September 2, 2010

Powerboat GPS - Bacoli Preview

The most in doubt of the 2010 races has been confirmed to be happening in Bacoli in the South of Italy, on the West side of Naples. A lot names have been mentioned before the surprising Bacoli came up with names such as Malta, then Belgium being tipped up for the fourth stop of the season which consists of Rounds 7 and 8 races. Bacoli should be another great theme to this years circuits having on its South West side the islands of Procida, and Ischia which will provide for another spectacular background to the races.
Another important note is that many teams originate from the Naples area so this will be a very home race for them. 2006 and 09 Evolution champions OSG Racing, 2009 Supersport runner up Baia Attolini, Big Sergio, and the 2010 rookie RG87 Racing Team all are in fact from Naples.
The 2010 championship has shown the usual energy although if the usual recent results will be confirmed in both classes we will be heading for a two boats championship battle. But I am sure that 88 SNAV Kiton in Evolution, and 43 Seagull Chaudron in Supersport both sitting third will give all there best to battle this last part of the season before the closing showdown in Syracuse.
Pos. Boat Name - Team Name ~ Points
1. 60 Metamarine Foresti&Suardi - Metamarine Corse ~ 115
Continued in Poltu Quatu with reliability and fast run results.
2. 33 Furnibo - 2B1 Racing Team ~ 78
Very fast indeed, but sometimes you need to scratch some points to win a title.
3. 88 SNAV-Kiton - OSG Racing Team ~ 64
Another not so good run in Sardinia. But can you ever count them out....
4. 77 Lucas Oil - Scandiavian Offshore Challenge ~ 45
Good fifth round race which showed them take second. Improving!
5. 66 Cranefields Wine - Searex Racing Team ~ 40
Improved performance and reliability versus the season start. Can they take it up a bit.
6. 55 Ukrainian Spirit - Ukrainian Spirit ~ 24
The engine change did not give that extra notch, but may be it is too early too say.
7. 47 Silverline Racing - Silverline ~ 6
Finally finished a race, and collected some points in the Quatu Sardinia race.
1. 38 Baia Attolini - Baia Attolini ~ 109
In Sardinia a photocopy result to Malta with a fourth and a first. Still leading!
2. 22 Big Sergio - Al & Al Racing Team ~ 80
First win in Poltu Quatu which was celebrated with a new sponsor. A challenge it is.
3. 43 Seagull Chaudron - Ukrainian Spirit ~ 75
A boat built for this class when its speed limit was 80mph. Never count her out!
4. 81 Karelpiù - RG 87 Racing Team ~ 61
A very good rookie season. Speed limit penalty in Sardinia.
5. 17 Spirit of Belgium - Spirit of Belgium ~ 49
Saturday morning trials accident in Sardinia totalled the boat. Hope to see them in Bacoli.
6. 06 Jolly Drive - Jolly Drive Racing Team ~ 24
This Diesel power is struggling. But this is not a bad package as the Ukrainian race showed.
7. 26 Team 26 - Team 26 ~ 21
A fast boat, but they strangely and sadly missed the Sardinia/ Poltu Quatu GPS.
8. 08 Asia 2011-15 - Ocean Dragon Racing Team ~ 5
A slow start for a new boat which just as the Chaudron 41 is built for Supersport rules.

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