October 22, 2010

Project: Beneteau 32 Antares

After revamping all the Antares range in the 2009 season Beneteau presents the project for a new 32 in this range. Designed by Sarrazin the 32 Antares, is based on the 30 and will be the smallest twin engined flybridge in the Beneteau range. As to everything there is two sides of every coin and while the twin engines of the 32 Antares gives easier manoeuvrability in port, better balance underway, and greater security you will be paying a price for more fuel of about 30% at the pump and a double to service and parts. Accommodation for the 32 Antares offers a two cabin interior same to the 30, minus the engine room. Sizes are all also the same to the single engined 30 Antares, although beam is surprisingly slimmer by six centimetres for the twin engined 32 Antares. www.beneteau.com

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