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March 3, 2023

New Model: Pershing GTX116

2023 is an important year for the Mondolfo-based yard as it launches the first Pershing GTX116. This innovative, exciting, disruptive, and ground-breaking Pershing entered the water last February 7 in Fano and in doing so welcomed a new era for one of the most sportier yachting brands, with the GTX presenting a second line to that of the standard high performance modern looking sport and super sport yachts. Designed for the US market the GTX116 come from the usual always Pershing hands of  Fulvio de Simoni collaborating with Ferretti Group’s Strategic Product Committee led by Piero Ferrari and the Group’s noteworthy Engineering Department.  The first Pershing GTX116 confirms the sporty DNA of the brand and enhances the concept of comfort by providing plenty of open-air space, areas designed to be in direct contact with the water, and outstanding liveability guaranteed by the new five-cabin layout. The GTX116 infuses something new, while keeping the Pershing sport yacht DNA, reinventing it but keeping it recognizable to the rest.  With a hull of 35 meters in length and over seven meters in beam the Pershing GTX116 has a remarkable 150 square meters of outdoor areas seamlessly connected to the water, amplifying onboard liveability. The sleek and streamlined profile is emblematic of the brand’s sporty personality, which is pointed up in the bow area by a signature style feature referencing luxury SUV automotive imagery and identifying the new Pershing GTX116 as an SUY or Sport Utility Yacht. This yacht in the new range is painted a new shade of grey, with a special shade of blue for the deckhouse, while the generous glazed surfaces flood the interiors with natural light. The garage can contain a tender over 5 meters long, a jet ski and other water toys, while the exclusive 39-square-meter beach club has a teak deck protected by an electro-hydraulic taffrail that opens up to connect the beach area with the swim platform, creating a huge space at the water’s edge. The 40-square-meter sundeck, reached from the stern area via two outdoor stairways on either side of the yacht, contains the second helm station and is designed with generous spaces for socialising and to enjoy the onboard lifestyle, not least thanks to the shelter provided by the carbon hard top. This area also contains the generously sized and comfortable lounge area, complete with a large wet bar. The first Pershing GTX116 is equipped with the optional triple water jet propulsion Man 2000hp for a top speed up to 35 knots and a cruising speed of 29 knots. The standard engines are three Man 1800hp.  Announced as a secret TO project in 2020 and then fully announced a year ago during the 2022 Miami boat show as the GTX116, Pershing has two further units of its current second sized model in construction, with a smaller GTX80 scheduled to launch in 2024.
Technical Data:
LOA - 35.24 M (115.7ft)
Hull Length - 35.2 m
Waterline Length - 29.9 m
Beam - 7.72 m
Draft - 1.45 m
Displacement - 130,000 kg unloaded, 150,000 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 14500 l
Water Capacity - 2000 l
Max Persons - twenty
Accommodation - ten guests in five cabins, six crew in three cabins
Engines - 3 x Man V12 1800hp, V12 2000hp
Propulsion - triple water jets
Speed - 32 knots max 26 cruise with Man 1800s, 35 max 29 cruise with Man 2000s
Project - Fulvio de Simoni, Ferretti Engineering for naval architecture

March 4, 2022

Project: Pershing GTX116

During the Miami 2022 boat show Pershing announced the project for the new GTX116 with the first unit currently being under construction.  First announced as the TO project in 2020, Pershing has been very mysterious on this new range saying that it will have models from 24 to forty meters in size, and that it will redefine the super sport yacht segment.  The first TO announced was a 25 meter and then in early 2021 Pershing showed the mould for a 35 meter being prepared. Pershing never showed any complete renders or plans of the TO, with some hype design details as the bow, engine air intakes, and window profiles being displayed and if today you make the puzzle it comes out to be the finally showed GTX116. When the TO was announced I actually thought that with this range Ferretti Group's Pershing might take a challenge to the Sanlorenzo SX series which has proved to be successful for the Italian builder. I was half correct as the Pershing GTX will feature its attention in a redefinition of exterior spaces and a beach deck located in a floating position between the lower and main decks.  The Pershing GTX116 will also have a sport bridge design, with its lower deck accommodation offering five double guest cabins, with an owners stateroom at midships.  Three crew cabin sleeping five or six crew are located forward.  The Pershing GTX116 will be powered by twin Man 1800hp or 2000hp engines with jet propulsion and speeds going up to 35 knots with the large option.  While Pershing is more known for surface drives I remind that its 70 1991 launched flagship model at the time had jet propulsion in the first units, and the 115 the flagship from 2004 till 2012 also had a triple jet propulsion. 

October 26, 2021

New Model: Pershing 6X

Can you improve perfection?  Definitely yes, and this is what Pershing has done with the new 6X, the fifth model to come of the X-series which arrived in 2016, and fourth generation of a hull which is over fifteen years old.  Yes the Pershing 6X, is an evolution of what was born as the 56 in 2005, then evolving in the 58 in 2011, becoming the 62 in 2013 and now in this new 2021 version becomes the 6X.  Designed by Fulvio de Simoni, the Pershing 6X is the least X of the fives, missing the wings which characterize all other four models.  She is in fact a soft design evolution of the 62, with changes coming in the hard-top design now extended further aft, and the top sides windows having a tad different and larger profile.  Other improvements happen in both the sun-pad and social areas, with the fore deck now extended to use more space, including the edition of two chaise lounges further forward.  Other aesthetic changes is the edition of large glaze windows on hull sides now larger and same to the other X-models design.  For the remaining the 6X keeps the same interior layout as the 62 with the choice of two or three cabins in the lower deck, with changes in details and colours.  Performance as is Pershing since over thirty years is fast, with the 6X reaching top speeds up to 48 knots with twin Man 1550hp engines couple to Top System surface drives.
Technical Data:
LOA - 18.94 m (62.2ft)
Hull Length - 18.4 m
Waterline Length - 14.6 m
Beam - 4.80m
Draft - 1.45 m
Displacement - 34000 kg unloaded, 40000 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 3200 l
Water Capacity - 740 l
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, or four berths in two cabins, one crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Man V12 1550hp
Propulsion - Top System surface drives
Speed - 48 knots max 42 knots cruise
Range - 280 nautical miles at cruise
Project - Fulvio de Simoni, Ferretti Group engineering naval architecture

June 2, 2021

Project: Pershing 6X

Pershing present the 6X project.  A restyling of the successful 62 model which the company launched in 2013.  The 62 is one of the most successful Pershing's, and was also itself a development of a model which born in 2005 as 56 model, then developed as 58 in 2010, 62 and now in 2021 redefines itself as the 6X.  The 56 was also a hot seller selling seventy units in a production run of five years, making it the second best sold Pershing ever behind the 50/50.1 model.  The Pershing 6X  expresses the boldest and most daring side of the brand’s character, the side that always appeals to people who love excitement on the water. Compact but in no way incomplete, it packs all the best of the brand’s leading-edge technology into a compact form factor. As all Pershing since 1985 the 6X is again a design of Fulvio de Simoni, with the Ferretti Group engineering doing the naval architecture and the rest.   Pershing 6X has an eye-catchingly sleek and streamlined appearance, with exterior styling that shares the same family feeling as the other Generation X models. The new yacht turns heads with its highly aerodynamic profile and large glazed surfaces in the hull that flood the lower deck with natural light.  The main novelties include style features that clearly reflect Pershing’s approach to design in recent years, further improving functional and comfort-related design goals without affecting outstanding performance. They include the new styling of the big aft sun pad, the carbon and teak table in the cockpit dining area, and the chaise longue with reclining backrest positioned forward.  The 6X though is the most conservative of all X and the only one not featuring the wings which join the top of the hard-top with that of the shipside, a feature Pershing introduced with the 70 in 2014.  An important new feature on the main deck is the helm station, made up of a dashboard with two 19-inch monitors, carbon fibre control panels and an electro-hydraulic steering system. Also available is an innovative joystick coupled to the surface drive with various advanced operating modes, including ‘easy handling’ for ground-breaking manoeuvrability in ports and confined waters. A large sunroof opens over the dashboard to take cruising enjoyment to the next level.  The first Pershing 6X unit has a layout with three cabins - owner, forward VIP and starboard guest - and three bathrooms with separate shower. The guest bathroom, which can be entered both from the cabin and the lobby on the mezzanine, also acts as day toilet. On the left side of the hull is the galley, strategically positioned to benefit from various sources of natural light, including a ceiling window. The version for the American market has two cabins; owner and VIP with a living space replacing the guest cabin.  Both versions have a crew cabin entered from the cockpit, with a single bed and integrated bathroom.  Among the other novel features are new rectangular portholes that look even more like real windows.  The materials used for the interiors of the new 6X are in perfect Pershing style, with extensive use of plain and lacquered wood for the furniture, parquet floors, Mastrotto and Poltrona Frau leathers, and mirrored panels in the owner’s cabin. The lighting system features new horizontal LED bars in the ceiling that match the decor based on alternating smooth and undulated surfaces.  Pershing 6X confirms the outstanding performance standards set by the brand since the end nineties with a top speed of almost 48 knots and a cruising of about 42 knots, with a pair of twin Man 1550hp.

August 16, 2020

Web: Pershing New Web Site

Pershing presents its new World wide web showroom. The Pershing story starts in 1981 when a partnership between Tili Antonelli, Fausto Fillipetti, Giulano Onori created Cantieri dell Adriatico and the first model, a 30 feet wooden built sport cruiser. In 1985 the first Pershing was created and this was the 45 model designed by Fulvio De Simoni which in its sleek sport lines offered three double cabins. Since then Fulvio De Simoni continued never stopping the Pershing collaboration designing all its models, and creating over the years many breakthroughs in yacht design, starting in 1991 when the at the time flagship 70 model introduced the integrated windshield design feature. This feature apart becoming an identity design feature from Pershing will be one of the most copied styles in the nineties. The 70 also reinvented the hard top design, which Pershing developed further in the top selling 54 and 60 models first up until it was a feature of all the range. The Pershing 70 hull one prototype also featured an innovative jet turbine propulsion. Each Pershing flagship has created new trends in design from the 88 launched in 1998, to the 2004 presented 115, and the 140 launched in 2019.  In 1998 in a move to increase its growing global status Pershing joined the Ferretti Group. Later on to this comes a move to its current establishment now located in Mondolfo, a plant designed by Sandro Santini and having a total space of 55,000 square meters of which 38,000 are covered. Pershing current line up features nine models which start with the 5X, and the aluminium built 140 flagship. Pershing latest model is the 7X a further evolution of the 2014 debuted 70 which introduced the integrated wing style hard top which preceded the X style which is now a trade mark of the range.  Pershing has also a new innovative TO range in the works, with a 25 meter currently reported under construction. Pershing new web site is available in English and Italian language and takes you around with the following buttons; Home, About, Yachts, Surface, and Shipyard.  Pershing is also on social media; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube with a direct link buttons on the top right of the page.

February 20, 2020

New Model: Pershing 7X

The predecessor to the X range, the Pershing 70, get a make over and becomes the 7X.  A project of all time Pershing designer Fulvio de Simoni, the 7X made its debut at the German Dusseldorf boat show January 2020. The 7X is full on Pershing style from top to bottom, with an aggressive fifty knots performance reached from twin Man 1800hp engines coupled to Top System surface drives.  The Pershing 7X offers a standard three double cabins lower deck, with master stateroom at mid ships, a VIP suite forward, and a twin berth guest cabin to starboard.  Saloon and living is on the main deck while an enclosed galley is located to port side as one arrives in the lower deck.  The Pershing 7X also features an alternative lower deck layout of two cabins, with large L-shaped sofa replacing the third cabin.  A crew cabin is located to port side in between the engine room and midships owners stateroom. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 21.11 m (69.3ft)
Hull Length - 20.2 m
Waterline Length - 16.1 m
Beam - 5.35 m 
Draft - 1.52 m
Displacement - 35000 kg unloaded, 42000 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 3600 l
Water Capacity - 800 l
Max Persons - sixteen
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, or four berths in two cabins, one crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Man V12 1800hp
Propulsion - Top System P85X surface drives
Speed - 50 knots max 42 knots cruise
Range - 300 nautical miles at cruise
Project - Fulvio de Simoni exterior and interior, Ferretti Group Engineering for naval architecture

March 16, 2019

New Model: Pershing 140

The wait is over: the first aluminium super sport yacht by Pershing has hit the water at Ancona's Super Yacht Yard on 23 February.  Ever a pioneer in terms of visionary design, technological innovation and nautical trend-setting, Pershing has just ushered in a new era in its celebrated history of yacht-building excellence. The milestone moment took place in Ancona, which witnessed the launch of the first unit of Pershing 140, the brand's new flagship and the first aluminium superyacht made by Pershing.  Born from a collaboration between architect Fulvio De Simoni, the Ferretti Group Product Strategy Committee led by engineer Piero Ferrari, and the Group's Engineering Department, the new 140-footer is the first Pershing to be produced at the Ancona Superyacht Yard, a Ferretti Group facility specialized in building super and mega yachts above 40 metres, in both steel or aluminium.  Its aggressive profile blends novel design elements with iconic details that reveal a continuity with the most recent models, such as the two lateral wings integrated into the superstructure and connected to the gunwale at the start of the walkways.  Even before unleashing its power on the waves, the new Pershing 140 stands out for the innovative layout of the aft area, which features a raised cockpit that effectively becomes a mezzanine level: this creates a vast sea-facing space that rises from the water up to the sun deck, joining together the yacht's entire aft section. The forward area too offers roomy and innovative relaxation spaces, while the upper deck – seamlessly integrated into the general profile – is a spacious panoramic terrace that may be entirely furnished with free-standing pieces.  The main deck includes a lounge with bar and dining area as well as an ample private entertainment area. Below decks, finally, are four suites designed for privacy and comfort, including two VIPs with king-size bed and two twins with single beds.  The superyacht will then head for Hong Kong, its final destination, and will be officially presented to the public in the coming months.
Technical Data:
LOA - 43.3 m (142ft)
Accommodation - ten guests in five cabins, seven crew in four cabins
Engines - 2 x MTU 12V4000 M93L 3460hp, 16V4000 M93L 4615hp, or 4 x MTU 12V4000 M94 2600hp
Propulion - jet drives
Speed - 24 knots with 3460hp, 34 knots with 4615hp, 38 knots with quarduple 2600hp 
Construction - aluminium
Project - Fulvio de Simoni

February 9, 2019

New Model: Pershing 8X

The Pershing X revolution continues, and after the 5X and 9X comes the 8X.  For the 8X Fulvio de Simoni continues the distinctive side wing design feature of all the X denominated models, a feature which started with the 70 in 2014.  The Pershing 8X is also an evolution of the 80 and 82 models.  The Pershing 82 launched in Summer 2012 has been a huge success for Pershing and possibly its best sold model above eighty feet in length, since the builder entered the segment with the 88 in the early 2000s.  The 8X is an evolutionary design approach and some stylistic elements as the ladder to the sport bridge integrated in the port side wing create artistic peaces alone.  The Pershing 8X is also flexible and will feature three or four double cabin interiors, and there is also an option for the main deck with the tradition central dining area replaced by a bar unit.  The galley in all the layouts is located in the crew area located at midships in between the engine room and midships master stateroom.  As extravagances go the Pershing 8X will also feature what is called Music-Hull, which makes it possible to listen music while under water.  As all new Pershing the 8X performs superlatively with the standard MTU 2435hp pushing her up to 45 knots max of top speed, and the optional MTU 2638hp giving a plus three knots to that.  
Technical Data:
LOA - 25.55 m (83.9ft)
Hull Length - 22.8 m
Waterline Length - 19.6 m
Beam - 5.86 m
Draft - 1.4 m
Displacement - 57 t dry, 67 t loaded
Fuel Capacity - 6200 l
Water Capacity - 1200 l
Accommodation - eight guest berths in four cabins, or six berths in 3 cabins. 3/4 crew in two cabins
Max Persons - 16
Engines - 2 x 16V2000 M96 2435hp, M96L 2638hp
Propulsion - Top System surface drives TS 95P for 2435hp, TS 100 for 2638hp
Performance - 45 knots 38 knots cruise with MTU 2435hp, 48 knots max 40 knots cruise with MTU 2638hp
Hull Shape - modified deep Vee with spray rails and 20 degrees dead-rise aft
Project - Fulvio de Simoni
Certification - 2013/53/EU CE A, certification modules B + F + Aa sound emission

March 23, 2018

Project: Pershing 170

During the Miami 2018 boat show the Ferretti Group presented three important projects concerning the future for three of its brands.  For Pershing it is turn for a new 170 flagship project with a rendering showing a very particular design.  As all the Pershing the 170 is again a design to the designer who penciled all models since the brand was born, Fulvio de Simoni.  The famous Italian designer went for an aggressive look with a two and a half deck design, this including a very integrated pilot house and the main and second deck feeling very much as one from the outside.  It might be that in this design he possibly did inspire a bit himself to some models of Palmer Johnson Supersport series.  Currently Pershing largest model to date has been the 115, with a 140 project presented in late 2015 currently in construction and scheduled for a delivery in this 2018 calendar year.

September 24, 2017

New Model: Pershing 9X

Pershing continues the X and presents the second chapter of the series the 9X.  This new generation X is a maxi super sport yacht coupe with aggressive lines and lavish comfort. The new 9X has a broad use of carbon as the main construction material, along with fiberglass and epoxy resin. Based on the hull of the 92, the 9X continues Fulvio de Simoni vision for the brand as started with the 70 model in the fall of 2014, and followed with 5X in 2016. The result is a powerful yacht in the sea, rich in fittings and equipped with numerous technological innovations that offer a unique navigation experience and ease of maneuver, even in confined waters, unthinkable on a yacht of 28 meters in length and with surface drives. The prestigious ten-year collaboration with Poltrona Frau also gave birth to a magnificent design: an extremely sporty dashboard, a stylistic and technical masterpiece.  The Pershing is offered in two lower deck layout choices for four or three double cabins.  In the optional three cabin layout one of the twin berth cabins is replaced by a dinette, with the head of this fourth cabin becoming a walk-in wardrobe for the VIP suite forward.  A nice feature in the 9X is the day-head in the stairway which leads from the main deck to the cabins.  Galley and crew cabins are located at midships in between the engine room and owners midships stateroom.  Power for the 9X comes from twin MTU 2638hp with top speeds up to 42 knots.  The 9X is proving a commercial success for Pershing with the fourth hull receiving order in the first days of the Cannes boat show.    
Technical Data:
LOA - 28.14 m (92.4ft)
Hull Length - 23,91 m
Waterline Length - 21 m
Beam - 6.23 m
Draft - 1.65 m
Displacement - 68 t unloaded, 79.4 t loaded
Fuel Capacity - 9000 l
Water Capacity - 1200 l
Accommodation - eight berths in four cabins, or six berths in three cabins, three/four crew in two cabins
Engines - 2 x MTU 16V2000 M96L 2638hp
Propulsion - Top System TS105 surface drives
Speed - 42 knots max 38 knots cruise
Range - 380 nm at cruise
Hull Shape - modified warped Vee with 12.5 degrees closing deadrise 
Construction - Scrimp vacuum infusion with carbon and epoxy resin
Project - Fulvio de Simoni
Certification - CE A 2013/53/EU, Certificate modules B + F + Aa Rina

May 22, 2017

Improve-It = Pershing 74

The Pershing 74 is a recent success and now for 2017 it too has been given a substantial improvement which mostly concerns the interior decor. The new key features are the updated shades and the new Alpi wood and lacquer details, which provide a common thread running through the different rooms, appearing in everything from curtains to mirror frames and bathroom cabinets. The sophisticated finishes and fine details can be seen in the lounge, furnished with a large, L-shaped corner sofa towards the stern, a central table with a smooth leather top and a structural unit with a retractable flat screen TV. Ceilings and bulwarks are covered with Poltrona Frau leather in a light shade especially created to finish these decorative features. The leather on the helm station and seating is also made by Poltrona Frau. It marvelously complements the other finishes and the white oak flooring.  The galley is mid-level between the main deck and below deck. The units are coated with white gloss lacquer and once again there is a contrasting effect thanks to the dark Corian top.  The lower deck magnificently blends natural light with Led lighting, creating appealing effects that really bring out the ivory and dark grey hues of the interiors. In the full beam master suite, the paneling covered with Vescom wallpaper is masterfully broken up by “strips” of Led lighting. Two burnished mirrors make the space feel bigger and there is a king-size bed upholstered with Poltrona Frau leather, as well as two Artemide wall lights. Rounding off the furniture is a chaise lounge with textile upholstery by Zimmer + Rohde.  The style of the master suite is reproduced in both the fore VIP suite and the guest cabin, which comes with two parallel beds and can be fitted with a pull-man bed on request. They are all adorned with the same dark grey lacquer detailing, ceiling coverings, ice-colored bulwarks and Poltrona Frau leather upholstery. There are ivory carpets in all of the cabins. The basins in the bathrooms are made by Brera and the mixer taps by Ritmonio.  The Pershing 74 is equipped with twin MTU 1948hp which give a top speed of 44 knots and a cruising speed of 40 knots, while offering maximum comfort with the trim at all times.

April 21, 2017

Improve-it = Pershing 82 VHP

Pershing 82 now coming with the title of VHP which means Very High Performance has been recently shown some important improvements and is now capable of breaking the fifty knot barrier with an astonishing cruise speed of 45 knots. This is all thanks to the new combination of twin MTU 2638hp together with Top System surface propellers.  In order to accommodate these changes, Pershing’s team of designers and engineers has altered the layout of the engine room, the heights of the stern garage and the positions of the air intakes. The interiors of the Pershing 82 VHP meet the exceptional standards set on the performance front. They are luxurious and feature a tasteful array of superlatively sophisticated, quintessentially Italian products and style.  Dark or pale streaked oak embellished with numerous dark grey lacquered details creates a refined atmosphere in the main lounge: a large, pleasant open space where guests can take it easy, surrounded by enchanting Poltrona Frau furnishings and leather. The items of furniture include a sizeable “Quadra” sofa and a “Laurana” wooden table with a glass top. Poltrona Frau is one of Pershing’s long-standing partners and has also upholstered the large helm station and the three ergonomic, sporty seats for the captain and the co-pilots.  The interior design scheme reaches its artistic and creative zenith below deck. At the bottom of the steps is an area providing access to the four cabins. The corridor is decorated with alternating mirrored bulkheads and full-length paneling with metallic patterned Ăˆlitis wallpaper.  A strip of LED lighting on the floor emphasizes the wall profile and boosts the sense of depth in the surroundings. The same stylistic effect appears in the master suite, on both the forward and stern bulkheads. Two burnished mirrors make the cabin feel even bigger.  In addition to the master and VIP suites, both equipped with en-suite bathrooms, the main area features two guest cabins with a shared bathroom. Taking pride of place in the heads are Bisazza mosaics, Pomd’or accessories and exquisite Antoniolupi basins. The outer doors of the cabins are covered with Poltrona Frau leather.  On request, the starboard guest cabin can be replaced by a media room that opens out on to the lobby. Aluminium LED profiles are used in the ceiling lighting system, which has also been overhauled in all of the rooms.

September 15, 2016

New Model: Pershing 5X

Possibly the most waited model of recent times, the new Pershing 5X presented last week in full fashion at the Cannes 2016 boat show. Designed as usual by Pershing's all time designer Fulvio de Simoni, the Italian status symbol builder does it again with one of the most forward looking and thinking sport yachts in the market today.  It is that 21 years later when Pershing launched the 54 in October 1995 at the Genoa boat show, and a bunch of other models before and after the Mondolfo Adriatic sea builder has again that special one in its hands which re-invents the wheel.  A lot of question had arisen when the design of the new Pershing 5X was presented last year. How will the side fins look and work in a smaller model to the 70 being the most important one being asked.  The 5X is also a breakthrough for the Ferretti Group being the first model equipped with Volvo IPS pod propulsion.  Better late then never some may say, since IPS was introduced some time ago in 2004!  Nothing new for the Ferretti Group who always had technological innovation coming from the inside rather then third party elements.  The superb news for Pershing is that the market is already giving full positive feedback to the 5X, with seven orders being made previous to the launch of hull one, which I am sure will be at least double to that after the fall boat show season has ended.
Technical Data:
LOA - 16.51 m (54.2ft)
Hull Length - 15.3 m
Waterline Length - 12.9 m
Beam - 4.38 m
Draft - 1.35 m
Displacement - 20,900 kg unloaded, 25000 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 2200 l
Water Capacity - 416 l
Max Persons - 12
Accommodation - 4 berths in 2 cabins, or 6 berths in 3 cabins, single crew cabin in replacement of third cabin
Engines - 2 x Volvo 725hp, Cats 12.9 1000hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking IPS950 pod drives, or surface drives with Cat 1000hp engines
Speed - 45 knots max 41 knots cruise with Cats 1000hp, 36 knots with Volvo 725hp IPS 
Range - 290 nm at 41 knots cruise with Cats 1000hp surface drives option
Project - Fulvio de Simoni
Certification - CE B

February 2, 2016

Project: Pershing 5X

After many years we see Pershing coming to the sub sixty feet sizes with a total new project, the 5x. I remind to my readers that the last new project in this size from Pershing was the 56 from 2005, which later on became the 58 and today is the 62. The 5x is an innovative departure for Pershing which takes design cues from the much acclaimed and best selling 2014 introduced 70, and brings them in a smaller package of 54 feet length-over-all.  The 5x will also bring some first not only for Pershing but for all the Ferretti Group, with the 5x being available with Volvo IPS pod drives, along with the usual high performance surface drives option.  Yes it has been ten years plus since 2005, when IPS was presented to the public and Ferretti Group publicly never showed interest in the forward looking pod system. Honestly this is a curious turn of events, and will be interesting if we see more Ferretti Group boats with IPS pod drives from now on.  The Pershing 5x will have a one layout of two double cabins, including a full beam midships owners cabin, and VIP suite to fore. In between the cabins is a C-shaped dinette to port side, and L-shaped galley opposite.  So far the 5x is offered in a two cabins layout, but seeing the main deck is of the enclosed or fully open hydraulic variant, I think it would be easy for Pershing to offer a third cabin option albeit small in replacement of the dinette below.  From the layout rendering I can see the Pershing 5x feeling bigger to what actually she is, especially when looking or coming from aft, with an interesting large yacht feel coming from the aft-deck going to the side deck up until midships. As this whole area will be of a flat deck format, no steps.  Now performance numbers, the Volvo IPS will have the 725hp units and will give 35 knots max speed and 30 cruise.  Cat surface drives option will be of 1000hp and give a 45 knots top speed to the 25 ton Pershing 5x.

November 14, 2015

Project: Pershing 140

It was always a question of when for Pershing to present a new flagship.  The Pershing 140 comes again from the hands of designer Fulvio de Simoni.  Apart this she will have a couple firsts for the Adriatic sea based shipyard; most important is that she will be built in alloy at Ferretti Group's sister company CRN Ancona facilities, and that it's bow will be of the vertical design type.  The Pershing 140 will be full of technical innovations and even though De Simoni went for a two and a half deck design the semi wide body hides the second deck pretty well, making the raised pilot house appear as the main deck.  The 140 will also feature the stern stanchions, as the much acclaimed 70.  Pershing's 140 will be available in various speed configurations subject to engine and propulsion systems with the Ferretti Group engineering department advising a wide range of 30 to fifty knots max speeds.   

August 18, 2014

New Model: Pershing 70

Pershing and its always standing designer Fulvio De Simoni has always been a brand which makes subtle forward movements in its careful but yet future looking designs. Yet this just launched 70 seems to bring a novelty at Pershing, coming from the buttresses which integrate into the aft deck from the hard top. It's an interesting design elements which reminds me of the Pershing 88 and 76 models. Two things will be worth to note. Will this be copied as when Pershing introduced the rounded integrated wind screen back in the early nineties, and will we see this in other models. I think it all depends how much this model will sell. On the inside the Pershing 70 continues the evolution design of the brand with a main living on the main deck and three double cabins below in the standard deck plan. A two double cabin plan with only the forward VIP suite, and the owners midships stateroom is also available. In this layout the third cabin is replaced by an L-shaped saloon. The galley is located below, while a crew cabin is located at midships in between the engine room and the owners cabins. Power is twin 1623hp MTU engines with surface drives. Top speed estimates are wide open throttle of 44 knots and a cruise of 39, which give a range of 265 nautical miles.    
Technical Data:
LOA - 21.44 m (70.4ft)
Hull Length - 20.8 m
Waterline Length - 17.14 m
Beam - 5 m
Draft - 1.35 m
Displacement - 40,200 kg unloaded, 46,040 kg loaded
Fuel Capacity - 3500 l
Water Capacity - 900 l
Accommodation - 6 berths in 3 cabins or 4 berths in 2 cabins, 1 crew cabin berth
Max Persons - 16
Engines - 2 x MTU 10v 2000M94 1623hp
Propulsion - Top System 8sp surface drives
Speed - 44 knots max, 39 knots cruise 
Range - 265 nautical miles at 39 knots cruise
Hull Shape - modified Vee shape with spray rails and seventeen degrees dead rise aft
Construction - vacuum infusion Scrimp system
Project - Fulvio de Simoni, Ferretti Group AYT
Certification - CE 2003/44 A, modules B + F + Aa issued by RINA

August 5, 2013

New Model: Pershing 62

On the 18th of July, the Marina dei Cesari hosted a new important moment in Pershing’s thirty years of history: the launching of the new 62 model. Over eighteen metres long and a little bit less to five meters in beam, the newest model was created by the since ever designer of Pershing Fulvio De Simoni, in collaboration with Ferretti Group Advanced Yacht Technology and Design the team of engineers, architects and designers.  The Pershing 62 touched the sea for the first time with great joy and the pride of all the Italian boat builder team. Throughout the coming weeks it will be tested and the on board preparation will take place. The vessel will then be ready for the official launching and delivery.  The Pershing 62 will be World previewed during the Cannes show in early September, and after that it will head to Genoa and the Fort Lauderdale show. The Pershing 56 and 58, two of the most successful models of the brand, naturally led to the new 62 which catches the eye immediately due to its sleek and streamlined profile. The hull line and superstructure are designed to give the boat an aggressive and sporty spirit, enhanced by the shape of hull glazing, a typical characteristic of the new Pershing direction.  The new 62 is designed to guarantee optimal performance at sea, and is available with two engine versions both from MTU: twin 1381, or optional 1524hp units. With the larger option, the Pershing 62’ reaches a top speed of 46 knots and a cruising speed of 42. The standard version of the Pershing 62’ is equipped with Searex surface propellers andupon request, it is possible to install an Autotrim system.  The first Pershing 62 unit was manufactured with a standard layout, including three cabins the owner's suite, a VIP and guest cabin at the bow, and three bathrooms with separate showers. The guest bathroom, which has a double entrance from the cabin and from the lobby on a midway floor, can also be used as a day toilet. Along the port-side wall there is the galley, which receives additional light from an opening in the ceiling. The alternative version has two cabins, the Owner's suite and a VIP cabin, while the guest cabin is replaced by a living room furnished with a queen size sofa bed. Both versions have a crew cabin which can be reached from the cockpit, with a single bed and integrated bathroom.
Technical Data:
LOA - 18.94 m (62.2ft)
Hull Length - 18.48 m
Waterline Length - 14.63 m
Beam - 4.80 m
Draft - 1.43 m
Displacement - 33.3 t light, 39 t loaded
Fuel Capacity - 3200 l
Water Capacity - 740 l
Accommodation - 6 berths in 3 cabins, or 4 berths in 2 cabins, 1 crew cabin berth
Max Persons - 14
Engines - 2 x MTU 10V2000 M84 1381hp, 10V2000 M93 1523hp
Propuslion - ZF Searex 120 surface drives
Speed - 46 knots max 42 cruise with MTUs 1523hp, 43 knots max 40 cruise with MTU 1381hp
Range - 300 nm at 40 knots and MTU 1381hp
Hull Shape - monohedron modified Vee with spray rails, 14 degrees deadrise aft
Project - Fulvio De Simoni, Ferretti AYTD
Certification - CE 2003/44 A, modules B + F + Aa (sound emissions) 

July 10, 2013

Project: Pershing 62

A new project from Pershing is always great news and the Adriatic sea builder now showcases a new 62, which is to be presented live in September at the Cannes boat show.  As is a trade mark for Pershing since its inception in the mid eighties this model is again a creation of Italian designer Fulvio de Simoni, with Ferretti Group technical departments taking care of the engineering details.   The Pershing 62 is an evolution of the 56 and 58 models, sold up till today in over seventy units, and features the same beam of 4.80 meters which suggest the hull should be the same for the most part, with an extra length of three feet.  Still the design of the super structure is entirely new with larger profile windows, and another important difference you get from a 58 to a 62 is also the full enclosed but possible to open all main deck arrangement. An interesting feat here is the single glass which slides down behind the L-shaped sofa which overlooks the aft deck.  Inside the Pershing 62 is offered in two layouts; a three or a two cabins option.  In the two cabins Master and VIP, the third cabin is replaced with a saloon which also has an option of having a convertible double berth.  So far no plans are available as it would be interesting how the layout is different to a 58.  A single berth crew cabin is featured in both the plans.  Power is twin MTU 1381 or optional 1523hp engines with ZF surface drives.  Top speed is 46 knots max with the large choice, three nautical miles per hour less with the smaller standard engines.  Pershing always offers smaller engine options but each time I am looking in brokerage web sites you hardly find a single unit with smaller power, so I don't know why they bother.

June 9, 2013

Improve-it = Pershing 115

The tenth hull of Pershing 115', flagship of the brand's fleet, who is among the leading manufacturers of high performance open motor yachts from 15 to 35 metres, was launched in the last few days at Marina dei Cesari, in Fano, Italy. The new launch represents an important result for the historic seat of the brand, the Mondolfo shipyard: the super sport yacht of 35 metres, representing the brand at its best, is characterized by refinement and performance. As a mark of the tradition which has made Pershing 115 a timeless model, hull number ten is characterized by sinuous, but decisive external lines with extraordinary performance, thanks to the collaboration between the architect Fulvio De Simoni, Advanced Yacht Technology and& Design, and the team of engineers and designers of the Ferretti Group.  Among the technological innovations it is worth mentioning in particular the highly innovative on board entertainment and domestics system, which can manage the audio, video and lighting systems directly from connected Apple devices – such as the iPad and the iPhone – and also makes it possible to monitor the utilities and the systems on board. Pershing 115 hull ten is a unique yacht of its own kind and it is worth noting the innovative slide in the stern garage that facilitates launching manoeuvres and the storage of a tender and the new type of opening from the bow hangar, which is in line with the family feeling of the Pershing ships: characteristics that contribute to making this new 115 a perfect balance between the traditional elements and some of the new innovations of the most recent models. Pershing 115 hull ten has a layout with four cabins; an Owner's suite and three guest cabins, which can host a total of ten people, and three crew cabins with five beds. A distinctive feature of every Pershing 115 is the personalisation that contributes to making the flagship of the fleet a unique product, varying from one model to another and which can be customized according to the Owner’s needs.  The peculiarity of this model is the elegance that distinguishes its interior design, characterized by the essence of a texture with grey tones, which combines well with the classic metallic outdoor areas and the hull, creating continuity among the various areas of the yacht. Distinctive are also the numerous Alcantara fittings, with sandy and ecru tones, present in the roof, wall and door finishes, which make Pershing 115 hull ten a vessel with an extremely contemporary style.  The boat is motorized by two MTU 3510 mhp engines combined with the applied thrust of two Kamewa hydro-jets.

December 9, 2012

Improve-it = Pershing 108

Presented at the Cannes show there was  a  more customized version of the three engines Pershing 108 described by the Italian firm as new edition.  The Pershing 108 is a 32 metres long super sport yacht that maximizes the concepts of personalization and versatility thanks to its layout that allows the owner and his guests to be the protagonists of the experience on board. In fact this new edition of the Pershing 108 has various new details that distinguish it from all the competitors in the same category. The chosen internal layout has four guest cabins; a full beam master suite amidships, a large VIP cabin forward and two guest cabins, one with twin beds and one with beds that can be used as single beds or a king size bed, and 3 crew cabins. The windows of the lower hull are also an original idea, since they have been enlarged at the bottom end so as to capture more natural light. The fabrics used are also innovative. Pershing 108 custom is the first yacht on which a special version of Alcantara was used for the exterior: in fact, all the sun beds and the sofas of the cockpit and the sun-deck are covered with this exclusive material which is particularly resistant to water.  The interiors are also prestigious, bearing the best designer names of the Made in Italy: Poltrona Frau, Armani Casa, Ernestomeda, Antonio Lupi, Penta Light and Zanotta.  Versatility and elegance are the strengths of this model, without underestimating its high level of performance the Pershing 108 New Edition has three MTU engines of 2638hp and thanks to the three surface propellers it reaches a top speed of more than 42 knots.