October 5, 2010

Project: Azimut 48 Flybridge

A surprise presentation that of the new Azimut 48 project which is based on the Righini exterior, and Galeazzi interior designed five years produced 47. The changes which the 48 will have will be that of new windows for the the two midship located guest cabins, and an extended longer bathing platform aft with up and down hydraulic movement. Not that the 47 bathing platform was small but this last allows bigger tender stowage, and easier launching and recovery. The windows as this computer edited image of a 47 shows take also the latest Azimut style of its models with three verticals replacing the previous single peace. The norm for other Azimut models with these style windows is also for one of them usually the central to open. For the rest those 47 owners should not act so fast for a change, that is unless you want to stow a bigger tender, as the 48 keeps all the layout of the 47. Surprisingly without having a midship stateroom the 2005 launched 47 has one of the best layouts in this size, thanks to a clever three cabin lower accommodation plan, spacious galley below, and main deck with dining table. But then again being the innovative Azimut which has a usual history of leading in design, it was expected to give something more in this new 48, even tough based on a successful produced model.

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