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June 28, 2017

35th Americas Cup - Emirates Team New Zealand Win

Peter Burling and Emirates Team New Zealand have won the 35th America’s Cup.
Another dominant race win for Peter Burling and Emirates Team New Zealand in race nine of the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, gave the Kiwi team victory on the Great Sound in Bermuda, sparking wild celebrations on board their America’s Cup Class (ACC) boat, and the team’s support boats on the Great Sound. Burling now adds the 35th America’s Cup to the Red Bull Youth America’s Cup trophy he won in San Francisco, 2013.
The Kiwi team dominated the final stage of the 35th America’s Cup, winning eight races to Oracle Team USA’s one race win, giving the New Zealanders a final winning scoreline of 7-1.
The America’s Cup was last won by a team representing New Zealand in 2000 and they are now the Defenders of the America’s Cup for the 36th installment of the competition for the oldest trophy in international sport.
In the final press conference of the 35th America’s Cup, Grant Dalton, CEO of Emirates Team New Zealand, also announced that the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron has accepted the challenge of Circolo della Vela Sicilia, who will be the Challenger of Record for the 36th America's Cup and will be represented by Luna Rossa.

June 27, 2017

Doug Peterson 1945 - 2017

Doug Peterson, noted fast sailing yacht designer, passed away on June 26, 2017 in San Diego, California after a long battle with cancer, at the age of 71.  Douglas Blair Peterson born July 25, 1945 was an American yacht designer specialized in fast racing sailing hulls. Beginning with the One Tonner Ganbare in 1973, Peterson's designs have pioneered many innovations in racing and cruising yachts.  In the mid-1970s, Peterson's designs dominated offshore racing events, with a string of winning high-profile IOR boats such as Ganbare, Gumboots, Kindred Spirit, Vendetta, Racy, Great Pumpkin, High Noon, Anabelle Lee, High Roler, Country Girl, Louisiana Crude, Stinger, Checkmate, Eclipse, Yena, Rubin, Ragamuffin', and Moonshine. He also designed several other stock racers such as the Contessa 35, the NY 40, Baltic DP Series, Serendipity 43 production runs from the Louisiana Crude lines, and the Australian built Seaway 25 quarter ton trailer yacht. Doug Peterson was not implicated in the scandal involving the Seymour Sinnett/Dennis Connor expulsion from yachting during the SORC in the early eighties, where one of Sinnett's Williwaw yachts, designed by Peterson, was found to have been measured out of trim, in violation of the IOR Rule and the IYRU rule for fair sailing and sportsmanship.  Designed for Jack Kelly Yachts, the Peterson 44 debuted in 1976. This boat was a pioneer in performance cruising yacht design and one can still see many of the over 200 built in ports around the world. The design was followed by the Kelly Peterson 46 of which 30 were built, hull number 30, the last one built, is currently circumnavigating the globe. Also the Liberty 458 and the Delta 46 were based on this design.  The Formosa 46 is an enlarged copy of the Kelly Peterson 44, and is referred to as a Cheaterson by the yachting community because Doug Peterson did not get any royalties for the design.  In the early 1980s Hans Christian Yachts commissioned him to design their 48 and 52 Christina models.  Doug Peterson also designed boats for European builders, most notably the top selling Comet 375 in 1987, Grand Soleil 50 in 1992, models for Jeanneau, Jonger 21S in 1981, and also started up the Bavaria match series with three models in 2003. Peterson later entered the America's Cup circle as a key design member of the winning 1992 America3 and 1995 NZL 32 Black Magic Team New Zealand design teams. In 2000, Peterson designed the winning Louis Vuitton Cup boat for the Luna Rossa Prada Challenge.

September 26, 2013

34th Americas Cup - Legendary Defender Come Back

It was the biggest come back in the Americas Cup history, trailing from 8 - 1 down, defender Oracle Team USA battled all odds, and kept the sports oldest trophy in San Francisco.  At some point during this final with such a big advantage for Emirates Team New Zealand, my thinking was that the challenger played cat and mouse with the defender, but for sure now I can say this was the opposite.  The Americas Cup is all about boat speed, and Oracle Team USA had more in all parts of the course.  
Having followed a lot the cup since 2000, I was personally less intrigued by the 34th edition of the cup, the challenger series i.e. Luis Vuitton Cup was nothing compared to what we had in 2000, 2003 and 2007 with only three teams competing France Artemis, Italian Luna Rossa and Emirates Team New Zealand.  These two battled it in the challengers final with Emirates Team New Zealand winning 7 - 1 over Luna Rossa Challenge. 
Speed nowadays is king but I still was not fully amazed by the catamarans.  While the boat speed they managed was impressive in anyone's critic, my opinion is that they take a lot from what real sailing is all about.  Give me the old now slow AC series from a few years back!  Do you remember Torben Grael and his wind finding skills.  While going back to the AC series is next to impossible, they are a thing of the past, may be something in between can be found such as a concept going close to fast mono hulls as the VOR series.  
Looking much in the past at match point the Kiwi's declared a return to mono hulls, which seems to have excited a huge part of the yachting community.  But will the defender give up such a huge advantage.  The World oldest trophy the 100 Pound Cup also known as the Americas Cup have always shown us it will not. 

September 13, 2010

34th Americas Cup - New Class AC72 and Protocol Announced

The reading on the Americas Cup website says that the World's oldest Sports Trophy has always pioneered yacht design, so this time it is to move on from the mono hulls, to the cats we have seen in the beginning of this year 33rd Deed of Gift Challenge.
Must admit that I have confused feelings about this. My inner soul still misses the mono hulls, and the races we have seen from 1999 to 2007, in the 30th to the 32nd edition races. Another note is that mono are used for all match racing events all over the globe. But, it is fair to say the speed of the cats in the Deed of Gift race was very impressive, and may be with two similar craft things will also be closer then to what we saw from the BMWOracle dominated 33rd edition race.
Here is some specification for the new AC72 Class as outlined on the Americas Cup web site:
34th Americas Cup AC72
LOA - 22.0 meters (72 feet) Beam - 14.0 meters (46 feet) Displacement - 7,000 kilograms (15,500 pounds) Wingsail area – 300 square meters (3,229 square feet)
Ease of assembly: The AC72 can be assembled in two days and disassembled in one to accommodate the shipping schedule for the America’s Cup World Series events. Platform configuration: Either a conventional layout catamaran, one with cockpits and helmsman stations in both hulls, or teams will have an option of designing a central pod to centralize all the wing and sail-handling controls. Wingsail or soft sails: The AC72 class rule allows for wingsail and soft sail options to promote racing through a broad range of conditions. Power source: Engines are banned but electrically driven valves to control the wingsail might be permitted. Rudders and daggerboards: The rule limits a maximum of four underwater appendages, two rudders and two daggerboards. To reduce costs, standardized, one-design daggerboards are being considered. Construction materials and methods: Limits on high-modulus carbon-fiber have been put in place for hull construction. The class rule outlines a minimum outside skin weight of 600 grams per square meter, similar to other racing boats of that size. Core materials may either be foam or honeycomb. High-modulus carbon will be allowed in the wingsail, to add stiffness and strength. Onboard cameramen will be carried during racing.
The protocol drafted by Defender; Golden Gate Yacht Club, and Challenger; Clud Nautico di Roma was also announced.
Highlights include:
- New, exciting class of boat, the AC72 wingsail catamaran
- New annual World Series starting in 2011
- New Youth America’s Cup from 2012
- Transformed media for television broadcast and online
- Shorter, action-packed race format
- Race delays minimized
– new boat and venues with reliable wind
- Independent race management and fully empowered International Jury to avoid show stopping disputes
- Effective cost cutting measures
- Branding freedom for teams
- One global website for all team and racing content

February 14, 2010

33rd Americas Cup - USA BMW Oracle Takes Sports Oldest Trophy

It was again a day of long wait, but the day looked good from the start for the second race of the 33rd Americas Cup. Nonetheless we had to wait close till the time limit to start a race, which is at 1630. At 1614 the postponement flag went down, and the race start time was on for 1626.
The start duel was not exciting as for race one. But still we saw a very surprising error from the Defending Swiss Team who entered the box late and at the wrong side. Again Alinghi5 left the judges with no choice receiving a penalty. After this we saw both boats staying to there respective sides BMWOracle to port side, and Alinghi to starboard. The error in the box entering might have mixed up the Defender which started with a deficit of 24 seconds.
Surprisingly both boats choose a separate direction with the USAOracle going to starboard, and Alinghi to port of the circuits. This early separation reach a distance of three kilometres. Having a five hundred metres advantage and three minutes into the race BMWOracle decides to tack and cover. But Alinghi was on the right side of the course for position and wind. Having better air Alinghi5 catamaran saw its disadvantage decrease and surprisingly go ahead for most part of the first run. Here BMWOracle suffered at times seven hundred metres of deficit to the defender. The lead from the Defender continued until the boats came close to the first turn mark, and here BMWOracle tactician made a perfect call to gybe exactly on the lay line, cross behind Alinghi5, and take the lead seconds later. BMWOracle rounds the first mark by 28 seconds ahead of the very close first run.
From now on we see the Challenger boat extend its lead going over to two thousand metres in some parts, and 2 minutes 44 seconds of advantage by the second mark. The last run saw a cover from the Challenger BMWOracle and crossing the finishing line with a 5 minutes 26 second lead. Of note is the red protest flag which appeared in the Defender boat towards the end of the first leg. The Defender canceled its protest after the end of the race.
BMWOracle is the winner of the 33rd Americas Cup, and this should also bring an end to the legal dispute. This is at least what was verbally promised by the Swiss Defending team. Today started also the rumours for the Challenger of Record for the next 34th Edition with an Italian prominent sport paper saying the Italian Mascalzone Latino is favorite for this title. Now its just to hope that this legally intense 33rd Americas Cup is over once and for all.

February 12, 2010

33rd America's Cup - Challenger BMWOracle Dominates Race One

Finally after two cancelled days last Monday and Wednesday, racing of the first fully multi hull America's Cup got underway today Friday the 12th February. The breezy morning gave hope to the day and it did materialize in real racing at 1434 CET. The reply to the rumours about speed where coming to an end, and we could see the reality of Defender Alinghi 5 catamaran, and Challenger BMWOracle trimaran by dueling.
The start part duel which is five minutes prior the actual match was exciting as ever, with Alinghi closing the way to the starboard right of way BMW Oracle, and receiving a penalty during the entrance. But the excitement was not over as BMW Oracle blocking Alinghi5 was actually immobilized itself and could not move for a minute. While this happened Alinghi5 escaped, went inside the box turned the start mark and got a one minute 27 second advantage and 670 metres of length before the BMWOracle made its way the start line. The start gave a good advantage to Defender Alinghi5. But unfortunately for the defender this was short lived and in less thirty minutes the USA BMW Oracle trimaran made it up to nothing. Only two tacks and twenty miles upwind the US boat continued to show its power adding further metres before the turn of the top mark, where Alinghi5 had a deficit of three minutes 21 seconds. Before the mark commentators where stating that in most probability the down wind leg should give advantage to the defender, being the catamaran lighter to the US trimaran. An advantage which did not materialize and again we saw the BMWOracle thrashing the Swiss boat and adding its distance close to the four thousand metres mark. Just to add more pain to the Defender when doing the penalty before the finish line, Alinghi did not cross it properly and had to cross over again adding a further five minutes to the deficit which finished a total of 15 minutes 28 seconds.
The first of the best of three races in mostly light wind has shown a superior power from the US Trimaran Challenger and it will take something big from the Swiss Defender to haul this deficit which in today's conditions had an average of 10% advantage. Today's average ten knots breeze showed the US BMWOracle trimaran more power in both up and down wind legs, and that it can ride closer to wind angle. Next race now is scheduled for Sunday with a forecast wind of Force 4 to 5. We will see if the judges give way to racing in this wind for round two, and what Alinghi 5 can do for itself to make it competitive.

February 1, 2010

33rd America's Cup - Deed of Gift Challenge Preview

After many court battles the 33rd America's Cup finally arrives what is to be a Deed of Gift best of three races. Though it seems even after the racing on the water is passed, it is not sure we have seen the end of the tunnel for this legal battle filled edition. As there is still some pending issues to resolve between the two teams like the manufacturer of country of origin regarding the sails of Swiss Defender team Alinghi.
Coming from the successful 32nd edition the climax from Summer 2007 has been about USA challenging team Oracle declaring the Swiss defender Alinghi is twisting the rules in its favour, and going against the Deed of Gift of the America's Cup, thanks to an accommodating Challenger of Record. So far we have seen the USA team winning all cases in the New York Supreme Court, and from there onwards a deed of gift challenge with a maximum aloud size of craft to ninety by ninety feet was started. While it looked at some time that the two would resolve there issues it never had to be. The first Supreme Court battle was about if Desafio was an accredited Challenger of Record or not. This was the first legal win in a triumphant New York Supreme Court challenge by BMW Oracle. After this other important court rules included the gigantic BOR90 of Oracle waterline length, keel, and if Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates the place chosen by Defender Alinghi was an accepted venue for a Deed of Gift race. As we today know this venue has not been accepted, and after Alinghi flirted with Australia to give a Winter Southern hemisphere race, the choice as the judge suggested finished on Valencia.
So this is a very small review of what happened in the last two and half years, and coming Monday 8th February if provided with accepted weather conditions we will have the first of a best of three races. There seems to have been a chance of more races then a best of three, in a five or seven format, but the defender has declared it to be a best of three challenge. Whatever it will be, I sincerely hope that when this is finished we can go back to a similar format as seen in the previous three editions of the cup, which where super entertaining. The cup will also be widely visible in TV with two billion reachable viewers, plus a free live broadcast online on the official site of

July 26, 2007

America's Cup - 33rd Edition Valencia 2009

22 days after Alinghi succesfully defended the cup in the Spanish city, the Defender confirmed the host city again for the defending of Yacht's most prized trophy, yesterday late afternoon. The cost for hosting the cup for the 2nd time is 150 million EURO. Already 4 teams have announced there challenge so far, being the following: > Challenger of Record, Club Náutico Español de Vela - Desafío Español > Royal Cape Yacht Club - South African Team Shosholoza > Royal Thames Yacht Club - TEAMORIGIN > Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron - Team New Zealand The new class rules of yachts will feature bigger sloop yachts of 90 feet and the new rules will be published on 31st October along with the event regulations. The Cup will be held in 2009 between May and July, 2 Acts pre-regattas have been announced, one to be held in Valencia in July 2008 and the other in Autumn in a disclosed location in Europe. On the other front, the legal battle saga of the USA Team Oracle represented by the Golden Gate Yacht Club and headed by software billionaire Larry Ellison continues in it's battle against the Defender new set of rules and the illegitimate role of Challenger of Record Desafio Espanol. Legal proceedings have already started in the supreme court of New York. On the sport front the American Team has just announced the guaranteed services of 3 times Cup Winner Skipper Russel Coutts. The legendary Kiwi skipper signed both as Skipper and CEO for the US Team.

July 7, 2007

America's Cup - 33rd Edition Protocol Announced

The Protocol for the 33rd America’s Cup was revealed on Thursday afternoon, detailing the broad outlines of the next event. Among the highlights was the introduction of a new class of boat, to be 90 feet in length overall, sailed by a crew of around 20 sailors. The final design rule for the new class will be issued on or before 31 December 2007. The Challenger of Record is the Club Náutico Español de Vela which has agreed on the Protocol for the 33rd America’s Cup with the Defending Yacht Club, the Société Nautique de Genève (SNG). The Protocol was announced at a press conference in Port America’s Cup on Thursday at noon, by Michel Bonnefous, the CEO of the event organisers, Brad Butterworth, the skipper of the winning Alinghi team, and Hamish Ross, General Counsel of Alinghi. The venue for the 33rd America’s Cup has not been announced, but it was acknowledged that there is an existing relationship with Valencia and a host city agreement with the city is being pursued. The selection of Valencia, or an alternative European venue, will be made and announced on or before 31December 2007.

July 4, 2007

America's Cup - Alinghi Defends and Wins the 32nd Edition

Alinghi won the 32nd America’s Cup on Tuesday afternoon on the waters off Valencia. The Swiss Defender won its fourth consecutive race in dramatic fashion, by just one second, to win the Match 5-2.
This final race of the America’s Cup was befitting of what has been the closest, most exciting America’s Cup in recent history. Emirates Team New Zealand spent much of the race ahead on the advantage line, but with Alinghi in strong tactical position on the right hand side of the race course.
It was a perfect day for racing on the waters off Valencia, with the bright, warm, Valencian sun generating a strong 14 to 17 knot sea breeze until the final moments of the race.
That scoreline doesn’t reflect just how close the racing was. In each of the last three races Alinghi has had to come from behind to snatch its victory. None was closer than the last contest when the Swiss were barely able to hold on for a ‘photo-finish’ win over the challenger, Emirates Team New Zealand.
Shortly after crossing the finishing line to guarantee the successful defence, Alinghi President and afterguard member Ernesto Bertarelli hoisted the America’s Cup trophy over his head, his team at his side, in front of a crowd of nearly 40 000 who had gathered in Port America’s Cup to share in the excitement.
The Commodore of the Société Nautique de Genève, Pierre-Yves Firmenich, and Michel Bonnefous, the CEO of the organisers of the 32nd America’s Cup, were on hand at the prize giving to see the team members of Alinghi pass the trophy from hand to hand, one to the other.
Full Information on

June 23, 2007

32nd America's Cup Preview

After a four year wait the final match of the oldest trophy in the world has arrived. Can Alinghi Defender of the Cup, match the superb skills shown by the Kiwi's in the Louis Vuitton, it is only a few hours and we can have a reply to this question and finally see the real match.
The other match of politics and drama which as old as the Cup itself, have taken place on the shore of Valencia in the days before the match. Among the duels off the race course surrounding the cup was the much mentioned about future nationality rules the real Kiwis of Team New Zealand seem to want to introduce if they win the Cup, something Alinghi boss and the other Kiwis of the Swiss Team seem to not to have liked. Other friction was about the boat change and what is considered a damage to consent this. Third and most important was the Measurement Committee acceptance and then neglecting to Alinghi regarding the backstays and topmast backstays which now seems was decided have to stay permanently attached to their fixing point. Finally now the real racing is close and the boats from the teams have been announced, with both team's choosing there latest construction NZL92 for Team New Zealand the boat used in the successful run of the Louis Vuitton Cup by the Kiwi's and SUI100 the last constructed America's Cup Class series battle machine of the defender. The other endless tele novel which finally finished as the rumors where suggesting for a long time was the helmsman choice for the Swiss defender, which will be American Ed Baird, who will have the difficult task of replacing three time America's Cup winner Russel Coutts. Now it's all for the real competition on the water to decide the champion for the Sport's oldest trophy.

June 9, 2007

America's Cup - Emirates Team New Zealand win Louis Vuitton and is the Challenger for 32nd Edition

Emirates Team New Zealand NZL92 won the Louis Vuitton Cup with a convincing 5-0 over Luna Rossa Prada Challenge ITA94. The Kiwis surprised everyone in this Final and very few would have ever imagined in a so much one sided contest. Much more was in doubt after race one resulted in a close 8 second win for the Kiwis and everyone thought this would take the whole 9 races of the contest to be finished, but the Kiwis showed better speed, great crew work and superb match racing tactics and the more the score went up in there favour the more they where looking unbeatable for the Italian Challenger. Now Emirates Team New Zealand will face Swiss Defender Alinghi winner of the 31st Edition in Auckland, just what is a rematch of the 2003 final. Now we just have to wait for Saturday 23rd June 1500 hours CET Time for the much awaited match to start.

June 1, 2007

America's Cup - Louis Vuitton Final

Finally the much waited 1st of June is here, the beginning of the final challenger selection. He who will be selected has to win the first to five races in a best of nine series. Top teams of Luna Rossa Prada Challenge and Emirates Team New Zealand will fight in a fierce duel in order to challenge the mighty Swiss Defender Team of Alinghi. Italian Team Luna Rossa is in it's second Louis Vuitton Cup Final, after a successful campaign in 1999/2000 in Auckland dominated by a fast ITA 45. One has to admit that this was a superb result for a first campaign project although then defeated to a 5-0 by superior Team New Zealand in the America's Cup Final. Team New Zealand is also in it's second Louis Vuitton Cup, having led a full on success campaign and winning the America's Cup in 1995. The New Zealand Team got defender status after that and had to defend the cup in 2000 a successful defense, and 2003 a very disappointing campaign lossing 5-0 to Swiss Challenger Alinghi. In the official press conference both teams confirmed there latest constructed boat, with the days after the semi final being a non stop work of optimizing performance in view of the ahead challenge. Many journalists in the conference questioned the different styles of match racing of both teams with Team New Zealand usually liking a more close approach and Italians Luna Rossa usually being more creative in there navigation around the race course. Other questions was whether New Zealand skipper Dean Barker could actually resist the skills showed by James Spithill in the 5 minutes prestart during the Semi-Final. The time will definitely answer these questions and both interviewed team members declared confidence in there racing styles and crew mates.
Challenger's boat's for Final Match of Louis Vuitton Cup:
Emirates Team New Zealand - NZL 92 Luna Rossa Challenge - ITA 94
Picture copyright Lunarossachallenge Cup Magazine

May 24, 2007

America's Cup - Louis Vuitton Cup Semi Finals End, Luna Rossa and Team New Zealand reach Final

The best of nine, first to five semifinals ended yesterday with Emirates Team New Zealand finally going into the Final of the Louis Vuitton Cup, the last stage for the Challenger selection of the 32ND America's Cup.
The semi finals went always according to plan and only one day Tuesday was cancelled, with the intelligence flag put ashore due to rough weather conditions and winds going from 20 up to 35 knots and waves from 2 to 3 metres in height. This cancellation effected only the NZL92 vs ESP97 match as the Luna Rossa vs Oracle Match concluded on Sunday.
The Luna Rossa Challenge vs Oracle was the biggest surprise of the semi finals with a staggering win of 5-1 from ITA94. No one would have predicted this result, especially after seeing the great performance of the Americans on USA98 during the Round Robin stages, more surprising and amazing it is when one sees that the Italian challenger was always ahead in every bow turn during the races. The point awarded to the USA Challenger during match 2 was in a certain way a mistake by the Italian team due to a big separation in the last down wind leg. Still as Oracle's Skipper Chris Dickson has said Luna Rossa showed good upwind speed and enough down wind speed to handle the situation. The other match between top challenger Emirates Team New Zealand and the locals home team of Desafio Espanol concluded with a 5-2 result. Still the Spanish seemed happy with this result as there main aim was to reach the semifinal and after that was to win or take some races from top rated challenger New Zealand, something they managed very well in doing in Race 3 and 6 of the semifinals. Still the Spanish has to be proud as they have showed a superior pace then in the Round Robins stages. Now it's up for the last two titans Luna Rossa Prada Challenge vs Emirates Team New Zealand on the Final Match which starts on the 1st June in a best of nine first to five duel. Winner will challenge defender Alinghi in the 32nd America's Cup Final.
Picture copyright Lunarossachallenge Cup Magazine

May 13, 2007

America's Cup - Louis Vuitton Semi Finals

11:00 AM today during the semifinalist press conference, all remaining four teams for the semifinal stage of the The Louis Vuitton cup confirmed there latest constructed sail boat as used in the previous Round Robin stages. USA team BMW Oracle skipper Chris Dickson also gave a hint that USA98 will have a New Measurement Certificate. This is the third measurement certificate for USA98 since the regatta's started this year. A new certificate is also expected for Luna Rossa Challenge who have been rumored to have been trying different solutions this week, including a new mast which arrived to the base last Tuesday. Now let's hope for a good stable breeze and some real tight competitive racing.
Challenger's boat's for Semifinals:
Emirates Team New Zealand - NZL 92
BMW Oracle Racing - USA 98
Luna Rossa Challenge - ITA 94
Desafío Español 2007 - ESP 97

May 9, 2007

America's Cup - Louis Vuitton Round Robin Concludes

The 4 Semi Finalists for the Louis Vuitton Cup
After a difficult start for Round Robin 1 due to little wind, the Round Robin 2 concluded today. With only 1 day without racing, funnily enough for strong Ponente West winds. Round 2 offered stable conditions in Valencia and the promise of the much mentioned sea breeze from the East started making it's appearance more often, with temperatures over 25 degrees. The 4 semi finalists have been chosen with no surprise, as the top four challenger's as at the end of the ACT's where confirmed. Still surprises have not been less in the 2Nd Round and fierce competition for the Spanish Challenger of Desafio for the much wanted 4Th place by the Swede's of Victory challenge seemed never ending. Oracle and later followed by Luna Rossa where the first 2 team's to have a guaranteed place in the semifinal. Superb performance for Emirates Team New Zealand who won all there races in Round Robin 2 and managed to obtain the much important top spot, which gives them the opportunity to choose their opponent for the semi final, a big advantage.
The second Round Robin also showed the bigger potential of the 3 top teams with less mistakes happening and really no surprise, accept for the defeat of Oracle at the hands of China Team due to a damaged sail by the American Team during the race.
Comments end of Round Robin 1 & 2:
Emirates Team New Zealand make up for the 3 lost races in Round Robin 1 by beating everyone in the 2nd Round improving power
BMW Oracle Racing defeated by China due to damage sail and New Zealand in the last duel for 1st place the bonus point the bonus point
Luna Rossa Challenge show better composure in Round.2, defeated by 1st/2nd ranked challenger in Round.2 challenge
Desafio Espanol 2007 get the much wanted 4th semifinal place a day before the end as planned
Victory Challenge miss the 4th place by a day, but still gain a place in the ranking improve
Mascalzone Latino Capitalia Team started Round 1 well, went a complete downhill after that and fall to 6th disappointment
Team Shosholoza the wild card of the Rounds, gave a tight match to all teams competitive again
Areva Challenge better results in Round 2 but much work to do average
+39 Challenge when wind was over 10 knots they where looking better, nice win over Shosholoza better 2nd round
United Internet Team Germany a preperation for the next cup light improvement
China Team win top challenger BMW Oracle thanks to a sail damage during the race a win is a win
Round Robin 1 & 2 - Final Results and Ranking

April 29, 2007

America's Cup - Louis Vuitton Cup Round Robin 2

Updated schedule for Round Robin 2. Wind permitting should start today. 1 Flight per day is scheduled. Each flight is about 1 mile longer then Round Robin.1. 4 sides - 2 upwind and 2 downwind legs. 3.3 miles for 1st and 4Th leg. 3 miles for 2ND and 3rd leg.
Louis Vuitton Cup Round Robin 2
Sunday 29th April Flight→ Flight 1 Match↓ Blue (Port Entry) Yellow (Starboard Entry)
1 BMW ORACLE Racing - United Internet Team Germany
2 Victory Challenge - Team Shosholoza
3 Luna Rossa Challenge - China Team
Bye Desafío Español 2007
4 Emirates Team New Zealand - Mascalzone Latino Capitalia Team
5 Areva Challenge - +39 Challenge
Monday 30th April Flight→ Flight 2 Match↓ Blue (Port Entry) Yellow (Starboard Entry)
1 Team Shosholoza - United Internet Team Germany
2 BMW ORACLE Racing - China Team
3 Luna Rossa Challenge - Victory Challenge
Bye Emirates Team New Zealand
4 +39 Challenge - Desafío Español 2007
5 Areva Challenge - Mascalzone Latino Capitalia Team
Tuesday 1st May Flight→ Flight 3 Match↓ Blue (Port Entry) Yellow (Starboard Entry)
1 Desafío Español 2007 - Areva Challenge
2 +39 Challenge - Emirates Team New Zealand
3 Bye Mascalzone Latino Capitalia Team
4 United Internet Team Germany - Luna Rossa Challenge
5 China Team - Victory Challenge
6 Team Shosholoza - BMW ORACLE Racing
Wednesday 2nd May Flight→ Flight 4 Match↓ Blue (Port Entry) Yellow (Starboard Entry)
1 Emirates Team New Zealand - Areva Challenge
2 Mascalzone Latino Capitalia Team - Desafío Español 2007
3 Bye +39 Challenge
4 China Team - United Internet Team Germany
5 Luna Rossa Challenge - Team Shosholoza
6 BMW ORACLE Racing - Victory Challenge
Thursday 3rd May Flight→ Flight 5 Match↓ Blue (Port Entry) Yellow (Starboard Entry)
1 United Internet Team Germany - Victory Challenge
2 BMW ORACLE Racing - Luna Rossa Challenge
3 Mascalzone Latino Capitalia Team - +39 Challenge
Bye Areva Challenge
4 Team Shosholoza - China Team
5 Desafío Español 2007 - Emirates Team New Zealand
Friday 4th May Flight→ Flight 6 Match↓ Blue (Port Entry) Yellow (Starboard Entry)
1 Luna Rossa Challenge - Areva Challenge
2 Mascalzone Latino Capitalia Team - United Internet Team Germany
3 Victory Challenge - +39 Challenge
4 Desafío Español 2007 - China Team
5 Emirates Team New Zealand - Team Shosholoza
Saturday 5th May Flight→ Flight 7 Match↓ Blue (Port Entry) Yellow (Starboard Entry)
1 Emirates Team New Zealand - United Internet Team Germany
2 China Team - Mascalzone Latino Capitalia Team
3 Team Shosholoza - Desafío Español 2007
Bye Victory Challenge
4 Areva Challenge - BMW ORACLE Racing
5 +39 Challenge - Luna Rossa Challenge
Sunday 6th May Flight→ Flight 8 Match↓ Blue (Port Entry) Yellow (Starboard Entry)
1 United Internet Team Germany - Desafío Español 2007
2 Team Shosholoza - Mascalzone Latino Capitalia Team
3 Emirates Team New Zealand - China Team
Bye Luna Rossa Challenge
4 Areva Challenge - Victory Challenge
5 +39 Challenge - BMW ORACLE Racing
Monday 7th May Flight→ Flight 9 Match↓ Blue (Port Entry) Yellow (Starboard Entry)
1 +39 Challenge - Team Shosholoza
2 China Team - Areva Challenge
3 Bye United Internet Team Germany
4 Mascalzone Latino Capitalia Team - BMW ORACLE Racing
5 Victory Challenge - Desafío Español 2007
6 Luna Rossa Challenge - Emirates Team New Zealand
Tuesday 8th May Flight→ Flight 10 Match↓ Blue (Port Entry) Yellow (Starboard Entry)
1 China Team - +39 Challenge
2 United Internet Team Germany - Areva Challenge
3 Bye Team Shosholoza
4 Mascalzone Latino Capitalia Team - Luna Rossa Challenge
5 Victory Challenge - Emirates Team New Zealand
6 Desafío Español 2007 - BMW ORACLE Racing
Wednesday 9th May Flight→ Flight 11 Match↓ Blue (Port Entry) Yellow (Starboard Entry)
1 Victory Challenge - Mascalzone Latino Capitalia Team
2 Desafío Español 2007 - Luna Rossa Challenge
3 BMW ORACLE Racing - Emirates Team New Zealand Bye China Team
4 United Internet Team Germany - +39 Challenge
5 Areva Challenge - Team Shosholoza
Disclaimer: above racing schedule is subject to change and racing may be postponed or re scheduled as the Americas Cup jury seems fit.

April 28, 2007

America's Cup - Louis Vuitton Cup Round Robin 1. Finally concludes

After 13 days of racing and postponements, Round Robin 1 finally concludes. With a slow start to racing in the 1st week and 6 days out of the 7 cancelled due to lack of wind, the second week of the cup proved to be more reliable in terms of enough breeze and only one day, Monday was without racing. With wind range for the cup rated at a minimum 7 up to 25 knots max, the breeze was always in the most part in the lower slower range. Flights where held in an average of a 9 knots breeze, with only a very few of the match races going over the 10 knots range. This slow wind range in the start of the cup allowed for a few surprises like the victory of Shosholoza RSA83 over Luna Rossa ITA94 and showed a tighter competition between the big rich Top Teams and small New Teams, with every race being a full action affair no matter who is racing who.
 Comments after Round Robin1:
BMW Oracle Racing defeated only by Desafio in flight 10, fast boat and aggressive team nearly unbeatable
Luna Rossa Challenge surprise defeat with Shosholoza, lose only 6 seconds to Oracle, but never impress suffering challenge
Emirates Team New Zealand lose the direct matches with the top teams and Mascalzone 2 places down
Desafio Espanol 2007 show defeat to Oracle, damaged spinnaker pole with Areva costing match keep 4Th place
Mascalzone Latino Capitalia Team start well by beating New Zealand, suffer important matches with direct competitors more concentration
Victory Challenge important victory with Mascalzone on the last flight a threat
Team Shosholoza give a blow to Luna Rossa and a tight match to most challengers including Oracle competitive
Areva Challenge get a win over Desafio, do a penalty error with Shosholoza average
+39 Challenge race Flight 1 & 2 with Version.4 mast, important win with Team Germany regain confidence
United Internet Team Germany had closer matches then the results actually show deserve more
China Team still no win and the skills seem to be at a standstill damage boat in last part of RR.1
Round Robin 1 - Final Results and Ranking

Photo Copyright BMW Oracle Racing.

April 21, 2007

America's Cup - Louis Vuitton Cup Round Robin 1 Week 1. Reschedule & Reschedule....

Everyone present for the Challenger Selection of the 32Nd America's Cup, the Louis Vuitton Cup but Wind God Aeolus apparently had taken a week off from the Valencia Coast. 5 racing days where cancelled since Monday, with only one racing day out of six being held. Teams and fans alike are frustrated but this is also part of sailing, a sport which is made of humans, machines and most of all the power of mother nature, the wind. The only enough wind day was yesterday Friday, when a wind breeze of just over 8 knots from the East permitted racing. Opening the races was the South Juliet course with BMW Oracle USA98 versus Internet Team Germany GER89. North course Romeo followed with the most expected match race of the day, Mascalzone Latino Capitalia ITA99 against Emirates Team New Zealand NZL92. And what a show this was with ITA99 stealing the start and leading a race from start to finish but with NZL92 always on it's tails. ITA99, fifth in the challenger ranking won by only 15 seconds, in what was a really tight match and provided one of the first surprises for the beginning in Round Robin One.
Comments about Teams on Racing Schedule 1 Week 1:
BMW Oracle Racing - 2 Wins 2 easy win races with bottom table challengers, Dickson does a big sweep of both
Luna Rossa Challenge - 2 Wins easy versus China, convince with Victory who where only 3 places behind in ranking
Mascalzone Latino Capitalia Team - 2 Wins confirms ACT.13 by beating top team NZ, do a sweep of Areva in 2Nd match. A crescendo
Desafio Espanol 2007 - 1 Win only 1 race against +39 but dominate from start to finish
Emirates Team New Zealand - 1 defeat tight match with Mascalzone which looses, still a force! but are they top team?
Victory Challenge - 1 win 1 defeat convince with Shosholoza, worry a bit LR in 1st upwind leg but after get left behind
Team Shosholoza - 1 defeat 1 win loose a close match with Victory and win against Germany, they improved but not enough
Areva Challenge - 1 win 1 defeat beat +39, they look better then the Act's ranking chart
+39 Challenge - 2 defeats 2 defeats, with Areva I hoped for more, may be they still suffer the mast
United Internet Team Germany - 2 defeats pen-ultimate in rankings and it shows, although they show signs of improving
China Team - 2 defeats they are last since the Act's started since 2004
Round Robin 1 - Chart Table after Flight 2

April 14, 2007

America's Cup - Challengers declare yachts for Round Robin 1, Great Gala this evening 2130 CET in Valencia

In a press conference this afternoon in Valencia, the 11 challenger's declared the racing yacht's they will use in Round Robin 1, starting next Monday. The team's with 2 racing yacht's i.e Oracle, Emirates Team New Zealand, LunaRossa, Desafio Espanol and Mascalzone Latino, all declared there latest Version 5 construction. That means maiden official racing for USA98 and NZL92. Luna Rossa, Desafio Espanol and Mascalzione Latino all confirmed there latest racing boat's that where also used for ACT 13.
Challenger's boat's for Round Robin 1:
BMW Oracle Racing - USA 98
Luna Rossa Challenge - ITA 94
Emirates Team New Zealand - NZL 92
Desafío Español 2007 - ESP 97
Victory Challenge - SWE 96
Mascalzone Latino Capitalia Team - ITA 99
+39 Challenge - ITA 85
Team Shosholoza - RSA 83
Areva Challenge - FRA 93
United Internet Team Germany - GER 89
China Team - CHN 95
Note: Challenger's are permitted to change racing yacht, but each change will cost the relevant team a victory match point which is 2 points
Tonight 2130 Boat Parade
The official opening ceremony for the 32nd America's Cup tonight at 2130 CET.