September 25, 2010

Projects: Benetti Class 93 Delfino, Benetti Class 105 Tradition, Benetti Class 121 Classic, Benetti Class 140 Crystal, Benetti Class 145 Vision

For 2010 legendary super yacht builder Benetti decides to overhaul its semi custom fiberglass line into the new Class Range. A change which is in some models is deeper to others, one being totally new, and the remaining being a more make up modification effecting windows and light design touches. A model which is semi new, is surely the 93 Delfino pictured above, which is based on the 85 introduced in 2007. The 93 Delfino keeps the two and a half deck layout, and adds more classic Benetti styling. The interior of the 93 Delfino is very spacious in standard plan being a full five cabins layout, with owners stateroom on the main deck. The project of the Class 105 Tradition replaces the 100 Tradition and is a make up change over for this five cabins, two and a half deck medium sized Super Yacht. As the above rendering shows most of the change represent greater window surface areas and more cleaner and leaner lines. The Classic has been the Benetti which started the fiberglass built line in 2000 for this legendary yachting name. The first Classic was a 35 metre, and later on a slightly larger 120 model based on the same hull was introduced. Today, ten years after its first launch the Classic has been delivered in about fifty units, a super success in a semi custom super yacht. The 121 Classic will be the third series for this hull which has proved to be Super not just in size, but most importantly in sales number for the yachting industry in general. The 140 Crystal is a totally new project for Benetti, and will be a three deck super yacht. A five cabin interior which seems to be a characteristic of all Benetti's is the standard plan for this second largest of the semi custom Class range. Design for this model is entrusted as all the line to Stefano Righini, with interior by Francois Zuretti.
The Benetti Class 145 Vision represents a further evolution of the 140 Vision with light changes to the lines, and a complete new set of windows. So far the 145 Vision is the biggest fiberglass built by the Azimut Benetti Group. Design is again trusted to Righini, with interior for owners and guests by Francois Zuretti. Again the Vision series has proved to be another winner for what is considered the biggest Super Yacht builder in the world with the 140 selling over ten units in a just a couple years time.


  1. Does anyone know where I can buy a Benetti 121 model replica like the one in the picture. I am a licensed broker and I would like to send this to one of my clients as a gift.

  2. Does anyone know where I can buy a model replica of the Benetti 121 as seen in this picture? I am a licensed broker and I am looking to give this as a gift.