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May 17, 2024

Fire in Fiumicino Boat Yard Burns Four Boats

A fire in a boat yard located on the Tiber river in Via della Scafa, Fiumicino, Italy involved four boats and yachts from twelve to sixteen meters was started on 05:40 morning of Monday thirteenth May.  Fire fighters from the Ostia Vigili dell Fuoco responded to the fire with four trucks.  No one was injured in the fire, also because no one was in the boat yard when the blaze started with an investigation ongoing by the Carabinieri on how the fire started.
We can only picture one yacht in this fire, which seems to be a not so good but probably practical for fishing conversion to a nice and classic Akhir 16.60 m as designed by Pier Luigi Spadolini and produced from 1972 to 78.  A replacement to the Atlas 16.90 the first Akhir for Cantieri di Pisa was a turn around in motor yacht design which then evolved into the Akhir 19 in 1979.

May 2, 2024

Saint-Laurent du Var Fire Destroys Five Boats Damages Two

Five boats and yachts between twelve to twenty meters where fire destroyed and eventually sank, while two yachts of nineteen and 21 meters received fire damage for a blaze which started at around 22:30 hours of Monday first May in Saint Laurent du Var, to the West of Nice in the South of France.  Sixty fire fighters with 34 fire engines responded to the fire, which was extinguished after four hours at around 03:00 hours the following morning second May.  No one was injured in the fire with the yacht marina of Saint Laurent du Var closed for the public the following day, for clean up operations while the prosecutor of Nice has opened an investigation.  From the photos and videos circulating on line the fire looks to have started from the second boat in this photo, which then jumped to the other three boats on its port side, and to the sport yacht in its starboard side.  The same marina had a fire which affected six restaurants in April 2021.
Three of the five destroyed yachts in this fire look to be a third generation Princess V65, second version Sunseeker 52 Manhattan, and a Canados 70 S, with the two smaller boats so far unidentified.  The two damaged yachts are an Arno Leopard 21.50m Open left of the photo, and a Riva 63 Virtus to the right.

April 28, 2024

VisionF Power Catamaran Burns Down in Miami River

A 2023 build VisionF power catamaran titled Flagship went ablaze and ultimately was destroyed by a fire which started in a covered water shed at the Merrill-Stevens Yachts repair yard, on the Miami river, North-West to Downtown Miami, at 11:15 on the morning of Sunday 28 April.  Miami Fire Rescue responded to the fire, with 32 rescue units and 100 fire fighters, including the Hazmat Team and a Fireboat.  This was a delicate fire fighting operation, also because the yacht was located in a close shed with nearby yachts, and other burning materials, with the first course off action being that to tow the yacht outside.  The fire took about one hour to control, with the yacht ultimately partly sinking in the Miami River.  No one was injured in the fire, with Merill-Stevens yard manager saying it was lucky that the accident happened on a Sunday.  The causes of the fire are under investigation, and are also being followed by VisionF, due to the relatively young age of less to a year of the yacht.   
Flagship is a 2023 VisionF 82 Alu, alumimium build in Turkey.  The VisionF 82 was first announced a project under the Silent Yachts brand in 2022, ultimately the brands separated in around 2023, and VisionF decided to launch the project under its own brand.  Three Vision F82 Alu have so far been delivered, with the yard having further projects for a smaller 80 and bigger 100 model.

April 15, 2024

Motor Yacht Explodes Then Goes Ablaze in Calanova Mallorca

A 23 meter motor yacht titled Tomi had an onboard explosion which then set an onboard fire while moored and berthed in Calanova, Palma, to the South West of Mallorca Island on Monday fifteen April.  Reports say a malfunctioning bow thruster set an explosion which then started a fire onboard the yacht.  Palma fire fighters rushed to the scene to control the flames, while Calanova marina personnel moved the yacht to a safe location out of harms way in order not to damage other yachts.   At this stage it is not reported if anyone was injured in this explosion and subsequent fire.
Tomi is a 2015 Pearl 75, a model designed by Bill Dixon with interiors by Kelly Hoppen presented in 2011 and produced till 2016.  The 75 apart being Pearl's new flagship at launch marked also the change to a midships-fore cabin area from the aft cabin design which made the brand famous in the noughties.  The 75 was replaced by the Pearl 80 in 2017.

April 7, 2024

Sunseeker Yacht on Fire in New River Fort Lauderdale

A nineteen meter Sunseeker sport yacht went on fire while berthed near the Alluvion Building, New River, Fort Lauderdale on the afternoon of Saturday sixth April. It is not reported if the yacht was attended at the time of the fire, with the fire looking as starting in the cabin area of the main deck.  A video on Instagram by the Lifestyle Miami page showed three fire fighters fighting the fire in the cockpit, while newsroom WPLG also showed a video with the Fire Fighters and a TowboatUS boat arriving at the scene and starting to fighting the fire.
The Sunseeker yacht in this fire is a Predator 62 model as produced from 2005 to 2008. Designed by Don Shead the Predator 62 was a good success for Sunseeker, also for its spaces inside including a spacious full beam owners stateroom.  The Predator 62 came out as replacement to the larger but less spacious inside Predator 68 and was replaced by Predator 64 in 2009.

April 4, 2024

Super Yacht Fire Extinguished in Fort Lauderdale

A 28 meter classic super yacht titled m/y Estrella under Jersey registry had an onboard fire while berthed behind a home in Marathon Lane, Riverland, Fort Lauderdale, Florida on the morning of Wednesday third April.  Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue where quick to arrive to the scene, and control the blaze.  No one was onboard the yacht when the fire started, with this reported to starting from the main deck.  The causes of the fire are under investigation, with the yacht reported unplugged from it's shore supply when the blaze started, although Estrella does feature a self sufficient Lithium powered solar panel electrical system. 
M/Y Estrella the yacht in this fire is a 95 foot Broward build in alumimium 1988, to an exterior design and naval architecture by its builder, and interior by Dee Robinson.  Estrella is currently listed for sale with Luke Brown Yachts.

April 2, 2024

Pershing Yacht on Fire in Dubai

A 26 meter Pershing super sport yacht titled m/y Spirit of Zen went ablaze when moored in her berth at Dubai Marina, Dubai on 11:12 of the morning of second April.  Fire fighters from Dubai Harbor Station responded first to the fire five minutes later, and where then followed by Dubai Civil Defense, with the fire extinguished at 12:28.  No one was injured in the fire, although it is not reported if the yacht was attended at the time of the blaze.  The yacht was badly damaged and listed on its port side, and then sank after the fire was extinguished.  The cause of the fire is now under investigation by the relevant agency.
M/y Spirit of Zen is a 2002 Pershing 88 as designed by Fulvio de Simoni.  Launched to high acclaim in 1999 as the new Pershing flagship, the 88 was considered the yacht of that year, nick named the silver bullet for its color scheme and sporty looks.  Produced till 2004 in seventeen units, the 88 was replaced by the Pershing 90 in 2005.

March 25, 2024

Princess Yacht Burns and Sinks in Nelson Bay

A twenty meter Princess motor yacht burned and then sank in Port Stephens Marina, Nelson Bay, New South Wales Australia on 21:30 hours of Monday 25 March.  A dozen fire fighters rushed to the scene, with the yacht later listing to its starboard side and then sinking, with no injuries to any persons happening as the yacht was unattended at the time of the fire.  As the fire was controlled a pollution protection boon was placed around the yacht.  No further damages to other boats and yachts was made, with the fire reported to have started in the engine room.  An investigation is under way to see how the fire started, with a clean and lift up operation being organized.  
The yacht in this fire is a Princess 20M as produced from 1996 to 2002 to a Bernard Olesinski design.  A replacement to the 66, the Princess 20M was replaced by the second generation 65 which came out in the fall of 1998, although the Plymouth boat builder did keep the two yachts in production together for a few years.

March 9, 2024

37 meter Super Yacht Burns Down in Abacos

A 37 meter super yacht titled m/y Chanson had a fire while berthed at Bakers Bay Marina in the Abacos on the evening of eight March.  Unfortunately a voluntary fire fighter named Steve Jenkins who had grievous injuries when falling from the truck during this yacht fire, and was air-lifted to Nassau for treatment did not make it and later lost his life.  No other injuries are reported to crew, and other personnel, although it is not known if there was anyone onboard at the time of the fire.  The yacht's tender a center console of about forty foot was also lost and destroyed in the fire.  After the fire got extinguished the 37 meter super yacht partly sank, heavily listing to its port side and its stern fully submersed in the water.  Unconfirmed news are reporting the fire started from a Lithium Ion battery from one of the water toys.  So far there is little information about this fire, with the news broken first on social media and then on the Yachtforums website. 
M/y Chanson is a Delta Marine 124 from 1998, powered by twin Detroit engines for speeds up to seventeen knots, with accommodation for eight guests in four suites, and six crew in three cabins.  Produced from 1997 to 2003 in six units the Delta Marine 124  came out as an evolution of the 122 model which was launched some months earlier in 1997 and delivered in two units. Chanson was last sold in 2017, when it had an asking price of 4,500,000 US$.

March 8, 2024

23 Meter Motor Yacht Goes Ablaze Off Virginia Beach

A 23 meter motor yacht titled m/y Savage with three persons onboard went ablaze while cruising just over two nautical miles off Cape Henry, Virginia Beach, southeastern Virginia on the early 03:30 hours of Friday eight March.  The crew called a Mayday and after putting the safety jackets jumped in the water, and were ten minutes later saved by a pilot boat.  After this Virginia Beach Fire Department with assistance by the area coast guard towed and fire fought the yacht to Fort Story, where the yacht was still smoking when it arrived in the early hours of the morning.  The cause of the fire are not reported.
At this time we cannot figure and have no information on the build and make of m/y Savage, what appears to be a cockpit motor yacht from around the eighties.

February 11, 2024

Three Yachts One Boat Destroyed by Fire in San Felice Circeo

Three yachts; two motor yachts of twenty and nineteen meters, a sport yacht of 23 meters, and a classic sport cruiser of seven meters burned down in San Felice Circeo, to the North of Latina, Italy, with the fire starting at about 20:00 hours of Saturday tenth February.  The fire started on the twenty meter flybridge yacht, which then jumped to the yacht of nineteen meters to its starboard side.  After this and with the wind blowing at over twenty knots from the West the first burning yacht freed itself and ended on the Eastern breakwater berths, taking its fire to a 23 meter sport yacht, and a classic sport cruiser of seven meters in length.  Vigili dell'Fuoco fire fighters, Guardia Costiera, and Carabinieri rushed to the scene, with the fire being controlled at 22:30 hours, and the securing cleaning up of the area taking up till the morning of Sunday eleventh February.  The causes of the fire are under investigation, with the report saying that it could be a short circuit or an ignited one. 
The yachts and boats in this fire are a Posillipo Technema 65 as produced from 2002 to 12 the yacht which started the fire.  The second is a Cantieri Liguri Ghibli 19, the second yacht which started burning located to starboard of the first yacht.  The third yacht is a Arno Leopard 23 Sport as produced from 1997 to 2003.  While the small sport cruiser boat is a wooden build Italcraft Sarima 7 m as produced from 1965 to 77 in 256 units.

February 10, 2024

Fire Destroys Four Yachts in Antalya Yacht Yard

A big fire which started just after 1900 hours of Saturday tenth February in the Antalya free zone has burned down two yachts, and destroyed two other currently under construction.  Antalya fire fighting squads responded to the fire with fifteen vehicles, with cooling efforts still ongoing up till 21:00 local time.  The fire started in-front of U4 Marine and Interiors, which according to Google-Maps would mean that this is the Gree-Naval Yachts and or the Naval Yachts to it's right.  No one was injured in the fire, with a thirty meter super yacht which was stored in the shed during the fire reported a total loss.
As of this time we have no information what the yachts involved in this fire are, including the two under-construction which burned down.  If someone has any information what the yachts are feel free to get in touch with PowerYacht.

January 31, 2024

Two Yachts Destroyed by Fire in Ancorhage Marina, Baltimore

Two yachts were destroyed by fire at Anchorage Marina, to the South East of Baltimore at around nine o'clock morning time of Wednesday 31 January.  Baltimore City Fire Department rushed to the scene to extinguish the fire.  The fire is reported to have started on the flybridge of the smaller thirteen meter boat located on the B-dock which with the fire burned its mooring ropes and left its berth, and then touched a sixteen meter motor yacht located opposite it's berth.  The smaller boat eventually sank, while the bigger yacht was mostly burned with the fire and a total loss, but still floating.  No one was injured in the accident, although the smaller boat was a liveaboard for one person and his dog, who managed to get off board.
The boat above which started the fire and then sank looks to be a Taiwan build 1990's Lien Hwa 42 Aft Cabin, while the other yacht which burned down is a Garroni designed Prestige 550 Flybridge, produced from 2012 to 17 in around 170 units.

January 16, 2024

Lightning Strike Sets Sea Ray Yacht on Fire

A seventeen meter Sea Ray sport yacht titled m/y No Mas went on fire after it was struck by lightning while berthed in the canals of Cape Coral, Florida on Monday fifteen January.  A strong tornado with thunder storms and heavy rains hit South West Florida, causing damage and 64 cancelled and 173 delayed flights on the day.  Cape Coral Fire Department fast responded to the fire, saving the Sea Ray from fully burning down.  
The same Sea Ray seventeen meter sport yacht returned to social media news as it was reported in colliding with piers and other boats in a towing on the thirtieth March.  
No Mas is a 2007 Sea Ray 55 Sundancer.  Launching in the fall of 2007 the 55 Sundancer is a two stateroom hard-top sport yacht which with twin Man 800hp engines reaches speeds up to thirty knots.  The Sea Ray 55 Sundancer came out as a replacement to the 550 Sundancer, and evolved into the 580 Sundancer in the fall of 2009, recognizable by the hull window glazing and the up-down extended bathing platform.

January 7, 2024

Super Yacht Saved from Fire in Aventura Florida

Fire fighters from Miami-Dade Fire Rescue responded to a 24 meter Lazzara super yacht which caught fire in Williams Island, Island Boulevard, Aventura, Florida on 0600 hours of the morning of Sunday seventh January.  Fire Rescue received a call from a nearby condo which reported that they heard an explosion first, and saw the yacht on fire some seconds later.  When arriving on the scene the Miami-Dade Fire fighters found a fire on the fore-deck of the yacht, with this controlled and put out.  No injuries where reposted with the yacht being unattended during the fire.  The cause of the fire are under investigation.
The yacht in this is fire is a Lazzara 80 SC model as produced from 2002 to 2006 to an inhouse design with interiors by Christian Delashmutt.  Lazzara build five 80 SC and twenty 80 Sky Lounge, for a total of 25 hulls of the series.  The Lazzara 80 SC and 80 Sky Lounge came out as a replacement of the 80, and evolved into the 84 in 2006.

November 12, 2023

Fifty Foot Sportfish Yacht Lost to Fire in San Pedro Harbour

A fifty foot sportfish yacht was lost and destroyed by a fire in Berth 85 just outside Harbour Boulevard near the Los Angeles Maritime Museum in San Pedro Harbour, California on 16:08 of Saturday eleventh November.  One person was admitted to hospital following smoke inhalation during the accident, although the yacht was reported unattended when the fire started.  Los Angeles Fire Department controlled the blaze in just fifteen minutes, with investigation on what started the fire currently ongoing.
At this stage I cannot decipher what this fifty foot sportfish yacht was, but it looks like this was also wooden build.  If someone knows more, send a message and will update.

November 11, 2023

Princess Yacht Burns and Sinks in Isle of Wight

An eighteen meter Princess sport yacht titled m/y Peroni with two persons onboard caught fire near Ventnor, to the South of the Isle of Wight, United Kingdom at 10:20 hours of Saturday eleventh November.  The coast guard responded to the May Day call with Bembridge RNLI picking the two persons onboard, while Sandown and Shanklin independent lifeboat and its crew monitored the yacht on fire, and its debris, as it drifted to the South East until it eventually sank at about 13:30 local time.
M/y Peroni is a 2017 Princess V58, an eighteen meter sport yacht designed by Bernard Olesinski with a three double cabins accommodation and a DS saloon patio door or full Open main deck option.  Peroni had the enclosed Deck Saloon option and was powered by the large Volvo 900hp for speeds up to 37 knots.  Produced from 2014 to 18 the V58 came out as a replacement to the V57, and was replaced by the V55 in 2019.

November 2, 2023

Fire Burns Five Boats in La Paz Mexico

A fire which broke out the early morning of second November burned down and sank five yachts from eleven to 32 meters at Marina Palmira, in La Paz, Mexico.  The fire is reported to have started on a seventeen meters Azimut yacht, which then moved to the other four burned out boats, and damaged at least five more.  Tim Prouty gave an account of the accident on the Latitude38 website, when he saw the first seventeen meters flybridge yacht starting to burn on its stern port side at about 03:00 hours early morning time.  With a soft breeze blowing starboard to port the fire eventually jumped to the next boat, then the other, until five boats totally burned down and sank, including of which, and last to get the fire a 32 meter Hatteras super yacht.  Fire fighting crew response came at about 03:30 but an hour later to this the fire had already engulfed the five boats and yacht which burned down and sank.  
The yachts in this fire are an Azimut 58 Full a model produced from 1998 to 2002, the one that looks to have started the blaze, followed by what look to be two Riviera models, and then jumping to another Azimut 43S.  The Hatteras super yacht which burned was a 2019 100 RPH m/y Optimus and hull number five, which was also the last build of this Enrico Gobbi designed series which debuted in 2013.

October 28, 2023

Sunseeker Yacht Destroyed by Fire in Haulover

A 26 meter Sunseeker super yacht went ablaze in Bal Harbour, Haulover Park Marina, 10800 Collins Ave, Northeast Miami-Dade County, Florida on 04:45 early morning time of Saturday 28 October.  The yacht was reported unattended at the time of the fire, with Miami-Dade Fire Recsue finding it difficult to arrive to the yacht due to the length of the dock.  The fire was controlled at about 07:00 hours although fire controls and checks where still ongoing, in order to avoid the possibility of a second burn out from the heat and fumes that had not yet stopped.  Miami-Dade Fire Rescue dispatched a total of 24 units including a few fireboats to control this fire.  No one was injured on the fire, with the cause of the blaze being under investigation.
The Sunseeker super yacht in this fire is a first generation 86 Yacht produced from 2008 till the fall of 09 in nine units.  The 86 Yacht has an interior with four double cabins and two crew cabins, and is powered by twin Man or Cat 1670hp for speeds up to thirty knots.  The 86 replaced the Sunseeker 82 Yacht, and evolved into the 88 Yacht in 2010 with standard hard-top and glazed hull windows replacing the three and four part large port holes.

October 13, 2023

Super Yacht Burns at Fort Lauderdale Yacht Haven Marina

A 28 meter super yacht titled m/y Self Made burned in flames while berthed in Yacht Haven Marina, near West State Road 84, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on about 22:30 hours of Thursday twelfth October.  Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue and Fire Fighters responded to the blaze which engulfed Self Made, with the flames controlled in about two hours.  After the fire the 28 meter yacht had over half of its main deck and flybridge badly burned down by the fire.  The yacht was reported unattended at the time of the fire, with no injuries and damage to other vessels being reported.  
Motor Yacht Self Made previously named Janet is a Cheoy Lee 92 model delivered in 1999, and last refitted in 2015.  Designed by Tom Fexas the Cheoy Lee 92 debuted in 1988 as an evolution of the 90, and in 1999 received a new super structure design and was produced till 2004 in a total of ten units.  The 92 was replaced by the Burvenich design Cheoy Lee 95 in 2005.