July 24, 2023

Flybridge Cruiser Goes Down in Boston Harbor

A twelve meter flybridge cruiser with four persons onboard, two men and two women started sinking after hitting Quarantine Rocks off the North side of Peddocks Island in Boston Harbor around 16:30 hours of Sunday 23 July.  Massachusetts state Police Marine unit responded to the call of the flybridge cruiser helmsman with two officers and Marine Vessel 26 which was in patrol in the area, saving the four persons just as they jumped in the water for safety.  The four boaters where later transported to Charlestown Marina with one of the four boaters having a minor laceration injury being evaluated by Boston EMS.  The flybridge cruiser damage was a ripped port-side strut and one foot square hole, with Towboat US patching it, rigging it with half a dozen floating bags and towing her to Marina Bay for an emergency haul out. 
The flybridge cruiser in this sinking is a Maxum 4100 SCB produced from 1998 to 2002.  The Maxum 4100 SCB offers an accommodation of two cabins and was powered by twin Cummins 370hp for a top speed up to thirty knots.  Maxum was founded in 1987 by Brunswick as a bridge brand between the entry level Bayliner and up market Sea Ray.  Brunswick closed Maxum in 2009 and moved its production to Meridan only for it to close also this company in 2016.

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