August 31, 2020

Monthly News - August 2020

-pic of the month - Frauscher Razzle Dazzle

Azimut with Gabriele Muccino

An outstanding film director for a totally unconventional yacht: Gabriele Muccino will direct a short film to celebrate the launch of the new model in the Magellano Collection, with interiors by architect and designer Vincenzo De Cotiis.  On the one hand a brand that symbolises international excellence in yachting, on the other a multiple award-winning film director whose fame has spread as far afield as Hollywood: Azimut Yachts chooses Gabriele Muccino to tell the story of the yard’s new Magellano 25 Metri yacht, which will make its world debut next September 2020. To speak about such an out of the ordinary yacht, that presents exterior lines by the well known designer Ken Freivokh, the brand has identified a new language, the short movie, which is an unprecedented choice for the yachting industry. The shipyard, for which ‘Made in Italy’ style and elegance are central to its business culture, has commissioned Gabriele Muccino to make a short film for the launch of its latest original project, recognising a ‘like spirit’ in this director renowned the world over for his talent (which has won him a remarkable four David di Donatello awards and is reknown for his Hollywood movies starring Will Smith).  The short will be shown for the first time next September in the grounds of the Maeght Foundation in Saint-Paul-de-Vence in Provence, at a gala evening organised by Azimut Yachts for the exclusive premiere of Magellano 25 Metri.  With great poetry, the short film will describe the infinite nuances that unite art and emotion, engaging in an almost magical way with the Magellano, which in the narrative becomes a perfect synthesis of rigour and inspiration, discipline and creativity, reason and sentiment.

Bertram New Facilities

Iconic boat manufacturer Bertram Yachts plans to move its headquarters from South Tampa to Port Tampa Bay's property.  The marquee boat manufacturer entered a deal with Port Tampa on Tuesday August 18 to invest $25 million to add production facilities and move its headquarters to Pendola Point near Berth 21.  Bertram Yachts LLC started building leisure boats in 1960 from Miami. In 2016, Bertram Yachts bought the former Lazzara Yachts shipyard in South Tampa to establish its international HQ.  The decision to locate in South Tampa on 7 acres that year came tied with $700,000 in state and local financial incentives for its investment. However, the current site isn't sufficient to support planned production growth beyond 2022, CEO Mark Paulhus said during the virtual port meeting.  The company wants to remain in Tampa due to the current workforce it has of 55 employees, Paulhus said. He said next year the company expects to create 106 jobs and by 2023 it will create 240 jobs.  The company will now lease roughly 25 acres of land at South 50th Street and Pendola Point Road. Bertram would have the non-exclusive right to use Port Sutton Channel and easements for access and utilities. The company will have the right to use the property to construct a manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters.  Customers pay $750,000 or more for a Bertram boat before it is customised and $1 million or more to have their boats serviced, according to previous reporting.  The company needs at least 200,000 square feet for its expansion as it is growing its portfolio to manufacture fourteen different types of models, Paulhus said.  The initial term would be 20 years with three, 10-year lease extension options. For the first 18 months, rent at the port would be $17,500 per acre annually, which would be $656,250. Rent would be $35,000 per acre annually in the one-and-a-half to two-year period thereafter, or $875,000 per year. Rent would then be adjusted after the two-year mark.  The port would construct an access road and rail crossing. Bertram would reimburse the port for all costs of improvements over the initial term of the lease at a 6 percent annual rate, according to port records.  Bertram has not yet determined whether it will sell its current site or redevelop it. A decision is likely to be made next year, Paulhus said.

Cranchi Private Show Extended

A more exclusive, safer, more engaging format. The Cranchi Private Show is an unprecedented event conceived for a season in which participation in major shows must be forcibly reconsidered.  The need for social distancing and the demand for increasingly unique and personalised moments has convinced Cranchi Yachts to organize a private boat show, an extended event scheduled from late summer and throughout autumn, winter and spring 2021 and to continue until the end of the boating season.  The Cranchi Private Show offers enthusiasts interested in buying a yacht the opportunity to view the Cranchi range and test their favourite models at sea.  The event, accessible by appointment only, takes place at the Marine Test Centre, in San Giorgio di Nogaro on the Adriatic Sea, the first permanent showroom of Cranchi Yachts, located in a splendid natural setting easily accessible from the airports of Milan, Venice and Trieste.  Owners will be welcomed individually, with their family or in small groups, in an exclusive, private and safe environment. Complete cleanliness is guaranteed for all spaces as well as for all yachts before each test and visit, according to accurate protocols and through the use of ozone sanitizers of the type also used in the medical field.  Week after week the yachts will alternate at the Marine Test Centre, in order to make it possible, within the period of the Cranchi Private Show, the sea trial of the entire range, including the most recent models and the previews that Cranchi Yachts will present at Boot Düsseldorf 2021.  In order to ensure the best possible experience for all guests and to ensure compliance with health regulations and to participate in the Cranchi Private Show it is necessary to make an appointment with your dealer by filling out the dedicated form.

Codecasa with ISYL Foundation

Three new courses organised by ISYL Italian Super Yacht Life Foundation., of which Codecasa Shipyard is one of the Founders and supporters, with the purpose of training future professional people in the yachting industry.   There are 3 courses with 75 places available for as many young high school graduates who wants to acquire knowledge, technical skills, and approach the working world to find an employment in yachting and in other strategic sectors such as logistics and tourism.

Feadship Unveils Episode Two

Feadship has released the second video in a series showcasing designs previously created with clients or other superyacht specialists that did not ultimately see the light of day. Feadship Unveils offers a fascinating glimpse into the closely guarded Feadship archives, with each episode featuring leading Feadship personalities discussing a never-seen-before design from the treasure trove. Feadship Unveils is a series of eight videos, released every two weeks on Feadship’s dedicated YouTube channel. In the week in-between Feadship also shares various related renderings and sketches on its social media platforms plus a link to the Feadship design website. The first episode a fortnight ago featured Project Freedom and today Feadship Unveils sees sales director Marsha van Buitenen and senior designer Jan Schaffers discuss Project FG, created for a fictional combination of Freddy Mercury and Forrest Gump.  The 109-metre Project FG first came to life during the Feadship Brokers Course in 2019 and is a technically feasible design that allows for wild partying at night and peaceful relaxation during daytime. Highlights include an outdoor beach club for 200 people, a hidden club in the bow for exclusive private parties, a panoramic piano lounge and a popup all-weather table tennis court.

Fairline Unveils Industry First Configurator

Fairline Yachts, launches its highly innovative new F//Line 33 website, where users can design their own perfect F//Line 33.  Inspired by the market leading Tesla and Ducati online configurators, the website offers new levels of sophistication and user control, never seen before in the boating industry.
Fairline’s sleek, stylish and sporty dayboat, the F//Line 33, has taken the market by storm, immediately winning the hotly contested “Superboats” category in this year’s Motorboat of the Year Awards. The launch of the new website gives potential customers the greatest level of control in designing and ordering their very own F//Line 33, with complete customisation over the elements that really matter and total transparency on pricing. Following a simple and user-friendly six-stage journey, the user can build their own award-winning boat – from choosing the exterior colour and engine options, to selecting upgrades, accessories and even the language in which they’d like their owner’s manual – all from the comfort and ease of their handheld or desktop device. As each step is completed, your personalised F//Line is built right before your eyes as your personal touches are added. The retail price is updated with each change, offering complete transparency. Miles Moorhouse, Head of Marketing at Fairline Yachts, has been instrumental in the design of the new website. He comments, “With the fast-growing ecommerce market forecast to hit $6.5trillion by 2023, it’s important that our digital portfolio meets the needs and demands of the online shopper. Ordering a new car online is now common-place and in the last six months, we’ve obviously seen a sharp increase in online customer interactions – even selling new boats from our online video tours. The fun, stylish and modern F//Line is a natural fit in the digital space and as our product offer expands, so will our configurator.”

Ferretti Customline Record Sales in July

Ferretti Custom Line wins over new enthusiasts every day, a fact confirmed by the recent sale of a remarkable four new yachts in July alone: a Custom Line Navetta 42, a Custom Line Navetta 37, a Custom Line Navetta 33 (displacement line) and a Custom Line 120’ (planing line).  The sale of boats totalling 150 meters in length in just one month demonstrates how highly Custom Line masterpieces are appreciated by owners across the globe. This success springs from the brand’s ability to create innovative yachts that set trends on the international yachting market in terms of their style, size and attention to detail, with the ever present guarantee of cruising comfort, safety and customisation.  Their perfect combination of functional technology and design makes every Custom Line creation a work of art.  This important new sales result joins the 11 previous launches so far this season, in yet another demonstration of the Custom Line’s ongoing success.  These four new ‘jewels of the sea’ will be built at Ferretti Group’s Superyacht Yard in Ancona, where the entire Custom Line fleet is produced.

Ferretti Group Leads the Way in Asia Pacific

Ferretti Group has had a great start to 2020: its latest results, despite the Covid-19 situation, has brought in the best order intake for the Group in the Asia Pacific since its establishment in 2012, cementing its spot at the top of the nautical industry in the region. The achievement, including 12 new yachts sold (total of 289 meters), is retail valued at €70 million, proving extraordinary results for the start of the year.  The strength of Ferretti Group Asia Pacific continues growing with the signing of two exclusive dealership agreements during the last 2 months, for distributing the brands of Ferretti Yachts, Pershing and Riva; Pen Marine for Malaysia and HGB Group for Cambodia and Laos, both selected as the new exclusive dealers due in part to a commercial strengthening plan, which also includes significant investments, that Ferretti Group is implementing globally. With these two new dealership agreements, indeed, the Group further increases its network of Asia Pacific distributors, which now reaches 14 in the region. Ferretti Group Asia Pacific has also signed a strategic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Sanya Central Business District (SCBD) in Hainan, China to allow further discussion and the possibility for Ferretti Group to invest and set up a branch in the SCBD project, to cooperate with Sanya on various aspects including yacht sales and service facilities, and continued support in the development of the industry for years to come.  With five projects already launched in 2020, including the Ferretti Yachts 500, Ferretti Yachts 1000, Pershing 7X, Riva 88 Folgore, Custom Line Navetta 30 and 43wallytender, Ferretti Group has started the year strongly all things considered and continues to dedicate itself to Made in Italy excellence.

Formula Clean Air

2020 has heightened sanitary awareness everywhere, with a closer eye on cleanliness from washing hands to wiping down surfaces. Purified air has also become a focus, with more companies looking to suddenly concern themselves with ventilation systems, in businesses and homes as well as vehicles. Formula are no different and have made every effort to ensure your onboard health and well-being are a priority. In fact, Formula began upgrading cabin air conditioning systems with the Dometic Breathe Easy air purification system nearly a decade ago, knowing that enclosed spaces in a marine environment can develop a musty odor or foster mold or mildew growth if left unchecked, so Formula jumped to add Breathe Easy to the interior ventilation and climate control systems nearly as soon as Dometic offered it to the industry. The Breathe Easy unit is an inline, in-duct component integral to the system and treats every cubic inch of air that is heated or cooled in your cabin, doing so with a two-prong approach. First, a specific wavelength of UV light enables maximum effectiveness in reducing odours and fumes, as well as biological irritants such as viruses, bacteria and mold spores without the negative qualities of ozone generation. Then, the UV radiation activates a mesh coated with titanium dioxide, which reconfigures pollutants into more basic, nontoxic elements.  The obvious benefits of this scrubbing of your cabin air are a fresher smelling interior and reducing irritants that may exacerbate the symptoms of allergies or asthma, but of course in today’s world, knowing that an effort to destroy virus and bacteria is also a welcome comfort.

Frauscher Razzle Dazzle

Austrian contemporary artist Sabine Wiedenhofer creates Razzle-Dazzle-Boat for the Frauscher shipyard. Premiere at the Salzburg International Art Fair on 5 - 9 August 2020, Terminal 2. It is not surprising that Sabine Wiedenhofer turns a motorboat, the design icon Frauscher 747 Mirage, into a piece of art. Someone who has already made love symbols out of Pistol Bullets, from Murano glass New York's Tribeca made of hundreds of cubes, will not be limited by shapes, colours or materials even in 2020 and so Sabine Wiedenhofer is the first artist (after Jeff Koons Megayacht for Dakis Joannou) to finish the outer shell of the 747 Mirage, a breathtaking boat from Frauscher - an internationally top-rated Austrian shipyard based in Ohlsdorf, Upper Austria.   Sabine Wiedenhofer creates the blurred fusion of the Frauscher 747 Mirage with its surroundings through the material she has chosen (coloured Mirror Vinyl Wraps), as well as through the size and arrangement of the typical cube shapes, which adapt to the perfect line of the boat and the hydrodynamics of the sophisticated stepped hull. The naturally generated reflections are used to create a visual form of the speed of light, a kind of flash light on the water. When sailing slowly, the absorption of the light causes the boat to merge with its surroundings.  An effect that was deliberately created for camouflage purposes a little more than 100 years ago, on warships during the First World War, and aimed for visual irritation. Inspired by cubism, over 4,000 warships, so-called Razzle Dazzle Boats, were painted mainly by women. This painting, in combination with light, water, waves and reflections, created visual disturbances that effectively masked the warships of yesteryear. Sabine Wiedenhofer now replicates this camouflage intention, transports the theme into the present and turns a once vital necessity into a harmony of the senses and nature.  Wiedenhofer uses - similar to her Cube work - again clear lines and forms, which however become blurred by the influences of light, water and speed. The combination of sun, water, sky, clouds and waves turns the boat into a permanently changing jewel of maritime art.  Sabine Wiedenhofer: "Art cannot take place absorbed by its surroundings. As with the Merkenstein church windows, my glass city TriBeCa or my Bullets works, I play with electromagnetic waves in order to visually represent the total reflection. Every time has its art. Art knows no crisis. Art always finds its way. Whether in the form of pictures, sculptures or even boats. It needs its place in our world. I am very pleased that Frauscher has asked me to use this boat to tell a new, multidimensional story."  Florian Helmberger, Frauscher shipyard sales director: "A very special design was created for the Frauscher 747 Mirage. The highly developed stepped hull allows fast gliding at any speed. The optical effect created by Sabine Wiedenhofer now makes this boat a unique work of art that will look different every day, in every light and at every speed".

Horizon Partner with Aquaholic

Horizon have partnered together with Nick Burnham, from the famous YouTube channel Aquaholic to make a great video tour of the Horizon FD87.  Tailored for the European market, this FD87 yacht features an enclosed skylounge configuration, with a voluminous five-stateroom layout, and retains the FD Series' signature head-turning exterior that presides atop the proven High Performance Piercing Bow design and hull platform.

Jarrett Bay Vote for the Coolest Thing Made

The North Carolina Chamber is on the hunt for the Coolest Thing Made in North Carolina and Jarrett Bay has been nominated in an impressive field of home-grown manufacturers. The Carolina is  asking fans to vote for Jarrett Bay each day (because rules say you can't vote more than once a day) to help propel us the boat builder and refit yard into the semi-finals.

Jarrett Bay 2020 Winner's Circle

What a start to the summer fishing season it's been! Three Jarrett Bays, Inspiration, Sensation, and Sea Striker with some big accomplishments already. We can't wait to see who'll be next! Sensation won the Hatteras Marlin Club Tournament with 2 blue marlin released. nspiration caught a 535.4 lb blue marlin at Swansboro Rotary tournament, winning $51,000. Sea Striker had the 2nd place fish, earning over $1 million in the Big Rock Tournament.

Monte Carlo Yachts New Official Dealer in France

Monte Carlo Yachts is pleased to announce the expansion of its dealers’ network with the appointment of Riviera Plaisance, Euro-voiles Group, as the Company's new representative for France, with the exception of Principality of Monaco. Well located on the French Riviera with offices in Marina Baie des Anges, Antibes, Golfe Juan and Hyères, the Riviera Plaisance passionate team of 60 people dedicated to customer satisfaction focuses on a full customer service, having its strength in the after sale assistance. Talking about the new partnership with MCY, Infante Bastien, CEO of Euro-voiles and Riviera Plaisance, stated “We are really proud to represent Monte Carlo Yachts for the French Mediterranean area. Our focus is on clients’ expectations for custom yachts, with our experience of a solid shipyard, competences of berth and crew services, maintenance, charter and financial structures. All these skills make us extremely attentive to customers' needs, enabling us to professionally advise and help our clients in defining their future MCY' model”.  Monte Carlo Yachts can count on a highly qualified and reliable new partner to expand the Brand's unique experience around the World and provide exclusive assistance to its customers throughout the year. “We are excited to enter into a close partnership with a company such as Riviera Plaisance, recognized for its important history and strong background, a competent team dedicated to offering a unique experience to the customers, from the project phase to the delivery and service. This approach perfectly matches with Monte Carlo Yachts' philosophy that focuses on a one-to-one relationship with the customer”, said Sergio Loiacono, MCY' Sales and Marketing Director.

Monte Carlo Yachts Strengthens International Presence

Monte Carlo Yachts dealer Asia Yachting is launching a new Flagship office in Boat Lagoon, Phuket, Thailand. Asia Yachting, in the marine industry for over a decade, is launching a new Flagship office in Boat Lagoon, Phuket, Thailand. The dealer’s team is ready to welcome and assist all Monte Carlo Yachts’ clients and followers residing in Thailand and in the neighbouring ASEAN regions.

Monte Carlo Yachts Special Event at Landmark Mandarin Oriental

From August 26th to 28th, our dealer Asia Yachting presented an exclusive luxury showcase of Monte Carlo Yachts at the prestigious 5-star hotel Landmark Mandarin Oriental, one of the most exclusive hotels in the world. During the event, the Italian Shipyard has been on display, through an elegant showcase of various materials from flooring to fabrics at the bespoke customization corner. To mark the occasion, miniature replicas of the entire range of MCY’ models have been displayed.

Princess Announce Partnership with Ecoworks

Princess Yachts, the UK's largest yacht manufacturer, today announces a new brand partnership with Ecoworks Marine, the leading supplier of sustainable cleaning products for the marine industry. The collaboration will see all Princess customers be given the option of an Ecoworks Marine starter cleaning kit with any new yacht purchase from the Princess range, ensuring the very best aftercare for their yacht while helping to minimise the potential pollution impact on our oceans.  With a shared passion for sustainability and ocean conservation, Princess and Ecoworks Marine have come together to help tackle the challenge of creating a more environmentally friendly approach to yacht cleaning. In a first for the industry, Ecoworks Marine have developed their 'Preserve the Living Seas' range, a unique collection of cleaning products that are fully biorenewable, quickly biodegradable and sustainably formulated. All Princess owners will receive a complimentary sample of the Ecoworks yacht wash as well as the option of a comprehensive starter kit as part of any new yacht purchase from August 2020.

Riva Short Film Interpreted by Pierfrancesco Favino

More intense than ever, Pierfrancesco Favino crosses Piazza San Marco just before dawn, in moonlight filtering through an evocative fog, and boards a legendary Aquariva. His goal is to navigate through Venice’s canals to deliver a mysterious mahogany object to an equally mysterious recipient. The finale comes as a big surprise.  The short film entitled “Riva In The Movie” is an anthem to the amazing power of film, or the seventh art, which Pierfrancesco Favino’s unmistakable narrative voice rightly elevates to “first art”.  Shot entirely in Venice, in locations including Piazza San Marco, Rialto bridge, the Lido and the Palazzo del Cinema, it takes us on a dream-like and touching journey through the canals and wonders of the world’s most beautiful city.  Equally superb is the soundtrack with a tribute to Nino Rota, the brilliant composer who helped make so many of Fellini’s films unforgettable, not to mention other masterpieces like The Godfather and The Leopard. “The celebration of cinema with Riva’s magnificent boats, which have starred in so many films and introduced the whole world to Italian style and creativity: that is our aspiration for Riva in the Movie, a powerful short film starring the most accomplished and famous Italian actor in the world, Pierfrancesco Favino, against the backdrop of Venice’s splendours” said Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi. “Riva in the Movie is dedicated to everyone who believes in the magical power of imagination and talent.”  Riva in the Movie will make its official debut on September 4 during the Venice Film Festival. The film’s star, Pierfrancesco Favino, will be taking part in the event and also attending the 77th International Film Festival as leading actor and co-producer of “Padrenostro”, the competition film directed by Claudio Noce and produced by Vision Distribution, Lungta Film, Pko Cinema and Co and Tendercapital Produzioni.  The short’s co-star is RIVA and the brand’s unique relationship with film through the years. Riva’s iconic mahogany and contemporary boats have been admired on screens all over the world for more than seventy years: from classic blockbusters to major Italian hits like Mambo, La Baia di Napoli and Il Sorpasso, and from the James Bond saga and multiple award-winning art house films like La Grande Bellezza, to action movies like Nikita or Men in Black. Their story is also told in a prestigious new book with the same title as the film. Its 300 pages cover 39 films, with the original posters, hundreds of superb on-set and backstage photographs, 77 actors and 110 actresses: these are the numbers that describe a precious and exciting book to both read and browse through.  “Riva in the movie” was realized thanks to the contribution and the essential cooperation of the Municipality of Venice and produced by Armando Testa group company Little Bull Studios with the invaluable contribution and collaboration of the city of Venice. With a creative concept developed by Armando Testa and directed by Federico Brugia, the film stars 2020 Nastro d’Argento and David di Donatello winner Pierfrancesco Favino, member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, with a magnificent Beatrice Schiaffino and the young actor Andrea Bordoli.  The passionate and spectacular ties between Riva and film will also be the subject of an exhibition at The Gritti Palace, also the location of the magnificent Riva Lounge with its spectacular view over the Canal Grande. In extraordinary images, the exhibition will tell the story of the numerous films in which Riva boats have played an important and frequently starring role, alongside various Italian and international stars.

Sirena Sells Six

Sirena Yachts has sold its 6th Sirena 88 after the 26.81m/88ft model, the largest in the Sirena range, was first presented at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival. With naval architecture by German Frers and interior design by Cor D. Rover, it is the 3rd unit in the Turkish brand’s flagship line to be acquired by an American customer.

Viking at Lone Star Shoot Out

Viking dominated in the recent Lone Star Shootout, claiming eight of the top 10 spots on the Overall Champion leader board and sweeping three categories. Chris Heule's Viking 74 Draggin' Up was the 2nd Place Overall Boat and 2nd Place Release Team, while the Viking 62 Sirenita, owned by Robert Briggs, took 3rd Overall and 3rd in the Release Division. The Viking 45 True Story weighed the biggest blue marlin of the event. Angler Thomas Burke hung a 460.5-pound fish to win the division. Scott Whitehead on the Viking 92 High Cotton took 2nd Place Blue Marlin with a 444.5-pound fish.  A 94.5-pound tuna gave the Viking 52 Decarb top honors in that category. Bandit, a Viking 82, claimed 2nd and 3rd Place Tuna with fish weighing 51.5 and 51 pounds.  Angler Cody Revel, fishing the Viking 50 Pass-It-On, weighed the winning wahoo at 36 pounds. Mi Novia, a Viking 43, took 2nd and 3rd with 'hoos registering 30.5 and 28 pounds. Julie Coulter, on the Viking 56 Deez Nautz, claimed Top Lady Angler.

Viking at Texas Billfish Classic

Congratulations to the crew of Draggin' Up, a Viking 74, for their 1st Place win at the Texas Billfish Classic. Sam Raspberry and Rod Reed each released a blue marlin to win the Championship Title as well as 1st Place Release Boat.  Claiming 3rd Place Boat and 3rd Place Release Boat was the Viking 56 Deez Nautz. Barry William released a blue while Julie Coulter added a pair of sails to the boat's tally. Cody Spencer, fishing the Viking 72 Pozo Seco, weighed yellowfin at 51 and 47.5 pounds to claim 2nd and 3rd Place in the Tuna Division.

Viking at White Marlin Open

The 47th annual White Marlin Open was a smashing success. The annual event saw the second highest number of registered boats (433) that hauled in fish collectively worth $6.8 million, which represents the most tournament money ever awarded in fishing. "I didn't know what to expect this year, but what a great turnout - our best since 2005!" said Andy Motsko, one of the tournament directors. "It's a testament to our passion for sportfishing." The Viking 56 Drillin & Billin weighed a 77-pound white marlin caught by Taylor Fields. That fish was good for 2nd place and a seven-figure check. The Viking 80 demonstrator boat had a solid performance in the WMO, placing 4th in the Top Boat category and 7th in Top Release Boat. Drew McDowell led the team with four white marlin releases, and Justin Healey brought a 70-pound white to the scales. Led by Captain Scott Adams, the team also released a blue marlin that was only a few inches shy of required length. From left to right: Eric McDowell, Ryan Higgins, Justin Healey, Kyle Shipp, Pat Healey and Drew McDowell. The Viking 80 Krazy Salt's also had a strong showing, placing 9th in both Top Release and Top Boat categories, with Dave Anderson Jr. taking 7th-place Top Angler.

Viking at The Invitational

The Viking 80 CE took home The Invitational with a 698.4-pound blue marlin, earning the team more than a half a million dollars in this inaugural event held out of The Wharf Marina in Orange Beach, Alabama. "It's the largest 'Winner-Take-All' prize in Gulf of Mexico tournament history," says Tournament Director Jim Cox. "The tournament was created to offer a huge payout for the winning fish, while offering teams the best odds to collect the big payday." With a 112-inch blue marlin minimum, the only other boat that weighed a fish was the Viking 72 Breathe Easy, which brought a 484.2-pound blue marlin to the scales. "Both fish were donated to feed the less fortunate," said Jim.

Viking at Texas Legend

Walk West, a Viking 55 owned by Riley Rhodes and captained by Raleigh Morrison, nabbed 1st place at the Texas Legends Billfish Tournament with a 737-pound blue marlin - the largest blue marlin to ever be weighed in at Port Aransas. "It was epic and euphoric," said Riley. "We knew it was a big fish, but we didn't know it was that big. It was very emotional for the whole team."

Viking at Bisbee East Cape Offshore Tournament

In the Bisbee's East Cape Offshore Tournament, Hooray, a Viking 80 Sky Bridge, won 2nd Place Top Release with a total of 11 releases that included three blue marlin, four sailfish and four striped marlin. Another Viking, the 62 Convertible Dos Tejas, claimed 2nd Place Top Team with four blue marlin and six striped marlin. The tournament is held out of the Buena Vista Beach Resort on Mexico's Baja California peninsula. The Bisbee's tournaments also include the Los Cabos Offshore Charity Tournament and Black and Blue Marlin Tournament, which both take place October in Cabo San Lucas.

Viking at Pirate's Cove Billfish Tournament

A fleet of 83 boats competed for over $850,000 in cash prizes at the Pirate's Cove Billfish Tournament. Alex Peebles was on the rod for the biggest tuna, a 58.4-pounder, caught on the Viking 72 Sea I Sea with captain Hunter Blount behind the wheel. Shelley Smith, fishing on Triple 'S', a Viking 60, earned the Top Lady Angler trophy with her eight billfish releases. A total of 473 billfish were released during the four days of fishing.

August 30, 2020

Menorquin Hits Concrete Circle on Entrance in Sardinia

A Menorquin 160 HT model crashed into a concrete circle before the entrance of Marina del Sole in Cagliari, Sardinia late night on Friday 29th August.  The traditional yacht was taking on water, due to the damage it caused to the bow area, and structural elements of the boat.  The Menorquin was fast rescued and avoided sinking and the day after was lifted out of the water, for assessment and repairs.  The Marina del Sole is located South East in Cagliari commercial harbour, while this concrete circle is located couple meters away from the South East looking breakwater arm. 
Produced from 2003 up to 2009 the Menorquin 160 HT was a popular model from this Menorca based boat builder, which apart selling good in Spain, also had good sales in Italy.  The Menorquin 160 offers a three double cabins interior layout, with a semi displacement hull shape, and powered by twin 370hp engines it reached speeds up to eighteen knots.  A Fly flybridge version of the 160 was also available.  Menorquin started having success when it started doing cruisers inspired to the menorchino, the traditional Balearic island fishing boat in 1997.  Menorquin was sold to a fund investment and unfortunately closed its doors around 2011.  

Web: Vicem New Web Site

Turkey's custom Vicem Yachts presents a new virtual World Wide web showroom. The story of Vicem starts in the 1980’s when a Turkish businessman from Vicem, Sebahattin Hafizoglu develops a passionate regard for the storied schooners of the Bosporus known as the Turkish Gulet. He boldly decided to reinterpret them for modern sensibilities, using Cold Molded wood and epoxy techniques. This leads to 1991 when Vicem is officially founded. Twenty five years plus later Vicem can claim delivery of over 150 boats, and collaborations with some of the most prestigious design firms in the industry; Frank Mulder, Art Line Interiors, Wetzels Brown Partners and Ken Freivokh. Today Vicem has five series; Classic, Cruiser, Vulcan, Sportfish, and Bahama Bay.  These total 24 different models which start from the 46 Classic, and go to the 46 meter Vulcan. Vicem new website takes you around with the following buttons; Home, Yachts, About Us, Events and News, and Contact.  Vicem is also present in social media with links to for its Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram pages just under the browser menu.

August 29, 2020

Project: Wim Van Der Valk 30-metre Explorer

Building on Wim Van der Valk’s long experience in building explorer yachts, the Dutch shipyard is sharing the image of a brand-new concept for a 30-metre version. Combining an adventurous, rugged ambience with graceful lines and shapes, this stylish Explorer also features a wealth of interior space. With her fast displacement hull, this is a super yacht designed to travel at speed. While functionality usually takes priority over sleek looks on most explorer-type yachts, designer Guido de Groot has ensured a luxury feel is also present. 30-meter Explorer has the facilities of a luxury yacht, with the impressive beach club, hydraulic transom platform, full-beam master suite forward, four guest cabins on the lower deck, and plenty of space for crew. Styling-wise, this is still clearly an Explorer super yacht with forward negative windows in the wheelhouse, while the angled bow adds length and elegance. Another design element is the way the window graphics have been smoothly integrated within dark glass surfaces. As you would expect from a boat designed for taking a whole family, or groups of close friends on long adventures at sea, there is a considerable amount of interior volume available, including exceptionally high ceilings. The raised pilothouse design is very inviting inside and out, while a safety is assured in all weather conditions.

August 28, 2020

New Model: Azimut Magellano 25 Metri

Azimut launches the new Magellano 25 Metri, which after eleven years enters the modern explorer line from the famous Italian yacht builder into super yacht territory, and for a period will be the lines flagship.  Time runs and it seems like a short one from 2009 that Azimut launched the first Magellano 74, which was followed by smaller models, and then an upgraded and improved 76 in 2012, which for over seven years was the line flagship.  For many it seemed, Azimut never had interest into putting the Magellano into the above 24 meter super yacht size, in the end most yachts above this size always have an important range and live aboard commodities.  Then in Spring 2018 Azimut announced this Magellano 25 Metri project, which also introduces the range into a raised pilot house design, in order to extend further living commodities on the main deck.  Designed by Ken Freivokh the Magellano 25 Metri has a classic Italian flair outside, bringing the past into the future for looks alone with some exquisite live-aboard comfort details inside.  With four double guest cabins layout located all at the lower deck, the Magellano 25 Metri is all about maximum comfort onboard for long periods.  For this one can see the larger then usual cabins, full living and dining main deck, and spacious home size galley located forward to starboard side.  The Magellano 25 Metri also brings the carbon tech technology into the explorer range with the flybridge, garage, and hard-top all being laminated in this method which Azimut introduced in the 55S in 2012.  Powered by twin Man 1400hp or optional 1550hp engines, the Magellano 25 Metri reaches speeds up to 25 knots and can fast cruise up to 22 knots.  Engineered for maximum comfort and commodities the Magellano 25 Metri also features latest sound insulation systems, the BCool system which exchanges and sanitises the air flow, and a Hotel Mode which enables full onboard facilities use for up to eight hours without the use of a generator.        
Technical Data:
LOA - 25.22 m (82.9ft)
Beam - 6.35 m
Draft - 1.9 m
Displacement - 85.8 t full load
Fuel Capacity - 8000 l
Water Capacity - 1500 l
Accommodation - eight berths in four cabins, five crew in three cabins 
Engines - 2 x Man V12 1400hp, V12 1550hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 25 knots max 22 knots cruise with Man 1550hp
Hull Shape - semi-displacement dual mode with double chine
Construction - fiberglass with carbon fiber inserts in super structure
Project - Ken Freivokh exterior, De Cotiis interior, Pierluigi Ausonio hull and naval architecture, Azimut Research and Design
Certification - CE class A, NMMA, UNI ISO 8666 for data

August 27, 2020

Project: Evo Yachts R6 Open

Evo Yachts presents the project of the R6 Open which was planned to launch at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2020. Signed by designer Valerio Rivellini, the new eighteen meter sport yacht is the open version of Evo R6, the successful R-Line flagship launched last year, also at Cannes, from which it inherits the elegant design and flexible spaces.  Compared with the classic version, the new R6 Open features a steel roll-bar in place of the t-top, consisting of a suspended wing that connects the two uprights. The resulting design has sporty, flowing lines that perfectly convey a feeling of lightness. And this focus on lightness is also clear to see in the details, like the decision not to place the antennas on the wing itself, but in a raised profiles above it, so that they become an integral part of the structural design. A retractable bimini provides shade for the pilot seat and the forward section of the cockpit, which is fitted out with a big dining area and illuminated at night by courtesy lights on the roll-bar, in an evocative play of light. This outdoor area is joined by three more: from the spacious forward sunbathing area with facing bow seating, to the sunpad island in the beach lounge, and finally the modular swim platform in the stern, with its multiple uses.  Like all the models in the Evo Yachts range, the beach lounge area is the stand out feature on the boat, not least because of the yard’s signature “XTension” bulwarks system, which opens out sideways in a matter of seconds to increase the available space by 40%. The central sunpad is spacious enough to house a 2.85-meter tender beneath it.  The layout of Evo R6 Open is an invitation to socialise and relax in an immersive experience, at one with the natural environment. Despite being a pure open, the below deck area offers every comfort and plenty of headroom, with a layout that features a dinette, the owner’s cabin, two doubles for guests in the stern, and two bathrooms.  With two possible engine configurations, a pair of Volvo 600 and or optional 750hp with IPS pod propulsion the Evo R6 Open has a top speed of 35 knots and a range of 280 miles.

August 26, 2020

Sport Cruiser Explosion in Ponza

On the early afternoon at around 1400 hours of 26th August a gas powered Sport Cruiser exploded while taking on fuel in the Island of Ponza, and eventually burned up and sank. With three persons onboard, a couple and a daughter this was an avoided tragedy.  The fire started from an explosion in the engine compartment, which shot the daughter and mother in the sea, while the boat was refuelling at the Ponza Mare fuel station.  The man onboard who was in the cabin, shock jumped in the water just seconds after the explosion. The immediate operation of the Coast Guard was important to control the fire and move the boat away which had the Carloforte car ferry of company LazioMar some meters away at the time of the explosion.  The DMD Sea Service of Ponza eventually towed away the boat away from the Ponza harbour and let it burn down offshore.
The boat in the accident is a Mano 26.50 Cruiser of about eight meters in length, which offers an accommodation of four berths in a two plus two layout.  The Mano 26.50 Cruiser was standard powered by twin petrol gas engines of 150hp, but had various power options from a single 350hp in gas petrol up to twin 170hp diesel engines.  The boat in the accident had twin gas engines.

New Model: Nordhavn 475

Nordhavn launch its new 475, a model based on the hull of the 43 extended and with a completely new deck and flybridge. The N475 represents the sleeker, elongated look of new Nordhavn's with the incorporation of an extended cockpit and boat deck, providing not only a more streamlined profile, but also allowing for greater space in the cockpit and more room up top for toys and a bigger tender. The N475 follows in the footsteps of the larger Nordhavn 52, 60 and 63, 68, 76, and 96 models, all which expanded upon existing hulls.  The Nordhavn 475 offers an interior with two cabins, master full beam cabin at midships, and guest cabin with three berths forward.  Living is on the main deck with a single deck galley saloon dining area, and three steps up taking you to the pilot house, which also features a captain single berth.  The Nordhavn 475 is standard powered by a single John Deere 180hp with line shaft propulsion.  
Technical Data:
LOA - 14.47 m (47.6ft)
Waterline Length - 13 m
Beam - 4.52 m
Draft - 1.6 m
Displacement - 28.3 t
Fuel Capacity - 4542 l
Water Capacity - 1135 l
Accommodation - five berths in two cabins, one captain berth 
Engines - 1 x John Deere 4045AFM85 M2 180hp
Propulsion - line shaft with ZF gearbox and four bladed propeller
Construction - solid fiberglass hull, Vinilester resin skin, coring sides with Klegcell foam-core

August 25, 2020

Lady MM Super Yacht Fire Outside of Sardinia

At 0600 hours on the morning of 25th August M/Y Lady MM with Cayman Islands registry flag sent a distress call for assistance due to an onboard fire.  The distress call was picked by the Olbia Sardinia coast guard, with Lady MM reported location at fifty nautical miles to the East of Cape Comino.  The coast guard dispatched two fast Sar assistance boats, along a search and rescue helicopter departing Cagliari base.  At around 1100 hours the coast guard received information that the seventeen persons onboard Lady MM, eight guests and nine crew personnel have abandoned the fire engulfed super yacht with the tender, and have been escorted at the Siniscula harbour.  Lady MM was coming from the island of Capri heading Porto Cervo to the Sardinia Costa Smeralda World famous coast line.  Unfortunately Lady MM sank around 1730 hours.  
Motor Yacht Lady MM is an ISA Yachts 470 build 2003 with a steel hull and aluminium super structure to an exterior design of Walter Franchini with interiors by Janet Leroy. The interior of Lady MM featured accommodation for ten guests in five cabins, with nine crew berths in five cabins.  Twin MTU 2366hp powered this first hull of the ISA 470 series which gave her top speeds up to sixteen knots and a cruise of 12.  The ISA 470 series was very successful for the Ancona super yacht builder, building eight to order custom units in a five year 2003 to 2008 time frame.  Lady MM which launched as April Fool, also entered ISA Yachts into super yacht building in 2003, with this move proving to be a success making the name one of the popular Italian super yachts builders.  Lady MM was last refitted in 2013 and was mostly a charter yacht, and was involved in a small fire while berthed in Naples in 2013. 

Project: Riviera 50 Sports Motor Yacht

Australian luxury motor yacht manufacturer Riviera has unveiled plans for the new 50 Sports Motor Yacht that define the form, function and feel of the quintessential blue-water yacht. The Riviera design team in collaboration with 4D Designs in the 50 SMY, created a remarkably spacious new yacht brimming with unique features. This sophisticated new design draws on the heritage of Riviera’s larger and successful 64, 68 and 72 Sports Motor Yacht models. Among the key sports motor yacht design elements are a fore-deck that transforms from tender storage to sun-lounge, a sports cockpit, an all-weather mezzanine seating area that affords alfresco dining and entertainment, a stately three-sided glass-enclosed flybridge, and a full-beam master stateroom as centrepiece of a three-stateroom, twin-bathroom accommodation plan, all in a hull measuring just over fifteen metres in length. The exterior of the 50 Sports Motor Yacht is all about the harmonious marriage of the handsomely sweeping superstructure, unmistakably Riviera in its profile, with a sporty, large-volume hull form. The Riviera 50 Sports Motor Yacht can be powered from twin Volvo 700hp with IPS pod drive propulsion, or Man 800hp with a V-drive line shaft set up. Both engines should deliver top speeds of over 30 knots.

August 24, 2020

Tullio Abbate Sinks in Lake Iseo

The heavy rain which hit lake Iseo on Monday 24 August sank a Tullio Abbate twelve meter offshore style sport cruiser in thirty meters of water.  The sport cruiser was located in a yacht marina in Pisogne, on the North East part, and eventually had taken to much water in the back engine room part, to eventually sink.  It appears the bilge pumps where not working, and the cutting of the mooring lines accelerated the sinking.  Lake Iseo is one of five big lakes located on the Northern part of Italy, and also the birth place of status symbol boat builder Riva, with Sarnico located on the South Western tip of the lake.
The boat in this sinking is a Tullio Abbate Offshore 42 S, which the famous Lake Como based builder launched in 1981 to an own project.  The Tullio Abbate Offshore 42 S, was powered with twin engines 250hp as standard, and options up to 500hp units, with these last giving top speeds up to forty knots.  The accommodation of the Offshore 42 S features a four berth accommodation interior with a forward double Vee shaped berth and two single sofa berths, including a galley and shower head upon entrance.  Tullio Abbate boats are always synonymous with efficient and fast performing hulls, as the slim 3.45 meter beam indicates.  

New Model: Steeler Bronson 50

Steeler launched the first Bronson 50 on the famous Cote D'Azur, sea trialled in St. Tropez with weather conditions wind force five to six and choppy seas. Steeler reports remarkable sea keeping with complete absence of spray water, low noise level enabling conversations at full speed, smooth wave handling and excellent view from the helm station at all speeds. The Steeler Bronson 50 is the first powerboat on the market to offer an open connection between the suave cruiser-style interior areas and luxurious outdoor spaces on the main deck. Blending the sleek lines of a powerboat with the luxuries of a yacht. Currently three Bronson 50’s have been sold with hull numbers four and five being under construction as well.  Optimal enjoyment of every different space from bow to stern is assured thanks to the integrated cockpit and cabin area, which is in effect designed as one open space where all the people onboard can easily stay in touch with each other. The kings of the cockpit can sit on the four professional helm seats looking forward as one or more operates the three widescreen displays, on the helm and co-driver console.  If watching the world go by makes you peckish, you can step down into the kitchenette to rustle up drinks and food while still maintaining direct contact with the people who are at the helm or chilling on the sunbed. This split-level area is another nice place to relax on the sofa away from sun and wind while still feeling very much in the thick of the action. This whole area can be closed off at the push of a button with a glass ceiling roof.  The interior further features two double bedrooms, two toilets and a shower cabin.  The Bronson 50 that will be on display at the Cannes Yachting Festival will feature a combination of a T-Top and a Hardtop. This innovative Vario Roof can be used in two positions: Open is bimini position protecting against the sun; Closed is Hardtop position whereby the entire cockpit is closed.  The Bronson 50 is custom built in aluminium and standard equipped with twin Volvo 600hp or optional 725hp engines with IPS pod propulsion reaching speeds up to 36 knots. At 32 knots the diesel consumption is about five litres per nautical mile, which in combination with 2200 litre diesel tank results in a generous range of 440 nautical miles.
Technical Data:
LOA - 14.99 m (49.1ft)
Beam - 4.46 m
Draft - 1.25 m
Displacement - 17 t 
Fuel Capacity - 2200 l
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins
Engines - 2 x Volvo D8 600hp, D11 725hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking dual propeller pod drives
Speed - 36 knots 32 knots cruise with Volvo 600hp, 39 knots with Volvo 700hp
Range - 440 nm at 32 knots cruise *with Volvo 600hp engines
Construction - aluminium
Project - Vripack

August 23, 2020

Project: Codecasa 58 Hull C127

Trust, strength and commitment. These terms summarise and represent Codecasa Shipyards’ way of working. The Codecasa’s production, in fact, has not been discouraged by the long and difficult Covid-19 period and is proceeding at full speed towards the next deliveries, which also include the building “on Spec” of a Yacht of 58 meters of length overall, Hull C127. This Yacht, featured by exceptional technical performances, represents Mr Fulvio Codecasa’s courage and resourcefulness and his strong will of creating an innovative “on Spec” Project.  The Codecasa technical team, headed by Mr Gianluca Imeri, with Mr Pierluigi Ausonio’s co-operation, is very proud of the results achieved for this elegant and gritty unit. The new C127 will be able to reach the maximum speed of about 21 knots at light displacement.  Hull C127 will feature a fast displacement hull, of military inspiration, optimised with the best techniques currently available to reach and exceed the threshold of 20 knots, a remarkable speed for a Yacht of this size with a steel hull, and she will then be automatically included among the fastest Yachts in her category. Data at hand, the new super yacht, with the steel hull, equipped with 2 main engines Caterpillar 3386hp, will reach a 21 knots speed, with a range of over 6000 nautical miles at twelve knots. Featured by one Owner’s Suite, five guest cabins, in addition to the captain’s cabin and six double crew cabins, and a comfortable lift serving all decks, the Yacht also provides a beach area astern, with the folding shell door that becomes a swimming platform, and a Gym and a swimming pool of 3.5 x 3 meters on the Sun Deck.  Obviously, the maximum comfort will be ensured on board, thanks to the very high quality and technological standards that have always been the keynotes of the Codecasa Brand products. These, combined with the speed, will make this Yacht a new benchmark in the Italian and worldwide nautical industry. The delivery date of this new Yacht is scheduled for Spring 2023.

August 22, 2020

New Model: Overmarine Mangusta Gransport 33

The first vessel in Overmarine Group’s new Mangusta GranSport 33 series was launched in the last week of July and performed sea trials.  While being the entry level in the Mangusta GranSport line, this vessel, pencilled by Alberto Mancini in cooperation with Overmarine Group’s technical departments can offer spacious volumes and technical details that can normally be found on larger yachts. She can surely be defined as a 33-meter yacht with the heart and soul of a true mega yacht.  The Mangusta GranSport 33 is a sporty and yet extremely comfortable vessel, boasting timeless elegance and a very strong personality. She perfectly combines style and technical solutions, the utmost expression of this flawless blend being her outstanding performances and unmatched efficiency. The same design style harmoniously unravels across both the exteriors and the interiors, turning every inch of the yacht into a pleasant, functional space.  Overmarine Group’s Interiors Department has worked side by side with the designer Mancini and the Owner to select the perfect furniture, furnishings and décor. The final outcome is a stylish, but also extremely functional yacht, just what her American Owner had asked for.  Stepping aboard, one can only be impressed by this vessel’s huge volumes at 228 Gross Tonnage, she is definitely among the best in her class. At the stern, a large cockpit fitted with a dining table and a bar area welcomes the guests on board. Indoors, the main deck comprises an airy saloon brightened by ceiling-high windows, two of which can be opened to ensure natural ventilation. The galley is adjacent to the saloon for fast and easy service.  Further on the main deck, at the bow, is the 40 sq. m. master cabin, which offers the Owner airiness, comfort, and incredible brightness. The entire lower deck accommodates the 4 guest cabins, which can be arranged in different layouts and solutions, depending on the Owner’s wishes and taste.  The 56 sqm flybridge can come in different versions, open or enclosed. On this first unit, the Owner has chosen the enclosed option, so as to obtain a real sky lounge with an indoor TV room – an innovative, interesting solution. The outdoor area is extremely enjoyable, thanks to a sunbathing area and a Jacuzzi with bar, allowing the Owner and his guests to spend blissful moments of relaxation while enjoying utter privacy and total freedom of movement.  From the flybridge, access can easily be gained to the bow, another convivial area, located forward on the same level and featuring a pool with hydro-massage and sunbathing area, completed by a lounge area with a sofa and a table.  The 28 sqm garage can fit a 5.65 m tender and two water-skis, delivering an incredible storage capacity that makes this model one of the best in class. The aft platform can be extended to become a spacious living area by the sea.  The Mangusta GranSport 33 can rely on a propulsion package featuring four Volvo 1000hp with IPS propulsion engines that can push her to a maximum speed of 26 knots while ensuring reduced consumption against vessels of the same size with traditional propulsion systems, and maximum comfort thanks to extremely low vibrations and impressive noiselessness. Other distinctive technical features on this yacht are her excellent manoeuvrability, enhanced by the Joystick Docking system, the dynamic positioning system allowing to keep the craft stable in one position, and the electrical stabilising fins. Her very limited draft of under two meters, means she can comfortably cruise even in very shallow waters, makes this yacht ideal, for instance, in the Bahamas in winter or the Hamptons in the summer.
The other two models in the Mangusta GranSport line, the 54 and 45 are also going to be delivered also during the summer.
Techical Data:
LOA - 33.3 m (109.3ft)
Beam - 7.4 m
Draft - 1.9 m
Displacement - 115 t half load, 130 t full load
Fuel Capacity - 10500 l
Water Capacity - 2000 l
Accommodation - twelve guest berths in five cabins, five crew in three cabins
Engines - 4 x Volvo D13 1000hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking IPS1350 dual propeller pod drives
Speed - 26 knots max 23 knots cruise
Range - 430 nm at cruise
Construction - monolithic single skin hull, with sandwich super structure
Project - Alberto Mancini, Overmarine Group naval architect, interiors custom

August 21, 2020

Project: Bering 145

Bering is proud to announce the construction of a new 45 meters 145 steel super yacht. This 45 meter super yacht is the new flagship of the Bering Yachts fleet, a transoceanic model combining elegance, speed, and the latest technology and fully customisable. Designed by Bering's in-house team of naval architects and engineers, it has a full displacement steel hull of 514 metric tons. The super yacht features a hybrid propulsion system, enable to reach speeds up to fifteen knots, and cruise effortlessly at twelve knots for 4000 nautical miles. The master stateroom is located on the main deck toward the bow with glass windows measuring more than nine square meters. Additionally, there are five guest rooms. On the main deck is a huge saloon with a dining area for twelve persons as well as a lounge area. The lower deck includes 32 square meters of storage space for equipment such as water toys and spare parts. Bering 145 also includes a spacious beach club at the stern. Just imagine a space of forty square meters for relaxing and entertainment! On the flybridge is a SPA zone, bar, and gas grill, among several luxurious amenities.  

August 20, 2020

Engine: Cat C12.9 850hp

Caterpillar introduces another C12.9 marine propulsion engine in 850hp, ideal for high performance marine applications including yachts, fishing vessels, military vessels, governmental vessels and various other commercial high performance marine applications. The C12.9 is designed to be integrated with both the Cat Three60 Precision Control shaft line manoeuvring and engine control solution as well as other marine industry throttle controls. The electronically-controlled C12.9 reaches 850 mhp at 2300 rpm, and meets EPA Tier 3, IMO II, EU Recreational Craft Directive and EU Stage IIIA regulations. In addition to high power density, the C12.9 850hp offers high torque at low engine speeds and fast acceleration throughout the entire engine speed range due to its air system design of integrated series turbochargers and a supercharger.

August 19, 2020

Project: Vicem 50 Classic

Turkish yacht builder Vicem Yachts is proud to announce the development of the all-new 50 Classic, a roomier and lengthened version of the existing 46 IPS model.  Vicem is well-known as one of the leading cold-moulded wooden yacht builders in the world, but the company is equally accomplished at composite fibreglass construction. Fiberglass builds provide Vicem quicker delivery turnarounds to customers as well as easier maintenance, making the semi-custom fifteen meter a combination of style, value, performance and durability.  The 50 Classic is a Down-East lobster boat style salon express style yacht, and will feature a single-stateroom layout for the perfect couple’s retreat. A large master forward, ensuite head and ample storage will provide owners the luxury and accommodations suitable for longer voyages. Interiors will reflect the craftsmanship and attention to detail found in all Vicem Yachts, from the hundred-footers all the way down to the 46 Classic.  Additional options include a two-stateroom layout for those who prefer additional sleeping accommodations as well as a flybridge model.  Customisation of interior finishes is a Vicem Yachts hallmark, and provides each owner to express their individual onboard tastes, from counter-top surface materials to cabinetry and sole flooring.  Expectations for the yacht is that it will achieve top and cruising speeds of 28 knots and 24 knots, respectively, powered by her standard twin Volvo 440hp engines and IPS600 pod propulsion. An option will be available for twin Volvo 600hp engines and IPS800 pod drives, with increases in top and cruising speeds of several knots.  The first hull of the Vicem 50 Classic is expected to arrive stateside around October 2020.

August 18, 2020

New Model: Sunseeker Manhattan 68

Sunseeker present the new Manhattan 68 a new addition to the popular since the nineties flybridge motor yacht range of Pool based British boat builder, which today spans from the sixteen meter top selling 52 up to this new 21 meter flagship.  The Manhattan 68 is an evolution of the 66 model, extended in length and has been designed to offer exceptional levels of comfort and luxury with incredible detailing. Throughout the main deck there is a strong focus on creating generous, usable sociable spaces. Her exterior lines flow effortlessly from the bow seating and sunbathing areas to the expansive cockpit adjoining the now legendary Sunseeker Beach Club with enhanced features including a dedicated water level locker with built-in charging for two SeaBobs.  Internally, her expansive main saloon area benefits from sweeping glazing, even extending below the TV console to bring even more of the outside in. The fully-equipped aft galley with large dinette links seamlessly to the cockpit via full-width sliding doors, helping to bring everyone together. The innovative and meticulous design that has gone into the layout of the main deck makes this a yacht for welcoming guests; with a strong focus on ambient lighting and interior detailing. Access to the spacious four guest cabins is via the lower helm and elevated companion seating whilst the sumptuous master cabin amidships is accessed via its very own staircase to port. This exceptional layout allows the owner and guests to move effortlessly between spaces. The interiors boast exquisite attention to detail with a new palate of upholstery that provides a cool, crisp and contemporary look.
Technical Data:
LOA - 21.10 m (69.1ft)
Beam - 5.26 m
Draft - 1.60 m
Displacement - 37400 kg
Fuel Capacity - 4000 l
Water Capacity - 900 l
Accommodation - eight guests in four cabins, two crew in one cabin
Engines - 2 x Man V8 1000hp, V8 1200hp, Volvo D13 100hp
Propulsion - line shaft with Man's, or Volvo forward looking IPS1350 dual propeller pod drives
Speed - 32 knots 
Range - 300 nm at fast cruise, 550 nm at 10 knots

August 17, 2020

Bertram Boat Fire in Newport, Australia

A Bertram 35 Convertible named M/Y Assasin was totalled to fire on the morning of 17th August, off the coast of Newport, in Brisbane, Australia.  Assasin was on anchor with two persons onboard at the time of the accident, and was fast assisted by the Redcliffe Coast Guard.  No injuries are reported to the persons onboard.  The fire is being reported as starting from an electrical fault.
The Bertram 35 Convertible of the fire was a 1988 powered by two diesels.  The 35 Convertible started production from 1974 till 89, the second more modern generation of Bertram's designed by Dave Napier which started to show in the early seventies by the legendary name which pioneered the Deep-V hull shape to the World in 1960 with the 31 model.  The Bertram 35 Convertible cruised at about twenty knots with the standard gas petrol engines on shaft drives, while optional diesels of twin 320hp Cummins added that by couple of knots.

Project: Seanfinity T-5

After debuting the Seanfinity T4 in 2019 in Ibiza, so far delivered in four units, this Italian boat builder goes step two and presents the new T-5 project which is currently in advanced stages of construction, and set to debut at the Cannes boat show in September.  Designed as the T4 by Gianluca Caputi the Seanfinity T-5 will feature a two cabins interior layout, with two spacious rooms, and a huge bathroom.  Outside the T-5 offers a walk-around centre console with a well sized hard top covering up until the aft dinette area.  The Seanfinity T-5 will be standard powered with twin Cats 650hp engines coupled to Top System surface drives delivering up to 45 knots top speed, while an optimum fast cruise should give a five litre per nautical mile cruise.  Seanfinity T-5 will also be offered in a quad Mercury 450hp set up which will reach top speeds up to 57 knots. 

August 16, 2020

Pershing New Web Site

Pershing presents its new World wide web showroom. The Pershing story starts in 1981 when a partnership between Tili Antonelli, Fausto Fillipetti, Giulano Onori created Cantieri dell Adriatico and the first model, a 30 feet wooden built sport cruiser. In 1985 the first Pershing was created and this was the 45 model designed by Fulvio De Simoni which in its sleek sport lines offered three double cabins. Since then Fulvio De Simoni continued never stopping the Pershing collaboration designing all its models, and creating over the years many breakthroughs in yacht design, starting in 1991 when the at the time flagship 70 model introduced the integrated windshield design feature. This feature apart becoming an identity design feature from Pershing will be one of the most copied styles in the nineties. The 70 also reinvented the hard top design, which Pershing developed further in the top selling 54, and the 60 up until it was a feature of all the range. The Pershing 70 hull one prototype also featured an innovative jet turbine propulsion. Each Pershing flagship has created new trends in design from the 88 launched in 1998, to the 2004 presented 115, and the 140 launched in 2019.  In 1998 in a move to increase its growing global status Pershing joined the Ferretti Group. Later on to this comes a move to its current establishment now located in Mondolfo, a plant designed by Sandro Santini and having a total space of 55,000 square meters of which 38,000 are covered. Pershing current line up features nine models which start with the 5X, and the aluminium built 140 flagship. Pershing latest model is the 7X a further evolution of the 2014 debuted 70 which introduced the integrated wing style hard top which preceded the X style which is now a trade mark of the range.  Pershing has also a new innovative TO range in the works, with a 25 meter currently reported under construction. Pershing new web site is available in English and Italian language and takes you around with the following buttons; Home, About, Yachts, Surface, and Shipyard.  Pershing is also on social media; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube with a direct link buttons on the top right of the page.
Production History:
45 1985-93 (45+-)  Fulvio de Simoni design
30 1986-92
40 1988-1997 (40+-)
52 1989-92
57 1990-95
33 1993-98
70 1992-97
38 1993-96
54 1995-2004 (50+-) *50 project
60 1996-1997
48 1997-2001 (25+-) *46 project
39 1997-2000
65 1997-99  
73 1998-2003  Ferretti Group Ownership
88 1999-2004 (17)
37 1999-2006  
45 1999-01 (20+-) includes limited 
65 Limited 2000-03
38 Endurance 2000 (1)
52 2000-04 (30+-)
43 2001-04 (30+-)
45 Limited 2002-03 (20+-) includes standard 45
76 2002-08
50 2003-08 (120+-) *48 project
62 2004-08
115 2004-13 (10)
46 2005-12 (30+-) 
90 2005-11 (21)
56 2006-09 (70+-)
72 2007-11
64 2008-16
80 2008-12 (10)
50.1 2010-15 (40+-) 
108 2010-21 (7)
92 2010-17 (13)
58 2011-13
74 2011-19
82 2012-19 (20)
62 2013-21
70 2014-21
5x 2016- 
9x 2017- (21 
8x 2019- (25 
140 2019- (5 
7x 2020- 
6x 2021- 
GTX116 2023- (3  *TO project
GTX80 2024-

August 15, 2020

Project: Vanquish VQ80 Sportfish

Vanquish Yachts in the Netherlands confirms a new order for a sleek, saucy and fully bespoke sportfish yacht the likes of which has never been seen among the shoals. The 24-metre will be known as the VQ80 Sportfish, and is expected to serve as the Chase Boat for Project SkyFall, a 60-metre superyacht currently under construction at Heesen. One of the fastest superyachts on the planet today, she combines fantastic sportfish functionality with the unique Vanquish lifestyle and pure design elements that have brought the brand global fame.  The product of many months of Research and Design cooperation and direct contacts between Vanquish Yachts founder Tom Steentjes, the owner’s team, exterior and interior designer Guido de Groot and the naval architects at Studio Delta, this game-changing project will introduce an unprecedented degree of imposing looks, breakneck speed and high-tech sophistication to the conservative sea-fishing world. A hybrid between a luxurious sportfish superyacht and a VQ powerboat at the peak of its performance, this fast fully-custom chase boat will have every conceivable facility and layout option for the avid-angler owner and his fishing buddies.  The thunder for this extreme boat will be provided by the next-generation Cat marine engine, set to offer a storming 4800 horsepower in total. The brand-new Caterpillars will in turn feed two surface drives that will drive the VQ80 at 51 knots in light load conditions. Advancing the throttles will be an experience in itself on the most powerful VQ to date, which will also carry a whopping 5700 litres of fuel. With a range at 48 to 50 knots of 330 nautical miles, the best off-the-beaten-track fishing grounds come into play and no school of fish will be safe.  The deployment of Petestep’s hull technology will increase efficiency by over 15% in high speeds, allowing for an impressive top speed and operating range. In combination with the suspension effect of the Petestep deflectors, the VQ80 SportFish will set a new benchmark for performance and ride comfort in the yacht industry.  The VQ80 Sportfish will also offer a fantastic fishing experience for a super sportfish kitted out with the latest Garmin gear including fish-finders and chart plotters. Once the reel battle has been won, hydraulic doors open both port and starboard to safely haul the fish into the hold. A great deal of consideration has been given to storage for the catch as well as the widest range of fishing equipment and rods.  The formable profile of this VQ80 SportsFish exudes power and speed in every detail, with an aggressive paint scheme adding to the mix.  The elegant and sporty interior will continue the cool exterior ascetic with carbon fibre finishing, lots of play with light features, dark faucets and an absence of wood finishes. The large saloon has an additional outside sitting area to relax or watch the angling action. Good-sized refrigerators, large televisions, DJ panels and a wide selection of other entertainment facilities will provide a top-drawer after-fishing vibe.  Storage space has been subject to careful scrutiny in the luxury areas too in order to make life easy for owners and guests during extended stays. Overnight expeditions will be a pleasure thanks to the forward owner’s suite and two double guest cabins. With accommodation for two crew members also included, the onboard service levels will be high. Last but not least, a Seakeeper 26 will ensure maximum comfort at anchor.  Due for delivery in spring 2023, the remarkable VQ80 SportsFish reinforces the unrivalled potential to build 24-metre custom powerboats on offer at VQ Yachts. The Dutch yard already has a wide variety of projects in build in other sizes, including the VQ11 and VQ16 waterscooter tenders, the composite VQ40 SuperSport, and the VQ45, VQ52, VQ58 and VQ68, all brilliantly built in aluminium.  Vanquish has recently extended its facilities to deal with an upsurge in orders and established a new division called Vanquish Super Yachts to handle larger builds such as the VQ80 Sportfish.

August 13, 2020

New Model: Greenline Oceanclass 68

An evolution of the OceanClass 65, Greenline present the new OceanClass 68 a milestone for the Slovenian boat builder as it’s the largest production hybrid yacht ever built. Using a combination of twin Cummins 1000hp diesel engines and a pair of 60kW electric motors, the twenty meter flagship motor yacht is capable of 7 knots on electric power alone with a silent, emission-free cruising range of 40nm thanks to a 138kWh battery bank. As an option this capacity can be doubled. The top speed under engine power is 25 knots and with a fuel capacity of 5,000 litres the cruising range at 7 knots is 1,800nm. The OceanClass is a capable long-distance cruising vessel with vacuum-infused foam core construction and RCD Class A certification, meaning it is certified safe for ocean use.  On board, the yacht is fitted with Simrad multi-function displays and navigation equipment with digital switching and a full suite of high-end Miele appliances that run off a 20kW alternator, negating the need for a diesel generator.  The yacht can sleep six guests in three spacious ensuite cabins and two crew members in their own separate quarters.
Technical Data:
LOA - 20.8 m (68.2ft)
Beam - 5.45 m
Displacement - 45 t loaded 28 t empty
Fuel Capacity - 5000 l
Water Capacity - 1000 l
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, two crew in one cabin
Engines - 2 x Cummins 1000hp plus 2 x 60kw electric motors
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 25 knots top speed, seven knots long range
Range - 1800 nm at 5 knots
Project - Jemej and Japec Jacopin Design
Certificatin - CE A

August 12, 2020

CRN Super Yacht Fire in Greek Syros Island

On twelve August a CRN 39 meter super yacht M/Y Monaco got engulfed in flames while dry-docked at the Tarsanas shipyard, on the island of Syros in Greece.  The CRN was undergoing refit work at Tarsanas, and the fire is reported to have started from inside.  Local news Cyclades posted videos of the yacht engulfed in fire.  Monaco was fast assisted by the local Syros coast guard and the fire fighting squad who controlled the fire in about an hour.  No injuries are reported in the accident.
The CRN 39 meter M/Y Monaco was build in 1977 of steel and has accommodation for up to thirteen guests in five cabins, with a crew of eight persons taking care of onboard duties.  Power is from twin Deutz 795hp which give her a cruise speed of twelve knots.  CRN Monaco was last refitted in 2007, and is a charter yacht which usually cruises in Greece and its numerous surrounding islands. 

August 11, 2020

Improve-It = Zeelander Z55

Zeelander has delivered another luxurious 17-meter Z55 yacht with a special interior design by Dutch firm Sinot to a proud owner based on the US East Coast.  Effortless style, timeless design and high-end solutions are key features embodied in every boat built by Zeelander Yachts. The new unit of the Z55 model with the marine classic Flag Blue coloured hull from the Dutch shipyard is no exception.  Zeelander Yachts is far from your typical production builder; its yachts are limited and each one of them is treated to a super-yacht level. The new 17-meter Z55, in turn, has an exclusive interior design by the renowned Sinot Yacht Architecture and Design. Sinot has created interiors for several superyachts, from Feadship, Heesen, and Hakvoort among many other projects.  This Zeelander Z55 is powered by twin Volvo 1000hp with IPS1350 pod drives which allow her to reach top speeds up 42 knots, while a cruise of 25 knots gives a five hundred nautical mile range.