yacht design were Silver Sponsors.  Preparations are already underway for next year’s event, which won’t fail to amaze attendees with touring events and meetings that focus on the most topical and interesting issues facing the industry.

Feadship Making Live Stream History

Feadship makes live stream history as one of it's pure custom superyachts redefines what can be imagined and created.  For the first time, Feadship live streamed the moment that one of it's yachts came out of the construction hall and prepares for further completion.  The 77.25-metre Project 818 has emerged from one of the giant construction halls at the Feadship yard on Kaag for further outfitting, placement of the mast and testing of the propulsion system. A significant proportion of the superyacht is being kept quite literally under wraps for now with more details to be revealed in the near future. Nonetheless, there was plenty to see for the global audience of Feadship fans who tuned in to the first ever live stream broadcast of such an event, which included some dramatic drone footage. 

Gulf Craft CEO Steps Down

Gulf Craft has announced that Gregory Yeakle will be stepping down as the company’s CEO.  As part of Gulf Craft’s growth and development plan and the ongoing re-structuring, the Board of Directors has determined that chairman Mohammed Hussein Alshaali will be assuming the role of Executive Chairman of the company. Gulf Craft will continue its restructuring plan and several other announcements will be made in the months to come. Gulf Craft’s Board of Directors along with its workforce passes its appreciation to Gregory Yeakle for the contribution he has put into the shipyard, wishing him the very best in his future endeavors.

Gulf Craft Majesty Delivers Seventh Majesty 100

Emirates luxury yacht manufacturer, Gulf Craft, has delivered its seventh Majesty 100 superyacht. Jonacor Marine, Drettmann International’s Russian and Ukrainian Dealer for Gulf Craft, sold the superyacht to a Russian owner with a love of yachting. The owner has named her M/Y Piterland II. The new superyacht is currently being shipped to Gibraltar, where the owner will offload it and travel onboard through Europe before berthing in East Europe. Since its launch at the 2017 Dubai International Boat Show, six models of the Majesty 100 have been sold worldwide. The latest order is hull number seven of Gulf Craft's first sky-lounge superyacht. The homegrown company has delivered several of the models to Europe and Australia.

Gulf Craft Nomad Epic Voyage

Nomad 75 SUV, Dubai Moon has arrived in Cyprus, completing its epic voyage all the way from Dubai.  Travelling through four different sea areas, the Arabian Gulf, the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea and finally entering the Mediterranean Sea, the boat finished the voyage without a hitch.  The owner was delighted with the performance, stating that the boat’s comfortable ride made the trip an extremely enjoyable experience. The superb range of the 75 SUV meant that they only had to stop and refuel twice, once in Salalah, Oman and then again in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  He also commented that he just needs to tick off three more sea areas to have “sailed the seven seas”. On a Nomad Yacht, that really is an achievable goal. Cruising at an average speed of 10 knots, the total journey of 3,300 nautical miles was completed in just under 3 weeks, and that included a 5-day stopover in Jeddah.  Once again, Nomad Yachts have proved themselves to be the go-to boats for reliable, safe, long distance cruising in comfort and style.

Jarrett Bay Sponsors 2019 Big Rock Blue Marline Tournament

Jarrett Bay is proud to be the Major Sponsor of the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament! The 61st edition of this action-packed tournament featured some impressive fishing and results including a massive 914-pound blue marlin that took the top spot on the leaderboard. Congratulations to all the teams fishing this year’s Big Rock, the support of this long-standing tournament does so much for our sport and communities at-large.

Jarrett Bay Put New Marine Travel Lift in Action

Jarrett Bay Boatworks management and team members hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony for all who aided in the purchase and operation of their new 300T Marine Travelift. Jarrett Bay Marine Park tenants and employees were joined by representatives from the offices of Senator Thom Tillis and Senator Richard Burr, as well as Department of Transportation’s Maritime Administration (MARAD) and Carteret Community College along with county government and public administration officials for this celebration.  A grant from MARAD helped to support the purchase of the 300-ton Marine Travelift which is a first for a North Carolina shipyard. This new equipment was recently put into service and is already fostering economic growth for the Coastal Carolina region. Benefits of this new lift include the direct hiring of over 20 new employees at Jarrett Bay in addition to new employment opportunities and business growth for the many nearby ancillary businesses such as engine and component operations. Furthermore, the surrounding community benefits from increased activity and tourism for non-endemics, such as hotels, restaurants and shops.  Obtaining the MARAD grant was an all-hands-on-deck endeavor as Ed Stack, Jarrett Bay’s VP of Administration and Development sought the professional advice of Dr. John Hauser, President of Carteret Community College (CCC) along with Tracy Mancini, the Vice President of Education at CCC. Jarrett Bay and CCC continue to work closely in a number of areas including hiring and training.

Maritimo New Network and Team in the USA

Australian luxury motor yacht manufacturer, Maritimo, flush with a healthy forward order book out to 2021, is celebrating the first birthday of its restructured USA sales operation with a doubling in overall sales on the year before.  Maritimo Americas' President Dave Northrop said the past 12 months had been exceptional with an overall jump in sales valued at $35 million.  "After Maritimo reorganised its sales force and its dealer network we have seen a huge increase in sales and we expect to see that continue in the next 12 months," said Northrop.  "The driving factors have been the extremely well received new product, expanded distribution networks with a combination of Maritimo Company Retail outlets in key centres and expansion of the dealer network.  "The product range we can now offer the boat building public is diverse and of extremely high quality and that is resonating with USA boaters.  "The X60 sport yacht, recently released X50 sport yacht and the new generation M51 and M59 models are really a step up in terms of style, design, functionality and performance. " Our buyers recognise that and they have acted accordingly."  He said six X60's and five X50's had been sold and five more flybridge motoryachts sold in the past 12 months compared to the previous period.  Northrop said the Maritimo outlets in Florida and the West Coast of the USA along with the appointment of key dealers in other areas like the Great Lakes, Chesapeake had set the foundation for an extremely bright future.  "We have the right people, the right product and positive economic conditions overall and that's a perfect mix," he said.  Northrop said Maritimo had recently bought onboard seasoned and respected company sales executives, Peter Helebrand, Sheryl Northrop, and Mike Swift to add to the strength of the Maritimo sales and support network.  "Peter works from the Fort Lauderdale company sales office and is fluent in multiple languages having previously led a very successful Maritimo Dealership in Venezuela," said Northrop.  "Sheryl Northrop also works from the Fort Lauderdale office and she has a lengthy marine Industry resume having led product development and engineering teams before bringing her experience to the sales arena.  "Mike is well known in the marine industry having operated sales, service and marina operations in the USA and he brings a well rounded dimension to our distribution network. This Eastern USA company team works closely with the veteran duo Bill and Michelle King who have been the key representatives for Maritimo on the West Coast working out of the Newport Beach office since 2006.  "The focus and success of the company sales team has been a great compliment to the Dealer Organization, with the addition of productive new dealers in the Great Lakes and the Chesapeake, rounding out the overall dealer team in North America and the Caribbean."  Maritimo's Australian based CEO, Garth Corbitt, said the cornerstone has now been set in the USA for Maritimo to achieve its strategic goal of expansion in that market.  "It has always been part of our strategic international expansion plan to have a strong presence in the USA," he said. "After our first year under the new guard I am pleased to say we are well and truly on track.  "Dave and his network are thorough professionals and the results are evident.  "The future is looking very bright for us in that part of the world."

Maritimo Supports Spinal Injury Research

A Gold Coast businessman and his family have had the experience of a lifetime successfully bidding for a Maritimo Racing Experience and fully catered cruise at a recent charity function for the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation on the Gold Coast.  Chad and Lisa Lemming, their son Jett and a family friend, Kimberley, were guests of Maritimo this week for a day on the water which saw Chad do 200 kilometre per hour laps in the Maritimo race boat off Surfers Paradise while his family looked on aboard a Maritimo M51 flybridge motor yacht.  Chad and Lisa had successfully bid for $9000 for the experience at the charity event which saw more than $200,000 raised for the Foundation.  "We do whatever we can to assist Perry and his foundation because it is such a good cause and to then get a once in a lifetime experience like this is absolutely brilliant," said Chad after his race boat run.  He was taken on the ride of his life by long term Maritimo Racing driver Ross Willaton before the party then enjoyed a leisurely Gold Coast Broadwater cruise complete with seafood buffet lunch and champagne.  Maritimo Designer, Tom Barry- Cotter said the company was delighted to get behind such a great cause and had also now included the Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation logo on the team’s boats for the remaining rounds of the 2019 Australian Offshore Superboat Championship. "Perry is an inspiration and the team he has assembled to conduct the global spinal injury research are making strong head roads into their ultimate goal and that is to find a cure and improve the quality of life for people suffering from paralysis."  Perry Cross said the Foundation relied on support from the community and the inclusion of the Maritimo Racing experience at the Foundation's recent 25th anniversary Gala event resulted in a remarkable injection of funding.  "We are inching closer towards a cure for paralysis and have invested in an international team of scientists and medical professionals on the Gold Coast to progress the 'Spinal Injury Project' -a stem-cell research therapy that has shown proof in principle results of a cure," he said.  "It's not a question of if there is a cure, it's a matter of when and we're striving to ensure funding doesn't limit its progression or pace. We're aiming for a human clinical trial as early as the end of 2020.  "When a company such as Maritimo comes along and genuinely wants to support and assist in raising awareness for a cure, it's just unbelievable. We're grateful for their support and also to Chad and Lisa for investing in the once in a lifetime experience, which supported our cause."  This year marks 25 years since Perry's own personal accident, making the support from Maritimo even more special. As a young, fit and energetic 19 year old Perry Cross went into a football tackle and moments later, his life changed forever. He was paralysed from the neck down and became a C2 ventilated quadriplegic. Unable to breath on his own, feel or walk. Amidst the heart-break, grief and pain somehow Perry carved out a new lease on life after his accident and within a few years, became one of the world's most inspiring motivational speakers and spinal research advocates - with one mission, to find a cure for paralysis. He has since dedicated his life to helping others, raising awareness of spinal injuries and creating a movement that has seen tens of thousands of people applaud, recognise and support the need for urgent research to cure paralysis.  Perry has been heralded by media worldwide as a tremendous role model for the human spirit in overcoming the odds.  In 1996 just two years after his accident, he became Australia’s first motivational speaker on life support and was runner-up in the prestigious International Communicator of the Year Awards. He's been awarded Suncorp Young Queenslander of the Year, finalist in the Young Australian of the Year Awards, was the first quadriplegic to complete a Communications and Business degree at Bond University.  He has travelled to the United States as an advisor to the United Nations General Assembly on behalf of young Australians and met his look-alike, the late Christopher Reeve to discuss research and raise awareness and funds towards a cure for paralysis Perry met with the Governor General and Prime Minister as an envoy for Reeve, lobbying the legislation of Stem Cell Research.  The Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation has raised and injected over two-million dollars into the 'Spinal Injury Project' currently based at Griffith University and played an integral role in rallying support from the Queensland State Government, which resulted in an additional five million dollar funding towards the project. 

Maritimo USA Roll Out Continues with New Appointment

Australia's leading luxury motor yacht manufacturer, Maritimo, has strengthened its dealer sales and marketing network in the Americas with the appointment of respected marine industry identity Michael Swift to the company's USA Company Sales team.  Michael joins a team of professional sales people in a network that spans all of the USA and Canada. The Maritimo company sales team comprises five other professionals working from company offices in Michigan, Florida and California.  Maritimo America's President, Dave Northrop, said the appointment of Michael Swift was great news for Maritimo in the Americas.  "Mike brings more than 27 years of retail sales experience in the sector and 20 years experience in marina management to our operation," he said.  "In addition in the past decade he has represented a variety of respected brands as a new boat dealer."  Michael said he was delighted to be joining the Maritimo team. "Maritimo is a world leading luxury motor yacht brand with its DNA deeply set in Aussie toughness, superb seakeeping ability, race bred performance and superior design," he said.  "We are excited to be expanding awareness of the brand on this side of the world.  "While there are countless makes, models and challenges to finding and maintaining a yacht for someone that suits them perfectly, that challenge is precisely the reason we enjoy helping long-term and potential clients."  Northrop said over the years Michael had received many accolades from manufacturers and clients alike. "Mike is an avid boater and outdoorsman and the Maritimo team looks forward to working with him to expand our reach in the Americas," he said.  Maritimo's Australian based CEO, Garth Corbitt, said the appointment of Swift and his team was very positive. "Mike will join with Dave and the others in that market place helping us reach our global strategic roll out targets and we are thrilled to have him involved."

Pardo Week Successful Event

Recently, the first edition of the Cantiere del Pardo Week marked the beginning of a precious tradition made of performance, passion and innovation.  The renowned waters of Trieste have brought together all the Grand Soleil Yachts, Grand Soleil Custom and Pardo Yachts models in a suggestive display for the public, dealers and the International press. The entire fleet of the three brands of the shipyard were the stars of the show. All the models of the Grand Soleil Yachts fleet were dislayed: GS 34, GS 43, GS 46 LC, GS 48 in two versions; Performance and Race, GS 52 LC and GS 58. The Custom Line made its debut with the awaited and exclusive global presentation of the Grand Soleil 80. The Pardo Yachts motor range is now complete, with the brand-new Pardo 38, then 43 and 50.  Many events have marked these full days of activities dedicated to the pure emotion of competition, sharing of corporate strategies, and the celebration of the excellence and the future Icons of Cantiere del Pardo.  The Portopiccolo venue hosted the International Grand Soleil and Pardo Yachts’ Dealers Meetings, with the participation of over 60 dealers from all over the world: from Australia to the United States and from Mexico to major European nations. There was great excitement around Pardo Yachts for the awaited preview of the brand-new Pardo 38, which completes all the exceptional performance of the range with a touch of sophistication. The Pardo 38 première celebrated an extremely promising launch,which confirmed the very high expectations of journalists and customers who welcomed it with passion and enthusiasm. Friday the 17th was dedicated entirely to the exclusive World Premiere of the Grand Soleil 80 Custom, the largest yacht ever built by Cantiere del Pardo, designed by Giovanni Ceccarelli.  Guests and journalists were able to admire the entrance to the Portopiccolo dockyard of the new jewel, accompanied by striking lights and sound effects. During the weekend, we celebrated the historic regatta among the Grand Soleil owners. The Grand Soleil Cup took place in the competitive waters of Trieste, where coastal and classic "batons" routes were sailed. 45 boats reached Portopiccolo from all over the world,from Australia to Puerto Rico, challenging each other with skill and enthusiasm through the Adriatic Coast. The strength of Cantiere del Pardo's world was demonstrated with the success of the first edition of this magnificent event. It was an encouraging confirmation of the strategic vision that led to a very special result, and a precious gratification for the dedication behind the production of a great event that gave life to a unique experience for all the attendees.

Pershing at 7Pines Resort Ibiza

The unique, unparalleled Pershing thrill has won the hearts of owners all over the world, giving them incredible bursts of adrenalin with every turn, as the sea sweeps swiftly by. This exclusive thrill has now made its mark on land, in Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Ibiza. Boasting a clifftop location with spectacular views of the enchanting rocky island Es Vedrà, the Pershing Yacht Terrace will take your breath away. Nowhere else in the world can compare to the cocktail bar in the middle of the deluxe, five-star 7Pines Resort in Ibiza. With 186 suites, a 1,500 m² spa and 13 private pools, it offers every single guest a tailored, inimitable Ibiza Experience.  Opened in June 2018, the Pershing Yacht Terrace is the first lounge in the world to be created by Pershing architects and designers to reflect the style and values that make the range unique. Pershing and 7Pines have teamed up to fuse fun and refinement in this spellbinding space, which is the ideal place to cool down during the day and enjoy the sunset in the evening. Rounding off the range of 7Pines wonders is a yacht charter service, allowing guests to experience the thrills of racing across the sea or the charms of a romantic dinner on board a Pershing 74, Pershing 5X or Pershing 9X.  The Pershing Yacht Terrace has an eye-catchingly sophisticated and exclusive design with delicate surfaces and lines that call to mind the distinctive features of Pershing vessels. Standing out most of all is a trademark Pershing side wing framing the front of the bar: made of carbon fibre with integrated windows, this exclusive detail runs along the bar and is steeped in dynamic, elegant, light and flowing style, making it the perfect match for the stunning yachts in the range. The colours in the lounge are inspired by the classic Pershing hues: grey is complemented by shades of beige, brown and black in unprecedented, refined combinations.  The Yacht Terrace has a tempting cocktail menu with a combination of timeless classics and original creations that have been specially developed by expert mixologists to offer a balanced blend of innovation and tradition, thus perfectly embodying the spirit of the brand. Gazing towards the horizon, owners and guests can explore a wide gin and tonic selection or simply savour a cool glass of wine accompanied by an array of delicious cuisine.  The atmosphere on the Pershing Yacht Terrace is made even more entrancing by a special live music programme. The performances make the whole experience even more magnificent and celebrate the brand’s natural bond with the world of music.  The sophisticated sounds add the finishing touch to the unadulterated marvels on offer in a setting with breathtaking views to enjoy throughout the day and at sunset, as you sip sublime drinks: the Pershing Yacht Terrace embarks guests on a voyage through style and beauty, intertwining the delights of heavenly surroundings with the joys of racing through the waves at top speed.

Sunreef Montenegro Rendezvous

After four editions of the Pomorskie Rendez-Vous: the shipyard’s spectacular signature lifestyle event in Gdansk, Poland, time has come for a little change of scene. Partnering with Porto Montenegro, Sunreef Yachts has set course for the Adriatic Sea and the beautiful city of Tivat to organize the first edition of the Montenegro Rendez-Vous. From May 30th till June 1st the event has gathered a selected group of guests including international press representatives, business partners and yacht owners for a unique experience combining the discovery of Montenegro’s natural and cultural heritage with cruising on the finest of luxury multihulls. Three custom-tailored catamarans including the Sunreef 80 7X Split, the Sunreef Supreme 68 Dreamliner 2 and Sunreef 60 Gyrfalcon have taken the guests on a journey through the picturesque Kotor Bay and hosted late night parties on board. Gyrfalcon’s crew gave a fantastic display of live cooking skills and treated everyone to a fine selection of wines for a taste of a true luxury charter cruise experience. Located in the majestic Kotor Bay, Porto Montenegro is an exclusive marina and yachting paradise. A gem of the Mediterranean. The heart of Tivat with its untamed landscape is a desired, yet peaceful destination and was a perfect backdrop to fully enjoy the intimate and relaxed atmosphere of the Montenegro Rendez-Vous.  On Friday night, guests enjoyed the Great Gatsby Cocktail Reception held by the Infinity pool next to Porto Montenegro’s Yacht Club. This 20’s inspired party organized in partnership with Antonius Caviar, Better Half Garage Wines, Meduse Events and Sunreef Yachts Charter was an extravagant night filled with live entertainment, champagne and local cuisine.

Sunreef Lounge Opens in Porto Montenegro

Sunreef Yachts has recently launched the Sunreef Yachts Lounge in Tivat, Montenegro. Halfway between a showroom and upscale bar it mixes business and pleasure in perfect proportions, offering the best in yacht management and sale. Sophisticated and intimate, the Sunreef Yachts Lounge is a meeting point for all those who want to celebrate the yachting lifestyle in the wonderful setting of Porto Montenegro’s marina. Pairing comfort and style, its smart interiors and terrace are the perfect spot to socialize over a morning espresso or an evening cocktail. Once on board, all guests embark for a journey filled with music, top service and relaxed atmosphere.

Sunseeker New CEO Sets Company on New Course

Andrea Frabetti, Sunseeker’s newly appointed CEO has announced today a major new product development plan for Sunseeker International.  Working closely with Chief Financial Officer, Mike McMillan and Chief Operations Officer, Michael Straughan to form a new Strategic Committee, the plan also focuses on further developing the framework for the business and driving the Sunseeker brand forward to even greater success, aided by a £50million CAPEX investment across 5 years.  The Strategic Committee will continue to work alongside executive colleagues Adrian Powell, Sean Robertson and Sian Dodds building on the trading success of 2018 and delivering a more product-facing organisation structure and a robust global distribution network.  Andrea has wasted no time in his new role of CEO in announcing this plan, following the resignation of Christian Marti last week, a decision that was made due to personal reasons. With over 25 years of marine industry experience, Andrea is embracing his new role to focus on accelerated product development, working in close collaboration with Sunseeker’s in-house Design department.  In support of this momentous announcement, Mike McMillan, CFO highlighted the anticipated positive financial results for the 2018 year stating “Sunseeker’s Group revenue continues to rise but much more importantly, gross profit has increased by over a third due to a significant improvement in gross margins and consequently there has been substantial growth in retained profits. Most encouraging is the progression of our underlying business results which is encouraging and a credit to the Sunseeker team.”  Sean Robertson, Sales Director commented: “New and exciting products breed growth in this market and the response we have received for our latest models has been nothing short of incredible. We are confident this is going to continue as we are making a considerable investment across the business to support a bold product development plan that will see the current range doubling in size to 22 models during the next three years which, allowing for older models being phased out, will involve 27 updated or entirely new models being introduced.  Andrea Frabetti, CEO concluded “These new models will include new product segments as well as improved differentiation between various lines. To enable this, we are actively developing our existing footprint as well as seeking new facilities and partnership opportunities. Most importantly, our 2,500 colleagues across the business remain intrinsic to our future success; retaining and further enhancing the quality that they deliver with such passion daily will remain key.” 

Tecnorib Pirelli Conquers Wales

TecnoRib, the official licensee of the trademarks Pirelli and P. for speedboats, has signed a distribution agreement with Walker Boat Sales, an established welsh company headquartered in Deganwy, just a few kilometers from Liverpool to distribute in Wales the J Line, S Line and Speedboats models. The Milan-based shipyard has taken another step forward at an international level in the tender and Rib sector.  After having signed agreements with various dealers throughout Europe (in Spain, Benelux, Germany and Montenegro), in South East Asia (Thailand), and in Central America (Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Haiti), TecnoRib lands in Wales, thanks to an agreement with Walker Boat Sales, an important UK dealer.  “For TecnoRib it is essential to be close to the many clients and enthusiasts who follow the brand. Two years ago, we began a strong internationalization strategy which is successfully progressing and aims to win over the most interesting geographical areas for the nautical market”, said Gianni De Bonis, TecnoRib managing director, the day after signing with Walker Boat Sales.  Walker Boat Sales has recently ventured into the dealership business, but it can already claim successful collaborations including the one with Sealine, historic English shipyard.Andy Walker, founder and director of Walker Boat Sales, said he was satisfied with the new agreement: “It is with great pleasure that we add TecnoRib to our client portfolio. The brands Pirelli and P. for Speedboats with their quality and innovative design marry perfectly with the tastes of our owners”.  The deal provides for the distribution of tenders of the Pirelli J Line, which boasts four models J29, J33, J39 and J45 ranging in length from 2.9 to 4.5 meters and of the S Line, models with inboard/outboard motors, ideal for medium-sized yachts, in addition to the already well-known Speedboats line.

Viking Hands On

Continued on-site education at Viking helps us ensure our dealer network remains the best in the world. Recently both South Jersey Yacht Sales and Staten Island Yacht Sales visited our manufacturing plants and walked the production line. "It's always a great opportunity to see what's going on and to learn about the new and innovative technology," said SJYS principal George Robinson. "Visits like this keep us sharp and fully informed to better serve our customers."

Viking at Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic

Despite a delayed start due to nasty weather, the Viking 62 It Just Takes Timeclaimed the top spot and a record payout amongst the 80-boat fleet at the ECBMC. Captain Chris Hood put Nick Pratt on a blue that weighed in at 574 pounds earning Nick Top Blue and Top Angler. "We had an excellent hit first thing in the morning," said Nick. "We were ready to go!". Katie Gonsoulin released three blue marlin on Done Deal, Jon Gonsoulin's Viking 70, which earned her both Top Release Angler and Top Lady Angler. Captain Jason Buck and team earned Top Crew and the boat took 2nd Place Release Team. Jackson Moore, on the Viking 74 Buggywasher, claimed Top Junior Angler with a blue marlin release and dolphin. n the meat fish categories, Captain Kirk Ogren, on Tim Smith's Viking 66 Pair-A-Dice, clinched 1st Place in the wahoo category with a 55.8-pound catch. Christa Forrester on the Viking 61, Restless, landed the 2nd Place Tuna with a 157.2-pound yellowfin. Artie Davenport, fishing the Viking 74 Phen-Syn, weighed a 40.6-pound dolphin to claim 2nd Place in that category.

Viking at Orange Beach Grand Slam Fishing Tournament

Team Galati, a Viking 64, made Orange Beach Grand Slam history for being the first champion at the inaugural event. Captain Chris Galati along with his crew released a white marlin and weighed in a tuna, dolphin and wahoo to complete the tournament grand slam for the win.

Viking at Robert Ross Fishing Tournament

Twenty-eight teams descended on the newly opened Marina Puerto Escondido located in the beautiful Baja California Sur, Mexico, for the two-day Robert Ross Fishing Tournament. John Sercu's Viking 72 Tag Team hooked a pair of striped marlin on the first day. Day two heated up and the crew released 16 striped marlin and four sails to win the tournament with both Grand Prize Marlin and Top Release Team. This bounty confirms that the once-rumored fantastic bluewater fishery is truly a reality. Said John, "It's fantastic! The fishing reminded us of Magdalena Bay. It was awesome. We're returning in August." 

Viking at Cajun Canyons Billfish Classic

Congratulations to owner Jon Gonsoulin, Captain Jason Buck and the crew on the Viking 70 Done Deal. Amongst the sellout fleet of 55 boats, Done Deal came out on top as the Top Overall Boat and claimed the 2nd Heaviest Blue Marlin. Katie Gonsoulin was in the chair for the 114" 535.5-pound blue, as well as three additional blue releases, to take Top Angler and Top Junior Angler. Done Deal was also the 2nd Place Release Team. Angler Hunter Myers, fishing on Keith Myers' Viking 72 Fleur de Lis, weighed in the heaviest blue marlin of the tournament with a 602.7-pound fish. Captain Scooter Porto also put Cory Stagg and Cole Quibideaux on a pair of blues to land the boat in 3rd Place Overall. Allen Krake's Viking 76 Team Supreme scored the biggest dolphin of the event which tipped the scales at 40.7 pounds. "We had a heck of a bite," said Tournament Director Steve Thomas documenting 28 blue and four white marlin released during the event. The Cajun Canyons Billfish Classic, fished out of Venice, Louisiana, is the second in the five tournament Gulf Coast Triple Crown series.

Viking at Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Challenge

Of the 115 boats that showed up in Biloxi for the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic, only 25 braved the heavy seas. One of the fearless entrants was Quick Time (left), a Viking 70, owned by Robert Burroughs. Captain Shelby Johnson put Robert on a 142.87-pound yellowfin to claim 1st Place Tuna and also a wahoo weighing in at 51.13 pounds for 3rd Place in that division. Abbigal Weidenhaft onSnafu, a Viking 52, landed the 35.44-pound 3rd Place Dolphin.

Viking Back to School

Six new computers processed big smiles for the Computer Club at Pinelands Middle School. The Viking Yacht Company donated these Chromebooks to the local school in honor of Matt Uhl. Matt, son of Vice President of Manufacturing Al Uhl, was tragically killed after being hit by a drunk driver in his senior year at Rowan University

Zeelander Arrives in Moscow

A first time for Zeelander to enter Russian waters as the Dutch company successfully delivered a Zeelander Z55 to a client in Moscow. When in the area, keep your eyes open for a Zeelander Z55 in Porsche Rhodium Silver!

June 29, 2019

New Model: VSY 64 M

VSY has just launched its new 64 M, an evolution of the 62 M model launched in two hulls.  VSY 64 M features new technical elements incorporated to further augment the simplicity and usage of this super yacht.  Both the bow and stern auxiliary thrusters, for example, are diesel electric, thus enhancing govern-ability and there are four higher-powered generators encased in sound-insulated cabins, thus allowing two generators to be in motion even during maintenance work on the others. The General Plan also upgrades some of the crew service areas, one of which is a generous laundry now located in a much more practical central position. Other areas for storage, for example, and for the management of embarking procedures are all in optimum locations and served by a special shell door. An alternative layout is also possible allowing for up to eight guest cabins, of which at least five on the upper decks, two seven meter tenders, two water scooters, and a four meter rescue launch and lastly, a glass circular lift from down to the sundeck and pool deck up top.  VSY 64 M is powered by twin Cat 2682hp engines which allow for max speeds up to seventeen knots, and a cruise of twelve knots.
Technical Data:
LOA - 63.80 m (209.3ft)
Beam - 11 m
Draft - 3.15 m
Displacement - 1100 tons
Fuel Capacity - 163000 l
Accommodation - twelve guests in six cabins, sixteen crew in eight cabins
Engines - 2 x Cats 3516B 2682hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 17 knots max 12 knots cruise
Range - 5000 nm at 12 knots
Construction - steel hull aluminium super structure
Project - Laurent Giles naval architecture, Espen Oino exterior, Frank Darnet interior
Certification - ABS

June 28, 2019

Project: Sanlorenzo SD96

Sanlorenzo present the project for a new SD96 with exteriors designed by Bernardo Zuccon and interiors by Patricia Urquiola.  The SD96 is the new entry level replacing the stopped in production and successful SD92 which launched in 2007 and was the first model in the SD line of semi displacement small ship inspired super yachts by Sanlorenzo.  The SD96 project takes inspiration from transatlantic liners of the 1930s, giving it a unique elegance even compared to the previous SD models.  Bernardo Zuccon describes the project, as a crossroad of tradition and futuristic elements.  This description fits the bill perfectly with the central sweeping shear-line, the upright bow, and central mast for the radar and navigation equipment advocating tradition.  On the other hand we see  modern elements in the SD96 as the enclosed raised pilot house, and the sweeping stern.

June 27, 2019

New Model: Palm Beach PB70

Palm Beach Motor Yachts has launched the PB70, a flying-bridge traditional yacht that further fulfills the down under builder's mission to create impeccably built, performance-oriented yachts that raise the bar in the industry. The Palm Beach 70 builds on the PB 65, taking up the mantle of flagship of the fleet, and backing it up with cruising comfort and efficiency. The Palm Beach 70 is built on a semi-displacement warped-hull design that has less resistance to plane more easily. The hull shape is designed to keep the bow in the water eliminating the hump in the speed curve that is typically associated with deep or modified-V hull shapes.  Instead, the Palm Beach 70 is designed to go through the water, rather than wasting energy to get on top of it. The resulting hull has the added benefits of a shallow draft and additional buoyancy aft.  Matched to a pair of Volvo 1000hp engines with IPS pod drives, the PB70 is expected to achieve a 32 knots cruise and a top speed of 38 knots. Hull #1 that has just undergone commissioning is using the same Volvo engines but with line shaft propulsion, and performed pleasingly. The shaft drives delivered a comfortable 24 knots cruise at 55% load, using 181 liter per hour between both engines giving an impressive range of 793 nautical miles at fast cruise.  But a yacht is more than a hull passing through the water, and the PB70 on-board comforts are also an achievement. The Palm Beach 70 has a welcoming saloon with a helm station forward and a galley opposite. The galley has a U-shaped counter to allow bracing points for meal preparation underway. The saloon has a pair of large L-shaped settees in each aft quarter, with a dining table serving the port settee. The entire saloon benefits from large windows and the warm glow of golden teak. The aft deck has a transom settee with dining table flanked with access to the generous teak swim platform.  An open flying bridge welcomes the skipper and companions to the excitement of open-air cruising, with all-around views and sight lines for navigating. The upper deck is right-sized to optimize the comfort of a stable hull with everything above the shear line constructed with infused carbon fiber to enhance a low vertical center of gravity.  The fore-deck features a distinctive bow cockpit, with the unparalleled experience of the yacht’s performance, in a recessed seating area far forward. This special detail hearkens back to the glory days of commuter yachts and must be experienced first-hand.  Below decks, the PB70 features a three-stateroom accommodation layout. An amidships master is situated to port with wide pocket doors opening onto the passageway, opening up the space when an owner couple is aboard alone. A spacious hanging locker provides stowage for extended cruising. A generous private head is forward with double sinks and a glass-enclosed shower. Two overhead hatches provide the head with improved ventilation and natural light. Opposite the master is an utility room, with laundry facilities.  The VIP stateroom in the bow features a queen center line berth. The third guest stateroom is to starboard aft and  has twin berths. The third head compartment does double duty as a day-head, with an additional door to the passageway. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 22.84 m (74.9ft)
Hull Length - 21.3 m
Beam - 5.85 m
Draft - 1.1 m with shafts, 1.3 m with IPS pod drives
Displacement - 32000 kg dry
Fuel Capacity - 6000 l
Water Capacity - 1100 l
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, one crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Volvo D13 1000hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking dual propeller IPS1350 pod drives, or line shaft
Speed - 38 knots max 32 knots cruise with IPS pod drives, 30 knots max 24 knots cruise with shaft
Range - 793 nautical miles at fast cruise with line shafts
Hull Shape - semi displacement war

June 26, 2019

Project: Tornado T-Rib 48

Tornado who build a fame onward from the seventies in building performance orientated sport cruisers with deep-V hull ventures into new territory with this T-Rib 48 project, set to launch in the fall of this year.  The T-Rib 48 enters Tornado in the performance rib cruiser sector, a very competitive segment especially in Italy.  This is not the first time Tornado goes out of its comfortable performance cruiser zone reminding readers here that the Rome Fiumicino boat builder did also build a fifty sportfish yacht designed by Tom Fexas back in the late nineties. The T-Rib 48 will feature a large open plan single cabin interior layout, while the exterior will feature a never ending bow to stern usable deck in three distinctive split level layouts.  The Tornado T-Rib 48 power will feature three power and propulsion options from twin 450hp diesel engines with surface drives, twin 350hp with stern drives and twin or triple 300hp in outboard version.

June 25, 2019

Engine: Volvo D4 320hp

Volvo expands its 3.7 liter D4 engine, re-engineered to deliver on the increasing demand for greater reliability and a more powerful engine. Available from 150 and now up to 320hp, an extra twenty horse power from the previously largest available D4 engine, which adds to the choice of propulsion from the IPS pod drives, stern drive, shaft and water-jet installations. The changes in the new D4 are more than a face-lift, with the majority of components having been re-engineered offering up to 10% more power across the range, and improved efficiency from between 1% to 7%.

June 24, 2019

New Model: Gulf Craft Nomad 75 Suv

During the Dubai 2019 boat show Gulf Craft introduced the new Nomad Suv series.  These new Suv series builds on the platform of the previews Nomad models and adds an enclosed bridge up top.  Gulf Craft Nomad series feature a semi displacement round bilge hull aimed at increasing efficiency at medium double digit speeds.  The Nomad 75 Suv is accessible from an internal staircase, and features a relaxing lounge and helm station up forward wrapped up with an all around Portuguese style deck.  In the first hull of the Nomad 75 Suv the owner decided to move the main cabin forward of the main deck.  Power for the Gulf Craft Nomad 75 Suv comes from twin Man 1550hp with line shaft propulsion.  
Technical Data:
LOA - 23.40 m (76.9ft)
Beam - 6.10 m
Draft - 1.50 m
Displacement - 68 t
Fuel Capacity - 7880 l
Water Capacity - 1320 l
Accommodation - eight berths in four cabins, four crew in two cabins
Engines - 2 x Man 1550hp
Propulsion - line shaft

June 22, 2019

Project: Cantiere Delle Marche Darwin 106

Cantiere delle Marche announce its first sale in the USA with this Darwin 106 project.  Set to be delivered in 2021 the Darwin 106 is based on the platform of the 102 model, with an extension aft enabling this super explorer yacht to sport-fish.  This project is supported by Andrea Armas of Azure as technical consultant manager.  Other special requests from the American owner who ordered the first Darwin 106 was for a country style kitchen in the main saloon with a friendly atmosphere, and an owner stateroom in the upper deck instead of the sky-lounge as usually specified in the Darwin 102 model.

June 21, 2019

New Model: Otam 85 GTS

Otam is pleased to announce that the 85 GTS full custom version was launched ahead of schedule, having successfully achieved greater speeds than the ones established in the contract. The new Otam 85 GTS which is based on the 80 Record HT model hull but differs in everything else.  The Otam 85 GTS will have its official debut at the 2019 Cannes boat in September 2019.  The design and engineering of this custom fast open fast super yacht is powered by a pair of 2600hp MTU engines and Arneson transmission that can reach and exceed 45 knots maximum speed and 35 knot cruising speed, is the result of the collaborative efforts of CEO Gianfranco Zanoni, who is also Production director and tester as Otam mechanical engineer, and Umberto Tagliavini, from Marine Design and Services.  The Paris based Joseph Dirand Architecture firm, represented by Maxime Foster, dealt with all the details of the interior layout and design, according to the wishes of the owner. Max Riedl from the German company Cornelsen and Partner was the Technical Surveyor representing the owner, with Damien Sauvage from Sauvage powerboats acting as commissioning supervisor.  The external layout offers huge convivial and relaxation areas, translating the needs and requests of a customer who wanted to customize and build this unit as an Open Day Boat for his summer property. This 85 semi-open GTS is therefore able to cruise safely and without turbulence, ensuring the greatest comfort aboard even at top speeds above 45 knots.  The shape of the semi-open hard top is made with advanced composite materials that have been specifically modeled according to the customer’s specific style. It integrates the engines’ air inlets, protects the areas served by grills for outdoor lunches and dinners and perfectly conceals the mechanism for opening the top, which is also fully customized.  With the two large master-suites each with their own bathroom in the bow and at the center of the yacht with max beam, in addition to the practical galley and the living room/dinette opposite, and another third bathroom for the guests, the spaciousness of this yacht’s internal layout can be immediately perceived. The crew's quarters in the bow can be accessed independently from the VIP and Guest areas for high quality of life on board.
Technical Data:
LOA - 25.85 m (84.8ft)
Waterline Length - 23.95 m
Beam - 6 m
Displacement - 67 t loaded 57 t unloaded
Fuel Capacity - 8000 l
Water Capacity - 1000 l
Accommodation - four guests in two cabins, six guests in three cabins, or eight guests in four cabins, two crew in one cabin
Engines - 2 x MTU M96L 2600hp, 2 x Cats C32A 1925hp, 3 x Volvo D13 1000hp
Propulsion - Arneson ASD 15L surface drives, or triple Volvo IPS1350 with Volvo 1000hp engines
Speed - 45 knots max 40 knots cruise with MTU 2600hp and surface drives, 40 knots max 34 knots cruise with Cats 1925hp, 38 knots max 32 knots with triple Volvo 1000hp and IPS pod drives
Range - 350 nm at fast cruise
Project - Umberto Tagliavini for lines, Joseph Rirand for interior
Certification - RINA CE A

June 20, 2019

Project: Riviera 64 Sports Motor Yacht

Riviera continues to push on its Sports Motor Yacht range and presents the project for a new 64 model evolving the range to a four model range.  Introduced in 2017 with the 68 the Sports Motor Yacht has since then extended to become a three model range with the 39 and 72 models, and over twenty units so far delivered by Rivera.  The Riviera 64 Sports Motor Yacht with inspiration from its larger sister and some specialties of her own, this is an enclosed flybridge motor yacht with a modern attitude and sport-fishing inspiration in its lines and also possible usage, see free aft deck.  Some interesting details already shown in the project is the external lounging area before entrance in the saloon, and L-shaped dinette located on the top deck.  The Riviera 64 Sports Motor Yacht as most models from the down under boat builder will feature an astern galley layout on the main deck and will feature no lower helm station.  Accommodation plan are for a Classic three cabins layout with a small L-shaped settee, or a four cabins version plus crew, with a fourth bunk cabin.  The Riviera 64 Sports Motor Yacht will be powered by twin Man 1300hp engines.

June 19, 2019

New Model: Austin Parker 48 Sportfly

Austin Parker continues to evolve and here the Italian boat builder presents the flybridge version of its 48 model which was introduced in 2017 as the Sundeck model, and is now complete with the new Sportfly version.  The difference between the Sundeck and the new 48 Sportfly as the title says is all about the flybridge, with this new model having a second helm station up top located to port side, and a sun-pad plus settee with moving bolster to starboard.  For the remaining the Austin Parker 48 Sportfly is identical to the Sundeck with a three lower deck layout, having a full beam owners cabin, VIP cabin forward, and third bunk two berths cabin to port side.  The galley in the Austin Parker 48 Sportfly is located below.  The Austin Parker 48 has since launching the hull one of the series also released an engine upgrade now being powered by twin Cummins 600hp, an extra of 50hp and more important now featuring a bigger 8.3 liter versus the 6.7 block.    
Technical Data:
LOA - 15.5 m (50.8ft)
Beam - 4.60 m
Draft - 1.27 m
Displacement - 20.75 t loaded
Fuel Capacity - 1900 l
Water Capacity - 460 l
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, or four berths in two cabins
Engines - 2 x Cummins QSB 8.3 600hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 28 knots max, 24 knots cruise
Project - Fulvio de Simoni

June 18, 2019

Project: Azimut 78 Flybridge

Announced as a 76 in early 2019, now Azimut renames this project set to launch in the coming Summer of 2019 as the 78 Flybridge.  Along with the news of change in model name Azimut provided more solid information for the first flybridge Azimut coming from the design studio of Alberto Mancini, and the first to be powered by IPS pod drives.  As all recent Azimut the 78 Flybridge has interiors by Achille Salvagni, who has brought an edge of unique detail in all the latest models featuring his unique trademark touch.  The 78 Flybridge also follows the carbon-tech concept embraced by Azimut in most of the recent models, with the super structure, hard top, flybridge and cockpit being made of this material, while the hull deck is of a hybrid fiberglass carbon-fiber matrix.  As for power the Azimut 78 Flybridge will feature a triple engine set up of Volvo 900hp or optional 1000hp engines, which will allow for top speeds up to thirty knots.

June 17, 2019

New Model: Solaris Power Lobster 55

This new Solaris Power 55 may just be in the news for having a high end semi-production Italian sailing boat builder producing a motor boat, but the reality is much more to that, as the person behind Solaris entry into power boating is none the less then Norberto Ferretti.  Norberto Ferretti who apart founding the company with his name in 1967 and in 1997 embraces the road to become by the start of the new millennium one of the largest groups in the motor boating sector, and definitely the most diverse in names, quality and styles on offer.  The story of Solaris Power in reality starts back in 2008, when Giuseppe Giulani founds a motor boat building facility.  For those that don't know Giuliani is founder of Grand Soleil who he started in 1974, and in 1999 buys Dufour selling all this package to an American investment company in 2006.  In 2011 Giuliani buys Solaris yachts and this has been another success story for the Italian entrepreneur multiplying sales and revenue by five as up to today.  One of the strengths of Norberto Ferretti has always been to create solid groups working on his projects, and in Soloris Power 55 what is a traditional inspired lobster boat motor yacht, we see this in full effect.  The Solaris Power 55 is designed by Brunello Acampora responsible for the hull design and the lines.  The Solaris Power 55 offers two main deck choices differing for galley up or not layout, and five lower deck options.  The lower deck options offer two cabins up to the four cabins layout choices with an owners suite always at midships.  Power choices for the Solaris Power 55 come from twin Volvo 600hp as standard or optional 725hp engines with IPS pod drives, which for the first time we see Norberto embrace.  Solaris Power is a solid project and in the press conference launch Norberto announced it will become a full range in a two year time frame, and will span from 48 up to 88 feet.  It is also worth to note that is not the first time that Norberto was involved in a traditional lobster boat inspired design, and this is was what he did with the Mochi brand back in 2001 when he brought the brand back in 2003 with the Dolphin line. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 17.15 m (56.2ft)
Hull Length - 16.7 m
Waterline Length - 15.4 m
Beam - 5.28 m
Draft - 0.74 m exl props and drives
Displacement - 23000 kg unloaded, 26000 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 2200 l
Water Capacity - 600 l
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins, six berths in three cabins, eight berths in four cabins, one crew cabin 
Engines - 2 x Volvo D8 600hp, D11 725hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking dual propeller IPS pod drives
Speed - 35 knots max 26 knots cruise Volvo 725hp, 30 knots max 23 knots cruise Volvo 600hp
Project - Brunello Acampora Victory design
Certification - CE A

June 16, 2019

Baia New Web Site

The front line shipyard of the city of Naples, Baia presents it's newly updated world wide virtual showroom i.e. website. This is the sixth version web update for this Naples Italian proud company. Founded in 1961 as Mericraft in Naples, up until the Capasso family takes ownership of the company in 1972 after there 27 meter sailing yacht refit is not completed, who rename it to Cantieri di Baia - Mericraft.  After this some legendary models are born in Naples; from the Pascia an Italian gozzo which is also the first fiberglass hull coming from Baia featuring an innovative hydraulic cockpit table which transforms a settee in sunpad, the Jeroboam, the B81 and finally the B33.  The Baia B33 in 1980 will mark the first production use for the surface drives propulsion system by Arneson on a production boat.  In 1983 Baia launched one of its classics the B50 with a hull shape designed by legendary racer Don Aronow, with its under water shape very much dedicated to the surface drives. Three years pass and the B60 one of the Worlds largest open sport yachts of the time is also launched.  A pursuit in larger size will take six years to come in 1992 with the B80 launched in that year.  In the same year Baia builds a one off 105 flybridge super yacht for US client Ivana Trump, which is still as at today the Naples yard largest build. Another Baia innovation was the removable hard top system presented in 1998 with the 48 Flash.  Baia has also always given great emphasis to competitions winning the following; 1990 Venezia - Monte Carlo with the B50, Viareggio - Monte Carlo - Viareggio in 2007 63 Azzurra and 2008 54 Aqua, and Powerboat Endurance Supersport Class World title in 2010 with a sponsored Donzi Z-38. The current Baia range is composed of eleven models, three of which, the 63 Onda and 26 and 30 Sevolution are still in project stages and divided into three ranges; Coupe with six models, Open with with three, and Sevolution with two. The entry level is the 43 One, while the most recent is the B50. Current flagship is the much acclaimed One Hundred. Baia new web site is available only in Italian language and takes you around with the following buttons; Home, Il Cantiere, Showroom, Racing, Eco, Servizi, e Contatti. 
Production History:
Kabul 9.90m 1973-76
Pascia 7.90m 1976-80
Dorado  sf 12m 1977-82
Jeroboam 12m 1977-79
Califfo 7.90m 1978-80
Pop Corn 8.30m 1978-83
Jeroboam S 12m 1979-80
B81 12.08m 1980-86 (106) *includes B40
26 Off 1980-
28 Off 1980-
B33 1981-87
Data 80 15.10m 1981-82
B50 1983-91 (50+)
B60 1985-
B40 1986-91 (106) *includes B81
B60Y 1988-92
B49 1990-95
B80 1992-98 (10)
B43 1991-95
105 One Off 1994 (1)
43 Zero 1995-2001
46 Bimini 1995-97
73 Magnifica 1998-2001
48 Flash 1998-14 (100+)
63 Azzurra 1999-14 (47
80 Panther 2001-03 (4)
54 Aqua 2002-14
78 Atlantica 2003-10 (9)
43 One 2006-14
70 Italia 2007-14
One Hundred 2008-15 (6)
B50 Cinquanta 2010-14
80 Atlantica 2014 (1)

June 15, 2019

Project: Fipa Maiora 30 WA

Maiora continues its evolutionary process which started in 2016 with the 36 model and design duties moving from the long standing Roberto del Re to Quartostile.  Three years down the line and Maiora is currently building the 30 meter WA for walk around model.  The WA designation comes from the fact that unlike most recent new launches in this size, this new Maiora 30 features a traditional full walk around deck.  The new Maiora follows design duties by Quartostile from Turin.   Hull one of the new Maiora 30 will feature a four double guest cabins interior layout with an owners stateroom on the main deck.  The interior is designed and styled by Fossati Design Bureau from Turin. The Maiora 30 WA is powered by twin Cats 1800hp which will allow for a top speed of 25 knots and a fast cruise of 22 knots, while a ten knots long range cruise allows for 1150 nautical miles.