October 31, 2020

Monthly News - October 2020

-pic of the month- Princess Winners of International Track 200 Award

Azimut at the Rome Film Festival 

The Rome Film Fest played host to the official projection of Open Your Eyes, the short film by Gabriele Muccino that celebrates the debut of the new Magellano 25 Metri by Azimut Yachts. Attending the event with the film’s director and Azimut|Benetti Group vice president Giovanna Vitelli were the two actors, Francesco Sianna and Marianna Falace, and some of the main contributors to the project, including composer Andrea Guerra, editor Lorenzo Colugnati and costume designer Angelica Russo.

Azimut-Benetti Group Shines in Asia Pacific Region

The Asia-Pacific Area continues to play a strategic role in terms of Azimut|Benetti Group sales. Thanks to its longstanding presence in key countries in the area, the company has an excellent reputation and unparalleled reach across the region.  Reporting total sales worth over 150 million euros (the two brands’ results for the last 12 months), the Group is therefore at the top of an ideal ranking of best performers in the area.  Despite the complexities caused by the global pandemic, Azimut|Benetti has put in a particularly good performance, reporting a 10% increase on the results posted for this area last season.  This result, which takes account of all the most important markets in the region, including Hong Kong, Singapore, continental China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, is driven by orders for boats over 24 meters, a segment in which the Group excels throughout the world.  In more detail, Azimut Yachts has sold and delivered eight yachts in the brand’s flagship Grande Collection (four 32 Metri, two 27 Metri and two 25 Metri) with 5 more units in the same Collection in delivery in the next six months; Benetti has sold four Oasis 40M units (two in Australia, one in China and one in Hong Kong) and a B.Yond 37M.  So far as concerns Azimut Yachts, significant contributions to achieving these excellent results were made by Marine Italia, the dealer for Singapore, Hong Kong and part of China, and by the new Australian dealer D’Albora, which has established a considerable presence in the region in the space of a single year, as well as opening up new markets on the country’s western coast.  Turning to Benetti, it is no surprise that Asia-Pacific owners have focused their attention on the new projects and on the Oasis 40M, a glamorous yacht of which a remarkable 12 units have been sold to date.

Feadship Refit Quality Stamp

As the Feadship refit programme goes from strength to strength, the Dutch super yacht builder as pleased to recently present the owner of Zephyr with a Feadship Authentication Certificate. This motor yacht was returned to the sea in all her former glory and more last year, some seventy years after her original launch in 1939. The incredible restoration project was completed to such a degree of brand excellence that Zephyr has become the first member of the Feadship Heritage Fleet to be granted this ultimate proof of premium Feadship quality.

Feadship Solar Powered Future

The Feadship yard in Aalsmeer made the most of the sunny summer months, powering itself via some 1500 solar panels installed on the various rooftops. These new energy assets generate 530 MWh a year, the equivalent of the annual requirements of over 150 households. This latest investment reflects the desire at Feadship to eventually be able to create ‘emission-neutral’ Feadships and play our part in reducing the ecological footprint of the superyacht sector. Next up will be the yard in Makkum, where around 450 solar panels will be placed on the new construction hall. No less than 2262 solar panels had already been placed on the Amsterdam yard last year, generating 550,000 kWh per year.

Ferretti Wins Media Key Award

A new way to experience the sea, one that encloses a universe of stories and emotions in an intimate personal space, combining the dimension of travel represented by the yacht with the feeling of being at home. This is the creative concept behind the new campaign by Ferretti Yachts, the storied Italian luxury yacht brand and a leading global player in the industry, which reasserts its positioning with a more intimate language and a lifestyle aesthetic midway between fashion and design. The award ceremony was held on October 15, with a live-streamed session to which CEO Alberto Galassi contributed, commenting: “The Ferretti Yachts campaign was ahead of its time, asserting an ideal of wellbeing, calm and peace on a yacht, in order to reconnect with the dimension of a private island on which to take refuge: a subject that could hardly be more relevant in times like these.”  The Ferretti Yachts advertising campaign “Just Like Home” won the prestigious Press, Outdoor & Promotion Key Award (POPKA) in the category ‘A4, Beauty, Fashion and Luxury’.  Media Key is the benchmark magazine for Italian corporate communication. The panel of judges that makes the Awards, now in their 17th year, includes marketing strategists, media planners for top Italian and international businesses, communication operators, and creative directors at production companies, advertising agencies, and TV and Radio digital agencies. The multi-subject campaign published in leading magazines worldwide presents a model of absolute wellbeing that only Ferretti Yachts can make possible, anywhere and at any time.  Created by multiple award-winning international agency Lorenzo Marini Group, “Just Like Home” continues on a strategic and creative path that has further consolidated the brand’s image at international level.

Princess Winners of International Track 200 Award

Princess Yachts are thrilled to have been awarded The Sunday Times Manufacturing Excellence Award, presented at the virtual International Track 200 Awards ceremony on Monday 5th October 2020. The 'Manufacturing Excellence Award', sponsored by The Sunday Times, was presented by Business Editor Oliver Shah, to Chief Operating Officer Paul Mackenzie of Princess Yachts. The 11th annual Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200 awards event brought together the founders and directors of UK private companies with the fastest-growing international sales over the past two years. Jane Galvin, Head of Corporate Banking, HSBC UK, opened the virtual event: "The International Track 200 awards are designed to celebrate and recognise the success of businesses that take everything that's brilliant about the UK and spread it around the world."

Riva in the Movie

Over more than 60 years, numerous stunning, spellbinding Riva vessels have made appearances on cinema and television screens all over the world: from auteur films to the biggest blockbusters and huge national hits.  With breath-taking photos and unmissable reviews, “Riva in the Movie” tells the stories of the numerous films in which Riva creations have played important roles, in many cases taking centre stage next to nationally and internationally renowned stars. This fascinating cultural and publishing project features 300 pages, 39 films with their original posters, 300 pictures of scenes and life backstage, 77 actresses and 110 actors. They all come together in an exquisite, enchanting book whose words and pictures masterfully intertwine the stories of cinema and modern yachting.  Every film is accompanied by a summary of events from the year it was released and an overview of a Riva model from the time. This helps to paint a detailed picture of society and the world as a whole in the period in question.  The films were shot in some spectacular locations, including the French Riviera, Venice, the Costa Smeralda, Lake Como, Ischia, Capri, Lake Maggiore, Forte dei Marmi, Cannes and Nice. The many A-Listers that can be seen on board Riva yachts include Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot, Clark Gable, Pierce Brosnan, Liam Neeson, George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Vincent Cassel.  “Riva in the Movie” tells a captivating story with a thread in aquamarine hue running through it all the way from Mambo starring the divine Silvana Mangano in 1954, to 2019's Men in Black: International with the handsome Chris Hemsworth, who also plays Thor from the Avengers.  The unmistakable style of Riva yachts, which are described and pictured in all of their glory, has lit up films of all kinds for more than 60 years: from the drama of Le Mépris and Il Sorpasso, Agatha Christie mysteries, and thrillers such as Nikita and several James Bond films, to Italian comedies including Vacanze Di Natale, Yuppies and Il Paradiso All’Improvviso, not to mention genres that have been confined to history such as the “musicarelli” that showcased the talents of Mina, Domenico Modugno, Al Bano and Romina Power.  “Riva in the Movie” will appeal to film fans – the reviews by Franco Barbolini are full of interesting facts and details about the production of the films – and all lovers of the legendary Riva, which is dazzlingly, entrancingly depicted thanks to numerous old photographs and meticulous descriptions of every model.  From the presentation by Alberto Galassi, CEO of the Ferretti Group: “You may well not believe it, but there was no product placement whatsoever in any of the films mentioned in ‘Riva in the Movie’; on the contrary, Riva often only found out that one of its yachts had featured in a film from someone who had been to the cinema to see it. This is because Riva has been so successful over the last 70 years that its products almost immediately stopped being exclusive to the sailing world and became items associated with art, design, society, and culture.” [...] “I hope you will enjoy this book as much as I did, and how it shows that culture can originate in an industrial – or crafted, in the truest sense of the term – product, so much so that the Sarnico shipyard became a factory producing dreams for owners on all five continents.  At Ferretti Group, we have had the honour, as well as the magnificent yet tremendous responsibility of flying the standard of the most famous brand in the world of sailing for over twenty years. Carlo Riva continued to show his support over the years, and we will never stop feeling his presence, as his genius is rooted in the DNA of these extraordinary speedboats. This book is dedicated to him and to his life.”

Steeler Nominated for European Powerboat of the Year 2021

Steeler Yachts has been nominated for the “European Powerboat of the Year 2021 award”. The recently introduced ‘Bronson 50’ high performance yacht will compete against formidable international boat builders in the category of large planing yachts between 14 and 20 metres. Only 4 other competitors are in the race to win this prestigious award and Steeler Yachts is extremely proud and thankful to be one of the five finalists.  The design phase started in 2016 and it took three years before the green light was given to start production of a performance yacht that would meet the initial goal: to unite performance, versatility, usability and comfort in a breathtaking design. Only months after her introduction, the Bronson 50 has proven to deliver. Owner of the first B50, René van de Berg: “My first experience with the Steeler Bronson 50 far exceeds any expectations. The living space is enormous, and the electric glass ceiling is glorious. Apart from the comfortable interior, the sailing performance is amazing. Dry cruising on a choppy Mediterranean Sea at 30 to 35 knots is a true pleasure for the captain and guests alike!”  The electric glass ceiling and the rotating bimini top are probably the most innovative features of the Bronson 50. The versatility of having an open day boat that can transform to a hard-top cruiser offering luxurious accommodation is probably best described as the “Swiss army knife” among the day boats.  The jury of the “European Powerboat of the Year 2021” are the editors-in-chief, and their test drivers, of the leading European motorboat-magazines: BOOTE (Germany), Boatmag.it (Italy), Båtmagasinet (Norway), Marina.ch (Switzerland), Motorboot (Netherlands), Náutica y Yates (Spain), Neptune (France) and Yachtrevue (Austria). This jury jointly represents over one million monthly readers, making the European Powerboat Award probably one of the most acknowledged awards of this industry.  Steeler Yachts has been nominated six times in various categories in recent years and was a proud winner in 2015, 2016 and 2019. Such international recognition for the continuous flow of meaningful innovations is a major source of inspiration for the entire Steeler Yachts team.  The European Powerboat of the Year 2021 award will be presented in January 2021.

Sunreef Presents the Greener Way

The sustainable design movement is gaining momentum and Sunreef Yachts is embracing a greener way to cruise in luxury. From our inception, we have firmly believed that yachting can be more environmentally responsible and we have engineered our boats for optimal fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. The Sunreef Yachts Eco furthers that philosophy, bringing forth a world of possibilities, without any compromise to comfort or style. Using a proprietary solar power system, electric propulsion, cutting-edge batteries and eco build materials, the Eco line offers a 360° sustainable cruising experience. With a number of eco line catamarans already launched and an increasing number of green innovations incorporated into upcoming projects, Sunreef Yachts is at the forefront of eco-luxury sailing.

Sunseeker Project Menorca

Following the launch of Sunseeker International and The Blue Marine Foundation’s (BLUE) pioneering marine environment programme, ‘Project Menorca’ in 2018, the global luxury boat builder has shared numerous positive outcomes to-date. The programme is an excellent example of a community, eco-marine charity and a company coming together to achieve shared goals, and will be used as a blue-print of best practice globally.  Running for just over two years, the Project Menorca programme has seen a number of activities delivered, including the implementation of a widespread education programme, a reduction in single-use plastics by local fishmongers, 143 beach cleans undertaken and over 13.5 tonnes of plastic cleared from the island. It also coincides with the news that UNESCO has officially approved Menorca’s local government application to extend the boundaries of the biosphere reserve zone to also cover its surrounding marine habitats up to 12 nautical miles out to sea. This makes the island the biggest marine reserve in the Mediterranean.  Project Menorca was devised by BLUE and Sunseeker, with additional support from the Menorca Preservation Fund (MEPF), to help create a tangible difference in protecting Menorca’s marine environment. The project’s aims are to support local fishermen in creating a model of sustainable fishing, protect marine reserves by removing plastics and ‘ghost’ fishing nets, as well as distributing recyclable materials across the island. It also hopes to raise additional funds to establish a network of eco-moorings to preserve seagrass beds.  One of the key objectives of the programme was to reduce single-use plastics through offering biodegradable alternatives to local fishmongers. Reusable as well as compostable bags and paper wrapping were distributed to fresh fish outlets, with Ciutadella fish market on the island stipulating that only biodegradable materials may now be used; a requirement of having a stand in the market.  Six large ‘ghost’ fishing nets were located and removed and as part of the project there were 143 beach cleans with over 5.5 tonnes of plastic waste collected, as well as a successful schools outreach programme with a further eight tonnes of plastic collected.   The project also saw the creation of the new ‘Isla del Aire’ marine protected area (MPA) which protects 7.2 km2 of marine habitat, with an estimated 634 species of marine life, from both illegal fishing and harmful moorings on Posidonia meadows. Posidonia makes up approximately 56% of the seabed of the reserve - its 4.02km2 helping to absorb of 725 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. This contributes to a total 14,760 tonnes of carbon dioxide absorbed by seagrass in Menorca as a whole. It was all helped by increased surveillance through successful patrolling of the coastal areas, as well as an education campaign throughout the Island.  Andrea Frabetti, CEO at Sunseeker International, commented: “We are delighted to be working with BLUE on this fantastic project; it has already made a substantial difference to Menorca’s marine environment and we’ve seen some incredible results. Now that the project is concluding successfully, we are looking forward to working with the charity going forward in order to back its continuing efforts of protecting our oceans and seas globally. My heart-felt thanks go to everyone that continues to support us including our staff, dealers and clients.”

Tiara Announces Top Dealers and Sales People for 2020

Tiara is plese to announce to announce its 2020 model year top dealers and salespersons.  Their hard and dedication to the brand helps to continue the growth in the marketplace.  In addition to recognizing top dealers and salespersons, Tiara also recognized dealers who had the highest growth in their market share as well as those who acchied top marks in customer satisfaction for both sales and service. 

Vanquish Record Orders

Sales of the VQ40 motoryacht are booming with the Vanquish yard in the Netherlands working at full production to meet demand. What’s the secret behind this fast and composite driver’s boat, seventeen of which have been ordered within the first year?  From Sag Harbor to Ibiza, from the first VQ40s are already causing a sensation with their striking personalised colour schemes designed by Osiris Hertman. Outboard and inboard models alike are turning heads with their impressive speed, awesome agility and elegant appearance. Onlookers gasp in admiration, or call their broker.  Vanquish has made its name over the past seven years for sleek and powerful sports boats in aluminium. The decision in the summer of 2019 to add a composite option to its fleet was a bold move. While the Dutch yard has successfully introduced two GRP models with the VQ11 and VQ16 tender scooters, all the larger Vanquish boats in a fleet that ranges from 45 to 80 feet are fully customisable due to the use of aluminium.

Viking Best of Show

The Viking Yachts and Valhalla Boatworks display was once again a popular destination at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, with the gorgeous boats from 33 to 93 feet shining as the must-see vessels at the world’s No. 1 marine exhibition. On the second day of the show, the Viking 54 was crowned as the winner of the FLIBS “Best of Show” award. The “Best of Show” award ceremony was filmed by NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) yesterday and will be included in the 1-hour special airing on Sunday, November 1st at 4:30 pm EST on NBCSN. President and CEO Pat Healey and his sons, Sean and Justin, accepted the trophy, which is now prominently standing in the Viking display. 

Viking Dust'em Off

Excited for the upcoming sailfish season? Then break out those kites and sign up for the Dust'em Off Sailfish Warmup. Registration is now open for this low-cost tournament that focuses on fun, not formalities and frustration. The Captains' Meeting will be held at the Viking Yacht Service Center on Thursday, November 5, and will feature a Valhalla Boatworks V-33. Teams will fish the following Saturday from Miami to Jupiter, Florida and on Sunday will feature the awards through a livestream.

October 30, 2020

Project: Silent 80

Silent present the project for an 80 model representing the flagship of its fleet.  The Silent 80 takes the solar powered experience to new levels of comfort thanks to its propulsion energy hybrid of sun and electric battery power mix.  The standard layout plan in the Silent 80 offers an interior accommodation with four large cabins plus a forward crew cabin sleeping two.  The main living deck is always a strong point in power catamarans and in the 80 it does not disappoint, offering an interior area of 59 sqm, and an exterior space of 120 sqm.  Along with 25kw generated from the solar set up, the energy and power in the Silent 80 is offered in four electric motor option; Cruiser with twin 100kw, E-Power twin 150kw, E-Power Plus twin 250kw, and E-Power pod which features pod propulsion and nearly the double of battery banks.  No performance data is available so far on any of the set up.

October 29, 2020

New Model: Beneteau Gran Turismo 32

Beneteau present the new Gran Turismo 32 model, a versatile hard top sport cruiser just under ten meters designed by Andreani. The Beneteau Gran Turismo 32 is full of innovation from its asymmetric layout to port side which features a deep walk around side deck, to the full beam design of the coach roof, and the choice of outboard power. Down below is where the Gran Turismo 32 follows traditional layout design for a forward U-shaped dinette which transforms to a double berth, galley to port side with shower head opposite, and midships double berth second cabin. The Beneteau Gran Turismo 32 is standard powered by twin Mercruiser 250hp in gas petrol, or optional 300hp, and diesel choices of 230hp and 300hp with stern drive propulsion. Outboard power choice is for twin engines up to 700hp.
Technical Data: 
LOA - 9.95 m (32.8ft)
Hull Length - 9.6 m
Beam - 3.35 m
Draft - 1.30 m (with drives down)
Displacement - 6148 kg (inboard version)
Fuel Capacity - 2 x 360 l (inboard version)
Water Capacity - 160 l
Max Persons - 8 or 11
Accommodation - four berths
Engines - 2 x Mercruiser 4.5l V6 250hp, 6.2l V8 300hp, Diesel 3L V6 230hp, 3L V6 300hp
Propulsion - Mercruiser Bravo Three stern drive, outboards
Hull Shape - modified Vee with AirStep
Construction - polyester resin with balsa sandwich
Project - Andreanni, Style and Design, Beneteau, Hull shape R.L Jeantet / P. Tableau / M. Tronquez
Certification - CE B8 C11

October 28, 2020

Project: Mimi Libeccio 13.5

Mimi present the project for a new flagship the Libeccio 13.5.  Libeccio meaning for South West wind, this new traditional Gozzo Italian fishing boat inspired cabin cruiser will offer a fully enclosed hard top on the main deck with patio door or without.  Down below will be an accommodation for two or three cabins, with an owners cabin forward, and a second cabin with twin berths.  An option exist for a third cabin, which replaces a lower deck saloon, or a second galley.  The Mimi Libeccio 13.5 will be powered by twin 370hp engines in line shaft propulsion with thirty knots top speeds being estimated.

October 27, 2020

New Model: Tornado T-Rib 48

In a private ceremony on 17 October in its premises Tornado presented its new ground breaking T-Rib 48 model.  This is Tornado reinvented, but also a rib cruiser of fourteen meters in length with an innovative design stance thanks to the split level deck. Thanks to this design the Tornado apart having a full exterior deck measuring fourteen meters and usable from fore to aft, adds inside space.  The Tornado T-Rib 48 is offered in a two cabins two heads layout, with a unique stance to the forward master cabin which makes you feel thanks to the large view windows as though you are gliding on the sea.  Customisation has always been part of Tornado's language, this can be seen with the different versions of its most popular 38 model which have been made over the years, and the T-Rib 48 continues this being offered in seven different interior cabin layouts to choose from.  The Tornado T-Rib 48 is standard powered with diesel stern drive engines, but an option of larger twin 450hp diesel engines with surface drives is possible.  Also following recent trends for outboard the T-Rib 48 is also offered in this set up from twin 350hp engines up to a triple 300hp choice. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 14.20 m (46.7ft)
Beam - 4.50 m
Displacement - 9500 kg
Fuel Capacity - 1500 l
Water Capacity - 300 l
Max Persons - 12
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins
Engines - 2 x 350hp, up to twin 450hp in surface drives possible
Propulsion - sterndrives, surface drives, or outboards
Certification - CE B

October 26, 2020

Project: Maxi Dolphin MD70 Power

Maxi Dolphin, the Italian shipyard founded in 1987 and managed by MD Technologies since 2016, is working on the construction for a new MD70, flagship for its MD Power line. The MD70 Power is a fast, luxury cruiser designed by the in-house Design Office together with Rogantin Studio in charge of the hull, and with Advanced Mechanical Solutions as far as structures are concerned.  Hull and deck are built using Maxi Dolphin’s signature technologies with pre-preg glass, carbon fibre, epoxy, vacuum laminated and post cured in the shipyard’s 40-meter oven. Interiors are lightweight and built in Nomex sandwich and pre-preg linen. The variable geometry hull was developed by CFD, focusing on the best sailing trim and seaworthiness. Propulsion is guaranteed by two Kamewa water jets and two MAN 1300hp, allowing for 40 knots and 37 knots of maximum and cruising speed respectively. The first MD70 Power is intended to act as a support boat for a super yacht, with a special interiors layout with an owner’s suite, a large living room complete with galley, an ample bathroom and a cabin accommodating two crew members. The boat’s deck plan also has a special configuration, while the standard Cruising version, in addition to the several Maxi Dolphin’s typical tailored interior solutions, features a deck plan aiming at living in close contact with the sea. The Cruising version also features a large sundeck aft of the cockpit, which is connected to an Opacmare’s platform. Forward there is a real living room with table and dinette, as well as a second sundeck.  The delivery of the new MD70 Power, which joins the other two models of the Maxi Dolphin’s Power range, the MD51 and the MD53, is scheduled for the 2021 summer.

October 25, 2020

New Launch: Feadship 72.85m Hull. 705

Feadship hull. 705 titled m/y Podium was commissioned by a repeat client who has built with the famous Dutch super yacht builder before and was delighted with both the experience of creating a Feadship as well as the many years of enjoyment that have followed.  Onlooker eyes will be instantly drawn to the beautiful combination of a dark blue hull, white superstructure and a continuous band of glass which is flush to the exterior. Striking glass railings with a teak cap rail offers another visual treat, along with a wealth of stainless steel and high gloss eucalyptus details.
Technical Data:
LOA - 72.85 m (240ft)
Beam - 12.85 m
Draft - 3.65 m
Displacement - 1850 gross tonnage
Fuel Capacity - 184650 l
Water Capacity - 36600 l
Engines - 2 x MTU 16V4000 M63R 2574hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - sixteen knots max fourteen knots cruise
Hull Shape - Displacement
Construction - steel hull aluminium super structure
Project - RWD exterior and interior, Feadship De Voogt naval architecture
Certification - Lloyds

October 24, 2020

Project: Wim Van Der Valk 34M Explorer

Wim Van der Valk has started work on a fantastic custom-designed and built 34-metre Explorer. This all-aluminium tri-deck super yacht has been ordered by repeat clients who’ve returned to the Dutch yard to leverage on the expertise acquired during their previous project and blend that with the rest of their exceptional superyacht building experience. Due for delivery in December 2021, the new project is taking into account every stage of life. The yacht will be completely wheelchair-friendly with a lift for easy access between the decks and all floors being level with no protrusions or steps. High ceilings will enhance a spacious feel generated by giant windows that offer panoramic views and emphasise the family’s love of living close to the water. Impressive accommodations for up to ten guests include a VIP stateroom on the bridge deck, a balcony and an aft terrace. The owner’s stateroom with office is located on the lower deck, which is also home to two double suites in the bow and a single suite. The main deck includes a dining area bathed in natural light and large open saloon. Despite the care paid to the interior, the focal point of the design of the yacht and social life of those onboard will likely be the aft entertainment area. This large open space will have a real wow factor with its clean deck, cool zones for relaxation and dining, bar and swim platform. As you’d expect from a custom build of this sophistication, an enormous amount of work has also gone into the design, engineering and performance. The hull features a wave piercing bow and a performance-enhancing Hull Vane appendage. Twin SeaKeeper gyro stabilisers and a Humphree electric fin stabilising system will combine to provide comfort across the range from zero speed to sailing in rough seas. To ensure these and many other bespoke wishes are met, Van der Valk and the owner’s team from YachtCreators are working in close partnership with Guido de Groot Yacht Design, Ginton Naval Architects, Diana Yacht Design and Hull Vane BV. 

October 23, 2020

New Model: Sanlorenzo SX112

During the 2020 Genoa boat Sanlorenzo presented the new SX112.  With 34 meters of length, SX112 is the new flagship of the innovative SX crossover line, the first in the world of yachting, launched in 2017 by Sanlorenzo and result of the synthesis between the classic motor yacht with flying bridge and the Explorer type. An “intelligent” proposal where style, flexibility and functional quality come together in a shared language.  SX112 represents the consolidation of a path that began with the SX88, first, and then the SX76, a challenge that continues and is enhanced by new contents, proposing a new way of living on the sea: the barriers on board are eliminated, and the boat opens to the outside, in a close relationship with the marine context.  The design of the new model has been assigned, for the external lines, to the creativity of Bernardo Zuccon, of Studio Zuccon International Project, who has concentrated on reinforcing the “family feeling” of the range, bringing out certain linguistic choices such as the balance of the volumes and the fluid forms, and to Piero Lissoni, art director of the company since 2018, for the interiors of the first unit, who has focused on the subdivision of the internal spaces, in constant dialogue with their outdoor counterparts.  In line with the concept developed for the other models, the main deck has been organized as an open space, to maximize the relationship with outdoor spaces.  The focal point of the project is the new stern zone, which undoubtedly represents the most iconic area of the yacht, a choice that generates new suggestions and habitat perspectives based on an idea of the architect Luca Santella, creator of the concept of the innovative SX crossover line. A refinement and evolution of the design of SX88, the new model offers a spacious beach area of about 90 sqm, expandable thanks to folding terraces, composed of an internal zone with fitness area directly connected to the outside by means of large sliding glass doors that permit the owners to utilize the spaces in an unprecedented way, maximizing the indoor-outdoor relationship.
Technical Data:
LOA - 34.16 m (112.3ft)
Beam - 8 m
Draft - 1.49 m
Displacement - 138 t 
Fuel Capacity - 18800 l
Water Capacity - 2200 l
Accommodation - ten guests in five cabins, five crew in three cabins
Engines - 4 x Volvo D13 1000hp
Propulsion - quadruple Volvo IPS1350 forward looking pod drives
Speed - 23 knots max 20 knots cruise
Hull Shape - semi displacement
Project - Bernardo Zuccon exterior, Piero Lissoni interior, Luca Santella concept  

October 22, 2020

Improve-it = Wajer 38

The Wajer 38 have undergone a significant aesthetic and practical upgrade compared to the first generation model. The new edgy design has sleeker lines, which are pronounced in the transom, the carbon window frames and black powder coated air vents.  The new 38 have new suspended Wajer bucket seats, special in-house design, and fully upgraded materials with lots of carbon and Permateek. They are fitted with Volvo 480hp new engines in combination with DPS.  As you may expect from Wajer, most enhancements are a direct result of current customer experience and feedback. For instance, the more pronounced rub rails, integrated Seabob storage, new integrated swim platform with concealed swimming ladder, more comfortable lounge cushions with special stitching and a Garmin screen for full control.  Next to the aesthetic improvements, the Wajer 38 is being tested with foil assist. The brand-new adaption of foil technology ensures a totally different sailing experience, meaning less slamming, enhanced comfort and better performance. The foil aid is placed amidships on the hull and literally lifts the boat, greatly improving comfort and reducing fuel consumption, while still reaching top speed. Preliminary technical research also has shown that the foil assist reduces fuel consumption with 10-20%, while maximum speed increases with 3-6% at equal power.

October 21, 2020

New Model: Summit 54

Kadey-Krogen renowned for its trawler explorer cruisers and yachts from 44 to seventy feet enters the World of planning motor yachts with the Summit 54. A design of Michael Peters from top to bottom with interior by Espinosa, the Summit 54 presents itself a comfortable flybridge motor yacht, with American looks and finishing, influenced by latest European trends.  Below deck the Summit 54 offers a three double cabins layout with full beam master cabin, forward VIP suite and a bunk twin berth cabin to starboard.  Living is a split level layout with a large astern L-shaped galley to starboard.  Exterior spaces are abundant and owners will appreciated the easy full walk around deck movement, which makes you think you are on a bigger to a seventeen meter yacht.  The Summit 54 is powered by twin Cummins 550hp engines which give her max speed up to 25 knots.  Like all Kadey-Krogen since 25 years she is built by Asia Harbor Yachts in Taiwan. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 17.83 m (58.5ft)
Beam - 4.6 m
Draft - 1.09 m
Displacement - 25129 kg
Fuel Capacity - 2839 l
Water Capacity - 814 l
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, one crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Cummins QSB6.7 550hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 25 knots max, 23 knots fast cruise, 9 knots long range 
Range - 330 nm at 23 knots, 606 nm at 9 knots
Hull Shape - planning
Project - Michael Peters exterior and naval architecture, Espinosa interior, Katie Astra decor

October 20, 2020

Project: Austin Parker 44 Ibiza WA

Austin Parker present the project for the 44 Ibiza WA project, a sport cruiser shaped for those seeking outdoor comfort and convenience combined with all the indoor amenities required for day trips or medium-range cruising. The design is attractive, rational and modern: details such as the small side door for easier access from the quay, the comfortable seats in the bows, the large cockpit-living area, the tender garage and the central console all reflect the meticulous originality of this yacht’s design, by architect Fulvio De Simoni. The Austin Parker 44 Ibiza WA is also versative inside with two different layouts available both sleeping four, but an option to have a U-shaped dinette forward or an island double berth. The Austin Parker 44 Ibiza WA is available with three propulsion set ups; outboard, Volvo IPS, and or classic line shaft. Of the data provided the Volvo twin 480hp IPS set up is the fastest with speeds up to 37 knots announced, while twin Cummins 550hp on line shafts deliver up to 32 knots. No outboard data is provided but expect the version with triple engines to be the fastest.

October 19, 2020

New Model: Ferretti 500

Ferretti continue to renew itself and towards the end of Summer 2020 they launched the new 500 model.  Designed by Filippo Salvetti, the 500 is the third Ferretti for the Italian designer having started with the 670 in 2018.  The new 500 is pure Ferretti DNA, see low profile flybridge a style which has characterized the brand since ever.  The Ferretti 500 features a three double cabins accommodation, full beam midships master cabin, and VIP forward, and a bunk twin berth cabin to starboard.  A two cabin version is also available this featuring larger shower heads, but also a walk-in wardrobe for the VIP suite forward.  A single berth crew cabin is located aft.  All living is located on the main deck which features the today popular, but Ferretti introduced in 2005 on the 630 astern galley layout.  The Ferretti 500 is powered by twin Cummins 550hp in line shaft propulsion giving top speeds up to thirty knots.
Technical Data:
LOA - 15.33 m (50.4ft)
Waterline Length - 13.8 m
Beam - 4.33 m
Draft - 1.23 m
Displacement - 18500 kg unloaded, 22000 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 1400 l
Water Capacity - 600 l
Max Persons - 12
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, or four berths in two cabin, one crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Cummins QSB 6.7 550hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 30 knots max 25 knots cruise
Project - Filippo Salvetti exterior, Ferretti engineering for naval architecture
Certification - CE B, modules B + F + Aa IMCI

October 17, 2020

New Model: Horizon Custom FD90

Horizon Yachts announces the launch of a custom FD90 motoryacht. Commissioned for experienced American owners, this voluminous build features a unique three-stateroom layout with a country-kitchen configuration and numerous customizations to suit the owners, as well as their dogs cruising preferences. When the experienced owner of an enclosed bridge Horizon E88 decided it was time to upgrade, the Fast Displacement FD Series caught his eye. This particular owner has a strong technical and space planning background and often brainstorms with Horizon’s RandD department, so he approached the yard directly to design and build a yacht based on the FD Series voluminous profile and hull form that would suit his family’s onboard lifestyle.
Technical Data:
LOA - 27.44 m (90.1ft)
Waterline Length - 26.7 m
Beam - 7.11 m
Draft - 1.65 m
Displacement - 96.1 t
Fuel Capacity - 13173 l
Water Capacity - 1514 l
Accommodation - custom six berths in three cabins, two crew cabins with four berths
Engines - 2 x Cats 1136hp
Propulsion - line shaft

October 16, 2020

Project: Lynx 29-metre Orion

Inspired by the constellation of Orion in name and design, this 29-metre is a strong example of Lynx Yachts strong understanding for what the market wants, which is to sail anywhere in the world safely and comfortably. It offers a voluminous interior with an open living area the equivalent length of a tennis court, while guests can admire the exterior detailing, influenced by the stars. Orion answers the call for those in search of a super yacht that can match their sporty and active lifestyle, with numerous features and design ideas, while simultaneously reflecting the extensive research and analysis conducted by Lynx into the demands and wishes of the modern-day client. With this research comes features that enhance the experience on board a yacht this size, such as the relationship between spaces. From the beach platform with its Sea Theatre seating, through the main deck, saloon and on to the forward lounge, these areas are configured to offer an unobstructed flow from one to the other. Purposeful separation between the wheelhouse and upper deck saloon ensures privacy for the enjoyment of the dining area, which offers panoramic views and can be opened up to the fresh sea air thanks to floor-to-ceiling sliding windows. Accommodation is offered on the lower deck and consists of four guest cabins; two twin suites, a VIP suite and a full-beam master room reserved for the owner. One of the defining features of Orion is the Sea Theatre, which transforms the staircase from the main deck to the beach platform into a grand theatrical seating area that extends to cushioned sofas. This original idea allows for a six-metre tender to be stowed on the beach platform without compromising on sea views. Orion also offers a carefully considered layout that keeps crew and guest areas separate. The galley is located forward on the main deck and has a dedicated crew entrance, in-line with the characteristics of larger boats. While crew quarters are located aft of the engine room, accessible via a hatch in the staircase and includes two cabins for four crew.

October 15, 2020

Fort Lauderdale Sport Cruiser Fire Injures Thirteen Persons

A twelve meter Wellcraft Sport Cruiser with 21 people on board exploded while berthed in a Fort Lauderdale Marina on October 15 at around 1400 hours.  The sport cruiser was side docked in the canals adjacent to the Fort Lauderdale Marine Centre in the area of Southwest street.  Out of the 21 people on board, thirteen have injuries, with seven of these having been taken to the hospital and two being in critical condition. 
The exploded boat in the fire is a Wellcraft 43 Portofino, a model the North American boat builder produced from 1988 up to about 97.  The Wellcraft 43 Portofino was initially produced with an open plan one stateroom layout, and then evolved into a two cabin version.  With line shaft propulsion the standard power was twin Crusaders 340hp gas engines, with optional Cat 375hp diesel power.  Top speed was about 25 knots in both power choices though the diesel option should offer a knot or two more of top end and more important a better constant cruising speed. 

New Model: Burger 48 Cruiser

The Burger 48 Cruiser is a custom fourteen meter aluminium cruiser developed in conjunction with her owner and Vripack Naval Architects in The Netherlands. Every detail of the 48 Cruiser reflects Burger's quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, as well as her owner's desires for a highly personalized yacht. Powered by twin 600hp Volvo Penta with IPS pod propulsion, the Burger 48 Cruiser incorporates Vripack's revolutionary Slide hull design. This hull provides her owner a 27 knots cruising speed and a top speed of approximately 32 knots in comfort and reduced fuel consumption.  The Burger 48 Cruiser features a Celeste Wegman Interior with two ensuite staterooms, unobstructed views in the open salon/galley area and exceptional exterior spaces for entertaining friends and family.  The Burger 48 Cruiser has been a success with another unit delivered, and a 50 variant currently under construction.
Technical Data:
LOA - 14.83 m (48ft)
Beam - 4.62 m
Draft - 1.22 m half load
Displacement - 22.6 t half load
Fuel Capacity - 2196 l
Water Capacity - 511 l
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins
Engines - 2 x Volvo D8 600hp
Propulsiuon - Volvo forward looking IPS800 dual propeller pod drives
Speed - 32 knots max 27 knots cruise
Range - 300 nm at cruise
Construction - welded alustar aluminium
Project - Vripack exterior and naval architecture, Celeste Wegman interior

October 14, 2020

Project: Solaris Power 57 Flybridge

Solaris Power present the project of the 57 Flybridge, which means all the characteristics of the Lobster model with the addition of the fly deck and a second helm station on top.  Launched in early 2019, the Solaris Power 55 Lobster now renamed as 57 was the entry by the famous sailing yacht builder into the motor boating sector.  Since then Solaris Power has launched three other models, with a new 44 to be completed by the end of this year.  The 57 Flybridge entry into the fly-deck will come from a staircase to starboard, with preliminary designs showing a layout offering a central helm station and a sun-pad aft. The Solaris Power 57 is a semi custom product with two layout available for the main deck and a choice of a galley up or down, and three lower deck offers with two or three double cabins.  A single berth crew cabin is located forward.  The Solaris Power 57 Flybridge will be powered by twin Volvo 600hp engines with IPS pod drives as standard which give top speeds up to thirty knots.  An option of bigger Volvo's 725hp with same IPS propulsion will increase top speed by about five knots.

October 13, 2020

New Model: Magazzu MX-13 Gran Coupe

Magazzu present the new MX-13 Gran Coupe, a further evolution of the 13 Coupe which launched in 2007.  The MX-13 Gran Coupe is a novelty and at the same time a restyling of the 13 Coupe which lasted thirteen years in production.  The new MX-13 Gran Coupe improves cabin space to the previous version thanks to an extended re-designed deck house which is longer and also a bit higher.  The Magazzu MX-13 Gran Coupe hull one is powered by twin Mercruiser 430hp gas petrol engines with stern drive propulsion which give top speed up to fifty knots.  Further engines up to twin 600hp are possible with estimates of top speeds up to 55 knots.  The first unit of the Magazzu MX-13 Gran Coupe was commissioned by popular Italian celebrity Jerry Cala who is a fan of the brand.
Technical Data:
LOA - 13.30 m 
Beam - 4,6 m
Draft - 0.5 m exl drives and props
Displacement - 7000 kg
Fuel Capacity - 1000 l
Water Capacity - 400 l
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins
Engnies - 2 x Mercruiser 430hp, up to a total of 1200hp available 
Propulsion - stern drives
Speed - fifty knots max 35 cruise with Mercruiser 430hp, up to 55 knots possible
Project - Magazzu
Certification - CE B

October 12, 2020

Project: Esposito Positano Cabin 32

Nautica Esposito from Naples in Italy, present the project for the Positano Cabin 32. A traditional gozzo cruiser the Positano Cabin 32 presents itself with an over-all length over ten meters, and offering an accommodation of four berths in a lower deck interior. The exterior of the Positano Cabin 32 is fully usable with walk around side deck, twin L-shaped settee dinette aft, and starboard side helm station.  The Esposito Positano Cabin 32 is to be powered by twin Volvo 270hp with line shaft propulsion, giving estimated top speeds up to 29 knots.  

October 11, 2020

New Launch: Jarrett Bay 84 Sportfisherman Hull #60

Jarrett Bay Boatworks has recently delivered their second-largest, custom build to date: the 84-foot open bridge convertible “Reel Development”. Originally commissioned by a seasoned sportfishing family with a desire for long-range campaigns to some of the world’s hottest billfisheries, the original owners’ change in plans rendered a highly desired custom convertible two-thirds complete, with her engines, generators, gyro stabilizers and cabin top already installed. The 84-footer soon found a new owner with great ambition and vision for extensive travels and future tournament wins. The Reel Development team will be able to pursue their wildest offshore dreams with their new 84’ thanks to the 13000 liters plus of fuel capacity and efficient MTU engines generating a combined 5,200 HP. All that power propels this Jarrett Bay to a 40-knot top end while offering up a 33.5-knot cruise. Twin 38 kW Northern Lights generators provide ample power for every system and creature comfort, while the twin Seakeeper SK16 gyro stabilizers will ensure a near-zero roll experience for anglers and guests while fishing or underway. The engine room is yacht-grade finish, fully-climate controlled, set up for ease of maintenance and easily accessed directly from either the mezzanine or crew’s quarters. This 84 boasts a six meter plus of beam which affords a generous 2cockpit complete with a glass front, 210-gallon transom fish-box and live-well, and two in-deck fish boxes. Forward of the cockpit is a spacious air-conditioned mezzanine loaded with concealed storage including two large ice dumps, a freezer with bait trays, a large drink box and gaff storage.
Technical Data:
LOA - 25.6 m (84ft)
Waterline Length - 23 m
Beam - 6.60 m
Draft - 1.72 m with propellers
Displacement - 63502 kg
Fuel Capacity - 13627 l
Water Capacity - 1514 l
Accommodation - eight berths in four cabins, two crew in one cabin
Engines - 2 x MTU 16V 2000M96L 2600hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 40 knots max 33 knots cruise
Construction - Jig cold moulded wood with fiberglass and epoxy resin coat both inside and outside
Project - Jarrett Bay Design Team

October 10, 2020

Project: Astondoa AS8

Astondoa present the AS8 project, a 25 meter flybridge pocket super yacht, with a sporty profile.  Presented digitally from its head quarters in Alicante, Astondoa has not so far given any designer signature for this project, which might mean it was all made inhouse by Spain's largest boat builder.  Astondoa emphasizes Less is More, as the signature of the AS8 which shows that this is a 25 meter sleek yacht, with comfort to match same size but bulky looking yachts.  The Astondoa AS8 will offer a traditional four double cabin lower deck layout, with two crew cabins located aft.  The AS8 is to be powered by standard twin Man 1600hp with line shaft propulsion, giving top speeds up to 32 knots.  Optional Man 1900hp engines will be available.

October 9, 2020

New Model: Ocean Alexander 32L

Ocean Alexander never stops innovating with its designers and engineers dedicated to constantly recreating designs and elevating them to a new level of luxury.  Enters Ocean Alexander’s new 32L super yacht which comes with a magnificent open flybridge or a spacious skylounge choice up top. This five-stateroom yacht is a luxurious entertaining spot where sunsets and sunrises can fill the huge windows and immerse the owner and his guests in the wonders of nature. An on-deck master provides the owner with an oasis uniquely their own. For the Ocean Alexander 32L the company used an inventive aluminium-beam engineered to bring the most impressive window view of any yachts in this size. The 32L also scales up living space upward using design solutions found in larger super yachts.
Technical Data: 
LOA - 32.13 m (105.5ft)
Waterline Length - 26.9 m
Beam - 7.01 m
Draft - 1.68 m, 1.96 m with propellers
Displacement - 100,000 kg
Fuel Capacity - 15141 l
Water Capacity - 2461 l
Accommodation - ten guest berths in five cabins, four/five cew in three cabins
Engines - 2 x Man V12 1900hp
Propulsion - line shaft

October 8, 2020

Project: Bluegame BGX60

In 2019 I considered the BGX70 as boat of the year, and possibly also of the decade spanning 2010 to 2019.  So after the success of BGX70, Bluegame and the team of Luca Santella and Zuccon follow it a year later with a smaller BGX60 project. A smaller three meter yacht the BGX60 is what the BGX70 stands for in a more compact size.  When Bluegame launched the BGX70 in 2019, the explorer yacht surprised everyone due to its mix of exterior living spaces with those of a cosy home like interior.  So following success, it was simple enough for Bluegame to quickly follow it with a smaller yacht that offers everything from the BGX70 in a slightly smaller package.  The Bluegame BGX60 is available in two or three cabin versions, with a total of three interior layouts to choose from.  Power for the Bluegame BGX60 will come from twin Volvo 800hp standard, or optional 900hp engines, both units propelled with IPS pod propulsion.   

October 7, 2020

New Model: Cayman S520

Cayman Yachts is pleased to present a preview of the first images of the new S520, the 2020 novelty which will be officially presented as a world premiere at the Genoa boat show in October 2020.  This sport yacht is born on the basis of the F520 Fly Bridge, presented by the shipyard to much success in 2019.  The Cayman S520 is a hard-top with sporty and modern lines without giving up the matrix that has distinguished the shipyard shapes and design, innovative and futuristic features joined to sober lines that have always distinguished the spirit of this Italian builder.  The Cayman S520 is just under sixteen meters long overall, equipped with twin Volvo 480hp engines and IPS propulsion as standard. and optional of Volvo's 600hp again with IPS pod drives, and shaft line engines up to 685hp.  Two propulsion choices give versatility and can be customized according to the navigation style of each customer.  Inside, the boat offers three very comfortable cabins. The owner's cabin is arranged full beam amidships with a comfort comparable to that of larger yachts, with separate bathroom; the VIP cabin forward is equipped with a large double bed and two wardrobes as well as its own bathroom. In addition, a third guest cabin to starboard offers two single beds that can be converted into a double bed through a sliding system of the central bed, with comfort and volume unique to this boat segment; the three cabins are served by two bathrooms with all facilities and with separate shower.  The saloon on the upper deck ensures comfort and liveability; the saloon area has opposing sofas and a retractable TV cabinet, while the kitchen area, equipped with every appliance and necessary services, is located adjacent to the patio door that opens completely into the cockpit creating a unique living room and a trade-union between saloon and external cockpit, for use without compromise.  The Cayman Yachts S520 can be equipped with an optional crew cabin with bed and separate bathroom and shower, with direct entrance from the stern platform to ensure maximum privacy for the owner and his family. The engine room has a perimeter layout for all utilities, designed for maximum visibility and ease inspection and control, thanks also to the generous internal volume, that allows maintenance without particular sacrifices in spaces that are anything but narrow.  No less interesting is the layout of the external deck both forward and aft: in the bow, in addition to the sundeck, there is a very comfortable aperitif sofa to enjoy the view in front both at sea and at anchor; at the stern, the cockpit space can be customized according to the needs of each customer, a sofa with cushions and folding table is proposed, while the rest of the space can be set up according to client needs. Cayman also offers a an aft sun-pad version.  The IPS engines, equipped at request with an electronic stability control system, ensure high comfort navigation, low noise and interesting consumption: just think that the boat, at cruising speed, consumes around 5.8 litters per mile, at a cruise of 19 knots. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 15.93 (52.2ft)
Hull Length - 14.1 m
Beam - 4.40 m
Draft - 1.30 m
Displacement - 18500 kg
Fuel Capacity - 1400 l
Water Capacity - 430 l
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, optional one crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Volvo D6 480hp, D8 600hp
Propulsion - Volvo IPS forward looking pod drives, or line shaft
Speed - 27 knots max 19 knots cruise with Volvo 480hp
Project - Ferragni
Certification - CE B

October 6, 2020

Project: Greenline 45 Coupe

At Düsseldorf boat show 2021 Greenline Yachts will launch the 45 Coupe. Based on the hull, drivetrain and layout of the celebrated 45 Fly, the Coupe offers year-round usability thanks to its electric sunroof and, with a reduced air draught, is well suited to cruising on inland waterways as well as offshore. Without the flybridge in place there is increased surface area on the boat’s roof for the installation of solar panels. There are eight panels in totalling 2.4kW, which on a sunny day can produce a charge of over 15kWh,  more than enough to run the boat with four people on board without resorting to a noisy generator. Sharing its DNA with the 45 Fly, the Coupe Botswana architecture by JandJ Design and an interior by Italian Marco Casali of Too Design. As well as a range of twin shaft drive engine options with or without Hybrid Drive, the boat is available with Volvo Penta twin 440hp and IPS pod drives for a top speed up to thirty knots.

October 5, 2020

New Model: Hylas M49

Hylas Yachts is delighted to announce the delivery of the new M49 cruiser. This is the third motor yacht model built by the family-owned yard famous for sailing yachts. Driven by the tremendous success of the Hylas M44, the M49 was developed to meet the desires of existing owners for a larger model offering more room in the aft lounge, an increased capacity to carry water toys such as kayaks and paddleboards, and enhanced stowage for the dinghy. The M49 is built in collaboration with globally renowned New Zealand yacht builder, Salthouse. The Salthouse family has a tradition dating back over 65 years designing and building the finest quality motor yachts in the Southern Hemisphere. Dean Salthouse has designed the yacht for demanding lifestyle, from the spacious luxurious interior to the practical and secure aft cockpit, delivered with high-quality Hylas finish throughout. The original M44 design from Salthouse, on which the M49 is based, has an enthusiastic following. In New Zealand its applications vary from customs patrol, police patrol, commercial fishing to deep-sea game fishing. It has gained a reputation for strength and integrity that is second to none. The Hylas M49 features a lengthened aft cockpit over the M44 on which it is based, adding over one meter to the LOA. In addition to the performance and handling advantages, the new Hylas M49 offers many options for customization, such as larger guest accommodations, a second head, more extensive interior and exterior storage compartments and lockers, and more. One of the best features afforded by the increase in the aft lounge is the additional entertainment area, which extends between the galley and outside seating area. This space can be customized with additional pull-out refrigerator drawers, wet bar, combination washer, and dryer, or used as extra storage. Also, beneath the sole in the aft lounge is an additional storage locker for fishing gear, dive equipment, or any water toys. The M49 features an airy interior layout, which offers two large accommodation cabins and two heads, Master and day heads. The forward owner’s cabin can be configured with a conventional island double or with five single bunks. The guest cabin position just aft to port comes as standard with a twin berth with infill and a further bunk berth above and outboard, which can be converted to storage space. The large lower deck heads compartment features an electric head as standard, acrylic stone counters, and a dedicated shower cubicle. The forward end of the pilothouse features the helm station to starboard. There is a double helm seat and a large instrument console capable of accommodating twin plotter/radar screens. A stainless steel framed sliding door allows access to the side decks. Opposite the helm station is the dinette featuring a large U-shaped settee and a large dining table, which is height adjustable. An infill to create a daybed or occasionally double berth is included as standard. Aft of the helm station is a further lounge settee followed by cabinetry containing the twin stainless steel drawer fridges and the pull-out pantry. Opposite the pantry is the U-shaped large galley with cooker, microwave, freezer and twin sinks set into the acrylic stone counters. Access to the cockpit is granted via a stainless steel framed sliding door. Ventilation in the pilot house is a notable feature of Hylas Motor Yachts. In addition to the cockpit door and the helm station deck access, there are also two larger sliding ‘sunroof’ deck head hatches, a further sliding window adjacent the dinette and a fantastic opening stainless steel framed window aft the galley which allows the pilot house and cockpit areas to be joined together with no visual interruption. The cockpit consists of an L-shaped settee to port with a height adjustable table, which can be turned into a sunbed or occasional outdoors double berth using the infill supplied as standard. Opposite to starboard is a linear sofa. The extended cockpit in the M49 allows for fitment of a wet-bar, further locker space and “pop up” grill for alfresco dining. The aft end of the cockpit can be opened out to allow a tender to be brought up into the cockpit area, there are also dedicated dinghy tie-down points on the pilothouse roof. At the stern is a large bathing platform area with stainless steel guardrails. For those transiting inland waterways, the antenna mast can be hinged to reduce air draft to just over three meters. Powered by twin Yanmar 370hp diesels, the M49 has proven a fast and seagoing yacht, reaching a maximum speed of 31 knots. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 15 m (48.9ft)
Waterline Length - 14 m
Beam - 4.12 m
Draft - 1 m
Displacement - 11.5 t
Fuel Capacity - 900 l
Water Capacity 720 l
Accommodation - five berths in two cabins
Engines - 2 x Yanmar 8LV 370hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 31 knots max
Project - Dean Salthouse

October 4, 2020

Project: CRN 52m hull. 142

CRN, the historic shipyard and Ferretti Group brand, is delighted to announce the signing of a contract for a new custom 52-metre full-aluminium yacht, the yard’s hull number 142. The sale was brokered by Eduardo Cury, President of Miami Yacht Access, and the client was represented by Antonello Vittorio Meloni, Director of the Luxury Assets Department of Finakey SA, multi-family office based in Geneva. This new pleasure yacht project has been developed by the CRN Technical Office with design and architecture studio Omega Architects helmed by Frank Laupman, who created the concept, and designers Massari Design for the interiors. CRN’s passion and consummate skill unite with the talents of the two partner studios to shape an absolutely unique masterpiece that mirrors the owner’s personality to great effect.  A low-profile vessel with flowing lines that glisten with sporty spirit, this new fully custom yacht has been designed with truly harmonious proportions. She combines extensive outdoor areas and airy indoor spaces with large windows for constant direct contact with the sea.  This 52-metre beauty is the third successful collaboration with Omega Architects, following on from the iconic 73-metre Yalla delivered in 2014 and the fabulous 62-metre hull number 138, currently under construction. CRN is four fully custom yachts: from sixty to 72 meters spanning hull number 138 to this new 142.

October 3, 2020

New Launch: Benetti 70 meter FB273


The Benetti shipyard in Livorno has launched FB273, the elegant 70-meter custom yacht with a steel hull and aluminium superstructure. The exterior design was developed entirely by Benetti, working in close collaboration with the Owner, while the interiors are by Laura Pomponi and her Team. The yacht extends across six decks and has a futuristic stern area featuring two side doors and a variable geometry swimming pool, a vertical bow with a “touch and go” helicopter landing area and a Jacuzzi on the Sky Deck. Construction work for FB273 was supervised on behalf of the Owner by Bureau Veritas Solutions MandO. Perhaps, the most striking of the many unusual features of this superyacht is the stern area which has a variable geometry swimming pool with a special system that varies the depth for use by both adults and kids, installed on a Benetti yacht for the very first time. The bottom of the pool becomes an integral part of the Main Deck when fully raised and the Beach Club opens out with two side terraces over the water. The indoor and outdoor spaces on the Main Deck are very generously spaced and feature big sunbathing areas. Moving forward from the stern, a light-filled living area with full-height glazed surfaces, furnished with sofas and armchairs, is followed by a dining room with a balcony on the starboard side that amplifies the sensation of contact with the sea and eliminates the boundary between interior and exterior. On the Lower Deck, guests are accommodated amidships in 6 double cabins. The crew quarters are in the bow area. The Upper Deck is dedicated entirely to the owner, with access both from outdoors and up the impressive interior stairway. In the bow, the private cabin occupies over 120 sqm and has a 180-degree view of the horizon, offering a bathroom with shower and sauna, a walk-in his and hers wardrobe, and a big, bright night area where the bed is flanked by the vanity table and breakfast corner. There is also a private lounge with loose furniture that looks out over the yacht’s majestic bow, reserved for the Owner’s exclusive use, and a touch and go helicopter landing area at the tip of the bow. On the same deck as the Owner’s suite, moving forward from the stern, are an outdoor lounge area with sofas and a sunbathing area, the interior lounge area, and a living space with a home theatre system. The office has a big monolithic glass wall that looks out over the interiors and is connected to the big lobby with a private balcony. On the left side is the gym, complete with a massage room. The Sun Deck features a big en plein air dining area connected to an interior veranda through a sliding door. Forward, the captain’s cabin is next to the bridge. The top Sky Deck is completely open, with a Jacuzzi, sunpad and loungers offering a prime vantage point to enjoy the sea view. FB273 is fitted with two 2,400 hp Caterpillar engines that drive the yacht to a top speed of 17 knots and give it a range of 5,000 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 12 knots.
Technical Data:
LOA - 70 m (229.6ft)
Beam - 10.60 m
Draft - 3 m
Displacement - 1245 t
Fuel Capacity - 125000 l
Water Capacity - 21500 l
Accommodation - fourteen guests in seven cabins, 22 crew in eleven cabins
Engines - 2x Cats 3512HD 2400hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 17 knots, 12 knots cruise
Range - 5000 nautical miles at cruise
Construction - steel hull aluminium super structure
Project - Benetti Yacht exterior and naval engineering, Laura Pomponi interior
Certification - Llyods LY3

October 2, 2020

Ferretti Custom Line Burns Down in Loano Marina

A 2002 Ferretti Custom Line 94 named M/Y Lady Vanilla, a super yacht of 28 meters was burned down and totalled at Loano Yacht Marina, in the Western Liguria region at around noon of Friday October 2.  This was an isolated damage thanks to the quick response of the Loano Marina staff which acted fast to remove nearby yachts, before the fire expanded.  No one was injured in the accident, and some rumours are suggesting the fire started from exploding batteries.
Launching in 1998 to a production run which lasted eight years the Ferretti Custom Line 94 model, designed by Zuccon is a 28 meter two and a half deck super yacht, and features a four or five cabins accommodation layout with an owners stateroom forward on the main deck or at midships below.  The Ferretti Custom Line 94 was powered with twin MTU 1800hp or optional 2280hp engines, with speeds going up to 33 knots with the larger option.  
The Ferretti Custom Line was what started unknowingly the Ferretti Group multiple brand project, the idea being that this was a Ferretti Yachts extension into larger 24 meter plus super yachts, and was announced in the fall of 1996 with three projects, a 94, 104, and a 112, with the 31 meter 104 actually never being produced.  The 94 was the first Ferretti Custom Line which launched the brand and was followed by the 112 model, and the Navetta 30.

Project: Viking 54 Convertible

Following Viking's mantra to build a better boat every day, the New Jersey boat builder has consistently brought new and exciting yachts to you for 56 years.  That proficiency is particularly strong in the 50-to-60-foot sportfish boat genre, where Viking has introduced 10 models in the past two decades. This legacy fleet consists of more than 600 Vikings and includes ground-breaking models such as the 60 and 55, two renditions of the 52 Convertible and the first-generation 54. Now, the New Jersey boatbuilder reaffirms its domination of the mid-size convertible with the new Viking 54. The three-stateroom, two-head open bridge yacht pushes the owner/operator convertible to the highest levels of engineering, performance, accommodations and sportfishing capabilities. The Viking 54 Convertible will make its world premiere at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in end October 2020.  The Viking 54 sets new milestones of innovation while integrating ideas garnered from sales and owner feedback, as well as thousands of hours logged by our Viking demo teams on the tournament trail. The 54 presents an eye-pleasing profile that’s unmistakably Viking, with signature design traits such as a gently sloping unbroken S-shaped sheer, aggressively raked stem, double chines, hull-side vents and deftly placed exterior feature lines.  Using Computational Fluid Dynamics software, the Viking Design and Engineering Department has optimized the 54’s running surface for maximum performance. Now an integral part of the design process, our in-house CFD allows us to run numerous virtual sea trials to fine-tune the shape of the hull bottom for increased efficiency. The hull is built with an engineered composite of fiberglass fabrics and coring that’s vacuum-infused with vinylester resin.  The 54’s business end offers more space than any other boat in its class. The fourteen square meters unobstructed cockpit comes to the fishing wars with the ammunition to put you in the winner’s circle, starting with moulded non-skid on the cockpit sole for grippy footing and large scuppers to drain water quickly.  A walk-through transom door with a lift gate takes the work out of boating a trophy catch. And when you’re release-fishing, a three-foot reach to the waterline means you can quickly turn a billfish loose. Anglers will appreciate Viking’s signature rounded cockpit coamings and toe-kick for those lengthy stand-up battles. Flush rod holders, recessed stainless-steel hawse pipes and cleats keep the cockpit clear.  Multiple insulated fish-boxes of various capacities increase flexibility. The raised transom box can be used as a live well, fish-box or general storage. A full-length in-deck fish-box spans the starboard side, while the port side holds two storage compartments with the forward serving as an optional live well. A mounting plate laminated into the sole will anchor the mightiest of fighting chairs, and you can also opt for a rocket launcher or table. A single centerline lazarette hatch opens nearly 90 degrees for full viewability and access to the available Seakeeper as well as the steering, trim tabs and drain pumps. Guests will be enamoured with the raised observation mezzanine (pioneered by Viking) as they watch the action in comfort, shaded by the flybridge overhang. Smart storage solutions abound, with freezer and cooler space under the mezzanine for baits and drinks and a tackle cabinet on the starboard side. The inboard portion of the mezzanine provides access to the engine-room. An anodized aluminium ladder with nonslip treads (and a handrail at the top) provides secure egress to the flybridge. A streamlined walk-around centre console provides 360-degree sightlines. Touchscreen electronics displays and a row of Bocatech switches with power status LED rings are flush mounted in the helm dash. Their installation and positioning heighten viewability and ease of access.  A stainless steel steering wheel and single-lever electronic controls are mounted on a raised teak helm pod. Optimus Electronic Power Steering delivers precise manoeuvrability and finger-tip control. The console itself is designed with toe-kick all around for better balance and increased walking area. The helm and companion chair supply ample comfort for those long rides to the canyons, and guests can take it easy in the port or starboard lounges or forward console seat.  The 54 can be outfitted with a custom designed and fabricated Palm Beach Towers tuna tower and equipped with navigation, communication and entertainment systems from Atlantic Marine Electronics. Making full use of the five meter plus of beam, the 54’s layout accentuates the impressive size of her interior. The key to the configuration is the uninterrupted companionway that stretches from the starboard-side salon door all the way to the forepeak. The lounge area and galley are to port, while the dinette is to starboard.  High-gloss teak or walnut is offered for the 54’s interior, and a satin finish is optional. Premium wall-to-wall carpeting and furnishings can be found throughout the climate-controlled living area. Air conditioning flows quietly from valances for comfortable cooling and thorough distribution. A hi-lo mappa burl cocktail table joins the L-shaped lounge with storage below. A 49” HD TV is nested on the forward starboard bulkhead above the dinette, which is appointed with a high-gloss mappa burl table and wraparound seating for four. The galley’s peninsula countertop features engineered stone with an overhang and two convenient bar stools. The galley is feature-packed with a pair of under-counter Sub-Zero refrigerator/freezer units and storage under the peninsula counter. The opposite counter is home to a stainless steel sink with garbage disposal and an electric cooktop.  The three-stateroom two-head layout includes a master suite to port with a walk-around queen berth sided by night stands and a credenza to port. There’s a large maple-lined storage area beneath the mattress, accessed via a gas piston-assisted lift-up top, and two drawers are integrated into the foot of the bed. A 32-inch HD TV is mounted above a second credenza. A generously proportioned maple-lined hanging locker accommodates a sizeable wardrobe.  The forward stateroom comes standard with a queen berth, but also is available with a crossover berth arrangement. Both plans offer plenty of storage along with a 32” HD TV. The starboard stateroom has upper and lower berths along with a hanging locker and storage under the lower berth. Each stateroom is fully carpeted, with dedicated temperature and stereo controls, speakers and overhead LED lighting.  The heads feature custom Amtico flooring, a lower vanity, a medicine cabinet with mirrored doors, exhaust fans, air conditioning and electric heads with holding tank and overboard discharge capabilities. Both also boast very large walk-in one-piece fiberglass showers with an expansive glass enclosure and door. Below the detachable shower head, you’ll find a convenient storage cabinet as well as an integrated fiberglass seat.  The optional Man 1550hp diesels power hull No. 1. With this propulsion package, the Viking 54 Convertible will have an estimated cruise speed in the mid-30-knot range with a top end of 40-plus knots depending upon load, sea state and boat condition. A pair of Man 1440hp diesels are standard. All mechanicals and equipment are installed with great attention to detail in an immaculate engine-room painted with Snow White Awlgrip for visibility and ease of maintenance.