October 14, 2010

Engine: Volvo Penta D13-800MC 800hp

Volvo Penta is introducing the D13, a new inboard marine diesel for marine commercial applications. The D13 in 800hp versions delivers impressive performance with low fuel consumption and minimal exhaust emissions. It is suitable for fast patrol boats in high speed operations as well as for performance work boats requiring low life-cycle costs. Massive low-end torque is also the feature of Volvo Penta’s inboard diesels from low rpm, a prerequisite for rapid and safe acceleration. The new D13 is equipped with Volvo Penta’s highly efficient twin-entry turbo with pulse charging, the power in each exhaust pulse provides the pulse pressure. The D13-800 features dual-stage turbo technology which helps produce a torque of over 2900 Nm even at 800 rpm. This gives superb acceleration with virtually no sign of smoke. Another important feature is that the D13 retains a very high torque throughout its speed range. This makes it possible to maintain good operating speed even with a heavily loaded boat or in rough seas. EMS 2, the engine control system developed by Volvo, regulates fuel injection and monitors engine conditions. The system controls the unit injectors, one per cylinder, which operate at a pressure of as much as 2000 bar and atomize the fuel for optimum combustion. The result of this efficient combustion is lower fuel consumption for the D13 than the previous model, at the same power output. The D13 is also very low on noxious emissions and particulates. All versions are certified to the IMO NOx Tier 2, EU IWW, and US EPA Tier 2 requirements. They also meet the upcoming US EPA Tier 3 emission regulations the world’s most stringent. The D13 is available with quick-shift reverse gear that provides very fast but soft shifting with a minimum delay. The reverse gear also comes with a low speed function as standard, which means that the speed when idling drops by 50%. Low-speed mode is available as an option for all reverse gears. The D13-800 have the same robust basic architecture as the Volvo D9, D11, and D16 inline-6 diesel engine platform. The platform features a robust block design, wet liners, rear-end transmission, ladder frame and a single cylinder head with overhead camshaft operating 4 valves per cylinder and the injectors. This contributes to smooth running, high reliability and long-term durability.

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