September 15, 2010

Powerboat GPS - Siracusa Preview

We arrive to the last turn of the 2010 season for the Powerboat Grand Prix of the Sea, in the traditional atmosphere of Syracuse on the largest island of the Mediterranean that is Sicily. Unlike 2009 the stakes of the World title have already been decided, but that is not to say there is no remaining prices and competition to be held in the last way point, with European and Italian Championship still at stake.
60 Metamarine Forseti&Sguardi in Evolution, and 38 Baia Attolini in Supersport decided the 2010 World championship two rounds and a Grand Prix in advance, thanks to always consistent results and reliability. Now the two teams who also lead the European and Italian championship will head to this last round hoping to make a complete hat trick of the 2010 season, which will make it for them a year to remember, and surely a hard one to beat. But I am sure that the close competition of the other following fast boats in both the classes will make it all hard for them so that they also can celebrate the last round of the season with a celebration of there own.
Pos. Boat Name - Team Name ~ Points
1. 60 Metamarine Foresti&Sguardi - Metamarine Corse ~ 151
An impressive season with reliability and a worst third place. Unstoppable.
2. 88 SNAV-Kiton - OSG Racing Team ~ 86
Sfortune moments for 2010 champions. But 010 challenge was more difficult to 09.
3. 33 Furnibo - 2B1 Racing Team ~ 79
Again shows speed in Bacoli. But for a title fast is not enough. Ask Metamarine in 2008!
4. 77 Lucas Oil - Scandinavian Offshore Challenge ~ 57
A good third in round 7. But still not consistent enough. Work to do for 2011.
5. 66 Cranefields Wine - Searex Racing Team ~ 56
Another second in Bacoli. Surely an improving performer for 2010.
6. 55 Ukrainian Spirit - Ukrainian Spirit ~ 48
Rough seas in Bacoli make it close to less then 10 secs. Missed buoy spoiled a result.
7. 47 Silverline Racing - Silverline ~ 6
After finishing a race and collecting six points they missed Bacoli.
1. 38 Baia Attolini - Baia Attolini ~ 146
Consistency and four wins with a worst fourth place, this is how you take a title.
2. 43 Seagull Chaudron - Ukrainian Spirit ~ 95
The 2009 Champion won a race, but problems on Sunday stopped the challenge.
3. 81 Karelpiu - RG87 Racing Team ~ 81
For a rookie to take two wins is very good. Shows the quality of a Fountain.
4. 22 Big Sergio - Al &Al Racing Team ~ 80
Takes Powerpole and leads half the first race, but then a mishap stops all.
5. 17 Spirit of Belgium - Spirit of Belgium ~ 49
After the terrible accident in Poltu Quatu it was expected not to see them.
6. 06 Jolly Drive - Jolly Drive Racing Team ~ 48
Diesel and Albatro show good bad weather handling. Can they repeat a podium.
7. 26 Team 26 - Team 26 ~ 21
They missed Bacoli. Hope to see them soon, for what is a fast boat with title chances.
8. 08 Asia 2011-15 - Ocean Dragon Racing Team ~ 5
After a good 2nd in the UIM Endurance in Cowes, have to see more of the new Pantera.

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