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June 7, 2023

Project: Cranchi Sessantadue

Cranchi is working on the Sessantadue project a new flybridge motor yacht with an overall length of just over twenty metres. This new model will enhance the line-up of Cranchi Yachts’ Flagship Collection and make it even more complete, joining the 23 meters Settantotto flagship and 2022 launched Sessantasette. For this new project, the art direction will once again be handled by Christian Grande, guaranteeing family feeling with the company's two widely appreciated larger motor yachts. With a similar profile to the other two larger Cranchi's, these initial renderings are showing the Sessantadue with a vertical bow profile. According to Cranchi the Sessantadue will give up nothing in terms of having distinctive and peculiar characteristics both in its exterior lines and the choice of interior d├ęcor. The Sessantadue will also feature extraordinary technology and design solutions to guarantee the very highest levels of liveability, comfort and safety. The details of the Sessantadue will be unveiled one piece at a time on Cranchi's web page and social media profiles, leading brand fans on a voyage of discovery for this upcoming new model.

November 7, 2022

Project: Cranchi SessantaSette Corsa

Cranchi and its lead designer Christian Grande are working on the project for the SessantaSette Corsa.  A hard-top sport yacht version of the SessantaSette, so far Cranchi is being tight on information for the Corsa project.  Translated to Race, Corsa is set to be a more sporty version with more streamlined upper structure and a mini flybridge up top with low profile furniture versus that of the 67.  For the interior I would not be surprised for it to have the exact same layout, which is offered in three or four cabins in the SessantaSette.  One information Cranchi reported is that the SessantaSette Corsa is to be powered by Volvo 1000hp with IPS propulsion as the standard 67, with this reaching speeds up to 29 knots and a cruise of 24.

March 7, 2022

New Model: Cranchi Sessantasette 67

Cranchi has launched its second in size model with the Sessantasette 67 flybridge motor yacht. Designed as the new 2021 launched 78 flagship by Christian Grande the Sessantasette is a flybridge motor yacht that according to Cranchi gives more than its length suggests. Offering Made in Italy design and style, technical solutions and a modern line, the 67 follows the family feeling Cranchi launched with the Settantotto flagship model. The lines are emblematic and complement each other, they refer to the different elements of the profile. For example, between the curve of the stern hatch and the projecting part of the fly or between the cut of the windows and the break in the center of the wall. With the knowledge of the Cranchi Settantotto, the new Sessantasette also derives its extraordinary technological equipment with the adoption of hi-tech materials as well as a construction technique that has no equal in the world. The yacht will thus offer the highest safety standards and the best solutions for stabilisation, containment of consumption and emissions, noise reduction and home automation and entertainment systems.  The Cranchi Sessantasette offers two lower deck layout choices for a three or four cabins versions.  While a crew cabin with two berths is located aft to port side.  The main deck will offer a galley forward layout, with a central helm station and direct side door access. The Cranchi Sessantasette 67 is powered by twin Volvo 1000hp engines with IPS pod drive propulsion.
Technical Data:
LOA - 20.80 m (68.2ft)
Hull Length - 18.7 m
Beam - 5.45 m
Displacement - 36000 kg dry
Fuel Capacity - 4000 l
Water Capacity - 900 l
Max Persons - eighteen
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, or eight berths in four cabins, one crew cabin two berths
Engines - 2 x Volvo D13 1000hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking IPS1350 dual propeller pod drives
Project - Christian Grande, Aldo Cranchi hull form, Centro Studi Cranchi
Certification - CE B

July 20, 2021

New Model: Cranchi A46 Luxury Tender

When a new brand and model surface and sell one hundred units in the first few months, it is understandable that a lot will look with interest and over time try to capture that market.  This is how we are seeing a lot of brands coming with an offer for a modern looking European design centre console, and Cranchi with its designer Christian Grande enters the market with the forward thinking A46 Luxury Tender.  Fourteen meters in length the A46 has a lot going for it outside, from its opening aft side bulwarks which increase the size of the aft deck by about 20%, to the triple settee centre console, forward settee and sun-pad arrangement.  Inside the Cranchi A46 offers an open cabin arrangement sleeping two or four in a double berth forward, and twin berths to midships.  In between the cabins is a shower head to starboard.   The Cranchi A46 Luxury Tender is powered by twin Volvo 480hp with IPS pod drives which allows for top speeds up to 35 knots, and a cruise of 25.
Technical Data:
LOA - 14.25 m (46.9ft)
Hull Length - 12.01 m
Beam - 4.33 m
Draft - 1.17 m incl props
Displacement - 13500 kg dry
Fuel Capacity - 1500 l
Water Capacity - 300 l
Max Persons - fourteen
Accommodation - four berths
Engines - 2 x Volvo D6 480hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking dual propeller IPS650 pod drives
Speed - 35 knots max 25 knots cruise
Range - 340 nautical mile at cruise
Project - Christian Grande exterior and art direction, Aldo Cranchi hull
Certification - CE B

September 14, 2020

Project: Cranchi A42

Since launching the Sessantotto 24 meter flagship earlier this year, Cranchi has found new fresh energy for innovative design which go out of the spectrum it got us used in the last forty years.  That is not to say this is something new for Cranchi, as for example the company was faster then most to enter the explorer segment with the Trawler line in 2013, and the T36 Crossover is another unique product in the boating World.  Designed as all latest models by Christian Grande with the A42 Luxury Tender, Cranchi is following the pack in the rise of the walk around day cruiser.  The A42 offers full exterior deck use from bow to stern, while below it offers a four berth accommodation; convertible dinette and large cabin, with a spacious head featuring a shower stall.  The Cranchi A42 shall be powered by twin Volvo with pod drives, no engine data is given but I imagine it will be the new pumped up Volvo 480hp.  Due to the success of this kind of boat in the North American market Cranchi has declared that they are working on an outboard version, surely with three possibly optional four engines.  World launch is set for early 2021 in Dusseldorf.

August 3, 2020

Project: Cranchi Sessantasette

After launching the much awaited new Settantotto flagship Cranchi pushes its development for further designs, enters the new Sessantasette, set to debut in the second part of 2021 boat show season.  As with many builders a new flagship brings fresh ideas and styles, which enrich the range further down, and the Sessantasette takes a lot from the early 2020 debuted 23 meter flagship with Christian Grande taking design duties co-assisted with Cranchi research and design team.  I have followed Cranchi since mid eighties and each flagship they launched represented an evolution; from the balanced 40 Mediterranee of the end eighties, the 48 Atlantique of end nineties, the 50 Mediterranee, and the 64 HT of 2009.  The 67 family feeling with the Cranchi Settantotto is very strong. Having the same design team as the 78, the Sessantasette lines are emblematic and complement each other, they refer to the different elements of the profile. For example, between the curve of the stern hatch and the projecting part of the fly or between the cut of the windows and the break in the center of the wall.  With the knowledge of the Cranchi Settantotto, the new Sessantasette also derives its extraordinary technological equipment with the adoption of hi-tech materials as well as an innovative construction technique. The Sessantasette will thus offer the highest safety standards and the best solutions for stabilization, containment of consumption and emissions, noise reduction and home automation and entertainment systems.  Cranchi has not passed much details of the interior layout of Sessantasette but expect a similar solutions to those of the new flagship, as many motor yachts in twenty meters expect to have a four or three double cabins interior.  The Cranchi Sessantasette will be powered by twin Volvo 1000hp with forward IPS-1350 pod drives.

July 5, 2020

Cranchi New Web Site

Cranchi celebrating 150 years in boat building presents its new World wide web showroom. Cranchi was founded official in 1870 with the story starting with Giovanni Cranchi who in 1866 opens a workshop in Como building fisherman and transport boats on commission, and four years later to this he registers officially this company. In 1932 the grandson of Cranchi also named Giovanni purchases a building in Brienno, Como on the lake shore and transforms it into a shipyard. This step leads into 1952 when Cranchi and his children devote themselves to wooden boats mass production. But the real turn around for Cranchi comes from fourth generation Aldo in 1970, who partners with Tullio Monzino, moves to shipyard to nearby Valtellina and starts fiberglass production in the new establishment in Piantedo, Sondrio. This move produces the first Kiko model, and leads after this to various over one thousand delivered models; 1971 4.85 Pilotina, 1974 20 Rally, and the 1997 34 Zaffiro. The plant in Piantedo also continues its expansion and in the eighties expands to 20,000 squared metres, and again today at 33,000. Other sites are also added; San Giorgio di Nogaro Marine Test Center in 1997, San Giorgio di Nogaro 22,000 square meters factory, a third plant in Colico, Lecce, and last in 2005 the opening of Seventy Plant 4 dedicated to plus fifty feet yachts in an area of 100,000 squared meters of which 25,000 covered located in Rogolo, Sondrio. In all these plants Cranchi today produces a total of fifteen models from the entry level E26 Rider, to the Settantotto 24 meter flagship launched in January 2020. Cranchi's new website takes you around with the following buttons; Home, Yachts, Company, Services, Events, Dealers, Pre-Owned Boats,  and Contacts. Cranchi is also located on all major social hubs; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and Linkedin with link buttons at the top right of the entry page taking you directly to the social media pages.
Production History;
4.85 Pilotina 1971- (1000+)
20 Rally 1974- (1000+)
Pilotina 5.80 1976-80 (274)
C8 1976-
C6 Cabin 1977-79
C8 Sport 1979-83
Faster 5.20 m 1979-
Jean 5.75 m 1979-
Holiday 20 1979-84
Clipper 224 1981-
Hobby 190 1981-85
Endurance 31 1983-91
25 GT 1984-87
Hobby 20 1985-90
Holiday 21 1986-91
Clipper 760 1988-93
Clipper Cruiser 7.60 m 1989-93
40 Mediterranee 1989-96 (200+) includes 41 Mediterranee
36 Smeraldo 1993-97
31 Aquamarina 1994-2000
41 Mediterranee 1997-2002 (200+) includes 40 Mediterranee
34 Zaffiro 1997-2008 (1100+)
38 Atlantique 1997-98
37 Smeraldo 1998-2005
40 Atlantique 1998-2008
39 Endurance 1998-2002
48 Atlantique 1998-2004
50 Mediterranee 2000-09
33 Endurance 2002-05
41 Endurance 2003-08
47 Mediterranee 2004-10
50 Mediterranee HT 2005-09
50 Atlantique 2005-10
47 Mediterranee HT 2006-10
43 Mediterranee 2007-11
43 Mediterranee HT 2007-11
36 Zaffiro 2008-12
36 Pelican 2008-11
43 Atlantique 2008-12
33 Endurance 2008-12
29 Zaffiro 2008-
32 Zaffiro HT 2008-11
Sixty4 HT 2010-16
Sixty6 Flybridge 2010-16
Fifty6 ST 2010-16
Fifty8 Fly 2011-14
M35 ST 2011-15
M44 ST 2012- *M40 project
30 Endurance 2012-
54 Fly 2012-16
Fifty8 HT 2012-16
T53 2013-18 *50 Trawler project
54 HT 2013-17
27 Endurance 2014-
43 Eco Trawler 2015-21
40 Eco Trawler 2015-17
Sixty Fly 2015-22
Z35 2015-
E52 S Evoluzione 2017-23 *50 S project
E52 F Evoluzione 2017-23 *50 Fly project
60 ST 2017-
60 HT 2017-
T36 Crossover 2018-21 *XT36 project
E26 Rider 2018-
E26 Classic 2018-
T55 2019-22
Settantotto 78 2020- *78 Magnifica project
A46 Luxury Tender 2021- *A42 project
SessantaSette 67 2022-
SessantaSette 67 Corsa 2024-
SessantaDue 62 2024-

February 13, 2020

New Model: Cranchi Settantotto

During the Dusseldorf 2020 boat show Cranchi launched its awaited Settantotto flagship.  Coming from a design of Christian Grande this new Cranchi flagship expands the Italian boat builder size to 78 feet with its largest ever build before this being the stopped in production 66 launched in 2010.  The Settantotto sees Cranchi knock to the super yacht territory size, with a modern flybridge motor yacht featuring all the latest amenities and design features, with fore deck dinette and stylish integrated hard top on the flybridge included.  The lower deck of the Cranchi Settantotto is of a traditional full beam owners midships stateroom, VIP suite forward, and two guest cabins in between layout.  The main deck is of a traditional Italian layout with a welcoming sofa lounge on entrance, dining table for eight, an enclosed galley to starboard, a day head to port and pilot station forward.  The Cranchi Settantotto is powered by triple Volvo 1000hp engines, with forward looking dual propeller IPS pod drives.  Cranchi is the first major boat builder to follow the Azimut triple engine set up which it launched with the 55S in 2012 and today powers three models in the S range, and the 78 flybridge launched in the fall of 2019.
Technical Data:
LOA - 25.15 m (82.6ft)
Hull Length - 23.2 m
Beam - 5.76 m
Displacement - 57000 kg dry
Fuel Capacity - 5920 l
Water Capacity - 1250 l
Max Persons - eighteen
Accommodation - eight guest berths in four cabins, two/four crew in two cabins
Engines - 3 x Volvo D13 1000hp
Propulsion - Volvo IPS-3 forward looking dual propeller pod drives
Project - Christian Grande exterior, Aldo Cranchi hull, Centro Studi Ricerche Cranchi naval architecture
Certification - CE A

January 14, 2019

Project: Cranchi T55

Cranchi presents the project for the T55, a new flagship model in its 2013 launched Trawler line which today features two models of 43 and 53 feet.  The Cranchi T55 is an evolution of the 2014 launched T53 with design improvements coming from Christian Grande.  The changes Grande introduces to the T55 are more in line with modern similar type Explorer Yachts as the Magellano from Azimut, or the Navetta by Absolute.  There is two very visible changes from the outside, the fully windowed main deck, and the new stylish T-top on the flybridge.  But the changes on the T55 do not stop outside, with the main deck being revised, and now featuring a central pilot station with a galley to port side replacing the astern galley layout of the T53.  The lower deck seems unchanged, with a three double cabins two head featuring a full beam midships cabin being unchanged.  A single crew cabin berth is located forward.  Cranchi is not informing any news about engines, which is to imagine will remain as on the T53 for twin Volvo 435hp with IPS pod drive propulsion.   

December 18, 2018

New Model: Cranchi E26 Classic

During the Cannes boat show 2018, Cranchi debuted its new E26 Classic model.  A new entry level from Cranchi the E26 Classic is a design from Christian Grande who here presents a minimal looking day hopper cruiser with double V-berth accommodation cabin forward.  The Cranchi E26 Rider will eighter be powered by single diesel Volvo 300hp or gas petrol of 280hp with a stern drive propulsion.  Following recent trends the E26 is also offered in the Rider version, with open bow replacing the cabin and outboard power.    
Technical Data:
LOA - 7.85 m (25.7ft)
Hull Length - 7.80 m
Beam - 2.49 m
Draft - 0.90 m incl props
Fuel Capacity - 270 l
Water Capacity - 70 l
Accommodation - two berths
Engine - 1 x Volvo D4 300hp diesel, Volvo 280hp petrol gas
Propulsion - Volvo dual propeller stern drive
Project - Aldo Cranchi hull shape, Christian Grande exterior styling
Certification - CE B

August 7, 2018

Project: Cranchi E26 Classic

Getting closer to its 150th anniversary Cranchi present the project for the E26 Classic, a small cruiser roundabout designed by Christian Grande. The bow that characterizes the E26 Classic profile transmits from the first glance a sporty character of the boat. The lines of the boat and the helm position promise sportiness while the feeling on board is enhanced by the distinctive and unique style of this model. The references to tradition are very strong, such as the teak used on the bow deck which recalls the classic heritage of wooden boats and acts as a visual counterpoint to the aft deck also covered in teak. There is certainly no shortage of innovative and functional solutions. Comfort is assured starting from the large aft sundeck that covers the engine compartment in which the bimini can be placed which can guarantee shade to the cockpit if necessary. The center dinette is served by an L-shaped settee that gives continuity to the stern sundeck, and two pivoting seats that are directed forwards while navigating and can turn to stern when moored. The E26 Classic has a wraparound windscreen that offers protection to the pilot and co-pilot. At the center of the windshield there is an access to the fore-deck. Under the fore-deck there is a small cabin and a toilet compartment to assure a comfortable stay on board throughout the day and night. The Cranchi E26 Classic will be powered by three engine choices from a single Volvo 300hp diesel, to 280hp and or 350hp gasoline option. Cranchi will also offer an outboard bow rider version of the same model titled E26 Rider. Both models will be officially unveiled in September during the Cannes boat show. 

May 2, 2018

New Model: Cranchi T 36 Crossover

Cranchi looks beyond what it knows and tries to reinvent a new segment with this new T 36 Crossover model.  As the name says the T 36 is indeed a crossover, a hybrid between a sport and an explorer cruiser with a planning hull joining top super structure looks to those of a trawler.  It is for those that do not know based on the hull lines of the Z 35.  But sharing stops in the hull lines with the Cranchi T 36 Crossover, offering a totally new accommodation with a spacious interior lower deck having two cabins two heads standard or an optional three cabins single head layout choices.  Living is all in the enclosed area of the main deck with dinette, galley, and helm to starboard.  The Cranchi T 36 Crossover is powered by twin Volvo 300hp with stern drive propulsion offering top speeds up to 34 knots and can cruise over two hundred nautical miles at 26 knots.  
Technical Data:
LOA - 11.85 m (38.9ft)
Hull Length - 9.96 m
Waterline Length - 8.5 m
Beam - 3.53 m
Draft - 1 m including stern drives and propellers
Displacement - 8500 kg dry
Fuel Capacity - 600 l
Water Capacity - 190 l
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins, or six berths in three cabins
Engines - 2 x Volvo D4 300hp
Propulsion - Volvo DPH stern drives
Speed - 34 knots max, 26 knots cruise
Range - 233 nm at cruise
Project - Aldo Cranchi hull, Christian Grande hull lines
Certification - CE B

August 9, 2017

New Model: Cranchi 60 HT

Cranchi 60 HT is the fully enclosed version of the 60 ST, and as the more open sister-vessel is developed on the 56 platform launched in 2010.  The 60 HT main difference is the patio door dividing and closing the main deck.  This makes Winter boating more easy and makes the upper saloon a more cozy private area.  For the remaining the 60 HT is the same as the ST version with three double cabin off which the owners suite is located to midships.  Power comes from Volvo 625hp or larger 725hp engines, with IPS pod propulsion system.
Technical Data:
LOA - 18.52 m (60.8ft) 
Hull Length - 16.59 m 
Beam - 4.85 m 
Draft - 1.35 m 
Displacement - 23500kg 
Fuel Capacity - 2100 l 
Water Capacity - 540 l 
Accommodation - 6 berths in 3 cabins, 1 crew cabin berth 
Max Persons - 14
Engines - 2 x Volvo D11 625hp, D11 725hp 
Propulsion - Volvo IPS800 or 950 forward looking dual propeller pod drives 
Speed - 36 knots max, 27 knots cruise with Volvo 725hp engines 
Range - 300 nm at cruise speed
Project - Aldo Cranchi, Centro Studi Ricerche Cranchi 
Certification - CE B 

July 19, 2017

Project: Cranchi 78 Magnifica

The Cranchi 78 Magnifica shows the Italian yard recent resolve in challenging again the bigger sizes of the yacht spectrum.   Cranchi saw with the Sixty 6 Flybridge produced from 2010 to 2015 its biggest build to date, this new 78 Magnifica outlines a believe in future success for the Italian builder and the need to push the range into bigger dimensions. As usual for Cranchi, the Italian company is prepared to make important steps ahead with significant investment in research, development and infrastructure.   Christian Grande design studio is presently at work on this project, collaborating with the Cranchi yard and it’s primary partners.  Not much information about Cranchi 78 Magnifica is available as yet, though from the above rendering one can deduct that it has a lot of the recent style amenities and seems to show a pod drive propulsion system.

June 27, 2017

Project: Cranchi XT36

After the announcement in 2016, the evolution of Cranchi and designer Christian Grande, is fully underlined by the new model that will debut in the 2017 season, the project of the XT36.  This new Cranchi stands out for its concept, an innovative design that the Italian boat builder says it deserves its own category. The XT36 combines the rationality of a trawler and the thrill of a sports-cruiser. A boat with lively performance and a comfortable experience that will amaze, considering a length of under ten meters.  On the main deck, the large area under the hard top is totally sheltered by a windscreen that offers comfort and protection, without any barriers to natural light and visibility. A sliding glass door closes this area making it pleasant to stay on board at any latitude, in hot and humid climates or in the colder winter months. Even with the door closed, there is a sense of continuity with the outdoor area; this sensation is emphasized when the doors are opened, creating a single spacious living area. The cockpit area, both inside and outside, develops on one level without any steps: everything with the XT36 confirms the idea of an immediate, easy and direct relationship with the sea.  The design of the exterior prefers prominent lines, both forward and aft, to extend the living spaces and give more dynamism and momentum.  In the cockpit there is a comfortable seat and along with a grill and a sink set into a furniture unit. Access to the swimming platform, generous in size, is very easy, as it is to safely move around, with a free obstacle passageway that runs around the entire perimeter of the boat. In the forward section there is the main sunbathing area, plus another one on the hard top, which can be used when the boat is moored. The covered cockpit area houses, in addition to the pilothouse, a lounge with a convertible sofa, and a kitchen.  On the lower deck, all the space is dedicated to the sleeping area, with truly astonishing solutions for a boat of this size. The XT36 will be available in two alternative layouts: with two cabins and two bathrooms, or three cabins and one bathroom.  This last option remarkable for a cruiser measuring just ten meters in length.

May 24, 2017

New Model: Cranchi 60 ST

Cranchi present the new 60 ST which is an update version for the Fifty 6 Soft Top launched in the fall of 2010.  The main distinction of the two models is the everybody wants it traditionalist do not like it large hull side windows now found on the new 60 ST.  But Cranchi also added one hundred liters of fuel capacity in the new 60 ST now 2100 from 2000 and also updated engine choices with the latest Volvo 625hp and 725hp coupled to forward facing IPS pod drives.  The 60 ST keeps the good stuff of the 56 ST that for having a large open but still protected cockpit deck. 
Technical Data: 
LOA - 18.52 m (60.8ft) 
Hull Length - 16.59 m 
Beam - 4.85 m 
Draft - 1.35 m 
Displacement - 22300kg  
Fuel Capacity - 2100 l 
Water Capacity - 540 l 
Accommodation - 6 berths in 3 cabins, 1 crew cabin berth 
Max Persons - 14
Engines - 2 x Volvo D11 625hp, D11 725hp 
Propulsion - Volvo IPS800 or 950 forward looking dual propeller pod drives 
Speed - 36 knots max, 27 knots cruise with Volvo 725hp engines 
Range - 300 nm at cruise speed 
Certification - CE B 

April 12, 2017

New Model: Cranchi E 52 F Evoluzione

The new Evoluzione is the next evolutionary step, as the Italian name says in Cranchi's near to one century and a half long standing story.  Born as the 50 Fly project in the fall of 2015, the Cranchi E 52 F Evoluzione is mirror to the S we presented a few weeks ago in PowerYachtBlog with the important difference being the flybridge up top.  Access to the fly is from a staircase to starboard on the aft deck, and this features the standard today layout of a C-shaped dinette, two forward facing settee, and a wet-bar. The main evolutionary feature of the Evolzione line is the main deck, which mixes up sports and flybridge boat utilities; see sun-pad aft, fore deck with forward facing settee, and side exit to starboard.       
Technical Data:
LOA - 15.82 m (51.9ft)
Hull Length - 13.9 m
Beam - 4.67 m
Draft - 1.25 m with props
Displacement - 15000 kg dry
Fuel Capacity - 1350 l
Water Capacity - 540 l
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, one crew cabin berth aft
Engines - 2 x Volvo D8 550hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking IPS700 dual propeller pod drives
Certification - CE

March 16, 2017

New Model: Cranchi E 52 S Evoluzione

Cranchi has been very active in recent years in both ends of its production; the bigger fifty feet plus yachts and the smaller under thirty feet line where it launched an outboard powered cabin cruiser.  With this new E 52 S Evoluzione, Cranchi aim to fill the void left by the 50 Mediterranee, one of its top selling models of fifteen meters size in the first years of the new millennium.  Following recent design trends the E 52 S is of the fully enclosed hard top type, patio door, sunroof for the main deck, and half a flybridge for use as a private solarium.  Below the E 52 S makes the best use of the aft located IPS propulsion engines with three spacious cabins of which included is a full beam owners stateroom.  Power comes from Volvo 550hp.     
Technical Data:
LOA - 15.82 m (51.9ft)
Hull Length - 13.9 m
Beam - 4.67 m
Draft - 1.25 m with props
Displacement - 14500 kg dry
Fuel Capacity - 1350 l
Water Capacity - 540 l
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins
Engines - 2 x Volvo D8 550hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking IPS700 dual propeller pod drives
Certification - CE

July 11, 2016

Project: Cranchi 50 S

Cranchi present the project for a new 50 S model part of its Hardtop range which starts from 38 and goes up to 64 feet and features seven models.  The 50 S is to be based on the other project currently awaiting launch the 50 Fly, set to be presented at the fall of this year with the main difference coming from the hard top replacing the flybridge.  The Cranchi 50 S although not officially shown should have a very similar layout as the 50 Fly, for both the main deck with astern galley being a prominent feature, and the lower cabin deck offering three double cabins with a spacious owners stateroom at midships. Power is from Volvo engines in 550hp and 600hp optional units coupled to IPS pod propulsion.

December 10, 2015

Project: Cranchi 60 ST Yacht Class

Cranchi have recently started a revamp of all its range, with a focus centered on its fifty plus feet Yacht Class range models. The 60 ST is an evolution of the 56 model of the same name, with the two letter initials say this is Cranchi's open cockpit soft top sport yacht model.  The 56 will indeed feature a large open main deck with all the bells and whistles as aft sun-pad with underneath tender garage, dinette, exterior galley, and a central helm station.  Below is an accommodation plan with three double cabins, two shower heads; one of which en-suite for the midships owners cabin, galley to port, and a C-shaped dinette to starboard.  Power options will come from twin Volvo 625 or optional 725hp engines with IPS pods propulsion.