July 4, 2023

Project: Bluegame BGM75

The BGM75, the first model from Bluegame to enter the multihull segment with concept and naval architecture by Briand and design from Zuccon and Lissoni.  Bluegame and Sanlorenzo Group first multihull is different, creating from many points of view a new, parallel segment to the catamarans that have till today come on the market. Consistent with Sanlorenzo Group’s positioning, she is first and foremost a luxurious, beautiful yacht that “by chance” has not one but two hulls. Not even in this last feature, though, it can be compared to any existing catamaran on the market, primarily because from the first glance, the shape moves away from the “boxy” shape of a catamaran, thanks to the reduced width in favour of a ratio between beam and length closer to a mono-hull. This allows for the horizontal surfaces between the two hulls to connect creating a single volume as if it were a monohull; but with larger spaces and the possibility of having a full beam owner’s cabin of extraordinary dimensions. This layout is not possible on traditional catamarans, where the two hulls are too far apart to allow the aforementioned connection and are arranged separately inside the two hulls. Also viewed from the stern, thanks to the length-to-width ratio, the BGM75 is not comparable to traditional catamarans, where the two hulls are visibly separated. The aesthetic impact is of an elegant and balanced monohull and the space between the two hulls normally unused on traditional catamarans, conceals a garage for the tender, whose descent into the water is fully automated. The reduced width also allows the BGM75 to be moored between monohull boats and not between much larger superyachts, due to the disproportionate ratio between width and length. In the Unique Selling Proposition of the BGM75 there are many differentiating elements, but the most valuable one is the search for effective sustainable solutions, with particular reference to the reduction of consumption. It is precisely in this last aspect that the shipyard expresses with this model its full Research and Development capacity.​​  Bernardo Zuccon and Piero Lissoni the designers have been instrumental in creating many of the greatest successes of Bluegame and Sanlorenzo group, have fully grasped the power of such an avant-garde project, giving respectively a contribution to the external lines that makes them today the classics of the future and for the interiors an original approach in terms of lay-out, use of spaces and materials, resulting in maximum comfort, refinement and distinctive liveability.

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