May 31, 2023

Monthly News - May 2023

-pic of the month- Wajer Start of 2023 Season

Bayliss Wins at Destin Flathead Classic

Congratulations to the owner, captain and crew on m/y Lucky Dog Bayliss 57 for their win in the Destin Flathead Classic this past weekend. 31 boats and 9 pier fishermen competed in the tournament out of Destin, FL with $108,000 on the line. Lucky Dog found the top of the leader-board bringing in the only qualifying cobia over 45 lbs., with a 47.5 lb. fish caught by Miller Phillips on the last day of fishing.  Lucky Dog recently left the Bayliss Boatyard after she was repowered, upgraded to MAN V12-1550CR engines with Twin Disc controls. During that time she also received a new Furuno Omni Sonar, new teak coverboards and coaming, as well as interior modifications.

Benetti Triumphs in Yachting Oscars

The award-winning Oasis 34M establishes a connection with the water and nature through the Oasis Deck®, an extraordinary area that redefines the human relationship with the sea. The 18th BOAT International World Superyacht Awards held in Istanbul on May 20th were a triumph for Benetti Oasis 34M “UNKNOWN”, which won best motor yacht in the category “Displacement motor yachts 499gt and below, 30m to 39.99m” for being a “was a well-built, ground-breaking yacht that fits extraordinary features into its compact size”. The judges admired the open beach sensation created in the aft deck, feeling that no other yacht could match this highly desirable deck. Unknown is, in the judges’ opinion, a yacht that makes an excellent connection with the ocean and the open air.

Benetti Launches First Legal Symposium

The first Legal Symposium organised by Benetti, held on May 8th and 9th in Castagneto Carducci (Livorno) and at Benetti’s Livorno yard, was attended by partners from major international law firms together with the Yard’s management and in-house legal team. The aim of this intensive two-day round of meetings, conferences and debates was to share experiences and opinions on the main legal issues currently animating the world of yachting in the field of contracts and international compliance.  The high-calibre lawyers from various countries who spoke at the symposium on legal strategies for the yachting industry included Robb Maass of Alley, Maass, Rogers & Lindsay P.A, Claudia Casalis and Umberto Bonavita of Robert Allen Law, Jay Tooker of Holman Fenwick & William, David Reardon of Hill Dickinson Monaco S.A.M., Ezio dal Maso and Sean Gibbons of Stephenson Harwood and Roberto Longanesi Cattani of the eponymous firm, among others.  

Bering with Nautistyles

Bering are excited to announce that we are joining forces with yachting industry professionals, captains, and founders of the worlds' most watched yacht walkthrough YouTube channel, Rico Stoll & Victoria Chalaya of NautiStyles.  The YachtTubing power couple recently started a new channel NautiGuys to document their journey as they build their own charter capable Bering 75. Now, they are thrilled to represent Bering Yachts as they oversee operations for the Bering Team in North & South America as well as the Caribbean.

Cranchi Cares Program Sardinia

Technical support is a key part of Cranchi Yachts’ offering. The entire network of Cranchi dealers, present around the world, provides support through specialised centres and personnel. The Shipyard also offers services for check-ups on and refitting of yachts directly through the two facilities of its Marine Division: the Darsena Bellagio in the upper Adriatic, and the new Cranchi Cares Sardinia, near Olbia and the Costa Smeralda.  Teams of technicians trained by the Shipyard work at the two facilities, making use of ultra-modern equipment including travel lifts rated to over 100 tonnes and special trolleys for handling and moving the boats.  Both centres are served by excellent transport infrastructure, with ports and airports nearby.

Feadship Wins Three Prizes at Boat International SuperYacht Awards

Feadship won three prestigious prizes at the 2023 BOAT International World Superyacht Awards (WSA) on Saturday 20 May. Callisto outshone her rivals in a fiercely competitive category to take home the Neptune award for ‘best semi-displacement motoryacht 42m and above’, while Shinkai received a Neptune to denote a Judges’ Special Award. And Feadship’s third nomination was also awarded with a prize: Juice received a Judges’ Commendation.  “Nowadays Feadship is known for large custom yachts of the finest quality but the two Neptunes and the Judges’ Commendation at this year’s World Superyacht Awards gala show that it is not always about size,” said Bas Nederpelt, Feadship Sales Director, who attended the 18th annual edition of the BOAT International World Superyacht Awards took place from 19-20 May 2023 in Istanbul, Turkey. The World Superyachts Awards recognise the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the most remarkable luxury yachts from across the world.

Ferretti Group Wins Legal Management of the Year Award

Ferretti Group, world leader in the design and construction of motor yachts and pleasure boats, has for the second year running won the “Legal Management of the Year” prize in the Fashion and Luxury category at the Top Legal Corporate Counsel Awards, the highly regarded event created to celebrate excellence among the previous year’s stand-out corporate teams. The criteria used to evaluate the corporate professionals are the principles of innovation and sustainable business development.  The award ceremony took place during a gala evening held last May 18th at the Principe di Savoia hotel in Milan, and in addition to the “Legal Management of the Year” award, several members of the Group’s team were 2023 finalists in in the following categories: Niccolò Pallesi as General Counsel, Roberto Ramilli as Tax Director, Andrea Brasini, as an HR Director and Veronica Martoni as Chief Compliance Officer.

Ferretti Group Privilege Days in Shenzen

The Ferretti Group Privilege Day and Ferretti Yachts 1000 China Premiere Ceremony was held at the Shenzhen Bay Marina Club and the Sea World Culture and Arts Center. As a world leader in the luxury yacht industry, Ferretti Group displayed six luxury yachts delivered to Shenzhen, China in recent years, including Ferretti Yachts 1000, Ferretti Yachts 920, Ferretti Yachts 780, Ferretti Yachts 670, Riva 110’ Dolcevita and Riva 90’ Argo. As the new flagship of the Ferretti Yachts brand, Ferretti Yachts 1000 made her China premiere at this feast above the sea where the Group brings together the most superyacht models in mainland China in its history.  A Chinese old saying tells that it is such a delight to have friends coming from afar. Taking the pun of “Yue” which means both joy and music in Chinese, a grand ceremony dubbed “Joy Above the Sea” began in the evening in the melodious and grand symphony of the Shenzhen City Philharmonic Orchestra.  Yacht owners and VIP guests attended the ceremony to appreciate the manufacturing art of the world's top yachts and enjoy the elegant and extraordinary Italian luxury nautical lifestyle.  At the gala, a fleet of drones rose into the air, producing stunning forms above the Ferretti yachts fleet, finally forming the major attraction of the event - the magnificent “Ferretti Yachts 1000”. The new flagship of the Ferretti Yachts brand offers owners and guests unmatched nautical enjoyment with its exceptional performance, flawless fusion of modern technology and traditional skills, distinctive exterior design, and spacious, opulent interiors.  Top management of Ferretti Group and Speedo Marine, the Group’s exclusive dealer in mainland China, welcomed yacht owners onto the stage during the acknowledgment session to present them with exquisite customized presents in appreciation for their love and support to Ferretti Group brands over the years.  “This is a fantastic moment for Ferretti Group and its seven brands. The Chinese market is experiencing rapid growth and more and more owners are choosing the beauty, heritage and innovation of our magnificent boats. This spectacular event is an extraordinary debut for our flagship Ferretti Yachts 1000, consolidating the fame and success of our comprehensive and inimitable range.” said Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi.  In 2022, Ferretti Group was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which was not only the first yacht manufacturer to list its shares in Hong Kong, but also the only Italian company listed in Hong Kong in the last decade. Looking ahead, Ferretti Group is prepared to embrace new development opportunities in the fast-growing luxury yacht market by leveraging its far-leading industry position and unique Italian yachting essence to unleash the full potential of its world-class brands - Ferretti Yachts, Riva, Pershing, Itama, CRN, Custom Line and Wally. Through auxiliary services including yacht brokerage, lease, after sale, and refit, together with a one-stop strategic upgrade program, Ferretti Group will further reinforce its growing momentum. The Group will keep delivering yachts with “authentic Italian luxury” to owners all around the world, creating greater value for its shareholders.  At the gala, Ferretti Group was joined by both Italian and international luxury partners to display the supreme and comfortable Italian premium lifestyle: Magnificat was one of them, adding radiance to the yachts on display together with some high-end Italian furniture, lighting and bedding brands including Rugiano, Elie Saab, Agresti, Contardi, Bluemarine Home, and its partner, Fuli Carpet. LOCHERBER, an Italian luxury fragrance brand, offered exclusive and customized Venetian sea-toned fragrance on board. MHD’s Ruinart Blanc de Blancs, Kaluga Queen, and top Italian coffee brand Lavazza brought exquisite food and drink experiences to this event.

Ferretti Group Approves 31 March 2023 Results

The Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Ferretti SpA today reviewed and approved the Group’s consolidated financial results for the first quarter of 2023. Order intake of €307.5 million in the first three months of 2023.  Revenue of €280.3 million, an increase of 9.3% when compared to Q1 2022.  Adjusted EBITDA of €40.0 million in Q1 2023, representing an increase of 26.6% when compared to Q1 2022 and with a margin equivalent to 14.3%, representing an increase of 130 basis points when compared to Q1 2022.  Net profit of €18.6 million.  Net Financial Position equivalent to €301 million of net cash.  “The luxury yacht market continues to see strong expansion and, once again, Ferretti Group shows vision and foresight, as witnessed by the important acquisition of Cantiere San Vitale, in Ravenna, the cornerstone of a future-looking growth strategy. The huge interest shown by the financial community after the Group’s first Capital Markets Day, and the very positive financial results reported in Q1 2023, are another demonstration of our solidity and confirm once again that our shareholders and our customers were right to place their confidence in us,” said Ferretti Group CEO Alberto Galassi.  Order intake: €307.5 million in Q1 2023.  Order backlog: €1,496.3 million as of 31 March 2023, representing an increase of approximately 15.4% when compared to 31 December 2022 (€1,295.6 million) as a result of strong demand on international markets.  Order Backlog by Segment:  Composite yachts reached €489.9 million as of 31 March 2023, which is equivalent to approximately 32.7% of total backlog as of 31 March 2023.  Made-to-measure yachts reached €549.1 million as of 31 March 2023, which is equivalent to approximately 36.7% of total backlog as of 31 March 2023.  Super yachts reached €384.6 million as of 31 March 2023, which is equivalent to approximately 25.7% of total backlog as of 31 March 2023.  Other businesses[1] reached €72.7 million, which is equivalent to approximately 4.9% of total backlog as of 31 March 2023.  Revenue: €280.3 million in Q1 2023, representing an increase of 9.3% when compared to Q1 2022 (€256.4 million) attributable to the strong order backlog built in 2022.  Composite yachts reached €147.3 million, which is equivalent to approximately 52.6% of the total revenue in Q1 2023 (from €109.8 million, which is equivalent to approximately 42.8% of the total revenue in Q1 2022).  Made-to-measure yachts reached €99.9 million, which is equivalent to approximately 35.6% of the total revenue in Q1 2023 (from €96.1 million, which is equivalent to approximately 37.5% of the total revenue in Q1 2022).  Super yachts reached €18.1 million, which is equivalent to approximately 6.4% of the total revenue in Q1 2023 (from €24.7 million, which is equivalent to approximately 9.6% of the total revenue in Q1 2022)  Other businesses[2]  reached €15.0 million, which is equivalent to approximately 5.4% of the total revenue in Q1 2023 (from €25.8 million, which is equivalent to approximately 10.1% of the total revenue in Q1 2022).  Revenue by Geographical Region[3]: North America, Central America and South America region (“AMAS”) reached €80.0 million, which is equivalent to approximately 28.6% of the total revenue in Q1 2023 (from €70.1 million which is equivalent to approximately 27.3% of the total revenue in Q1 2022).  Europe, Middle East and Africa region (“EMEA”) reached €135.2 million, which is equivalent to approximately 48.2% of the total revenue in Q1 2023 (from €120.3 million, which is equivalent to approximately 46.9% of the total revenue in Q1 2022).  Asia-Pacific region (“APAC”) reached €32.0 million, which is equivalent to approximately 11.4% of the total revenue in Q1 2023 (from €15.6 million, which is equivalent to approximately 6.1% of the total revenue in Q1 2022).  Other and Super yachts[4] reached €33.1 million, which is equivalent to approximately 11.8% of the total revenue in Q1 2023 (from €50.5 million, which is equivalent to approximately 19.7% of the total revenue in Q1 2022).  Adjusted EBITDA[5]: €40.0 million in Q1 2023, representing an increase of 26.6% when compared to Q1 2022 (€31.6 million) and with a margin[6]  equivalent to 14.3% in Q1 2023, representing an increase of 130 basis points when compared to Q1 2022 (13.0%).  This remarkable improvement is linked to three main reasons: Commercial: a longer waiting list thanks to the high order backlog, reflecting a higher pricing power.  Strategic positioning: a larger presence in the most profitable segment, such as made-to-measure.  Industrial: economy of scale in purchasing and a more efficient fixed costs absorption.  Net Profit: €18.6 million in Q1 2023, representing an increase of 42.0% from Q1 2022 (€13.1 million) and with a margin[7] equivalent to 6.6% in Q1 2023, representing an increase of 120 basis points when compared to Q1 2022 (5.4%).  Capex: €59.0 million, of which approximately €40.0 million for the acquisition of Cantiere San Vitale in Ravenna, leading to an additional capacity of approximately 20% at fully operating status.  Net Financial Position: €301 million of net cash from €365 million of net cash as of 31 December 2022.

Horizon Orders New 3D Printing and 5-Axis CNC Machine

Following on its commitment to continuous innovation and investment in new technology, and introduced in tandem with the company’s recent $15M facilities expansion, the Horizon Group has incorporated Stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing into its manufacturing process and upgraded its PaR Systems 5-Axis CNC Machine.  The new SLA 3D printing facility is intended to create scale models of a client’s yacht, as well as custom seating areas, storage and deck sections for individual yachts in build. The 5-Axis CNC machine can operate 24/7 at high speeds with autonomous positioning and wireless spindle head adjustment, which helps accelerate production and increases the capabilities for precision processing technology and innovative applications.

Kadey-Krogen Group Acquires American Tugs

The Kadey-Krogen Group, builder of the world class series of Krogen trawlers and the performance cruising brand Summit Motoryachts, announced today that it has acquired LaConner, Washington, based American Tugs.  American Tugs was founded in 1999 by marine industry veterans who recognized the need for high-quality, U.S. built coastal cruisers. The company achieved instant success and benefits from a loyal customer base in North Amercian and Europe. Today, American Tugs builds five models ranging from 36 to 48 feet, and has delivered more than 250 cruising boats to date, as well as five commercial vessels, from its 28,000 square foot facility in LaConner.  “It’s really an exciting opportunity for us to acquire such a successful boatbuilder, led by a team that we’ll be collaborating with on day one,” says Tucker West, Kadey-Krogen Group President. “They have a healthy backorder of boats, a great reputation in this market, and most importantly a customer base that really loves their American Tugs. We immediately identified how our companies will complement each other and, most importantly, how the customers will benefit. This includes expanded distribution for American Tugs through Kadey-Krogen’s sales offices in Portsmouth, R.I.; Annapolis, Md.; Seattle, Wash., and Stuart, Fla. We are also working with American Tugs leadership to expand service and refit offerings for Krogen and Summit customers at their LaConner facility and leverage their west coast sales.” Additionally, the company will explore leveraging the opportunities for sales in the Great Lakes region through their existing relationship with Mid-West-based yacht broker Schwartz & Co. Yacht Sales.  The acquisition will not affect production of either the American Tugs, Krogen, or Summit brands, and The Kadey-Krogen Group plans to continue to market each brand separately. “We are certainly looking at ways of combining forces on the production side where it makes sense,” said Fran Morey, Kadey-Krogen Group Production Manager. “Initially we see opportunities through purchasing, and even on tooling on new models. American Tugs has a worldclass team of engineers and builders, and we’re looking forward to working with them to create some incredible boats. It’s a win-win.”  American Tugs co-founder and current CEO, Kurt Dilworth, will remain on the team, as will Jeff Calvert, who currently manages sales. “This is an incredible opportunity to complete the marriage of two companies that strive to be best in class and together have more than 71 years of boatbuilding experience,” says Kurt. “That’s tough to beat.”  American Tugs was advised by Anchors Aweigh Capital, led by Skip Sorenson.

Karnic Thirty Year Anniversary

It is exactly 30 years ago on 24 May 1993 since Karnic Powerboats Ltd began operations as a company specialising in the design and building of powerboats.  It is a three decade voyage through calm as well as wavy waters that enabled us to develop as professionals, meet people, form relationships, fulfil dreams.  An enjoyable voyage empowered by our passion to design, innovate, manufacture, study and compete.  We would like to thank every single dealer or distributor for their belief, trust and continuing support over the years which enabled us to grow our brand and enhance our presence in so many parts of the world. We also express our sincere thanks to our suppliers for listening, supporting and providing solutions in good as well as difficult times.  Of course, a big ʹthank youʹ and respect is owed to all individuals who honoured us by purchasing a Karnic thus providing solid contribution in the evolvement of our company.  Equally, we thank all Karnic enthusiasts for believing and indirectly assisting the establishment of our brand.  

MJM Adds Build Your Boat Tool

MJM have added all the specs and pricing for each MJM model on the website. With the Build-A-Yacht tool one can select colours and  options, see a pricing quote, and download a rendering of the MJM he created.

Nordhavn Does One More Ocean Crossing

Spirit of Ulysses, an ocean-crossing 2007 Nordhavn 76, just transited the Panama Canal on its way from Fort Lauderdale to Australia.  The Nordhavn’s latest trip will take two months and cover almost 9,900 nm before it reaches its newest home in Perth. It left Fort Lauderdale on May 2, stopped in Key West and then cruised on to Panama. Next stops: The Galapagos, Samoa, Fiji, and then Brisbane.  Hull number eight of the 76 series, Spirit of Ulysses has already cruised the Pacific from Alaska to New Zealand, transited the Panama Canal to the Atlantic and then made a transatlantic run to Spain. In early 2021, Mike Ridgway, a New Zealand software executive, bought it (it was the first boat he ever owned), and then, with a veteran crew, crossed the Atlantic to Barbados that December.  As it turned out, Kris Townend, an Australian and a veteran boat owner, had been following Ridgway’s videos of his journey. He and his wife Amy started boating with a 21-foot bow rider when they were married in 2011. Over the years, their family grew to include five children, and they moved up to a 35-foot Maxum and a 48-foot Sea Ray.  But an ocean-crossing cruiser, particularly a Nordhavn, was always on the horizon. Last year, Townend sold his business; this February he bought Spirit of  Ulysses in Fort Lauderdale. He wanted it for its seaworthiness, long range and luxurious accommodations.  The original idea was the Townend would stay on board for the entire trip (he hired a professional captain) and he and his son Liam, 10, were on board all the way from the start through the Panama Canal.  But then Townend  faced a sudden business problem and they had to fly home; Townend will rejoin the boat in Fiji.  Once Spirit of Ulysses gets to Perth, the whole family will move on board. Their plans are to explore the waters around Australia for a while, particularly the Whitsunday Islands, and then move on to Asia. 

Princess Spring Owners Holiday 

From April 20th to 24th, Princess Yachts America hosted their annual Princess Spring Owners Holiday in magnificent Harbour Island at the beautiful Valentines Resort and Marina. The event marked the 20th Owners Holiday since Princess Yachts America began hosting them. It was the largest gathering to date, with 50 Princess Yachts, 60 Princess owners and a total of over 400 attendees.  The festivities kicked off with a Welcome In celebration on the dock featuring a private fireworks showcase over the marina. Throughout five days, a full agenda of events was enjoyed by all, highlighted by the inaugural “Knot So Grand” Prix poker run/golf cart decorating, a perfect beach day, competitive pickleball tournament and a capstone celebration dinner featuring a traditional Bahamian junkanoo parade. Look for the Princess Yachts America fleet of owners this summer as they head to Provincetown, Massachusetts, for the Princess Summer Owners Holiday from July 20th to 23rd!

Sirena Delivers Thirtieth 58 to USA

Istanbul-based shipyard Sirena Yachts has announced that the latest unit of its Sirena 58 yacht will shortly be delivered to the US. Ordered in 2022, this is the 30th Sirena 58 to arrive in the USA out of a total of 58 units built so far, representing just over 50% of the model’s production. Recently arriving from Turkey, the Sirena 58 will soon be loaded onto a ship and head towards her final destination of California.  With another seven Sirena 58s currently on order for the USA, the model has proven to be a major hit in the USA, attracting North American owners for many different reasons. Sporting naval architecture and exterior styling by German Frers and interior design by renowned Italian designer Tommaso Spadolini, the Sirena 58 is available in three different layout options, to meet the needs and preferences of discerning owners. 

Sunreef Wins German Innovation Award

Sunreef Yachts is delighted to inform that the Sunreef 80 Eco has won the German Innovation Award 2023. As an outstanding innovation achievement, the luxury eco-catamaran received an award in the Excellence in Business 2 Consumer category. The German Innovation Award is an annual award that recognizes and honors innovative products, services, and business models across various industries worldwide.

Sunreef Appoints Two New Dealers

Sunreef Yachts announces the signing of 2 important dealers which reflects the growing popularity of the company’s catamaran model range across the globe.  A new agency agreement with Apollo Yachts LLC was signed for the territory of South America, Central America, and Canada. This agreement will see Apollo Yachts become the exclusive sales representative for Sunreef Yachts in these regions. Apollo Yachts is a well-established yacht brokerage with a strong track record in the sale and marketing of luxury yachts. The company has a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing their clients with the best possible service.  AJ Blackmon, CEO of Apollo Yachts commented: Sunreef is a leading manufacturer of luxury catamarans, known for their innovative design and construction. The company's yachts are popular with discerning owners who appreciate their spaciousness, comfort, and performance. This new agency agreement is of significant importance for Apollo Yachts. It will allow Apollo Yachts to offer its clients a wider range of luxury catamarans, while also providing Sunreef with a strong presence in key markets.  Sunreef Yachts has appointed Alina Yachts as exclusive dealer in Serbia. The company was founded by serial entrepreneurs Alex Alpert and Nina Pelicic and has deep ties to the region. They have a background in building technology companies which they plan to leverage to reach this expanding market. They have turned their focus to yachting and helping people fulfill their dreams of living on the water.  Nina Pelicic, managing director of Alina Yachts, commented: The demand for luxury products has been growing significantly in Serbia and now is the perfect time to introduce the Balkans to Sunreef Yachts. Growing up on the water, I realized that people were missing a truly customized luxury experience. Sunreef’s combination of luxury and custom designs allows people to spend more time on the water and create their dream yacht. Following the two dealer appointments, Francis Lapp, CEO of Sunreef Yachts, commented: We take great pride in welcoming Apollo Yachts LLC and Alina Yachts to the Sunreef Yachts family, and we anticipate a fruitful and enduring partnership with them. With the increasing interest in yachting and our catamaran models, it was essential to collaborate with seasoned partners who can assist us in delivering a comprehensive customer experience.

Van Der Valk Wins 2023 Boat International World Superyacht Award

“A very pleasant all-rounder that certainly met the owner’s challenge,” was how the judges of this year’s World Superyacht Awards described Blue Jeans. Despite being up against four other superb nominations in the ‘Semi-displacement or planing motoryacht 30 to 34.99m’ category, Van der Valk’s fully custom entry won by a significant margin in a secret ballot of the independent panel of 23 current and former superyacht owners. You can see from the photos what it meant to the team behind this 34-metre beauty as they stood on the stage to accept the coveted Neptune trophy in Istanbul on Saturday 20 May.  Winning this award is a testimony to the yard, Guido de Groot’s design team, the naval architects Diana Yacht Designand above all the vision of the owners of Blue Jeans. They came to Van der Valk seeking a fast vessel with a high level of seaworthiness, stability and manoeuvrability, challenging us to surprise them with what we could do. The results certainly impressed the judges, as their report makes clear. “They admired her striking appearance, her comfortable cruising speed of 25 knots, her spacious maintenance-friendly engine room, high-quality build and optimum layout.”

Viking Soundings Trade Only

Gary Reich, editor-in-chief of Soundings Trade Only, recently spent time at the Viking manufacturing plant speaking with women boatbuilders for an upcoming article. Women have always had a strong presence in Viking’s workforce. The COVID crisis saw an increase in the female population since women who were in the hospitality industry lost jobs – but still wanted to work. Viking’s Human Resources Department appealed to those women to “Come join our team, we will teach you a skill and provide a career.” 

Viking Takes First Place in First Tournament

Norman Sabga’s Afunday won the Marlin Madness International Billfish Tournament (based out of Charlotteville, Tobago) with five blue marlin, 14 sails and a pair of dolphin. Norman took delivery of his Viking 80 in early spring, and this was the first tournament he fished on the new yacht. “The boat performed beautifully,” Norman said. “I was very pleased with how she fished and also the accommodations. And she ran great – we comfortably cruised home at 35+ knots.” He added, “On our pre-fishing day we released eight sailfish.”

Viking at Salt Life Blue Water Tournament

Team Half-A-Buc won the Salt Life Bluewater Tournament for the third time in a row. Angler Dominic Shaw, fishing on Daniel Brown’s Viking 64, released a pair of blue marlin for the win. “It was the first blue marlin I’ve ever reeled in, so it felt good,” said Dominic. "The team’s really excited, we did great and are happy with our win.”  George Robinson’s Viking 64 Polarizer got the party started with the first blue marlin release of the tournament – which landed them in 2nd Place. The Salt Life Bluewater Tournament is part of the Sport Fishing Championship.

Viking Fights Another New Ten Knots Restriction

Viking and the entire marine industry ramped up their efforts in the Nation’s Capital last week to stop the federal government’s proposed 10-knot restriction along the Eastern Seaboard, while also alerting Congress to a new petition for a similar speed limit in the Gulf of Mexico. Above: Viking Director of Government Affairs and Sustainability, John DePersenaire – speaking to boating and fishing leaders, members of Congress and the media – presented an in-depth report about NOAA Fisheries’ changes to the North Atlantic Right Whale Vessel Strike Reduction Rule, which would call for a 10-knot speed limit from Massachusetts to Florida. John also provided an update on the progress of the Whale and Vessel Safety (WAVS) Task Force, a Viking initiative consisting of a panel of experts committed to finding technology-based solutions to track marine mammals, particularly the right whale. Finally, he explained that a petition for rulemaking put forth by several environmental groups through NOAA proposes a year-round, 10-knot restriction for all boats in a large region off the of coast Alabama and the Florida panhandle (the core habitat of the Rice’s whale).  “We made significant strides in Washington, making policymakers aware of our plight and that we want to be part of a more reasonable, science-based solution,” said John. “But now we have two battles on our hands that call for action from all facets of the boating and fishing community.”  These rules, which deny access to the ocean and raise serious safety, privacy and economic impact concerns, are certainly one of the greatest threats recreational boating and fishing has ever faced. Reacting to the Rice’s Whale restriction, Viking President and CEO Pat Healey said: “We’re faced with another speed restriction put forth without our input. It’s craziness. We all have to work together for a solution to help the right whale and Rice’s whale.”  Viking and hundreds of marine industry leaders united in Washington, D.C. on Capitol Hill for the industry’s premier advocacy event – the American Boating Congress (ABC).  Along with John, Viking’s Justin Healey was in the thick of it all, even spending an extra day on Capitol Hill speaking to members of Congress, raising their awareness to the catastrophic impact the speed restrictions would have.  

Wajer Start of 2023 Season

On April 16th, Wajer traditional Start of the Season event took place. Wajer couldn’t have wished for a better start, when at the yard in Heeg we christened 20 brand new Wajers before taking off with a fleet of nearly 50 Wajers to the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam. 

Wajer Care Hub in Spain

The Wajer fleet is growing, not only on the Balearic Islands but also along the Spanish mainland. Therefore an official Wajer Care hub was started for the Dénia/Moraira region. A permanent Care team will be there during the sailing season to maintain the Wajers and ensure Wajer owners can enjoy their yacht Without a Worry, or, as they say in Spain: 'sin preocupaciones'.   

Wajer Bay Marina

Wajer recently opened its Wajer Bay Marina office at one of Miami’s most desirable spots; former Bentley Bay - Miami South Beach (520 West Avenue). Wajer Bay  Marina  consists of 16 private slips with boatlifts, all under supervision of a professional dockmaster. The slips and boatlifts are suited for yachts up to 60ft (56.000 lbs). 

May 30, 2023

Project: Wajer 44

Wajer present the project for a new 44 model, sitting in between its famous 38 and 55 models.  The Wajer 44 at thirteen meters in length is more voluminous than the 38, yet  more compact than the 55. The Wajer 44 is in short words a spacious day boat that can become a cruiser for two persons. Designed by the usual Wajer team of Sinot for the exterior and Van Oossanen for naval architecture there’s no mistaking, that the 44 is closely related to the 38, 55 and 77 with the classic lines of runabouts of the fifties and sixties again reinterpreted into the 21st century.  This is shown in the swing-over anchor arm which retracts neatly into the anchor hatch, and the cleats seamlessly incorporated into the rub rail, for that characteristically sleek clean high-end look. In addition the Wajer 44 also features the Smart Boating concept, Wajer Owners App to connect to his 44 remotely. With this one can check the anchor position of the yacht during lunch on the beach, the air conditioning and hydraulically operated swimming ladder can also be easily operated via the app to ensure everything is ready when you step on board.  The Wajer 44 offers an interior sleeping two, with a shower head forward and a galley to port side with opposite C-shaped dinette and or double berth to starboard.  Power is from standard twin Volvo 380hp up to 480hp and IPS pod drives propulsion, with speeds estimates up to forty knots from the larger engine option.

May 29, 2023

Sea Ray Sports Cruiser Ends Aground in Lake Barkley

A twelve meter Sea Ray sport cruiser titled m/y Mama Tried ended aground and beached in lake Barkley on the 29 May.  The causes of the grounding are not reported, though lack of attention during navigation in a delicate spot should be a prime suspect.  This grounding occurred in a tight spot which unites Lake Barkley with Kentucky Lake.  On the second June the m/v Tina Michelle recovered the vessel by towing her back in the water the way it came in, with the sport cruiser being lucky not to have sustained any serious hull damage, probably also for the mud terrain in the area more then other things.
The Sea Ray in this grounding is a 400 Express Cruiser produced from 1992 to 1999.  Coming as a replacement of the 390 EC from 1984 to 91, the 400EC offered a two cabins interior, and was powered by Mercruiser gas or Cat diesel engines of 350hp on line shafts for top speeds up to thirty knots.  In 1994 the 400 Express Cruiser had the kite style windows replaced by three port holes. The 400 EC was replaced by the 410 Express Cruiser in 2000.

New Model: Galeon 560 Fly

During the 2023 Miami boat show Galeon presented the World premier for the 560 Fly model.  A seventeen meters flybridge motor yacht, the 560 Fly is designed by British Tony Castro, Galeon's main designer for the last twenty or so years.  The 560 Fly replaces the 550 after ten years of production into that highly competitive segment of the market, especially in between European builders.  As is usual to Galeon the 560 Fly comes as a unique offer, and although its not a novelty as it was once, Galeon opening side bulkheads as presented on the 500 Fly in 2015 are still unique, especially if onboard entertaining with friends is ones priority. These drop down bulkheads apart expanding beam by two meters are unique and with the opening sliding glazed surfaces in the galley and the other side, they join the inside with outside in a unique manner which surprisingly has not yet been copied in the market today.  The Galeon 560 Fly also features some hard to find features in its size, like the side door by the helm station to starboard and the single peace forward windshield serving the lower helm.  The 560 Fly is part of what Galeon calls its fourth generation series which debuted with the 640 Fly in 2018 and to the swing extendable bulkheads adds more glazed surfaces, the Heptagon bow which increases space below moving beam further forward and on deck. The Galeon 560 Fly is standard powered by twin Volvo 725hp with line shafts propulsion and an option for twin 900hp units available.  Top speed is up to 29 knots with the standard power.   
Technical Data:
LOA - 17.82 m (58.6ft)
Hull Length - 16.2 m
Beam - 4.82 m
Draft - 1.05 m (ex propellers), 1.40 meters with propellers
Displacement - 27621 kg unloaded, plus 5.4 tons loaded
Fuel Capacity - 2 x 1100 l
Water Capacity - 700 l
Max Persons - fourteen
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, one crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Volvo D11 725hp, D13 900hp
Propulsion - line shafts
Speed - 29 knots max 23 knots cruise
Range - 223 nm at cruise
Project - Tony Castro
Certification - CE B

May 28, 2023

Formula Sport Cruiser Beaches and Sinks in Lake Ozarks

An eleven meter Formula sport cruiser with two persons onboard ended on top of the underwater reefs near Lodge of the Four Seasons in Lake Ozarks on the late afternoon of Friday May 27.  The Formula sport cruiser for an unknown reason ended on top the well marked with two markers dangerous reef.  Unfortunately some hours later the sport cruiser sank, and in the morning turned upside down first near a marina and later driven by the current in a nearby beach, where it was secured to not remain a semi-sinking navigational hazard.
The Formula in this accident is a 35 PC model, produced from 1986 to 1989 to a design of John Adams, Formula head designer since 1971.  The 35 PC has an interior sleeping six in an open plan layout with a double berth forward and two convertible areas, and was standard powered by twin Mercuiser 340hp on V-drive shafts which gave top speeds up to thirty knots.  The Formula 35 PC was replaced by the 36 PC in 1990.

CRN New Web Site

CRN presents its new virtual global World wide web showroom. Founded by Sanzio Nicolini in Ancona Italy in 1963, CRN is the acronym for Costruzioni e Riparazioni Navali and since 1999 has been owned by the Ferretti Group. Up until Ferretti Group ownership CRN build both commercial and yacht vessels, with the yachts becoming a bigger part of its builds more into time.  In 1964 CRN delivers its first build with the 9.6 meter Galatea, made of steel and aluminium and still to date the smallest boat made.  Galatea was followed by a larger 12.5m Delfino II in the same year, with the sixties being marked by a total of 27 builds with the 34,4 meter Begheera launched in 1969 being the largest.  CRN starts the seventies with the launch of the 23 metre Super Conero, and eight commissioned builds for Riva; six 21,61 Marco Polo and two 30m Vespucci one of which will be Carlo Riva's personal yacht. In 1978 CRN goes again a step bigger and above forty meters in size with the 47,2m Fath Al Kahr, followed by the slightly bigger 48m Santa Maria a year later. The eighties start with a larger build with the 54m TR Brennero, followed by the 32,80m F100 build for Gianni Agnelli to a design of Gerhard Gilgenast.  In total seven builds above fifty meters are made in the eighties including of which will be the 61m m/y Il Vagabundo.  The nineties continue to lead CRN to bigger and larger builds, and in 1991 celebrates its construction no.100 to another new largest build to date with Awal II a 65,30 meters super yacht, its largest build till 2010.  This is followed with more custom super yachts two of which over fifty meters, and in 1999 concedes with the change of ownership and CRN becoming part of the Ferretti Group. The new millennium starts with the delivery of the 61m m/y Nvmptia, the last craft directed by Nicolini, designed by Scanu and featuring a rounded canoe stern. With CRN the Ferretti Group strategies to re-enter into semi-custom builds with the 43 and 46 meter super yacht series, and also enters composite building first because of the Ferretti Custom Line 128 which was build in Ancona and gets rebranded as CRN of which six units will be build from 2004 to 2011, and again followed by the Navetta 43 produced from 2007 to 13 in eight units.  Under Ferretti Group, CRN continues its push into bigger sizes, with three custom 60 meters launched from 2006 to 2009, and builds its largest build to date in 2013 hull #129 m.y Chopi Chopi designed by Giovanni Zuccon. Five more builds above seventy meters are made in between 2010 and 2023, including the 2019 launched 79m Zuccon designed hull #135. CRN new website is available in English, Italian, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Japanese, and German language and takes you around with the following buttons; Our Philosophy, CRN Heritage, CRN Megayachts, New Builds and Design, Services and Refit, and Our News and Events.  CRN is also on social media with lower page buttons taking you to its; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Tweeter, Linkedin, and YouTube pages.  
Production History; (semi-production only)
Super Conero 23m (8)
Marco Polo 21.61 m (6)
Vespucci 30 m (2) 
Magnifica 46 2003-05 (2)
128 2004-11 (6) *Custom Line 128 project
54.2 m 2006-07 (2)
60m 2006-09 (3)
Navetta 43 2007-13 (8)
60m 2011 (2)

May 27, 2023

Tiara Collides into Semi-Submerged Object and Sinks

A fourteen meter Tiara sport cruiser with two people onboard titled m/y Floating Doc, sank while hitting a semi-submerged object off the coast of Fortescue, New Jersey on the morning of Saturday 27 May.  With the impact the sport cruiser had its hull penetrated to bow starboard, and after calling for assistance, the two crew started an operation to cover the hole and slow water ingress.  Later on the two crew where assisted by the Delaware Bay sector Coast Guard first by the eight meter Small-II, who after assisting in the dewater attempts failed took the crew to safety.  Later on a thirteen meter response Coast Guard boat arrived on the scene trying again in saving the sport cruiser, with no success as this capsized and sank in about five meters of water.  The Tiara sport cruiser was recovered on the 31st May by Sea Tow Cape May.  
Floating Doc is a Tiara 4700 Sovran.  A hard-top sport cruiser first released as 4400 Sovran in 2003, and updated with a larger bathing platform in 2007 as 4700 for its last two years of production.  The Tiara 4700 Sovran offered an interior with two cabins and was powered by Cummins 670hp or 715hp with line shaft propulsion for speeds in the low thirties. The 4700 was replaced by the 4500 Sovran in the fall of 2010.

Motor Yacht Beached in Birdie Beach

A seventeen meter Trader motor yacht finished beached on Birdie beach, to the North West of Sydney in Australia in between the night and early morning of Saturday 27 May.  Before the beaching the yacht was being towed after it developed problems to its engines to the South East of Birdie Island.  Ultimately because of the damage sustained, and problems in salvaging the yacht from its current location, reports are coming that she will be chopped and wrecked.
The yacht in this beaching is a Tarquin Trader 575 Sunliner, an evolution extended in length of the 535 presented in 1997.  The Tarquin Trader 575 Sunliner was produced from 2000 to 2008 and offered an interior with three double cabins, and was powered by twin Cats 450hp which give 22 knots top speeds.  The 575 was replaced by the slightly longer 585 Sunliner in 2008.  Tarquin Trader was a British company with boats produced in Taiwan.

Project: Tankoa TX450

Tankoa Yachts is proud to announce that the first unit of the all-new TX450 has been sold. Initially developed around the Tankoa T450 concept penned by Giorgio Cassetta, the TX450 is an explorer version based on the same 45-metre design, but developed into a full-custom project from bottom up. As Cassetta is responsible for both the elegant exterior and refined interior design, the yacht’s clean lines and graceful profile is unmistakably in line with Tankoa’s design DNA and, indeed, very close to the original T450. The TX450 is developed on four decks with a unique interior arrangement for a yacht of her size whereby all the guest cabins are placed on the main deck, including a generous master stateroom for the owners’ use. The social areas are mainly focused on the upper deck and bridge decks. The interior also offers a gym, spa area and a convertible room, which brings the number of the guest cabins up to six if required. There are exterior social areas on all decks, including two pools, one of which is at sea level in the stern surrounded by two opening side platforms, as well as a beach club area effectively developed on three levels when the tender and jet skies are launched, offering an incomparable lounge space for the size of the yacht. The yacht is under final engineering with construction due to start shortly and delivery set for spring 2025. Tankoa currently has eight other projects currently in build: two S501s, two T450s, two T55 Sportiva, a T580 Custom and the Vitruvius 52.  This RX450 takes Tankoa yachts to fourteen units, eight of which currently under construction with the Italian shipyard debuting in 2015 with the fully custom 69m. 

May 26, 2023

New Model: Holterman X-treme 105

Holteman X-treme 105 was one of the show stoppers for the 2022 Cannes boat show thanks mostly to its large tender storage system on the aft deck, able to accommodate a tender up to eleven meters in length.  Surely a record for a yacht measuring just over thirty meters!  But the records do not stop here, as remove the tender, and then you have an area, which drops down in the water, and fills a twelve squared meters swimming pool making this aft deck an exquisite unique entrainment lounging area. If you think this is over, it  is not!  The X-treme 105 designed by Bernard Weel for exterior and Diana as naval architect is not only about this, with the innovative looking tug from the future inspired super yacht which breaks some yacht design convenience rules, and thanks to this winning two awards by the end of 2022.  The X-treme 105 for example also brings the astern galley layout, so popular in yachts sub twenty meters in a 105 feet size, and also make redundancy its virtue thanks to its double systems, which also includes twin bow and stern thrusters, and four technical; electricity, water makers, generator, battery separate rooms.  Another interesting feature of the X-treme 105 is an easy engine take away system thanks to big hatches which makes a removal job done in a few hours, compared to a day or two of some other yachts.  Beside the aft deck able to accommodate the large ten meter tender, the X-treme 105 also features a side midships located garage with space for a rib tender of three and a half meters, and two jet bikes. That would be another record for tenders stowed in a yacht of 32 meters.  The Holterman X-treme 105 is an impressive machine in both its innovative and technical elements, with the markets noticing this and seven other X-treme units from sixteen to 32 meters being in build. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 32.65 m (107.1ft)
Beam - 7.84 m
Draft - 1.85 m
Displacement - 198.5 t 
Fuel Capacity - 19430 l
Water Capacity - 2100 l
Accommodation - ten guests in five cabins, four crew in two cabins
Engines - 2 x Volvo D16 750hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - fifteen knots max ten knots cruise
Range - 2400 nm at cruise
Construction - steel hull aluminium super structure
Project - Bernd Weel exterior, Diana naval architect
Certification - Lloyds LYC A

May 25, 2023

Project: Steeler Ocean Explorer 22M

Steeler is currently building the first Ocean Explorer 22M model set for a 2024 delivery.  This new Steeler will be the Dutch builder largest build to date and comes from a design of Studio Delta from the Netherlands, and will offer a three double cabins plus office space lower deck layout.  Build of steel the Steeler will feature a full displacement hull and is set to be powered by twin Man 394hp with line shaft propulsion for top speeds up to thirteen knots.

May 24, 2023

Two Men Saved from Boat Fire Near Melbourne

Two men where saved from a thirteen meter flybridge cruiser which went up in flames just over one nautical miles from St. Kilda shoreline, Port Phillip Bay, near Melbourne on 12:10 hours of Wednesday 24 May.  Fire rescue Victoria assisted the boat with a fire suppression vessel, while the two men onboard, a 61 and a 59 year old, who tried to suppress the smoke coming from the engine room, abandoned ship, and after about fifteen minutes in the water where rescued and collected by a military rib who was conducting a training exercise in nearby Williamstown.  The fire was extinguished by about 12:45 hours although the flybridge cruiser was burned down to the waterline at this stage and sank.  The coast guard, border force, and a hospital helicopter also responded to the fire.  According to the initial investigation the fire was triggered from the engine room with a possible mechanical failure igniting it.
The flybridge cruiser in this fire is a Carver 444 Cockpit Motor Yacht which entered in production in 2001 and was produced till 2007.  Based on the 396 Motor Yacht with the addition of an aft cockpit, the 444 Cockpit Motor Yacht offered a spacious layout with two fore and aft staterooms, and is powered by twin Cummins 370hp diesels on shafts for speeds up to 25 knots.  The 444 Cockpit Motor Yacht received a visual updated to its windows in 2005 and was replaced by the Carver Sojourn 44 in 2008.

Hatteras Yacht Ends Aground in Mississippi River

A nineteen meter Hatteras motor yacht titled m/y Rock O with two persons onboard ended aground after hitting a rock formation to the South of the McKinley bridge, Mississippi river on the afternoon of Tuesday 23rd May.  The two people onboard Rock O where taken to shore safety by the Marine Rescue Taskforce, with assistance by a TowBoatU.S. rib.  Burorvich Marine organized the salvage and to move the yacht, an operation which took fourteen hours made with the m/v Sam B barge and a 300 ton capacity crane.  The Hatteras yacht had visible hull damage and its keel, and propellers.
The Hatteras in this grounding is a 64 Motor Yacht, produced from 2005 to 09, offering an interior layout with three guest rooms plus a crew cabin for two, and powered by twin Cats 1400hp for cruise speeds in the mid twenties.  A soft evolution of the 2001 launched 6300 Raised Pilothouse, Hatteras sold 33 64 Motor Yacht's in its four year production run, then replaced by the bit smaller 60 Motor Yacht.

New Launch: Weaver 64 GM

Weaver has in March 2023 launched 64 GM.  Titled m/y Chas'n Tails this Weaver 64 GM started construction in 2020 and is the 39th hull from the Maryland custom sportfish yacht builder, and the fifth 64 to come, which makes it the most popular size-build from Weaver.  The Weaver 64 GM features a three double cabins layout, with a master cabin forward, and a tackle and rod open room when coming down to the lower deck to port side.  Weaver 64 GM is powered by twin MTU 1945hp versus the usual 1800hp engines of the other 64s.  Weaver has currently two other builds a 70 and a 45 with outboards.
Technical Data:
LOA - 19.65 m (64.6ft)
Beam - 5.71 m
Draft - 1.42 m with props
Displacement - 33112 kg
Fuel Capacity - 7048 l
Water Capacity - 946 l
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins
Engines - 2 x MTU M96 1945hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Hull Shape - hard chine planning modified Vee with lifting strakes
Construction - cold moulded; 3 by 12mm Okume plywood 1708 E-glass 1308 Kevlar in epoxy 

May 23, 2023

Collision in Sorrento Gulf Leaves One Injured

A collision between a fourteen meter Azimut flybridge cruiser and a twenty meter motor yacht happened near Torre Annunziata in the Sorrento Gulf, to the South of Naples, Italy on the afternoon of Tuesday 23 May leaving one person injured.  The dynamics of the incident are not reported, with the fourteen meter Azimut flybridge cruiser doing engine sea trials at the time of the collision.  Unconfirmed reports are saying that both boats where at planning speeds on collision with the Azimut flybridge cruiser receiving extensive damage to starboard, punctured inside in the upper part.  The larger yacht had damage on the bow, with the forward bulwark twisted by the impact. 
The boats in this collision is the popular Righini designed Azimut AZ46 Quartantsei a model which debuted in the fall of 1996 and was produced till 2008, sold in a record five hundred units including the updated Evolution version of the last three years.  The 21 meter motor yacht with the bow damage is a Benetti Sail Division 72 from 1999 refitted in 2020.  

Project: Focus Forza 50

Following the debut of the Forza 37, Focus presents the project for a new Forza 50 project.  At fifteen meters long the Forza 50 is to be the new Focus flagship, a centre console sport yacht with endless exterior spaces, and an interior offering a forward island double berth cabin, a dinette, and a galley opposite.  Innovation seems also an important part of the Forza 50 project, with unedited large opening hydraulic hull windows serving the master cabin, and lifting foredeck which makes the lower deck open.  The Focus Forza 50 also comes with customization and choices regarding propulsion from twin diesels to quadruple 600hp outboards for up to 65 knots performance with a fuel capacity option from one to three thousand litres.

May 22, 2023

New Model: Giupex 45X Evolution

During the end of 2022 Giupex launched its new 45X Evolution flagship.  An evolution of the Mano M42,50 launched in 2010, the new Giupex 45X Evolution also improves the layout and is extended in length, of which the benefits can be seen in the longer cockpit which offers a larger C-shaped dinette.  Other changes come also in the engine-room with 45X Evolution offered with twin FPT 450hp and 570hp engines and surface drive propulsion set up.  The Giupex 45X Evolution offers two lower deck cabin choices; two cabins with large midships master room layout as standard or the optional three cabins two head layout, with the third cabin taking space from the lower dinette.  Hull one was delivered with the two cabins variant.  Other options of the Giupex 45X Evolution will also be that to separate the main deck with a patio door, with the garage changing to a dinette with opposite settees.
Technical Data:
LOA - 14.20 m (46.8ft)
Beam - 4.30 m
Draft - 1.10 m
Displacement - 8000 kg dry, 11 t loaded
Fuel Capacity - 1000 l
Water Capacity - 300 l
Max Persons - twelve
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins, or six berths in three cabins
Engines - 2 x Volvo D6 380, 480hp, FPT 450hp, FPT 570hp
Propulsion - Volvo DPI dual propeller or IPS pod drives, or Jolly Drive surface drives
Certification - RINA CE

May 21, 2023

Project: Ava Kando 130xl

Ava Yachts from Turkey present the project for the Kando 130XL, a 39 metre, long range superyacht, constructed of high grade steel hull and aluminium superstructure. Kando 130XL is characterized by a huge volume of 490GT and a possible range up to six thousand plus nautical miles. Kando 130XL features 4 decks and offers six double guest cabins including a full beam, 35 sqm Owner’s Master suite cabin with full-height windows located at the fore main deck as well as 67 sqm lounge at the main deck and sixty sqm lounge at the upper deck with full height window glasses. Both lounges are provided with curved, polished stainless steel framed automatic sliding doors. Kando 130XL is engineered and the exterior and interior designed by in-house team of AvA Yachts. Ava Kando 130XL is offered with wide variety of Marine Diesel Engines selection, full set of navigation electronics, bow and stern thrusters and fin stabilizers, and marine generators. The Ava Kando 130XL also offers jacuzzi at flybridge, transformer swimming platform and wide exterior seating and sunbathing areas. Tha Ava Kando 130XL is to be built to Bureau Veritas class rules.

May 20, 2023

New Model: Moonen 110

Moonen has recently launched its new 110 model.  A contemporary super yacht designed by Ren van der Helden for the exterior lines, Diana for naval architecture, and Studio Indigo doing the interiors of the first of this series which has hull number 202.  The Moonen 110 took just short of two years to complete, starting construction in June 2021, and is build in a steel for the hull and alloy super structure with a full displacement bottom, which reaches speeds up to thirteen knots and a range of 3500 nautical miles at best cruise. The Moonen 110 guest accommodation offers five double staterooms including of which is an owners stateroom to forward part of the main deck.  Crew accommodation is for five including a captains room.  Currently under going final fittings and looking for an owner, Moonen is hoping the 110 series follows the success of the 84 and 97 series of semi-custom super yachts which sold thirteen units between them in a span of ten years and where also designed by Rene van der Helden.    
Technical Data:
LOA - 34.04 m (111.6ft) 
Waterline Length - 31.1 m
Beam - 7.50 m
Draft - 2 m
Displacement - 360 t, 256gt * volume
Fuel Capacity - 27685 l
Water Capacity - 6600 l
Accommodation - ten guests in five cabins, five crew in three cabins
Engines - 2 x Cats C18 Acert  607hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - thirteen knots max, ten knots cruise
Range - up to 3500 nautical miles
Hull Shape - displacement
Construction - steel hull aluminium super structure
Project - Rene van der Helden exterior, Diana naval architect, Indigo interior 

May 19, 2023

Beneteau Swift Trawler Sinks in Otranto

A twelve meter Beneteau Swift explorer cruiser with two Russians onboard sank after hitting a reef in Orte, Salento, to the South of Otranto on the afternoon of Friday nineteen May.  The Beneteau Swift trawler was reported as just leaving Otranto harbour direction to Amalfi where for a reported autopilot malfunction ended on the reefs of Orte and later sank.  The two Russian crew saved themselves jumping on the tender of the explorer cruiser, rescued later by Otranto Guardia Costiera.  After the rescue the Otranto Ports Authority sent a diver to inspect the area for any fuel and environmental damage, with no damages reported.
The explorer cruiser in this sinking is a Beneteau Swift Trawler 41 Fly.  Debuting in the first half of 2019 to a design of Andreani and Beneteau's technical department, the Swift 41 offers an accommodation with two cabins sleeping four and is powered by twin Volvo 270 or optional 300hp engines on line shafts propulsion.  Still in production today the Beneteau Swift Trawler 41 is also offered in a no flybridge Sedan version which debuted in the fall of 2019.

Project: Austin Parker Palma 86 Fly

Following the launch and raving reviews of the Austin Parker Ibiza 85 launched in 2022, the Italian yacht builder follows it with the project of the Palma 86 Fly.  A flybridge super yacht with slender proportions, the Austin Parker Palma 86 Fly also follows recent trends of having a free stern area which allows room for larger then usual tender, which when on anchor transforms to a large beach club.  The Austin Parker Palma 86 Fly also comes with a list of choices, from that of an enclosed flybridge, to an option of having a jacuzzi in the stern area, to the choice for a five cabins lower deck layout versus the standard four.  The Austin Parker Palma 86 Fly apart looking slender is also light, with an estimated loaded weight to be at just under 57 tons, and thanks to this allowing top speeds up to 33 knots with only twin Man 1400hp.  If you are more fuel sensible to this the Palma 86 Fly can also come powered by twin Man 800hp engines which give a top speed of eighteen knots.    

May 18, 2023

Improve-it = Riva Iseo

In the magical year of its 180th anniversary, packed with events and new developments, Riva harnesses sustainability to heritage in its first full electric runabout. As the venue for presenting El-Iseo, the brand’s first electric prototype, it would have been unthinkable not to choose Monaco’s magnificent Yacht Club, where Riva has always been at home and where environmental sensibility is both an imperative and a guiding value. The occasion was Ferretti Group’s glittering Private Preview, an event keenly awaited by owners and friends to sneak a peek at the Group’s new models. El-Iseo is the full electric version of the much-loved Iseo, the versatile and seductively modern looking 27-foot runabout whose sophisticated spirit lives on in the hull, deck, style and colours of the new boat. El-Iseo is powered by a Parker GVM310 full electric engine. Retaining a traditional stern drive propulsion system, El-Iseo has an engine supplied by Parker Hannifin, a leading US motion and control technology multinational, that offers unprecedented performance in terms of speed and acceleration. With a power output of 250kW and 300kW peak, the Parker GVM310 gives the Riva prototype a cruising speed of 25 knots and a self-limited top speed of forty knots, with an acceleration curve significantly steeper than that of a similarly sized boat powered by an internal combustion engine. El-Iseo is a high performer in terms of range too, delivering up to ten hours navigation in economy mode, which makes this prototype a unique combination of ultra-high performance and maximum sustainability. Rounding out her innovation and sustainability credentials, El-Iseo has a lithium battery pack supplied by Podium Advanced Technologies, a leading innovator and specialist in batteries, automotive design and motorsport, here working for the first time in the world of yachting. Specially developed for this project, the batteries in El-Iseo have a capacity of 150 kWh and are configured in two independent blocks located between the engine and the stern seating. Integration of onboard systems, such as transmission, throttles and onboard control systems in general, including management of driving and battery charging modes, has once again been assigned to innovation leader and Ferretti Group partner Xenta. On boarding El-Iseo, the boat’s two souls are immediately apparent. There are the unmistakable finishes, colours and detailing typical of the boats that made the brand world famous, but equalling eye-catching is the helm station with its fully digital, touchscreen dashboard designed to mimic the analogue displays of past boats. Even the naming of the three drive modes; Allegro, Andante and Adagio, the tempos of classical music, alludes to the tradition that has inspired all Riva boats. El-Iseo is the perfect expression of Riva’s essence: on one hand, deep respect for the tradition of a brand that has helped to write the history of Italian boatbuilding and, on the other, that constant drive towards perfection and ongoing research into innovation using the latest technologies.

May 17, 2023

Project: Garlington 48 Flybridge

Garlington is currently building this new 48 Flybridge model.  A new entry level flybridge model, the 48 is based on the lines of the current smallest flybridge offer the 61, and possibly share hull lines with the 49 Express.  The Garlington 48 Flybridge will offer an interior with two guest cabins; a master cabin forward, and guest room with two bunk berths to port side, with a shower head located to starboard.  The living and dining is located as all and or most sport-fisherman on the main deck, with dinette to port side on entrance, with an L-shaped galley behind.  Unlike its bigger sister the Garlington 48 Flybridge will have a central entrance passage way with two mezzanines looking to the action on the aft deck.  No power or performance data is yet mentioned though as most Garlington's expect a forty knots plus performance.  Garlington has been on a roll in recent months, having received a few orders of its current 71 flagship which it splashed in 2021, with a new flagship also reported on the works.  Watch this spot for information on the new flagship.   

May 16, 2023

New Launch: Bering B76

Bering Yachts has launched B76 titled my Lemanja, a fully custom build explorer yacht made for long voyages and sitting just under 24 meters in size.  Rugged outside and powerful inside, this explorer yacht has been constructed as a good house offering a surprisingly spacious and comfortable space for her length. Her state-of-the-art design is optimized to provide the owner with full operation autonomy, and with a home feeling.  Bering B76 features an interior for six guests in three double cabins, with a twin bunk berth crew cabin.  Weighing at 148 tones loaded B76 offers a range of over 4,000 nautical miles. Twin Cummins engines give B76 a maximum speed of twelve knots and a cruise of nine. An alternative power source with solar energy and battery packs reduces the environmental footprint and increases the boat's autonomy. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 23.25 m (76.2ft)
Hull Length - 21.9 m
Beam - 5.90 m
Draft - 2.03 m
Displacement - 148 t loaded
Fuel Capacity - 22700 l
Water Capacity - 3698 l
Accommodation - six guests in three cabins, crew cabin with two berths
Engines - 2 x Cummins QSL9 404hp
Propulsion - ZF gearbox with direct line shaft and five bladed propeller 
Speed - eleven knots max, nine knots cruise
Range - 4000 nm at best cruise
Construction - AH-36 steel with 8 mm bottom and 6 mm sides, marine aluminium super structure, Alexseal paint with Teknomarine marine fairing

May 15, 2023

Damen Antalya Shipyard Fire

A fire developed at a Damen Yachting Shipyard hall located at the Antalya Free Zone, Turkey on Monday May 15, 2023.  The fire developed on one of the construction halls with local fire fighters responding to the call, and evacuation protocol going into operation.  No one was injured in the fire, with the hall also being void of any projects, even though this is reported to have sustained a huge amount of damage.  Damen Antalya is believed to have three support super yachts in build at this moment in Antalya.
Damen yachting shipyard Antalya is one of ten ship building facilities of the Dutch company founded in 1927 on the River Merwede.  The Antalya facility was bought in 2013, previously a site of Vitters and opening up as Damen Shipyards Antalya in 2015.  Damen Antalya is specialized in building supply vessels, and support super yachts from 35 to eighty meters.