November 30, 2008

Monthly News - November 2008

-pic of the month- Nord West takes Boat Innovation 2008

Apreamare New CEO

Fabio Fraternale has been appointed CEO of Apreamare S.p.A. Mr. Fraternale will also carry on the position of CEO of Itama S.p.A., a brand of Ferretti S.p.A., a world leader within the sphere of designing, building and marketing luxury motoryachts, which encompasses nine of the most exclusive and prestigious brands in the nautical world. Fabio Fraternale’s appointment is part of a precise and strategic plan for further expanding the Apreamare and Itama brands, which is aimed at strengthening the activities of the two companies. The new Itama headquarters will be transferred to Torre Annunziata (Naples), already the main seat of Apreamare, in order to maximize the potential of the existing synergy between these two brands. Since September 2008, the offices and activities of the Itama S.p.A. shipyard, located in Castelvecchio di Monteporzio, Pesaro to date, have been transferred to the new site. Fabio Fraternale, who previously covered the role of CEO of Pershing S.p.A. and Itama S.p.A., will be aided by Tilli Antonelli, President of Itama S.p.A., for aspects pertaining to Itama brand and Cataldo Aprea, CEO of Apreamare S.p.A., for those concerning Apreamare brand. After graduating in Political Science at the “Carlo Bo” University of Urbino, Fabio Fraternale began his working life at the Banca Popolare dell’Adriatico, where he held management roles in a number of different branches. In 1996, he became manager of Cantieri Navali dell’Adriatico – CNA S.r.l., specializing in the construction of open-type motorboats with the prestigious brand Pershing. In 1998, he worked actively on the integration of Pershing, which went on to incorporate CNA in 1999 into Ferretti group. Following this, Fabio Fraternale was appointed Chief Operating Officer of Pershing S.p.A., subsequently covering the position of CEO of Pershing S.p.A. and Itama S.p.A. The new nautical pole of Torre Annunziata is a modern production facility, currently being completed. It stretches over a surface area of over 125,000 m², of which 53,000 m² are covered. The shipyard is able to offer services both on land and in the water, as well as top quality assistance for Ferretti group clients and all other yacht owners. The pole features a private, internal wet dock measuring around 10,000 m² with about 100 mooring spaces, a canal which flows into the sea and coastal defence works that is necessary for both developing production activities and protecting the stretch of coast. The new pole also has a 200 tonne travel-lift used for large craft, thus making it possible to carry out sea trials and testing both quickly and easily, as well as haulage of Ferretti group craft. The pole makes it possible to assist and serve both clients who are passing through and those in the Tyrrhenian basin, just a few miles from important tourist destinations such as Capri, Ischia and Sorrento.

Bavaria Invests in New Production Line

Bavaria is investing into another new production line and enlarging the capacities of the fully automatic varnishing system for furniture and interior equipment of sailing and motor yachts. The company says that despite the fact that in general consumers are tending to keep a low profile due to the latest developments in the financial sector, results of the recent boat fairs showed that there is an ongoing interest and demand for its yachts. Compared with the results of preceding years, sales are lower, but much more than estimated in advance! Bavaria continues to build yachts strictly on demand, with a short term aim to stabilize its current production rate of six yachts per day. This means that they will not produce yachts to stockpile afterwards, with every customer having the full choice of all available options to configure an individual ship. At the same time, it will strengthen and further establish the existing product lines and introduce new products, especially for the growing market of larger yachts.

Beneteau Group Reports Growth for 2008

French boatbuilder the Beneteau Group has reported growth in earnings for 2007-2008, with income from ordinary operations representing 14.3 per cent of sales, but is preparing for a downturn in 2009. On a comparable basis excluding this year's sales of Beneteau's Microcar and Wauquiez brands and with mobile home firm IRM incorporated over 12 months in 2007 — consolidated sales come out at €1,055.4m for 2007-2008, an increase of 8.2 per cent on the previous year. Income from ordinary operations totalled €151.4m, representing 14.3 per cent of sales and up 9.6 per cent in relation to 2006-2007. Beneteau's boat business grew its operating income by 8.5 per cent to €129.6m, representing 15.2 per cent of sales (compared with 15.1 per cent last year). The group acknowledges the impact of the credit crisis on the marine industry and is preparing itself to 'outperform the market by 5-10 points'. Beneteau will accelerate the release of its new models, part of which, initially planned for 2010, will be brought forward to the 2009 season. Beneteau divides its business between boatbuilding and leisure homes, which represent around 80 per cent and 20 per cent of the group's turnover respectively. The group is present in over 50 countries, with 6,000 employees at 24 production sites.

Fairline Shorter Working Week

UK boat builder Fairline introduced a shorter working week for around a quarter of its workforce this morning in response to the recent economic downturn and sales reduction for certain models. Some 365 of the company's 1,360 employees are affected by the move, which will see four of Fairline's production lines reverting to a two-day week, and one moving to a three-day week. The shorter working week will last for seven weeks until December 24, 2008. The company said it would pay the affected workers 60 per cent of their basic wage, more than the statutory minimum.

Ferretti Group Announces USA Strategy

Ferretti S.p.A., parent company of Ferretti group, a world leader within the sphere of designing, building and marketing luxury motoryachts, which encompasses nine of the most exclusive and prestigious brands in the nautical world (Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Itama, Bertram, Riva, Apreamare, Mochi Craft, CRN and Custom Line), arrived to the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show with an impressive line-up and presentation of its prestigious fleet comprised of 23 yachts, of which 2 are previews, further proof of the great importance that the Ferretti group has always dedicated to its US customers. Recently celebrating 40 years since its inception, this past year marks a particularly significant nautical year for Ferretti. Achieving many milestones over the past year and developing new, cutting edge technologies, has allowed the company to successfully uphold its leading position in the marine industry worldwide, thereby proving Ferretti’s strength time and time again. As a result of its continued growth and in order to further diversify its dynamic portfolio, Ferretti has developed a highly strategic plan for expansion into the U.S. market. The American market has always been a strategic area for the company and its commitment to the U.S. market has grown especially strong within the last year. Ferretti has redirected its efforts in the U.S. and has devised a long-term strategy to further establish a direct presence in the U.S. market in order to meet the high quality standards set forth by the Ferretti brands. One of the most significant new initiatives that Ferretti has undergone this year to implement this new strategy was the recent acquisition of Allied Richard Bertram Marine Group in September of 2008. As a result, Ferretti has formed Allied Marine, the newest Ferretti group company to be added to the group’s impressive portfolio. In order to effectively penetrate the U.S. market, Ferretti group acquired all of the assets, brands and ongoing operations of the American company, which specializes in the post sales, services and the marketing of both new and pre-owned motoryachts as well as providing brokerage services. With over 50 years of success, Allied has remained a leader in the U.S. marine industry, by emphasizing the importance of superior customer service in a personalized manner. This new acquisition will enable the group to enter important sectors of the nautical market with a high added value, such as distribution and after sales assistance service. Also, it will provide Ferretti customers in the U.S. with more personalized, quality, comprehensive and effective after sales service assistance for Ferretti customers and products in the U.S. As for the foundation and allocation of Allied Marine’s activities, there will be more details developing in the coming months. Furthermore, Allied Marine will operate out of its main facility in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and will remain as the main headquarters for Ferretti in the USA. As the company will be developing its network outside of Florida over the course of the next year, it will seek to expand its capabilities throughout the U.S. to offer the highest service available. Allied Marine is now the sole distributor for all of the European brands in the U.S.A. and will continue to be the exclusive distributor for Bertram and Tiara on the east coast of Florida. Bertram will retain its previous dealer network outside of the state of Florida. Consequentially, George Kyriazakos has been appointed Chairman for Ferretti operations in the USA. George Kyriazakos is a long time Ferretti board member, as well as a successful boat dealer and a passionate boater. In this role he will be responsible for overseeing and coordinating all ongoing activities carried out by Ferretti companies in the USA. Robert Mc Dougal has been appointed President for Allied Marine thus overseeing all service, brokerage, sales and communication activities. Giovanni Vacchi will maintain his role as Chairman and CEO of Bertram Yacht. Aside from this new comprehensive strategy for the U.S. market, Ferretti is also forging ahead with product innovation and launching new models on the US market. Two new models, displayed here at Ft. Lauderdale, include a world preview the new Bertram 540, a world-class sport fishing yacht, which incorporates cutting edge technology, sleek styling and high-performance into an innovative sport-fishing vessel and the new Custom Line 112’ NEXT, a preview for the US market, the new flagship of the brand’s planing line, one of the very best expressions of top level yachts thanks to its finest woods, leather and fabrics. This presentation of Ferretti’s prestigious portfolio of brands in the nautical world (Ferretti Yachts, Pershing, Itama, Bertram, Riva, Apreamare, Mochi Craft, CRN and Custom Line), displayed here at the 2008 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show with as many as 23 boats, showcases the advanced world of Ferretti products and represents luxury, innovation and excellence at its best.

Hatteras New Chairman

William Naumann, who left the chief spot at the Hatteras Collection in 2006, has been brought back from retirement to run that Brunswick business unit. The Hatteras Collection includes the Hatteras, Cabo and Albemarle brands. Brunswick also announced that its current president, Keri Theophilus, would be moving to a new assignment in Brunswick International. He will be replaced by James Meyer, formerly vice president of product development, supply chain and business integration for the Brunswick Boat Group. Naumann, according to a statement, will lead efforts to strengthen relations with dealers, customers, and suppliers. He will also be responsible for government and public affairs. Naumann and Meyer will report to Dustan E. McCoy, Brunswick's chairman and chief executive officer.

Nord West wins Boat Innovation Award 2008

Nord West is pleased to announce that the new 370 Sport model has been awarded Boat Innovation Award 2008 at the Scandinavian Boat Show in Stockholm the 9th of November.

Riviera Sales Increase

Australia's largest luxury boat builder, Riviera, reports a strong result from the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show in the United States and Genoa Boat Show in Italy which was held last month. The Fort Lauderdale show achieved a total of eight boats sold during the five-day show with a total value of more than $A6 million while the Genoa Show saw the sales of three larger models with a total value of about $A3.3 million. Riviera CEO John Anderson, who attended both shows, said that sales had predominately come from across the Flybridge and Sport Yacht model ranges with an encouraging level of other enquiry for our dealers to work with over the coming months. Mr Anderson said the US market remains tight in the wake of the financial crisis. However, the result demonstrated that the right boats will continue to attract buyers in all market conditions. The company is looking forward to the release of the new 3600 Sport Yacht Series II with Volvo Penta IPS in December this year and the exciting new 5800 Sport Yacht with the Volvo Penta IPS at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in May next year, he said.

Riviera Gold Coast Game Fish Tournament

The Riviera Light Tackle Masters game fishing tournament off the Gold Coast in January is already shaping to be bigger and better than the successful 2008 event. Again, the Masters will run over three full days of fishing, beginning on Friday, January 16. A flotilla of more than 50 boats and 200 anglers, with many ladies and juniors, is expected to challenge for prizes valued at more than $60,000. The event, hosted by the Gold Coast Game Fish Club from Marina Quays International at Hope Harbour, will begin with registration in the evening of Thursday January 15, followed by three action-filled days of fishing and culminating with the Presentation dinner on Sunday evening, January 18. According to Darren Malaquin, President of the Gold Coast Game Fish Club, the quantities of game fish at this time of year and their easy accessibility on fishing grounds close inshore make this tournament an ideal opportunity to enjoy great fishing, good weather and loads of fun. Marina berths and hotel accommodation at the Marina Quays International at Hope Harbour are available.

Riviera Praised by Industry Leaders

Mr. Paulsen speaking to a following visit by 32 Queensland Leaders members to the Riviera facility on the Gold Coast applauded the boat builder as one of Australia true prestige brand. Mr. Paulsen said the organization helps to provide the knowledge, networks and capital for selected companies to become international players. Riviera CEO John Anderson told the executives that his company was a major competitor in its category of the international leisure boating market.

Sealine to Collaborate with Studio Conran

Sealine will unveil, in January 2009, the first of a new premium line of luxury motor yachts. This line will be known as AURA and will combine spacious, high performance motor-yachts with the very best of modern interior design. The new AURA line will be launched on the flagship T60 and is the result of a unique collaboration between Sealine and Studio Conran. Recognised worldwide for their architecture, interior design, stylish shops and restaurants, Studio Conran has a diverse portfolio of design work which includes interiors for Concorde and Yotel compact hotel cabins. In the T60 Aura, space has been optimised with practical, clever storage solutions. Subtly integrated technology provides flexibility, transforming the interior space of the Aura to suit the occupant’s mood, whether entertaining in port or cruising. Natural oaks, light finishes and furnishings throughout reflect light, helping to bring the outside in. The new T60 AURA will be revealed at a special exhibition being staged at the Design Museum in January and the new boat will be moored a short walk away at Butlers Wharf.

November 29, 2008

New Model: Baia One Hundred

In the renowned Gulf of Baia, Naples, Antonio and Roy Capasso, CEO and marketing director for yacht builder Baia, the Saturday 15Th November presented there latest most important creation to journalists, clients and friends: the much waited One Hundred, new modern flagship of over 100 feet that adds to the expanding range of the Neapolitan builder. The new model represents an important step for Baia and the whole Neapolitan nautical industry, considering this as the first 100 feet plus super yacht entirely build in Naples. Baia is admired for going against the current international crisis hitting the globe, with the builder managing to realize a total quality Super Sport Yacht, and also crediting itself in having an actual order book of 24 million Euros. A much wanted Baia decision was to present the One Hundred in its place of built in Naples, where a lot has been invested on people and materials to make this product among the best in the World. The One Hundred is a very innovative yacht and although its super dimensions, the philosophy of the boat remains unchanged since Baia in 1976, opted to produce luxurious fast open cruisers and yachts, with undisputed comfort and sea kindliness in any condition. One Hundred in fact, joins the tradition of Baia with a constant research, to create an open from bow to stern, with maximum use of all spaces, for a yacht signed by Carlo Galeazzi for the design, Alberto Ascenzi engineering and builder Baia for the concept. Light plays the important role on the new big Baia, thanks to the use of glass that like a crystal form the superstructure, permitting the owner and his guests to live a constant natural view with the outside in line with the concept of an open. The spoiler of the One Hundred is located aft as possible, allowing for the traditional big Baia foredeck, which permits to have an extra living to fore, connected to the yachts thanks to an innovative central glass door. The stern area is also full of innovative spaces, and once inside the hardtop, one is welcomed in the living of the yacht full of settees, dinettes, furniture with hiding up and down TVs and triple settee helm station. To keep with the undisputed performance fame of Baia, pushing the 80 tons of the One Hundred is from a standard twin MTU 2430hp engines with Arneson surface drives propulsion, but for those in desire of more speeds there is also a triple engine option with the same power, or a twin more powerful MTU 3510hp each, which should give maximum speeds of 50 knots. As is natural from Baia great attention was given to the hull design: with the technical office doing numerous research and engineering, on the static and floating of the hull, along with minimum water resistance above 35 knots, giving maximum comfort during navigation. The extreme attention to the design has permitted Baia to offer innovative solutions that are becoming the trademark for its builds, as presented in the latest models, but most importantly in this new big flagship. For example getting into the saloon hard top, can be done from four different areas, which are the two side doors to port and starboard, innovative central fore entrance, and the aft patio door which as seen on smaller Baia if desired can be open completely by disappearing up top, making the saloon and aft deck a whole entertainment area. Accommodation on the lower living deck is unsuspectingly spacious when one observers the fluid and aggressive lines of the hull. To aft the One Hundred has the crew cabin with two cabins: a double and two single, both with en suite heads and joined by a fully equipped galley. To fore in the lower deck we have the owner and guests living quarters, which is composed of four cabins all with spacious shower heads, offering a very spacious full beam mid ship owners cabin, two sister cabins with two single berths in between and the VIP guest cabin to fore.
Technical Data:
LOA - 31 m (101.7ft)
Beam - 7.34 m
Draft - 1.20 m
Displacement - 80 t
Fuel Capacity - 8500 l
Water Capacity - 1300 l
Accommodation - 8 guest berths in 4 cabins, 4 crew berths in 2 cabins
Engines - 2 x, or 3 x MTU 16V2000M93 2430hp, MTU 12V4000M93 3510hp
Propulsion - surface drives Arneson ASD16, ASD15 (x3 engine option), ASD18
Speed - 50 knots max
Project - Carlo Galeazzi design, Ablerto Acenzi engineering, Baia concept

November 28, 2008

Web: Inrizzardi New Web Site

InRizzardi, the famous Italian Group, holding of six companies updates its new web site to a modern format. InRizzardi, or how before it was called the Rizzardi Company was among the first to start the fashion of grouping, that is owning more then one brand, when in 1992 Gianfranco Rizzardi took the helm of legendary boat builder Posillipo. Move forward to 2007, and Inrizzardi helms six companies, some of them a legend in there own right: Rizzardi, Posillipo, Italcraft, Diano, Santa Yachts and Parisi. The new website is divided into the following main sections: The Company, Yacht Collection, Racing, Press Lounge and Inrizzardi World. There is also the following sub sections: Dealer Network, Yacht Service, Pre-Owned Yacht Collection, Owners Club and Contacts. For visiting the separate site of each brand scroll down and press any of the six logos, or click on Yacht Collection and again click on the interested name. Not to loose and visit in the site is the Inrizzardi magazine Step by Step featured in the Press Lounge, where one can see interviews to the people part of the family of the Rizzardi World, get deeper information on the happenings of the group, and also see some special previews in more detail.

New Model: Luhrs 37 IPS Canyon Series

Presented during the recent Fort Lauderdale show, Luhrs 37 Open IPS is the first in the Canyon Series from the American builder, combining serious offshore features found only in larger, traditional shaft driven sportfish boats with the speed, versatility and low noise of the IPS propulsion. Twin Volvo Penta IPS 500 or the larger IPS 600 power the boat , giving the advantage of this modern propulsion which put you on the plane easily, gives more speed and generates less noise than comparable inboard drives. The standard tower, fish box, livewell and bait prep center will please the hard core fisherman, but not at the cost of cruising comfort. No other saltwater fish boat offers two cabins and two heads under 40 feet, and no other fish boat offers the combination of best-in-class beam, a deep blue water hull with a great ride offering fabulous seakeeping, exhilarating performance, and a salon built for entertaining. For those looking for a gas petrol version, the 37 is also available in an OB, outboard format version, with triple 350 hp Yamaha's which give 40 knots plus speeds.
Technical Data:
LOA - 11.84m (38.2ft)
Length - 10.8m without platform
Beam - 4.42m
Draft - 0.76m ex props
Displacement - 10.706kg dry
Fuel Capacity - 1514 l
Water Capacity - 379 l
Berths - 5
Engines - 2 x Volvo Penta IPS500 370hp, IPS600 435hp

November 27, 2008

Project: Otam 58 Millennium Open

Based on the success of the Otam 55 Millennium, which later this year was also modified as the 58 Millennium HT, the new 58 Millennium Open represents the next step for the Otam shipyard, renowned for building rock solid sport yachts with 50 knots plus performance. The 58 Millennium Open takes a new direction for the Italian, Santa Margherita builder offering a pure fast heavy open day boat, in what is a big 19 metre size. While the super fast sea keeping hull of the Otam comes from the HT sister, the boat has some important new modifications worth of noting, like the solarium for natural light on the deck, and the cockpit layout now offering two sunpads per side, and 2 settees one c-shaped to port behind the helm station and an l-shaped to starboard of which to fore lies also an l-shaped wetbar. Standard interior layout offers 2 separate cabins, a spacious galley to port, c-shaped settee to starboard and a day head. Owners cabin is to fore with a separate shower stall and head, and the guest cabin is located mid-ship. Still speaking of interiors on an Otam is always a bit superfluous as all the boats are custom made, but this is in principle the standard option. Power for the Otam 58 Millennium Open comes from twin Caterpillar 1670hp each, which the builder is very confident will give 50 knots cruising speeds in the out most comfort in various sea conditions.

New Model: Cranchi 29 Zaffiro

Another new model from the fleet of novelties that famous Italian builder Cranchi has unveiled during 2008. Cranchi 29 Zaffiro is the new small entry level in the Master Cruiser range, which starts from the baby 28 and goes up to the 36 Zaffiro. The new 29 Zaffiro is an interesting entry level model from Cranchi, aimed at those new boaters who want comfort in not so big dimensions, but also for those owners coming from a day boat experience wanting to own a cabin boat. Sober contemporary classic modern looking 29 Zaffiro has some bonuses on its side not found on boats this size, like a very spacious exterior cockpit giving the feeling of a much bigger boat, the modern touch of the big view windows for each of the sleeping cabins, and last but very important especially for trading up owners from smaller boats the twin engine option. Inside the 29 Zaffiro has the classic layout for this size, that of a 2 + 2 berth interior, coming from a convertible v-shaped settee forward and a spacious cabin mid ship. Speed is a max of 32 knots with the twin diesel engine option of D3 Volvo of 190 hp each. Range with the same engines is for 165 nautical miles or about 7 hours at a cruising speed of about 24 knots.
Technical Data:
LOA - 9.18m (30.1ft)
Length - 7.51m
Length Waterline - 6.25m
Beam - 3.24m
Draft - 1.04m
Displacement - 3800 kg
Fuel Capacity - 340 l
Water Capacity - 100 l
Max Persons - 8
Berths - 2 + 2
Engines - 1 x Volvo D4 EVC 300hp, 2 x Volvo D3 EVC 190 hp
Propulsion - Volvo DP-H, DP-S stern drive
Speeds - 32 knots max, 24 knots cruising with twin D3 190hp
Range - 165 nm, 7 hours at 24 knots cruising speed
Project - Aldo Cranchi hull, Centro Studi Ricerche Cranchi
Certification - CE B

November 26, 2008

Engine: FPT N67 560hp

The new Fiat Powertrain Technologies N67 560 is the outcome of intensive testing carried out in the field during two among the longest and most prestigious powerboat races, the Round Britain Race and Cowes Torquay, held in 2008. With its performance, reliability, robustness, reduced size and low weight this engine is not only a winning product in racing applications, but also a very interesting one for yachting. With a power of 560hp (412kW) at 3000 rpm, an excellent weight to power ratio equal to 0,86 CV/kg and common rail electronic injection, N67 560 is at the top of its category. It guarantees high performance and low fuel consumption in compliance with legislative regulations on the reduction of gas and acoustic emissions.

New Model: Ilver 42 Mirable HT

A long established sport cruiser on the Italian market, this is the Ilver Mirable produced since 1991 first as 39, then from 1999 as 41 and since 2007 the new 42 Mirable HT version has been introduced. The Mirable has been a successful sport cruiser in its story adding to the fame Ilver has enjoyed on the Italian market. Now the model gets redesigned with the hard top, and some other important modifications as requested by the estimated clientele of the builder. Among the notable differences is a more extended deeper bathing platform, the wet bar unit now standing in length to the boat and offering a full galley convenience, the helm dash featuring a more modern design and also the profile of the upper deck is also now fuller and two inches higher adding in all this a tucked in sunpad to fore. The interior has also been redesigned with the main change in the saloon divan now a c-shaped replacing the old l-shape, and the third port cabin which used to be a single or double berth now enjoys 2 single berths as the starboard cabin. Engine options for the Mirable is the latest twin Volvo D6 330 or 370hp, with the propulsion being stern drive. In the past Ilver used to offer also a shaft propeller option, for those seeking easier maneuverability, less maintenance and better sea keeping but so far this option seems not on offer.
Technical Data:
LOA - 12.91m (42.3ft)
Length Waterline - 10.00m
Beam - 3.65m
Displacement - 9800 kg
Accommodation - 6 berths in 3 cabins
Engines - 2 x Volvo D6 330hp, 370hp
Propulsion - stern drive
Project - Sabrina Landoni and Gianni De Canio Design Group

November 25, 2008

Project: Marquis 500 Sport Bridge

The project of Marquis new 500 Sport Bridge is the most recent creation from the yacht design studio of Nuvolari-Lenard of Venice, Italy. Their extensive experience designing the world's largest and most luxurious super yachts has been applied to the Marquis 500 Sport Bridge. This is a very special vessel, reflecting the lines of a sport yacht with the conveniences of an upper helm. The details in this new project reflect Nuvolari-Lenard and Marquis Yacht's combined reputation for attention to design detail and unmatched yacht construction quality. This new Marquis is a performance yacht operated from either the flybridge or the fully equipped salon helm station. Power is supplied by three Volvo Penta diesel engines coupled to IPS 500 or bigger 600 pod drives, the innovative and efficient engine and drive system available, resulting in easy slow speed joy stick controlled maneuverability. The features of the 500 Sport Bridge incorporate forward thinking from the Nuvolari-Lenard design team, with the low profile flybridge catching the eye of owners who love to helm in fresh sea air and warm sunshine, but this area is also devoted to a good lounging space with 2 different options to choose: the privacy of the triple-wide foredeck lounge or the contoured bridge lounge or the spacious sun pad aft of the bridge. The aft bulkhead doors follow the SC 400 and 500 concept and open the galley, salon, cockpit and swim platform into an integrated single level social area which enlarges itself also with more additional cockpit space with the transom moving aft with a simple touch of a button. The interior is appointed in custom finish woodwork crafted from a number of exotic hardwoods. New Marquis 500 Sport Bridge reflects the knowledge of owners that wants style and fine yacht quality, but adding to that the looks of an express Sport Yacht associated with the comforts of a second helm station up top.

New Model: Raffaelli 65 Meltemi

The Raffaelli 65 Meltemi is a much waited model, in the line of this Italian boat builder, renowned for building quality cruisers and yachts, with good sea keeping capabilities. Raffaelli has once again created a nice looking big motor yacht with a lot of Italian flare going into its lines, giving a sporty classic profile and taking some hints especially in the shape of the windows from the smaller 47 Calima introduced last year. The 65 Meltemi has the feeling of a big yacht and indeed it is, the 3 cabin interior is classic in the layout but still if offers some unseen concepts, like the separate entrance to the owners cabin mid ship, and the heads located to fore of the 2 guest cabins, giving a more comfortable central position to same. The saloon is a classic dual raised concept with the relaxing lounge c-shaped divan upon entrance, a c-shaped dining table for 6, and an l-shaped galley. The flybridge layout is also classic, offering a sunpad to aft, l-shaped settee to starboard and the helm station to port. The standard engines are twin Caterpillar 850 hp, with estimates of a 30 knots top speed.
Technical Data:
Length - 19 m (62.3ft)
Beam - 4.94 m
Accommodation - 6 berths in 3 cabins, 3 heads, 1 crew cabin aft
Engines - 2 x Caterpillar 850hp
Speed - 30 knots max
Certification - CE A

November 24, 2008

Project: Princess V78

The Princess V78 project will be the ultimate in the V Class performance range and is eagerly anticipated as one of the most capable models the British Company has ever conceived. With raised bulwarks and a powerful deep-V hull, the V78 is honed for long-range cruising to put the most exclusive locations within easy reach, while her high-speed capabilities ensure an intoxicating blend of excitement and precision control. On deck, an enormous cockpit provides an uncluttered environment for flexible entertaining and incorporates a fully equipped wetbar and large seating area. The garage is centrally located beneath the generous sunpad, while a hydraulically operated up down platform is fitted as standard for stowage of an additional tender or wetbike. The main deck features an expansive saloon with low-level furniture and contemporary fittings, as well as the latest electronics and entertainment systems. The forward dinette seats eight in comfort and the helm position has been thoroughly resolved for optimum visibility and clear safe sightings. Meanwhile the opening roof and triple sliding glass doors allow the feeling of an open boat with the flexibility to provide shade at the touch of a button. Stylish lower accommodations achieve new levels of space and light, with a unique reversed layout in the master suite providing the ultimate feeling of exclusivity. The owner enjoys a large en-suite bathroom with twin sinks and a cavernous shower, with a separate walk-in wardrobe situated to the port side. Guests are treated to similar levels of luxury in a VIP stateroom forward and two twin berth cabins forward of the galley. Power for the V78 will be from twin MTU or Caterpillar engines from 1675hp up to the big C32A option of 1825hp each, which will be good for a maximum speed of about 37 knots.

New Model: Enterprise Marine EM 600

After some years in project the waiting at Enterprise Marine is over, launching the much waited new flagship model the EM 600, from the 1984 founded builder, located on the Italian Adriatic coast, in the city of Forli. As all the previous models in the range the EM 600 continues the sporty profile of the range, offering a modern flybridge motor yacht which apart from modern is also futuristic. Inside the finishing and fittings are luxurious and modern, thanks to the use of the most desired woods and materials. Personalization is a recurring theme in the new big Enterprise Marine offering various material choices to the owner, but also a variation of 3 different versions for the lower deck of which 2 are three cabin versions with the main difference in the layout of the full beam midship owners cabin and version C, gives also the choice of a 4 cabin 2 head version which surprisingly does not loose the much sought full beam owners cabin. Crew accommodation is located aft, offering a 2 berth, single head layout.
Technical Data:
LOA - 18.42 m (60.4ft)
Beam - 5.20 m
Accommodation - 6 guest berths in 3 cabins, 1 crew cabin with 2 berths
Engines - twin 2168hp max
Speed - 32 knots max
Certification - CE A

November 22, 2008

New Model: Azimut 82

The new Azimut 82 presented during the recent Genoa boat show is the replacement for the 80 Carat model, ending the successful top selling 8 years of production of this model from the Italian builder. With a length of over 80 feet and 24 metres, the 82 is Azimut entry level super yacht for the Viareggio Turin group for which this company is an undisputed leader. As all new models presented by the Italian builder, the Azimut 82 is full of new numbers at its side like having the most glassed surface and the most exterior deck space for a yacht of this size. Designers Righini exterior, and Galeazzi interior continue to develop the Azimut trade mark design, with a modern looking outside and inside, with innovative and luxury materials. The interior is the evolution of the recent 85 and 95 presented previously, with a spacious 4 cabin 4 head layout for the owner and his guests, offering 8 or 10 berths. Aft we have the crew quarters, offering 2 cabins and 3 berths with a private head. The hull design for the 82 is also a new project, engineered by SYDAC Pierluigi Ausinio from Genoa, who developed a vee shaped hull with a curious flat dead rise aft of 6 degrees. Performance for the 82 is a respectable 30 knots max, and a full time cruising of 27 knots which give a range of about 400 nautical miles.
Technical Data:
LOA - 25.69 m (84.2ft) includes pulpit
Beam - 6.2 m
Draft - 1.73 m
Displacement - 75t loaded
Fuel Capacity - 7000 l
Water Capacity - 1350 l
Accommodation - 8/10 berths in 4 cabins, 3 crew berths in 2 cabins
Engines - 2 x Cat C32 1675hp
Speed - max 30 knots cruising 27 knots
Range - 400 nautical miles
Project - Stefano Righini exterior, Carlo Galeazzi interior
Hull - vee shape with 6 degrees dead rise aft by SYDAC srl Ing. Pierluigi Ausinio

November 21, 2008

Project: Numarine 78 Hardtop

The arrival of the new Numarine 78 Hardtop marks a fresh change in the yachting design world, offering streamline design with what the Turkish builders calls reptilian features. The 78 Hardtop has aggressive, predatory lines resembling a water creature completely dominating its environment and entirely at its element in murky waters full of unseen enemies. The shape of the hard top, the ridges at the top and the aft, similar to the dorsal spines of a dragon and the portholes all contribute to the effect. The sheer strength and dynamism of water creatures that have ruled the waters since the Jurassic times give this exceptional yacht its soul, making the 78 Hardtop a unique sport yacht in its size. Inside the element of an aggressiveness changes to one of comfort for the owner and his guests, offering a spacious 8 berth, 4 cabins all with en suite heads interior layout. The crew cabin with 2 l-shaped berths and galley are located midship, with a separate entrance from the saloon. The upper main deck is also full of comfort offering a c-shaped saloon for entertainment and a dining table opposite. 78 Hardtop will be available with twin engine options of MAN V12 of 1224hp or the optional 1550hp, offering maximum speeds up to 38 knots and cruising of about 28 knots.

November 20, 2008

New Model: Nord West 370 Sport

Swedish builder Nord West, presented its new 370 Sport model in the recent Scandinavia Boat Show held in Stockholm. The new 370 Sport denotes a new design of form and function for Nord West, being it an open modern sport cruiser of Mediterranean design, something unusual to what the Swedish builder has so far offered since its founding in 1985. The interior layout of the 370 Sport is a traditional sport cruiser layout, offering an owners cabin forward with island berth, a double guest cabin mid ship, a c-shaped saloon which transforms to an additional double berth and a well sized l-shaped galley. Outside we also have a conventional layout for a sports cruiser with a c-shaped settee aft, a relaxing chair to port, the helm station to starboard and a fully fitted wet bar behind the helm. Nord West 370 is available with three twin engine options all by Swedish company Volvo Penta, starting from the smaller D4 260hp up to D6 370hp. The 370 is also offered with a twin propulsion choice of stern drive for better performance and pod drive IPS 400 at 300hp, this later choice giving easier slow speed manoeuvring, better sea handling and lower planning speeds to the stern drive option.
Technical Data:
LOA - 11.8 m (38.7ft)
Beam - 3.5 m
Draft - 1.2 m
Displacement - 9t
Fuel Capacity - 800 l
Water Capacity - 435 l
Berths - 5+2 berths, 2 cabins
Engines - 2 x Volvo D4 EVC 260hp, D4 EVC 300hp, D6 370hp
Propulsion - Volvo Stern Drive or Volvo IPS400
Design - Benny Martinsson, JIB Design

November 19, 2008

Propulsion: ZF Pod

The new ZF Pod-drive is a most efficient propulsion system, ideal for medium-sized pleasure craft of 30 to 48 feet overall length, powered by engines up to 450 hp. The increased propulsive efficiency, compared to traditional shaft-line systems, can be as high as 15%, allowing the installation of engines with significantly lower power, for the same boat speed. This saving in installed horse power translates into improved fuel economy, weight reduction, environmental footprint reduction and both initial and through-life cost reduction. The system consists of a transmission unit, a control system and a propeller unit with counter-rotating propellers. The new ZF Pod-Drive will be available from April 2009.

November 18, 2008

New Model: Cranchi 33 Endurance

The 33 Endurance is a new model from World famous Cranchi, which for 2008 it delighted the fans of this Italian brand and passionate people alike, presenting half a dozen of new models. Standing at 33 foot the new medium sized Endurance is the new entry level offer in the Offshore Class range, adding to the successful 41 Endurance model. Designer Aldo Cranchi follows the Endurance heritage and presents a sporty looking power boat, but still offering extended cruising accommodation outside and inside, without disturbing the sleek exterior lines. The cockpit is spacious and has a medium sized sun pad aft, an l-shaped settee behind the helm station with central dining table, and three helm seats forward, one at port side and 2 seats for the helm station. Down below the theme continues for a spacious boat considering the exterior sleek and low profile lines, with a fully equipped galley to starboard, head with separate shower stall to port, v-shaped settee to fore which converts to a double berth, and double medium sized berth mid ship. Performance is a max of 37 knots, continuous cruising is 29 knots with the smaller diesel option of twin D4-300 hp Volvos.
Technical Data:
LOA - 10.25 m (33.6ft)
Length - 9.98 m
Waterline Length - 7.50 m
Beam - 3.50 m
Draft - 0.96 m
Weight - 5600 kg
Fuel Capacity - 530 l
Water Capacity - 120 l
Max Persons - 8
Berths - 2 + 2
Engines - 2 x Volvo D4-EVC 300hp, D6-EVC 330hp
Propulsion - Volvo Stern Drive DP-H
Speed - max 37 knots, cruising 29 knots with D4 300hp
Range - 230 nautical miles, 8 hours @ cruising with 33lph x2 consumption
Project - Aldo Cranchi, Centro Studi Ricerche Cranchi
Certification - CE B

Project: Viking 46 Open

Based on the hull lines of the also in project 46 Convertible, Viking present the 46 Open. The 46 Open is the fourth brand new boat scheduled to be added to the Viking product line for 2009 as it joins the flagship 82 Convertible, the 57 Convertible and the 46 Convertible. The 46 Open will be unveiled, at the upcoming Miami Yacht and Brokerage Show in February 2009. 46901 which is hull no.1 for the 46 Open, will feature an Atlantic Blue hull, twin optional more powerful 1100hp MAN V10 common rail engines in lieu of standard twin MAN 900hp V8s, a two-stateroom layout with satin finished teak throughout, a fully equipped galley and an observation mezzanine in the 121 square-foot cockpit. The command deck has a raised centerline helm and three Murray Products adjustable ladder back seats are standard. Prop pockets reduce the draft to 4 ft. 4 in. The 46 Open is the ideal platform for tournament and casual fishing, as well as cruising and other water activities, and continues Viking testimony of building top class Sportfish Cruisers and Yachts.

November 17, 2008

New Model: Absolute 40

Another new addition to the stunning Absolute fleet, the new 40 oozes style and is a winning boat in its class offering a lot for the size dimension on offer. The new 40 takes a lot from its bigger sisters in the Absolute fleet, not only in the style, but also in the confidence of its design and its practicality. Apart the stylish hard top which is becoming more and more an inevitable accessory, the 40 has also a stunning interior with a 2 cabin, 2 head layout. The second head usually is a rare to find solution in boats of 12 metres in length, and the 40 has a twin en-suite solution for the master cabin forward and the double guest cabin mid ship. The outside area is also full of entertainment areas, with a c-shaped settee seating 6 in absolute comfort, a sunpad of which underneath lies the tender garage and also an extended bathing platform. Worth to note is that the bathing platform is bigger to the normal standards for boats usually housing a tender garage. The 40 is an impressive sport cruiser and will surely win a big market share in its size and type, it is so good that I think it will also steal customers from the bigger Absolute 43 model.
Technical Data:
LOA - 12.09 m (39.6ft)
Length - 10.95 m
Beam - 3.95 m
Fuel Capacity - 2 x 375 l
Water Capacity - 235 l
Max Persons - 12
Berths - 4 + 2
Engines - 2 x Volvo Penta D4 300hp, D6 330hp
Propulsion - Volvo Stern Drive
Project - Absolute Research and Development Lab
Certification - CE B

November 15, 2008

New Model: Heaven 80 Open

This is the first time PowerYacht presents a rib, and how about a better way to start then with a model which made the record in 2008! This is the Heaven 80 Open, an inflatable super boat presented in the latest Genoa Boat Show, measuring just close to 24 metres, a record breaking rib which impresses for its size but also for its solutions. Built in the sea of Neptune, in the South of Italian capital Rome, Heaven started producing ribs in 2002, launching at the time a semi custom big 17 metres rib yacht. This new Heaven 80, as all the ribs from the company starting from 28 feet is a semi custom project, and hull number one had a two guest cabin layout with en-suite heads and a further vee berth forward for the crew. Other super numbers for this rib is the maximum persons capability certified for taking up to forty persons. Speed are also on the high digits, with a max of 46 knots with the standard quadruple Yanmar 720hp coupled to Jolly Drive surface drives, but a faster twin MTU 1800 hp option is available, this time propelled with Arneson surface drives, giving a wow factor 58 knots top speed. As is the fame for the ribs, the Heaven 80 will surely also have top class sea handling along with the thorough bred performance and the record breaking size which makes it unique in the market so far.
Technical Data:
LOA - 23.98 m (78.6ft)
Beam - 5.60 m
Displacement - 37.000 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 3500 l
Water Capacity - 1000 l
Max Persons - 40
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins, two crew berths in one cabin
Engines - 4 x Yanmar 720hp, 2 x MTU 1800hp
Propulsion - Jolly Special, or Arneson Surface Drives with ZF gearboxes
Speed - 58 knots max, 50 knots cruising with 1800hp
Construction - GRP Structure, Hypalon Tubes
Project - Giorgio Garofolo
Certification - CE B

November 14, 2008

Project: Posillipo 75 Technema

The 75 Technema is the new project for renowned motor yacht and super yacht builder Posillipo. Carlo Galeazzi continues his design duty for the Italian builder, with his touch creating fabulous models for Posillipo and at the same time continuing to amalgamate the family feeling of this prestigious brand as in the previous three launches he did which are the 95, 120 and 90. In this new project, the idea from the builder and designer was that to make the 75 Technema the most spacious yacht in its size category, with the usual performance of around 30 knots associated for the Posillipo brand. Outside Galeazzi follows the usual aggressive classic lines, this time more accentuated with the shape of the saloon windows, having an aggressive shape and profile. Inside the layout is a classic and spacious four guest cabins theme, with a very big full beam owners cabin with full view windows, offering also a full walk in wardrobe, changing room. The main deck is divided with the usual classic Italian layout, offering a c-shaped sofa upon entrance, dining table for 8, separate galley, l-shaped settee to fore, helm station to starboard and the much requested day head, this later not much found on yachts smaller then 25 metres in length. Sea kindliness and performance is always a Technema heritage, and the 75 will sure not disappoint on both, touching speeds of 33 knots and cruising at 29 knots with twin MAN 1635 hp each. A slightly slower option with twin 1550 hp will be also available. Range is 470 nautical miles, with 29 knots cruising and a full 7500 litres fuel tank.

November 13, 2008

New Model: Jeanneau 50 Prestige S2

An improvement of the 50 Prestige S, this is the new S2 version for the same model just presented in the recent boat shows. The main difference is in the outside with a single big square shaped window now replacing the two vertical port holes featured in the mid ship master stateroom, making a more stylish and sleek exterior profile. The new S2 keeps the other benefits of the Garroni designed 50 Prestige S, as a 2 cabin or 3 cabin option below, or the lounging cockpit deck with plenty of seating space and a tender garage underneath the aft sun pad.
Technical Data:
LOA - 15.36 (50ft)
Hull Length - 14.98 m
Beam - 4.36 m
Draft - 1.20 m
Displacement - 13000 kg
Fuel Capacity - 1650 l
Water Capacity - 640 l
Max Persons - 12
Accommodation - 2 or 4 cabins, 4 or 6 berths
Engines - 2 x Volvo D9 575 hp
Project - Garroni, Jeanneau Design
Certification - CE B

November 12, 2008

New Model: WallyPower 64

The first unit of the WallyPower 64 stands out for her unmistakable Wally design as well as for her metallic blue striking colour. This much waited new model of the Wally Power range was highly acclaimed by the market and the boat was sold immediately upon her arrival at the Monaco Yacht Show where she made her official debut. This 19 metre yacht represents the transition between the WallyPower 47 and the larger WallyPower 73. The design fully exploits the concept of Wally minimal styling integrating form and function, and combining large interior volumes, available in 2 or 3 cabin options, 40 knots plus high performance, excellent sea keeping, and wide open air areas. The model comes with different choices in every department: for the propulsion with the standard being a joy to drive water jet system, the interior layout available in three options, and for the exterior and interior styling. The production schedule provides for five yearly units to be built in the Wally factory in Fano, Italy.
Technical Data:
LOA - 19.4 m (63.8ft)
Length Waterline - 17.07 m
Beam - 6.03 m
Draft - 0.94 m
Displacement - 30 t
Fuel Capacity - 3500 l
Water Capacity - 600 l
Accommodation - 6 berths + 2 crew 3 cabin version, 4 berths + 2 crew 2 cabin version
Engines - 2 x MAN V12 1360hp, MAN V12 1550hp
Propulsion - Rolls-Royce KaMeWa A45 Water Jets
Speed - 43 knots max with 1360hp, 50 knots with option 1550hp
Range - 300 nautical miles @ cruising
Project - Allseas, Stefano Pastrovich exterior, Wetzet Brown Partners interior
Construction - composite material, teak deck, double glazed glass super structure
Certification - CE B

Project: Galeon 700 Raptor

In the recent years Galeon has upgraded its stakes in the motor yachting and cruiser market, with the 2008 season being a year to remember for the Polish builder with the introduction of new generation models like the current flagship 640 Fly and the just launched aggressive 325 cruiser, both designed by renowned designer Tony Castro and both making a stir in the yachting community. This time the Polish builder challenges the market even more offering something bigger, with the new flagship project of the 700 Raptor, a hard top sports yacht which will be Galeon's biggest built to date and of its type in Poland. Powered by twin MAN V12 Diesel engines, producing 1500 hp each, Galeon estimates top speeds of about 36 knots for its new flagship model. Tony Castro continues his great work for Galeaon following his recent success with the 640 and 325, and for the 700 Raptor he presents a forward thinking concept with remarkable new ideas for exclusive comfort and space. The interior follows the recent Galeon theme with fresh and innovative luxury, resembling a modern penthouse or loft, with the usual treat as experienced for the new 640 of exotic woods, glass, metal and leather use all hand picked by Polish craftsmen to ensure the highest quality and coherence of style. Another innovation compared to similar sport yachts in this size, is the use of huge glass roof combined with wide glass doors, which will protect or open air the main deck to the sun, as the owner desires. This model is bound to surprise a lot of people, but we have to wait till spring of 2009 to see how good the 700 Raptor really is.

November 11, 2008

Engine: MAN V12 1800hp

The new V12-1800 MAN Nutzfahrzeuge presents a genuine power package of a top performing diesel in its ­engine range generating a maximum torque of 6020 Nm even at 1200 rpm and accelerating at an impressive pace. The 12-cylinder brings yachts into the planing phase fast, achieving high speeds in next to no time. Common Rail direct injection enables fuel injection at very high pressure, producing optimally smooth running and the pleasant ride comfort of this V12. Two-stage ­turbocharging­ also features in the engine's technology. Compactly scaled at 2087 x 1153 x 1275 mm (L x W x H without gearbox), the V12-1800 leaves designers plenty of freedom and flexibility when planning their yachts. Weight is another advantage, in relation to performance the 12-cylinder at just 2365 kg weighs in at 1.31 kg per unit of horsepower. To achieve features like these, MAN's engineers further developed the V-series throughout, optimising engine components in the process. Cooling of the new V12 is by a plate heat exchanger, which allows flexible configuration of the cooling system. In addition to this the V12 comes with a space-saving and low-weight SAE1 flywheel housing. An advantage for engine installation by a boat builder is the modified exhaust system with a central gas outlet. All parts needing maintenance such as fuel and oil filters are arranged for ease of access. And the water pump is driven by a gear instead of a belt. Turning to the engine proper, here too the designers have made interesting modifications. The V12-1800 generates a constant 1800 hp (1324 kW) between 2100 and 2350 rpm. The use of extremely high-strength materials, such as steel pistons, permits gas pressures up to 240 bar and ignition pressures up to 1600 bar. Here a bedplate concept is implemented in a yacht engine for the first time to create the extra strength. This bedplate replaces the single bearing caps of the crankshaft, and plays a major part in reinforcing the crank case and minimising noise emission. Second-generation Common Rail injection plus an optimally conceived combustion process mean high performance together with exemplary emission figures. The V12-1800 naturally complies with current international exhaust directives.

New Model: Apreamare 64 Fly

Apreamare reinvents the traditional Gozzo again, this time not in a so big way as it did in its glorious past, but by offering a flybridge version to its 64 feet model. Obviously this new 64 feet Fly, keeps the excellent layout of the standard version 64, flagship of the Gozzo range and a redevelopment of the Apreamare 60. Distinct features of this model are the bow area with the much appreciated U-shaped sofa, and the stern area, which is the project's key point, thanks to its unique design which from a relaxing settee transforms into a sundeck, blending perfectly with the lines of the hull. Hallmark of the 64 Fly, is obviously represented by the added flybridge, with its second helm station to port, a c-shaped settee to starboard and a two person sun lounger looking aft. Below we have the marvelous 3 cabin 3 head layout with an aft crew cabin, and spacious full beam owners cabin which also features a spacious relaxing bath tub. The materials used for the furniture are extremely natural and classic, with a predominance of shiny and matt mahogany, Viennese straw and mirrored, chrome plated and steel hardware
Technical Data:
LOA - 19.4 m (63.8ft)
Length Hull - 19.36 m
Length Waterline - 14.69 m loaded
Beam - 5.60 m
Draft - 1.46 m loaded
Displacement - 34.9 t loaded, 29.5 empty and dry
Fuel Capacity - 3000 l
Water Capacity - 1000 l
Max Persons - 16
Engines - 2 x MAN V10 1100hp
Speed - 33 knots max, 29 knots cruising
Range - 300 nautical miles @ cruising speed
Project - Victory
Certification - CE 2003/44 B

November 10, 2008

Project: Cruisers 460 Sports Coupe

Set for its debut in 2009, is the project for the new upcoming Cruisers, the 460 Sports Coupe. As the title suggest this will be a hard top sports cruiser, offering full weather protection being it sun, wind or rain in the two thirds of the aft entertainment cockpit deck. 460 Sports Coupe will be an only Volvo IPS boat, and will have an exterior design profile taking a lot from the latest 520 and 420 Sports Coupe Models. Interior will be a 2 stateroom plan, with a full beam owners cabin to mid ship and a VIP cabin to fore. The entertainment deck will have a c-shaped settee aft, an l-shaped settee to port of the helm station and an outside galley area to starboard aft, which offers a convenient Al-fresco galley. 460 Sports Coupe follows the latest Cruiser design and as its bigger sister ship offers the trademark walk through windshield, something you will find only on a Cruisers hard top. Power for the new 460 is by twin Volvo's IPS500, IPS600 or the new IPS550 petrol engine. Worth to note is also the standard options list, which is among the most extensive in its size range.

New Model: Cranchi 43 Atlantique

A much waited new model, from well known Italian builder Cranchi is the 43 Atlantique, fitting in the Flybridge Yacht range, between hard standing 40 and 50 Atlantique models. The hull lines of the new Cranchi motor cruiser are based on the 43 Mediterranee, with a similar planned lower deck, offering 2 cabins and 2 heads with master cabin to fore, but with the mid guest cabin offering a more family orientated 2 single berths. As the 43 Mediterranee, the new 43 Atlantique uses IPS propulsion, the successful Pod drive from Volvo, which has seen great use on express open or hard top cruisers and yachts, but so far the flybridge boats with this system are very limited. 43 Atlantique will surely gain on better consumption and performace with the use of IPS, compared to similar flybridge cruisers who still use conventional shafts. As all recent Cranchis, this new model continues the family design by Aldo Cranchi, who presents a modern flybridge motor cruiser with a Mediterranean feel. 43 Atlantique is powered by twin Volvo IPS 500 or 600 of 435 hp, with the later option topping speeds of 35 knots max, and a 30 knots cruising which give an economical consumption of 53 litres per hour engine.
Technical Data:
LOA - 13.8 m (45.2ft)
Hull Length - 11.95 m
Waterline Length - 9.60 m
Beam - 4.15 m
Draft - 0.90 m
Displacement - 11.000 kg
Fuel Capacity - 1100 l
Water Capacity - 300 l
Max Persons - 12
Berths - 4 + 2
Engines - 2 x Volvo IPS500 370hp, IPS600 435hp
Performance - 35 knots max, 30 knots cruising 106 lph consumption with IPS600
Range - 305 nautical miles, 10.5 hours
Project - Aldo Cranchi, Centro Studi Ricerche Cranchi
Certification - CE B

November 8, 2008

New Model: Terranova 115

Terranova the Italian builder founded in 2000, continues to upgrade its range of explorer motor and super yachts, with the addition of this much waited new flagship model, the 115. The three decked flagship from Terranova continues the evolution of the classic explorer ship lines, which with this new added third model in the range creates a family feeling design with the smaller 68 and 85 models. The 115 has a comfortable classic refined luxury super yacht interior, which with its standard layout offers four guest cabins on the lower deck, and an owners cabin on the upper third deck, with incredible views. Power is provided by twin MAN 900 V8 Common Rail engines.
Technical Data:
LOA - 35.05 m (114.9ft)
Beam - 7.20 m
Draft - 1.90 m
Displacement - 140 t
Fuel Capacity - 27950 l
Water Capacity - 3915 l
Engines - 2 x MAN V8 Common Rail 900hp
Construction - GRP Composites
Certification - RINA A100-A-1.1Y

Projects: Peri 41 T, Peri 34, Peri 32

Peri Yachts is a Turkish builder, who has caught the attention of the yachting community with the launching of the Peri 29 a few years ago, and with the extend of its range this fall with the second model presented the 37 metres. A new player in the Super Yacht segment Peri is here to stay, offering stunning looking modern yachts, with a good quality build. The range is aimed to increase in numbers in the coming years, with 3 new models already on plan and some in building stages. The 41 T is the future flagship for the Turkish builder, designed as all the range by Scaro Design she will be a triple decked yacht, with 4 guest cabins on the lower deck, and owners cabin on the main deck. Performance estimates are also interesting offering 25 knots of top speed, and a range of 1250 nautical miles. Peri 34 will sit in the middle of the Turkish builder range, and continues the stunning looks which made the success of the Peri 29. The 34 as its smaller sister is a 2 deck and a half yacht, with raised pilot house. Interior will be a 4 cabin layout, but with the owners cabin on the main deck, offering impressive spaces. Crew quarter's is located aft, with sleeping for 5 members. Performance is a 26 knots top speed with the higher hp option, giving a range of up to 950 nautical miles.
The Peri 32 continues the evolution of the 29 lines, of an ultra modern super yacht with two and a half decks, with classic functionality, as designed by Scaro. The layout is similar to the 34 with a master cabin on the main deck, and 3 guest cabins on the lower deck. Crew space is also for 5 members, all located aft. Performance is on the same level to its bigger sisters, with the only available option giving 26 knots of top speed. The main difference is in the range with the Peri 32 having a shorter 500 nautical mile range.

November 7, 2008

New Model: Abacus 54

The Abacus 52 is a very interesting new model in its size range, aimed as entry level for the Italian Sicilian builder founded in 2003. Presented officially during last months Genoa Show, the 52 had to be one of the winning motor yachts in its size during the show and among Fulvio De Simoni best works for a flybridge boat. For someone who designs a quarter of the boats in this size and style this is saying something, but the Abacus 52 is a close call to perfection with three spacious areas which is to be the envy of bigger yachts. The living salon area for example is very well planned, but also the flybridge, and the cabin area are second to none. The three guest cabins are all spacious and none of the cabins is a bunk, and the full beam owners suite is really something coming out of a much bigger boat. Saloon is also well planned featuring a c-shaped settee, a dining table for four, and a very spacious galley. Flybridge is also big with an l-shaped settee to aft seating 10, 2 cabinets and a conveniently located sun pad forward. In all this the engine room is also spacious with fuel tanks located to fore of the engines, and even the crew cabin located aft has much more space then one would think. Performance is also interesting with twin Caterpillar 715hp allowing for 34 knots max, and 30 knots cruising speeds. Abacus with help of World famous designer Fulvio De Simoni, has been presenting great designs and the success of the 62 and 70 models is testimony to this, but I personally think that with this new 52 model the yard has done a lot, improving the design schematics of similar sized boats, but also putting ideas from bigger sizes to improve it all. The 52 comes also at a very competitive price with good standard equipment, which if the quality corresponds to that of its bigger sisters is really an unbeatable package.
Technical Data:
LOA - 16.18 m (53ft)
Waterline Length - 13.15 m
Beam - 4.74 m
Draft - 0.80 m (excluding props)
Displacement - 22.5 t
Fuel Capacity - 2370 l
Water Capacity - 650 l
Cabins - 6 berths in 3 cabins, 2 heads, 1 crew cabin aft
Engines - 2 x Cat C12 715 hp
Speeds - 34 knots max, 30 knots cruising
Project - Fulvio De Simoni
Hull - vee shape
Construction - GRP
Certification - CE A

November 6, 2008

Project: Doqueve 70

Doqueve 70 is the new flagship from this builder coming out of Spain. With the new 70, Doqueve enlarge its range to 6 models, starting from 34 feet, all with flybridge of Mediterranean interpretation. The details so far available of the new 70 flagship, is that it will have a single level saloon with dining area forward, a four cabin lower deck with full beam owners cabin, spacious flybridge with seating for 10 person, and automated high low bathing platform for easy tender launch recovery. Power is provided by twin Caterpillar C18 of 1015hp, which the builder estimates should give top speeds of 29 knots up to 33, although I think more 29. The design of the Doqueve flagship seems also more original as to the smaller models, which so far seem taking a little too much from a famous Italian builder lines.

New Model: Nimbus 365 Coupe

The Nimbus 365 Coupé was unveiled to the world on the occasion of the Nimbus Boats Open House in Långedrag between 22 and 24 August. This boat is the first of a brand new generation of Nimbus Coupés based on the successful "sidewalk" concept, a new type of deck layout that maximises the available space on one side of the boat, making deck communications easy, while at the same time adding cockpit and cabin spaces. In addition to the sidewalk, the most obvious of these is a more modern style, glued windows with a large curved front window, a flush-mounted sliding door on the starboard side and a large opening glass roof. The innovative flush-mounted side door allows maximum gangway width and a wide door opening, in addition the boat offers a large after deck on the same level as the bathing platform and the saloon. The 365 Coupé has been developed with catchwords such as solid, functional, comfort and silence in mind using modern design employing environment conscious production technology. The plastic is manufactured solely by the latest vacuum injection, an extremely environment-friendly closed manufacturing process. producing a lighter and more rigid boat, giving better cruising speeds with less HP, which equals in less initial cost and fuel consumption. The lower accommodation deck offers a generous forward cabin with a large double berth, a guest cabin on the port side has a double bed plus a sofa, and a double entrance head with full-height shower cubicle with swinging door. The interior upper deck features a c-shaped settee transformable to an extra double berth and the galley with cooker and sink hidden by flash wooden surfaces, which fold up easily when in need. The new Nimbus 365 Coupé is a modern, solid and functional boat with a lot of attention being put by the Swedish builder to reduce environmental impact, adding to the top selling status of over 3,000 boats produced over the years.
Technical Data:
LOA - 10.95 m (35.9ft)
Beam - 3.50 m
Draft - 1.00 m
Weight - 6300 kg
Fuel Tank - 700 l
Water Tank - 250 l
Berths - 4 + 2
Engine - 1 x Volvo Penta D6 370hp
Speed - 25 knots max
Certification - CE B

November 5, 2008

New Model: Atlantis 47 HT

One of the most successful Atlantis models the 47, get renewed with the HT hard top version extending its future success for the coming seasons. The hard top is much a requested option in today's boats, and the 47 HT, gets this addition with a nicely integrated design, with fully opening sunroof, which when opened makes the whole cockpit a full sunny place, but with the advantage of instant closing if the weather gets nasty. Obviously the successful element of the 47 are still there, as the full beam owners cabin, or the spacious cockpit available also in Plus version, with two by l-shaped settees in replacement of the sunbed, making the cockpit of the 47 HT, among the most spacious entertainment areas in its class. Performance and sea keeping has always been among the most sought feature of the Atlantis 47, with twin Volvo 575hp each giving 38 knots of top speed, but also having a good fame for sea handling qualities, which are among the best in this size class of sports cruiser.
Technical Data:
LOA - 14.58 m (47.8ft)
Beam - 4.25 m
Fuel Capacity - 1350 l
Water Capacity - 450 l
Max Persons - 14
Accommodation - 4 berths in 2 cabins, 2 heads
Engines - 2 x Volvo Penta D9 575hp
Certification - CE B

November 4, 2008

Projects: Maritimo C50 Sports Cabriolet, Maritimo C55 Sports Cabriolet, Maritimo A60 Aegean Flybridge

To further add to its ground breaking Sports Cabriolet range, Maritimo has announced the project of the C50 Sports Cabriolet. Like its bigger sibling the popular C60, the C50 will be a single-level boat with all the luxury and performance you come to expect in a Maritimo. The C50 will offer three cabins, an owner’s stateroom to port with its own private en suite, a VIP double forward which will have private access to the second bathroom and a further twin cabin to starboard. The sumptuous saloon will feature a U-shaped settee with table for dining or entertaining and a cocktail cabinet aft on the port side. The galley on the starboard side has all the conveniences of home with plenty of fridge and freezer space, microwave, electric cook top and even a dishwasher. As with all the Sports Cabriolet models, the C50 will have an electrically-operated sunroof to take advantage of those glorious summer days. Sliding doors open to the cockpit to add a real indoor/outdoor feel to the boat. The cockpit will feature a barbecue and sink as well as outdoor seating. One of the most popular features of the larger Sports Cabriolet boats is the garage, and the C50 does not miss out here either. At the push of a button, the cockpit sole rises and the transom opens to reveal a garage big enough to house a 3.5-metre RIB with its engine on and ready to go. This leaves permanent room on the foredeck for the luxurious sun lounge. Down in the gleaming engine room you’ll find a pair of Cummins QSC 600 hp diesels which will effortlessly and economically cruise the C50 Sports Cabriolet at 25 knots with more to spare. The C50 Sports Cabriolet is everything its big brothers are and more! Maritimo’s C55 Sports Cabriolet will be a stellar addition to the range. As is now well known, Maritimo took a dramatic course change earlier this year when it introduced the fabulous C60 Sports Cabriolet. Unveiled for the first time last May at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show and again a star attraction at the Sydney International Boat Show a few weeks later, the C60 as it’s known, has received ‘rave reviews’ in Australian and international boating media. Now, as the company expands its range to meet market demands, the C55, an equally stylish craft that is simply a more compact example of the C60 is scheduled for release. Despite being more than a metre shorter and two tonnes lighter, the C55 offers the same beam and accommodations and with fuel efficient Cummins QSM 11 diesels delivering 670 horsepower each, will give the C60 a run for its money. The C55 will cruise effortlessly along at a cruise speed of 25 knots and will be capable of hitting close to 30 knots at wide open throttle. Her main saloon, obviously marginally smaller than that of the C60, nevertheless remains luxurious and efficiently planned, with a well equipped galley and easy access aft and to the accommodations forward. The master suite is again cantered amidships with a VIP cabin forward and supporting cabins port and starboard featuring upper and lower berths. It is a credit to the company that it takes a really keen eye to discern the difference between the C55 and C60, although prospective buyers can be counted upon to notice the difference at the cash register Maritimo’s A60 Aegean Flybridge an exotic name for an exotic vessel. The Aegean Sea, its azure blue waters lapping the coasts of Greece and Turkey, may be a long way from Hope Island and one of the Maritimo production facilities, but it lends its name to the company’s latest creation, the Aegean 60. Essentially, the A60 (as it is commonly referred to) is the Cabriolet 60 with a beautifully-styled open flying bridge added to its superstructure. Australians love outdoor entertaining and there is certainly plenty of room for that aboard the A60. The open flybridge provides a comfortable area to enjoy the views and the sun, and those seeking some shade can specify a bimini top. Down below, the expansive cockpit has more than enough room for al fresco dining, and boating gourmets will love the aft galley, which provides all the luxuries of home – and more. There’s ample fridge and freezer space, plenty of storage, a cocktail cabinet and even a dishwasher for easy clean-ups. Elsewhere, the A60 boasts all the luxury, safety, comfort and performance of the C60. An impressive saloon, four staterooms, including a full-width master with superb en-suite and walk-in wardrobe, all add to the A60’s undeniable appeal. When it’s time to go ashore, the cockpit sole elevates and the transom drops at the push of a button to reveal a garage big enough to store a 3.5 metre tender. The tender conveniently slides in and out – no more cranes or tenders on the foredeck. Moving into the engine room we find that it’s the same impressive setup as that aboard the C60, full-height headroom, big-boat systems, and dual C12 Caterpillar diesels each delivering 715 horsepower which provide the stylish vessel with 30-knot performance. A ZF gearbox delivers the power through conventional shaft drives to the five-bladed Teignbridge propellers. This all combines to make the Aegean 60 a truly world-class vessel in all areas like luxury, looks, convenience and performance.

New Model: Estensi 560 Goldstar Fly C

Based on the hull lines of the 540 Goldstar S, is the Estensi flagship boat in the current portfolio, the 560 Goldstar C. C for the Classic line of the Estensi which for this flagship also features the second flybridge helm station up top, apart the differences of the wooden patio door, the squared aft design and more spacious cockpit. Inside the 560 C features a similar layout to the 540 S, with 3 cabins and 3 heads, of which to note is the very spacious and wide owner state room to fore. The saloon is twin level, offering a c-shaped entertainment saloon, and a dining are for 6. There is a crew cabin adjacent to the galley mid ship and a further optional one is available aft. Estensi, boats are associated with high level good construction, further guaranteed with the CE A rating certificate.
Technical Data:
LOA - 16.95 m (55.7ft)
Hull Length - 16.65 m
Beam - 5.00 m
Draft - 1.45 m
Displacement - 28.068 kg loaded, 23.600 kg empty
Fuel Capacity - 2.650 l
Water Capacity - 800 l
Max Persons - 12
Engines - 2 x 825hp Diesel
Designer - Mario Zuccheri
Certification - CE A