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May 27, 2024

Azimut Boat Fire in Bosphurus River Turkey

A thirteen meter Azimut flybridge cruiser went ablaze in the Bosphurus River, Istanbul, Turkey on the afternoon of Saturday twentieth July, 2019.  People onboard the flybridge cruiser where seen wearing there life jackets and jumping off-board as the fire expanded onboard, with these being collected by nearby boaters.  The flybridge cruiser was then seen being carried to the shore by the wind and sea current, before a fire-fighting boat turned to the scene and extinguished the fire.  No injuries were reported, with the cause of the fire not being reported.
The Azimut in this fire is a 43 as designed by Righini for exterior and interior by Galeazzi and produced from 2006 to 2009.  First released in 2005 as a 40, a stern modification and longer bathing platform will evolve it to the 43, with Azimut also producing a hard-top 43S variant on the same platform powered by Volvo IPS instead of the Cummins shaft drives.  The Azimut 43 came out as a replacement to the 39 and 42, and was replaced by the smaller 38.

May 24, 2024

Classic Trawler Burns Down Near San Juan Islands

A classic eleven meter trawler explorer cruiser with two persons onboard went ablaze near San Juan Islands, Washington on the morning of Saturday 24th June 2023.  After making a distress call the two boaters where assisted and off boarded to safety by a nearby boater, with the trawler left to burn, that is until Cascade Pacific Sea Scouts heard the VHF call and turned on the scene with SSS Propeller to control the blaze on the boat.  The Cascade Pacific Sea Scouts controlled the blaze until a fire boat from Seattle arrived to the scene and continued fire fighting operations.  The SSS Propeller had just departed into a ten day trip Summer event, when they heard the VHF distress call, and turned on the scene 35 minutes later.
The explorer cruiser in this fire is a hard to decipher Grand Banks 36 similar unit.  The first call in this would be an Island Gypsy 36 but it has different straight shear line, and then a Monk 36 Classic, but here again we have a different railing and windows serving the aft cabin.

May 15, 2024

Croatia Medulin Marina Fire Burns 22 Boats

22 boats and yachts from five to 22 meters in length burned in a fire which started at 03:54 of the morning of fifteen May in Medulin Marina, Priveziste, Puntica, Croatia.  It is a miracle how no one was injured, with fire fighters from Pola responding to the fire with four vehicles and fifteen fire men, turning off the fire just after seven morning time.  The fire left no one injured with some people jumping in the water just as the blaze expanded to the whole pontoon from left to right.  An investigation is ongoing by the Port Authority of Pula and Istrian Police Directorate on how the fire started.
Some boats in this fire look to be a couple Bavaria sport cruisers, Innovazioni Progetti Mira, Rinker sport cruiser, Estensi Goldstar, Sasga, Sunseeker 47 Portofino, and what looks a Taiwan build motor yacht of about 22 meters which so far cannot be deciphered.

May 2, 2024

Saint-Laurent du Var Fire Destroys Five Boats Damages Two

Five boats and yachts between twelve to twenty meters where fire destroyed and eventually sank, while two yachts of nineteen and 21 meters received fire damage for a blaze which started at around 22:30 hours of Monday first May in Saint Laurent du Var, to the West of Nice in the South of France.  Sixty fire fighters with 34 fire engines responded to the fire, which was extinguished after four hours at around 03:00 hours the following morning second May.  No one was injured in the fire with the yacht marina of Saint Laurent du Var closed for the public the following day, for clean up operations while the prosecutor of Nice has opened an investigation.  From the photos and videos circulating on line the fire looks to have started from the second boat in this photo, which then jumped to the other three boats on its port side, and to the sport yacht in its starboard side.  The same marina had a fire which affected six restaurants in April 2021.
Three of the five destroyed yachts in this fire look to be a third generation Princess V65, second version Sunseeker 52 Manhattan, and a Canados 70 S, with the two smaller boats so far unidentified.  The two damaged yachts are an Arno Leopard 21.50m Open left of the photo, and a Riva 63 Virtus to the right.

March 24, 2024

Sportfish Express Goes Down After Fire in Clear Lake

A ten meter express sportfish with three persons onboard sank after it developed a small fire in Clear Lake, Kemah, Texas, on the morning of Sunday 24th March.  The three boaters where assisted and taken to safety by League City Police Department, with the Police also putting the fire off.  Unfortunately after this the boat started taking on water, probably from a gap in the exhaust outlet and sank.  According to unconfirmed reports the boat went ablaze after the engine ran dry, setting its exhaust on fire, with this ultimately leading to it's sinking.  TowboatU.S Clear Lake is working on a salvage of the express sportfish cruiser.
The sportfish express in this sinking is a Luhrs 32 Open model as produced from 1994 to 2008, renamed as the 320 onwards from 2000.  The 32 Open shared hull with the 32 Convertible  produced from 1988 to 99, and was replaced by the 30 Open in 2004.  Luhrs was founded in 1949, becoming a successful name in medium size sportfish cruisers, with the company going bankrupt in 2012.  Since then a reborn has been promised, which so far has not materialized.

March 19, 2024

Marina Fire at Pra, Genoa Burns Nine Boats

A fire in Pra, to the West side of Genoa, Italy just after 03:00 hours on the morning of Tuesday nineteen March burned and destroyed nine boats and damaged a further four of seven to eleven meters in size.  Guardia Costiera and Vigili del Fuoco responded to the fire with one person also being assisted by the 118 emergency medical team, being stuck on one of the boats in the raging fire, and reported as escaping with minor injuries.  Nine boats sank in this fire, while a remaining four are still floating, with the marina pontoon also receiving damage.  The Genoa Port Master advised the boat owners and marina owner to recover the boats and salvage the area, with a pollution boon being placed and cleaning operations starting on the early hours of the morning.  At this stage it is not understood how and where the fire started.
Most of the boats in this fire seems to be small runabout outboard powered center consoles of about seven meters in length, although in one of the photos there is a sport cruiser of about nine meters in length, looking to be a Bayliner 320/335 SB as produced from 2008 to 12.
Pra is located on the further West side of Genoa's large harbor which spans seven and a half nautical miles and ends to the East, at the Marina Fiera di Genova, where the World famous Genova Boat Show is held every fall since 1962.   There is 25 pontoons in Pra, with eight small boat yards, mostly serving small to medium sized boats from five to about fifteen meters.

February 25, 2024

Boat Fire in Civitanova Marche Italy

A ten meter sport cruiser went ablaze while resting in a boat yard in the harbor area of Civitanova Marche, Italy just after 07:00 hours of the morning of Sunday 25 February.  Immediate the response of the Vigili dell Fuoco, who responded with two fire engines and were later assisted by the Police agents, Guardia Costiera military section, and the municipal police.  The fire took about two hours to extinguish.  Because of the fire the Leonardo da Vinci street near the boat yard was closed.  No one was injured in the fire with the causes of the blaze being investigated.
The sport cruiser in this fire is a Trojan 10.8 Meter Express designed by Harry Schoell and produced from 1991 to 92, sporty without flybridge version of the 10.8 Meter Sedan which debuted in 1986.  Based on the 10 meter but extended in length, the 10.8 Meter was the last new Trojan with the company sold in 1992 to Miramar and this hull used for the 370 Express which debuted in 1993.

February 1, 2024

Three Boats Destroyed by Fire in Piombino

Three boats where destroyed by fire at the Marina Archipelago Toscano in Piombino, to the South of Livorno, with the blaze starting at 0830 on the morning of first February. The fire is reported to have started in the middle motorboat and then jumped to a flybridge cruiser on its starboard side, and a sailing yacht on its port side. Fire fighters and the local coast guard office rushed to the scene, controlling the blaze first, so it does not jump to other boats, and then turning it off. No one was injured as the boats where all reported unattended, although all three boats are fully burned and a wreck.  The cause of the fire is under investigation.
The boats in this fire are a Zuccon designed 1993 to 97 produced Ferretti 120 Fly to left of the photo, with the sailing yacht to right being a Feeling.  So far I cannot picture the boat in the middle, which looks to be Italian made and from the eighties.

December 21, 2023

Larnaca Marina Fire Totals Two Boats Damages Another

A fire which started on a flybridge cruiser of about thirteen meters in length at Larnaca Marina in Cyprus, at 13:26 hours of 21 December has totalled two boats, and damaged another.  Reports say the fire started on a thirteen meter flybridge cruiser, which then with the strong winds jumped to a sport cruiser of similar size to its starboard side, and while on fire also damaged a power catamaran on its port side.  The first two cruisers where towed outside the marina, while the power catamaran received important fire damage on its starboard side.  Larnaca Fire Station responded with two fire fighting vehicles, taking about about an hour to control the blaze, with the two cruisers being towed outside the marina already half burned, after which they sank from the flames and rough sea conditions of the day.  No one was injured in the fire, as the boats where reported unattended, with the cause of the blaze being under investigation.
The three boats in this fire are the Garroni designed Jeanneau Prestige 46 produced from 2003 to 2011, a Pershing 43 as designed by Fulvio de Simoni and produced from 2001 to 04, and a Leopard 39 Powercat as produced from 2012 to 22.  The boat ownerships are reported to be two of Cypriots and one of a Ukrainian national.

December 7, 2023

Baywood Marina Boat Fire

An unattended ten meters sports cruiser went ablaze at Baywood Marina in Brick, New Jersey at 04:46 hours of Thursday seventh December.  Jersey Shore Fire Response and Pioneer Hose Volunteer Fire Company responded to the blaze, while East Dover Fire Company came to the scene with Fire Boat 28 from the water.  It took over an hour to extinguish the fire with no damage to other boats and property being sustained thanks also to the quick response of the fire fighting crew.  The boat was later removed and towed away from the dock, with the cause of the fire being under investigation.
The sport cruiser in this fire is a Wellcraft 3200 Martinique, produced from 1994 to 2000.  The 3200 Martinique sleeps six in a typical North American express-sport cruiser open layout, and was powered by twin stern drives or V-drive line shafts for speeds up to the mid thirty knots.  The 3200 Martinique came as a replacement to the 3200 St.Tropez and was replaced by the 3300 Martinique in 2000.

November 19, 2023

Fairline Squadron Burns Down in Swansea Marina

A thirteen meter Fairline flybridge cruiser went ablaze while berthed at Swansea Marina, to the Southwest of Wales at 17:52 hours of Sunday nineteen November.  Five fire fighting crews from Swansea Central, Swansea West, Morriston, Gorseinon and Llanelli responded to the fire, taking about an hour to control and two hours to extinguish.  No one was injured in the fire, with the causes of the blaze reported as accidental, with the flybridge cruiser ending half sank, and her flybridge deck burned out.  A fire involving two small boats happened in the same Marina on the end of May of this year.
The Fairline in this fire is a 43 Squadron, a flybridge cruiser designed by Bernard Olesinski and produced from 1994 to 97.  Available in two or three cabins layout the 43 was the entry level Squadron, Fairline's flagship flybridge range which in that time arrived up to 65 foot.  The 43 Squadron came as a replacement of the 43 and was replaced by the Phantom 46 in 1999.

November 2, 2023

Fire Burns Five Boats in La Paz Mexico

A fire which broke out the early morning of second November burned down and sank five yachts from eleven to 32 meters at Marina Palmira, in La Paz, Mexico.  The fire is reported to have started on a seventeen meters Azimut yacht, which then moved to the other four burned out boats, and damaged at least five more.  Tim Prouty gave an account of the accident on the Latitude38 website, when he saw the first seventeen meters flybridge yacht starting to burn on its stern port side at about 03:00 hours early morning time.  With a soft breeze blowing starboard to port the fire eventually jumped to the next boat, then the other, until five boats totally burned down and sank, including of which, and last to get the fire a 32 meter Hatteras super yacht.  Fire fighting crew response came at about 03:30 but an hour later to this the fire had already engulfed the five boats and yacht which burned down and sank.  
The yachts in this fire are an Azimut 58 Full a model produced from 1998 to 2002, the one that looks to have started the blaze, followed by what look to be two Riviera models, and then jumping to another Azimut 43S.  The Hatteras super yacht which burned was a 2019 100 RPH m/y Optimus and hull number five, which was also the last build of this Enrico Gobbi designed series which debuted in 2013.

October 5, 2023

Two Yachts Burn Down in Pasadena Marina Florida

A fire in Pasadena Yacht and Country Club located in Boca Ciega Bay, southwest of Gulfport Boulevard, Florida which started after about 16:00 hours of Wednesday fourth October totalled and sank two boats and damaged two more.  The fire started on a thirteen meter flybridge cruiser, which then jumped to the starboard side on a sixteen meters sportfish yacht.  The flybridge cruiser which ignited the fire was totally burned down to the waterline and sank with the fire, while the sportfish yacht to starboard also received extensive damage and partly sank later on.  Another seventeen meter sportfish yacht to port side of the fire starting flybridge cruiser also had fire burning damage, with some minor damage also hitting a same sized sportfish yacht located to starboard a slip away from the fire starting boat.  Gulfport Police Department dispatched officers, emergency crews, and fire fighters to the scene around 17:00 hours.  The cause of the fire is reported as starting from the battery compartment of the thirteen meter flybridge cruiser.  No one was injured in the fire although damages are reported to be about 1.3 million US dollars.
Pasadena Yacht and Country Club was also involved in a fire on 03:00 hours of eighteen December 2020.  We did not report that fire back then as I found nearly zero information apart a photo of three empty slips damaged by fire.
The boat which started the fire is a Meridian 441 Sedan produced from 2003 to 2008, a model sold over three hundred hulls and was one of the biggest successes of the Brunswick incorporated and owned 2003 to 2016 brand.  The other sportfish yacht which burned down and sank is a Viking 52 Convertible, a model produced from 2002 to 09, with the boat to port side of the starting boat, also being a Viking, but the 55 Convertible from 1998 to 2003.  The further boat to starboard is another Viking but a 56 Convertible which was produced from 2004 to 2010.

August 26, 2023

Thirty Boats Burn Down in Nautica Feltrinelli

A fire which started in the early 02:40 hours of Saturday 26th August at Nautica Feltrinelli in via della Libera Gargnano, Brescia burned about thirty boats. The fire started in a semi-basement boat storage facility of the boat yard, with the alarm and automatic fire extinguishing system igniting to the flames, and three squads of fire fighting squads arriving immediately on the scene.  It was also reported that at ongoing fire one of the Feltrinelli's saved a few of the boats by towing them away.  According to the initial investigation the fire was ignited by a short circuit on one of the boats.
Feltrinelli boating history goes back in time to 1639 with Pietro a family of boat builders in Gargnano on the Garda lake.  The current set up was started by Egidio Feltrinelli in 1919, a returned American migrant in Gargnano who starts building fast racing boats, with the yard becoming a boat storage and repair centre in 1963 by Fausto.  Today Nautica Feltrinelli is guided by Dino, and is Frauscher Italy's dealer since 2003.

August 20, 2023

Classic Boat Fire in Ostia, Rome

A nine meter classic sport cruiser with one person onboard went ablaze in between Fiumicino and Ostia, on 18:30 hours of Saturday nineteen August.  The one person onboard after jumping off the boat in the sea was saved by the Fiumiara river police, and at a later stage a fire fighting squad came to the scene with two boats assisted by the Guardia Costiera, turning off the fire before 20:00 hours, but after this the boat sank.  No pollution was made with the fuel tank being recovered, and the boat refloated a day later.  
The classic boat in this fire is a Zarcos 9/m Sport designed by Renato Sonny Levi for hull and exterior by Franco Harrauer and produced in the early to mid seventies.  The 9/m Sport was an evolution of the 8/m and C.V. 500 models.  
Zarcos acronym for Scorza, the surname of the boat builder owner debuted in around 1967 trusting its production to Levi's design, and the pioneering lamellar construction, glued wood at an acute angle to form a solid strong laminate.  Zarcos became popular in the seventies and in that decade also expanded from the first seven meters of the sixties up to a 21 meter flagship which debuted in 1976.  Zarcos is believed to having closed in the early eighties, with the 13/m and 15/m VIP models becoming popular beyond there production run.

August 19, 2023

Lobsterman Saves Two Persons from Boat Fire

A lobsterman fisherman saved two boaters from a fourteen meter traditional inspired cruiser titled m/y Titan which went ablaze, some nautical miles off Sequin Island, in the coast of Georgetown, Maine on the late morning of Saturday nineteen August.  It took about an hour for the coast guard rescue vessel to arrive in the scene, and with the tender also burned, if it was not for the several lobsterman which answered the call we might be looking for two persons in the water.  The traditional lobster cruiser totally burned down in less to an hour, and sank in about sixty meters of water.  One of the two man suffered some minor burning injuries, with both men taken back to the dock.  The Coast Guard said it will inspect the scene and try to find what caused the boat fire. 
M/y Titan the traditional lobster boat inspired cruiser in this fire is a Sabre Salon Express 48.  The Salon Express 48 offeres a two large cabins lower deck layout and is powered by Cummins or Volvo 550hp and or 600hp with pod drives for speeds up to 37 knots with the large engine option.  The Sabre 48 was also added with a Fly Bridge version in 2016.

Sport Cruiser Burns in Capri

A sport cruiser of about eight meters in length with one person onboard went ablaze, while berthed in Capri's Marina Piccola, at 15:45 of Saturday nineteen August.  The person onboard the sport cruiser was reported to be a mechanic, working on an engine when fire started to come out from under the dash in the helm station.  Immediate the response of Capri's Marina Piccola berth assistance personnel, who first unmoored the sport cruiser, and towed her away to open sea where she burned down and sank.  A fire fighting squad also assisted in the boat fire, with a medical team coming to help the injured with burns mechanic who was taken to hospital for observation.
The sport cruiser in this fire is a Chapparal 290 Signature produced from 2004 to 09.  The 290 Signature offered an open layout interior sleeping six and was powered by twin 190 up to 270hp gas, or twin 200hp diesel engines with stern drives.  The 290 Signature evolved from the 280 with a different stern and tad longer bathing platform, becoming a second generation 290 with upper port holes and other minor design changes in 2010.

August 12, 2023

Sixteen People Injured in Millstone Marina Boat Explosion

A ten meter sport cruiser injured sixteen persons while finishing refuelling at the Millstone Marine in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri on 16:30 of Friday eleven August.  Three of the persons onboard where ejected with the explosion.  Eleven of the injured persons including a six year old child had mild injuries, and were treated on the scene and released, with the other five taken to the hospital for treatment to moderate injuries.  The boat exploded when the operator of the sport cruiser went to ignite the engine.  Missouri State Highway Patrol assisted the accident and from the initial investigation are saying the boat exploded with gas build up in its engine room.
The sport cruiser in this explosion is a Trojan 360 produced from 1999 to 2001 to a design of Fulvio de Simoni.  The 360 Express offered a two cabins interior and was powered by 320hp gas or Cat 306hp diesel engines on V-drive line shaft.  The Trojan 360 came out as a replacement to 1995 to 88 350 with a renewed cockpit design and bit larger bathing platform. Trojan stopped producing boats in 2002.

Hawaii Firestorm

On the eight August the Hawaii Firestorm reached the Lahaina Small boat harbour, devastating most of the 99 boats in the marina with only thirteen boats and there fortunate pier escaping the fire.  The Hawaii Firestorm formed in early August, predominantly reaching Maui, and doing extensive damage to the North West coast and the coastal town of Lahaina, killing 98 persons with 31 people still missing.  The Hawaii Firestorm was contained on the eleventh August, destroying about 2200 buildings in Lahaina alone, and causing over six billion US dollars in three days.  The Hawaii Firestorm was formed by dry gusty conditions created by a strong high pressure to the North of Hawaii and Hurricane Dora to the South.
Lahiana small boat harbour is located to the North-West of the Island of Maui, to the North of Hawaii and second in size of the Hawaii Island archipelago; which features eight major volcanic islands and thirteen minor islets on the North Pacific Ocean spread in 1,200 nautical miles.  Previously called Sandwich Islands. the Hawaii Islands are a state of the United States of America with a distance of just over 1,700 nautical miles from the closest harbour in California.

August 10, 2023

Sydney Marina Fire Burns Three Boats

A fire at Holmeport Church Point Marina in Sydney, on about 05:00 hours in the morning of Thursday Tenth August burned down three boats. Six trucks, 22 fire fighters, and two boats fighted the fire till about 10:00 local time when it was extinguished.  The case at some point was also getting dramatic with one of the boats engulfed in the flames, drifting in the gulf around the marina.  No one was injured in the fire, with a pollution protected boon being made around the wrecks of the three boats.  The fire also involved minor burning damages to two other boats with the combined damage to the boats and marina being estimated at around three million Australian dollars.  
The three burned boats in this fire are a Cruisers 350 Express, a recently delivered Integrity Euro Trawler 440, and a Tiara 5200 Sovran. Holmeport Church Point Marina in Sydney opened its doors in 2004 when the old floating wharf was replaced by a floating concrete pontoon, with the marina expanding again in 2019 with the new C-wharf, today offering two hundred berths from ten to thirty meters in size.