July 23, 2023

Sport Cruiser Saved from Sinking in Procida

A twelve meter sport cruiser started sinking when cruising around Procida on the morning of Sunday 23rd July.  The reason for the sinking are a bit mixed, with some saying the sport cruiser hit a reef in the area, while others saying it had water ingress from one of the propulsions.  Procida is one of the three Flegrean Islands, the other two being the famous Capri, and the nearby Ischia which is also the largest of the archipelago.   
The sport cruiser in this sinking is a Rio 44 Sport Coupe presented in 2019 as evolution of the 2016 launched 44 Colorado but with patio door main deck.  Designed by Marino Alfani, Rio's designer for the last decade the 44 Sport Coupe offers a three double cabins layout, and is powered by Cummins 480hp on shafts or Volvo 435hp with IPS pod drives.

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