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May 27, 2024

Azimut Boat Fire in Bosphurus River Turkey

A thirteen meter Azimut flybridge cruiser went ablaze in the Bosphurus River, Istanbul, Turkey on the afternoon of Saturday twentieth July, 2019.  People onboard the flybridge cruiser where seen wearing there life jackets and jumping off-board as the fire expanded onboard, with these being collected by nearby boaters.  The flybridge cruiser was then seen being carried to the shore by the wind and sea current, before a fire-fighting boat turned to the scene and extinguished the fire.  No injuries were reported, with the cause of the fire not being reported.
The Azimut in this fire is a 43 as designed by Righini for exterior and interior by Galeazzi and produced from 2006 to 2009.  First released in 2005 as a 40, a stern modification and longer bathing platform will evolve it to the 43, with Azimut also producing a hard-top 43S variant on the same platform powered by Volvo IPS instead of the Cummins shaft drives.  The Azimut 43 came out as a replacement to the 39 and 42, and was replaced by the smaller 38.

May 25, 2024

Two People Rescued from Sinking Sunseeker 80 Predator

Two people where rescued when a 24 meter Sunseeker sport yacht tilted m/y Atlantis started to take on water three nautical miles off St Augustine Beach, Jacksonville, Florida on 11:37 morning of Saturday 25 May.  US Coast Guard sector Jacksonville responded to the distress call from Atlantis on channel sixteen, with assistance also coming from St. Johns Sherriff Office, St. Augustine Police Department, and St. Johns County Fire and Rescue who also transported one of the persons onboard to the Vilano Boat Ramp and then to a local hospital for minor injuries treatment. The causes of the sinking are under investigation though it is reported that the yacht struck a dredge pipe piling when under way, breaching its hull in the lower bow area with the collision and started to sink.  A navigational warning has been issued as the yacht is apparently still floating submerged, and currently a hazard with the owner instructed to organize a salvage.
M/y Atlantis is a 1999 Sunseeker 80 Predator as designed by Don Shead and John Braithwaite and produced from 1996 to 1999 in 21 units.  When released and for a year the 80 Predator was the Poole builder flagship model, and the largest production yacht build in the United Kingdom.  Sunseeker will replace the 80 Predator with the bit smaller 75 Predator in 1999.

May 24, 2024

Classic Trawler Burns Down Near San Juan Islands

A classic eleven meter trawler explorer cruiser with two persons onboard went ablaze near San Juan Islands, Washington on the morning of Saturday 24th June 2023.  After making a distress call the two boaters where assisted and off boarded to safety by a nearby boater, with the trawler left to burn, that is until Cascade Pacific Sea Scouts heard the VHF call and turned on the scene with SSS Propeller to control the blaze on the boat.  The Cascade Pacific Sea Scouts controlled the blaze until a fire boat from Seattle arrived to the scene and continued fire fighting operations.  The SSS Propeller had just departed into a ten day trip Summer event, when they heard the VHF distress call, and turned on the scene 35 minutes later.
The explorer cruiser in this fire is a hard to decipher Grand Banks 36 similar unit.  The first call in this would be an Island Gypsy 36 but it has different straight shear line, and then a Monk 36 Classic, but here again we have a different railing and windows serving the aft cabin.

May 22, 2024

Ten People Rescued from Sinking Sport Cruiser in Traverse Bay

Ten people where rescued from a nine meter Maxum sports cruiser which started sinking in North Michigan Grand Traverse Bay just before 14:30 hours of Friday nineteen June, 2020. The US Coast Guard turned to the scene with a helicopter and a rescue boat, with a Coast Guard man jumping to the water from the helicopter and helping the shocked boaters swim to a near good boater in a larger sport cruiser assisting and transporting the ten distressed crew before the Maxum cruiser sank in 76 meters of water.  The cause of the sinking is not reported, with the sank sport cruiser recovered by a hobby diver Dusty Kilfman in the first week of September.
The Maxum sport cruiser in this sinking is a 2800 SCR as produced from 1997 to 2000.  The 2800 SCR, replaced the bit larger and wider 2700 SCR, and was renamed as the 2900 SCR and then 2900 SE with minor cosmetic changes involving the radar arch, produced a total in all three versions for nine years.
The saving sport cruiser is a Cruisers 4270 Esprit as produced from 1997 to 2003.  The 4270 Esprit/Express came out as a flagship of Cruiser's Esprit sport cruiser line and as a replacement to the different 4285 Express Bridge, replaced in 2003 by the 440 Express.

May 15, 2024

Croatia Medulin Marina Fire Burns 22 Boats

22 boats and yachts from five to 22 meters in length burned in a fire which started at 03:54 of the morning of fifteen May in Medulin Marina, Priveziste, Puntica, Croatia.  It is a miracle how no one was injured, with fire fighters from Pola responding to the fire with four vehicles and fifteen fire men, turning off the fire just after seven morning time.  The fire left no one injured with some people jumping in the water just as the blaze expanded to the whole pontoon from left to right.  An investigation is ongoing by the Port Authority of Pula and Istrian Police Directorate on how the fire started.
Some boats in this fire look to be a couple Bavaria sport cruisers, Innovazioni Progetti Mira, Rinker sport cruiser, Estensi Goldstar, Sasga, Sunseeker 47 Portofino, and what looks a Taiwan build motor yacht of about 22 meters which so far cannot be deciphered.

May 13, 2024

Fire in Fiumicino Boat Yard Burns Four Boats

A fire in a boat yard located on the Tiber river in Via della Scafa, Fiumicino, Italy involved four boats and yachts from twelve to sixteen meters was started on 05:40 morning of Monday thirteenth May.  Fire fighters from the Ostia Vigili dell Fuoco responded to the fire with four trucks.  No one was injured in the fire, also because no one was in the boat yard when the blaze started with an investigation ongoing by the Carabinieri on how the fire started.
We can only picture one yacht in this fire, which seems to be a not so good but probably practical for fishing conversion to a nice and classic Akhir 16.60 m as designed by Pier Luigi Spadolini and produced from 1972 to 78.  A replacement to the Atlas 16.90 the first Akhir for Cantieri di Pisa was a turn around in motor yacht design which then evolved into the Akhir 19 in 1979.

May 7, 2024

Stolen Sportfish Ends Beached in Vilano Inlet

A stolen nine meter express sportfish cruiser with one person aboard ended beached first and then partly sank in the South of Vilano Inlet, St. Augustine, Florida on the afternoon of Monday sixth May.  At first the sportfish cruiser was stuck in sand only for it to partly sink later on at about 18:00 hours, with the boat washing on the beach the following morning.  The area has had extremely low tides in recent days, and while the man onboard tried to deploy an anchor he was unsuccessful in minimizing the damage, with the situation turning from bad to worse.  The sheriff and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was on the case, with SeaTow entrusted for the salvage of the boat and removing its pollutants. 
The express sportfish in this grounding is a Luhrs 290 Open model as produced from 1992 to 2002.  The 290 Open was a top seller for the nineties in its size and express sportfish type, also because of Luhrs custom inspired looks followed by a competitive price.  The 290 Open came out as a replacement to the Tournament 290 and was replaced by the 30 Open.

May 3, 2024

Super Yacht Ends Beached in Spetses

A 29 meter Posillipo super yacht titled Why with Greek flag ended aground in the Dapias area of the island of Spetses, in the Greek Aegean islands on the late morning of Friday third May.  Local news reported that the super yacht was trying to remove itself from the exposed North East looking pier which moors the yachts astern looking to the North West, after strong winds made it uncomfortable for the yacht in the last hours, only for it to end beached.  With assistance coming from the Greek Coast Guard and Spetses mayor an operation was started on the same afternoon to remove Why from the beaching, although this was more complicated then anticipated because of the strong winds, and the yacht taking on water.  
Why is a 2005 Posillipo Technema 95 as designed by Carlo Galeazzi.  Debuting in 2004 to high acclaim, Posillipo will deliver sixteen Technema 95 with the last unit produced in 2008.

May 2, 2024

Saint-Laurent du Var Fire Destroys Five Boats Damages Two

Five boats and yachts between twelve to twenty meters where fire destroyed and eventually sank, while two yachts of nineteen and 21 meters received fire damage for a blaze which started at around 22:30 hours of Monday first May in Saint Laurent du Var, to the West of Nice in the South of France.  Sixty fire fighters with 34 fire engines responded to the fire, which was extinguished after four hours at around 03:00 hours the following morning second May.  No one was injured in the fire with the yacht marina of Saint Laurent du Var closed for the public the following day, for clean up operations while the prosecutor of Nice has opened an investigation.  From the photos and videos circulating on line the fire looks to have started from the second boat in this photo, which then jumped to the other three boats on its port side, and to the sport yacht in its starboard side.  The same marina had a fire which affected six restaurants in April 2021.
Three of the five destroyed yachts in this fire look to be a third generation Princess V65, second version Sunseeker 52 Manhattan, and a Canados 70 S, with the two smaller boats so far unidentified.  The two damaged yachts are an Arno Leopard 21.50m Open left of the photo, and a Riva 63 Virtus to the right.

April 28, 2024

VisionF Power Catamaran Burns Down in Miami River

A 2023 build VisionF power catamaran titled Flagship went ablaze and ultimately was destroyed by a fire which started in a covered water shed at the Merrill-Stevens Yachts repair yard, on the Miami river, North-West to Downtown Miami, at 11:15 on the morning of Sunday 28 April.  Miami Fire Rescue responded to the fire, with 32 rescue units and 100 fire fighters, including the Hazmat Team and a Fireboat.  This was a delicate fire fighting operation, also because the yacht was located in a close shed with nearby yachts, and other burning materials, with the first course off action being that to tow the yacht outside.  The fire took about one hour to control, with the yacht ultimately partly sinking in the Miami River.  No one was injured in the fire, with Merill-Stevens yard manager saying it was lucky that the accident happened on a Sunday.  The causes of the fire are under investigation, and are also being followed by VisionF, due to the relatively young age of less to a year of the yacht.   
Flagship is a 2023 VisionF 82 Alu, alumimium build in Turkey.  The VisionF 82 was first announced a project under the Silent Yachts brand in 2022, ultimately the brands separated in around 2023, and VisionF decided to launch the project under its own brand.  Three Vision F82 Alu have so far been delivered, with the yard having further projects for a smaller 80 and bigger 100 model.

April 27, 2024

Princess Yacht Stucks in Chelmsford Bridge

A fifteen meter Princess yacht collided and got stuck in its road transport journey in the Chelmsford Railway viaduct, Chelmsford, to the North East of London, UK, on the late morning of Saturday 27 April.  This Princess was on its way from Denmark to the UK to a boat yard in Essex Marina, and ended in an alternative road because the planned motorway route was closed, passing into the Chelmsford Railway viaduct and soft colliding and getting stuck with the bridge side pillars.  With this collision delaying the Princess yacht arrival, and causing some traffic mayhem.  The Princess was later freed from the the bridge and continued its journey to Essex Marina. The damage to the Princess Yacht was not reported. According to unconfirmed reports this is the same Princess yacht which ended aground in Rorvig, Denmark on the eighteen June 2023.
The Princess yacht in this bridge collision is an F50 model as released in 2019 as a replacement to the 49. The Princess F50 is designed by Bernard Olesinski and Pininfarina exterior styling. In 2022 the Princess F50 was updated with the addition of larger glazing on the hull sides.

Viking Sportfish Collides Into Blackwater River Bridge

A thirteen meter Viking sportfish cruiser titled Y-Not collided with a bridge in Blackwater river in Milton, Florida on the afternoon of 26 April.  The Viking sportfish was un-attended during the collision, and is reported to have been moving back and forth around the area in recent weeks, sometimes moored to a dock and other times on anchor.  Strong winds are what caused the collision with the bridge, with the US Coast Guard and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservative Commission trying to trace the ownership of Y-Not, which is known to be a liveaboard boat for one male person.
Y-Not is a Viking 45 Convertible as produced between 1987 to 93 in around 250 units. The 45 Convertible was Viking's best eighties success, a stepping stone to the successful growth of the New Jersey sportfish boat and  yacht builder.  The 45 Convertible came out as a replacement to the 46 Convertible Sport Fisher, and was replaced by the 47 Convertible in 1994.

April 22, 2024

Boca Chita Boat Yacht Collision Kills Two

A collision between a fifteen meter Azimut sport yacht and a five meter Key West open boat in South Biscayne Bay, Boca Chita Key, Miami-Dade County on 18:45 hours of Sunday 21 April killed two men.  The reason of the accident and who struck who are not reported, with both vessels having seven passengers onboard when the boats collided into each other.  The operator and a passenger of the small Key West boat where emergency transported to a hospital, and ultimately did not make it and died.  The Azimut as the picture above shows had damage on its starboard bow area, with the small Key West boat damaged on its port-side to aft.  Florida Fish and Wildlife are investigating the accident.  
The Azimut sport yacht in this collision is an Atlantis 51 model, as released in 2018 to a project of Neo Design of Salvetti and Biaggi.  Still in production today, the Azimut Atlantis 51 replaced the Atlantis 50 after five years of production.

April 15, 2024

Motor Yacht Explodes Then Goes Ablaze in Calanova Mallorca

A 23 meter motor yacht titled Tomi had an onboard explosion which then set an onboard fire while moored and berthed in Calanova, Palma, to the South West of Mallorca Island on Monday fifteen April.  Reports say a malfunctioning bow thruster set an explosion which then started a fire onboard the yacht.  Palma fire fighters rushed to the scene to control the flames, while Calanova marina personnel moved the yacht to a safe location out of harms way in order not to damage other yachts.   At this stage it is not reported if anyone was injured in this explosion and subsequent fire.
Tomi is a 2015 Pearl 75, a model designed by Bill Dixon with interiors by Kelly Hoppen presented in 2011 and produced till 2016.  The 75 apart being Pearl's new flagship at launch marked also the change to a midships-fore cabin area from the aft cabin design which made the brand famous in the noughties.  The 75 was replaced by the Pearl 80 in 2017.

Classic Wellcraft Beaches in Haulover Beach

A classic seven meter Wellcraft cabin cruiser with three persons onboard ended Beached at Haulover Beach, Florida on Sunday fourteen April.  The whole event was filmed by Wavy Boats, from the boat going out of Haulover Inlet into moderate to rough seas with winds of fifteen knots and wave height of about one meter, to it having engine problems, the beaching, and subsequent arrival of the Police and then towing by Fast Response.  The Wellcraft cabin cruiser took over half an hour for it to end up beached, enough time for a proper anchor deployment, and although this was made to aft port side, this was too short and deployed late.  Thanks to the boat beaching in sand, this classic Wellcraft should live another day as the towing back to safe harbor showed.
The classic Wellcraft in this beaching is a 250 Coastal as produced from 1986 till 89.  Part of Wellcraft fishing line the 250 Coastal, was a soft evolution of the 248 Sportsman, recognizable by the larger window, with the model replaced by the 2600 Coastal in 1991.

April 13, 2024

Prestige Yacht Ends Aground in Cayman Brac

A nineteen meter Prestige yacht ended beached on the West end of Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands on the night between Friday to Saturday thirteen April.  A night of strong winds broke the swing mooring with the Prestige Yacht ending up beached. According to the photos and reports the yacht did try to deploy the anchor, but probably no time as the swing mooring was only located about two hundred meters away from the beach.  The Prestige yacht was rescued a week later, with reports of shafts and P-brackets hull puncturing damage coming from the beaching. 
The Prestige in this beaching is a 620 Flybridge model as produced from 2012 to 2015.  Coming from a design of ever standing Prestige designer Garroni, the 620 was Prestige flagship at launch.  The Prestige came out as replacement to the 60 model, and was replaced by the 630 in 2016.  Prestige also offered the 620 S, similar in many things but with a smaller sportier sport bridge up top.

Classic Chris Craft Ends Beached in Ocean Park

A classic ten meter Chris Craft cabin cruiser with one person and a dog ended aground and beached in Ocean Park, Long Beach, Washington state after a mechanical problem and rough seas disabled it on Friday twelfth April.  Michael Bonome the lone navigator in this story also ended in the water to rescue his dog, while trying to deploy his anchor.  The locals brought an ambulance to the lone navigator, and also opened a GoFundMe account to help him return his boat back in the water.  After navigating in the lakes and rivers, Bonome was trying his ocean navigation skills for the first time, when a mechanical problem put him in this situation.  Bonome is waiting for high tide to return his boat in the water.
The Chris Craft in this grounding is a 33 Offshore model as produced in the seventies.  The 33 Offshore was also offered in the 33 Sport Sedan variant, with a totally different convertible sportfish super structure and cabin layout.  The Chris Craft 33 Offshore came out as a replacement to the Catalina 33 Sedan in around the mid seventies.

April 11, 2024

Maritimo Yacht Sinks in Baja Mexico

A sixteen meter Maritimo yacht titled m/y Sea Horse ended aground and partially sank in Baja, Mexico on the tenth April.  The video of the yacht aground and partly sank was shown on the YouTube channel Cruising Mexico with Jimni, the day after the accident was reported on happening, who showed both outside and inside of Sea Horse.  The yacht had its stern fully destroyed with the collision to the rocks, and was stripped of anything of value.  A hundred meters away to the yacht grounded on a beach was also the yacht's tender, which was also stripped of everything of value.  The causes of the sinking of this Maritimo yacht are not reported.
The Maritimo in this grounding is a M54 Flybridge Motor Yacht model, which debuted in 2016 and was produced till 21.  Featuring a signature down under enclosed bridge design the Maritimo M54 offers a three double cabins, and is powered by twin Volvo 725hp up to 900hp engines with line shaft propulsion.  The M54 was introduced as a replacement to the M53 and was replaced by the M55 which launched in 2021.

April 7, 2024

Sunseeker Yacht on Fire in New River Fort Lauderdale

A nineteen meter Sunseeker sport yacht went on fire while berthed near the Alluvion Building, New River, Fort Lauderdale on the afternoon of Saturday sixth April. It is not reported if the yacht was attended at the time of the fire, with the fire looking as starting in the cabin area of the main deck.  A video on Instagram by the Lifestyle Miami page showed three fire fighters fighting the fire in the cockpit, while newsroom WPLG also showed a video with the Fire Fighters and a TowboatUS boat arriving at the scene and starting to fighting the fire.
The Sunseeker yacht in this fire is a Predator 62 model as produced from 2005 to 2008. Designed by Don Shead the Predator 62 was a good success for Sunseeker, also for its spaces inside including a spacious full beam owners stateroom.  The Predator 62 came out as replacement to the larger but less spacious inside Predator 68 and was replaced by Predator 64 in 2009.

April 4, 2024

Super Yacht Fire Extinguished in Fort Lauderdale

A 28 meter classic super yacht titled m/y Estrella under Jersey registry had an onboard fire while berthed behind a home in Marathon Lane, Riverland, Fort Lauderdale, Florida on the morning of Wednesday third April.  Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue where quick to arrive to the scene, and control the blaze.  No one was onboard the yacht when the fire started, with this reported to starting from the main deck.  The causes of the fire are under investigation, with the yacht reported unplugged from it's shore supply when the blaze started, although Estrella does feature a self sufficient Lithium powered solar panel electrical system. 
M/Y Estrella the yacht in this fire is a 95 foot Broward build in alumimium 1988, to an exterior design and naval architecture by its builder, and interior by Dee Robinson.  Estrella is currently listed for sale with Luke Brown Yachts.