October 29, 2010

Projects: Uniesse 53 HT, Uniesse 55 Sport, Uniesse 60 HT

Uniesse presents three projects set to be unveiled in 2011. Two of these projects are fully new models destined to fill the new HT range presented in 2007 with the launching of the 75HT. Above is in fact the first of these being the 53 HT. This fully new Uniesse will have a three double cabin two shower heads layout and although its owner suite is located to fore it is made in a way as to feel a full beam affair. The main deck which is the novelty of the HT range is fully closing, thanks to patio doors and sunroof opening. The Uniesse 55 Sport is a new model based on the 2003 launched 54. Similar to the 54 here in this new project is just the hull, as the rest comes from an evolution rethinking of the spaces offered by the patio door design. So its not just redesigning of the superstructure and adding a door to the wheel house area. But all the spaces onboard follow a new pattern from the aft deck, going to inside, and the three double cabins area below. For example on the 55 Sport you will loose the saloon in the lower deck, but thanks to this the owners stateroom while still located forward is moved further aft, and its head is moved to the fore peak. This makes it possible to take advantage of the full beam of the yacht, without complicating technical matters as when moving the owners room to midship. Another advantage is also that the two guest cabins keep a good space. Galley remains below, but the saloon is on the main deck covered under the hard top or fully open to sun and light. Uniesse 60 HT project is the pearl of the three new offers from this quality renowned North Italian builder. Not only for its larger size but for having a very intelligent use of spaces and the right mix of US European influenced design. Compliment this with Uniesse sea keeping fame of Jim Wynn Walt Walters derived hulls and this should actually be hard to miss for those looking for a top tier boat. The plan shows a well spacious aft deck, which also give an L-shaped mezzanine style table, and an unbeatable lower deck with a full beam midship owners room, VIP suite to fore, third double with en-suite shower head, and galley below. Also to note is that all these three new Uniesse projects feature a CE A certification.

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