July 31, 2023

Monthly News - July 2023

-pic of the month- Spencer Honour at Twentieth Carolina Boat Builders Tournament

Alva Yachts New COO

Alva Yachts, the German builder of luxury electric solar catamarans and sail boats, has announced marine specialist and former Oyster Yachts Chief Operating Officer, Peter Hamlyn, as its new COO based out of the brand’s Antalya shipyard.  Following a successful career which started at Princess Yachts in the late 1980s as an apprentice, right through to management spanning a thirty year service before moving to Fairline as Operations Director in 2018 and then Oyster in 2021, Peter joins Alva at an exciting time as it head towards its first Ocean ECO 60 getting on the water this autumn.  When asked what attracted him to the role at ALVA Peter said: “I met Alva’s CEO Holger Henn and our careers have taken almost identical paths both originally starting as carpenters. We share the same passion for the ocean, ethics and work culture and having spent three weeks on the road with Holger exploring every corner of Alva’s business from Antalya to Dubia, Bulgaria to the UK and Germany, I was inspired and excited to join the team.  “Having worked in the marine industry my whole life, teamed with my love of nature, I wanted to be a part of something great, something that would keep me in the marine sector but more responsibly. I’ve followed ALVA since the start and although its new technology and beautiful lines caught my attention, its innovation to move to full electric and hydrogen is something else and to me, this was a game changer for the industry.”  Holger Henn, CEO at Alva Yachts said of Peter’s appointment: “We are extremely happy to welcome Peter to the Alva family, his experience and knowledge in the industry is unmatched and everyone in the team is excited to work with him.”  Peter joins a new team at Alva consisting of experienced boat builders, engineers and technical experts which although in its infancy brings with it the advantage of not having a pre-existing culture of a much larger and well-established business.  “I’m really looking forward to the opportunity to really create something great, something to be proud of, have fun whilst working hard, challenging the norm whilst building a sustainable future for our children and their children and feel strongly that it’s the right time to be giving back.  “Developing people is something I have always had a passion for, having been the first executive at Princess to be internally promoted from the shop floor. This precedence led the way for a culture of internal promotions and training. Alva’s yachts are still made with artisan skills, not robots and although there is higher tech than when I started my career, most of the work is still done by hand by a team with a real eye for perfection.”  Naturally Peter has his own boat, a Sea Ray SPX210 which he says is perfect to take his grandchildren out on and enjoy the Cornish coastline from his family’s base in Plymouth, Devon. With marine ingrained in the family’s blood, his youngest daughter looks after Princess’s apprentice program within its training academy and his son, having passed his marine engineering exams, also works at Princess building its new S75. Alva Yachts is bringing yachting into a new era with electrified solar catamarans and sailing yachts that combine self-sufficient, long-range cruising capabilities and class-leading design, delivering the best boats for forward-thinking explorers. The brand’s first Ocean ECO 60 is expected to take to the water this autumn with the Ocean ECO 90 following by the end of the year. It is also currently building the world’s first fuelless 90ft superyacht catamaran with wings, the Ocean ECO 90 H2 as well as the Ocean ECO 78.

Apreamare New North Italian Dealer 

Apreamare, the world renowned, historic shipyard designing and building boats since 1849, has signed a distribution agreement with Pedetti Yacht as the exclusive dealer for northern Italy. The dealership is a market pillar whose offices throughout Italy have distributed some of the most reputed international yachting brands since 1995.

Azimut Live Deliveries in Sicily

MarineMax Yachts attended Azimut's tweleft Annual Yachting Gala in Sicily, Italy, where they brought over fifty US customers with them to experience first-hand where the innovative design for these luxurious yachts originates from.  This Gala is an annual celebration of the Azimut brand, which brought owners worldwide together for three-days of social events. MarineMax Yachts also hosted two days of "Pre-Gala" festivities for their clients, filled with a luxury dining experience and an excursion to Mount Etna.  Two customers were fortunate enough to take delivery of their spectacular yachts while at the event. One being a Magellano 30M and a Grande 36M both yachts sold by MarineMax Yacht Center in Pompano Beach, Florida.  Mike Bader met his clients back at the Cannes Yachting Festival in 2021. They owned a yacht at the time that they were looking to sell since it wasn't quite the right fit for them. Mike then guided them through the full Azimut display to discuss their options. About a year later, they decided on the new Magellano 30M. The owners embarked on their first outing with their yacht while in Sicily for the Azimut Yachting Gala, all thanks to the captain and crew that moved the boat from the factory in Viareggio to Sicily.  Janaina Pina met her client in 2013 at the Miami International Boat Show. He has owned five Azimut yachts since then and is a big enthusiast of the Azimut brand. He is from Columbia and an avid boater with a dream to have a delivery in the Mediterranean. With the help of MarineMax Yachts, they were able to make that happen for him. He took delivery of his Grande 36M during the Gala. He will bring his newest addition back to the US after his summer abroad.  With the excitement of deliveries in the air, two other customers joined in the fun while in Sicily, and they both decided to purchase a Fly 78 from MarineMax Yachts broker Charlie Helgeson. Charlie met the first couple three years ago at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show; they were looking to transition down from the northeast and wanted a boat to suit their new Florida lifestyle. They looked at several different size options, but they ultimately decided to hire a full-time captain so they could purchase their first Azimut, a FLY 68. But once they got to Sicily, the FLY 78 spoke to them, and they chose to upgrade right then and there.  Charlie met the other couple at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in 2022. They currently have a 37' Sea Ray at their new home in Fort Lauderdale and have used this boat to dip their toes into the boating lifestyle. Charlie then invited them to the Azimut Yachting Gala to get to know them and their boating needs a little more. Once they were in Italy, they considered the FLY 68 but ended up choosing the FLY 78 and are currently finalizing their décor selections. 

Beneteau and Volvo Share Hybrid Propulsion Data

Volvo Penta and Groupe Beneteau joined forces to host a collaborative, hands-on testing event for an innovative hybrid-electric experience in June. Developed with a third-party market research analyst, a formal questionnaire was used to capture actionable data the two companies will use as guidance towards the future boating experience. The goal was to seek feedback and input from a variety of consumer boating industry experts on how the hybrid-electric experience could shape the future of boating.  The event took place at the Volvo Penta Krossholmen Test Facility in Gothenburg, Sweden, and included boating media, dealers and customers. Guests were invited to participate in a conceptual boating experience that featured the strengths of both Volvo Penta and Groupe Beneteau Volvo Penta's hybrid-electric system integrated into a leisure boat that showcases the latest advances in sustainability, intuitive operation and near-silent cruising.  Along with the opportunity to engage with expert demos and hands-on test driving, guests were also interviewed exclusively one-on-one to capture for their reflections on the value of the hybrid-electric experience and how it could transform boating behaviour.  A stunning 72% of attendees indicated a high likelihood of choosing a hybrid-electric system for their next boat purchase after testing the vessel. This remarkable insight helps prove the trend toward market readiness for hybrid-electric boating solutions and may well forecast them as the next evolutionary step in sustainable boating.  The hybrid-electric boat featured by Volvo Penta and Groupe Beneteau presents no compromise, embodying the best of both worlds — the range and top speed of a conventional combustion engine vessel and the minimized carbon emissions of an electric driveline. It has a top speed of 35 knots and the ability to cruise up to 10 knots on electric power alone. The plug-in parallel hybrid features two Volvo Penta D4-320 engines alongside two 60 kW electric motors. The electric motors and combustion engines work together to deliver responsiveness and smooth acceleration boost.  Headline features include onboard battery banks that can store 67 kWh and a unique Human Machine Interface (HMI) that seamlessly switches among Electric, Hybrid and Power modes. This robust battery storage can expand the horizons of exploration, offering the opportunity to live off-grid, without running a generator or combustion engine, and explore otherwise-restricted areas, such as protected waters or near wildlife habitats. A fully integrated experience includes Volvo Penta Joystick Docking and Dynamic Positioning System in electric mode, for a fine-tuned level of precision and control.

Cranchi Celebrates Sweden Midsummer 2023

On 23rd June, to mark the summer solstice, Sweden celebrated Midsummer. The longest day of the year is celebrated outdoors with friends, amidst songs, toasts and picnics based on smoked or marinated salmon, herrings in brine and strawberries.
And the many archipelagos dotted along the Swedish coastline are the ideal destination for midsummer. We chose to take the advice of Johan Stübner, who works in Marstrand for Fair Marin, and headed out towards the evocative archipelago of Bohuslän on the west coast.
To “hop” from one island to the next, we chose the E30 Endurance, an elegant, practical walkaround. Easy to handle and offering excellent sailing performance, the E30 Endurance is equipped with everything you need for a perfect day at sea. And the longer the day, the more you can enjoy the style and features of the Cranchi yacht.

Feadship Unprecedented Peak Behind The Scenes

The seven-part podcast series explores the elusive and largely hidden world of pure custom creation and the future of superyachts. In the hierarchy of human wants, superyachts sit atop the luxury pyramid. Once modestly sized and human in scale, over the past twenty years yachts have grown exponentially into floating villages that typically top 100 metres in length. In terms of size, cost, complexity and prestige, today’s superyachts are rivalled only by private spacecraft. In ‘Feadship Uncovered’, journalist and writer John Weich explores why billionaires are willing to line up to own a Feadship, or, to avoid the waiting list, buy one second hand.

Ferretti Group Enters Tenth Monaco Energy Boat Challenge

Ferretti Group is taking part in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, the international event organized by the Monaco Yacht Club, from July 5 to 8, that brings together yachting world professionals for a week of performance tests and networking opportunities involving the entire industry.  Founded in 1953 by Prince Ranieri and led since 1984 by its president Prince Albert II, the Monaco Yacht Club, of which Ferretti Group is one of the historical main partners, has an ambitious plan to make Monaco the world capital of modern yachting by organizing around 30 international events in this sector, one them being the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, which has a mission to bring together the best designs and the most virtuous companies in terms of sustainable innovation, with a focus on zero-emission propulsion projects in the recreational boating sector.  Young people and universities are the real protagonists of this event, which aims to raise awareness of increasing sustainability in the world of yachting, with the main aim of reducing emissions by leveraging research and innovation.  Ferretti Group participation, main partner of this event as well, is playing a dual role at the event, with Ferretti Group Head of Engineering and Design Nino Ascone providing content in the panel discussion entitled “Sustainability Transition: challenges, engagement & adoption”, planned for July 6 at 9 a.m., plus an adrenaline-pumping experience on the water with the Group's participation in the YCM E-Dock & YCM E-Boat Rally, an endurance event for electric yachts.  Representing the Group’s sustainability path is the Riva El-Iseo prototype, Riva’s first full-electric powerboat, presented to international markets in the magical 180th anniversary year celebrated by the brand that unites iconic status and tradition with the new challenges of sustainable progress. El-Iseo has a traditional stern drive propulsion system and an electric motor capable of delivering unprecedented speed and acceleration performance, with a top speed limited to 40 knots and an acceleration curve that is significantly better than conventional boats of the same size.  In recent weeks, in a further demonstration of its determination to continue in this direction, Ferretti Group has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Enel X Way to develop strategic solutions and services in the field of sustainable recreational boating in Italy. The first step in this collaboration is the installation of Enel X Way charging stations at the Group’s shipyards in Italy, starting with Sarnico on Lake Iseo.

Ferretti Group and Foransetti

Ferretti Group, a world leader in the design, construction and marketing of luxury yachts, has formed a high profile partnership with Fornasetti, the Italian brand internationally renowned for its iconic designs and artisan craftsmanship. This collaboration between luxury yachting and the unique aesthetic sensibility of Fornasetti stems from their shared passion for art and design, which is based on the pursuit of excellence and innovation to create a heritage of timeless refinement and beauty. One of the values that best defines the identity of both Ferretti Group and Fornasetti is in fact their Made in Italy culture, which translates into a commitment to offering prestige products that combine typically Italian elegance, style, creativity, top quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Another key value underpinning the collaboration is the concept of made-to-measure, which Custom Line, Riva and Fornasetti apply in every project they undertake to ensure their customers enjoy a unique aesthetic experience that reflects their tastes and personality. Of the seven brands making up Ferretti Group’s broad portfolio, Custom Line has for nearly 30 years been designing and building contemporary superyachts in composite materials or aluminium that are completely made-to-measure, with custom interiors reflecting the owner’s desires, character and approach to the sea. Advanced technology and ingenious functional solutions go hand in hand with the brand’s inimitable design to create distinctive and stylish yachts that deliver impeccable quality and attention to detail. As has been the case for over 180 years with the yachts built by Riva, the Ferretti Group brand known the world over as an emblem of elegance, excellence, beauty and iconic appeal. Respect for tradition and the ability to build on its invaluable heritage work together with a strong commitment to innovation and untiring pursuit of excellence to produce masterpieces of naval art. This is the world now joined by the fascinating creative forge that is Fornasetti, which set out in 1940 to realise its dream of endowing everyday objects with high cultural value and of using decoration to send out an artistic message. In doing so, Fornasetti has over the years created its own visual language, one that is unique in its refined artistic style formed of imagination, humour, nostalgia, metaphor and allusion, and capable of transforming furniture, accessories and ceramics into original ‘conversation pieces’. Everything in this Milan atelier is still exclusively handmade by skilled artisans in annual limited editions, using a process that ensures each product is a stunning art multiple. So, Fornasetti’s decorative art joins Ferretti Group’s luxury yachting universe to create elegant and original ambiences that will give customers an exclusive and immersive experience. It’s here that the design and craft work associated with the Atelier’s “thinking with your hands” approach come together to produce floating works of art. As a result of this collaboration, the interior design of the private room at Riva’s La Spezia shipyard features Fornasetti furniture and accessories. In this way, a shipyard renowned for excellence in luxury yacht building becomes a meeting point at the intersection of art, design and navigation. Riva and Custom Line’s partnership with Fornasetti opens a new chapter in the history of Italian design, and in the coming months will be presenting surprising new projects that promote creativity and craftsmanship.

Jarrett Bay Blazing Tournament Trails

Many Jarrett Bay boats and their crews are hitting the leaderboards on the tournament circuit from the Atlantic Coast to Bermuda and beyond!  Bermuda Triple Crown; Hull 59 Builder's Choice takes first place overall, Bermuda Big Game Classic Hull 48 Iron Leader 1st place, Game Fish Bermuda Billfish Blast  Hull 54 Waste Knot third overall, Bermuda Billfish Blast  Hull 59 Builder's Choice second overall, .and Bermuda Billfish Release Cup Hull 54 Waste Knot second overall.  Jarrett Bay was also successful at the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament.  Over twenty of the 271 boats fishing the 65th Annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament were custom Jarrett Bays. By the end of the tournament, several of these Jarrett Bay teams claimed over $800,000 of the total tournament purse of $5,835,075!  Congratulations continue to Capt. John Thompson and the crew of Hull 52 TLC for being named returning champions at Jimmy Johnson's Quest for the Ring Atlantic City Championship Fishing Week. Their 568 lb blue marlin, 70.5 lb white marlin and a strong showing in the release category helped them secure the win and a sweet $474,412.50 prize!  While the crew of the Jarrett Bay 48 Express, Freddy Joe takes first place at the Montauk Canyon Challenge with a 138 lb big eye, 101 lb yellow fin and a 42 lb mahi.

Pardo Celebrates Fifty Years

Not many nautical brands can boast of a career as long and successful as that of Cantiere del Pardo, which, after writing 50 years of yachting history, is still an international point of reference and a business model for future generations.  Established in 1973 from the vision and passion of Giuseppe Giuliani Ricci, and today firmly steered by the CEO Fabio Planamente and by the President Gigi Servidati, Cantiere del Pardo is the perfect example of a successful Italian company which, thanks to its deep and solid roots, has looked to the future and risen to new challenges with confidence, always combining innovation and tradition.  With three days full of events, the celebrations of Cantiere del Pardo are beginning in Portopiccolo, Trieste, to mark 50 years of activity and successes for this shipyard, which in 2023 still has same appeal it had at its début.  From the 23rd to the 25th of June Cantiere del Pardo gathered around designers, dealers from all over the world (from Thailand to the United States), leading personalities in the yachting industry and above all shipowners, Italian and beyond, to pay homage to a company that has been able to build a successful story step by step. The celebrations opened with an exciting Gala dinner, held in the beautiful setting of the Sistiana Bay, and then continued, on the following days, with two moments of aggregation, fun and healthy competition: the traditional Grand Soleil Cup, at its 21st edition, and for the first time ever the Pardo Water Rally.  

Pearl Yachts Celebrates 25 Years

Pearl Yachts celebrated its 25th anniversary alongside Mallorca Marine Group, the brand’s longest established dealer. From the 28th to the 30th of July, the Rendez vous at Puerto Portals’ famed marina gathered the brand and community, as well as the fleet, to put Pearl on display like never before. Specifically, guests were invited on board the Pearl 62, the new Pearl 72, and the Pearl 95 to discover the British builders’ latest lineup. Anticipation of the upcoming Pearl 82 launch fed into the celebration as well, with exclusive previews of the new model.  Pearl was first conceived in 1998 when Iain Smallridge, an experienced captain, and John Yarnold, a local businessman, began building 41’ and 45’ aft cabin yachts to compete with the best yacht builders in the world. In 2003, Margaret & Tony Whittaker, entrepreneurs, and yachting enthusiasts, decided to invest in the brand and brought their vision to produce a range of sleek, stylish flybridge yachts to attract the most discerning Mediterranean yacht buyers. The new range became reality, starting with the Pearl 55. Pearl Yachts Owner, Margaret Whitaker OBE emotionally explained, “To see our efforts manifest over two and a half decades has put the whole Pearl family in the mood to celebrate. I couldn’t be prouder of the team, not just for where we stand today, but also when I think back over the years. We faced challenges, defied the odds, and carved out a new enclave in the yachting sector, which I can confidently compare to any brand on the market today. There’s no feeling like the creeping sense that what we have built is here to stay, that this dream isn’t going to end – and it’s because we dreamed it together.”  The development and growth of Pearl took off with world-renowned Bill Dixon as naval architect and Kelly Hoppen CBE as the interior designer exclusive to Pearl. In fact, Pearl has pushed the boundaries of design from the beginning by finding creative ways to offer a unique combination of features in every model. The advantages of the brands exclusive design team became clear, pushing Pearl into direct competition with the largest producers of flybridges in the world and earning a flurry of awards across various categories at the same time. While the shipyard maintains its commitment to fully designing and producing each model as a boutique, the range has steadily shifted upwards toward larger dimensions. The growing recognition of the latest generation has awakened curiosity about whether Pearl will break through 100 feet, applying the brand’s transformative design philosophy deep into the superyacht market.  Commenting on the important milestone, Pearl Yachts Managing Director Iain Smallridge said, “Pearl’s 25th Anniversary has come along at an important time in our history. There’s so much movement, and we keep taking risks, seeing results. The latest generation of Pearls is having such an impact because of the path we’ve taken to this point, and this event was the perfect opportunity to get together and show our appreciation, remember the past, and talk about the future.”

Riva Lounge Back at Porto Cervo

As every owner, fan and dreamer knows full well, the word Riva immediately conjures up an image of crystal clear water, amazing views and summer days spent in locations to die for.  Locations like the gorgeous Costa Smeralda, which sets the scene again this summer for Riva’s magnetic appeal and signature style at the Riva Lounge, back for the third year running against the magnificent backdrop of the Porto Cervo Waterfront in Sardinia.  With the glamorous allure and appeal of every Riva Destination – in exclusive locations around the world such as Venice, Monte Carlo, Paris, Mykonos, Opatija and Palm Beach – the Riva Lounge in Porto Cervo offers guests a high-class atmosphere for refined cocktails with a view out to sea. The Lounge is decorated in the unique 1950s Dolce Vita style that has always inspired yachting enthusiasts and lovers of beauty, enriched with furnishings and signature details typically found on Riva boats, like the chrome, the steel, the mahogany and the famous aquamarine cushions.  With its inviting and sophisticated design, the Porto Cervo Riva Lounge embodies the “Riva inside, inside Riva” concept that extends the brand’s values beyond yachting, offering a taste of the legendary appeal of the world’s most famous boats on dry land too. The Lounge also has a corner dedicated to the Riva Boutique, the collection of unique and original objects featuring the brand's hallmark style, which can also be purchased online from www.rivaboutique.it. Rounding out the experience, Riva Lounge guests will also find cocktails and drinks named after the brand’s iconic yachts, prepared by talented mixologists inspired by local excellence.  Officially opened on June 24 in partnership with the Costa Smeralda Waterfront, in an initiative promoted by Smeralda Holding, the Riva Lounge will welcome guests until Sunday September 3rd. The amazing location, with a new design penned by Gio Pagani, also features some prestigious names from the world of international luxury, as well as the refined Ferretti Group VIP Lounge and the Range Rover House by Ferretti Group’s top tier automotive partner.

Riviera Announces New Apprenticeship Opportunities

Riviera is now offering Year 11 and 12 school students and those interested in a full-time apprenticeship an outstanding opportunity to explore a career in the growing and fulfilling marine industry with Australia's largest luxury motor yacht builder.  The opportunity to choose from a wide range of trades is available from marine craft construction and polymer processing to cabinetmaking, upholstery, electrical and engineering.  This month, aspiring apprentices can see and learn more during three fact-filled information evenings held at the Riviera facility at Coomera on Queensland’s Gold Coast. The first evening on Tuesday 11th is fully booked, with places currently available for Wednesday, July 19 and Thursday, July 27. The information evenings begin at 5.30pm and provide an early opportunity for year 11 and 12 school students to consider a marine industry career starting in January 2024.  For people considering a full-time apprenticeship, these evenings provide a chance to better understand the immediate start opportunities that are on offer with Riviera in polymer processing (composites) and marine craft construction. These are the skills required to create every element of a luxury motor yacht, from hulls and decks to hard tops and small parts.  The Riviera apprentice training program has been long recognised for its excellence, receiving state and national industry and government awards. Hundreds of craftspeople have graduated from the program since its inception, many of whom have also received individual awards for their excellence.  The Riviera training program offers so much more than an apprenticeship. Many additional personal development training courses form part of this unique apprenticeship opportunity, teaching leadership, life and business skills that will stay with graduates throughout their life.  Riviera's owner, Rodney Longhurst, says school grades are less important than a great attitude, eagerness to learn from the best master craftspeople and willingness to grow in a selected trade.  As well as learning about the career opportunities, attendees will tour the factory during the information evening to see first-hand how Riviera's luxury yachts are built and the variety of skills involved in creating them.  They will hear from a number of men and women who began their careers as first-year and school-based apprentices with the company.  Advice will also be offered during the information sessions on how to apply for a Riviera apprenticeship to ensure the best possible chance of selection.  Year 11 students have the opportunity of a week of work experience in the September/October 2023 school holidays as a step towards a school-based apprenticeship in Year 12 that involves one day of work with Riviera each week in the first year.  Students currently in Year 12 may apply for full-time apprenticeship to begin in January 2024.

Sabre and Back Cove and Serendipity

In a serendipitous turn of events, a yacht broker from Connecticut played a part in reuniting a historic guitar with its maker.  Sabre and Back Cove Yachts recently hosted itsr dealer meeting in Nashville, TN with representatives from our dealerships around the country and the world.  Why did a Maine-based boatbuilder host an event in Nashville? Well, there are a couple good reasons! The first is that logistically-speaking, it is a relatively central location as Sabre and Back Cove have a strong network of dealers all over. Secondly, and much more interestingly, there is a family connection between Sabre and Back Cove and Gibson. The Chairman, Daniel Zilkha, has lead Sabre since the early 1990’s and Back Cove since its inception, while his son, Nat Zilkha, is the current Chairman of Gibson Guitars. Talk about a really neat connection between two iconic American manufacturing brands from very different industries!  Part of the trip included a night at the Gibson Garage to celebrate dealers and give out the Dealer and Broker of the Year awards. As a part of the evening, we were treated to an incredible behind the scenes tour of the Garage with Mark Agnesi, Gibson’s Director of Brand Experience. One of the folks on the tour was the 2023 Back Cove Broker of the Year, Joe Nadeau, from Petzold’s Marine Center in CT. Joe was also part of the group that toured the Gibson manufacturing facility while we were in town.

Spencer Honour at Twentieth Carolina Boat Builders Tournament 

“To be recognized by my peers is one of my greatest accomplishments.”  - Paul Spencer.  Paul was honoured to be  introduced by fellow boat builder and friend Paul Mann at the 20th annual Carolina Boat Builders Tournament where he was presented with the first print of artist Steve Goione’s custom rendering of Paul’s 100th build “Centurion” by the artist himself,  Steve also surprised Paul with the first print of Paul’s 1st build, currently named “Bi-Op-Sea”.  The owners of the boat were kind enough to allow Paul to have the first print. 

Sunreef Industrial Expansion

With two shipyards in Gdansk, Poland, Sunreef Yachts boasts over 125 000m2 of industrial surface, with an infrastructure fully equipped for inhouse yacht manufacturing. Join the company on a private video tour of the offices, R&D lab, production halls, CNC hall, mast workshop, launching pool, ultramodern paint shop, upholstery workshop, and carpentry. Currently employing 2400 people, the Gdansk facility will see further developments in the near future.  Sunreef Yachts is currently developing a 65,000m2 new manufacturing facility in Ras Al Khaimah in the United Arab Emirates. Partly operational, it currently employs 120 people and will initially focus on the production of Sunreef Yachts’ new ULTIMA range of hybrid catamarans.  The RAK facility is using state of the art machinery, including the latest robotics. The site will be fully operational in September. The RAK shipyard works hand in hand with the company’s Dubai office, officially inaugurated during the Dubai International Boat Show.  

Sunreef Wins DNA Paris Award

The Sunreef 80 Eco, has been honoured with the prestigious DNA Paris Design Award in the category of Responsible Product Design.  DNA Paris Design Award is bestowed upon companies and individuals that exemplify exceptional creativity, design excellence, and a strong dedication to environmental responsibility.   The Sunreef 80 Eco is a remarkable sailing catamaran that embodies the perfect harmony between luxury and eco-consciousness. With its cutting-edge technology and innovative design solutions, the Sunreef 80 Eco sets new standards in responsible yacht manufacturing. This vessel incorporates advanced sustainable solutions, such as a revolutionary solar power system, state-of-the-art batteries, and electric propulsion systems, to offer the most responsible yachting experience in the world. 

Tankoa Adds Production Space

With ongoing commercial success, Tankoa continues to invest in and expand its construction facilities. To this end, it has acquired a plot of land in Genoa adjacent to the existing infrastructure. The area includes around 3,000m2 of covered space that will be dedicated to specialist carpentry, painting, joinery and the production of custom pools branded Tankoa. In addition, the shipyard is working on the construction of new administrative, technical and production offices. Last but not least, there is a plan for more production space by reorganising two existing sheds to have three yachts under construction simultaneously together with adjacent production offices.  Tankoa is doing everything possible to build around four/five units a year – and maintain high quality standards – while the search continues for an additional production site.  “It has been a very busy but rewarding few months for Tankoa with these new sales,” says Vincenzo Poerio, CEO at Tankoa Yachts. “That has created more pressure to expand our production capacity and we are making good progress in that direction with the latest acquisition in Genoa and other opportunities in the pipeline.”

Viking Manufacturing Visit

The team from boats.com recently visited Viking's two New Jersey plants to film their “Factory Fridays” feature, getting a first-hand look at how we build a better boat every day. Above: Their two-day stay began with Vice President of Design and Engineering, Lonni Rutt, showing reporter and show host Marilyn DeMartini our quarter-mile-long New Gretna plant, where we build Vikings from 38 to 90 feet and the Valhalla 55. On the second day, Viking Mullica General Manager John Leek IV brought the crew through our dedicated manufacturing facility for the V-33, V-37, V-41 and V-46. “We were so impressed with the size, scope and efficiency of the Viking operation and the hospitality of this 60-year, three-generation business,” says Marilyn. “The Healey family has been such a great leader in the marine industry, and we’ll enjoy sharing their story!” The Viking/Valhalla feature is scheduled to be released on boats.com in the coming weeks. Thank you to Marilyn and her crew for showcasing the magic behind Viking and Valhalla.

Viking Flying Records

The Viking Demo team is firing on all cylinders. The Viking 64 with captain Sean Dooley at the helm broke the one-day South Carolina state record with five blues in one day but it didn’t stop there. They released a total of 26 sails and seven blues in four days of fishing. Viking have two demos running this summer with the 64 joined by a Viking 80.

Viking Bermuda Billfish Blast

The Viking 68 Enclosed Bridge Unbridled claimed the Heaviest Gamefish at the Bermuda Billfish Blast. Captain Andy Morris put Ryan Small on a 46-pound wahoo for the honors. The 37-team field of 218 anglers caught 139 billfish during the event, including 108 blue marlin and 31 white marlin over three days of fishing. Thanks to our friends at Out Your Front Door for the great shot.

Viking at Los Cabos Release

Tag Team, a Viking 80, won the inaugural Los Cabos Release tournament. The crew released a dozen striped marlin during the single-day event. Over 20 teams fished this tourney, dedicated to leveling the game by only trolling dead bait and lures. All boats must be trolling forward when baiting and casting bait. Fishing from the bow is banned.

Viking at Blue Marlin Grand Championship

A Work of Art emerged victorious after angler Kevin Courville reeled in a blue marlin weighing 597.4 pounds. Captain Jason Buck, behind the wheel of Art Favre’s Viking 92, put Kevin on the 120.5-inch fish that he fought for two hours– in a thunderstorm! This team is the first repeat winner having also won the inaugural event in 2012 – with Kevin reeling in that winning fish, too. Every marlin weighed was donated to Cooper Farm, where volunteers processed the fish to provide food for families in need.  “The first time was phenomenal,” said Art. “But this time, 11 years later, it’s been even greater. The competition’s much more difficult; the quality of the other anglers and the captains has increased. And the boats are bigger, better and faster.”  The Top Release Boat was the Viking 72 Team Supreme. Alex Krake released six blue marlin for the win. Quick Time, a Viking 70, claimed 3rd Place Release Boat with Robert Burroughs' four blue marlin and one white marlin.  Reel Fire, a Viking 76, weighed the 2nd Heaviest Wahoo with Travis Dorland’s 32.4-pound fish. This was the final leg of the Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship Series – more on that next week!

Viking at Oak Bluffs Bluewater Classic

No Mercy, a Viking 55, added some hardware to their trophy case with 1st Place Overall Points and 3rd Place Billfish Points at the Oak Bluffs Bluewater Classic. Jeff Feuerman and his team released three blue marlin and one white marlin while also weighing a pair of big eyes and pair of yellowfin. The team also weighed the 3rd Place Wahoo at 67 pounds.  Second Place Boat was George Robinson’s Viking 64 Polarizer, which also claimed 2nd Place Billfish Points. But there’s more! Polarizer completed a historic Super Grand Slam – releasing a blue marlin, white marlin, swordfish and spearfish within 24 hours. The second storyline is that George reported the spearfish he released was a longbill spearfish, knowing that in the Oak Bluffs rules, only roundscale spearfish qualify. This honest reporting essentially moved Polarizer from 1st Place to 2nd Place. Longbill spearfish is an incredibly rare catch in the Northern Atlantic, so tournament directors sent the catch video to four independent marine biologists for verification – and it was indeed confirmed.  Tom Ripley’s Valhalla 46 Summersalt claimed 3rd Place Overall Points. The team released two blue marlin, three white marlin, as well as half a dozen meatfish.  John Clark, Top Junior Angler, caught the Heaviest Swordfish at 144 pounds. John was fishing on the Viking 58 Strictly Business. Gypsea, a Viking 66, caught the 1st Place Tuna with a 245-pound bigeye and the 1st Place Mahi, a 17.3-pound fish. The Viking 38 Playing Hooky weighed the 2nd Place Tuna at 225 pounds. Second Place Mahi was a 14.8-pound fish caught on the Viking 66 Reel Crazy. Lady Lisa, a Viking 55, claimed the 3rd Place Swordfish at 97 pounds and the Heaviest Wahoo, an 86-pound ‘hoo.  Sixty boats competed off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard.

Viking at Offshore Showdown

Krazy Salt’s led the leaderboard at South Jersey Yacht Sales’ Offshore Showdown. The Anderson family’s Viking 80 claimed 1st Places in Overall Points, White Marlin Points and Tuna Points. John Allen weighed the 2nd Place Tuna at 78 pounds. Top Male Angler Points was awarded to Jack Kraczewski with teammate Dan Daddit taking 2nd Place.  Second Place Overall Points went to the Viking 61 Good Chemistry. Fifteen-year-old Asha Chakrabarti caught the Heaviest Tuna with a 167-pound bigeye. This helped the team clinch the 2nd Place Tuna Points award and secure the Top Junior Female Angler title for Asha.  The Sport Fishing Championship’s Katie Sawyer interviewed Asha prior to the event. The passionate angler revealed that a bigeye was her targeted fish this summer. Goal met!  Viking 54 Irish Ayes angler Jay Pomante hooked the Heaviest Dolphin at 17 pounds, while Norm Gearhart on the Viking 64 Judge had the 3rd Place Dolphin. Roxanne Clubb, fishing on the Viking 50 Chain Reaction, weighed the 3rd Heaviest Tuna at 58 pounds.

Viking Triple Crown Champs

Marlin tournament season in the Gulf of Mexico means big fish and a serious adrenaline rush, and nowhere is that feeling more apparent than in the esteemed Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship Series.  This year’s grand champ is the crew on the recently delivered Viking 72 Team Supreme. The team hit their stride at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic and never looked back. Allen Krake released two blue marlin and Allen Krake Jr. a single to put the team on the leaderboard. The blues earned Team Supreme a 3rd Place Release title.  Allen was back at it with a pair of blue releases, while Alex Krake added one at the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic. Then, at the final event in the series, the Blue Marlin Grand Championship, Alex released five blue marlin and boated a 113-inch blue in just nine hours of fishing. And he added another the following day. This incredible feat propelled the team to 1st Place Release Boat and clinched the Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship for Team Supreme.  “I’m so happy for my Pops,” said Allen Jr. “This was a dream for him since we started fishing the circuit. It was a team effort all season, and we came together and fought till the last blue marlin was tagged!”  The Krake family and Captain Chase Lake have had an outstanding season with their new boat. “What an outstanding season for Team Supreme with their new boat,” said Carmine Galati of Galati Yacht Sales. “It’s awesome to see a great team at work, especially father and son fishing together – both great anglers. Team Supreme is a first-class operation.”  Briar Patch, a Viking 68, claimed 3rd Place in the Triple Crown standings. At the Orange Beach Billfish Classic, they were the only team in the 42-boat fleet to release three blue marlin – winning the Release category. During the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic captain Corey Hurst put Mitchell Rielley on a 544.2-pound 4th Place Blue Marlin – and the team released a blue at the Emerald Coast Billfish Classic.  The Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship consists of four billfish tournaments in which teams accumulate points. The tourneys include the Orange Beach Billfish Classic, the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic, the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic and the Blue Marlin Grand Championship.

Viking at JJ Fish Week

Viking had some wild days in its own backyard as Jimmy Johnson’s Atlantic City Quest for the Ring Championship Fishing Week drew 80 battlewagons to the shore resort. Winning the White Marlin category was the Viking 80 demo. Captain Sean Dooley put Thomas “Smalls” Garmany on the 72.25-inch fish that weighed 69.8 pounds – more than five pounds heavier than last year’s winning white. They also took 2nd Place Overall. With Captain Bill Davis behind the wheel, George Robinson’s Viking 64 Polarizer claimed Top Release Boat and 2nd Place High Point Boat. The team released a blue marlin and four whites while George also weighed the Heaviest Dolphin of the event with a 29.1-pound fish. Good to Go, a Viking 61, weighed the 2nd Place Tuna with Brendan Taylor’s 165-pound bigeye.  As part of a community initiative, Fish Week hosted a filet station at the scale where teams donated catches for the Boys & Girls Club of Atlantic City.

Viking at Lone Star Shootout

Fishing on his Viking 55 Desperado, Dane Braun weighed the heaviest blue marlin (above) at the Lone Star Shootout. Captain Andy Hollen was at the helm when the 703-pound blue struck. Sam Rasberry hooked the 2nd Place Blue Marlin aboard his Viking 74 Draggin’ Up. Sam’s fish weighed 576.5 pounds.  Instigator, a Viking 70 owned by Josh Owens, took 3rd in the Overall Boat and Release Boat divisions. The team released two blue marlin, five white marlin and three sailfish for the honors.  The Top Dolphin was 34 pounds – caught by Jonathan Williams on the Viking 45 True Story, while 2nd Place went to Viking 65 Relentless angler Jordan Zimmerman with a 32-pound fish.  Jeff Schmidt on the Viking 52 Say When weighed the 1st Place Wahoo at 36 pounds and Bobby Walters, fishing on Relentless, claimed the 2nd Place.  Mason Jones hooked the Top Tuna at 67 pounds while fishing on the Viking 62 Big Torch. Second Place Tuna was a 55-pound fish angled by Clift Thomas on the Viking 68 Mine Time.

Zeelander Celebrates Twentieth Anniversary

In 2002, Sietse Koopmans was looking for the yacht of his dreams. After exploring every option available on the market, he came to a realisation – everything else fell short. The only way to make his dream a reality, he decided, was to build it himself. Zeelander was born, and with it came the arrival of an iconic design that was engineered and built to a new benchmark.  This year, the boutique builder of exquisite motor yachts from 14.7 metres to 20.3 metres is celebrating 20 years at the pinnacle of handcrafted excellence. Combining the finest Dutch artisanal boatbuilding skills with exceptional design and engineering, and built in limited numbers at Zeelander’s state-of-the-art production facilities in the Netherlands, Zeelander yachts are admired and desired the world over for their elegant curves, luxury of finish and finesse, and unmatched comfort both at anchor and under way.  The range that began with the award-winning Z44 and Z55 now comprises three models, each carrying the same design cues and DNA as the originals. There’s the new Zeelander 5, at 14.7 metres, which is a subtle evolution of the Z44; the 17-metre Zeelander 6 serves as the ultimate weekender; and the 20.3-metre Zeelander 7 offers sublime cruising in a cocoon of comfort. They will soon be joined by a divine sibling, the details of which will be announced in due course.

Zeelander Golf Open 2023

A group of selected guests took part in an exclusive Zeelander golf event, held on the estate of Zeelander founder Sietse Koopmans.  Zeelander looks back at a successful first edition and look forward to organizing the Zeelander Open 2024.

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