October 6, 2010

Improve-it = Estensi 460 Goldstar C

Just after a couple months of launching the first Estensi 460 Goldstar C which is a hard top traditional cruiser style, this very active shipyard launches the optional flybridge version of this same model. In this flybridge version the 460 Goldstar C, with this last letter meaning Classic for the more from the past lines provided by the stern and the coach roof, takes also some fisherman looks. In actual fact the flybridge gives a cross over hint of a lobster down east and a fisherman, especially if seen from the stern. Although I am sure that no fish boxes aft will make many fisherman disagree with this. This model is also the second Goldstar to be equipped with a flybridge alongside the 560 C which is the current flagship of Estensi. Apart adding a flybridge to the 460 Goldstar C, Estensi also presented an alternative second interior layout choice of a two cabins lower galley plan. The standard plan is a more family orientated three cabin two heads, with galley up. This two cabins layout increases relaxing space on the main deck with a bigger saloon area, and gives the galley a more private feel below. Estensi also points out that the super structure of the 460 Goldstar C is made of a light sandwich construction, which makes the twelve tons dry weight particularly more stable in slower speeds or at anchor, and makes it possible to reach wide open throttle speeds of 32 knots with only twin FPT of 450hp.

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