July 30, 2023

Boat Ends on Breakwater in Loano

A fourteen meter sport cruiser ended aground on the nearabouts of the Marina di Loano breakwater on Sunday thirtieth July at around 1600 hours.  The helmsman and crew reported the accident, with the sport cruiser becoming immobilized from moving after hitting low water in close proximity to the marina entrance.  Immediate the assistance of the Italian Guardia Costiera, who helped the guests onboard to safety and later organized the operation to remove and take the sport cruiser to the Marina Loano shipyard for lift out for inspection and eventual repair. 
The sport cruiser in this grounding is a 1988 Giorgi 46 Open modified with custom hard-top.  A model released in 1987 to a design of Fulvio de Simoni and Gianni de Canio, the Giorgi 46 Open was born as the X 13S project, and was in its launch an innovative sport cruiser for offering three double cabins and clean lines. Thanks to this she was a good seller, competing in sales in those times with the slightly smaller also De Simoni designed Pershing 45. The Giorgi 46 was produced till 1996, with the Pesaro shipyard closing its doors in 1998, until the name is sold in the early noughties.

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