October 3, 2010

Project: Ferretti Custom Line 100

Ferretti Custom Line presents the project for a new 100 model set to launch in the middle of 2011. The 100 will flank the other planning models of the Custom Line range the 97, 112 Next, and the recently launched 124. Designed as tradition for all Ferretti models in the last two decades by Zuccon, with the help of Ferretti's Advanced Yacht Technology and Centro Stile departments the 100 project features some important novelties for the Custom Line range as a wide body fore area, and optional patio door to starboard side with opening balcony. For this project apart adding new features to the two deck and a half Custom Line 100 Zuccon also choose to present more clean younger lines versus the other models of the range. Huge glazed surfaces abound too, not only in the lower deck for the four guest cabins, but mostly in the main deck, creating unique ambiance of natural light. Another huge glassed area will be the wide body fore peak bow of the main deck, here taking light to the privileged owners stateroom located in this setting. Power for this five double guest cabin two deck and a half super yacht will be from twin MTU 2639hp engines which Ferretti estimates a top speed of 26 knots.

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