September 3, 2010

Powerboat GPS - Bacoli Powerpole

Powerboats top class category which is the Evolution and Super Sport classes is back to Naples, South of Italy, in the sea town of Bacoli. The last time this offshore class participated in Naples was three years ago in 2007. Do you remember that Saturday race when Cangiano sank his Donzi in Saturday's race, and still managed to fix it in time to compete on Sunday. I hope to see Naples more in future calendars of the class, as here a lot of Power Boating history has been written in the past by the likes of legendary Don Aronow, and the Neapolitan Gagliotta. Naples is home to four teams competing in this years championship, and Bacoli in general is also the town of Sergio Carpentieri which sadly left us in the 2007 racing accident during the German Grand Prix. I am sure all racers who knew Sergio will make the fourth Grand Prix a dedication to him, most especially the Team Al&Al which he founded.
88 SNAV-Kiton and the OSG Racing Team show there never giving up skills by taking the Powerpole of the Bacoli Grand Prix held today at 1700 hours. Second place for the championship leaders diesel powered 60 Metamarine Foresti Sguardi with two seconds away. A whisk one hundred of a seconds awy from 66 Cranfields Wine which show there improving performance taking a respective third. Worst pole of the year for what is considered the fastest boat in the circuit that is the Mercury powered Fountain 33 Furnibo taking fourth by four seconds away. Fifth place for the 43 feet Chaudron Ukrainian Spirit with a deficit of six seconds. 77 Lucas Oil who started the run, had to give up after ten seconds because of a fuse problem. The other Fountain of Silverline which so far had a season full of mechanical problems and only concluded one race will sadly miss the Bacoli Grand Prix
Team Al&AL 22 Big Sergio take the first power pole of the season which Alfredo Amato boss of the team and the Postiglione shipyard dedicating it to his friend and mentor Sergio Carpentieri. 22 Big Sergio result was also good news for US boat builder Outerlimits which takes Powerpole in both the GPS classes. Second place with a delay of just short of two seconds for the other Neapolitan team championship leading Donzi of 38 Baia Attolini. Third for the 2009 title winning Chaudron boat 43 Seagull Chaudron. After trouble shooting which started in Malta and continued in Poltu Quato a good fourth for the FPT diesel powered Albatro boat 06 Jolly Drive. A retirement during the run for the open cockpit Fountain of 81 Karelpiu of the Rookie for 2010 Neapolitan Bacoli team RG87 known here as Nautica Schiano. Sadly the fast Donzi of Team 26, miss also Bacoli after missing Poltu Quatu back in July, as do Spirit of Belgium who totalled there Nor-Tech in Poltu Quatu. Considering we had ten competitors in Poltu Quatu in Super Sport which reminded us of the great 2008 year, it is a bit sad to see just five competitors for Bacoli. But be reminded that four of these five have won a race in recent times so its all very close.
Evolution Results:
1. 88 SNAV-Kiton = 3:04,51
2. 60 Metamarine Foresti Sguardi = 3:05,88
3. 66 Cranfields Wine = 3:05,89
4. 33 Furnibo = 3:07,53
5. 55 Ukrainian Spirit = 3:10,93
6. 77 Lucas Oil Scandinavian Offshore Challenge = DNS
Super Sport Results:
1. 22 Big Sergio = 3:26,87
2. 38 Baia Attolini = 3:28,54
3. 43 Seagull Chaudron = 3:33,19
4. 06 Jolly Drive = 3:45,62
5. 81 Karelpiu = RET

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