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February 2, 2023

New Model: Fairline Phantom 65

Better late then never! Fairline finally enter the sport bridge segment with the new Phantom 65 launched in the fall of 2022. Based on the Fairline Targa 65 which launched in 2017 as the 63 and also marked the first model of the British builders rebirth and new ownership, the Phantom 65 adds a sport fly bridge up top, which is also quite a spacious affair.  This sport fly bridge has a stair case to port side with a C-shaped dinette back, C-shape lounger forward to starboard, helm station to port side, and a wet-bar in between the settees.  Just like the Targa 65 the Phantom 65 offers four lower deck layout choices, with three or four cabins option.  There is a lot of options in the fourth cabin space which can be replaced as en-suite for the VIP cabin forward, or large day-head, and or utility room.  The main deck layout is in an aft galley configuration.  The Fairline Phantom 65 is standard powered by twin Cats 1150hp or optional 1622hp, with hull one fitted with the large engines giving speeds up to 37 knots.  
Technical Data:
LOA - 19.96 m (65.4ft)
Beam - 5.23 m
Draft - 1.58 m *unloaded
Displacement - 38.3 t unloaded
Fuel Capacity - 4177 l
Water Capacity - 1080 l
Max Persons - sixteen
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, or eight berths in four cabins, one crew cabin berth
Engines - 2 x Cats C18 1150hp, or C32 1622hp
Propulsion - line shaft
Speed - 31 knots max with 1150hp, 37 knots with 1622hp
Certification - CE B

October 16, 2022

Fairline New Web Site

Fairline one of Britain's famous pleasure boat and yacht builders presents its new World web showroom. The story of Fairline starts in 1963 when Jack Newington purchases unused gravel pits by the river Nene and transforms them into Oundle marina. Four years later to this in 1967 the first Fairline 19 feet river cruiser is produced in fiberglass. Seven years after the first boat is built the 32 Phantom is produced which is followed in 1977 by the 40, the longest ever produced Fairline in time model making eleven years of production till the final Mk.IV version. In 1981 Fairline produces another successful model with the aft cabin 36 Turbo, which will also mark the start of Bernard Olseinski as head designer and naval architect lasting till 2012.  Olesinski will for 31 years design all Fairline hull models, replaced in 2012 by Vripack. 1985 marks another important Fairline evolution with the presentation of the first generation Targa 33, a name which since the nineties represents all the sports series within the brand. After knocking on the yacht world in 1986 with the 50, in 1991 Fairline presented the 62 Squadron, a name which becomes a series for the large yachts and from 2010 will represent all the flybridge models.  In 2001 Fairline expands to a new 60,000 square foot facility fully completed two years later. In 2003 Fairline makes two important milestones; the launch of it's ten thousand boat a 65 Squadron, and the launch of the Squadron 74 flagship, which in 2007 evolved as the 78 Custom and is the largest build to date produced till 2018 for 115 units. In 2004 Fairline presents the new Gran Turismo hard top version of its Targa series, with the launch of the first generation 62. By 2012 Fairline had build over 12000 boats this number reached in 2010 with the delivery of a second generation 55 Squadron.  Fairline has over the years received various prizes; 1986 and 2008 Queens Award for Export, 2007 the Targa 38 and Squadron 68 and in 2020 the F//Line 33 win IPC Motorboat of the Year, Targa 63/65 GTO in 2017 and Targa 43/45 GTO in 2018 and Squadron 68 in 2019 win the World Yacht Trophies.  After the retirement of founder owner Sam Newington in 1996 Fairline had many owners first sold to Renwick Group, then in 2005 to 3i Investments, and 2011 to Better Capital. In the fall of 2015 Fairline goes in administration with two British resident Russians Alexander Volov and Igor Glyanenko buying it in early 2016, in 2020 RiverRock buys a majority stake, which in 2021 sells to Hannover with the Russian duo still believed to be minor share holders.  After 2016 and the new Russian ownership Fairline has been reinventing itself, first giving design duties to Italian Alessandro Mancini, and then back in 2021 returning it fully inhouse to Andy Pope who penned most of the models from 1993 to 2014.  Fairline currently offers thirteen models into four series; F-Line, Targa, Phantom, and Squadron, which start at 33 feet with the F//Line 33 introduced in 2019 and go up to the Squadron 68, with its latest model being the 2022 launched Phantom 65. Fairline's new website takes you around with the following buttons; Yachts, Find a Dealer, Latest News, Events, Destinations, Playlists, Pre-Owned, Our Story, Fairline Marina, Contact Us, Careers, Dealership Opportunities, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions.  Fairline is also on social media with buttons at the bottom of the page taking you to its Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram pages.  
Production History;
19 1967-72 (700+-)
Fury 25 1970-78
20 Family 1972-75
32 Phantom 1974-84
22 Holiday 1976-84
29 Mirage 1977-84
40 1977-83
Fury 26 1978-82
32 Sedan 1979-84
36 Turbo 1981-91 (300+-)  Bernard Olesinski design
26 Sunfury Mk.I 1982-85
21 Weekend 1985-88
31 Corniche 1985-89
40 Mk.III 1984-86
Targa 33 1984-91
24 Carrera 1985-89
40 Mk.IV 1986-89
36 Sedan 1986-90
26 Sunfury Mk.II 1986-88
50 1986-90
26 SportFury 1987-89
43 1987-92
21 Sprint 1988-91
Targa 27 1989-91
41/43 1990-91/92-93
33 Brava 1991-92
38/41 Phantom 1991-92/ 93-94
Squadron 62 1991-95 (70+-) includes 65
Targa 30/33 1991/92-96 (317) 
Targa 34/35 1991/92-94
Targa 28/31 1992-95
36 Corsica 1992-93
Squadron 56 1993-95
Squadron 47 1993-94 (40+-) includes 50
Phantom 37 1994-96
Targa 29 1994-95
Squadron 43 1994-97
Phantom 40 1995-96
Squadron 50 1995-98 (40+-) includes 47
Squadron 59 1995-96
Targa 36 1995
Targa 29 1996-98
Targa 37 1996-99
Targa 48 1996-2000
Squadron 65 1996-2001 (70+-) includes 62
Squadron 55 1996-2004 (200+-)
Phantom 38 1997-2002
Phantom 42 1997-2000
Targa 34 1997-2006 (280)
Targa 43 1997-2005 (270)
Squadron 52 1998-2001 (20+-)
Phantom 46 1999-06
Squadron 62 1999-2002 (20+-)
Targa 30 1999-2001
Targa 40 2000-07 (299)
Targa 52 2001-04
Phantom 43 2001-06
Squadron 58 2001-08 (210)
Phantom 40 2002-07
Phantom 50 2002-08
Squadron 74 2002-07 (29)
Targa 62 Gran Turismo 2002-06
Targa 47 GT 2004-10 (200)
Targa 52 GT 2005-10
Squadron 68 2005-07 *Squadron 66 project (35+-) includes Squadron 70
Targa 38 2006-15 (313 includes GT ht versions)
Phantom 48 2007-11
Targa 64 Gran Turismo 2007-11
Targa 44 GT 2007-12
Squadron 78 Custom 2008-18 (86)
Squadron 70 2008-12 (35+-) includes Squadron 66/68
Squadron 55 2008-10 (40+-)
Squadron 65 2009-14
Targa 58 GT 2010-11 (40+-)
Targa 44 Open 2010-13
Squadron 42 2010-15 *Squadron 41 project
Squadron 58 2011-12
Targa 50 Gran Turismo 2011-14
Targa 38 GT 2012-15 (313 includes standard open)
Squadron 50 2012-15
Targa 62 GT 2012-15
Squadron 60 2012-15
Targa 48 Open 2013-19 (200 includes Squadron, Targa GT and 50 from 2019/20 
Squadron 48 2013-19   (200 includes Targa GT, Open and 50 from 2019/20 
Targa 48 GT 2014-19 (200 includes Squadron, Targa Open and 50 from 2019/20 
Targa 53 GT 2015-20
Targa 53 Open 2016-2020
Squadron 53 2017-2020
Targa 63/65 GTO 2017- *Targa 62 GTO project Alberto Mancini era starts
Targa 43/45 Open 2018-
Squadron 50 2019- (200 includes Targa GT, Open and 48
Targa 50 GT 2020- (200 includes Squadron and Targa Open and 48
Targa 50 Open 2020- (200 includes Squadron and Targa GT and 48
Targa 45 GT 2020-
Squadron 68 2019-2021 *Squadron 64 project
F//Line 33 2019-
Squadron 68 second series 2021-
Phantom 65 2022- *design back in house
Squadron 58 2023-
Targa 40 2024-

August 22, 2022

Project: Fairline Targa 40

Fairline is pleased to announce an all-new Targa 40 project set to launch in the summer of 2023. This new twelve meter sport cruiser is the latest addition to the popular Targa range, with some big shoes to fill, being the natural replacement to the previous Targa 38 which sold 313 units from 2006 till 2015 and the first generation Targa 40 selling 299 from 2000 till 2007.  Designed by the Fairline design team guided by Christian Gott the Targa 40 embraces innovative and bold design directions from a modern bluff-bow hull, to being the first Fairline with a folding side bulkhead.  Beyond the folding starboard bulkhead the cockpit will offer an interesting layout, bridging a gap from easy day-boat use to that of a sport cruiser there is a lot of things to like here from the flash cockpit floor, to the twin sunbeds with floating backrests converting into sofas for guests to enjoy throughout the day and night, and a large C-shaped seating  dining area and companion seating to port, and a wet bar nestled behind the two individual helm seats. The beautifully proportioned and ergonomically designed helm console fitted with latest Garmin touch screen display enhances the experience with a simplified and intuitive user interface allowing integrated control of all essential systems. Moving to the foredeck, the expansive sunbeds dominate, and the addition of a forward-facing sofa at the bow enables guests to enjoy the views whilst cruising.  A contemporary interior with four berths in a two-cabin layout, replicates the sophisticated furnishings and flawless design on the main deck. The roomy master cabin is located forward with a headroom just shy of two meters and direct access to the en-suite which features a jack-and-jill door arrangement. In the mid-ship’s guest cabin, the twin beds with 1.5m height, slide to convert to a double. The integrated garage under the ports side sun-pad will have room for a 2.3m tender with electric outboard.  This new Targa 40 unlike the previous Targa 40 and 38 which used the 1993 Targa 38 Olesinski hull will feature a new bottom shape with a four meter beam, and is to be powered by twin Volvo 340hp or 380hp with stern drive propulsion, good for 32 and 36 knots max speed respectively.

February 17, 2022

Project: Fairline Squadron 58

Hot on the heels of the announcement of the new Phantom 65, British boat builder Fairline is again making waves with the project for a new Squadron 58, set to hit the water in the end of 2022 and to be showcased for the first time at the 2023 Düsseldorf show in January. A completely new design with exteriors by Mancini, hull by Vripack with interiors by Salt the Squadron 58 sets a new standard for the brand with unmistakably modern and unique innovations. The exterior design embraces the styling cues of iconic Squadrons of the past with the legendary triple-fin detail incorporated into the superstructure aft quarters. Most notably, the Squadron 58 comes with a highly desirable beach club option, a first for Fairline. Consisting of hydraulic fold-down balconies on both the port and starboard sides, an innovative new design for the high/low transom bathing platform, flexible and modular cockpit seating which allows for a bespoke arrangement that suits, complemented with a glass transom to enhance your connection to the water. When not in use, the bathing platform can be used to hold a tender and when desired, it remotely extends doubling in length and submerges into the water allowing plenty of space for sun loungers. The beach club comes complete with moveable cockpit bar stools.  Throughout the design, there is a continuous indoor/outdoor feel. In another first for Fairline, the cockpit and saloon are separated by an angled patio door, which ensures the flybridge staircase does not encroach into either the cockpit or interior space. The saloon oozes with natural light and offers an array of comfortable seating options for guests. Additional socialising space and a sunbathing area can be enjoyed on the foredeck. The flybridge features a spacious sun pad aft, wet bar, plenty of seating, hardtop with sunroof and wrap-around glazing to allow for uninterrupted views. The lower deck is designed with three cabins and two heads. The midships master stateroom comes complete with a king-sized bed, a dedicated bureau with stool and drawer storage to starboard, with a large port side sofa. At the stern, customers can add a crew cabin which is accessed through a door in the transom.  The new Squadron 58 will be powered by twin Volvo 900hp or optional 1000hp shaft drive engines.

January 24, 2022

Project: Fairline Phantom 65

Fairline present the Phantom 65 project, a sport bridge yacht of nineteen meters in length based on the platform of the Targa 65 and Squadron 68 flagship models.  Most interesting is that this project returns the Phantom model series name, albeit in a different dress to what it was in the past. A brief history of the Phantom model series which first appeared in 1974 with the raised bridge 32, and then returning in 1990 with the 41 which at the time was the third largest model in the range, and then becoming from 1994 till 2009 the entry level flybridge motor cruiser range.  The Phantom was a successful range, going up in size to a 50 model produced from 2002 to 2009, with its prettiest being the 46 which sold around two hundred units in a production run which lasted eight years. In 2009 Fairline scraped the Phantom model name marking all new flybridge boats from there onward as Squadron, something which stays as at today. Enters the sport bridge type of Sport Yachts, and Fairline clean off the Phantom name for this 65, what will be its second largest model in the current line up.  The Fairline Phantom 65 will have a main deck layout with astern galley, while four lower deck layouts are available; with the standard being a three ensuited cabins plus a day head layout. Two other options differ on the three cabin layouts, both of which lose the fourth day head; one of which offers a larger VIP suite forward, and an other option offering an utility room. The last fourth option is for a four cabins layout. A single berth crew cabin is located aft to starboard.  The Fairline Phantom 65 will be standard powered by Cats 1150hp good for 31 knots top speed, and or optional 1622hp engines which makes top end go up to 35 knots. 

December 15, 2021

Improve-it = Fairline F//Line 33

Fairline Yachts, made a splash at the fall of 2021 revealing an updated and improved F//Line 33. Fairline’s sleek and sporty dayboat, the F//Line 33, has taken the market by storm since launching at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival, winning awards across the industry. A collaboration between Fairline and celebrated Italian designer, Alberto Mancini, the F//Line 33 has been highly praised for its breath-taking design and impressive performance; achieving speeds of 48 knots and comfortable thirty plus knot cruising. The stylish F//Lline 33 now offers a new cockpit layout, which provides both sunbathing and seating options simultaneously. The new cockpit features C-shaped seating to the starboard side with the aft backrest doubling up as a headrest for the two-person sunbed. The cockpit will comfortably seat four to six people around a fixed height teak-top table. There is also an optional cantilever pedestal, which neatly stows the table behind the seat cushions when not in use. A wet bar to the port side includes a fitted sink and folding tap as standard, which can be upgraded to include a fridge and electric griddle, with a drawer icemaker in the seat base opposite. The new option to add an electric hob and sink below deck as well, means customers can enjoy their F//Line 33 during an even longer boating season and the more spacious helm allows for up to two twelve inch Garmin touchscreen displays.

October 7, 2021

Improve-It = Fairline Squadron 68

Fairline announces details of an improved Squadron 68, set to launch in November 2021 and to be displayed for the first time at Boot Dusseldorf in January 2022. The subtly revised exterior has updated hull windows to bring the exterior design in line with other Fairline models, as well as a new sleek hardtop with fabric sliding sunroof and integrated electric sunshade aft. Inside, the main deck caters for multiple entertaining spaces, from generous dining to comfortable saloon seating. The Squadron 68 features a new galley design maximising workspace, increased fridge/freezer capacity and incorporates a sociable bar that extends into the cockpit. The latest model also comes with the option of a tri-fold patio door and a lower helm side access door, perfect for creating that indoor/outdoor feel. The interior layout of the updated Squadron 68 has been completely refreshed. The lower deck is available with either three or four-cabins - both options offering lightness, space, and a fluid design. The master cabin comes complete with a king-sized bed, dedicated bureau with stool and drawer storage to starboard and large port side sofa. The guest cabin has more width than the previous model with an electric bed conversion option to convert the twin berths into a double. The new Squadron 68 boasts a completely new interior design with updated materials and finishes throughout, all complemented with a refined and neutral colour palette, creating a chic and modern vibe.

May 5, 2021

Improve-it = Fairline F//Line 33

Fairline stylish F//Line 33 now offers a new cockpit layout, which provides both sunbathing and seating options simultaneously. Additional improvements include a larger helm, a sleek hard top and a below deck galley all of which expand the thrilling possibilities onboard the F//Line 33.  Fairline’s sleek and sporty dayboat, the F//Line 33, has taken the market by storm since launching in September 2019, winning awards across the industry. A collaboration between Fairline and Italian designer Alberto Mancini, the F//Line 33 has been highly praised for its breath-taking design and impressive performance achieving speeds of 48 knots and comfortable 30 plus cruising. The new cockpit features ‘C’ shaped seating to the starboard side with the aft backrest doubling up as a headrest for the two-person sunbed. The cockpit will comfortably seat four to six people around a fixed height teak-top table. There is also an optional cantilever pedestal, which neatly stows the table behind the seat cushions when not in use. A wet bar to the port side includes a fitted sink and folding tap as standard, which can be upgraded to include a fridge and electric griddle, with a drawer icemaker in the seat base opposite. The new option to add an electric hob and sink below deck as well, means customers can enjoy their F//Line 33 during an even longer boating season and the more spacious helm allows for up to two large Garmin touchscreen displays.  The F//Line 33 interior features an immaculate design, which is complimented with a refined neutral palette, modern pops of colour and luxurious veneer finishes, all paired with technologically advanced daylight panels and a mirror TV to add light and space.

March 9, 2021

New Model: Fairline Targa 45 GT

Fairline Yachts, expands its product range, with the global launch of the new Targa 45 GT. The Targa 45 GT is the evolution of the 45 Open which was introduced as the 43 in 2018.  The 45 GT differs for having a twin saloon on the main deck, and a fully enclosed patio door main deck.  Since launching in mid 2020, the Fairline Targa 45 GT has quickly become one of the most popular models to date thanks to its stunning good looks, innovative design and spacious interior. Another novelty in the Targa 45 GT is the choice of a three cabins and two heads layout.  The Targa 45 GT can be further personalised to have either a mid or forward master cabin, depending on preference. In addition to the adaptable interior layout, the cockpit has been designed with multiple uses in mind, from spending time relaxing in the sun to entertaining friends and family.
Technical Data:
LOA - 14.5 m (47.6ft)
Beam - 4.32 m
Draft - 1.15 m 
Displacement - 12.8 t
Fuel Capacity - 1300 l
Water Capacity - 438 l
Max Persons - 12
Accommodation - four berths in two cabins, or six berths in three cabins
Engines - 2 x Volvo D6 440hp, d6 480hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking IPS600 and IPS650 pod drives
Speed - 32 knots max with Volvo 440hp, 34 knots with Volvo 480hp
Construction - resin infusion
Project - Alberto Mancini
Certification - CE B

December 16, 2020

Improve-It = Fairline F//Line 33

Despite an uncertain 2020 year and testing times across the industry, Fairline is looking forward to the future, by improving and adding details to models to suit the different landscape of important boating markets. For 2020, just a year after its debut the British boat builder presents a new F//Line 33 with twin Mercruiser V8 430hp power, this made to suit better the large North American market. The sporty F//Line 33 is a category-defining dayboat, renowned for its sleek and stylish appearance, its performance and handling, and interesting overnight accommodation for four persons. Debuting for the first time in the US at the Fort Lauderdale 2020 boat show, Fairline showcased this first Mercruiser V8 430hp version of its F//Line 33.  This twin Mercruiser 430hp with stern drive propulsion reaches top speed up to 43 knots.  

January 27, 2020

Project: Fairline Targa 58 GTB

Fairline present an exciting new sport yacht project with the new Targa 58 GTB. With its extended ‘Beach Club’ platform, this Fairline brings a fresh approach to hard top sport yachts of similar size.  GTB for Gran Turismo Beach, as the bathing platform extends, and the folding wings lower on either side to create a spacious, teak covered floating aft deck bathing platform. The Targa 58 GTB though it is not about exterior, with its crafted interior a truly stunning place to be. Contemporary herringbone flooring adds a subtle yet elegant touch, while large expanses of glass provide plenty of natural light to enhance the interior ambiance. The interior of the Fairline Targa 58 GTB will offer a three double cabins layout, with three heads, and full beam midships owners cabin.  The Fairline 58 Targa GTB is powered by standard twin Volvo 900hp which allow for a top speed up to 29 knots, with four other engine options up to Man 1300hp will deliver speeds up to 36 knots.

January 10, 2020

New Model: Fairline Squadron 68

Fairline present its new flagship with the elegant Alberto Mancini designed Squadron 68. But the new Squadron 68 as the new Fairline models is so much more, thanks to two different layouts for the flybridge deck, and other three choices for the lower deck.  The lower deck choices go from a standard three cabin layout with a fourth day head, to an extended forward VIP room, and a four cabins version with bunk twin berth cabin to starboard.  The choice in the flybridge revert around the forward port side area for a C-shaped cocktail table dinette, or a sunpad with a forward looking settee.  The Fairline Squadron 68 shares hull with Targa 65 hull, albeit a bit longer and is powered by the same standard Cats 1150hp, or optional Man 1200hp engines.  Speed numbers are not yet communicated but expect high twenty top speeds and cruising in just under the mid twenties.  
Technical Data:
LOA - 21.12 m (69.3ft)
Beam - 5.23 m
Draft - 1.57 m unloaded
Displacement - 39.3 t dry
Fuel Capacity - 4680 l
Water Capacity - 1080 l
Max Persons - 16
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, or eight berths in four cabins, two crew in one cabin
Engines - 2 x Cats C18 1150hp, Man V8 1200hp
Propulsion - direct line shaft
Construction - hand laid infused cored hull and super structure, Isphotalic resin and gel coat 
Project - Alberto Mancini design, Vripack hull shape naval architecture
Certification - CE B

November 25, 2019

New Model: Fairline F//Line 33

In recent years each new Fairline model seems to bring a divided opinion by the brand fans, and the new F//Line 33 fell deeply in this category, and took it to the next level for the reasoning it has been a long time if ever, that the British boat builder offered something like it.  I have been following Fairline for various decades now and the last sport model I remember was the 26 Sportfury in the mid to late eighties, which shared hull with the Sunfury but had no second midships cabin and outside looks which teased Sunseeker.  Divided opinions about the F//Line 33 are from claims it is a gift to boating to those saying that Fairline does not know what an entry level cruiser is, and reminding to everyone what the previous models and successes in the past of the British brand as the Targa 34 and 38 offered in a similar size.  The Fairline F//Line 33 more then a look in itself is a reply to Princess R35, costing less but still offering some things of its own.  Looking outside the F//Line 33 looks less sophisticated, but looking deeper it does bring a sophistication of her own thanks to the ingenuity and style of Italian designer Alberto Mancini.  Inside the F//Line 33 also offers more to the R35 thanks to a two plus two layout with a V-berth dinette converting to a double berth forward, and a midships cabin sleeping two, with a shower head in between.  The F//Line 33 also features a nice deep Vee shape which according to first reviews handles really well in choppy seas.  The big disappointment of the F//Line 33 seems to be the CE C category which considering the F//Line 33 has a range of 200 nautical miles at cruise is really disappointing, and from here I hope Fairline rectifies it to a CE B today before tomorrow. 
Technical Data:
LOA - 9.99 m (32.9ft)
Beam - 3.5 m
Draft - 0.87 m
Displacement - 6029 kg light
Fuel Capacity - 680 l
Water Capacity - 220 l
Max Persons - 8
Accommodation - 2 plus 2 berths
Engines - 2 x Volvo V6 240hp, V8 430hp petrol gas, D3 220hp diesel
Propulsion - Volvo dual propeller stern drive
Speed - 33 knots max with Volvo 240 or diesel 220hp, 45 knots max with 430hp engines
Range - 200 nm at cruise
Construction - resin infused hull and deck with cored PVC deck
Project - Alberto Mancini exterior, Fairline design, JandJ hull shape
Certification - CE C 

September 18, 2019

Projects: Fairline Targa 50 GT, Fairline Targa 50 Open

Fairline presents the projects for new Targa 50 GT and Open versions.  These projects are not entirely new based on the current 48 versions launched in 2013, and being one of the most recent successes of the British brand.  The 50's apart minor stylistical changes will feature 44 centimeters of extra length in the bathing platform. The new exterior styling features stunning anthracite vinyl wrapped hardtops. There is a bold choice of burnt orange, vivid red or electric blue exterior upholstery and complementing helm seats, creating a stand out impression as soon as you step onboard.  A signature Fairline Yachts feature bulkhead gives the master cabin added space and the interior has rich, luxurious textures throughout. These include New Zealand wool twist carpets, oak flooring, Carrara white marble worktops, Italian leather, highlights of satin bronze and carefully considered atmospheric lighting throughout. The fifteen meter Targa 50 sports yachts is powered by twin Volvo 440hp as standard, and or optional 480hp or 550hp, this last featuring a larger engine block.  All engines run on  IPS propulsion, to a hull designed by JandJ from Slovenia.

June 5, 2019

Project: Fariline Squadron 68

Fairline present the project of the Squadron 68, set to launch in 2020.  The Fairline Squadron 68 is a re-thinking of the Squadron 64 the British marque announced in 2017, extended in length and revisited in some areas, and still using the Vripack engineered hull of the Targa 63 now renamed 65, and exterior design from Alberto Mancini.  The Fairline Squadron 68 will offer thee layout choices for the lower deck available in three or four cabins, while there is also an option for the flybridge with the choice of having the lounging dinette to port side of the helm station replaced by a mini sun-pad.  The Fairline Squadron 68 is powered by twin Cats 1150hp or Man 1200hp engines.

October 16, 2018

New Model: Fairline Targa 43 Open

Alberto Mancini Fairline era continues to expand and after the launch of his first fully designed Targa 63 Open, here comes act two with the much awaited Targa 43 Open, new entry level sport cruiser of the British builder since the mid eighties started sport cruiser and yacht line.  A very spacious sport cruiser which goes one meter more in size to its declared 43 moniker, the  new entry level Targa Open impresses for a spacious full beam owners cabin, and detailed choice which can make life on-board more pleasant.  Choice revolve around choosing owners cabin forward or midships with the guest or day head moving forward or upon entry.  The Fairline Targa 43 Open also features a tender garage under the aft sun-pad able to accommodate up to a 2.80 meter size mini jet rib.  The Fairline Targa 43 Open is powered by twin Volvo 435hp engines with IPS pod propulsion and top speeds estimates up to 32 knots.
Technical Data:
LOA - 14.2 m (46.6ft) inc pulpit
LOA - 13.9 m
Beam - 4.32 m
Draft - 1.17 m
Displacement - 12500 kg dry
Fuel Capacity - 1300 l
Water Capacity - 400 l
Accommodation - four or five berths in two cabins
Engines - 2 x Volvo D6 435hp
Propulsion - Volvo forward looking dual propeller IPS600 pod drives
Speed - 32 knots max
Hull Shape - planning Vee
Construction - resin infused hull with polyurethane foam core
Project - Alberto Mancini exterior and interior, Fairline design team
Certification - CE B

November 20, 2017

Project: Fairline 33 F-Line

Fairline announces plans for a brand new ten meter express cruiser. This new model will be the first from Fairlines new F-Line series and will launch in early 2019, and reminds me of the Esprit project presented in 2014, which never made beyond project rendering stages. This is the fourth Fairline featuring the full Alberto Mancini treatment who was recently crowned Yacht Designer of the Year at the highly prestigious World Yacht Trophies held during the Cannes boat show with the 64 Targa GTO. The successful partnership between the Italian designer and British boatyard has created a very stylish take on what a comfortable day boat should look like, enters the Fairline 33 F-Line, which has already received over a dozen orders from the builders global dealer network, and has drawn on the strong heritage of producing fun and exciting day boats, but features luxurious styling cues synonymous with the Italian designer. The 33 F-Line will feature a single stern drive engine from Volvo with the option to upgrade to twin diesels.  Twin petrol’s will be available for those that seek high performance from their boating.  The Fairline 33 F-Line is to be a stylish day boat embracing outdoor living and will feature an expansive fore-deck sunbathing area, open plan forward cabin and innovative fold down transom. The wrap around windows offer a light and airy feel and hand-crafted details add luxury.

October 17, 2017

Project: Fairline 64 Squadron

Fairline present the project for a new Squadron 64, the latest model designed for the British boat builder by celebrated designer Alberto Mancini. The hugely successful partnership between the Italian designer and British boatyard, which began with the Targa 63 GTO, and has created an instantly recognizable sleek hull shape with effortless styling and large interior spaces that flow seamlessly.  The Squadron 64 is third design for Fairline by Mancini following the 43 Targa Open presented at the start of 2017.  Taking inspiration from Mancini’s Targa 63 GTO, the Squadron 64 will be built on the same Vripack wide chine hull and will hold the same innovative, versatile, light, bright and achingly stylish feel of the Targa 63 GTO. The luxurious social cruiser will add another dimension to Fairline’s established Squadron range, designed in line with the brand’s ethos that nothing should get in the way of the perfect getaway.  As is tradition with the Fairlines the Squadron 64 offers various owner options for deck configurations; three layout choices for the flybridge, and two options for the lower deck with three or four cabin accommodations plans.  In both lower deck layouts a twin crew cabin is located aft.  Power choices have not been announced for the 64 Squadron but expect something on the lines of the just launched 63 Targa GTO on which the hull of this model is based on.

September 20, 2017

New Model: Fairline 63 Targa GTO

Fairline's renaissance is fully under way and the British boat builder kept its important promise of unveiling the new 63 Targa GTO in the fall of 2017.  A race against the clock for hull one to launch only two weeks before the important Cannes show.  It is high momentum for the British boat builder which follows the launch of the 53 Squadron in January, and also the full start of the Alberto Mancini era.  The 63 Targa GTO is from top to bottom the first Fairline fully designed by Mancini, with two project models already following, showing a positive outlook to the Italian designer work. Customers should also rejoice at the customisation the 63 Targa GTO brings; five different options for the lower deck, same number for the main deck, and two cockpit aft deck choices.  Something seen in the 53 series, but its good to see Fairline persevering in this direction.  Basically unheard solutions in these dimensions by the large European builders, of which Fairline was an important member not so long ago.  Considering the customisation on offer for the new models; 63 Targa and the 53 series of Targa and Squadron I am not sure if Fairline wants to be part of that club.  Which is not a bad thing when thinking that when you build this way speculation building is out of the window and production times are slowed by not a small margin when it comes to the fitting of the yachts.  That means Fairline is building each boat for customers and the way they intend to use it, which if you are a buyer is good news for you.  
Technical Data:
LOA - 19.96 m (65.4ft) incl pulpit
LOA exl pulpit - 19.8 m
Beam - 5.23 m
Draft - 1.47 m incl props
Displacement - 34000 kg unloaded
Fuel Capacity - 4680 l
Water Capacity - 1080 l
Accommodation - six berths in three cabins, or eight berths in four cabins, one or two crew in one cabin
Engines - 2 x Cats C18 1150hp, Man V8 1200hp
Propulsion - direct line shaft
Speed - 31 knots max with Cats 1150hp, 32 knots max with Man 1200hp (estimated)
Hull Shape - Vee shaped planning hull
Project - Alberto Mancini interior and exterior lines, Vripack Naval arhitecture
Construction - resin infused cored hull with isophtalic resin and powder-bound glass mat

June 21, 2017

Sam Newington 1935 - 2017

Sam Newington the man who made Fairline become one of Britain's most iconic boat builders died peacefully at home, on 20th June 2017, at the age of 82 surrounded by his family. Sam was a husband, a father, a grandfather, an entrepreneur, a fighter pilot, an intrepid navigator, a keen amateur historian, a wonderful present giver and unfailingly generous to family and friends.  Sam Newington managed Fairline, the company his father Jack Newington founded in 1963, from 1971 till 1996. Since taking over Fairline, Sam took the Oundle based firm to new heights first by working with naval architect John Bennett who will design its most ever sold models, the 23 Holiday and 32 Phantom, both selling 600 plus units in a twelve and thirteen year production run respectively.  In the eighties San Newington gave Fairline the next step by handing over design to Bernard Olesinski, first model being the 36 Turbo.  Another Sam Newington clever intuition and one which came from influence with holidays on the French Riviera aboard the 26 Sun Fury, was the Targa series creation in 1984, with the 33 Targa which will sell 350 plus units in a seven year production run till 1991. This will be followed by that of the Squadron series launched in 1990 with the then flagship 62 model.  Both Targa and Squadron series are today an important back bone of the Fairline name.  Sam Newington had a very hands on approach on managing Fairline having owned eighteen of his vessels, and always getting very deeply involved in the design practicality aspect of each model, and also by testing and cruising many hull number one himself in the South of France and the Mediterranean sea.  Under Sam Newington Fairline will win Queen's Award for Enterprise and International Trade in 1986.  After 26 years Sam Newington will sell Fairline in 1996 to South African businessman Graham Beck who at the time also owned Princess yachts.