September 13, 2010

Project: Metamarine TNT48 Replica

After years of announcing it Metamarine boss Marco Penessi finally presents the production version of his TNT46 Corsa, with the TNT48 Replica. A machine which comes from his yard in San Benedetto del Tronto in Italy, and is build around winning diesel power which just a couple of days ago gave the World Evolution title to the Corsa version against the very challenging and renowned US petrol powered units. This is the second time Metamarine takes the title, after doing so in 2004 for the speed limited Super Sport class. Now comes a first in Evolution class, after five years of hard work and improvements on the 46 Corsa hull. Something rare in recent years from a European boat builder, but the TNT48 Replica brings the baggage of experience of the competition from the top Evolution class, with a fast diesel powerboat offering cruising amenities for four persons. The hull shape is a two step with the last of these flowing air to the aft in order to help lift the boat. Another rare detail is the transmission which is also build in house by Metamarine, what is a surface drive with a unique combination of turning and trimming shafts, and a central single rudder similar from a certain point of view to the old Levi Drive Unit. Construction is of sandwich Kevlar type, guaranteeing the best strength to weight combination. Also marking a return to production units are the engines which will be from twin Isotta Fraschini of 850hp. Isotta Fraschini was a legendary name for light weight high powered diesel units in the eighties. These twin diesel units should give a top speed of 80 knots, and a 280 nautical miles range.

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