July 2, 2023

Project: Tecnomar Evo 130

After six units delivered of the Evo 120, Tecnomar presents the project for an Evo 130.  Designed by Gian Marco Ciampanino the Evo 130 is a larger evolution of the modern line from Tecnomar, which launched in 2016 with the 55 Open model and arriving to the first 120 in 2018.  68 and 80 projects never materialized, although the 80 was at some point reported under construction.  An evolution in lines and design, the Evo 130 will be technically different from the smaller three meters sister, wider but also in hull shape with a semi-displacement which powered by twin Man 1800hp engines will give a top speed up to nineteen knots.  The Tecnomar Evo 130 will offer a six double guest cabins layout, with an owners stateroom on the forward part of the main deck.  Tecnomar says the Evo 130 is construction ready, although the first unit is not reported as sold yet.

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