April 13, 2024

Project: Azimut Grande 44M

Once upon a time Azimut-Benetti Group never felt the confidence to push Azimut Yachts beyond 35 meters, this was particularly shown in 2012 when the Grande 140 and 125 projects were eventually rebadged as Benetti Fast Line during project stages.  Things change with times and after 2021 and the launch of the Trideck 38 meter and its success of 21 hulls sold to date, Azimut is now going further into bigger dimensions, with the project for this new sleek looking and innovative Grande 44M project presented during the Palm Beach 2024 boat show.  Azimut’s new flagship is as all the recent offers a Low Emission Yacht with concept and exterior styling by Alberto Mancini and interiors by M²atelier, who are working with the Shipyard for the first time.  The Grande 44M as is the usual course of Azimut brings the future to the present, an expression of its mission to marry technological innovation, visionary design and a focus on environmental sustainability. Grande 44M amazes by offering something that doesn’t exist today: a superyacht with reduced CO2 emissions that brings bold, flowing lines to a design with four decks rather than the traditional three, embracing and sculpting significant volumes. Grande 44M is a super yacht that offers a unique and unexpected onboard lifestyle for this segment, with a stand-out Upper Deck, which can be converted into an Owner’s Deck with uninterrupted sea views both forward and astern. The concept underpinning the innovative styling created by Azimut in partnership with Alberto Mancini, is the decision to move the helm station to the fourth deck, freeing up the Upper Deck so that it can be transformed into an Owner’s Deck featuring the master suite and a private terrace offering spectacular views. to aft, the Grande 44M reoffers the Mezzanine Deck with Sea View Terrace that was central to the success of Grande Trideck theme. On the Grande 44M, this stage overlooking the sea is made even more unique by the See Through Pool, with its plays on transparency that establish continuous contact with the water and generate reflections that give the beach club an even more magical feel. The new layout means that architecture firm M²atelier, who are working with Azimut for the first time, could create an interior design that balances functionality and aesthetics, making the owners’ experience central and offering versatile settings to configure according to how they like to spend their time with family and friends. The forward section of Grande 44M’s Upper Deck can be fitted out as a media room for guests or reserved for the owner, or alternatively as a dining area with veranda accommodating twelve people. In both cases, almost two-meter-long windows on either side provide open views outside, where a lounge area in the bow with a small firepit offers a cozy space from which to watch the sun set over the water. It’s a lifestyle aspired to by everyone who loves the sea. Water is the key element in the narrative told by m²atelier, capturing its essence and giving back fluidity, dynamism and reflections. m²atelier, a firm with an international reputation for creative projects in multiple sectors, from residences and hotels to retail and product design brings as a distinctive signature for Azimut a clear message, accented by refined, subtle, whispered details that seduce with a discreet simplicity completely free of affectation or overemphasis. Grande 44M is not only a design and lifestyle masterpiece, but also a highly advanced naval architecture project and a new milestone in the green course charted by Azimut. The yacht is also the flagship of the Shipyard’s family of Low Emission Yachts, models that offer a reduction  between 20 and 30% in emissions compared to more traditional naval architectures of the same size. The innovative naval platform of Grande 44M is based on a Dual Mode hull, the introduction of the Hull Vane® foil technology and the Mild Hybrid Plus Zero Emission Hotel Mode system. The Dual Mode hull, developed in partnership by P.L. Ausonio Naval Architecture and the Azimut Research and Design department, represents the union of two types of conventional hull: the bow section is typical for fast displacement boats, while the part from midships to the stern has a chine commonly found on planning hulls. This results in a hull that allows a considerable reduction in fuel consumption and emissions at every speed range. The foil technology is installed for the first time on an Azimut yacht thanks to the collaboration between Hull Vane, Dutch company global leader in the design of advanced hydrodynamic solutions, and the Azimut|Benetti Group Research and Design Department which has gained a great experience in the design and production of carbon components. The Hull Vane® carbon wing fitted to the stern of Grande 44M is able to suppress the stern wave and generate forward thrust, providing further reduction in overall drag as well as damping of pitch, sway, and roll in navigation. The ability to combine onboard comfort with a focus on environmental sustainability is a stand-out feature of the designs developed by Azimut, which now already offers six models that can be fitted with a Zero Emission Hotel Mode system, making it possible to stay at anchor from up to eight hours with the generators turned off. On the Azimut Grande 44M this technology achieves maximum efficiency in combination with the Mild Hybrid Plus system, a new level of electrification developed by Azimut|Benetti Group in partnership with Asea Nautica. The Mild Hybrid Plus Zero Emission Hotel Mode system is the only solution today that makes it possible to cruise with the generators off and all loads connected, as well as producing a surplus of energy used to recharge the battery pack. Grande 44M is scheduled to be presented to the public at the Cannes 2026 boat show, with Azimut already announcing five units sold at the unveiling of the project during the Palm Beach boat show.

April 12, 2024

Fire Onboard Transport Ship Burns Down Three Yachts

A fire onboard the weather deck of cargo vessel BBC Virginia on 27 November 2021 burned down and totaled a Silent Power catamaran and two Ocean Alexander yachts, with a third Ocean Alexander yacht receiving fire damage.  The cargo vessel BBC Virginia was on a voyage from Koahsioung, Taiwan, when it was reported that the Silent catamaran started smoking, with the smoke becoming a full blaze of fire which jumped and totaled two other super yachts, and damaging a third.  No persons was injured in the fire.
On 12 December 2022 Ocean Alexander opened a lawsuit for damages versus Silent Yachts and Cross Chartering the ship owner of BBC Virginia, stating that the solar powered system onboard the Silent Yacht was unproven and untested, while also reporting that BBC Virginia was an unseaworthy vessel.
The Ocean Alexander yachts in this fire and there respective sizes have not been mentioned although the one in the above picture looks to be an Explorer 27E, a model which debuted in 2020, while the damaged super yacht shown in another photo looked to be a 37L.

New Launch: Baglietto Superfast 41m hull #10242

Baglietto has launched an aluminum custom build 41m Superfast super yacht hull number 10242, titled m/y Francesca II. This Baglietto 41m custom Superfast is characterized by a strong personality and comes from a design by Francesco Paszkowski who also signed also the interior in collaboration with Margherita Casprini, and naval architecture by Bacigalupo.  Paszkowski designed a flybridge yacht of important size, yet with a stream lined profile that even though she is a flybridge yacht, makes her one of the most sleekest yachts in size.  Fully custom this 41m Superfast bears a personal layout, with all guests cabins located on the lower deck: master stateroom at amidships, VIP suite forward, and two guest cabins with twin single beds that can slide convert into double beds. On the same deck, closer to the stern, are the crew quarters and lobby located beside the engine room and conveniently accessible directly from the main deck, they include accommodation for five with a captain’s cabin and two double cabins for the crew, and a galley with dinette. The aft garage, which opens on one side, is used to store a tender. The main deck has been devised in such a way as to ensure a harmonious continuum between interior and exterior areas. Two sliding doors, one located aft and the other on a side, provide access to the dining area and to the conversation area of the main salon. The latter is brightened by the natural light flowing through two ceiling-high windows, which also ensure a wonderfully close contact with the sea even when living indoors. The pilot station can be found forward of the main salon. The outdoor aft cockpit hosts a lounge area, while the sunbathing area on the aft swimming platform is perfect to relax by the sea. Another sunbathing area and a second conversation area have been set up at the extreme bow of this modern, impressively functional yacht. A second pilot station, with a pleasant relaxation area just behind it, can be found on the fly bridge. Baglietto's custom Superfast hull number 10242 is fitted with triple MTU 1920hp with jet propulsion system, delivering a top speed up to 33 knots and a cruise 28 knots. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 41 m (134.5ft)
Beam - 8 m
Draft - 1.40 m
Displacement - 165 t half load
Fuel Capacity - 15,000 l
Water Capacity - 2500 l
Accommodation - eight guests in four cabins, five crew in three cabins
Engines - 3 x MTU 12v2000 M96L 1920hp
Propulsion - jet drives
Speed - 33 knots max 28 cruise
Construction - aluminum
Project - Francesco Paszkowski exterior interior, Margherita Casprini interior, Bacigalupo naval architect
Certification - ABS

April 11, 2024

New Model: Sessa F48

Sessa presents the new F48 a further evolution of the Fly47, a hull which was actually born as the 45 Fly in 2011. A model which has its roots to a design by Christian Grande the new Sessa F48 is further enhanced to aft and for its external spaces while maintaining the comfort and privacy of the original design.  This increase in length of 66 centimeters has benefitted the F48 with the following upgrades; more aft cockpit deck space which now features seven square meters of space making the largest in its size, larger bathing platform with galley, and standard twin Volo 550hp engines power with IPS pods drives which give speeds up to 35 knots. Standard power for the Fly 47 was twin Volvo 480hp. For the remaining the Sessa F48 keeps the virtues which has made this model quite a popular choice in its previous two versions, with a three double cabins accommodation plan, and a choice of a central or aft galley layout on the main deck.
Technical Data:
LOA - 14.90 m (48.9ft)
Beam - 4.38 m
Draft - 1.10 m 
Displacement - 17499 kg
Fuel Capacity - 1391 l
Water Capacity - 559 l
Max Persons - sixteen
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins
Engines - 2 x Volvo D8 550hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking IPS dual propeller pod drives
Speed - 35 knots max
Project - Christian Grande
Certification - CE B

April 10, 2024

Three People Saved from Yacht Fire in Burj al Arab Dubai

Three persons where saved from a fire which broke on a sixteen meter motor yacht near Burj al Arab in Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai on 1400 hours of Friday seventeen January 2020.  The Dubai Civil Defense assisted the yacht passengers first and later extinguished the fire, although the yacht was practically totaled with all its upper structure burned out. None of the three passengers had any injuries.  According to an initial report the fire started from an engine failure and a fuel leakage, although an investigation is ongoing on the case. 
The yacht in this fire is an Astondoa 52 GLX as designed by Christian Gatto and produced from 2007 to 10.  The Astondoa 52 GLX came out as a replacement to the 54 GLX, with the model evolving into the 55 Fly model in 2010 with the addition of a larger extended bathing platform.

Project: Rizzardi InSeven Plus

Rizzardi present the project for the InSeven Plus, an upcoming 24 meter flagship for the central-South Italian yacht builder.  Rizzardi has seen a lot of success with the In-line, which took over from the Incredible series in 2019 debuting with the InSix model, and has so far today delivered over 25 yachts.  This is the second time a new flagship is announced when in 2021 Rizzardi presented the InEight saying that it has finalized the project stages of the model.  The new InSeven Plus is a blend of sportiness, elegance and technology, with the usual Rizzardi aggressive design and sleek lines, but is also a concentrate of comfort and functionality.  At 24 meters long  this new project follows in the footsteps of the large sporty open hard-tops InFive and InSix. The access into the cabin area with come through a large patio door, highlights a large contiguous area between the external and internal environment. The spaces are surprisingly spacious for a sport yacht, and the interiors will be customized according to the owner's requests, as per usual Rizzardi tradition. From a technical point of view, like all the In models the propulsion of the InSeven Plus is again trusted to surface drives, which supported by the "Auto-Trim" system, guarantee not only excellent performance levels but also planning at low speed. On the bridge, the maneuverability will be entrusted to the electronically controlled joystick for the automatic control of the surface propellers, thus simplifying the yacht's movements during mooring, with the InSeven Plus also offered with the digital anchoring function, what is a first for surface drive propulsion.  Rizzardi InSeven Plus can be powered by twin Man 1800 or 2000hp which with the surface drives will give top speeds of 43 and or 45 knots respectively.  The first unit of the Rizzardi InSeven Plus is reported in initial construction phase with a launching date not yet announced.

April 9, 2024

Sunseeker Yacht on Fire in New River Fort Lauderdale

A nineteen meter Sunseeker sport yacht went on fire while berthed near the Alluvion Building, New River, Fort Lauderdale on the afternoon of Saturday sixth April. It is not reported if the yacht was attended at the time of the fire, with the fire looking as starting in the cabin area of the main deck.  A video on Instagram by the Lifestyle Miami page showed three fire fighters fighting the fire in the cockpit, while newsroom WPLG also showed a video with the Fire Fighters and a TowboatUS boat arriving at the scene and starting to fighting the fire.
The Sunseeker yacht in this fire is a Predator 62 model as produced from 2005 to 2008. Designed by Don Shead the Predator 62 was a good success for Sunseeker, also for its spaces inside including a spacious full beam owners stateroom.  The Predator 62 came out as replacement to the larger but less spacious inside Predator 68 and was replaced by Predator 64 in 2009.

New Model: Bering B72

Bering Yachts’ shipyard in Antalya, Türkey has launched the first unit of its 72 model. Designed by Sabdes from Australia the 72 is a stylish ocean-going explorer yacht, an improved extended version of the 65 model, which is into it's fourth hull since launched in 2013. Increased size means more space and boosted capabilities for reliable and comfortable cross-Atlantic travel or leisure time spent with the close ones, and this is what the Bering 72 is all about. A significant part of the improvements in the 72 has been made after interviewing owners of other Bering yachts, taking into consideration the comments and suggestions tor better comfort and usability. The three decks of Bering 72 offer plenty of opportunities to travel the sea, with a lower deck offering a three double guest cabin layout with an owners stateroom forward.  A two berth crew cabin with bunks berths is also located at midships in between the guest cabins and engine room.  The Bering 72 is powered by twin Cummins 326hp for a top speed up to ten knots, and a cruise of eight, this giving a range up four thousand nautical miles.  
Technical Data:
LOA - 22.18 m (72.6ft)
Waterline Length - 20.5 m
Beam -  6.45 m
Draft - 1.87 m
Displacement - 120 t *loaded. 120 gt *volume
Fuel Capacity - 24,000 l
Water Capacity - 2855 l
Accommodation - six guests in three cabins, one crew cabin for two
Engines - 2 x Cummins QSL9 326hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - ten knots max, eight cruise
Range - 4000 nautical miles at eight knots  
Hull Shape - full displacement
Construction - steel hull alumimium super structure
Project - Sabdes exterior, Bering interior and naval architecture
Certification - CE A, Class available on request

April 8, 2024

Classic Yacht Collides Into Punta Gorda Bridge Florida

A classic sixteen meter Hatteras motor yacht titled Game anchor drifted and collided into the US41 bridge, in Punta Gorda, Florida on the morning of Wednesday third April.  Charlotte County Sheriff Office reported that the yacht was unattended during the collision, with Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and Florida Highway Patrol being on the scene monitoring the situation.  Strong winds up to fifty knots with its anchorage drifting are the reason the yacht collided into the bridge.  Although unattended during the collision, this classic yacht is reported to be a liveaboard for one person.
The classic Hatteras in this bridge collision is a first generation 53 Motor Yacht as produced from 1969 to 77.  Designed by Jack Hargrave the 53 Motor Yacht was Hatteras flagship at launch, and one of its longest produced models, and including the second version which arrived in 1978 sold over 350 hulls in a nineteen years production up to 1988.

Project: Focus 3X

Focus present the new 3X project an eleven meter innovative sport cruiser, which shines for its efficiency, and adaptability, and a thoughtful design which leaves nothing untouched, fusing the dynamic excitement of a sport cruiser with the liberating experience of an open boat. One of the innovative features of the Focus 3X will be an innovative exterior with a two-meter wide electric side windows and glass hardtop in the cockpit, enabling it to seamlessly transition from an enclosed hard-top to an almost entirely open cruiser. A unique feature for a sport cruiser of this size which provides unparalleled flexibility. The 3X cockpit is also masterfully designed for open-air enjoyment, boasting a sleek aft central sunbed and secure walkaround side decks. Two cockpit layouts, are available all revolving around the dinette which goes from an L-shaped to opposite settees. The helm station of the Focus 3X is again testament to thoughtful design and practicality, boasting a two-meter wide leather-trimmed dashboard, comfortable dual seating, ample leg-room, and a customizable Isotta steering wheel, prioritizing the pilot's comfort and command. Inside the Focus 3X offers a spacious master cabin forward and bathroom with a dedicated overhead shower offer home-like comfort, complemented by expansive hull windows for direct sea views. The saloon includes a fully equipped galley and a convertible seating area for additional sleeping space. The Focus 3X also comes with two lower deck options, for a twin cabin version with double berth cabin at midships or this replaced by a standing refrigerator. The Focus 3X is standard powered by twin Mercruiser 430hp gas engines on sterndrive, with five further engine options being available for diesels from twin Volvo 270 up to Yanmar 370hp with a twin Mercury 400hp outboard option also being available.

April 7, 2024

XL Marine New Web Site

XL Marine presents its new web-site. Founded in January 2006 by Alessandro Giambalvo, Salvatore Oliviero, and Antonio di Mennato as naval architect, with all the three managers coming from a previous experience with Itama.  For this XL Marine inspired itself to the traditional fast open cruiser and yacht and to the professional roots of its founders, with clean uncluttered lines and wrap around windscreen, but with comfortable exterior and interior decks, and customization to both main cockpit living and the lower cabin deck.  XL Marine debuted with its first 43 model on 29 May 2006, what is still it's most successful model to date with fourteen units produced till 2012.  The 43 was followed by the 51 model in 2008, and the 45 in 2012.  For the time between 2015 and 2021 XL Marine has not produced any models, but was more concentrating on maintaining and refitting boats and yachts.  From 2022 guided by Salvatore Oliviero and Antonio de Mennato as naval architect, XL Marine has restarted production.  Today XL Marine offers three models 45 2024 updated model, 55 Walk Around, and 60 project.  The new XL Marine website takes you with the following buttons; Home, Chi Siamo (who we are), Gallery, Fiere ed Eventi (shows and events), e Contatti (contacts).  XL Marine is also present on social media with bottom left links taking you to its Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin pages.
Production History: 
43 2006-12 (14) 
45 2012-14 (2)
51 2008-12 (7 *includes 51 HT S)
51 HT S 2012 (1)
45 (ii) 2024- (1
55 WA 2025- (1
XL Marine 43 #1 launching on 29 May 2006

April 6, 2024

New Model: Ocean Alexander Puro 35P

Ocean Alexander has during the 2024 Palm Beach boat show idebuted it's new Puro 35P super yacht. Puro means Pure in Italian, and here we see as the title says the Taiwanese Ocean Alexander debut its first with an Italian designed yacht from top to bottom, in both style and naval architecture, and for over a decade or more exiting it's own sphere of yachts designed by London based Evan K. Marshall. Designed by renowned Italian architect Giorgio M. Cassetta in collaboration with Andrea Agrusta of NavalHEAD responsible for naval architecture, the Puro 35P comes as a three deck semi-wide body design, with accommodation for ten guests including a full beam owner stateroom on the forward part of the main deck.  Crew accommodation is for six persons in three cabins on the forward part of the lower deck, an area which will also include a crew mess with an L-shaped dinette and a galley.  Ocean Alexander Puro 35P is powered by twin Man 2000hp for top speeds up to 24 knots.  The Ocean Alexander Puro 35P seems to have gotten to a flying start with four more units currently in build.
Technical Data:
LOA - 34.6 m (113.6ft)
Waterline Length - 29.2 m
Beam - 7.44 m
Draft - 2.31 m
Displacement - 144,300 kg, 273gt *volume 
Fuel Capacity - 19,040 l
Water Capacity - 2500 l
Accommodation - ten guests in five cabins, six crew in three cabins
Engines - 2 x Man V12 2000hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 24 knots max
Hull Shape - semi displacement
Construction - fiberglass
Project - Giorgo M. Cassetta exterior and interior, Andrea Agusta NavalHead naval architect
Certification - RINA class

April 5, 2024

Project: Zeelander 8

Zeelander present the project for the 8 model, soon to be taking place as the new flagship in its classic inspired line of the Dutch yacht builder which today starts at fifteen meters. The brand new 8 is an aesthetic development of the smaller Zeelander models which are so coveted by yachting connoisseurs, and will feature the same speed, quietness and immaculate finish that have helped position the brand at the top of the yachting sphere. The new Zeelander 8’s S-shaped shearline, gracefully raked stern and wrap-around windscreen will seduce longstanding fans of the brand, as well as newcomers. Zeelander has imbued the yacht with the same effortless curves as the smaller models. In fact, you will struggle to find a plain, straight line anywhere about the exterior. This is a contemporary design with a quality of timelessness, which ensures the boat will look every bit as good in twenty years as it does now. Designer Cor D. Rover’s experienced touch is again evident in the balance and proportion of the yacht. Despite her impressive 23.9m length overall, she so closely resembles her smaller sisters that it is hard to make out her scale from the renderings. Only seeing the yacht alongside and with a human figure aboard betrays her true size. Full details of how Zeelander has made the most of the extra volume afforded by the long hull and its six meters plus of  beam have yet to be revealed, except to say that the yacht will offer three double cabins for guests and space for up to three crew. It is also clear that the yacht will feature an innovative drive-in tender garage which builds on the system developed for the Zeelander 6 and 7. Once again, Zeelander has poured its industry-leading experience of noise and vibration attenuation into the new design. It enables the yacht to operate at full speed without noise levels on board ever breaking the 72dBa barrier. In other words, the Zeelander 8 will always be an oasis of comfortable calm even at forty knots. Construction is already well advanced at Zeelander’s newly expanded build hall in Groot-Ammers. This facility was recently renewed and extended in order to be able to accommodate client demand for larger yachts. The Zeelander 8 is to be powered by quadruple Volvo 900hp or 1000hp with IPS pod drive propulsion, with top speeds up to forty knots with the large engine option.  The first Zeelander 8 is to be delivered in Summer 2024. Zeelander Yachts’ range now includes four models: Zeelander 5, Zeelander 6, Zeelander 7 and Zeelander 8.

April 4, 2024

New Model: Sealine S335

Sealine presents its new S335 model, a hard-top open sport cruiser as designed by Bill Dixon.  An evolution of the S330 which was presented in 2014 and recognizable by the larger hull side window, the Sealine S335 also shares platform with the fully enclosed main deck C335, and is also available in a V for outboard version.  The Sealine S335 offers a main deck with C-shaped dinette to port side with opposite wet-bar, single seat helm station to starboard, and a double passenger settee to port side.  Down below the Sealine S335 is standard offered  in a forward and midships double cabins layout, with a spacious shower head to starboard, and a furniture unit to port side. You do not like this option, no worries as the S335 is offered in two other options form the choice of a J-shaped dinette to port side or galley, to replacing the forward cabin with a U-shaped dinette.  The Sealine S335 is standard powered by a single Volvo 340hp with stern drive propulsion for up to 28 knots speeds, with a bigger 440hp and or twin Mercury diesels 270hp options being available.  The S335v outboard version is powered by twin 300hp and is estimated to give top speeds up to forty knots.
Technical Data:
LOA - 10.31 m (33.9ft)
Hull Length - 9.99 m
Beam - 3.50 m
Draft - 0.98 m
Displacement - 6.14 t
Fuel Capacity - 570 l
Water Capacity - 220 l
Max Persons - eight
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins, or four plus two
Engines - 1 x Volvo D6 340hp, 440hp, 2 x MD3.0l 270hp
Propulsion - Volvo DPI duo prop stern drive, or twin Mercury Bravo three duo prop stern drives
Speed - 32 knots max with Volvo 440hp, 38 with 340hp
Construction - sandwich with isophtalic gel-coat and first resin of vinylester resin
Project - Bill Dixon
Certification - CE B

April 3, 2024

Project: Princess F58

During the 2024 Palm Beach boat show Princess announced the project for a new F58 flybridge motor yacht to arrive in early 2025.  As designed by Bernard Olesinski and Pininfarina the F58 will sit in between the F55, and the F65.  By assumption I would have said the F58 would replace the F55 which has been in production since 2017 with a stylistic make over in 2021, but so far at least on declaration from Plymouth this does not seem to be the case, even though this new model is only half a meter longer.  A feature headlining the F58 is that she is to be the first Princess below 24 meters to offer a hotel service battery generated silent mode, probably also one of the few motor yacht's in this size.  The Princess F58 will also offer a spacious living main deck in it's size, and is one of the few yachts at eighteen meters with astern galley layout to offer both a dinette in front of the galley, and relaxing sofa on the raised part of the split level saloon.   As an example both the 2023 debutants, the Ferretti 580 and the slightly smaller Fairline Squadron 58 offer only a C-shaped sofa forward, which transforms to a dinette when needed.  Is this extra space in the inner saloon traded for the aft cockpit deck, for that to fully know we will have to wait for 2025, but on plans it does look to be the same size of the F55.  Down below the Princess F58, will offer a traditional three double cabins two head layout, with a full beam midships master stateroom, a forward VIP, and a third cabin with two single berths.  A crew cabin is located aft.  The Princess F58 is to be powered by standard twin Man 1000hp engines good for up to 31 knots, with optional 1200hp giving a 34 knots top speed.

April 2, 2024

Pershing Yacht on Fire in Dubai

A 26 meter Pershing super sport yacht titled m/y Spirit of Zen went ablaze when moored in her berth at Dubai Marina, Dubai on 11:12 of the morning of second April.  Fire fighters from Dubai Harbor Station responded first to the fire five minutes later, and where then followed by Dubai Civil Defense, with the fire extinguished at 12:28.  No one was injured in the fire, although it is not reported if the yacht was attended at the time of the blaze.  The yacht was badly damaged and listed on its port side, and then sank after the fire was extinguished.  The cause of the fire is now under investigation by the relevant agency.
M/y Spirit of Zen is a 2002 Pershing 88 as designed by Fulvio de Simoni.  Launched to high acclaim in 1999 as the new Pershing flagship, the 88 was considered the yacht of that year, nick named the silver bullet for its color scheme and sporty looks.  Produced till 2004 in seventeen units, the 88 was replaced by the Pershing 90 in 2005.

New Model: Wally Power50

At the appointment of the 2024 Dusseldorf boat show in January, Wally came full guns blazing by presenting its new Power50 model. Spanning the arc between the Wallytender range and the Wally Power58, the new Wally Power50 is so flexible and adaptable that it can serve as anything from chase-boat to tender to day-cruiser to luxury weekender to high-octane thrill-ride, proof indeed that whatever life you want to lead, the Power50 is the bridge that can take you there. The Wallypower50 combines the more open design of the Wallytenders with the more spacious areas of the Wallypower58, with an extensive options list that means you can define a Wallypower50 to meet your operational wishes. Love the vertical stem and inimitably striking lines of the Wallypowers? The new Wallypower50 carries that design DNA in her profile and her hull, matching flair with finesse. But if you want an element of Wallytender practicality, no problem as you can spec a wraparound fender like those found on the Wallytenders to give you more rugged workhorse capability. Central to the onboard experience is the beautifully drawn balance between rugged practicality and sublime functionality, and it is here that the shared genes between the Wallytenders and the Wallypowers is truly evident. The wallypower50 boasts all the open space of her smaller cousins, which lends herself perfectly to working tender operational parameters, but adds touches that speak to her standalone capabilities too. There are two sunbeds aft instead of one, with a generous walkway between them offering easy boarding and disembarkation; moreover, drop-down aft bulwarks extend the aft deck space by six square meters, creating a luxurious area for enjoying the sea or enjoying a sundowner or two with family and friends. Forward of the sunbeds, nestling under the protection of the angular cockpit structure yet still delivering an alfresco feel, is the cockpit saloon. A dining table with banquettes and further bench seating comfortably accommodates eight guests, with space for more on forward-facing bench seats plus the helm chairs. Of course, there is also a foredeck sunpad with adjustable headrests, ideal for soaking up some rays at anchor or away from prying eyes when moored stern-to; there is also easy access to the hidden anchoring system, which itself is not only a neat design trick but also means even the foredeck is clutter free. The helm itself is elegant and modern, offering all controls to hand and with two large MFDs providing access to all operating and systems data as well as a comprehensive navcomms suite. The helm is ideally located for all-round visibility – particularly pertinent when riding the wallypower50 to her higher performance limits. Below, the wallypower50 reveals her power roots, with not only a full head and shower but a welcoming space that can offer everything you need for weekending, or even longer cruising. A large forward double berth, cosy saloon area and kitchenette galley, all finished to the highest standards, mean the wallypower50 can just as easily be your pied-a-terre wherever you wish to go – a luxurious and inviting studio apartment that’s perfect for couples. The wallypower50 doesn’t just encompass flexibility, she also offers a bridge into the rarefied world of true performance boating because if a thrilling, responsive, exhilarating dream-ride is what you’re after, of course there’s a version for you. The standard WallyPower50 is powered by twin Volvo 480hp with IPS pod drives propulsion for a thirty knots cruise and a top speed of 36 knots, all the while combining performance with easy handling thanks to a perfect hull, and joystick control with optional DPS for close-quarters situations. For those who revel in real performance, there’s the Wallypower50X. Offered in two variants, each with quad Mercury outboards, the 50X multiplies the Wally factor and takes you for a serious blast. With the quad 400hp options, you’re looking at a 48-knot max with a range of 240 nautical miles. Step up to the quad 500hp option and watch the Wallypower50X power to more than fifty knots. It's not just about grunt, of course. The wallypower50 and 50X draw on a deep-V hull to offer stability at speed and the ability to cruise faster even in bigger seas, meaning more scope to enjoy everything the wallypower50 offers in more conditions.
Technical Data:
LOA - 14.6 m (47.9ft)
Hull Length - 14.6 m
Waterline Length - 13.6 m
Beam - 4.3 m
Draft - 1.3 m
Displacement - 12.9 t dry, 16.6 t loaded
Fuel Capacity - 1400 l
Water Capacity - 240 l
Max Persons - twelve
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins
Engines - 2 x Volvo D6 480hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking IPS650 dual propeller pod drives
Speed - 36 knots max, thirty cruise
Range - 240 nautical miles at cruise
Hull - warped modified Vee with spray rails and eighteen degrees deadrise aft
Construction - fiberglass with carbon fiber
Project - Luca Bassani, Ferretti Group engineering
Certification - CE B12/C16 RINA certified with modules B+F

April 1, 2024

The Sport Cruiser is Back

When nearly everyone seemed to stop believing on the medium size sport cruiser here comes British builder Fairline and its new Targa 40 to show and remind us, why in all sizes, a two cabins sleek looking sport cruising boat is still one of the best way to go at sea.  This new Fairline Targa brings evolution to the species, and finally we see drop down bulk-heads integrated cleverly in a sport cruiser design.

The twelve meter medium-sized open sport cruiser has been hammered in the past decade, by center consoles and dual consoles, and arguably the most successful models in this size are over ten years old.  Like the Princess V40 presented in 2017 a soft evolution of the V39 which came out in 2012, while an other success is the Sessa C38 which is still doing very well despite its fall 2009 presentation.  Both these models have had a long standing success, and while arguably they offer everything for a typical family of a couple and two kids to go a week cruise, it's worth noting that they did bring nothing new to the table beside a hard-top to say similar sized models from the late nineties and early noughties, and some other soft evolutionary design touches.

Interestingly even Galeon which was the first major production builder to push folding down bulkheads in the aft deck with its 500 Fly model in 2015 to the masses never offered a sport cruiser of eleven to twelve meter in size with this system. Its 405 HTS is in fact an evolution of the Galeon 385 which debuted in 2010.

Where do we go from here, will be interesting.  Like in anything if Fairline's new Targa 40 will sell out the competition it will not be long, before the main competition starts offering similar featured, add drop down bulk-head models.  The good thing is the sport cruiser renewal has started.

March 31, 2024

Azimut Super Yacht Crashes Into Haulover Bridge Safety Barriers

A 32 meter Azimut super yacht titled m/y Double Trouble collided into the bull nose safety barriers of Haulover's Inlet Bridge in Miami, Florida, on the morning of thirtieth March.  The event was filmed by Marco from Philly with Wavy Boats YouTube channel sharing the event first, with Boat Mania Hub and Haulover Inlet Boats giving a different perspective drone filming of the collision the following day.  The yacht did a big noise as it collided with the safety barriers, which caused a damage of six gapping holes damage of about ten centimeters squared, and probably some glass damage in it's midships port side.  The yacht moved away from the collision on its own power.  On Facebook Wavy Boats said that the yacht tried to make a half circle turn to allow incoming traffic to pass, while on YouTube the story is that the Azimut yacht noticed that it could not pass from under the bridge because of high tide.  
M/y Double Trouble is an Azimut Grande 32M as designed by Stefano Righini for exterior with interiors by Achille Salvagni and naval architecture by Ausonio, and produced onwards from 2018.  Designed by Stefano Righini the Grande 32M came out as a replacement to the Grande 30M, and has far sold in 26 units.

Monthly News - March 2024

-pic of the month- Pardo Opens US Office

Aquila Power Catamarans New Dealer for Hong Kong and Singapore

Aquila Power Catamarans, a leading name in the marine industry, announced a strategic change in its dealership structure in the Hong Kong and Singapore regions. Effective as of March 1, the renowned Marine Italia will take over as the exclusive dealer for Aquila Power Catamarans in these key Asian markets.  Marine Italia, a respected name in the yachting and boating community, brings a wealth of experience, dedication, and a passion for maritime excellence. The company's commitment to customer satisfaction and a robust understanding of the local markets make them the ideal partner for Aquila Power Catamarans in Hong Kong and Singapore.  Simpson Marine, the former distributor for Aquila, underwent a change in ownership and realigned its strategy. They will continue to provide exceptional after-sales support to their existing Aquila customers and will support sales through the end of their current inventory.  Yvan Eymieu, Aquila's International Sales and Distribution Manager, expressed enthusiasm about the new partnership, stating, "We are excited to embark on this new chapter with Marine Italia. Their reputation for exceptional service and a deep understanding of the boating industry align seamlessly with our commitment to delivering exceptional products and customer satisfaction. Simpson Marine has been an invaluable partner in our journey, and we extend our best wishes for their continued success in future endeavors.”  Customers and partners alike can expect a smooth transition, with Marine Italia taking the reins seamlessly and continuing to uphold the standards of excellence associated with Aquila Power Catamarans. Marine Italia will begin showcasing Aquila during the Singapore Yacht Show this coming April.

Arcadia Yachts Signs Partnership Agreement

Arcadia Yachts has entered into an agreement with The Italian Yacht Group relating to the Campania-based brand’s futuristic boats bound for US waters.  The agreement between the shipyard headed by Ugo Pellegrino, famous for its sustainable approach and its dive to innovate, and the boutique brokerage firm rooted in the thirty-year experience of American professionals who love the Italian way of yachting was presented at the upcoming Palm Beach Boat Show.

Azimut-Benetti Group and D-Marin Begin Construction of Livorno Marina

Azimut|Benetti Group, the first global leading private Group in the yachting sector, and D–Marin, the selection of premium marinas, will begin work on Livorno marina, set to be one of the Mediterranean’s most prestigious yachting destinations, built on a shared desire to foster the growth of nautical tourism.  During the press conference attended by VIPs and key stakeholders, held on 28th March in collaboration with the Livorno Mayor’s office, D–Marin and Azimut|Benetti Group revealed that construction will begin at Livorno Marina in April 2024.  The joint venture with Azimut|Benetti Group and D-Marin will deliver to the city of Livorno one of the most notable marinas in the Mediterranean, designed by Archea of Florence. The entire project is expected to be completed in June 2026, while the first parts of Livorno Marina will be available to customers ahead of schedule. There will be 815 berths in total.  The expected investment is approximately 14 -15 million Euros. The project includes the renovation of the docks, meeting spaces, premium leisure and entertainment amenities. More than 220 m2 of the site will be reserved for restaurants, 60 m2 for bars, and 250 m2 dedicated to offices.  Livorno Marina’s environmental credentials will be achieved through Azimut|Benetti Group’s and D-Marin’s strong commitment to creating sustainable marinas for present and future generations. The marina will use natural elements such as trees and hedges in place of fencing, solar panels to produce a significant portion of energy, and recover rainwater for the irrigation of the green areas

Bayliss at Los Suenos Triple Crown Leg II

Action for Leg II of the Los Sueños Triple Crown did not disappoint! The fleet released 2,307 billfish across the three days of fishing, and members of the Bayliss Boatworks family made their marks on the leader board. Out of the top ten boats, five were either built or completely rebuilt at Bayliss Boatworks.  Miss AC placed first overall tallying an impressive 86 sails by the tournament’s end. They also won the daily on Day 2 with 37 releases. Tarheel placed third overall with 77 sailsfish releases. Mama Seata won the daily on Day 1 of the tournament, releasing 39 sails and 1 marlin. Kelly Weber with Max Bet received top angler for the tournament with 24 sailfish releases. Congratulations to the owners, captains, and crews. We are counting down the days until Leg III!  

Feadship YETI Five Years On

Five years ago, on 25 March 2019 Feadship invited a group of industry representatives to the De Voogt offices to discuss an idea called the Yacht Environmental Transparency Index, or YETI for short. On the spot, everybody agreed to start a Joint Industry Project (JIP) under the umbrella of the then just formed Water Revolution Foundation. A lot has happened in the intervening period and the initiative has now entered the process of being translated into an ISO standard.  Based on an idea by Bram Jongepier, Feadship Senior Specialist Design, YETI is a science-based, data-driven method that scores and compares yachts based on their environmental credentials by using average operational profile based on fleet AIS data.  “Sustainability is essential,” says Jan-Bart Verkuyl, Feadship Director / CEO of Royal Van Lent Shipyard. “If we don't do it, we become complacent. There is pressure from our clients, there is pressure from ourselves, there is pressure from our workers, there is pressure from our children. It needs to be done.”

Feadship Uncovered Podcast Series

Listen to the ‘Feadship Uncovered’ podcast series: the perfect pastime when sitting under a palm tree on an exotic island. Or for most people, when you are stuck in public transport or in a traffic jam.  In ‘Feadship Uncovered’ listeners can follow journalist and writer John Weich through the design process of the signature Carte Blanche experience of Feadship. Across seven 30-minute episodes John explores why billionaires are willing to line up to own a Feadship, or, to avoid the waiting list, buy one second hand. He has been granted unprecedented access to Feadship’s shipyards to interview influential people in design, innovation and research and development, as well as captains and crew, shipyard directors and apprentices. In his effort to design a yacht of his own, he touches on everything from ethical sourcing of materials and hydrogen propulsion to finding the right crew and maintenance. While John is familiar with the luxury world, he knows little about the ins and outs of yachting, making the series exciting for yachting enthusiasts and casual listeners alike.

Ferretti Group 2024 Convergence in Madrid Focus on Future of Yachting

Madrid, city of art, food and fun, plays host to the seventeenth edition of Convergence, the eagerly awaited event that brings together over 130 captains and chief engineers of Ferretti Group ships and yachts, plus technical partners and experts who take the total number of participants to over 200.  The three-day professional development event, starting today and running until March 8, also includes training and team-building sessions. After the success of the high-altitude 2023 edition in Courmayeur, at the foot of Mont Blanc, the stage is now set for discussion and training sessions on various subjects, with the aim of analyzing the new developments in the industry that also affect individual professionals.  “Convergence is an event with an increasingly high profile, offering the ideal opportunity to take stock of global trends and new developments in the yachting industry. The event’s popularity and attendance numbers keep growing, underscoring the passion and hard work of our captains and chief engineers. The 2024 event will discuss innovation, artificial intelligence and new technologies, all vitally important areas in which we are investing as a way to offer the owners of our yachts an increasingly unique and rewarding cruising experience,” said Stefano de Vivo, Ferretti Group Chief Commercial Officer.  Also for this edition, main sponsors MAN, Mtu, Rina, Sleipner, Volvo Penta and Xenta will make a high-calibre contribution to the event as always, along with technical sponsors Amare Group, Asea Power System, F.lli Canalicchio and Simrad.  The event gets under way today with an opening speech by Stefano de Vivo, Ferretti Group Chief Commercial Officer, who will give participants an up-to-date financial overview and present new models, current projects and the innovations the Group is working on, followed by the customary welcome dinner.  Day two, Wednesday March 6, will be devoted to training, with two workshops attended by partners and professionals of international standing. The speakers at the morning session, entitled “Artificial Intelligence: what impact will new developments in information technology have on the yachting world?”, will be Blaz Zupan - Professor of AI and Machine Learning at Ljubljana University, Luigi Spagna - Sales Director and Founder at Data Self Service, and Brandon Kertesz - Digital Business Development Manager at main sponsor Rina Maxima.  There will be a more technical focus in the afternoon with the workshop “The new frontiers of surfaces: advanced finishing, better protection and simpler manufacturing”, with the participation of Paul Bournas, Managing Partner at CCS - Coating Consulting Service, Alessandro Boaroli, Technical and Training Manager Italy & Special Segments at PPG, Edoardo D’Ambrosio, Sales Manager Northern Italy at D’Ambrosio SRL and Claire Steel, Director and Founder at Cerashield.  Supporting the training sessions again this year will be an interactive app to give feedback and ask questions in real time, anonymously if they wish, which is invaluable in encouraging participation in the panel discussions.

Ferretti Group Withdraws from Taranto Port Area Conversion

Ferretti Group announces its withdrawal from the reclamation and industrial conversion of the site of the former Belleli Yard in Taranto’s port area.  Despite the best efforts of the authorities, the delays accumulated in the long approval and implementation process have forced the Group to abandon the project.  There has been an increase in the necessary investments over the years, while public funding of the program has been reduced, which has made the outcome excessively uncertain and burdensome for the Company. Notice of the Group’s withdrawal was given in due time to minimize the exposure of the Port System Authority with respect to the public tender still in progress.  

Formula Most Popular Search

BoatTest.com announced that the Formula 350 CBR was the first most popular searched boat in its e-news on Friday, March 8th, 2024! They stated, "Top speed was 58.2 in our tests with triple 350-hp Mercurys. Some people have all the fun, and that's what the Formula 350 CRB was made for."

Lyman-Morse Media Open Day  

Lyman-Morse is organizing an Open Day at its facilities in Thomaston and Camden, Maine, for a behind the scenes look at all its current and upcoming projects. Guests will enjoy exclusive presentations of new boats and designs, get a look at recently completed refit projects, learn about the new LMF Landing Craft Series from our Fabrication division, enjoy dinner and drinks at The Wharf at Lyman-Morse, the newly renovated working waterfront facilities in Camden, and much more.

Maritimo Adds Customer Service and Sales Positions in Strategic Expansion

Leading Australian luxury motor yacht manufacturer, Maritimo, continues its dominance in the Americas, driven by new model launches, increased demand, and a renewed focus on customer service. To ensure that they deliver their renowned customer experience, the company announced that marine industry veteran Mark Mansfield will join Maritimo Americas as Factory Sales Specialist, and longtime Maritimo customer service representative and company captain Tom Jagucki will take on the role of Customer Service Manager for Maritimo Americas. Both Mansfield and Jagucki are passionate boaters that have decades of experience not only within the marine industry, but also with Maritimo, their products, and their customers.  

Pardo Opens US Office

Cantiere del Pardo is pleased to announce the opening of a new representation office in the United States, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  This strategic location has been carefully selected due to its prominence as the bustling heart of the American boating industry, renowned for its central position and reputation within the sector.  The decision to establish the office in Fort Lauderdale was influenced by the remarkable success of the Pardo Yachts brand over the years, both in South Florida and nationally, establishing itself firmly in the American boating market.  Having sold over 250 boats since 2018, with a widespread and constant presence, an unparalleled support network, and a team of elite professionals and collaborators, Pardo Yachts is today a cherished brand for American yacht owners and one of the most desired boat builders.  This success has enabled the development of a robust network of relationships and prompted the presence of a US-based office representing the entire group, including the VanDutch Yachts and Grand Soleil Yachts brands.  The inauguration of the office officially designates Fort Lauderdale as the first operational headquarters of Cantiere del Pardo in the United States. This milestone event marks a significant step in consolidating the American market, opening new avenues for growth and renewed interest in all group brands.  The office is already fully operational and strategically available to all Pardo Yachts dealers (7 throughout the American territory) as well as to all internal staff at Cantiere del Pardo, facilitating effective collaboration and a strong presence in the US market.  “This new office is not just a space” says Fabio Planamente, Cantiere del Pardo CEO. “It is an invitation to become part of the Cantiere del Pardo family, a sign of our commitment to be ever closer to our clients, to share the passion and to write together the next chapter of this extraordinary adventure  spanning over 50 years”.

Riva New Privee at Jeddah Yacht Club

A spectacular view out over crystal clear waters, in the background a dream location that attracts the international jet set and, all around, unmistakable design elements in mahogany and mirror-polished steel with aquamarine detailing. Is it a Riva? It’s a Riva Destination: the new Riva Privée at the exclusive Jeddah Yacht Club.  After Venice, Monte Carlo, Paris, Mykonos, Opatija and Palm Beach, the vibrant city of Jeddah too now has an exclusive venue where guests can soak up the atmosphere of Riva's timeless elegance. Officially opened today, the Riva Privée in Jeddah offers a unique experience that combines the appeal of Riva’s boatbuilding heritage with the breathtaking beauty of the Saudi coastline.  With a surface area of 100 m2, the exclusive Riva Privée is an oasis of style and sophistication in the heart of the city, a stone’s throw from the rich history and appeal of Historic Jeddah, inscribed in the World Heritage List in 2014. Situated on the top floor of the Jeddah Yacht Club, this Riva Privée offers guests a breathtaking view of the magical Jeddah marina through spectacular glazing around the perimeter of the venue. The interior design echoes the elegant and refined style of Riva’s boats, making use of fine materials such as mahogany, striped maple, steel and aluminium, embellished with details including the iconic Aquariva lamp and chairs inspired by the seating in the Aquarama, to conjure up the unmistakable atmosphere of the brand’s iconic yachts. The Riva Privée in Jeddah also features a Riva Brand Experience corner, where guests can buy an exclusive selection of products inspired by Riva’s signature style, including collectibles, clothing and home accessories, giving them their own authentic piece of the brand that has given millions of fans something to dream about for over 180 years.  The Jeddah Riva Privée also offers an exclusive private boat service, giving owners the chance to hire a magnificent Rivamare 38 to explore the coastline.  Jeddah Yacht Club and Marina stands out as the quintessential luxury destination in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Renowned for its opulent surroundings and top-notch amenities, the club offers an unparalleled experience for discerning individuals seeking the epitome of sophistication and leisure. With its exclusive waterfront location and a comprehensive range of high-end recreational activities, including yachting, sailing, and water sports, the club exudes an air of refinement and exclusivity. Moreover, its exquisite dining venues and upscale entertainment facilities further solidify its status as the premier luxury destination in the region, catering to those with a penchant for the finer things in life.

Sanlorenzo Healthy Sales in Greece

Yacht Sales and charter management specialist Ekka Yachts is hailing a new chapter in the region’s rich yachting story, with the launch of its eighth Sanlorenzo superyacht delivered in less than 12 months. The latest deal will see a brand new SL120A moving permanently to Greek waters.  It marks a shift in attitudes towards younger, more innovative yacht styling, according to Ekka Yachts founder and MD Dimitris Kyriazakos. As a yacht dealer for Sanlorenzo Yachts and seasoned broker, he has an excellent insight into marketplace trends.  Ekka has delivered two new SL120A yachts in the past nine months, as well as brokered the sale of a SL106A, SL102 and a SL106. It has also added some significant yachts to its charter fleet, including two SL106A, Mary and Golden Yacht, and the 47m Sanlorenzo explorer yacht ‘Parabellum' as well as an exciting new BGX63 from disrupter Bluegame. But whether a sale translates into a charter listing, or vice versa, Kyriazakos says it makes little difference.  Through the dedication of committed dealers like EKKA Yachts, alongside its own efforts, Sanlorenzo has ascended to become the world's most distinguished builder of yachts in the 24-40m market, thereby cultivating an enviable reputation.  Kyriazakos reports continued growth in the 30m-plus segment of his market, and predicts that demand will remain strong. It’s the same story on the charter side.

Sasga Yachts Global Scholarship

Apprentice boat builder Oscar Press of Sydney’s Northern Beaches is to use a Global Footprint Scholarship to gain invaluable ‘intern’ experience with Sasga Yachts based in Menorca, part of Spain’s Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea.  Oscar, 21, is in his fourth year and apprenticed with BIA member Rowell Marine situated in the heart of Sydney’s Pittwater. He won the grant last year to travel overseas in 2024 to expand his experience as a boat builder and set his mind on honing his skills interning with a quality builder in Europe.  BIA has since worked with Oscar to help identify potential employers across the Europe. Thanks to BIA’s good relations and networks stemming from its work with ICOMIA, the Spanish brand Sasga Yachts rose to the top following investigations ranging from Britain to Turkey, and Scandinavia to Italy.  BIA was able to arrange an in-person introduction this week for Oscar with Sasga Yachts General Manager Jose Luis Sastre at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, in Sydney.  Sasga Yachts was established in the 1970s and is now a second-generation family business led by Jose Luis who is an accomplished sailor and boatbuilder, and is passionate about the history and elegance of the boats they are building ranging from 10 to 21 metres in length.  Sasga’s boatbuilding journey has spanned the decades evolving into an outstanding range of semi-displacement motor yachts which retain echoes of Menorca’s traditional and classic fishing boats known as llaüts (small single-sail fishing boats).  Oscar is looking forward to working with Sasga Yachts, building upon his skill set, learning Spanish and soaking up the rich Spanish culture amidst the picturesque Balearic Islands.  The Australian-based Global Footprints Scholarship is a self-directed career development opportunity for young Australians in agriculture, trades and horticulture. Successful applicants receive a grant to travel overseas for industry experience, professional development workshops, networking opportunities and mentoring.  BIA wholly supports Oscar in his internship which will provide him with an extraordinary learning opportunity as he becomes a role model for other young people to realise the value and opportunities arising from a career in the boating industry. He is certain to return to Australia a well-rounded young boat builder.

Sirena Yachts New Shipyard  

Steady growth in both sales volumes and model sizes has led Sirena Yachts to expand its yacht production facilities in Turkey. Leasing waterside building halls in the shipbuilding centre of Yalova, near Istanbul, has added an extra 150,000 square metres of construction space to Sirena’s estate and boosted the workforce to 1,200. The intention is to concentrate production of Sirena’s Steel 42 superyacht there. The new Yalova site joins Sirena’s two existing building locations in the region. The main facility is a 155,000 square metre complex some 25 minutes’ drive from the sea, where the brand’s smaller series yachts are built. “Our original shipyard lies inland, and it is still the main site where we manufacture the Sirena 48, 58, 68 and 78. On the Sirena 68 and 78 we perform the final fit out at another location in Yalova, as this keeps the air draught low enough to pass under a number of bridges,” said Onger.  

Sunreef Inaugurates Shipyard in Ras El Khaimah 

Sunreef Yachts, a leading luxury catamaran builder, celebrated the official inauguration of its new state-of-the-art shipyard in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, on March 4th, following the conclusion of the Dubai International Boat Show.  The ceremony was graced by the presence of His Highness Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, UAE Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, who officially inaugurated the new facility and addressed the gathering, highlighting the significance of the company's expansion in the region.  Former Polish President and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Lech Walesa, who traveled from Poland to witness the event, also delivered a speech, alongside the  Ambassador of Poland, H.E. Dr. Jakub Slawek, and Sunreef Yachts CEO, Francis Lapp. Mr. Lapp shared the company's vision for the future and plans for the new shipyard.  The event attracted a distinguished audience, including VIPs, local authorities, and existing customers. Guests were given an exclusive tour of the new production halls, witnessing the first Ultima 55 model – a modern hybrid catamaran – taking shape. They also had the opportunity to explore two electric yachts: the Athena Too, an electric power yacht, and the Marie Joseph, a sail electric Sunreef 80 Eco yacht. Additionally, the guests were able to observe the cutting-edge robotics employed in the construction process.  The new facility, situated in Ras Al Khaimah, marks a significant milestone for Sunreef Yachts, signifying their commitment to expanding their global presence. The shipyard will first focus on the production of the Ultima catamaran range, with numerous orders already secured, ensuring continued growth and development for the company and its workforce.  

Sunseeker Recognizes 22 Years Collaboration with Design Unlimited  

Celebrating a remarkable two-decade collaboration, Sunseeker and Design Unlimited have entered a new strategic alliance. This partnership enters an exciting new chapter as Design Unlimited take the helm in shaping the interior vision and luxury refinement of Sunseeker's award-winning yachts.  Sunseeker and Design Unlimited have cultivated a partnership rooted in shared values and a passion for exceeding customer expectations. Design Unlimited fortifies Sunseeker’s already formidable in-house design expertise across a spectrum of specialisms. Sunseeker’s Centre of Excellence for Design and Technology, based in Poole Dorset, is home to visionary conceptualization, naval architecture, interior design and cutting-edge marine, electrical and mechanical engineering. The Fareham-based design studio will become instrumental in interior design choices, working collaboratively with Sunseeker’s interior concept and detailing department, including layouts, materials, lighting fixtures, space planning and visualizations, allowing Sunseeker to offer unbeatable flexibility and customization to its international customer base. Each Sunseeker is designed for its intended destination, understanding the nuance between different regions and the unique ambitions of each yacht owner.  For twenty-two years, this collaboration has resulted in bespoke yacht interiors that have captivated global audiences. Sunseeker and Design Unlimited have celebrated numerous milestones and achievements together, from the launch of the iconic 100 Yacht to the introduction of groundbreaking design concepts, including the Ocean 156 and 120 Yacht. Design Unlimited is the creative force behind captivating interior designs for yachts up to 70 metres and will support Sunseeker with bespoke superyacht projects. Looking ahead, both brands remain committed to pushing the boundaries of design innovation, delivering remarkable spaces for Sunseeker clientele and bringing luxury and innovation to the fore.  Andrea Frabetti, Chief Executive Officer at Sunseeker International, comments: “We work collaboratively with Mark Tucker and the Design Unlimited team to bolster our own interior capabilities and realize our interior design vision. The studio’s reputation for design excellence allows us to offer bespoke interior specifications for every new yacht project. The 120 Yacht is a stunning example of refined interiors that offer owners a personal experience tailored to their lifestyle.”  Mark Tucker, Design Unlimited Founder, adds: “Sunseeker is an iconic heritage brand that is known for pioneering yacht design. Our collaboration works incredibly well because we share the same passion and commitment to excellence. We have a very exciting future ahead of us with two new product launches coming in 2024 and even more developments in the pipeline.”

Sunseeker Wins Three Awards in Japan

The Sunseeker 65 Sport Yacht wins three sensational awards at the 62nd Japan International Boat Show. The 65-foot sports yacht first revealed in 2020 received the ‘Best Big Boat’, ‘Best Fun’ and ‘Boat of the Year’ awards at the country’s largest annual showcase for boating.  The racing style design of the Sunseeker 65 Sport Yacht’s helm transforms the driving experience. Traditionally helming is a means to an end with the intention of finding a beautiful anchorage. However, with the 65 Sport Yacht, helming becomes central to owning a yacht of this kind - truly offering that ‘wind in the hair’ feeling.  The SkyHelm™ seats two in low-slung Sports seats either side of a carbon fibre central console. This is no ordinary console however, the 65 Sport Yacht features wireless chargers, glass-bridge plotter and retro chrome dials housing LED displays and Volvo Penta integrated pilot system for IPS drives, makes driving and maneuvering effortless.  The main deck provides a light and sumptuous interior space. The cockpit sliding doors glide effortlessly to reveal a rich interior dominated by the expansive glazing on the port and starboard side. The three-cabin layout provides accommodation for up to six guests. A spacious, full-beam owner’s stateroom includes a generous en suite. Each guest cabin has an en suite, and there is an additional day head below.  An extra-wide tender garage with a fully flush floor allows a Williams 345 jet tender to be carried and launched via the hydraulic rise-and-fall bathing platform, a first for any yacht in this sector. The additional garage space can store SeaBobs, inflatable paddleboards, diving equipment or racking. This exceptional water toys package complements a very well appointed Beach Club with an integrated bar and free-standing seating. The open garage door incorporates twin integrated rain-showers and speakers overhead, perfect for parties in or near the water.  The 65 Sport Yacht cuts an equally impressive figure on the open water with speeds of up to 38 knots courtesy of the Volvo Penta IPS-1200 or IPS-1350 engines providing maneuverability, efficiency and dynamic performance.

Viking Joins Bad Company Fishing Adventures Team

The world’s largest private sportfishing program is adding a Viking 38 Billfish to its impressive international fleet. “We scoured the market,” said Bad Company Fishing Adventures owner Anthony Hsieh. With a fleet of a dozen boats ranging from 31 to 175 feet, the 38 Billfish was selected because it is “purposely built for fishing.” Having teamed with Viking several times Anthony said, “Viking has been a trusted partner for over 20 years.” Once the 38 is complete it will be based in the South Atlantic fishing Ascension Island (an isolated volcanic island), Brazil and the coast of Africa.   We look forward to updating you on the 38’s journey. 

Viking at Los Suenos Signature Triple Crown

Hot off a big win at the Pelagic Rockstar Offshore Tournament, Chris and Laura “Lola” Jessen jumped right into the Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown on their Viking 64 Fish Tank. With captain Ben “Whitey” Horning at the wheel, the team stepped into the Winner’s Circle in all three legs ultimately claiming 3rd Place Overall.  In Leg I, the Fish Tank crew released a marlin and 71 sailfish to kick the tourney off with a 3rd Place finish. They came back in Leg II with 84 sails and a 2nd Place award. Leg III saw Fish Tank tally 65 sails, which cemented a 3rd Place win for both the leg and the series. “Incredible season for us on our new Viking 64! We placed in all three Los Sueños Legs,” said Laura. “We placed in four out of five tournaments in Costa Rica this year. Unfortunately, we had to drop out of the 5th tournament due to a medical emergency. Can’t thank our captain, crew and anglers enough!”

Viking at Spice Island Billfish Tournament

The Sabga family enjoyed some time on the podium at the recent Spice Island Billfish Tournament. Fished out of the Grenada Yacht Club, the Viking 80 Afunday released a blue marlin and 11 sailfish to claim 3rd Place on time. Forty-five boats from across the Caribbean formed the fleet.

Viking at The Masters

In 1963, John Rybovich, Jr. and his buddies created a tournament where the rules pitted man against fish without the assistance of a team. Sixty-one years later, those rules are honored by a confident group who learned that fishing can be a humbling experience. The Masters' rules state that anglers cannot fish the same boat twice and they literally draw their boats right out of a bowl.  This year Lachlan Cheatham was crowned the Masters Champion by releasing the most fish overall on time. Second Place was awarded to JC Gonzalez who owns the Viking Pura Vida – which took 2nd Place Boat. Carmine Galati of Galati Yacht Sales was the 3rd Place Angler. The Viking 64 Amarula Sun was the 1st Place Boat and the 68 Ohana was 3rd. The event also included a proud father-son moment as Viking’s Pat Healey initiated his son Justin into the fabled Masters.

March 30, 2024

Project: Mulder Fifty

Following nine hulls of the ThirtySix its was a nornal step up for Mulder Shipyard to introduce the project for a new Fifty flagship model. The aptly named design spans an impressive fifty metres, making her the largest yacht to be developed and marking the start of Mulder’s journey into larger super yachts up to 500 Gross Tonnage. The brief for the Mulder Fifty, featuring an exterior design by Frank Laupman of Omega Architects, is to create a ‘fourth generation’ super yacht. The Mulder Fifty yacht will be built from a platform at the main production facility in Zoeterwoude. By building the Mulder Fifty in a continuous flow like the ThirtySix, the shipyard will be able to offer the possibility of optimizing her specifications and general arrangement and will borrow ‘engineered elements’ from the ThirtySix, to control production cost and continue working with her preferred suppliers. The Mulder Fifty showcases a light grey hull with tapered decks and aft overhangs. She offers a bespoke alumimium construction, with a slender hull shape to ensure outstanding seakeeping capacities in rough seas and enhanced comfort for those onboard. Designed to be just under 500 Gross Tonnage, the Mulder Fifty offers ample space for guests, both in her interior and exterior. With full-height windows in her main saloon and sky lounge, providing guests with breathtaking views, creating an opulent and relaxing space for the whole family to enjoy. As a result of Mulder’s ‘four generation’ philosophy, the Mulder Fifty presents a family-friendly and adaptable accommodation configuration. The standard design offers six sumptuous staterooms, with the possibility of adapting her sky-lounge to create a seventh suite on the aft wheelhouse deck. The lower deck of the Mulder Fifty yacht includes a side-boarding garage, capable of housing tenders up to 6.5 meters, alongside a spacious beach club area and gymnasium, with direct access to the main deck. Her 75 square-meter sundeck is sheltered by a sunroof and features a reinterpretation of the iconic Mulder wind-swept mast. This area encompasses a Jacuzzi, sun-pads, a cocktail bar, comfortable seating, and forward-facing observation seating, providing an area for both relaxation and entertainment. The foredeck’s ‘open plan’ design provides versatility tailored to meet specific owner requirements. In addition to the expansive saloon, showcasing the signature Mulder central bar arrangement, and the sky lounge with floor-to-ceiling windows; generous space is also available on her wind-protected aft decks. Guests will never be far from the water onboard the Mulder Fifty, thanks to her three-meter long swim platform, allowing for direct access to the water. The Mulder Fifty superyacht also has the option of including a pool on her aft deck. But for those looking for some adventure, Jet Skis can be stored on her bow, which also boasts a hatch-concealed anchoring arrangement. The lower deck of the Mulder Fifty accommodates a crew of nine across five cabins, alongside a large laundry area and crew mess. Her single engineer’s cabin situated on the aft of the yacht, close to the engine room, also provides direct access to the main aft deck. While a tenth captain’s cabin is located on the main deck, close to the wheelhouse. In terms of propulsion, the Mulder Fifty will not compromise on performance to ensure comfortable cruising and fuel economy. The option for a hybrid-propulsion system can be offered, to optimize her lightweight alumimium construction.