September 4, 2010

Powerboat GPS - Bacoli Sprint Race

After cloudy misty skies on the first day of the Bacoli Grand Prix, the skies opened up for Saturday and brought along some confused moving seas. It was a day of challenge in the race course, cheered by the total of four home Neapolitan teams, and the only sad part was that unlike Poltu Quatu we had four missing teams, plus another three from the Italian series.
60 Metamarine Foresti&Sguardi put a good insurance on the title winning the seventh round and its third race of the season. Again Metamarine won it with similar fashion to Poltu Quatu following the 33 Furnibo and eventually overtaking the closed cockpit fast Fountain due to problems on the ninth lap. A good second place for 66 Cranefields Wine, which shows how this German outfit has improved a lot since the start of the 2010 season. A third for the Vortex of Nigel Hook and his 77 Lucas Oil Scandinavian Offshore Challenge. Fourth place for the 43 feet Chaudron 55 Ukrainian Spirit, which in reality finished third but got a three minute penalty for missing a buoy. A consolation fifth place for 33 Furnibo which is not so bad considering a destroyed crash box on lap nine halted the at the moment leading Fountain powerboat. Worth to note that Furnibo also managed a very fast lap time of 2:56,14 on lap eight, which is seven seconds better to 60 Metamarine best of the day. 88 SNAV-Kiton got a sixth last place finish, but still five points collecting just after the 43SV Outerlimits developed problems on lap eight.
The 2009 Champion boat 43 Seagull Chaudron showed its title ambitions to 38 Baia Attolini by taking its first win of the 2010 season, in the seventh round Sprint race of Bacoli. Seagull Chaurdon started second but after the seventh lap eventually led the pack following the retirement of 22 Big Sergio. A second place keeps title ambitions in control for the Mercury engined Donzi 38 Baia Attolini. A best of the season so far with a third place for the diesel powered Albatro boat of 06 Jolly Drive. Retirement on lap seven and a title which escapes in the distance for 22 Big Sergio. Sad considering the Outerlimits SV40 was leading the pack in great fashion up to lap six. The consolation price and hope for the future is surely the fastest lap of the class with a 3:24,33, which is over two seconds better to 43 Seagull Chaudron best. Also a retirement on lap two for the other Bacoli boat of team RG87 and the open cockpit 38 feet Fountain 81 Karelpiu. The fast Donzi 26 Team 26, and the new Pantera 41 feet which debuted at Poltu Quatu 08 Asia 2011-05 missed the Bacoli race. Sad for both these important teams missing in the circuit considering what Team 26 is capable off, and the new Pantera 08 also placed a second in the UIM Marathon Cup held in Cowes, South of England at the end of August.
1. 60 Metamarine Foresti&Sguardi = 12 laps 35:36,55
2. 66 Cranefields Wine = 37:18,29
3. 77 Lucas Oil Scandinavian Offshore Challenge = 37:35,00
4. 55 Ukrainian Spirit = 36:59,27 +3:00 mins buoy missing penalty
5. 33 Furnibo = 51:52,91 -1lap
6. 88 SNAV-Kiton = 36:34,53 - 3laps
1. 43 Seagull Chaudron = 11 laps 37:26,42
2. 38 Baia Attolini = 38:03,48
3. 06 Jolly Drive = 38:49,64
4. 22 Big Sergio = RET 7 laps
5. 81 Karelpiu = RET 2 laps

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